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ALLEN COUNTY ,^1? it' jlliyifl | ifl'l jfl 

3 1833 01776 7861 


I ~ J 












^ubltsting Committee 








Note. — Roman numerals refer to the pages of the Supplement. 

Aires baptisms, marriages, and burials from 
parish registers of Lavenham, co. Suf- 
folk, Eng. 248 
genealogical notice of descendants of Simon 

Albers, Minnie Belle (Martin), notice Ixii 

America to Japan, a symposium of papers by 
representative citizens of the United 
States on the relations between Japan 
and America, edited by Lindsay Russell 
noticed 385 

American Clan Gregor Society, yearbook, pro- 
ceedings, 1913 noticed 97 

American Historical Association, report, 1912 
noticed 97 

American Irish Historical Society, Journal, 
vol. 13, edited by E. H. Daly noticed 97 

American Loj'alists, notice 3S3 

Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of 
Massachusetts, 275th annual record 
noticed 194 

Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, see Free- 

Andre, Maj. John, execution, letter, 1780 224 
Andrews, Frank De Wette Thomas Bridge, 
first minister of the church in Fairfield, 
N. J. noticed 192 
Tombstone inscriptions in the old Presby- 
terian burying ground at Greenwich, 
New Jersey, with a historical sketch 
noticed 289 

Andrews genealogy, ancestry of Henry L. and 

John C. of Woburn, Mass., 2d edition 

r^ticed 93 
Annapolis County, N. S., history, supplement, 

by A. W. Savary noticed 96 
Argrll, Campbell, John George Edward Henry 

Douglas Sutherland, Duke of, notice 

Arnold, parentage of William and Thomas of 

Pro\-idence, R. I. 64 
Aahford, Conn., epitaphs 276 334 
Athol. Mass., First Baptist church, by W. G. 

and M. B. Lord noticed 96 
Atlases, geographical, list, with bibliographical 

notes, in Library of Congress, vol. 3, by 

P. L. Phillips noticed 194 
Austin, John Osborne American authors* an- 
cestry noticed 385 
Authors" ancestry, American, by J. O. Austin 

noticed 385 

B&bci>ck genealogy, descendants of John, in 

preparation 93 
Bacon, Col. William Plumb and E. R. Stevens 

Erasmus Stevens, Boston, Mass., 1674- 

1690, and his descendants noticed 192 
Bacon genealogy, descendants of Michael of 

Dedham, Mass., by T. W. Baldwin 

noticed 286 

Baker, Frank Baker ancestry, the ancestry of 
Samuel Baker of Pleasant Valley, Steu- 
ben Co., N. y., with some of his de- 
scendants noticed 93 

Baker genealogy, ancestry of Samuel of Pleas- 
ant Valley, N. Y., by F. Baker noticed 

Baldwin, Thomas William* Bacon genealogy. 
Alichael Bacon of Dedham, 1640, and 
his descendants noticed 286 
Extracts from the town records of Boxbor- 

ough, Mass. 244 
Vital records of Cambridge, Mass., to 1850, 
vol. 2, marriages and deaths noticed 

Bangor Historical Society, celebration of 50th 
anniversary, 1914 noticed 97 

Banister, John, will 1767 345 

Banister genealogical notice of descendants of 
Thomas 351 

Barnard, Darwin, notice Ixx 

Barre, Mass., Caldwell cemetery, epitaphs 
noticed 193 

Bartlett, Joseph Gardner Extracts from a 
rental of the Manor of Ormesbv, co. 
Norfolk, Eng., 1610 342 
Newberry genealogy, the ancestors and 
descendants of Thomas Newberry of 
Dorchester, Mass., noticed 384 

Bates, Onward Bates, et al of Virginia and 
Missouri noticed 190 

Bates Bulletin, vol. 3, no. 1, series 2 noticed 190; 
vol. 3, no. 2, series 2 noticed 286 
genealogy, family of Va. and Mo., by O. 
Bates noticed 190 

Baylej, Frank W. The life and works of John 
Singleton Copley, founded on the work 
of Augustus Thorndike Perkins noticed 

Beal, Boylston Adams Report of the Corre- 
sponding Secretary xxxiv 

Beede genealogy, descendants of Eli, in prep- 
aration 93 

Belden, Charles Francis Dorr Report of tb? 
Committee on Papers and Essays xxiv 

Bells of LjTin, a paper given before the Ljnn 
Historical Society, by C. J. H. Wood- 
bury noticed 289 

Berry, Richard, genealogical notes concerning, 
by V. C. Sanborn noticed 191 

Bidwell, Frederick David Some Bidwell occu- 
pations. Read at the Bidwell Family 
Reunion at Buffalo, N. Y., Oct., 1914 
noticed 384 

Bidwell genealogy, by F. D. Bidwell notictd 

Bigham, Kirk Q. Major Abraham Kirkpatrick 
and his descendants noticed 191 

Blatchford, Eliphalet Wickes, notice lii 

Blin genealogy, descendants of Peter, by J. W. 
Hill noticed 190 

Index of Subjects 

Bodge, Rev. George Madiaon, notice liv 

Bogart, John, letters 1776-1782, with notes 
noticed 95 

Bolton, Charles Knowles Report of the Com- 
mittee on Ways and Means jdii 
Ethel Stanwood Extracts from the diary of 
James Parker of Shirley, Mass. 8 117 
211 294 

Booth, Charles Edwin The Vanderlip, Van 
Derlip, Vander Lippe family in Ainerica 
noticed 95 

Boston, Mass., history, edited by William 
Sidney Rossiter, 1915 noticed 193 

Bostonian Society Publications, vol. 11 noticed 

Boxborough, Mass., records, 1784-1793 244 

Brace, John Sherman Brace lineage noticed 

Brace genealogy, by J. S. Brace noticed 190 

Bradish, Frank Eliot, notice li 

Branning, William Christopher Columbu» An- 
drew Branning's family, pioneers to the 
territory of Florida noticed 190 

Branning genealogy, by W. C. C. Branning 
noticed 190 

Bridge, Rev. Thomas, memoir, by F. D. An- 
drews noticed 192 

Brooke genealogy, descendants of Robert 
Brooke of Maryland, by B. B. Browne, 
chart, 1912 noticed 286 

Broun, Virginia May Chart of the descend- 
ants of William Broun, the inuoigrant 
to Virginia from Scotland noticed 286 

3roun genealogy, descendants of William, by 
V. M. Broun noticed 286 

Brown(e), Dr. Bennet Bernard Pedigree chart 
of Robert Brooke who arrived in Alary- 
Jand, 30 June, 1650 noticed 286 
Gawen, notice 107 

Brown University, catalogue, 1764-1914 noticed 

Sruce, Hon. William, notice of family 113 
BuU, alias Maverick, John, notice 382 
Bunker Hill Monument Association, proceed- 
ings, 1914 noticed 98 
Byles, Rev. Dr. Mather, memoir, by A. W. H. 

Eaton noticed 95 
Byles genealogy, descendants of Josias 101; 
additions and corrections 285 

Cadl^ Henry and others Genealogy of the 
Cadle family, including the English 
descent noticed 384 

Cadle genealogy, by H. Cadle and others 
noticed 384 

Cambridge, Mass., vital records to 1850, 
marriages and deaths, by T. W. Bald- 
win noticed 289 

Cambridge Historical Society, publications 8, 
proceedings, 1913 noticed 93 

Campbell, John George Edward Henry Doug- 
las Sutherland, Duke of ArgjU, see 
Argj-11 Duke of 

Gary, John, descendants, bulletin, no. 16, new 
series noticed 191 
Bet. Seth Cooley John Gary, 1755-1823 
noticed 190 
Caiy genealogy, ancestry and descendants of 

John, by S. C. Gary noticed 190 
Chamberlain, George Walter The English an- 
cestry of the Chickerings of New Eng- 
land 226 
Report of the Committee on Collection of 
Records xxiii 
Maj.-Gen, Joshua Lawrence, memoir It 

Chambers genealogy, in Shark River District, 
Monmouth Co., New Jersey, by G. G. 
Martin noticed 93 

Chambers of Commerce, American, essay, by 

K. Sturges noticed 290 
Champneys, William, answer of, in suit brought 

by Peter Mavericke, 1612 151 

Chandler, Charles Henry and S. F. Lee The 

history of New Ipswich, N. H., 1735- 

1914, with genealogical records noticed 

Chase Chronicle, vol. 6, no. 1 noticed 191; 

vol. 6, no. 2 noticed 286 
Chickering, Nathaniel, letters from Prudence 

Chickering, 1681 and 1690 227 
Prudence, letters to Nathaniel Chickering, 

1681 and 1690 227 
Chickering baptisms, births, marriages, and 

burials from parish registers of Wren- 

tham, CO Suffolk, Eng. 227 
genealogical notice of descendants of Henry 

of Bramfield, co. Suffolk, Eng. 228 

Clapp, James Humphreys, notice ilvi 

Clarke and White genealogy, by J. C. White 
noticed 288 

baptisms, marriages, and burials from the 
parish registers of St. Margaret, Ips- 
wich, CO. Suffolk, Eng., 1591-1654 252 
genealogical notice of descendants of Thurs- 
ton 253 
record of the family of Thomas of Ipswich, 
Mass., notes 89 

Clinton, Mrs. E. J. and Z). L. Jacobus The 
Clinton family of Connecticut 50 159 
Gov. George, public papers of, vol. 10, ana- 
lytical index, G-Z noticed 385 

Clinton genealogy, descendants of Lawrence 
50 159 198 

Cobb, Philip Lothrop A history of the Cobb 
family, pt. 3. Barnstable family noticed 

Cobb genealogy, pt. 3, Barnstable, Mass., 
branch, by P. L. Cobb noticed 384 

Cogswell, Dr. Edward Russell, notice Ixxv 

Cohasset, Mass., history, addresses at unveiling 
of a memorial, July 4, 1914 noticed 96 

Collins, Caroline Clinton Ela Collins and 
some of his descendants 209 
Joseph, second wife of, note 91 

Collins genealogy, descendants of Ela 209 

Colonial Society of Pennsylvania, charter, con- 
stitution, by-laws, oflBccrs, committees, 
members, etc., 1914 noticed 289 

Conant, Frederick Odell Conant genealogy 
noticed 384 

Conant genealogy, by F. O. Conant, 1915 
noticed 384 

Connecticut, record commissioner, reports, 1912 
and 1914 noticed 288 
register and manual, 1914 noticed 96 
soldiers in Pequot War of 1637, by J. Shepard 
noticed 96 

Continental Congress, journals, 1774^1789. 
edited from the original records in the 
Library of Congress, by Gaillard Hunt, 
vol. 22, 1782, Jan. 1-Aug. 9 noticed 194 ; 
vol. 23, 1782, Aug. 12-Dec. 31 noticed 

Copley, John Singleton, memoir, by F. W. Bay- 
ley noticed 385 

Corbett, Boston and Abraham Lincoln, memoirs 
with personal recollections of each; 
John Wilkes Booth and Jefferson Davis, 
a true story of their capture, by B. B. 
Johnson noticed 95 

Index of Subjects 

Coxe genealogy, by D. Merritt noticed 384 

Crosby, Eleanor Davis Simon Crosby, the 
emigrant, his English ancestry, and 
some of his American descendants 
noticed 384 

Crosby genealogy, descendants of Simon, by 
E. D. Crosby noticed 384 

Cummings, Hon. Prentiss Letter from an eye- 
witness of the execution of Andrfi 224 

Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Early Settlers' Asso- 
ciation, annals, 1913 noticed 96 

Damon genealogy, descendants of Simeon, in 
preparation 190 

Darby genealogy, ancestors and descendants of 
George of Md., edited by R. C. Darby 
noticed 93 

Daughters of the American Revolution, see 
Society of the Daughters of the Ameri- 
can Revolution 

Davis, Pellowes Genealogical statistics and 

notes noticed 384 
Davis genealogy, ancestry of Fellowes Davis, 

by F. Davis noticed 384 
Derby, Perley and F. A. Gardner Elisha Story 

of Boston and some of his descendants 

noticed 287 
Des Brisay notes 114 115 
Dietz, Robert Edwin and Fred A leaf from the 

past; Dietz, then and now; origin of 

the late Robert Edwin Dietz noticed 93 
Dietz genealogy, by R. E. and F. Dietz noticed 

Dodd, Henry Martyn Read genealogies, 

supplement no. 1, 1914 noticed 287 
Doherty, William Wisner, notice xlviii 

Douglas, Stephen Arnold and Abraham Lin- 
coln, debates; address before Chicago 
Historical Society, by H. White noticed 

Dover, Mass., history, 1640-1900, by F. Smith 
noticed 96 

Dunlap, William, memoir, by T. S. Woolsey 
noticed 95 

Durham, Grey Louise Elizabeth, Lady, journal 
of, in literary and Historical Society of 
Quebec, 9th series of historical docu- 
ments, 1915 noticed 289 

Durham, N. H., history and genealogy, 2 vols., 
by Stackpole, Thompson, and Meserve 
noticed 97 

Eames genealogy, descendants of Robert of 
Wobum, Mass., additions 90 

Eaton, Rev. Dr. Arthur Wentworth Hamilton 
The famous Mather Byles, the noted 
Boston Tory preacher, poet, and wit, 
1707-1788 noticed 95 
Old Boston families, no. 4, the Byles family 

Eddye genealogy, descendants of Rev. William, 
in preparation 383 

Edes, Henry Herbert Thomas Minns 99 
Elwell, Levi Henry Contributions to an El- 
well genealogy, Ist series, no. 4. The 
heads of Elwell families in the U. S. 
census of 1790 printed with additional 
matter noticed 94 

Elwell genealogy, 1st series, no. 4 noticed 94 

Endicott, William, memoir with portrait and 
autograph 291 

England, genealogical research in 17 146 248 

Eno, Joel Nelson Connecticut cemetery in- • 

scriptions 82 183 274 334 
The Lillibridge family and its branches in 

the United States noticed 287 
Ewer, Philemon, wUl 1618 357 

Thomas, record of family 358 
Ewer baptisms, marriages, and burials from 

parish registers of Strood, co. Kent, 

Eng., 1565-1635 357 
Eyre see Aires 

Fairbanks, Edward Taylor The town of St. 

Johnsbury, Vt., a review of 125 years 

to the anniversary pageant, 1912 noticed 

Fairfield, Conn., Greenfield Hill church, records 

39 127 230 364 
Famum, Darius Daniels, notice Ivii 
Fenwick genealogy, descendants of Cuthbert, 

in preparation 93 
Fiske, Andrew Report of the Committee to 

assist the Historian xv 
Fitch, Jeremiah, notice 189 
Fitch baptisms, marriages, and burials from 

parish registers of St. Peters in St. Al- 
bans, Eng. 88 
Fox Family News, vol. 3 noticed 191 
Freemasonry, Massachusetts, Grand Lodge, 

proceedings noticed 289 
French, Caroline Louisa Williams, note Ixx 
Elizabeth Genealogical research in England 

17 146 248 353 
French genealogy, descendants of John, by 

H. B. Wright noticed 94 
Fryeth, alias Norman, Richard, suit against 

Agnes Fryeth alias Norman, 1603 358 
Fuller, WiUiam Hyslop Genealogy of some 

descendants of Capt. Matthew Fuller; 

John Fuller of Newton; John Fuller of 

Lynn; John Fuller of Ipswich; Robert 

Fuller of Dorchester and Dedham, vol. 3, 

with additions to vols. 1 and 2 noticed 

Fuller genealogy, descendants of Matthew, 

John, Robert, vi-ith additions, by W. H. 

Fuller noticed 191 
Fullerton, Rev. Dr. Bradford Morton, notice 


Gale, Francis Gilbert, Jr., memoir noticed 192 
Gardiner, Me., vital records to 1892, births 

noticed 97 
Gardner, Dr. Frank A. Elisha Story of Boston 

and some of his descendants noticed 287 
Geer, Walter and F. E. Youngs Genealogy of 

the Geer family in America from 1635 

to 1914 noticed 94 
Geer genealogy, by W. Geer and F. E. Youngs 

noticed 94 
General Society of the War of 1812, proceedings, 

1914 noticed 386 
General Society Sons of the Revolution, pro- 
ceedings, 1914 noticed 386 
Ghent, treaty of, address, by W. M. Sloane 

noticed 194 
Goodell, Abner Cheney, memoir with portrait 

and autograph 3 
Googins, Charlotte Hannah The Googins 

family in America noticed 286 
Googins genealogy, by C. H. Googins noticed 

Gordon, Edwin Averill, notice Ixviii 
Gorham, Capt. John, records from his Bible 

with fcsm. of leaf and record 242; 

notice 382 


Index of Svhjects 

bits of Lowell 
stories of 

Grant Family Association, report of 6th re- 
union, 1914 noticed 384 
Green(e), John, will 1634 353 

Dr. Samuel Abbott Facts relating to the 

history of Groton, Mass., vol. 2 noticed 

Greene baptisms, marriages, and burials from 

parish registers of Hadleigh, co. Suffolk, 

Eng., 1558-1640 354 
Greenfield, Mass., vital records to 1850 noticed 

Greenlaw, William Prescott Report of the 

Librarian xxvi 
Greenleaf, Edmund, notice 358 
Greenwich, N. J. , epitaphs and historical sketch, 

by F. D. Andrews JMticed 289 
Greenwood, Frederick Greenwood genealogies, 

1154-1914 noticed 191 
Greenwood genealogy, by F. Greenwood 

noticed 191 
Gresham genealogj', by A. T. Strange noticed 

Griffin, Sara Swan Quaint 

history, a few interesting 

earlier days noticed 193 
Groton, Mass., history, vol. 2, by S. A. Green 

noticed 97 
Groton Historical Society, report of the his- 
torian, 1914 noticed 289 
Gnibb genealogy, families of America, miUtary 

service, by G. F. P. Wanger noticed 191 
Gumey, Thomas, notice liii 
Gwatkin genealogy noticed 287 

Hale, Nathan, 1776, biography, 2d edition, by 

H. P. Johnston noticed 288 
EUnunond, Otis Grant Hon. Ezra Scollay 

Steams, A. M. 195 
Harden, Henry Winihrop Robert Huckins of 

the Dover Combination and some of his 

descendants 28 136 255 319 
Hare, William Almon Robert, note 115 
Harley genealogy, by J. R. Witcraft noticed 

Harris, Kate Augusta, notice xlii 

Thomas Henry Harris family of Mrginia 

from 1611 to 1914 noticed 191 

Harris genealogy, family of Va., by T. H. Harris 
noticed 191 

Hart, John, letter concerning the execution of 

Andrfi, 1780 224 
Hartford, Conn., historj-, colonial, by W. De L. 

Love noticed 97 
Harvard University, Class of 1861, 50th anni- 
versarj' report noticed 385 
Class of 1863, memoirs, 1914-1915 noticed 

Class of 1884, report, 1914 noticed 96 
Class of 1895, fifth report, list of members 
and biographical sketches, 1915 noticed 
directory, 1913 noticed 96 

Hawes, James William Edmond Hawes of 
Yarmouth, Mass., an emigrant to 
America in 1635, his ancestors, including 
the allied families of Brome, CoUes, 
Greswold, Porter, Rody, Shirley, and 
Whitfield; and some of his descendants 
noticed 94 

No. 43, Library of Cape Cod historj- and 
genealogy; early Wheldens of Yarmouth 
noticed 192 

No. 44, Library of Cape Cod historj- and 
genealog}-; Capt. William Hedge of 
Yarmouth noticed 191 

Richard Taylor, tailor, and some of his de- 
scendants noticed 192 

Hawes genealogy, descendants and ancestors 

of Edmond, by J. W. Hawes noticed 94 
Heath, Mass., vital records to 1850 noticed 193 
Hedge genealogy, descendants of Capt. William 

of Yarmouth, by J. W. Hawes noticed 

Heraldry, coat of arms, recording of 285 383 
Hicks, Rev. Lewis Wilder Memoirs of the New 

England Historic Genealogical Society 

Report of the Historian xlii 
Hill, James Edward Radford, notice xlv 
James W. Blin, a short genealogy ol one 

line of the Blin family descended from 

Peter Blin of Wethersfield, Cona. 

noticed 190 
Historia, vol. 4, no. 8 noticed 98 

Holmes, James Taylor The American family 
of Rev. Obadiah Holmes noticed 287 

Holmes genealogy, descendants of Obadiah, by 
J. T. Holmes noticed 287 

Hood, George Henrj-, notice xlix 

Howe, Daniel Wait Political history of Se- 
cession to the beginning of the American 
Civil War noticed 96 

Howes, Penninah, note 284 
Samuel, note 284 

Hubbard genealogy, ancestors and descendants 
of Ebenezer Hubbard and Mary Thomp- 
son, compiled and edited for iJl'-o 
Hubbard Skinner by Lillian Kimball 
Stewart, 1914 noticed 94 

Huckins genealogical notice of the descendants 
of Jonathan 329 
genealogj-, descendants of Robert 28 138 
255; with additions and corrections 

Huguenot Society of America, publications, vol. 
4 noticed 386; proceedings, vol. 8 
noticed 386 

Huguenot Society of South Carolina, transac- 
tions, no. 20 noticed 289 

Ipswich Historical Society, publications, vol. 
19 noticed 98 

Jacobus, D. L. and Mrs. E. J. Clinton The 
Clinton family of Connecticut 50 159 

Jamaica, Long Island, N. Y., records, 165G- 
1751, edited by Josephine C. Frost 
noticed 193 

James Sprunt Historical Publications, vol. 13, 
no. 2 noticed 194 

Japan, historj-, a collection of essays by political 
leaders and representative citizens of 
Japan on conditions in Japan and on the 
relations between Japan and the United 
States, edited by Naoichi Masaoka 
noticed 289 

Jewett family, yearbook of 1911-1913 noticed 

Johnson, Alfred Historj- and genealogj- of one 
line of descent from Capt. Edward 
Johnson noticed 287 
Amandiis Johan Classon Rising, the last 

Governor of New Sweden noticed 385 
Bi/ron Berkeley Abraham Lincoln and Bos- 
ton Corbett -with personal recollections 
of each; John Wilkes Booth and Jeffer- 
son Davis, a true story of their capture 
noticed 95 
George Dana Johnson genealogy noticed 287 

Johnson genealogy, ancestors and descendants 
of Elisha of Freedom, Me., bj- G. D. 
Johnson noticed 287 
genealogy, descendants of Capt. Edward, by 
A. Johnson noticed 287 

Index of Subjects 

Johnston (e), Henry Phelps Nathan Hale, 
1776, biography and memorials, 2d edi- 
tion noticed 288 
James (Chevalier de Johnstone), journal of, 
in Literary and Historical Society of 
Quebec, 9th series of historical documents, 
1915 noticed 289 
Sarah Hall Lineage book. National Society 
of the Daughters of the American 
Revolution, vols. 37 and 38 noticed 194; 
vols. 39 and 40 noticed 386 

Jones, Edson Salisbury The parentage of 
William and Thomas Arnold of Provi- 
dence, R. I. 64 

Julien, Rev. Matthew Cantine, notice Ixxiii 

Kennard, Helen Lucy (Stebbins), notice Ixviii 

Kidder fund, report of trustees for 1914 zxTvi 

Killingly, Conn., marriages, 1724-1725, note 

King, William Harrison and Roy Stezenson 
King Descendants of Vincent King — 
Jane Gay Stevenson — Jane Holesclaw 
noticed 191 

King genealogy, descendants of Vincent King, 
by W. H. and R. S. King noticed 191 

Kirkpatrick genealogy, by K. Q. Bigham 
noticed 191 

Koster, Fanny Leonard Annals of the Leon- 
ard family noticed 191 

Lawton, record of family of Sebray 91 
Lea see Lee 

Leager baptisms, marriages, and burials from 
parish registers of Hadleigh, CO. Suffolk, 
Eng., 1558-1640 354 
genealogical notice of descendants of Jacob 
or James 355 
Lebanon, Me., vital records 281 
LEE and variants 

Francis Henry, notice xl'i-iii 
Sarah Fiske and C. H. Chandler The history 
of New Ipswich, N. H., 1735-1914, with 
genealogical records noticed 289 
Thomas Amory Report of the Committee 
on Finance jdii 
Lea, James Henry, notice Ixxi 

Leonard, Ermina Newton Newton genealogy, 
being a record of the descendants of 
Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marl- 
borough, Mass. noticed 384 

Leonard genealogy, by F. L. Koster noticed 

Lesh, William Williams A collection of over 
600 names, descendants of Balthaser 
and Susanna Phillipina Loesch noticed 

Lesh genealogy, descendants of Balthaser and 
Susanna Phillipina Loesch, by W. W. 
Lesh noticed 191 

Levet, Thomas, genealogical notes concerning, 
by V. C. Sanborn noticed 191 

Lexington, Mass., celebration of 200th anni- 
versary, proceedings and addresses, 1913 
noticed 97 

Lillibridge genealogj-, by J. N. Eno noticed 287 
Lincoln, Abraham and Boston Corbett, memoirs 
with i)ersonal recollections of each; John 
Wilkes Booth and Jefferson Davis, a true 
story of their capture, by B. B. Johnson 
noticed 95 
and Stephen Arnold Douglas, debates; ad- 
dress before Chicago Historical Society, 
by H. White noticed 95 

Lindsay Family Association of America, report, 
1913 noticed 91 

Literary and Historical Society of Quebec, 9th 
series of historical documents, 1915 
noticed 289 

Lomax genealogy, family of Va., noticed 94 

London, Eng., Westminster, St. Margaret's 
church, parish registers, 1539-1660, 
edited by A. M. Burke noticed 97 

Loomis, Elisha Scott Dr. Mahlon Loomis and 
wireless telegraphy noticed 192 
Dr. Mahlon, memoir, by E. S. Loomis noticed 

Lord, Charles Edward Report of the Treasurer 
William G. and Mary B. History of the 
First Baptist church of Athol, Mass., 
and the story of the auxiliary organiza- 
tions noticed 96 

Louis XVn, bibliography, by W. W. Wight 
noticed 288 

Love, Rev. Dr. William De Loss The colonial 
history of Hartford, gathered from the 
original records noticed 97 

Lowell, Mass., history, by S. S. Griffin noticed 

Loyalists at Machiche, P. Q., historical ac- 
count, by W. H. Siebert noticed 386 
departure from Penobscot to Passamaquoddy, 

history, by W. H. Siebert noticed 98 
settlements on the Gaspfe Peninsula, his- 
torical account, by W. H. Siebert 
noticed 386 

Lyde genealogical notice of family of Byfield 

Lj-nn Historical Society, a paper, the bells of 
Lynn, by C. J. H. Woodbury noticed 
register, 1914 noticed 386 

McCartntey, Katharine Elizabeth (Searle), 

notice lix 
MacFarlane genealogy, by M. W. MacNair 

noticed 287 
Mcintosh, Charles Fleming Brief abstract of 

Lower Norfolk Co. and Norfolk Co. 

wills, 1637-1710 noticed 96 
MacNair, Mary Wilson The clan MacFarlane; 

the division of the clan. Ancestry of 

David D. McNair noticed 287 

McNary, Joseph Rea The clan McNary of the 
U. S. A. noticed 192 
The clan McNary of the XJ. S. A., the Mc- 
Nary-Reed sept noticed 191 

McNary genealogy, family of the U. S. A., by 

J. R. McNary noticed 192 
genealogy, the McNary-Reed sept, by J. R. 

McNary noticed 191 
Maidstone, co. Kent, Eng., guide, edited by 

A. S. Lamprey noticed 97 

Maiden Historical Society, register, 1913-1914 
noticed 98 

Martin, George Castor The Shark River Dis- 
trict, Monmouth Co., N. J., and geneal- 
ogies of Chambers, Corlies, Drummond, 
Morris, Potter, Shafto, Webley and 
White noticed 93 

Massachusetts, acts and resolves passed by the 
General Court in 1914, together with the 
Constitution, list of the Civil Govern- 
ment, tables showing changes in the 
statutes, etc. noticed 96 

marriages prior to 1800, third book, edited 
by F. W. Bailey noticed 193 

record commissioner, report, 1914, by H. E. 
Woods noticed 193 

Massachusetts Ancient and Honorable Artillery 
Company, see Ancient and Honorable 
Artillery Company of Massachusetts. 

Index of Subjects 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Class 

of '77, biographical records, 1877-1910 

noticed 193 
Mathericke, see Maverick 
The Mattatuck Historical Society, handbook 

no. 1, 1914 noticed 290 
Matthews, Albert The term Pilgrim Fathers 

noticed 290 
Mattoon genealogy, descendants of Philip, in 

preparation 286 
MAVERICK and variants 
Maverick, Moses, will 1679 147 
Matheeicke, Edward, will 1676 147 
Maxjericke, Radford, will 1623 146 
Maveeicke, Nathaniel, wHl 1630 147 

Peter, suit against William Champneys 1612 

Maverick, alias Bull, John, notice 382 
Maverick baptisms, marriages, and burials 

from parish registers of Awliseombe, co. 

Devon, Eng., 1559-1645 148 
genealogy, descendants of Robert 151 
Merchiston, Scot., Merchiston Castle school, 

history, 1855-1858, by D. Murray 

noticed 385 
Meriet genealogy, by B. W. Greenfield, 1883; 

with additions and corrections, by D. 

Merritt, 1914 noticed 94 
Merriman Bulletin, March, 1915 noticed 287 
Merritt, Douglas Coxe and connected families 

noticed 384 
Genealogy of the Somersetshire family of 

Meriet, 1914 noticed 94 
Meserve, Winthrop Smith, E. S. Slackpole and 

L. Thompson History of Durham, 

N. H., 2 vols, noticed 97 
Mills, Martha, notice 189 

Minnesota History Bulletin, vol. 1, no. 1, 1915 

noticed 290 
Minns, Thomas, memoir with autograph and 

portrait 99 

Moffat genealogy, in Moffatana Bulletin, vol. 1, 
no. 5 noticed 287 

More Historical Journal, vol. 2, no. 2 noticed 

Morse, Maj. Abner, biography, by W. T. 

Parker noticed 288 
genealogical notice, by W. T. Parker noticed 

Mott genealogy, descendants of Gershom, in 

preparation 93 
Munger, Jeremiah B. The Munger book; 

something of the Muugers, 1639-1914, 

including some who mistakenly write 

the name Monger and Mungor noticed 


Munger genealogy, by J. B. Munger noticed 

Murray, David Merchiston Castle school, 

1855-1858 noticed 385 

National Society of the Daughters of the Ameri- 
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Historian, report for 1914 xlii 
Librarian, report for 1914 xxvi 
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noticed 290 
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Index of Subjects 


Page baptisms, marriages, and burials from the 
parish registers of Lavenham, co. Suffolk, 
Eng., 1558-1653 252 
genealogy, line of descent from Nicholas Page 
of England to C. L. Peirson of Boston, 
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genealogical notice, by W. T. Parker 

noticed 385 
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Epitaphs zziv 
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Colonial and American records of Parker 
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line of descent from Nicholas Page of 
England to Charles Lawrence Peirson 
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The panelled rooms. 2. The Clifford's 
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Index 0/ Svhjects 

Seeley, Nathan Genealogy of the Seeley 

family noticed 192 
Seeley genealogy, descendants of Robert, by 

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Sellers, Edwin Jaguett Allied ancestry of the 

Van Culemborg family of Culemborg, 

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Sewall, Rev. 

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Sharps of Chester Co., Pa., with ab- 
stracts of records in Great Britain 
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James Connecticut soldiers in the Pequot 
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The Loyalist settlements on the Gasp4 

Peninsula noticed 386 
The temporary settlement of Loyalists at 
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an address delivered before the New 
York Historical Society on its 110th 
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SMITH and variants 

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the development of the territory from 
the first settlement, 1640-1900 noticed 
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Smith of New Bedford, Mass., with 
notes on allied families of Mason and 
Thmng noticed 192 
Martha, notice 189 

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20th anniversary of the organization 

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1913-1914 noticed 98 

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Island and Providence Plantations, 2d 
record book, 1902-1914 noticed 98 

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Revolution, Samuel Ashley chapter, 
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bulletin no. 4 ndiced 290 
Society Sons of the Revolution, California. 

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Thompson memorial, a genealogical 
record and historical account of the an- 
cestors and descendants of Ebenezer 
Hubbard and Maiy Thompson, his v>-ife 
noticed 94 
Rear-Admiral William Henry, notice xlvi 

Story genealogy, descendants of Elisha, by P. 
Derby and F. A. Gardner noticed 287 

Strange, Alexander Taylor Biographical and 
historical sketches of the Greshams of 
America and across the seas 7»«(ice<i 191 
Strange — biographical and historical sketches 
of the Stranges of America and across 
the seas nxiliced 192 

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Wells prize essaj-s, no. 4, An:erican 
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Meserve Kistorj- of Durham, N. H., 2 

vols, noticed 97 
Thornton, Elizabeth T. Abner Cheney Good- 
ell, M.A. 3 
Tilley, Edith May The will of John Banister 

of Newport, R. L 345 

Index of Subjects 

Torrey, Elbridge, notice xHx 

Tucke, Rev. John, monument to, dedicatory 
ezerciees, 1914 noticed 193 

Tockennan, Bayard Notes on the Tucker- 
man family of Massachusetts and some 
allied families noticed 95 

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noticed 93 

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mittee on Increase of Membership xiii 

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noticed 385 

Vanderiip genealogy, by C. E. Booth noticed 

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Vineland, N. J., First Presbyterian Church, 
50th anniversary noticed 289 

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of Josiah Ward, sixth generation from 
William Ward noticed 95 

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Washburn, Rev. Dr. George Thomas Ebenezer 
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tract no. 93; The Charies G. King Col- 
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mittee on Heraldry xvi 
WiUiam Bradford Hon. Seth Sprague of 
Duxbury, Mass., his descendants down 
to the 6th generation and his reminis- 
cences of the Old Colony Town noticed 
287 • 

Wettwood, Randle, answer to suit brought by 
EUzabeth Sale, 1624 254 

Weyman see Wyman 

Wbelden genealogy, by J. W. Hawes noticed 

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bates, an address before the Chicago 
Historical Society, Feb. 17, 1914 noticed 
Dr. James Clarke A brief account of the 
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at Portsmouth, N. H. 359 

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Henry, proceedings, 1912 noticed 95; 
proceedings, 1913 noticed 95; pro- 
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Class of 1871, Yale College, and report 
of the 40th anniversary reunion noticed 

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of the commissioner of public records 
noticed 193 

Woodstock, Conn., vital records, 1686-1854 
noticed 194 

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Council xi 

Woolsey, Theodore Salisbury William Dun- 
lap, painter and critic, or the American 
Vasari noticed 95 

Wright, Henry B. John French, Jr., of Taun- 
ton, Berkley, Middleboro, and Oakham, 
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Henry Parks History of the Class of 1868, 
Yale College, 1864-1914 noticed 96 
Soldiers of Oakham, Mass., in Revolu- 
tionary War, War of 1812, and Civil 
War noticed 193 

WYMAN and variants 

Wyman, Morrill notice I 

Weyman, Martha Stockton (Lothrop), 
notice Iz 

Index of Subjects 

Yale University, Qass of 1868, history, by H . 

P. Wnght noticed 96 
Class of 1871, 40th anniversary reunion, 

report, with biographical notices, by 

I. O. Woodruff noticed 193 
Class of 1873, history, 3d supplement, by 

F. J. Shepard noticed 96 
Class of 1888, history, 1888-1913, by B. C. 

Sterner noticed 193 

Yale University, Qasa of 1909, history, vol 

?■• ^'tlJ'y Harold Phelps Stokes no- 
ticed 385 

Sheffield Scientific School, Class of 1887 
biographical record, by G. C. Ham 
noticed 193 

Youngs, Florence E. and W. Geer Genealogy 
of the Geer family in America from 1635 
to 1914 noticed 94 


THE . 



JANUARY, 1915 

By Miss Elizabeth T. Thobnton of Lexington, Mass. 

Abner Cheney Goodell, a life member and former President of 
the New England Historic Genealogical Society, died in his own 
house at Salem, Mass., 19 July 1914, in the eighty-third j'ear of his 

He was born at Cambridgeport, !Mass., 1 October 1831, a son of 
Abner Cheney and Sally Dodge (Haskell) Goodell and a descendant 
of Robert^ Goodell of Salem, who came to New England from Ips- 
wich, England, in the Elizabeth in 1634. From this immigrant 
ancestor has line of descent was traced through Zachariah^ of Salem, 
Joseph' of Salem, Joseph* of Grafton, Mass., Joseph^ of Grafton and 
Warwick, Mass., Zina? of Warwick and North Orange, IMass., and 
Abner Cheney,^ his father, who was bom at North Orange 9 February 
1805 and married at Cambridge, Mass., 2 August 1829, Sally Dodge 
Haskell, bom at Providence, R. I., 5 February 1805, daughter of 
Aaron and Evmice (Dodge). 

In 1837 the family removed to Salem, and the boy was sent to the 
public schools, to be graduated from the High School, in his sixteenth 
year, at the head of an unusually excellent class. For the next two 
years he was employed in his father's machine shop, but he still kept 
up in private his studies in Latin, mathematics, and his beloved 
English literature. It is told of him that with the first money he 
earned he bought a copy of Cowper's Poems. 

Then, in 1849, when Mr. Goodell was eighteen, his mother's 
youngest brother, the late George Haskell of Ipswich, observing his 
nephew's unusual mentality, took him into his law office, thus winning 
the boy's Hfelong devotion. Here, imder his uncle's guidance, his 
attention was directed particularly to -the study of the law governing 
real estate; but Mr. Haskell always approved and encouraged his 
brilliant nephew's interest in other learning, and to him Mr. Goodell 
owed much. Mr. Haskell lived until 1898, followed alwaj's by his 
nephew's grateful affection. Mr. Goodell finished his law studies in 
Salem with Northend and Choate, and was admitted to the bar in 
1852, at the November term of the Supreme Judicial Court of Massa- 

In January 1853 he began the practice of his profession in Lynn, 
VOL. Lxrx. 1 

4 Abner Cheney Goodell [Jan. 

where he remained until 1858, a successful lawyer. Of his reported 
cases the most important are Harvey v. Mosley, in which was de- 
cided for the first time the age of consent of marriage in Massachu- 
setts, and Commonwealth v. Hitchings, which is recognized as a 
leading case and accepted as authority both in this country and 
Great Britain. 

In 1856 he was appointed and the next year was elected register of 
the then newly organized Court of Insolvency for Essex County, 
which was merged with the Probate Court in 1858. He was then 
elected register of this new Court of Probate and Insolvency for 
Essex County, and held the office by re-election continuously for 
twenty years. 

In 1865 he was elected alderman, by unanimous vote on all the 
tickets, an "office which he desired in order that he might help in the 
establishment of a water system for the City. He drew the ordinance 
defining the duties of the Board of Water Commissioners, and this 
Board was chosen during the same year, thus accompUshing the work 
according to Mr. GoodeU's hope. 

In 1865 Mr. Goodell became president of the Salem and South 
Danvers Street Railway Co. When he took it over the Company 
carried a debt of $40,000, with its stock almost valueless. When he 
left it, after nineteen years of service, the stock brought $200 a share, 
and for the last four years of his presidency paid 22% interest annu- 
ally and earned 30%. This result was a triumph of organizing power 
and executive patience through many difficult years; and it was 
always true that Mr. Goodell's ardent interest in the past was matched 
by his wise citizenship and his practical outlook ahead. It was he 
who first suggested an electric railway between Salem and IMarble- 
head; but he was refused a location and it was years before that 
means of communication was estabUshed. When in 1877 Mr. Alex- 
ander Graham Bell made his experimental trial of the first telephone 
line in Massachusetts, between Salem and Boston, before the Essex 
Institute, Mr. GoodeU's recognition of the usefulness and value of 
the invention was instant. The motion he submitted to the meeting 
was thought to be perhaps too enthusiastically sanguine as to the 
value of the new instrument. It was, however, accepted, and Mr. 
GoodeU's words stand on the records, a witness aUke to the quickness 
of his mental processes and to' the soundness of his judgment in 
practical affairs. 

After giving up his regular law practice ]Mr. GoodeU was often 
consulted on recondite matters of law and points of ancient practice. 
And all his learning in the law and his man^eUous industry were 
brought into use when in 1865 Governor Andrew appointed him on 
a commission, under a resolve of the General Court, "to prepare for 
publication a complete copy of the statutes and laws of the Province 
and State of Massachusetts Bay, from the time of the province 
charter, to the adoption of the Constitution of the Commonwealth 
. . . , with suitable marginal references to the statutes and judicial 
decisions of the Province and Commonwealth, . . . and to such other 
authorities as, in their opinion, may enhance the value and useful- 
ness of the work." For nearly thirty years Mr. GoodeU was con- 

1915] Ahner Cheney Goodell 5 

nected with this service, but there were several interruptions, and he 
was actually engaged on it rather less than nineteen years. After 
1879 he made the work his chief employment, and gave much time 
to the task so fitted to his tastes and his attainments. There was 
criticism of his painstaking methods; but such persons as were fitted 
by their own pursuits and training to understand the difficulty and 
worth of his service had only words of grateful praise for his accom- 
pUshment. These men knew that the value to the country of his 
work, unique in the beginning, would increase with the passing of 
each year. His notes, becoming ultimately more voluminous than 
the original text, are a monument to his learning and to the unending 
patience of his scholarly mind. "Nobody but Abner Goodell could 
have done it" was the verdict of a man fitted to give judgment, when 
the fourth volume of the Province Laws was finished in 1881. 

Mr. Goodell was elected a member of the New England Historic 
Genealogical Society 6 August 1862, was made a life member in 1863 
and a director in 1884, and was chosen President, to succeed the late 
Marshall Pinckney Wilder, in January 1887. He served in the 
presidency until 22 June 1892, when his resignation, which had been 
announced at the May meeting of that year, took effect, and he was 
succeeded in the chair by Hon. William Claflin. He was a life mem- 
ber and senior Vice-President of the Essex Institute at Salem, and 
was one of the oldest and foremost members of the Massachusetts 
Historical Society and of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts. 
To all of these organizations he was a frequent and valued contribu- 
tor. He was a corresponding member of the historical societies of 
New York, New Hampshire, Maine, and Rhode Island, a member of 
the Old Colony Historical Society of Taunton, Mass., of the American 
Academy of Arts and Sciences, and of the Prince Society, and was 
at one time a member of the Sons of the Revolution. He had been 
also a trustee of the Peabody Academy of Science of Salem and its 
secretary since February 1867, when he was appointed to the Board 
by the founder, George Peabody of London. He was a member of 
the Phi Beta Kappa fraternity of Harvard University, and received 
the honorary degree of Master of Arts from Amherst College in 1865. 

In politics Mr. Goodell was first a Free-soiler, and later he went 
into th? Republican party when it was organized. 

During the years in Lynn Mr. Goodell formed many friendships 
amongst the old Quaker families, ties which held through life, as did 
his devotion to their noble faith and simple form of worship. His 
sensitive nature, keenly alive to spiritual values, responded inevitably 
to their high sense of the immediate dependence of the human spirit 
on the Divine, as his robust manliness to their conviction of the power 
of the Holy Spirit to meet the awakened soul of man and touch it to 
eternal issues. For years he attended the Quarterly Meeting of the 
Society of Friends, held usually at Newport, R. I., gaining fresh power 
from this association with their austere and lovely ways of thought. 

Mr. Goodell married, 26 November 1866, Martha Page Putnam, 
daughter of Alfred and Mary (Page) of Danvers, Mass. Mrs. 
Goodell was a granddaughter of John Page of Danvers and great- 
granddaughter of Lieut.-Col. Jeremiah Page of Revolutionary fame. 

6 ' Abner Cheney Goodell [Jan. 

Mr. Goodell liked to remind his wife that she was descended from 
the first minister, the first governor, and the first teacher in the 
Massachusetts Bay Colony. Their first son, George Haskell, was 
born at Danvers 26 December 1870. Soon afterwards Mr. Goodell 
removed to the house at No. 4 Federal Street, Salem, 'which he had 
bought a few years before, and here he made his home for the rest of 
his long Ufe, adding to it a beautiful hbrary room, a fit place for his 
remarkable collection of books. The house was once the old jaU, 
standing almost on the site of the still older building where the victims 
of 1692 were imprisoned, and, to his descendant's great delight, on 
land once- owned by the immigrant ancestor of his family, Robert 
i Goodell. In part of this house Mr. GoodeU's parents Lived for many 

! years, enjoying the daily attention of their devoted son and his 

beautiful wife. Here also was born Mr. Goodell's second son, Alfred 
Putnam, 18 February 1877. Both sons survive their father. 

Mr. GoodeU will be remembered as a true friend and polished 

gentleman, of flashing wit and charming presence. He was an able 

lawyer and a scholar of good parts, never allowing any lapse in his 

devotion to learning, even through the years when he was most 

I occupied with his duties as wise and useful citizen and man of affairs. 

f But in these pages it is fitting to dwell especially on the breadth of 

i his historical learning and the fuUness of his antiquarian knowledge, 

j legal and social — that vast store of meticulously exact detail of New 

I England's early days that his memory held so easily and that was 

I always at the service of fellow students. He was the John Selden of 

I ' New England's learning. 

I To walk with him through the streets of Salem was an adventure 

back into the early years of his dear town. His briUiant talk played 

I about the foibles as well as the virtues of the men of colonial and 

j provincial days; and we felt really intimate with them as Mr. Good- 

I ell's wonderful memory and exact topographical knowledge led us to 

their very homes, and we seemed to see them coming out of their own 

beautiful doorways and going about the old streets, taking their 

part — wise or foolish — in town affairs, until we followed some of 

them even to their tombs in the Charter Street Burial Ground. 

The romantic touch that Mr. Goodell knew so well how to give 
could not fail to arouse even the dullest modem to keen interest in the 
early days; but he allowed no confusion between what might possibly 
have occurred and that which is certainly known to have happened. 
He had no mercy for careless methods of im^estigation or vague 
imaginings about the past. The gleaming mt that touched an old 
hero — or sinner — was fed by great learning, restrained by a guarded 
imagination. There was alwaj'^s authority behind his picturesque 
phrases; but there would be none to call antiquarian research dull if 
Mr. Goodell's like could be had as guide. 

There is reason to fear that with the passing of his glowing and 
merry spirit much knowledge of New England's past is again lost to 
us. But Mr. Goodell wrote, as he talked, with grace and accuracy; 
and in the beautiful open script that made his charming letters so 
pleasant to look at was set down much wit and wisdom that now 
stand in printed pages — his contribution to human learning. 

1915] Ahner Cheney Goodell 7 

His eager search for truth wherever it might lead ended sometimes 
in difficult places and in misunderstandings that were painful to him. 
But no suppression or modification of a fact of which he had assured 
himself ever occurred to Mr. Goodell as a way out of his own pain 
or difficulty. Once convinced of a truth, he stood by it, a formidable 
guardian, the rapier of his wit sharpened by his great learning. His 
pamphlet on Crispus Attucks, written in 1873, and his argument 
over the Act of 1711, reversing the attainder of persons convicted of 
witchcraft in 1692, are cases in point. 

His unique work in the editing of the Province Laws stands by 

itself and is widely known to students of law and of the past. Of 

j his addresses and other printed papers two Uttle masterpieces are 

especially to be noted. One, delivered in 1871 before the Essex 

Institute, on The Interdependence of Science and History, is in its 

few pages a notable example of his methods and his power. This 

delightful paper shows the deep interest in and wide \'ision over great 

affairs which were as marked characteristics of his mind as was his 

extraordinary mastery of the details of small ones. . And three years 

later, in 1874, again before the Essex Institute, on the occasion of the 

! centennial anniversary of the meeting of the Pro'vincial Assembly in 

j Salem, he delivered an address thrilling in its tracing of effects to 

I their causes, in its setting of small happenings in their rightful place 

in the inspiring march of great events, in its courageous confidence 

i in the future of the nation whose beginnings he knew so well, in its 

f' fullness of picturesque detaU, in its ghnts of his pleasant humor. 

Rather curiously for so keen a lover of beautiful things, Mr. Goodell 
was much interested in that black spot in New England's history, the 
I Witchcraft Delusion of 1692, and he devoted much time to the study 

i of its rise, progress, and end, intending to write a book on the subject. 

; His manuscript notes and the books he collected for this work are 

; said by those fitted to juclge to be of great, though as yet unmeasured, 

I value. The book was never written; but there is in existence one 

i result of these studies, the manuscript of an address given by him 

i before the Danvers Historical Society in 1892, when that body com- 

; memorated the outbreak of the Witchcraft Delusion in 1692 in Salem 

Village, now Danvers. This meeting of the Societ>^ was held in the 
house of worship that stands on the site of the old First IMeeting 
House, so that Mr. Goodell's learned paper was read as from Rev. 
Samuel Parris's own pulpit. 

His later years Mr. Goodell passed among his books and in the 
constant companionship of his beloved and devoted wife. The 
limitations daily forced upon him by physical disabihties, incident 
to his years and especially harassing to his outreaching nature, were 
borne with a gallant fortitude that never broke, fortitude very moving 
to see in a man of his ardent temperament. The affectionate care 
that was always given him was met with as unfailing gratitude and 
with his characteristic chivalric courtesy. He kept to the last his 
keen interest in world affairs, and the end of his long life came peace- 
fully as befitted one 

" Whose soul was stiU prepared for death." 
. Brilliant wit, charming writer, ripe scholar, distinguished antiquary, 

8 Diary of James Parker [Jan.. 

learned in the law, good citizen, true friend, Abner Cheney Goodell 
was, first, last, and always, a good man. 

Grateful acknowledgment is made to Mr. George G. Putnam for his carefully 
prepared notice that appeared in the Salem News the day after Mr. Goodell 8 
death. Many of the dates and some of the facts in this memoir have been taken 
from Mr. Putnam's account. 


■ Transcribed by Mrs. Ethel Stanwood Bolton, A.B., of Shirley, Mass. 

James Pakker, Esq., the writer of the diary from which the follow- 
ing extracts have been made, was born at Groton, Mass., 26 Nov. 
1744, the son of Leonard and Abigail (Parker) Parker, married, in 
1767, Sarah Dicldnson of Lancaster, Mass., daughter of James and 
Sarah (Stickney) Dickinson, and died in 1830. When he began his 
diary in 1770, he was a yomig married man with a little daughter, 

As early as 1765 he had bought from his great-uncle, William Far- 
well, a house and a forty-acre farm on the banks of a brook in the 
i western part of Shirley, Mass.; and it was to this little two-roomed 

I house, overlooking a broad green meadow, that he brought Ms bride. 

I He left a reputation behind him for efficiency, broadmindedness, and 

: geniahty, combined with a Yankee shrewdness at a bargain and a 

I certain truculence. He was a good farmer, and must have been 

^ versatile, if his own pictiu-e of himself is true. Toward the end of 

■ his life he moved into the centre of the town, and there he still gathered 
: the news of the neighbors, the greater community compensating for 
\ his lessening activity. He was for years the town schoolmaster; but 
'v as we read these pages his elusive spelling shows that education in 
•; those days taught only enough for the roughest kind of figuring and 


The diary comes down almost to the end of IMr. Parker's life, and 
it is a great pity that some of the almanacs containing it have been 
lost, and that consequently there are gaps in the nan-ative. He wrote 
something every day, but parts were of interest only to himself as a 
record of those who worked for him or as a chronicle of the work 
actually done on the farm. The following pages reproduce only the 
items that are of more general interest. In 1799 his son began to write 
the same sort of a journal, and thus for thirty j-ears father and son 
both kept diaries. It is singularly fortunate that the elder James was 
the one who told of the Revolution, Shays's Rebellion, and the early 
history of the town; for the younger James had no such broad out- 
look on life. The original diary of the elder James is now in the 
library of the American Antiquarian Society at Worcester, and 
through the courtesy of the librarian, Clarence S. Brigham, Esq., 
permission has been obtained to print these extracts. The spelling 
of the original manuscript has been followed strictly, but a few marks 
of punctuation have been supplied by the transcriber, as the writer 
of the diary seldom used them. 

1915] Diary of James Parker 9 


[1770, January] 
This 1 : Day of January I went to Groton as an Evidence against Thos. Little 

att Colo. Prescotts & from thence to my Mothers & Loged there that 

Night & it Rained that Night & Carried off almost all the y^. 
Ye 2 Day Moses Dickenson* Cut Hog shed Poolsf on Philemon's Holdens 

Land. Cold weather for Until ye 6 & then warm and Rainy. y« [3] I 

was gone from home all this week Moses was gone 5 Days to old M'' Graves 

Ye 8 Day it Cleared of Cold & their was a great flood ye same Day. Moses 

Dickenson Brought 200 of Hogs<^ whop polesj ye same Day I cleaned up 

my oats 5 Bushels, 
ye 10 Jonas ParkerJ came to my house and stayed all Night & we went to 

John Pages & Phin^ [Page]. The ground held Bair almost till ye 12 Day 

& then it snowed, ye same Day Moses Dickenson went to Groton & 

Came the next Night. 
I worked at Mr Ivory's § this 13 Day & ground & Boulted 3 Bushels of my 

own wheet for Doc Taylor, it snowed some this Day & Cleared off att 

Night, ye Snow came About 8 Inches Deep. 
Ye 15 Day I went to Lunenburgh & carried Doct"^ Taylor 3/4 Q>- 22 lb 

3/4. a Cold day as Ever you see. Moses Dressed flax for Philemon Hold" 
Ye 16 Day sleded wood for myself. 
Ye 17 I load my Cord of Bark & sent to Westford by Fletcher. || it was fair 

& Cold. 
Ye 18 Day he Carried it to Westford. It was fair & cold this week as ever 

I knew. 
This 21 Day the Revd Mr Adams Preached hier. 
22. I put some Cap Peaces on my Shed. Moses fetched out my Bark, my 

wife went to Mr Ivory's to fix Betty a gownd. 

24. ye 24 Day I went to Groton & Carried my Bark to Bancroft & from there 
to Cutlers and got some tee & Indergo & then to my Mothers & got a 
Barrel of Sider & two Bushels of Appels & some Chestnuts, it stormed all 
Day & very Cold. 

25. I was very Poorly so that I keep house the greatest Part of ye Day. 

I fixed a yoak that Moses had of Air graves, at night I loaded 200 of 
Barril Pools & sent to the Bridge for Phelps.lT at Night I went to Mr 
Ivory's to see an arbatration between Mr Ivory & Thos Little. 

26. I remained Poorly. It was Pleasant. I wet my Lime. Moses sleaded 
wood. I bought 5£ worth of flax of Ward Baley. 

31 I strew mould at Mr Ivorys. JSIoses went to a shooting at Landod 


I. these two Days I sleaded wood for Mr Oliver Fletcher. Moses Dickin- 
son sold liis Coat & Jacoat to Phinehas Butler, ye 1 Day my wife went 
to Lancaster 

3. Moses went & got his Cloaths again. Hale** came to my house 
8. James Dickinsonft came to my house 

II. Mr Dana Preached Here it was warm Pleasant these Days. Moses 
went away this Night. 

* A brother-in-law of Parker. 

t Hogshead poles for hoops. 

t A younger brother of James Parker. 

§ John Ivory owned the mill on the Cattacoonemug, Shirley Village. 

II Oliver Fletcher, from Westfoid, who settled in Shirley, 
if Timothy Phelps, originally from Hollis, N. H. 

** Paul Hale. 

tt Brother-in-law of Parker, and a tavern keeper in Shirley. 

10 . Diary of James Parker [Jan, 

13. I went to Groton & had Mr Ivorys Mair. met ye same night to agree 
about the School Hoiise & did nothing that time. 

15. ye Same Night we met & Drawed wrightings in Order to finish the 
School house. 

16. James [Dickinson] Begim to Plaster my Bedroom. 

17. Haskell* came & finished Plastering. I sawed in his room 
19. James Dickinson went from my house. Jonas Parker came to my house 

ye Same Day. I Begun to Lay my Loag fence, y^ afternoon I Pick<i over 
my Purtatoes 

21. Silvanus Smith & I finished Mr Ivorys whip & staid there all night. 

22. I stayed at Mr Ivorys it snowed in the afternoon. Nabyf went to M' 
Wildest to Quilting. 


I 1. I Drawed a Loag a Crost ye Mill Pond & some Copper § stuff for Ivory. 

! Moses Dickinson came from Zeb Dodge's this Day. 

2. Samson Tuttle & Joshua Chase took Tho^ Little ye Same Night. 

4. was ye Sabbath. Mr Whitneyll was Published ye same Night. 

5. was the March meeting. 

6. was March meeting at Groton. ye same Day Paul Dickinson came to 
my house & I went home with him & stayed at his house all Night. 

! 7. ye same Day Farther Willard^ & Mother & Onckel Night & his v.ife 

■ Came to my house in Order to go to thank£gi\ing at Pepperell. 

I 9. Jonas Parker Came to my house this night to work for me making Barrels. 

I 12. I begun to keep School at John Davises** 

I 13. Levi Parkerft came to my house & Benj° Hazon with him and we went 

I to M'' Ivorj'^s at Night & Drunk FUp. ye Next Day went home. 

I 20. I saw Spring Biu-ds this Day. 

I 27. This Day I went to Conants|J & Paid bim for that beef that I had of > 'm 

I which weighed 108 lb. -^.i 

I [AprU] 

:. 3. Jonas & I went to George Perces & had a scag. 

i 7. I finished keeping keeping school at Deacon Longleys their I keep it one 

{ week. 

I ■ 9. Nabby went to the forge & my wife the same Day. 

! 12. my old Cow Calved. Nabey went to M"' Whitneys. Paul Dickinson 

I came and swoped Jacoats with Moses. 

i 16. Moses went & Brought my Plow from Hastings 

i 19. I plowed at Catteecimnemug Farm. Wentworth§ § made my Plow Plates 

this Day. 
' 21. I went to [Lancaster] & got Nath" WiUardsH || & got his waggon & loaded 

up my whoops. 

23. I sot off for Boston with 28 Barrels 8 half Barrels 300M hoops. 

27. returned home. 

28. I went to father Willards and got 15 appel trees & Sot out in my Rye 
field also grafted a Peir tree into a thorn & sot out a Plumb tree. 

* Henry Haskell. 

t Abigail Parker, younger sister of James. 

i Elijah Wildes. 

§ I.e., cooper. 

II Rev. Phinehas Whitney of Shirley, who married Lydia Bowes of Bedford, Mass. 

i[ Sarah (Stickney) Dickinson, Mrs. Parker's mother, married (2) Daniel Willard 
of Lancaster. 

** He lived in the southeast part of the town. 

tt James Parker's next younger brother. 
; it Jonathan Conant, who married Parker's cousin, Eimice Farwell. 

j §§ He was of Harvard, Mass. 

: nil He was of Lancaster. 

1915] Diary of James Parker 11 

26. the Rev«* Mr Phinehas Whitney Moved home his wife. 
30 I sowed my Oats in Part at Cattercimemug farm 


1. Mr Oliver Livennore* Raised his house. 

2. I finished sowing my oats & Pees 

4. I went to Paul Hale to fight fixe 
6. I crost Plowed the hoUow at my Cattecunemug farm with ten Cattel. 

Ivory Wildes helped me with 4 Ox in the afternoon. 
9. I planted Purtatoes. my wife & Nabby went to Sam" Goulds 
16. Tim Phelps came and got 6 Staves & Heading & whoop Poles, they was 

21. Mended fence for Wentworth. 
23. My Mother & EmmeJ Came to my house on foot. 
24 they went home this day. 

26. Samison Tuttle Leveled the Execution on Tho= Littel House § & nine 
acres of Land, my Cattel Lay out. 

27. My Littel Daughter|| went to meeting the first time that ever she went 
on foot. 

30. was General Lec°.1^ att Sam" Hazon the Company met. I & my wife 
& SaUy went to father WiUards the nex Day Jonas James Isaac & W™. 


1. I was shingle my house. Made a cow yard at Barret. 

5. This Day the widow Longley sot off No. 4.** 

6. Nabby Whitney came to my house. 

7. Nabby Parkers Prentiship was out, ye same Day she Begun for Wajors.ft 

12. Mrs. Ivory & Mrs NeweU Came to my house. 

13. Brought my Chease Press from Capt HarrisesJt 
16. mas Parker Came to my house & Brought some Cloth for Trowsers. 

j Moses went to Amasa HartweUs & Bought 30H yard of Cloth, ye Same 

j day the Execution was Leveled on that house & some of ye Land of 

I T. Littles 

I 17 I and my wife to see Sam^' Dickinson §§ we Did Suppose him nigh unto 

18. my wife came home. I brought 30 Cabbage Plants & sot them the Same 

30 I Brook up with 18 Oxen, Leu* Walker with foar, Ivory Wildes with 4. 

Nathan Willards & • Silvanus Holdens Oxen, Connants Oxen, Chases 

Oxen & my own. I Brook about five acres & left about one or hardly. 


2. Moses went to work for Timothy Phelps, this Day I worked on my 
Cap. Barn. 

3 & 4. I Helped M"" Samll Walker|| || with my Oxen. 
5. I sot out some Tobacco Plants. 

* He was from Watertown, Mass., and his house still stands on Benjamin Road, 
t I.e., refuse. 
• i A younger sister of Parker. 

I It stood on Centre Road, about half a mile from the Village. 

II Sally Parker. 
II I.e., general election. 

•* Probably Narragansett township No. 4, in Hampshire Co., Mass., which was in- 
corporated in 1754 as the town of Greenwich. 

tt I.e., wages. 

it Capt. Francis Harris from Watertown. He owned the first mill site on Mulpus 

§§ Perhaps a brother of Mrs. Parker. 

nil Mr. Walker lived on a farm on the intervale of the Nashua River. 

12 Diary of James Parker [Jan. 

20. I Reaped my Rye & got it into M'' Longley's Bam. I had 14 shock & 
half. John Egerton & Nathan Willard help<i. This 20 Day Bynah Ivory 
Departed this Life. 

25. Charles Chase* was Buried this Day 

26 Thos Little & som other schoolers Called at my house. 

27 I worked on my Cap Barn Great Part ye Day. I moved the Posts & 
raised ye next Day. 


1. Poled in a Load of Hay ye first that I got in. Egertonf & PeabodyJ 
Reaped my Oats that grew at Cattacunemug farm. Hannah Bartlett 
came to work for my wife this Day. it Still Remained Hot & Dry so that 
ye Corn Dryed like Hay in Some Places; But this Night their was a fine 

4. Jonas Parker Brook my sith. 
I 13. Abel Parker § went to Concord with whoops & to fetch up a load of salt 

for Phinehas Butler, sot off this evening. 

21. Elizabeth Boynton|| came to Live at my house. 


7. I helped Ward Baileyl" set Cole wood. 

• 12. Phinehas Page helped me make fenc Betwen he & I along by Baleys 

I Cool pit** half ye Day. at Night I Swaped my stears away for a horse 

1 with James Dickinson. Charles Holden & Zach [Holden]tt cut whoop 

1 Poles on of Com" or W™ Bennets. 

[ 11. H. HaskeUtt went to take Licence. 

I 13. I & my wife went to Groton to my Mothers & Carrd our Littel Girl & 

i . Come Back the next Day. 

I 18. the first frost Carhe this Night. 

\ 20. Jonas Parker came & Whooped some Barrils for me & then went to 

;. Gorge Pierces. 

j 24. Went to W°^ WiUiamess & Bought a Com Basket. Nathan Smith & 

I Josiah Parker had a souring. 

i 25 Went to Landlord Sawtell & Bought S 22ibi^ of Beef. 

I 26 Carried a pair of Vamps for Wife to Moses Brooks. 

■ [October] 

1. Carried 16 Bushels of Ashes to W™ Longleys Potash. §§ 

8. I fixed my hovel. 

' 18. There was a frolick at George Pierses. John Egerton Brought Nabby at 

my house. Brother Phinehas Parker came and stayed all Knight at my 
house. This Day I swaped sheep with W™ Longley & he gave me two for 
one & killed ye same. 

20. Edmimd Longley at my house- 

24. I went to Groton trooping & shot a Pistell full & hurt my hand & stayed 
all Night at my Mothers & Wallace Little with me. 

29. Went to a husking at Mr Whitneys at Night 

31. Banked my house. 

* A son of George Chase of Shirley, born 8 Aug. 1747. 
t John Egerton. 
j Thomas Peabody. 

§ Abel Parker was not a near relative of James. 

II Elizabeth Boynton was of Lunenburg, Mass., a niece of Jonathan Going of Shirley. 
^ Ward Bailey came from Rowley, Mass. 
*• I.e., a coalpit, for burning charcoal, 
tt A brother of Charles, and a son of Stephen of Shirley, 
tj Henry Haskell. 
[ §§ For soap making. ' 

1915] Diary of James Parker 13 


1. I Begun to shingle the Back side of my house, their was a f rollick at 
Paul Hales. 

2. it was husking at Mr Wildes. 

19. This Knight the House that Tho^ Little did own was Burnt Down. 

20. Joseph Longley Layd out Common Land Joyning on me 22^ acres, 
this Day Elizabeth Boynton was eighteen years of age. She went home, 
this Day I Begun to Saw Boards for my Barn. 

22. Mr James Brooks* had my Oxen two Days to plow. 


5. Jonas Parker & W'" Wasson att my house at Knight & got his new Cloaths 

& they swaped & I swaped with Jonas the Same Knight. 
17. Planed my chamber floor. 
.19. Went to Ohver Farwells Shooting 

24. at Knight I went to Haskells & Played Hundreds with Joshua Longley. 

25. their was some young [people] at my house at knight. 

31. their was a Town meeting to find ye Senter of Lands to Build a meeting 
house and they agreed to do ye same. 

[1771, January] 

2. Cap* Oakes came and got 1000 of staves. 

4. the Committy men met at M'' Ivorj's to see about Schooling, the com- 
mitty men Begun to measure Roimd the District this Day viz. Mr Nathan 
HayTvod, Mr Jonathan Pierce, Cap* Amos Lawrence.f 

7. I Begun to keep school at Lieut HaskellsJ Mr Tho^ Little Beginning ye 
same Day at M' Ebenezer Gowens. § the com* men stUl surveying Shirley. 

10. Mr HaskeU & wife came to my house at evening & Eat Rib. 

12. I bought four sheep this Day of Ward Safford.|| 

16. Sam" Hazen had a Shooting this Day. 

19. Eleazer Bartlett & wife was Own'^ ye Cov*. 

21. the Committy Men Met & Pitched upon a spot for ye Meeting House. 

I went to Landords SawteUs at Evening & swaped hats with John WiUiams. 
Paid Joseph Dodge £5:10:0 for Cloth & Brought a chair from Na° Smith. 

23. I finished keeping school at M"" Haskells. 

24. I Begun to keep school at Mr Livermores. 

25. their was a schooling at Hezekiah Pattersons. 


3. was ye Sabbath. I went to meeting in forenoon, in ye afternoon I went 
to Groton for M" Green for my wife and from their to Noah Dodges & 
Brought her to my wife about sim Down, the Nex morning about the sun 
15 minutes high her Son Born. 

10. I carried out my Uttle Son James.l 

12. M'' W™ Little came to see me at School. 

13. I finished keeping school at M'' Livermores. 

14. this Day I & M"" Ivory went to see the Bounds Betwen he & I & we 
agreed for me to have that Land Round where Barret Now Lives two years 
for fencing the same. 

26. I went to Deacon Longleys and Recorded my Little Son and Daughter. 

27. these Days Nabby made Soap and Candles. 

• He kept a tavern at the corner of Brown and Hazen Roads. 

t All Groton men. 

j At the south end of the town. 

§ At the north end of the town. 

II He lived at Shabakin in Harvard. 
IT I.e., for baptism. 

14 Diary of James Parker [Jan. 


4. was March meeting. Cap* Francis Harris town Clerk, first Selectman 
Obadiah Sawtell, ye Second M"' Ivory, ye third [Francis Harris] all New this 
year. Obadiah Sawtell, Constable; Edward Sheaf, Collector; George 
Chase, W™ Bolton, Wardens tything men, Jonas Longley, W°* Little, Asa 
Holden & I Comittee men to ProAade the Schooling. 

8. John Trowbridge* came & settled with me. 

17. my wife got out to meeting. 

19. the Re\-<^ M'' Whitney had a son bom.f 

25. their was 7 or 8 Injons Squaws at M'' Ivorys. I Bought a Broom & a 
Basket of them. 


7. Cap* ShipleyJ & Ja'' Holden was at Mr Ivorji-s with an ex^^°'^. Sam" 
Hazen own^ ye Covenant. 

15. their was an arbatration at M'' Ivorys Betwen Tho^ Dodge & N* Stone. ■ 
Ehjah Wndses house § was Raised ye same Day. 

22. their was a Vendue at Mr Ivorj's to sel that hay of Butlers. ^I'' Ivory 
Bought the Same. 

24 Betty BojTiton went off with her ant Gowen. 

27 Moses worked for John Egerton, sot Tophet [Swamp] on fire & Burnt up 
his Coat. 

29. Jonathan Gowen brought Betty to my house. 

1. I hired John Phinisa|| to help me Plow, stayed all Night, went off the next 

22. Edmund Longley Came up & I bought a Piece of Land of him to set my 
Bam on. 

23. Paul Hale moved his Barn. I Heard Edmund Lawrence was Dead. 

6. Day about 3 of ye Clock then Begun to level ye sils & so went on to Raise. 
13, Releaf Haskell came to my house to stay. 

19. Sot up a slab fence round my Purtatoes. 

20. Went to help Joshua Longley Draw a Shop. James Egerton worked at 
the highway. 

3. James [Dickinson] & I was Boarding ye Ruff of my Barn. 
4 Likewise we Begun to Board ye Body of s*^ Bam. 
6. Went to Simeon Farnsworths & got three thousand of shingles. 

13. this Day H. Haskell Raised his Barn. 

20. this week our Children was sick with the whooping Cough. 


14. Polly Flagg Came to live at my house, ye Same Day James Whalin, 
Tho^ Glinn^ came to take up my well. 

30. I finished sowing my Rye and then went to George Cons and swoped 
horses with him. Tho^ Little Dyed this Night 

1. Tho^ little was Buried, it was approbation Day at 0'' Sawtells 
25. my wife had a Quilting this Day. 

• Of Groton. 

t Thomas Whitney. 

j Capt. Joseph Sheple, who lived in what is now Ayer, Mass. 

§ The original house of the Shirley Shakers. 

II Perhaps the Henesy who married a negress. 

If Probably Scotch-Irishmen from the colony in Lunenburg, Mass. 

1915] Diary of James Parker 15 


24. was town meeting to See about Building a meeting house & Committy 
men D° Longley, Jos Longley W™ Little. Got my hat Dressed. 

18 Cap* Ivory & Cap* SawteU & fourteen more of us killed in all about 75 
Squarreels & Potteridges then we had a set Down at M"^ Ivorys. 

24 Elizabeth Little came & Stayed. 

25. was appointed Town meeting, it was so cold it was omitted. 

26. Elijah Wildes Jr.* was marrid. 

27 Several young men came to my House at Evening and had a Rib Rost. 
30 Was Town Meeting Voted to have no Schooling this Win*'". 

[1772, January] 
"January 1. I went to Lunenburg to Dodges shooting. I had very sore eyes. 
9. I sleaded my great white pine log. 

14. Joshua Longley had a shooting 

15 Jonas Parker came to try on his Velvet Jacoot. Smith & Egerton came 
Likewise. EUjah Wilds moved his wife home. 

27. this Day John Egerton, Jonas PParker] & thomas Nichols Nicholas & 
their girls went to Lancaster, came to my house & Stayed all night. 


6. I went to George Pm-ses Vendue & stayed all night. 

12. the Rassell was to been. I & Jonas went to Landlord Sawtell's 

15. Abel Chase Drunked a Quart of Molases at Once. 

20. ye Meeting house fraim went off at a Vendue at 0^ Sa'«t at 133 Old Ten$ 

21. Hog Longley § & Edmund Longley come to my house. 

28 my wife made sope, had very good Luck. 

3. Tomey Ivory was Burid this Day. he Dyed the first Day of this Instant. 
4 My little James feU into the fire & Burnt his hand very bad. 

7. This week W™ Little['s] man was killed by falling a tree. 

16. Jonas P'', John Egerton & a Number more went to Lancaster to a Wrassell. 
21. Mrs Whitney Broth a son|| forth. 


8. Mrs HaskeUT Dyed this -Night about one of ye Clock. Mother Willard 
came and Staj^ed all Night. 

11. Burid Mrs Haskell this Day. Mother Willard went home, had a 

pair of shoes for my wife. 
14. an Artelery at Stephen Holdens. Edmund Longley moved from Cutlers 

to Shirley to Live. 
20 Sam" Hazen serv^ a Rit on Moses Dickinson for Hale. 
27. Polly Flagg went home her time being out. 

1. Catherine Dar™** came to live at my house. 
5. Moses Dickinson went of to Ashburnham to work with Moses Bennett. 

I reck«i Tvith Hugh Henry.ft 

* He married Eunice Safford of Harvard. 

t Obadiah Sawtells. 

t I.e., old tenor. 

§ Joseph Longley, brother of Edmund. 

I I Nicholas Bowes Whitney. 
1 Rebecca (AVillard) Haskell. 
•* Catherine Derring. 

tt Of Lunenburg. 

16 Diary of James Parker [Jan. 

11 John Parker* begun his time with me. 

18. John Parker Brought me ear rings. Mother Willard came to see my 

wife she was very sick. 
28. William Farwell took my Sheep. John Parker left this Day & Catherine 

1. I & My wife went to Groton, Rode in the Chase went to my mother and 

so round. 
4. Joseph Longley Raised his Bam. 

7. I was Blooded in my foot for my eyes was very sore. 

8. Decon Longley & Henry Haskell Came to Lay a road through for Jo^'t 

22. I took a warrantee deed of M"" Ivory of about 40 acres of Land & house, 


I. I went to help Sam" Hazen Raise his Bam in ye afternoon. 

8. We begun to Raise our meeting house. I had a Cart body of James 
I HartweU. 

9. we was Raising also. 

10. we finished Raising without any Damage only Lemuel Wods fel. 

23. I Begim to Reap my Rye Ephraim Smith Helped me with W™ WUliams, 
John Egerton &c 

{ 30 I had a tooth Pooled this Day. 

I [August] 

II. Begun to Pool my flax in y« forenoon. Old W™ Longley Show me ye 
j Bounds in ye afternoon Look'^ for my Oxen Tarbell wife Drove away in 
f ye Woods. 

I 20. in ye afternoon I went to M' Ivory to Vendue & I imder took to Board 

I & shingle ye meeting house for £58 old ten''. 

I [September] 

'. 5. I sowed my rye by ye null Pond about 2 Bushells Abraham Brooks and 

i his stears helped me. 

I 7. I worked at ye meeting house. 

: 12. John Parkers time was out & he went home. 

1 25 Stephen Holden had a warrant served on him for keeping a tipling house 

i &c. 

;• 29. I had a little ArtUlery at my house. 

; [October] 

■' 5 wee had a small Artillery at Haskells. 

I 9. Jonathan Davis Come to my house to By my land by Joseph Longleys at 

j night Silas & Johnst wife with him. ye Next Day he met me at haskels 

1 & we Cosed ye Bargain by y^ word of mouth & he took C. Doles arrest. 

12. we had an Artillery at OUver Fletchers 
I 19. I bought a sword of Abel Parker. 

21. wee had a Training, a Raney Day, I had About 15 men to Breakfast 
with me Sert Hazen with 3 men Ser* Fletcher with about 8 sholdiers 
Bisides Spektatoes. Ser' Holden gave a dinner and then home. 

26. M'' Whitney & Madam was at my house I was Carting Dung &c. 

29. I went to Lector, a Number of Scollars & Ladies was at meeting. I got 
i a gallon of Rum at Holdens 

31. I went to Mitchel Richards got five sider barels. 

I [November] 

1 1. father Willard & Elijah Wilds went Down§ with flower. 

r * A cousin of James Parker. 

'. t Joseph Longley. There was a long controversy over this road. 

I i Silas Davis and John Davis, brothers of Jonathan. 

■ 8 I.e., towards Boston. 



1915] Genealogical Research in England 17 

9. I gave Jonathan Davis a deed of my farm by Joshua Longleys & took 

eight dollars in Cash. 
11. I was making a hovel 
18. I & a number more went to Groton to training. Jonas had a speckled 

horse that he had of Moses Richards. 
22. Samuel Goulds wife got to Bed he[r] Child Dyed the Same Night. 

1. HaskeU* was marid this Day. Page came to carry off the Boards of 

my Tarbell house. 
3. Haskell moved his wife home this Day. 

7. Tarbells wife and family moved out of my house by y« Mill Pond. 
13. Mr Johnson Preached. John Egerton & Abigail Parker Was Published. 
16. Jonas & Tho' Nichols had a shooting at Ivorys. 

[To be continued] 


Contributed by Miss Elizabeth French, and communicated by the Committee on 

English Research 

■ [Continued from vol. 68, page 327] 

RowNiNG, Continued 

Fkom the Court Rolls of the Manor of Hundon 
Honour of Clabb f 

23 April, 17 Richard II [1394]. | Alice Rounyng, for selling beer against 

the assizp, is fined 4d. (Court RoUs, General Series, 203/89.) 
Thursday after the Feast of St. Peter the Apostle, 37 Henry VI [5 July 
. 1459]. The bailiff is ordered to deliver to John Rownyng materials to build 

] a bakery. (76., 203/90.) 

: 2 May, 16 Edward IV [1476]. Juror: William Rounyng. (lb.) 

25 April, 22 Edward rV [1482]. Juror: William Rownyng. (76.) 
•: 6 May, 1 Richard III [1484]. Juror: William Rounyng. (76., 213/70.) 

{ 24 April, 3 Henry VII [1488]. Juror: William Rownyng. William Rownyng 

as a common brewer breaking the assize is fined 2d. (76., 213/72.) 
Thursday after the Feast of St. Dionis [11 October], 1545. Jurors: Thomas 

RownjTig sen. and Thomas Rown3Tig jtm. (76., 213/76.) 
Thursday after Hilary, 37 Henry VIII [15 January 1545/6]. Juror: Thomas 

Rownyng jun. (76.) 
Hock Thiu-sday, 38 Henry VIII [13 May 1546]. Jurors: Thomas Rownj-ng 
sen. and Thomas Rownyng sen. [sic, probably a clerical error for jim.] 
2 November, 1 Mary [1553]. Thomas Rownyng and Henry Rownyng 
make oath to pay Id. and do fealty. Jurors: Thomas Rowning and Henry 
Rowning. (76.) 
Hoke Wednesdayj 1 iMary [12 April 1554]. Jurors: Thomas Rowning sen., 
Thomas Rowning Jun., and Henry Rowning. (Court Rolls, Duchy of 
Lancaster, 117/1820.) 
5 June, 1 Mary [1554]. Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas Rowning 
Jun., and Henry Rowning. (76.) 

* Henry Haskell married (2) Martha Little. 

t Preserved in the Public Record Office, London. 

j The date shows when the court was held. 

18 Genealogical Research in England [Jan. 

The Feast of St. Luke the Evangelist, 1 and 2 Philip and Mary [18 October 
1554]. Thomas Rowning Sen. claims against John Coggysall in a plea 
of trespass. Juror: Thomas Rownyng Sen. (lb.) 
Thursday after the Feast of St. PhiHp and St. James the Apostles [2 May], 
1555. _ Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas Rowning Jim., and Henry 
Rowning. Chilbome. Henrj' Rowning bought of Joan KnoUys widow 
a close of pastiu^e called GejTiesmeres. (lb.) 
Hock Thursday, 14 Elizabeth [24 April 1572]. Essoin: * Thomas Rown3Tig 
Jun. by Thomas Rownyng wheelwright. Jurors: Thomas Rownyng Sen., 
John Rownyng, Wilham Rownj-ng, and Thomas Rownyng wheelwright. 
(lb., 118/1832.) 
The day after the Feast of Holy Trinity, 14 EUzabeth [26 May 1572]. 
Essoins: William Rownyng and Thomas Rownyng wheelwright. Jurors: 
Thomas Rownyng Sen. and Thomas Rownyng Jun. (76.) 
1 Thursday after the Feast of St. Dionis, 14 Elizabeth [12 October 1572]. 

Jurors: Thomas Rownyng Sen., Thomas Rownyng Jun., William Rown- 
yng, and Thomas Rownyng wheelwright. John Reve alienated to Thomas 
Rownyng wheelwright one piece of customary pasture containing two 
acres and one free meadow containing ten rods, wth appurtenances, in 
Honyden. Thomas Ro-miyng wheehvright aUenated to Thomas Parker 
: two pieces of pastm-e containing three acres, with appurtenances, in 

; Honj'^den. (76.) 

1 22 January, 15 Elizabeth [1572/3]. Jiu-ors: Thomas Rown3rng Sen., Thomas 

f . Rownyng Jun., John RownjTig, William Rown}'ng, and Thomas Rownyng 

j wheelwright. Thomas Rownj-ng holds one customary tenement, late 

I Reads, which is in decay for lack of timber, namely one hundred feet of 

! set timber, twenty feet of overway and of over frank post twelve feet in 

I length. Ralph Mor3's, deceased, before his death held a meadow called 

1 HoltewaU in Honyden, between the meadow of John Rownyng, late 

I Wheelers, on the north, and Anne Smith, widow of John Smith, on the 

j south. (76.) • 

j Hock Thursday, 15 Elizabeth [10 April 1573]. Jurors: Thomas Rownjmg 

I Sen., John Rownyng, and Thomas Rownyng wheelwright. Thomas 

> CoUjTi alienated to Thomas Rownjmg one parcel of customary land 

i called Gaynsmarsh, containing one acre and three rods in Honyden. 

Richard Taylor alienated to John Rownyng and his heirs fourteen acres 
of land in Honyden called Cutlars. Thomas Ck)Uyn surrendered into the 
; hands of Thomas Wheler, tenant of said manor, in the presence of William 

; Rowning, a tenant, seven rods of land at Gaysmer, between the land 

called Rogerons and the land of Thomas Rowning jun., to the use of 
! Thomas Rowning wheelwright. (76.) 

; 21 May, 15 Ehzabeth [1573]. Essoin: Thomas Rowning wheelwright by 

' Thomas Rowning Jun. Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas Rowning 

Jun., and WilMam Rowning. Thomas Rowning begged the Queen's 

licence to lease to Robert Luce half an acre of land in Honj'^den called 

BrodaU for a term of twenty-one years at 6d. a year, he paying a fine 

for said licence. (76.) 

15 October, 15 Ehzabeth [1573]. Jiu-ors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas 

Rowning wheelwright, and John Rowning. Thomas Rowning Sen. and 

1 . Thomas Rowning Jun. are fined 6d. each for not scouring their ditches in 

the meadows called Smarrowacres, Calbeck, and Rownyngs Meadow, as 

i ordered. (76.) 

i 21 January, 16 Elizabeth [1573/4]. Essoin: John Rowning by John Jack- 

son. Jurors: Thomas RowTiing Sen., Thomas Rowning Jun., Thomas 
Rooming wheelwright, and William Rownyng. (76.) 

* One excused from attending the court, the request that the person should be ex- 
'. cused being made usually by a neighbor, friend, or relative. The word is also used 

sometimes for the excuse as well as for the person excused. 

1915] Genealogical Research in England 19 

29 April, 16 Elizabeth [1574]. Essoin: William Rowning by John Rowning. 
Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas Rowning Jun., and John Rown- 
ing. Aletasters: Thomas Rowning Jun. [and another] elected. Con- 
stables: Thomas Rowning wheelwright [and another] elected. Thomas 
Rowning Sen. alienated to Augustine Rowning two acres of pasture in 
Honyden. Henry Rowning alienated to the said Augustine one acre of 
pastiire there. (76.) 

10 June, 16 Elizabeth [1574]. Essoin: Thomas Barnard by Thomas Rown- 
ing Sen. Jurors: Thomas Rowing Jun., Thomas Rowinge wheelwright, 
John Rowing, and William Rowing. (76.) 

Thursday after the Feast of St. Dionis, 16 Elizabeth [14 October 1574]. 
Essoin: John Rownynge by Thomas Rownynge wheelwright. Jurors: 
Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas Rowning Jun., Thomas Rowning wheel- 
wright, William Rowning, and Augustine Rowning. Richard Taylor, 
Thomas Hammond, and John Smith surrendered land into the hands 
of Thomas Rowning Jun. as tenant. Licence is granted to Thomas 
Rowning wheelwright to demise his tenement. John Cowell surrendered 
land into the hands of WLUiam Rowning as tenant. (76.) 

20 January, 17 EUzabeth [1574/5]. Essoins: Thomas Rowning wheel- 
wright by Thomas Rowning Jun., and Thomas Browne by William Rown- 
ing. Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas Rowning Jun., and John 

j Rowning. John Reve alienated to Thomas Rowning wheelwright a tene- 

j ment and two acres of pasture in Honidon. Richard Taylor died seised 

I of one third part of five and a half acres of land ; and Alice, wife of Richard 

I Petyt, Rose, wife of John Westhorpe, Agnes Taylor, Phillipa, wife of 

|- John Rowning the son of John Rowning, and Anne, wife of Richard 

i Piper the son of Thomas Piper, are daughters and next of kin of the said 

I Richard Taylor. Alice, Rose, and Agnes are of fuU age; John Rowning 

i and Richard Petit are minors. John Reve by the hands of John Rown- 

f ing surrendered a tenement in Honidon, late in the temure of Thomas 

Wakeringe, abutting on Honidon Manor on the east and on the highway 
"; caUed Hookes Street on the east [sic], to the use of Thomas Rowning 

I wheelwright. (76.) 

21 April, 17 Ehzabeth [1575]. Essoins: John Rowning by Thomas Rown- 
ing Jun., and Augustine Rowning by Thomas Rowning his father. 
Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas Rowning Jun., Thomas Rowning 
wheelwright, and WUliam Rowning. Thomas Rowning Sen. and Matilda 
his wife, late the wife of WiUiam Baron, alienated to John Smith gent, 
three acres of land in Honydon, to the use of the said John, WilUam 
Baron, son of the said William, renouncing all right, he being now of full 
age. Aletaster: Thomas Rowning Jun. [and another] elected. (76.) 

2 June, 17 Elizabeth [1575]. Essoins: Thomas Rowning Jun. by John 
Rowninge, and William Rowning by Thomas Brown. Jurors: Thomas 
Rowning Sen. and John Rowning. (76.) 

13 October, 17 Elizabeth [1575]. Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas 
Rowning Jun., Thomas Rowning wheelwright, William Rowning, and 
John Rowning. (76.) 

19 January, 18 EUzabeth [1575/6]. Essoins: Thomas Rowning Jun., John 
Rowning by William Rowning, and Thomas Rowning wheelwright by 
John Jackson. Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen. and William Rowning. 

10 May, 18 EUzabeth [1576]. Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas 
Rowning Jun., Thomas Rowning wheelwright, John Rowning, and Wil- 
Uam Rowning. John Smith gent, surrendered land into the hands of 
Thomas Rowning Sen. as tenant of the manor. (76.) 

1 Jime, 18 EUzabeth [1576]. Essoins: Thomas Rowning wheelwright, John 


20 Genealogical Research in England [Jan, 

RowTiing by Thomas Rowning Sen., and William Rowning by Thomas 
Rowning Jim. Jm-ors: Thomas Rowning Sen. and Thomas Rowning 
Jun. Thomas Rowning Sen. and Matilda his wife and WiJUam Baron, 
son of the said Matilda, alienated to Thomas Baron two and a half acrea 
of pasture and one and a half acres of wood in Honj-don. (lb.) 

Thursday in the Feast of St. Luke the Evangelist [18 October], 1576. Essoins : 
Thomas Rowning Jun. by his wife. Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen., 
Thomas Rowning wheelwright, John Rowning, and Wilham Rowning. 

17 January, 19 Elizabeth [1576/7]. Essoins: Thomas Rowmng wheel- 
wright, John Jackson by Thomas Rowning Jun., and John Rowning by 
William Rowning. (76.) 

15 April, 19 EUzabeth [1577]. Jm-ors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas 
Rowning Jun., William Rowning, and John Rowning. Thomas Barnard 
demises to farm to Thomas Rowning wheelwright a customary tenement 
and fifteen acres of land in Honidon for four years from ilichaelmas 1579. 
Thomas Rowning Jimi. ahenates to Robert Luce one >ia1f acre of land and 
fifteen acres called Lucas and Talbotts at 4d. a year. Thomas Rowning 
Jun. surrenders to the use of Robert Luce one half acre of customary land 
and fifteen acres as above, parcel of one tenement, the half acre lying be- 
tween the vicarage land of Honyden and land late parcel of Penowe, one 
head abutting on Great BrodeU land and another head on Penow land, 
which he had to him and his heirs, among other lands and tenements, by 
surrender of his father John Rowning on 6 October, 6 Edward VI [1552], 

Thursday after Trinity, 19 Elizabeth [6 Jime 1577]. Essoins: John Rown- 
ing by Thomas Chapleyne, and William Rowning by Thomas Wheler. 
Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas Rowning Jun., and Thomas 
Rowning wheelwright. (76.) 

17 October, 19 EHzabeth [1577]. Essoin: Thomas Rowning Jun. by Ralph 
Wheler. Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas Rowning wheel- 
wright, John Rowning, William Rowning, and Augustine Rowning. (76.) 

15 January, 20 EHzabeth [1577/8]. Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen. and 
Thomas Rowning Jim. Thomas Rowning wheelwright and William 
Rowning are fined 3d. each for default of court. (76.) 

17 AprU, 20 EHzabeth [1578]. Essoins: Thomas Rowning Jun. by Ralph 
Luce, and Augustine Rowning by Richard Fytche. Jm-ors: Thomas 
Rowning Sen., Thomas Rowning wheelwright, John Rowning, and Wil- 
liam RowTiing. (76.) 

29 May, 20 EHzabeth [1578]. Essoin: WilHam Rowning by John Frost«. 
Jiu-ors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas Rowning Jun., Thomas Rowning 
wheelwright, and John Rowning. Marke Baylye surrendered land into 
the hands of John Rowning and Thomas Rowing as tenants of the manor. 

16 October, 20 EHzabeth [1578]. Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas 
Ro'WTiing Jun., Thomas Roviiiing wheel'WTight, William Rowning, and 
Augustine Rowning. Matilda, wife of Thomas Rowning Sen., formerly 
■wife of WUHam Baron, died since the last court, and held for her Hfe a 
tenement and four acres of land, one and a half acres of wood, and one 
rod of land in Honydon, which her son Thomas Baron ought to have by 
the wiU of his father. (76.) 

15 January, 21 EHzabeth [1578/9]. Essoin: Thomas Rowninge 
Robert Luce. Jurors: Thomas Rowning wheelwright, John Rowning, 
and WiUiam Rowning. Richard Sheldrake aHenated land to John Haruye 
in the presence of Thomas Rowning Jun. (76.) 

17 October, 25 EHzabeth [1583]. Essoin: Thomas Rowninge the middle by 
WilHam Rowninge. Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas Rowning 

1915] Genealogical Research in England 21 

wheelwright, John Rowning, William Rowning, and Augustine Rowning, 
(76., 119/1836.) 
16 January, 26 Elizabeth [1583/4]. Essoins: Thomas Rowning Sen. by 
Thomas Rowning the middle, Thomas Rowning wheelwright by Augus- 
tine Rowning, John Rowning by Thomas Everard, and WiUiam Rovsrning 
by Thomas Rowning the middle. Jurors: Thomas Rowning the middle 
and Augustine Rowning. John Smith gent, since the last court sold to 
Augustine Rowning five acres of land in Honyden, and the latter not 
coming, he is to be distrained. (76.) 
7 May, 26 Elizabeth [1584]. Essoin: Thomas Rowning Jun. by WiUiara 
RowTiing. Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas Rowning wheel- 
wright, John Rowning, William Rowning, and Augustine Rowning. 
'; Robert Barnard since the last court surrendered by Thomas Evererd, as 

! tenant of the manor, a piece of customary pasture late John Rowning's, 

! containing one acre in Honydon, to the use of Thomas Rowning wheel- 

wright, who paid 2s. fine and is admitted tenant. (76.) 
18 June, 26 Elizabeth [1584]. Essoins: Thomas Rowning Sen. by Roger 
Leman, Thomas Rowning wheelwright by Thomas Rowning Jun., WiUiam 
'Rowning by Thomas Rowning, John Rowning by Thomas Everard, 
Augustine Rowning by Roger Leman. Jm-or: Thomas Rowning Jun. 
15 October, 26 EHzabeth [1584]. Thomas Rowmng the middle is exoner- 
j ated from suit of court. Jurors : Thomas Rowning wheelwright, Thomas 

! Rowning Sen., John Rowning, and WUliam Rowning. Augustine Rown- 

> ing appears in person and paj'^s 2s. 6d. fine for entry into five acres of 

I land bought of John Smyth gent. (76., 119/1837.) 

I 21 January, 27 EUzabeth [1584/5]. lissoins: William Rowning by Thomas 

I Rowning Jun. and Augustine Rowning by Thomas Rowning Sen. Jurors : 

J Thomas Rowninge Sen., Thomas Rowninge Jun., Thomas Rowninge, and 

I John Rowninge. (76., 119/1838.) 

i 29 April, 27 Elizabeth [1585]. Essoins: John Rowning by Thomas Rown- 

; ing wheelwright, and Thomas Rowning the middle by Thomas Rowning. 

J Jurors: Thomas Rowning wheelwright, Thomas Rowning Sen., Augustine 

I Rowning, and William Rowning. (76., 119/1837.) 

V 10 June, 27 EUzabeth [1585]. Essoins: Thomas Rowning wheelwright by 

Thomas Rowning the middle, Augustine Rowning by Thomas Rowning 
Sen., and WiUiam Rowning by John Rowning. Jurors: Thomas Rown- 
■- ing Sen. and Thomas Rowning the middle. Since the last court Richard 

Cutmey surrendered into the hands of John Richardson, as tenant of the 
manor, a tenement and fourteen perches of bond land in Honydon, parcel 
of churchcroft, which said Richard had by surrender of John Smyth gent., 
to the use of Thomas Rowning, who paj's 12d. fine and is admitted tenant. 
14 October, 27 EUzabeth [1585]. Essoins: Thomas Rowmng the middle by 
Thomas Rowning, wheelwright. Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas 
Rowning wheelwright, John Rowning, WUUam Rowning, and Augustine 
Rowning. (76.) 
21 AprU, 28 EUzabeth [1586]. Essoin: Thomas Rowning Sen. by Austeen 
Rowning. Jurors: Thomas Rowning the middle, Thomas Rowning 
wheelwright, John Rowning, WiUiam Rowning, and Augustine Rowning. 
(76., 119/1839.) At the same court the jurors find that Thomas Rown- 
ing purchased of John BowttaU a tenement and two and a half acres of 
land, and half an acre of meadow, they being free, fine 2s. 9d. Thomas 
Rowning wheelwright [and another] elected constables. (76., 119/1838.) 
2 June, 28 EUzabeth [1586]. Essoins: Thomas Rowning wheelwright, John 
Rowning by Thomas Rowning, and Augustine Rowning. Jurors : Thomas 
; Rowning Sen. and Thomas Rowning the middle. (76., 119/1839.) 

22 Genealogical Research in England [Jan. 

13 October, 28 Elizabeth [1586]. Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas 
Rowning the middle, Thomas Rowning wheelwright, John Rowning, 
WilMam Rowning, and Augustine Rowning. (lb., 119/1838.) 

15 October 1586. The jury finds that Thomas Rowning wheelwTight has 
purchased of Gregory Tayllore three and a half acres of pasture and three 
rods of meadow, fine 2s. 3d. (76.) 

19 January, 29 EUzabeth [1586/7]. Essoins: Thomas Ro'\\'ning the middle 
by Richard Ry\'ett, Thomas Rowning wheelwright by John Jackson, and 
Augustine Rowning by Thomas Rowning his father. Jurors: Thomas 
Rowning Sen., John Rowning, and William Rowning. (76.) 
4 May, 29 Elizabeth [1587]. Essoins: John Rowning and WiUiam Rown- 
ing by Robert Ive'. Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas Rowning 
the middle, Thomas Rowning wheelwright, and Augustine Rowning. 
1 John Smyth gent, surrenders three acres of customary land in Honydon 

1 which he had by the surrender of Thomas Rowning Sen. and Matilda his 

wife, and one and a half acres of land lying between the highwaj' on the 
west and the land of John Smith on the east, to the use of Thomas Crane. 


14 Jime, 29 EUzabeth [1587]. Essoins: Thomas Rowning the middle, 
Thomas Rowning wheelwright, and Augustine Rowning. Jurors: John 
Rowning Sen. and WilUam Rowning. (76.) 

12 October, 29 EUzabeth [1587]. Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas 
i Rowning the middle, Thomas Rowning wheelwright, John Rowning, 

i . WilUam Rowning, and Augustine Rowning. (76., 119/1840.) 

i 18 January, 30 EUzabeth [1587/8]. Essoin : Augustine Rowning by Thomas 

i Rowning. Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas Ro'miing the middle, 

,1 John Rowning, and WilUam Rowning. John Smyth gent, since the last 

I court aUenated to Augustine Rowninge and his heirs two acres of free 

I land in Honydon, for which Augustine is to be distrained. (76.) 

J -25 April, 30 EUzabeth [1588]. Essoins: Thomas Rowning wheelwright, 

1 John Rowning, WiUiam Rowning, and Thomas Rowning the middle. 

I Jurors: Thomas Rowning Sen. and Augustine Ro-wning. Gregory Taylor 

I since the last court surrendered by the hands of John Rowning, as tenant 

I of the manor, eight acres of customary lands in Honydon which Gregory 

I had by surrender of Simon Taylor his father, to Thomas RowTiing wheel- 

; Wright and his assigns, who was admitted on pajTnent of 16s. (76.) 

6 June, 30 EUzabeth [1588]. Essoin: Augustine Ro^\-ning. Jurors: Thomas 
Rowning Sen., Thomas Rowning the middle, Thomas Rowning wheel- 
; Wright, and WilUam RowTiing. (76.) 

17 October, 30 EUzabeth [1588]. Essoin: WilUam Rowning. Jurors: 
' Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas Rowning the middle, Thomas Rowning 

wheelwright, John Rowning, and Augustine Rowning. (76., 119/1841.) 

16 January, 31 EUzabeth [1588/9]. Essoins: Thomas Rowning the middle 
by Robert Luce, Thomas Rowning wheelwTight, and Augustine Rowning. 
Jurors: Thomas RowTiing Sen., John Rowning, and WilUam Rowning. 

25 February, 31 EUzabeth [1588/9]. Jurors: Augustine Rowning and 
Thomas Rowning Sen. Thomas Rowning about the Feast of the Na- 
tivity of St. John the Baptist surrendered by the hands of Thomas Rown- 
ing Sen., as tenant of the manor, in the presence of Robert Luce, aU his 
lands and tenements, that is, a customary tenement containing fifteen 
acres caUed Lucas and Talbotts in Honydon, to the use of his last will, 
; dated 20 February 1587 [1587/8], which contains the foUowing: "I 

Thomas Rownynge of Hunden the elder give to my wife Agnes my house 
■ and lands both free and copy for her life, with contingent remainders 

( after her death to Margaret Kinge, her brother Richard Kynge, to Dorothy 

J Kynge, mother of Margaret and Richard and her heirs forever," this will 


Genealogical Research in England 


having been proved at Bury St. Edmunds 2 February 1588 [1588/9]. At 
this court the said Agnes Rowning, the relict, and Margaret King, aged 
seven years, are admitted tenants on payment of 20s. Bond by Richard 
King in £60 that Agnes Rowning shall enjoy said lands without hindrance 
from him, his wife Dorothy, or his children Margaret and Richard. {lb.) 

17 April, 31 Elizabeth' [1589]. Essoin : William Rowning. Jxu-ors: Thomas 
Rowning Sen., Thomas Rowning wheelwright, John Rowning, and Au- 
gustine Rowning. Thomas Rowning Sen., Thomas Rowning wheel- 
■rnight, John Rowning, Augustine Rowning, and Agnes Rowning, widow, 
do homage. (lb.) 

29 May, 31 Elizabeth [1589]. Essoin: Augustine Rowning. Jurors: Thomas 
Rowning Sen., Thomas Rowning wheelwright, John Rowning, and William 
Rowning. (lb.) 

10 October, 31 Elizabeth [1589]. Essoin: William Rownynge by Thomas 
Wheeler. Jurors: Thomas Rownynge Sen., Thomas Rownynge wheel- 
wright, John Rownynge, and Augustine Rownynge. Agnes Rownyng, 
widow, appears and is excused. (76.) 

16 October, 31 Elizabeth [1589]. Essoin: William Rowninge by Thomas 
Rowning Sen. Jurors: Thomas Rowninge Sen., Thomas Rowninge 
wheelwright, John Rowninge, and Augustine Rowninge. (76.) 

•From Lay Subsidies* for Hxjndon, co. Suffolk 

16 Henry VIII [1524-5] 

John Rownyng [and another] in goods 


35 Henry VIII [1543-4] 

Thomas RownjTig in goods 
Thomas Rownyng Sen. in lands 
John Rownyng in goods 

36 Henry VIII [1544-5] 

Thomas Rowneynge in lands 
Thomas Rowneynge Sen. in lands 
John Rowneynge in goods 

37 Henrj' VIII [1545-6] 

Thomas Rowneynge in goods 
Thomas Rowneynge Sen. in lands 
John Rowneynge in goods 

38 Henry VIII — 1 Edward VI [1546-7] t 

John Rowneyng in lands 
Thomas Rownejoig 

9 EUzabeth [1566-7] 

Thomas Rowning in lands 
Thomas Rowning Jun. in lands 
Thomas Rowning the bachaler in goods 
John Rowning in lands 

18 Elizabeth [1575-6] 

Thomas Rowneng Sen. in lands 
Thomas Rowneng Jun. in lands 





























* Presen-ed in the Public Record Office, London. 
t Defective. 

24 Genealogical Research in 

England \ 

John Rowiienge in lands 

£2 5s. 

Thomas Rowueng whelwrite in goods 

£3 5s. 

(76., 182/370.) 

39 Elizabeth [1596-7] 

John Rowning in lands 

£7 , 28s. 

Thomas Rowning in lands 

£6 24s. 

Augustyn Rowing in lands 

20s. 4s. 

Agnes Rowning widow in lands 

20s. 33. 

{lb., 182/423.) 

41 Elizabeth [1598-9] 

Awgusten Rowning 

20s. 48. 

Agnes Rowning widow 

20s. 4s. 

Thomas Rowning 

£6 24s. 

John Rowning 

£4 16s. 


{lb., 182/437.) . 

3 Charles I [1627-8] 

John Rowning Sen. 

40s. 16s. 

William RowToing 

20s. 8s. 

John Rowning Jun. 

20s. 8s. 

Thomas Rowning 

20s. 8s. 

{lb., 183/490.) 

4 Charles I [1628-9] * 

John Rowning Sen. for lands 

40s. 8s. 

WiUiam Rowning for lands ' 

20s. 4s. 

John Rowning Jun. for lands 

20s. 4s. 

(76., 183/503.) 


From Chancery Proceedings '"" 

In 1589 William Awcher ah. Ager, cousin [nephew] and next heir of 
Thomas Rowning the elder,! late of Hunden, co. SiiffoLk, within the Honour 
of Clare in the Duchy of Lancaster, complains that Agnes Rowning, widow 
of the said Thomas, and one Richard King have conspired to publish a pre- 
tended will of the said Thomas, by which the said Agnes claims a life estate 
in the lands and tenements of the said Thomas with reversion to Margaret 
King, daughter of the said Richard King, to the "utter disherison" of com- 
plainant, who claims to be heir to the said Thomas, being son of William 

Awcher als. Ager and his wife, sister to the said Thomas. (Duchy 

of Lancaster Pleadings, vol. 144, no. A. 8.) 

In 1602, William Ager, being then of Bloxwich, co. Stafford, renewed his 
suit, claiming that under a pretended will of his uncle Thomas Rowning the 
latter 's widow held his estates until her death in 1601, whereupon the estates 
were seized by Margaret, wife of Steven Pajiie, and Richard King and 
Dorothy his wife. The estates should descend to complainant as next of kin 
of Thomas Rowning according to the custom of the manor, complainant 
being son and heir of WiUiam Ager and Alice his v,ife, deceased, who was 
sister and heir of the said Thomas Rowning. (76., vol. 200, no. A. 33.) 

[From the foregoing records the following pedigree of the Rownings of 
Hundon, co. Suffolk, has been compiled: 

1. John Rowning, J born perhaps about 1425, appears on the court rolls 
of Himdon in 1459. Probably he was father of 

* Defective. 

t He is here called "the elder" in distinction from his youngest half brother, Thomas 
Rowning "the wheelwright." 

t Alice Rowning, mentioned in the court rolls of 1394, was perhaps his great-grand- 

1915] Genealogical Research in England 25 

2. William Rowning (John), of Hundon, smith, the testator of 1497. 
He was bom about 1450, appears on court rolls from 1476 to 1488, 
and died between 26 May and 21 June 1497. He married Margaret 


3. i. Thomas, b. probably abt. 1475. 

4. ii. John, b. probably abt. 1480. 
iii. Agnes, unm. in 1497. 

3. Thomas Rowning (William, John), bom probably about 1475, in- 
herited lands in Hundon and Newmarket from his father. No will 
or administration on his estate is to be found, and as the Hundon 
court rolls of the first half of the sixteenth centmy are lost, further 

• mention of him has not been found. He died probably before 1524-5, 
I as his name does not appear in the large subsidy of that year. 

I He was doubtless father of 

5. 1. Thomas, b. abt. 1510. 

4. John Rowning {William, John), of Hundon, the testator of 1549, 

bom probably about 1480, appears in subsidies from 1524 to 1547 
and died between Michaelmas and 3 Dec. 1549. For reasons given 
later, it is evident he was twice married. The name of his first wife 

j has not been learned; but he married secondly Joane , who 

survived him. 

I Children by first wife: 

f i. Thomas, the testator of 1587/8, b. abt. 1515; bur. s.p. at Hundon 

i 29 Jan. 1588/9; m. Agnes — ■_ , the testatrix of 1601, who ap- 

■; pears in the subsidies of 1596-7 and 1598-9 and was bur. 27 May 

i 1601. Throughout the manor rolls, registers, and subsidies, 

} from 1545 to 1589, he is called either "Thomas Rowning jimior" 

! or "Thomas Rowning the middle," to distinguish him from his 

i elder cousin, " Thomas Rowning senior" {Thomas, William, John), 

' and his own youngest half brother, Thomas Rowning, who is 

; termed "the wheelwright." In his own wUl he styles himself 

'• "the elder" simply as regards this yoimgest brother, Thomas 

' the wheelwright. On 15 Apr. 1577 he surrendered to Robert 

Luce two plots of land to which he had succeeded 6 Oct. 1552, 

; two years after the Michaelmas following the death of his father 

5 John Rowning, as provided by the tatter's will of 1 June 1549. 

• ii. Alice, b. probably abt. 1520; m. William Acer, who is termed 
; " brother-in-law " in the will of Henry Rowning in 1566. Children : 

1. William, b. probably abt. 1545; plaintiff in Chancery in 1589 

and 1602 for the estate of his vmcle Thomas Rowning, as heir and 

; next of kin, this claim indicating that the brothers of Thomas 

Rowning were half brothers and that by the custom of this manor 
heirs of full blood through females preceded male heirs of half 
blood. 2. Robert. 3. Dorothy, a legatee of the will in 1566 of 
her half uncle Henry Rowning; m. Richard King; had a son 
Richard and a daughter Margaret, the latter (b. abt. 1581) being 
the principal reversionary legatee of the will in 1587/8 of her 
great-uncle Thomas Rowning and being afterwards the wife of 
Steven Pa3Tie. 

Children by second wife: 

iii. Joane, living unm. in 1566, when she is named in the will of her 
brother Henry. 

iv. Henry, the testator of 1566, b. probably abt. 1525; d. s.p.; exec- 
utor of his father's will in 1549; appears on the court rolls from 
1553 to 1555. 

6. V. John, b. probably abt. 1528. 
vi. Marion. 

26 Genealogical Research in England [Jan, 

7. vii. William, b. probably abt. 1533. 

8. viii. Thomas, "the wheelwright," b. probably abt. 1535. 

ix. . Agnes, b. probably abt. 1540; m. after 1566 Henry Lancaster. 
Children: 1. Henry. Perhaps others. 

5. Thomas Rowning {Thomas, William, John), of Hundon, bom prob- 

ably about 1510, was buried 31 Mar. 1593. The name of his first 

wife has not been found; but he married secondly Matilda ( ) 

Baron, widow of William, by whom she had had two sons, William 
and Thomas. She was buried 13 June 1578. In the court rolls, 
subsidies, and registers, from 1543 until his burial, Thomas Rowning 
is called "senior," to distinguish him from his yoimger cousins, the 
brothers Thomas "junior" or "middle" and Thomas "the wheel- 
wright," sons of John (William, John). He was churchwarden in 
1569; and administration on his estate was granted 10 Apr. 1593 to 
his son Augustine. 

Children by first vrile : 
i. Augustine, b. probably abt. 1545, appears in the registers, court 
rolls, and subsidies at Hundon from 1574 to 1599. The name of his 
wife has not been found. Among his children were: \. Elizabeth, 
bapt. 1 Jan. 1575/6. 2. George, bapt. 6 July 1578; m. 2 Nov. 
1600 Anna Bryden. 3. Augustine, whose son John was bapt. 
21 Apr. 1611 and bur. 29 Apr. 1621. 4. Katherine (probably), m. 
8 June 1606 John Frost. 5. John, bur. 27 Dec. 1587. 6. Joane, 
bapt. 1589; probably m. 5 Feb. 1606/7 Joseph Cranford. 7. 
Martha, bapt. 26 Dec. 1591. 
ii. Henry, clothier, the testator of 1610, b. probably abt. 1550; m., 

Alice . He appears on the court rolls of Himdon in 1574, 

and settled at Glemsford, co. Suffolk. Children: 1. Henry, b. 
abt. 1575; living and had four children in 1610. 2. Alice, m. 

Richardson; had issue. 

iii. A DAUGHTER, living in 1610. 
iv. A DAUGHTER, Uving in 1610. 
V. A DAUGHTER, living in 1610. 

6. John Rowning {John, William, John), of Hundon, wheelwright, the 

testator of 1600, bom probably about 1528, was buried at Hundon 
23 May 1600. The name of his wife has not been learned. He ap- 
pears in the subsidies, court rolls, and registers of Hundon from 
1567 to 1600. 

i. John, of Hundon, the testator of 1609, b. abt. 1555; d. between 

7 Oct. and 5 Dec. 1609; m. (1) abt. 1573 Philippa Taylor, 

daughter of Richard; m. (2) Barbara . He appears on 

' the court roll of 20 Jan. 1574/5. Children by first wife: 1. John, 

whose son John was bapt. 7 Feb. 1601/2. 2. William. 

3. Thomas. Children by second wife: 4. Barbara. 5. Prudence. 
ii. Alice, m. by licence of 25 June 1588 John Cosen of Toppesfield, co. 

Essex. Children: 1. Prudence. 2. Anne. 3. John. 

7. William Rowning {John, William, John), of Hundon, was born 

probably about 1533, and administration on his estate was granted 

1 Mar. 1607/8 to Alice, his widow. He married first Agnes , 

who was buried at Hundon 9 June 1580; and secondly Alice , 

who survived him. He appears on the court rolls from 1572 to 

Child by first wife : 
i. Frances, b. abt. 1570; m. abt. 1590 John Beacon. Children: 
1. Frances, m.' before 1609/10 Roger Goodwin. 2. John. 
3. Nicholas. 4. Thomas. 5. William. 

1915] Genealogical Research in England 27 

Children by second wife: 
I ii. Thomas, the testator of 7 Feb. 1609/10, bapt. at Hundon 17 Sept. 

1 1587; d. unm. in Feb. 1609/10. 

I iii. Priscilla, bapt. at Hundon 10 Oct. 1591; living unm. in 1609/10. 


8. Thomas Rowning {John, William, John), of Hundon, wheelwright, 
the testator of 9 May 1609, born about 1535, died between 9 May 

\ 1609 and 5 Feb. 1609/10. He married, about 1570, Alice , 

\ the testatrix of 1619/20. In the court rolls from 1572 to 1589 he is 

! called "wheelwright" to. distinguish him from his elder brother 

1 Thomas, called "junior" and "the middle", and from their still 

i older cousin Thomas {Thomas, William, John), who is always called 

I" "senior." In the subsidy of 1566-7 he is called Thomas "the 

bachaler," but in that of 1575-6 he is called "the v/helwrite." 

He also appears in the subsidies of 1596-7 and 1598-9, and was 

guardian (or churchwarden) in 1595. In his vAU. he mentions land 

called Pal gate, given to him by the will of his father John Rowning 

in 1549. 


i. JoANE, b. abt. 1572; m. abt. 1595 William Rat of Stradishall, co. 
Suffolk. (Register, vol. 64, p. 60.) Children: 1. Susan. 
i • 2. Elizabeth. 3. Martha. 4. Anne. 

ii. Thomas, of Hundon and later of Bamardiston, b. abt. 1575; d. 
before 1619. The name of his wife has not been learned. Chil- 
dren: 1. Thomas, b. abt. 1600. 2. John. 
iii. William, of Hundon, the testator of 1647, b. abt. 1577; was church- 
warden in 1621; appears in the subsidies of 1627-8 and 1628-9. 
f The name of his wife has not been learned. Children: 1. Joane, 

■ b. abt. 1606. 2. T^iowios, bapt. 12 Feb. 1608/9. 3. John,ha,pt. 

I . 3 Dec. 1611. 4. TFiZZiam, bapt. 13 Feb. 1015/16. 5. Zachariah. 

\ 6. Anne, bapt. 8 Jan. 1627/8. 

! iv. Elizabeth, bapt. 25 June 1579; bur. 24 Feb. 1580/1. 

j V. Sarah, m. 3 July 1606 Thomas Wheeler. Children: 1. Anne, 

i 2. Edward. 

I 9. vi. John, b. abt. 1585. 

1 vii. Judith, bur. 7 Dec. 1588. 

i viii. Susanna, bur. 23 Jvme 1592. 

; ix. Mary, bapt. 18 Feb. 1592/3; m. Francis Frost. 

f 9. John Rowning {Thomas, John, William, John), of Hundon, the tes- 
tator of 1639, born about 1585, married first ; and secondly, 

6 Dec. 1621, Susanna Holes of Poslingford, co. Suffolk, probably a 

I widow with two children, Margaret and Susan. He was church 

warden in 1617 and 1637, and appears as John Rowning "Senior" 

• on the subsidies of 1627-8 and 1628-9. 


i. Thomas, b. abt. 1611; executor of his father's will in 1639/40. 

ii. Mary, bapt. at Hundon 12 Aug. 1613; d. on Block Island, R. I., 

in 1694; m. (1) abt. 1634 Simon RAi'f bapt. at Cowlinge, co. 

Suffolk, 6 Nov. 1610, d. at Braintree, Mass., 30 Sept. 1641, s. of 

Simon and Sarah (Pegrom oZtos Pilgrim) ;* m. (2) abt. 1642 Peter 

George of Braintree, Mass., and later of Block Island, R. I., who 

d. on Block Island in 1694. She resided at Hundon until 1640, 

when she and her first husband, with their two children, emigrated 

to New England, setthng at Braintree, Mass. Children by first 

husband: 1. Mary, bapt. at Hundon 26 Jime 1636; d. 1 July 1657; 

i m. 5 Nov. 1651, as his second wife, Samuel Deering of Braintree, 

t Mass.; three daughters. 2. Simon, bapt. at Hundon 20 Dec. 1638; 

• For Ray wills and pedigree see Register, vol. 6S, pp. 356-358, vol. 64, pp. 51-. 
61, and vol. 66, p. 178. 

28 Descendants of Robert Huckins [Jan. 

d. on Block Island, R. I., 17 Mar. 1737 [? 1736/7]; m. (1) abt. 16G4 
Mary Thomas, dau. of Maj. Nathaniel of Marshfield; m. (2) after 
27 Oct. 1685 Elizabeth ( ) Tiffany, widow 9f "Squire" Hum- 
phrey of Rehoboth; four children by first wife. Children by 
second husband: 3. (Sitsan, b. Feb. 1642/3; m. Joseph Kent. 4. 
Mary, h. 7 Sept. 1645; m. Edward BaU. 5. Hannah, b. 7 Sept. 
1648; m. (1) TourmetRose; m. (2) James Danielson. 6. John, 
h. 24 June 1650; d. 9 Apr. 1653. 7. Samud, b. 12 Apr. 1651. 8 
John, b. 1653; d. young. 9. Peter^ h. 9 Jan. 1654/5; d. young. 
10. /SaroA, bapt. 4 May 1658; m. William Dodge. (See Register, 
vol. 63, p. 360; Austin's Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island, 
pp. 83, 160; 4 Miscellanea Gen. et Herald., vol. 5, pp. 352-353.) 

iii. John, bapt. at Hundon 24 Jan. 1614/15; d. young. 

iv. John, bapt. at Hundon 27 Dec. 1616; bur. there 7 June 1618. 

— Elizabeth French] 
[To be continued] 


By Henet Winthhop Hardon, A.M., LL.B., of New York City 
[Continued from vol. 68, page 334] 

85. Miles'' Huckins (Simon,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,* Robert,^ James,"^ 
Robert^), of North Effingliam (Freedom), farmer, cooper, born 
at Lee 11 Jan. 1795, died 29 Oct. 1866. He married first 
I Mehitable Oilman, who died 28 Aug. 1830; and secondly, 

I 2 Feb. 1832 (town records), Elizabeth^ Runnells, daughter 

I of SamueP and Olive (Farnham) (Runnells Family, p. 148), 

I who was bom at Acton, Me., 20 June 1792 and died 10 Apr. 

I 1877. 

\ Children by first wife, bom at North Efiingham (Freedom) : 

; i. Ann Gilman,^ b. 8 Mar. 1823; d. 9 Apr. 1900; m. (1) at Lowell, 

I Mass., 7 Aug. 1842 (city records), David S. Giles, s. of Da\-id 

\ and Sarah (Allen), of Eaton, farmer, carpenter, b. at Brookfield 

' 18 Mar. 1820, d. ; m. (2) at Freedom, 1880, as his second 

; wife, Asa' Rollins, s. of ELisha' and Abigail (Taylor) (Rawlins- 

;' • Rollins Family, p. 176), of Chatham, farmer, b. at Ossipee 8 Oct. 

; 1811, d. 15 Apr. 1895. Children by first husband, the first one b. 

at Lowell, Mass., the others at Eaton: 1. Emma,* b. 8 Oct. 1843; 
living (1910) at South Wolf eborough; m. (1)9 Aug. 1880 Ai Berry, 
8. of Zebedee and Abigail (Merrill), of South Wolfeborough, farmer, 
b. at Freedom 1 May 1822, d. 9 May 1892; m. (2) 15 Sept. 1898 
Charles Rhines, s. of Henry and Mary H. (Babb), of New Durham, 
farmer, b. at Alton 8 Oct. 1830, living (1910). 2. John, of Free- 
dom, N. H., and of Carmi, 111., soldier, farmer, b. Jan. 1848; d. 

s.p. 1898; m. Martha F. , living (?) (1910). 3. Frank C, 

of Salem, Mass., carpenter, b. 7 Apr. 1851; living (1910); m. 8 
Nov. 1874 Josephine Mills, dau. of Joseph Larkin and Hannah A. 
(Butters), b. at Freedom 24 Nov. 1856, living (1910). 4. Frances, 
h. 25 June 1853; d. s.p. 21 Nov. 1899; m. in Boston, Mass., 29 
June 1897 (city records), Joseph L. Davenport, s. of Charles F. 
and Louisa (Stone), of Boston, musician, b. in Boston Feb. 1844, 
i d. 13 Jan. 1900 (rb.). 

f 163. ii. Simon, b. 8 Aug. 1824. 

. 164. iii. Miles Randall, b. 27 May 1827. 
165. iv. Joseph, b. 13 Apr. 1829. 

1915] Descendants of Robert Huckins 29 

86. Thomas^ Huckins {Simon,^ Thomas,^ Thomas* Robert,^ James,'' 
Roberf), of Freedom, fanner, born at Lee 27 Apr. 1797, dis- 
appeared about 1830. He married Deaeborn. 

Children, bom at Freedom: 

i. Israel,* said to have died in infancy, 
ii. John. 

87. Daniel^ Huckins (Simon,^ Thomas,^ Thomas* Robert,^ James,^ 
Robert^), of Bangor, Me., and of Freedom, N, H., farmer, born 
at Lee 28 Feb. 1801, died in Jan. 1871. He married, 18 Aug. 
1821 (town records), Eunice Gale, daughter of Daniel and 

(McCarthy), who was born at Sanbomton 29 July 

1797 and died in 1871. 

Children, born at Freedom: 

i. Clark,* d. unm. at Lowell, Mass. 
166. ii. Israel Randall, b. 1822. 

iii. Kelset, of Freedom, farmer, b. 1829 (?); d. unm. 13 July 1859 
(town records). 

iv. Lois, d. unm. 

V. Caroline G., b. 17 Dec. 1838; d. 29 May 1869 (tombstone); m. 
25 Nov. 1853 Bion E. Harmon, s. of Phineaa and Ruth (Hopkins), 
of Freedom, mechanic, soldier in the Civil War (9th N. H. Vol.), 
b. at Freedom 2 Nov. 1833, who m. (2) Mary Frances Stanley and 
was living (1910). Children, the first one b. at Danvers, Mass., 
the others at Freedom: 1. Melvin Alphonso,^ of Ossipee, 1872, 
Lynn, Mass., 1892, and Freedom, 1909, physician, M.D. (Bowdoin, 
1879), b. 27 Oct. 1854, living (1913); m. 4 Oct. 1882 his fifth cousin, 
NeUie Towle, dau. of Rensselaer and Caroline (Oilman) and grand- 
daughter of Joshua Gihnan (14, vi, 1), b. at Freedom 26 July 1860, 
d. 3 Nov. 1912. 2. John E., of Bennington, mechanic, b. 17 Oct. 
1859; living (1910); m. (1) 6 Apr. 1883 Mary Wilson, dau. of 
WilHam and Mary (Wilson), b. at Bennington 9 June 1866, d. 19 
Mar. 1895; m. (2) at Marlow, 10 Feb. 1899, Grace L. Trask, dau. 
of Charles H. and Ethel N. (Hart), b. at Lyndeborough 1 1 Mar. 
1883, d. 11 Sept. 1905. 3. Annie Etta, b. 4 Mar. 1862; living 
(1910); m. 27 Dec. 1880 her second cousin, George Frank' Huckins 
(165, i), s. of Joseph* and Nancy (Gushing), q.v. 4. Amanda Oreita, 
h. Jan. 1865; d. 24 Oct. 1868. 5. A daughter, b. and d. 4 May 

vi. Mart, d. imm. 

vii. Liverna, d. unm. 

88. Rev. Thomas^ Huckins (Josiah,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,* Robert,^ 
James,'' Robert), of Portsmouth, 1812, London, Ont., 1823, 
Lexington, Mich., 1836, Baptist clergyman, soldier in the 
"War of 1812, privateersman, born at Lee in 1795 (?), died 
29 May 1853. He married first Mary^ Randall (13, ii, 7), 
daughter of Thomas^ and ISIary^ (Huckins) ; and secondly, in 
1848, Phaeozince Williams, widow. 

Children by first wife, born at London, Ont. : 

i. Sarah,* b. 17 Dec. 1819; d. 10 May 1857; m. (1) Case; 

m. (2) 6 Dec. 1849 John Card of Lexington, ]\Iich., farmer, b. 
at Belfast, Ire., 26 Dec. 1818. Children by second husband, b. at 
Lexington, Mich.: 1. George,^ h. 28 June 1852; d. 20 Aus. 1852. 
2. Sarah J., b. 22 Sept. 1853; living (1910); m. 26 Feb. 1875 
Dr. Albert F. Randall, s. of Joseph and Delia (TMiitcher), of 
Port Huron, Mich., physician, b. at Bolton, P. Q., 11 Dec. 1848, 
living (1910). 

30 Descendants of Robert Huckins [Jan. 

167. ii. Israel, b. U July 1822. 

iii. JxjLiA, d. unm. 

iv. Maeilla, d. at Hillsdale, Mich., Mar. 1865; m. Hiram Pierce, s. 
of Oliver and Grace Estelle (Clark), of Hillsdale, Mich., farmer, 
b. at London, Ont., 1829, d. Mar. 1891. ChUdren, b. at London, 
Ont.: 1. Luella P.,» b. 21 Feb. 1859; living (1910); m. Ellis T. 
Hartley, s. of Aaron and EUza (Lyons), of Lincoln, Xebr., super- 
intendent of schools, b. at Bellefontaine, Ohio, 7 June 1848, living 
(1910). 2. Charles, b. 10 Nov. 1862; last heard of in Wyoming 
in 1884. 3. Ernesl M., of Bisbee, N. Dak., dentist, b. 15 Jan. 
1865; living (?) (1910); m. 8 Apr. 1891 Edith M. Inslee, dau. of 
Edward and Lodemia (Walker), b. at Port Huron, Mich., 3 June 
1869, living (1910) at Grand Forks, N. Dak. 

V. Meunda, d. 1872; m. (1) Higgi.vs (?); m. (2) Dec. 1870 

• John Clark of Lexington, Mich., who d. 30 July 1875. Only 
j child, by second husband: I.May,' h. at Lexington, Mich., 5 Jan. 
j 1872; living unm. (1910) at Lexington, Mich. 

89. Abijah^ Huckins {Josiah,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,^ Robert,^ James,"^ 
Robert^), of London, Ont., 1822, Oneida, Mich., 1837, Eaton 
Rapids, Mich., 1848, farmer, bom at Lee 5 Aug. 1796, died 
2 Oct. 1861 (tombstone). He married, at London, Ont., 
Sarah (Young) Willey, widow of Charles W., who was born 

I 29 Dec. 1799 and died 25 Sept. 1857 (tombstone). 

: Children, the first five born at London, Ont., the others at 

Oneida, Mich. : 

'. 168. i. Thomas,' b. 1822. 

' 169. ii. David, b. 13 May 1829. 

' iii. Mart, b. 19 Feb. 1832; d. June 1865; m. Bedent B. Mcnrge of 

'• Birmingham, Mich., farmer. Only child: 1. EUa,^ b. 1857; d. 31 

: Dec. 1858. 

• iv. Eliza, b. 11 Aug. 1834; d. 3 July 1867; m. Denkis Ford of Eaton 
\ Rapids, Mich., soldier, b. in New York State 21 Sept. 1821, d. 8 
( Dec. 1884. Children, b. at Eaton Rapids, Mich.: 1. Mark D.,' 
i of Eaton Rapids, Mich., farmer, b. 23 May 1853; linng (1910); 
'': m. Julia Wood. 2. Elvena, b. 1861; d. 8 May 1S62. 

' V. Martha A., b. 12 July 1837; living (1910) at Schuyler, Nebr.;m. 

i (1) 4 May 1856 George N. Smith, s. of Richard and Elizabeth 

' Ann, of Eaton Rapids, Rlich., shoemaker, b. in Ohio 1832, d. at 

Sturgis, Iowa, 9 Aug. 1868; m. (2) at Sturgis, Iowa, 22 Aug. 1870, 

• Harmon N. Eldredge, s. of Adoniram and Anne (Blakelej'), of 

Sturgis, Iowa, commercial traveller, Norfolk, Conn., 31 Oct. 
1825, d. at Panora, Iowa, 9 Dec. 1883; m. (3) at O'Xeil, Nebr., 11 
Sept. 1897, Rev. William O. Gl.4Sner of Stuart, Nebr., Methodist 

■ clergyman, b. in New Jersey 6 Feb. 1833, d. at Schuyler, Nebr., 15 

Sept. 1908. ChUdrenbyfirsthusband, Eaton Rapids, Mich.: 
I.Truman M.,' of Chicago, 111., clerk, b. 16 Feb. 1857; living 
(1910); m. at Chicago, 12 Mar. 1893, Annie Hall, dau. of Thomas. 
b. at Bristol, Eng., 5 Feb. 1874, li%'ing (1910). 2. Agnes E., h. 5 
Aug. 1860; living (1910); m. 2 Nov. 1876 Edwin Mattison, s. of 
Daniel H. and Lucy A. (Southworth), of Linwood, Nebr., railroad 
employee, b. 14 Jan. 1856, living (1910). Only child by second 
husband: 3. Belle, b. at Sturgis, Iowa, 31 Jan. 1872; d. 24 Aug. 
1903; m. at O'Neil, Nebr., 2 Mar. 1897, Charles N. Bigelow, s. of 
Dana and Sarah, of Stuart, Nebr., innkeeper. ..^ 

vi. Marla, b. 1838; d. 3 Dec. 1839. 

vii. Almira W., b. 1840; d. 6 Dec. 1847. 

! . 90. Miles' Huckins {Josiah,^ Thovi-as,^ Thomas,'^ Robert,^ James,'^ 

; Robert^), of London, Ont., 1820, Port Huron, Mich., 1835, 

I Lexington, Mich., 1840, farmer, soldier in the War of 1812, 

1915] Descendants of Robert Huckins 31 

born at Lee in 1798, died 25 July 1878. He married, 7 June 
i 1820 (pension record), his cousin, Sarah^ Huckins (29, iv), 

i daughter of Simon® and Lois (Randall), who was born at Lee 

i 7 Sept. 1792. 

I Children, the first three born at London, Ont., the others 

I at Port Huron, Mich. : 

j 170. i. Daniel,8 b. 6 May 1822. 

i ii. Mary, b. 1827; d. 13 Mar. 1853; m. 1851 Elijah Castor of 

I Lexington, Mich., who d. in 1852. Only child: 1. Amos,* of 

1 Flint, Mich., 1889, farmer, b. at Lexington, Mich., 3 Mar. 1853; 

* living (1910); m. 15 Apr. 1874 Margaret Roche, dau. of Michael 

5 and Frances (O'Leary), b. at Lapierre, Mich., 25 Jan. 1854, 

; living (1910). 

1 171. iii. Josiah, b. 4 July 1834. 

iv. Marion, b. 1839; d. 10 Oct. 1878; m. 19 Apr. 1854 Rexsselaer 
DEGEERof Lexington, Mich., living (1910). ChUdren: I. Herbert,' 
h. 26 Dec. 1855; d. unm. 1876. 2. Nora, b. 9 May 1866; living 
(1910); m. 19 Oct. 1893 George Denio, s. of George and Margaret 
(Hunt), of Detroit, railroad employee, b. 23 Mar. 1868, living 
v. Osgood, d. at Lexington, Mich., aged 18. 

vi. Lois, b. 1842; d. s.p. 25 Nov. 1908; m. James Boyle of Sarnia, 
Ont., farmer. 

91. NoAH^ Huckins (Josiah,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,* Robert,^ James,'' 

; Robert^), of Whitby, Ont., 1824, farmer, born at Ossipee in 

;• 1800, died in Sept. 1872. He married at Rouse's Point, N. Y., 

' in 1822, Mary* Burroughs, daughter of Joseph^ (JElijah,* 

' Elijah^) and Sarah (Marshall), who was born at Gorham in 

i 1800 and died in June 1864. 

Children, born at Oshawa, Whitby Township, Ont. : ♦ 

; i. Sarah,8 b. 29 May 1824; d. at Seagrave, Ont., 27 July 1877; m. at 

[ Brooklyn, Ont., 1844 (?), Abram Madden, s. of James and Hester, 

of Ashburn, Whitby Township, Ont., fanner, b. at Ernesttown, Bay 
of Quinte, Ont., 17 Mar. 1817, d. at Rochester, N. Y., 28 Feb. 1891. 
Children, b. at Ashburn, Ont. : 1. i^jniZi/ H.,' b. 14 Aug. 1845; living 
s.p. (1912) at Lockport, N. Y.; m. 14 Jan. 1868 WUliam H. Mc- 
Pherson, s. of Angus and Emily (Derby), of Lockport, N. Y., 
farmer, b. at Bath, Ont., 12 Sept. 1837, d. 1 May 1910. 2. James 
Joseph, of Toronto, Ont., motorman, b. 22 July 1848; living 
(1910); m. at Ashburn, Ont., 31 Dec. 1872, Mary English, dau. 
of John and Elizabeth (Stinson), b. at Little Britain, Ont., 26 Oct. 
1853, d. at Toronto, Ont., 5 Apr. 1901. 3. Noah, of Ashburn, 
Ont., farmer, b. 20 Mar. 1850; d. 1 Nov. 1880; m. Adeline Chap- 
pelle, dau. of Frank, living (?) (1910). 4. Robert Marshall, of 
Syracuse, N. Y., real-estate agent, b. 29 Feb. 1856; living (1910); 
m. 3 Sept. 1884 Georgeanna A. Martin, dau. of Philip and Sarah 
(Wilson), b. at Brooklin, Ont., 15 Feb. 1857, living (1910). 
5. Thomas H.fOilimidhTcci:, .Alberta, innkeeper, b. 10 Aug. 1857; 
living (1910); m. at St. Vincent, Minn., 1 June 1890, EllaBayne, 
dau. of David and Jane (Weatherston), b. at Fergus, Ont., 4 Dec. 
1869, living (1910). 6. Mary Eliza, h. 15 Aug. 1859; d. at Picton, 
Ont., 5 Mar. 1884; m. 25 Feb. 1878 John Fox of Picton, Ont., 
farmer, b. at Northport, Ont., 22 Mar. 1848, living (1910). 
7. Harriet, b. 8 Dec. 1861; d. 28 Feb. 1886; m'. at Picton, Ont., 
Apr. 1884, George Edward Valleau of Picton, Ont., farmer, b. at 
Picton, Ont., 31 Nov. 1861, living (1910). 
ii. Eliza, b. 12 Oct. 1825; d. 9 Nov. 1907; m. 7 Nov. 1847 Thomas 
Paxton, s. of William and Elizabeth (Dryden), of Whitby, Ont., 
sheriff, justice of the peace, member of the Provincial Legislature, 

32 Descendants of Robert HucMns [Jan. 

1867-1879 (Life and Times of Joseph Gould, pp. 165, 191, 264), 
b. at Whitby, Ont., 27 Nov. 1820, d. 4 July 1897. Children, b. at 
Port Perry, Ont.: 1. Thomas Chase,' of Port Perry, Ont., 
accountant, b. 31 Mar. 1849; d. s.p. at Los Angeles, Cal., 25 
Sept. 1903; m. at Syracuse, N. Y., 21 Jan. 1875, Ella Rice, dau. 
of Thomas and Mary (Dorsey), b. at Syracuse, N. Y., 12 Jan. 
1854, living (1910) at Los Angeles, Cal. 2. Mary Elizabeth, h. 27 
Dec. 1850; d. 10 Nov. 1879; m. at Port Perry, Ont., 6 Dec. 
1870, Charles W. Jones, s. of Rev. George and Laura (Alallory), 
of Port Perry, Ont., Baptiste, Ont., 1910, merchant, b. in Clark 
Township, Ont., 27 Oct. 1842, who m. (2) Mary Ann O'Brien 
and was living (1910). 3. Joseph Henry, h. 8 Sept. 1855; d. 8 
Aug. 1857. 4. John Franklin, of Whitby, Ont., sheriff, b. 13 Oct. 
1857; living (1910); m. at Port Perry, Ont., 25 Feb. 1878, 
Adeline Eck, dau. of Charles and Asthabrillah (Brown), b. at 
Rochester,N.Y., 15 Oct. 1859, living (1910). 5. /(ia C, b. 20 June 
1860; living (1910) at Toronto, Ont.; m. at Port Perry, Ont., 28 
Sept. 1880, Arthur M. Gilpin, s. of Martin and Margaret 
(Nelson), of Uxbridge, Ont., jeweller, b. at Stouffville, Ont., 2 
Sept. 1855, K\-ing (1910). 6.Z/oto^.,b. 22 Jan. 1862; d. 26Sept. 
1864. 7. Georgie V., h. 29 July 1867; living (1910); m. at Whitby, 
Ont., 12 Aug. 1890, Dr. John H. Eastwood, s. of Dr. Wilham O. 
and Margaret (Brown), of Peterborough, Ont., physician, M.B. 
(Toronto, 1887), b. at Whitby, Ont., 5 Sept. 1864, living (1910). 
8. Jane G., b. 13 June 1869; d. 12 Feb. 1871. 

172. iii. Joseph, b. 24 Sept. 1827. 
iv. Emily, b. 17 Mar. 1829; d. at Onawa, Iowa, 24 Nov. 1906; m. at 

Whitby, Ont., 1848, Chahles Marsh, s. of Israel and Eliza 
(Huntington), of Port Perry, Ont., Creighton, Nebr., 1885, Omaha, 
Nebr., 1898, farmer, b. at Brooklin, Ont., 21 Sept. 1826. d. 8 Jan. 
I 1899. Children, b. at Port Perry, Ont.: l.A^oaA,3b. Feb. 1849; 

i d. 3 May 1863. 2. AtZonirom Judson, of Omaha, Nebr., merchant, 

( b. 15 Sept. 1851; living (1910); m. (1) at Hamilton, Ont., 17 Aug. 

I , 1875, Margaret J. Robson, dau. of George and Mary (McMillan), 

i' X b. at Markham, Ont., 10 Mar. 1854, d. at Schuyler, Nebr., 3 Sept. 

j 1885; m. (2) at Pierce, Nebr., 3 Apr. 1886, Mary A. (Robson) 

; Lewis, sister of his deceased wife and widow of Thomas, b. at 

I Markham, Ont., 14 July 1850, d. 22 Apr. 1904. 3. Mary, 

} d, , aged 10 years. 4. Sarah, h. 13 Sept. 1857; living 

! (1910); m. at Port Perry, Ont., 22 Aug. 1877, William H.Robinson, 

\ ' e. of John and Mary (Schrimpton), of Onawa, I^wa, merchant, b. 

! at Northport, Ont., 12 Jan. 1849, Hvmg (1910). 5. Israel, h. 

I Sept. 1861; d. 13 Oct. 1861. 6. Leonora, b. 3 Apr. 1863; living 

i (1910); m. at Port Perry, Ont., 16 Oct. 1883, James McLean, s. 

} of James and Eliza (Fallis), of Port Hope, Ont., expressman, b. at 

I Kendall, Ont., 10 Feb. 1849, living (1910). 7. Thomas Charles, 

i of SedaUa, Mo., secretary (Y.M.C.A.), b. 8 Apr. 1865; li\'ing 

i (1910); m. at Westside, Iowa, 3 Sept. 1890, Ella B. Woolhiser, 

' dau. of John J. and Mary (Loughridge), b. at Westside, Iowa, 12 

' Dec. 1868, Uving (1910). 8. Anna, b. 8 Aug. 1868; li-v-ing (1910); 

m. at Creighton, Nebr., 15 Aug. 1888, Henry C. Huj-ck, s. of 
Charles M. and Mary R. (Root), of Draper, S. Dak., travelling 
salesman, b. at Draper, S. Dak., 28 Oct. 1859, Uving (1910). 

173. V. James Marshall, b. 28 June 1834. 

; vi. Martha, b, 10 Apr. 1838; d. at Hastings, Minn., 30 Mar. 1896; m. 

! at Brooklin, Ont., 1855, John M. Pltim of Alinneapolis, Minn., 

■ merchant, b. 6 Nov. 1831, living (1910). Children: 1. Mary S.,» 

b. 3 Jan. 1856; living (1910) ; m. 23 Apr. 1880 Walter W. Williams 

of Minneapolis, Minn., railroad emploj'ee, living (1910). 2. Noah, 

{ b. 1860; d. in infancy. 3. .Anna, b. 1864; d. in infancy, i. John 

] Huckins, of Minneapolis, Minn., clerk, b. 15 Feb. 1870; m. 29 

; Apr. 1911 Louise Todd. 

174. vii. John Milton, b. U Jan. 1844. 

1915] Descendants of Robert Huckins 33 

92. Isaac Q? Huckins (Josiah,^ Thomas,^ Thomas* Robert,^ James,* 
Robert^), of Brooklin, Whitby Township, Ont., farmer, born 
at Ossipee 15 Aug. 1803, died 3 Nov. 1867 (tombstone). He 
married, 26 Nov. 1826, Phoebe Aldrich, daughter of 

and (Shelby), who was born at Lowell (?), 

Mass., 24 Feb. 1802 and died 28 Sept. 1861. 

Children, born at Brookhn, Ont. : 

i. LircT M.,« b. 1 July 1827; d. at Palermo, Ont., 2 Feb. 1866; m. 27 

* Feb. 1854 Rev. William Pirhitte, s. of John and Eliza, of West, 

Ont., Methodist clergjTnan, b. 5 Jiily 1829, d. at Davenport, Ont., 

18 Feb. 1892. Children, the first one b. at WiUowdale or Orono, 

Ont., the others at Palermo, Ont. (family Bible in possession, 1910, 

i of John N.» Pirritte of Tugaske, Sask.): 1. Eliza A.,^ b. 15 Aug. 

i 1855; d. at Mansfield, Ohio, 21 May 1884; m. 16 Sept. 1874 John 

; H. Todd, 8. of John J. and Naomi (Hedges), of Mansfield, Ohio, 

insurance agent, b. at Mansfield, Ohio, 9 Jan. 1850, living (1910). 
2. John N., of Tugaske, Sask., farmer, b. 8 July 1857; living s.p. 
(1910); m. 14 Dec. 1899 Clara Harris, dau. of Simon P. and 
Lucinda (Hicks), b. 8 Dec. 1876, d. 11 Sept. 1900. 3. Isaac N., 
b. 13 Aug. 1859; d. 13 Aug. 1871. 4. William A., of Chicago (?), 
111., b. 1 July 1862; Hving unm. (?) (1910). 5. David A., of 

) Chicago, 111., sales-manager, b. 27 Dec. 1865; living (1910); 

i m. 12 Apr. 1898 Mary E. Chambers, dau. of Michael and 

I Catherine (Horgan), b. at Guelph, Ont., 11 June 1873, living 


i u. JosLAH, b. 22 Dec. 1829; d. unm. 1 Oct. 1849. 

i iii. LoBiN, b. 1 Jan. 1831; d. 5 Mar. 1831. 

\ 175. iv. Alonzo D., b. 18 Feb. 1832. 

I V. Lieut. George Nelson, Methodist clergyman, A.B. (Baldwin 

i Univ.), chaplain in the Civil War, b. 16 Feb. 1834; d. unm. near 

f Nashville, Tenn., 2 Apr. 1862. 

f 176. vi. David A., b. 25 Sept. 1836. 

! 177. vii. Noah, b. 12 Dec. 1839. 

] viii. Ltdia Agnes, b. 15 Apr. 1841; d. s.p. Mar. 1889; m. 1873 William 

Russell Derby, s. of George W. and Esther (Weriko), of Myrtle, 
Ont., and of Oshawa, Ont., 1898, mail carrier, b. at Myrtle, Ont., 
12 June 1848, living (1910). 

93. Josiah' Huckins (Josiah,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,* Robert,^ James,^ 
Robert'), of Watertown, N. Y., 1834, Carthage, N. Y., 1874, 
contractor and builder, born at Ossipee 20 Nov. 1806, died at 
Carthage, N. Y., 10 Dec. 1878. He married first, 3 May 
1834, Arabella Welch, who was born at Watertown, N. Y., 

26 July 1807 and died 5 Mar. 1836; secondly, 4 Mar. 1841, 
Frances Woodruff, who was born at Watertown, N. Y., 

27 Feb. 1808 and died 14 Mar, 1847; thirdly, 26 Sept. 1849, 
Sophia Woodruff, who was born at Watertown, N. Y., 
24 Dec. 1809 and died 3 Apr. 1872; and fourthly, 10 June 
1874, Harriet Fuller, daughter of William and Mary 
(Hemstreet), who was bom at Turin, N. Y., 26 Jan. 1823 and 
died after 1910. 

Only child, by second wife: 

i. Sarah Elizabeth,* b. at Watertown, N. Y., 19 Nov. 1845; d. 13 
Dec. 1853. 

94. John'^ Huckins (John,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,* Robert,^ James,^ 
Robert'), of Exeter, Me., 1824, and Bangor, Me., 1833, lumber 
merchant, born at Parsonsfield, Me., 23 July 1801, died 15 

34 Descendants of Robert Huckina [Jan. 

June 1892. He married, 16 Nov. 1825, Sarah Tibbetts, 
daughter of Abner and Sarah (Davis) (Bangor Hist. Mag., 
vol. 4, p. 21), who was born at Corinth, Me., 10 Apr. 1804 and 
died 6 June 1880. 

Children, the first three born at Exeter, Me., the others 
at Bangor, Me. (family Bible in possession, 1910, of Ara- 
vesta^ (Huckins) Peters of Bangor, Me.) : 

178. i. Pembkoke S.,« b. 27 Oct. 1826. 
ii. Arcakn, b. 22 Dec. 1827; d. unm. at Bangor, Me., 2 Apr. 1907. 
iii. Aravesta, b. 16 Sept. 1829; living s.p. (1910) at Bangor, Me.; 

m. 3 June 1869 Charles Peters, s. of Andrew and Sarah 
(Jordon) {Bangor Hist. Mag., vol. 1, pp. 200-204), of Ellsworth, 
Me., and of New York City, merchant, b. at Ellsworth, Me., 23 
Nov. 1812, d. at Morristown, N. J., 18 Aug. 1894. 

iv. John B., of Winthrop, Mass., 1880, lumber merchant, b. 7 May 
1834; living s.p. (1910); m. at Swampscott, Mass., 5 Sept. 1861, 
Sarah E. Washburn, dau. of Cyrus and Mary (Phillips), b. at 
Swampscott, Mass., 11 Apr. 1834, living (1910). 

V. Charles W., b. 21 Mar. 1836; d. 27 June 1837. 

179. vi. Charles H., b. 11 Jan. 1845. 

; 95. Calvin^ Huckins (John,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,* Robert,^ James,- 

\ /2o6erfi),ofExeter,Me.,1826,Delaware,Ind., 1834, and Rolla, 

i Mo., 1866, teacher, bom at Parsonsfield, Me., 29 Nov. 1803, 

j died 31 Dec. 1870. He married, in 1827, Olive Tibbetts, 

I daughter of Abner and Sarah (Davis), who was bom at 

Corinth, Me., 3 Mar. 1806 and died at Cannon City, Minn., 

; 10 May 1864. 

j Children, the first three bom at Exeter, Me., the others 

f at Delaware, Ind. : 

I i. Julia S.,« b. 9 May 1828; d. s.p. 3 June 1858; m. 12 Oct. 18-52 

; Joseph E. Albaugh, s. of Jacob and Mary (EUer), of Covington, 

; Ohio, merchant, b. in Montgomery Co., Ohio, 25 May 1821, d. 

i 16 Dec. 1871. 

I 180. ii. Franklin S., b. 10 Apr. 1830. 

': iii. Sophronia J., b. 12 May 1833; living (1910) at Co\nngton, Ohio; 

; m. 7 Mar. 1855 John R. Shuman, s. of George and Susanna 

(Rusher), of Covington, Ohio, 1851, merchant, banlcer, b. at 
Liverpool, Pa., 17 Nov. 1826, d. 19 Sept. 1906. Children, b. at 
Covington, Ohio: 1. Charles Calvin,^ oi Co\Tngton, Ohio, manu- 
facturer, b. 4 Jan. 1856; living (1910); m. 18 Oct. 1883 Alice 
' Cable, dau. of John and Frances (Whitmar),b. at Co-vdngton, Ohio, 

1858, living (1910). 2. Elizabeth Estella, h. 15 Sept. 1857; living 

(1910); m. 5 June 1879 Alva C. Cable, s. of Dr. Roland E. and 

Mary (HiU), of Pleasant Hill, Ohio, bank cashier. State senator, 

b. at Pleasant Hill, Ohio, 19 Mar. 1849, d. 1 Nov. 1908. 3. John 

Franklin, of Covington, Ohio, merchant, b. 2 Oct. 1859; living 

(1910); m. 15 Sept. 1891 Emma Peirce, dau. of Samuel Henry 

and Ann Jane (Helmer), b. at West Paris, Ohio, 3 Aug. 1868, li\-ing 

(1910). 4. Carolyn May, h. 16 Apr. 1862; living s.p. (1910); m. 

5 July 1892 William F. Charters, s. of James and Mary Jane 

(Filson), of Dayton, Ohio, banker, b. at Lisbon, Ohio, 7 Aug. 

1865, living (1910). 5. Mary Olive, h. 8 Apr. 1864; li\'ing unm. 

(1910). 6. George Lee, of Chicago, 111., publisher, b. 5 Oct. 186S; 

living (1910); m. 7 Nov. 1889 Harriet Hill, dau. of Henry H. and 

Sarah (Hill), b. at Pontiac, 111., 20 Oct. 1868, living (191Q). 7. 

\ Evelyn Sophronia, h.2S Oct. 1871; d. 10 Feb. 1905; m. 23 June 

i 1896 James H. Perrj', s. of Russell and Eliza (Ryder), of Browns- 

■ viUe, Ind., lawyer, b. at Brownsville, Ind., 12 May 1860, Uving 

i (1910). 


1915] Descendants of Robert Huckins 35 

iv. Amanda M., b. 10 Dec. 1835; d. 29 Sept. 1841. 

181. V. John W., b. 19 Aug. 1838. 

vi. Helen A., b. 29 Sept. 1841; d. 11 Sept. 1866; m. at Covington, 
Ohio, 14 Nov. 1865, Benjamin Fr.\nklin Burton, s. of Hiram and 
Sibyl (Tufts), of Hot Springs, Ark., innkeeper, b. at Mainville, 
Ohio, 25 Mar. 1833, living (1910). Only child: 1. Sibyl H.,' h. 6 
Sept. 1866; d. 7 Dec. 1883. 

vii. James, of Texas, b. 3 Mar. 1846; d. at Tyler, Tex., 1883; m. 

Presly. He is said to have had a son John. 

96. Sergt. Stephen^ Huckins {Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Joseph* Robert,^ 

James,^ Robert^), of Effingham, N. H., and of Westbrook, Me., 
1822, lumber merchant, sergeant in the Mexican War, born 
at Gilmanton 2 Nov. 1790 (town records), died at Roxbury, 
Mass., 2 Sept. 1866 (city records). He married first, at 
Westbrook, Me., 25 July 1820 {Maine Hist, and Gen. Recorder, 
vol. 4, p. 283), Pauline Webb, daughter of James and Nancy 
(Cony), who was born at Stroudwater (Falmouth), Me., 
11 July 1793* and died at Roxbury, Mass., about 1836; and 
secondly, in Boston, Nancy Slater, Avho died at Somerville, 

Children by first wife, the first one born at Effingham, the 
others at Westbrook, Me. : 

182. i. Ferdinand A.,' b. 3 May 1821. 

183. ii. James H. Wzbb, b. 26 Aug. 1822. 

iii. Amelia Ann, b. 19 Apr. 1830; d. at Dorchester, Mass., 22 Jan. 
1907; m. in Boston, Mass., 4 Oct. 1848 (city records), Edward 
Watson' Libby, s. of Jacob George Lewis^ and Elizabeth (Simonds) 
(Libby Family, p. 538), of Boston, engraver, b. in Boston 20 Jan. 
1827, d. 22 July 1873 (tombstone). Children, b. in Boston (city 
records): 1. Edward Lewis,^ of Boston, jeweller, b. 28 Jxdy 1849; 
d. 8 Sept. 1885; m. in Philadelphia, Pa., 11 Nov. 1876, Emily C. 
(Mason) Foj'e, widow, dau. of Richard C. and Emeline (Needham), 
living (?) (1910). 2. William G., h. 29 Oct. 1853; d. unm. 24 Oct. 
1898. 3. Walter B., b. Nov. 1866; d. unm. Feb. 1888. 

97. Peter^ Huckins (Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,* Robert,^ James,^ 

Robert^), of Ossipee, merchant, born at Gilmanton 5 July 
1792 (town records), died at Dover 11 Nov. 1832. He 
married, 7 Mar. 1816 {Maine Hist, and Gen. Recorder, vol. 4, 
p. 173), Lydia^ D ALTON, daughter of Samuel* and Mary 
(Bennett), who was born at Parsonsfield, Me., 18 July 1796 
and died in 1832. 

Children, bom at Ossipee: 

i. Mary A. Dalton,' b. 29 Oct. 1816; d. at Roxbury, Mass., 30 Mar. 
1905; m. 16 Feb. 1842 Drxjry M. Marshall, s. of Benjamin 
and Anna (Morse), of Boston, builder, b. at Dublin 10 Mar. 1809, 
d. 4 Jan. 1894. Children, b. in Boston: 1. Emily F.,' b. 13 June 
1844; d. unm. 13 Feb. 1894. 2. Florence, b. 16 Aug. 1845; living 
imm. (1910) at Melrose, Mass. 3. Peter Morse (twin), of Dor- 
chester, Mass., b. 9 Apr. 1849; living (1910); m. 1 Jan. 1871 
Alice Frances Farrar, dau. of Ezra O. F. and Susan M. (Sherman), 
b. in Boston, Mass., 7 July 1852, living (1910). 4. Benjamin 
(twin), b. 9 Apr. 1849; d. young. 5. Annie E., b. 11 Sept. 1850; 
living unm. (1910) at Melrose, Slass. 6. Julia, b. 11 Nov. 1852; 
living (1910) in Rome, Italy; m. 29 Sept. 1875 Daniel Erskine 

• Family record of deacendants of James and Nancy (Cony) Webb, in possession, 
1914, of Miss Mary T. Goodell of Westbiook. Me. 

VOL. Lxrx. 3 

36 Descendants of Robert Huckins [Jan. 

Richardson, s. of Roderick and Harriet (Taylor), of Dorchester, 
Mass^ merchant, b. at Montpelier, Vt., 9 June 1849, d. at Monte- 
cito, Cal., 23 Dec. 1903. 7. Peler Benjamin, d. in infancy. 
ii. Frances E., b. 31 Mar. 1819; d. at Atlantic, Mass^ 2 Sept. 1878; 
m. in Boston, Mass., 8 Sept. 1838 (city records); Chahles Wash- 
ington Atees, s. of James and Deborah (Pettrngill), of Boston, 
builder, b. at Haverhill, Mass., 11 Sei>t. 1795 (town records), d. 
in Boston 24 Apr. 1855. Children, b. in Boston: 1. Frances A.* 
b. 10 Dec. 1842; living (1913) at Mebose, Mass.; m. 1 June 1870 
Horatio Smith' Libby, s. of Capt. William' and Martha' (Smith) 
(Libby Family, p. 523), of Boston, cashier, b. at Gardiner, Me., 
30 Sept. 1839, d. 16 July 1911. 2. Laura, b. 14 Nov. 1844; living 
s.p. (1913) in Boston; m. 3 Nov. 1873 Samuel Woodbury Parker, 
8. of Samuel Sewall and Jane Thompson (Gate), of Ghicago, 111., 
hotel manager, b. at Wolfeborough 18 Nov. 1843 (town records), 
d. in Boston 30 July 1912. 

184. iii. RuFus, b. 27 Jan. 1821. 

185. iv. Samuel Dalton, b. 18 Jan. 1822. 

186. V. Ghaeles Albert, b. 1824. 

vi. Joseph G., of Ghicago, salesman, b. 2 Oct. 1829; d. s.p.; m. Louise 

98. IvoRT LoRD^ Huckins {Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Joseph,*^ Robert,* 
James,^ Robert^), of Sandwich, 1822, and of Dover, 1831, 
lumber merchant, bom at Parsonsfield, Me., 1 Jan. 1800 
(town records), died at Somersworth 3 July 1851. He 
married first, at Newfield, Me., 1 Oct. 1821, Nancy Hill, 
daughter of Samuel and Lydia (Doe), who was bom at New- 
field, Me., 17 Jan. 1800 and died 6 Mar, 1847; and secondly, 
at Lowell, Mass., 13 Sept. 1847, Hannah BRAmERD, daugh- 
ter of Spencer and Elizabeth (Allen), who was born at Haver- 
hill, Mass., 11 Dec. 1818 and died 20 Feb. 1903. 

Children by first wife, the first five bom at Sandwich, the 
others at Dover (family Bible in possession, 1910, of Sarah 
Persis' (Crockett) Billings of Boston) : 

i. Ltdia Ann,« b. 21 July 1822; d. at Dorchester, Mass., 5 Nov. 1899 ; 
m. at Somersworth, 11 Oct. 1841, Gol. William D. Grockett, 
s. of John T. and Elizabeth (Ham) , of Dover, N. H., and of Boston, 
Mass. , journalist, publisher, superintendent of Mass. State Print- 
ing Office, member of the Governor's staff, b. at Bamstead 31 
Oct. 1819, d. at Dorchester, Mass., 5 Aug. 1899. Ghildren, the 
second one b. in Boston, the others at Dover: 1. George TF.,' b. 
19 June 1842; d. 18 Mar. 1847. 2. Sarah Persis, h. 13 Mar. 1844; 
living s.p. (1910) at Boston; m. at Ghelsea, Mass., 14 July 1864, 
Josiah Quincy Billings, s. of Horace and Ellen A. (Sears), of 
Boston, merchant, soldier in the Givil War, b. at Bridgeton, Me., 
7 Jan. 1844, d. at Newton, Mass., 28 June 1877. 3. John Ivory, 
h. 2 Feb. 1845; d. 1 Sept. 1847. 
ii. Mart Jane, b. 30 Oct. 1823; d. s.p. at Augusta, Ga., 15 Aug. 1862; 
m. (1) at Somersworth, 26 Aug. 1846 (town records), Dr. Ethel 
Olmstead Nutter of Boston, Mass., phj'sician, b. at Somersworth 
1817, d. at Jacksonville, Fla., 17 Dec. 1851; m. (2) James T. 
Patterson, dentist, b. at Dumfries, Scot., d. at Augusta, Ga., 
17 May 1868. Only child by first husband: 1. £?Ka,»b. at Somers- 
worth; d. , aged 6 years. 

iii. Samuel (twin), b. and d. 27 Dec. 1825. 

iv. Joseph (twin), b. and d. 27 Dec. 1825. 

: V. S'crsANAiAMS,b.24Nov.l828; d.atArlington,Mas8.,29Apr. 1896; 

m. at Stoneham, Mass., 22 Jan. 1851 (town records). Rev. Ghaeles 

H. Webber, s. of Rev. Horace and ReUef (Tyler), of Lyman, 

Baptist clergyman, b. at Haverhill 16 July 1831, d. at Saco, Me., 

1915] Descendants of Robert Huckins 37 

28 July 1899. Children: 1. Horace L.,» of Saco, Me., photog- 
rapher, b. at Franconia 12 Dec. 1861; d. 11 Aug. 1905; m. 8 June 
1873 Etta Merrill, dau. of Daniel and Rebecca W. (Bradbury), b. 
at Saco, Me., 2 Jan. 1850, living (1910) at Saco, Me. 2. Charles 
E., of Arlington, Mass., salesman, b. at Hill 25 Dec. 1863; living 
(1910) ; m. 26 June 1889 Anne E. Russell, dau. of Levi and Martha 
A. (Smith), b. at Somerville, Mass., 26 July 1860, living (1910). 
vi. Martha Elizabkth, b. 11 Jan. 1831; d. 11 Apr. 1906; m. in Boston, 
Mass., 2 Jime 1856 (city records), David Ayees, s. of David and 
Sarah (Seaverns), of Boston, merchant, b. at Needham, Mass., 
27 July 1818, d. 25 Feb. 1906. Children, the first one b. at Boston, 
i the others at Maplewood, Mass.: 1. George David,^ of Lincoln, 

j Nebr., Chicago, 111., and Moscow, Idaho, professor of law at 

; Nebraska State University, 1905-1908, dean of Idaho Universitj' 

! Law School, 1913, A.B. (Harvard, 1879), LL.B. (Harvard, 1882), 

' b. 26 Aug. 1857; living (1914); m. (1) at Maiden, Mass., 7 Jan. 

1885, Charlotte E. Carder, dau. of Ilev. Dr. James D. and Char- 
lotte E. (Pond), b. at Milford, Conn., 26 Sept. 1862, d. 7 Jaa. 
1896; m. (2) 18 Nov. 1899 Georgette B. Guild, dau. of George A. 
and Harriet S. (Rice), b. in Paris, France, 8 Jan. 1873, living (1910). 
2. Charles Henry, of Roslindale, Mass., bookkeeper, b. 13 Apr. 1859 ; 
living s.p. (1910); m. at Wollaston, Mass., 3 Aug. 1894, Enmia 
C. G. Poison, dau. of Alexander and Catherine (Crosby), b. in 
Boston, Mass., 10 Feb. 1860, living (1910). 3. Martha J., h. 23 
I Dec. 1860; d. 26 Apr. 1862. 4. Cora E., b. 2 Sept. 1863; living 

unm. (1910) at Fall River, Mass. 
; vii. Sarah Piper, b. 21 July 1834; d. 27 Jan. 1836. 

I Only child by second wife, born at Somersworth: 

> 187. viii. John Henrt, b. 22 Mar. 1849. 

I 99, Nicholas E.'' Huckins (Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Joseph* Robert,^ 

• James,^ Robert^), of North Effingham (Freedom), farmer, 

; bom at Parsonsfield, Me., 19 May 1804, died at Concord 

\ 23 Sept. 1864. He married, 26 June 1824 (town records), 

Nancy Shute, daughter of Michael and Olive (Leavitt), who 

was born at Buxton, Me., 1 Sept. 1805 and died 2 Nov. 1904. 

Children, born at North Effingham: 

i. Mary A.,« b. 7 Jan. 1826; d. 14 Aug. 1841. 

ii. Olive J-., b. 1 Aug. 1829; d. 30 Aug. 1906; m. 9 Sept. 1866 (town 
records), as his second wife, her second cousin, Dea. John V. Gran- 
ville (3i, i, 9), s. of Stephen and Ann' (Huckins), q.v. Only child, 
b.atEffingham: l.MabeZ.'b. 17 July 1868; living s.p. (1910); m. 16 
July 1893 Oscar J. Avery, s. of Stephen and Mary Eunice (Straw), 
of EfiSngham, merchant, b. at Laconia 16 May 1866, living (1910). 

iii. Caroline F., b. 17 May 1832; d. s.p. 14 Sept. 1904; m. at Ossipee, 
1 Nov. 1866 (town records), Hiram Pray, s. of Hiram and Mar- 
garet (Hodsdon), of Ossipee, farmer, b. at Ossipee 28 Dec. 1829, 
d. at Auburn, Me., 24 Mar. 1912. 
188. iv. Joseph, b. 17 Aug. 1835. 

v. Sarah, b. 29 Nov. 1838; living (1910); m. 10 Mar. 1875 Henrt 
Glidden, s. of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Gault), of Effingham, 
farmer, b. at Sandwich 29 Aug. 1849, living (1910). Children, b. 
at Effingham : 1 . Fred Woodman," of Effingham, lumber surveyor, 
b. 29 Mar. 1876; livings.?. (1910); m. 1 Jan. 1908 Etta B. (Ken- 
nison) Bowes, dau. of Joseph and Jane (Varney) and former wife 
of Oliver J., b. at Effingham 1 Apr. 1880, living (1910). 2. Irving 
Huckins, of Maiden, Mass., electrician, b. 24 Nov. 1880; living 
(1910) ; m. 9 Apr. 1904 Rell W . Stetson, dau. of Fred C. and Mary 
E. (Sears), b. at Maiden, Mass., 12 Apr. 1879, living (1910). 

vi. John W., of Effingham, farmer, b. 10 Sept. 1844; d. unm. 27 July 

38 Descendants of Robert Huckins [Jan. 

100. Ira' Huckins (Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Joseph* Robert,^ James,^ 
Robert^), of Tamworth, Meredith, 1853, and Centre Harbor, 
1861, merchant, bom at Parsonsfield, Me., 29 Jan. 1806 
(town records), died at Ashland 30 June 1884 (ib.). He 
married first, 30 July 1826, Olive Abbott of Efl&ngham, 
who was bom 9 May 1808 and died 1 Nov. 1839; secondly, 
at Tamworth, 16 Oct. 1844 (ib.), Grace Beede, daughter 
of EUjah and Anne (Felch), who was bom at Sandwich 24 
Feb. 1804 and died at Ashland 30 Dec. 1880; thirdly, 13 Dec. 
1881 (ib.), Mart (Cotion) Dow, widow, daughter of Jacob, 
who was bom at Sandwich in 1836; and fourthly, in 1883, 
Ann Maria Johnson, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth 
(Mason), who was bom at Sandwich 28 July 1831 and died 
26 Sept. 1902. 

Children by first wife, the first one bom at Effingham, the 
others at Tamworth : 

i. Arthur,* of Ashland, artisan, b. 30 Aug. 1827; d. unm. 29 Mar. 
; 1887. 

1 ii. John Almon, of Arizona, mason, b. 23 July 1829; d. s.p. at Red- 

wood City, Cal., 6 Mar. 1891; m. in Boston, Mass., 19 June 1851 
I (city records), Lucinda (Hart) Tripp, ^idow, dau. of Ichabod, b. 

'1 at New Bedford, Mass., or at Tiverton, R. I., abt. 1825, d. in 

1 Boston 16 Mar. 1900 (ib.). 

I iii. Albert, of West Salamanca, N.Y., farmer, b. 20 Apr. 1831; d.tmm. 

,5 at West Salamanca, N. Y., Sept. 1895. 

I iv. Olive Ann, b. 17 Oct. 1833; d. 12 May 1902; m. 30 Aug. 1854 

j, Nicholas T. Chase, s. of Dea. Da%'id F. and Anne (Russell) 

I (Musgrove's Bristol, vol. 2, p. 97), of Bristol, farmer, b. at Bristol 

I 14 May 1823, d. 25 Nov. 1893. Children, b. at Bristol: 1. Frank 

\ H.,' of Campton, cabinetmaker, b. 21 Jime 1856; d. 2 May 1910 

! (ib.); m. 24 Nov. 1887 Mabel A. Batchelder, dau. of Jonathan 

j- T. and Hannah Weeks (Cleasby), b. at Wentworth 16 Aug. 1869, 

I living (1910) at Plymouth. 2. Adeline M., h. 2 July 1858; living 

J (1910); m. 1 Dec. 1878 her fifth cousin, Leston L. Rollins, s. of 

i Joseph F. (25, i, 6) and Amanda Jane (Ingalls), of Bristol, millman, 

! b. at Bristol 3 Feb. 1850, Hving (1910). 3. Emma M., h. 6 July 

; 1861; d. s.p. 1 Oct. 1908; m. (1) 25 Apr. 1882 her fifth cousin, 

I John O. Tilton, s. of John F. and Sarah Jane (RoUins) (25, i, 3). of 

i Bristol, farmer, b. at Alexandria 4 July 1849, li\ang (1910); m. 

] (2) 1 June 1892, as his second wife, her fourth cousin once removed, 

Fred Brown* Huckins (121), s. of Lj-man" and GraceE. (Cummings), 

q.v. 4. Ira D., of Bristol, farmer, b. 16 Sept. 1863; d. s.p. 2 Apr . 

i 1889; m. (1) 22 Aug. 1886 (ib.) Caroline Jane Bailey, dau. of 

Henry H. and Caroline (Bailey), b. at Alexandria 28 Aug. 1864, 
d, 6 May 1887; m. (2) 12 Dec. 1888 Mary Gordon, dau. of Hiram 
L. and Catherine (Cobum), b. at Alexandria 4 Feb. 1872, who m. 
(2) Joseph Adams and was living (1910) at East Hebron. 5. 
Arthur T., of Bristol, N. H., and of Worcester, Mass., printer, b. 
SApr.1873; livings.p.(1910); m.(l)lOct.l892Clara J. Oakley, 
dau. of William T. and Ann Elizabeth (Tharp), b. in New York 
City 9 Mar. 187?, living (1910) ; m. (2) 23 July 1899 (ib.) Monica 
Mahar, dau. of Patrick and Marj' (Prendergast), b. in Ireland 1 875, 
living (1910). 
. V. Ira C, of Holdemess, farmer, b. 16 June 1836; living s.p. (1910); 

'. m. 19 Nov. 1866 Clara Pierce, dau. of Joel and Hannah (Rowe), 

b. at Campton 6 Mar. 1847, who m. (2) Mooney Blanchard and 
was living (1910) at Ashland. 
189. vi. Charles H., b. 30 June 1838. 

vii. William, b. 16 Oct. 1839; d. 18 Oct. 1839. 

1915] Greenfield Hill Church Records 39 

Children by second wife, born at Tamworth : 

viii. Nancy Jane, b. in 1845; living (1910) at Ashland; m. 2 Apr. 1871 
John Beede Carr, s. of Jacob and Harriet (Beede), of Ashland, 
farmer, b. at Holdemess 15 Mar. 1834, d. 29 Oct. 1903. Only 
child, b. at Ashland: 1. Grace Beede,' h. 6 Jxily 1874; living s.p. 
(1910); m. 31 Dec. 1892 Frank S. Edwards, s. of George K. and 
Harriet (Howland), of Meriden, Conn., teacher, b. at Landaff 3 
June 1871, living (1910). 

ix. Gilbert, b. 8 June 1846; d. at Meredith 19 Apr, 1853. 

[To be continued] 


From A COPT in the possession of the Connectictjt Society of Colonial Dames 

Communicated by Miss Maby Kinqsbxjby Talcott of Hartford, Conn. 

[Continued from vol. 68, page 378] 

29 John Mealier Born Baptizd 

His Wife Baptizd 

Their Children . 

Sarah Meeker Born Bapf^ April 11. 1727 

Anne Meeker Born Bapt^ April 11. 1727 

Elizebeth Meeker Bom Bapt<i Sepf 22. 1728 

Mabel Meeker Bom Bapt^Aug^t 9. 1730 

I . Stephen Meeker Bom Bapt<i June 13. 1737 

I 30 Daniel Williams Bom: 

I Deborah wife to Dan" Williams Bom Baptizd 

i Their Children 

I Martha William Bom Baptizd Jun 14. 1724 

[ Jane William Bom Baptd April 17 1727 

! Josiah WiQ.^^ Bom Baptd Sep'' 8. 1730 

I Nathan Williams Bom Bapt. July 30. 1738 

: Deborah Williams Bom Baptized 

i 31. William Williams Born: Sepr 29: 1700 Baptizd 

Mars- his Wife Bom feb: 1696/7 Baptizd Ap: 18. 1697 
Their Children 

John Williams Bom: Sep'' 24. 1744 [sic]: Baptized in Infancy 
Thaddeus Williams Bom May 15. 1727 Baptizd July 3. 1727. 
Sarah Williams Born Nov. 17: 1733 Bapt. Nov. 25. 1733 
Reuben WiU°>« Born: July 8: 1737 Bapt^ July 10. 1737 
Mary WilHams Bom March 24. 1739 Bapt Mar 24. 1739 
Williams Williams Born June 10. 1745 Baptized June 16. 1745 

32 Sert John Smith Bom: Entred Into Gov* and Bapt^ feb 17:1694/5 

Martha wife to John Smith Bom Entred into Gov* and Baptizd 

feb. 17. 1694/5 
Their Children 

John Smith Born Bapt<l 1695 

! iMartha Smith Bora Bapt: 1695 

I Mary Smith Bom Bapt. May 10. 1696 

40 Greenfield Hill Church Records [Jan. 

Abigail Smith Bom Bapt. Aug: 6. 1699 

Eleazer Smith Bom Bapt. April 19. 1702 

Sarah Smith Bora Bapt: April 9 1704 

Margaret Smith Bom Bapt. Jano^ 26. 1706/7 

Sam" Smith Bom Bapt^ feb 8 1712/13 

33 John Smith Jun'' Bom Baptiz^ in Sep'' or oct' 1695 
His Wife Mary Baptizd 

Their Children 

William Smith Bom Bapt<^ July 10. 1727 

Mary Smith Bom Bapt<i July 10. 1727 

Abigail Smith Bom Bapt. July 10. 1727 

34 William Nautropp Born. Dec: 16: 1697 Baptizd 
His Wife Johamia Bom: Sep': 28: 1700 Baptiz^ 

i Their Children 

Ama Nautrop Bom: Nov' 9. 1722 Baptizd in Infancy 
Johanna Nautrop Bom: June. 17: 1724 Bapt^ in Infancy 
Rhode Nautrop Bom: Jan^: 27: 1725/6 Bapfi in Infancy 

Died march 5. 1740 
Mary Nautropp Bom: 24 of Sep^: 1727 Baptiz ^ — Sep^ or ocf 
j Elizabeth Nautrop Bom Aug^t 20: 1729. Baptiz^ in Infancy. 

! Abigail Nautrop Bom: July [sic] 13. 1731 Baptiz^ Jun: 19 1731 

i • Lois Nautropp Bom: feb. 28 1732/3 Bapt^ Mar. 1732/3 

1 William Nautrop Bom: Dec': 9. 1734 Bapfi Dec"- 15 1734 

I Nehemiah Nautropp Bom. Dec: 10. 1736 Bapt. Dec. 10. 1736 

I Caleb Nautropp Bom Sep^: 19. 1738 Bapt: Sep' 24. 1738 

I Abel Nautrop Bom. April 14. 1740 Bapt. April 29. 1740 

I Rhode Nautrop Bom April 26. 1743. Bapt May: 1 1743 

j . [20] 

\ 35 Samuel Lyon Jun' Bom Baptizd March 18. 1704/5 

; Mary wife to Sam" Lyon Bom Entred into Gov* & Bapt^ 

■ ocf^ 19. 1718 

I Their Children 

•; Sarah Lyon Bom Bapt. Nov: 22 1720 

; Rebeccah Lyon Bom Bapt. Aug^ 26. 1722 

• Peter Lyon Born Bapt. Dec: 10 1727 

Cornelius Hull Bom Baptizd 

Sarah Wife to Cors Hull Born Baptiz^ 

Their Children 

George HuU Born Baptiz^ 

Sarah Hull born Bapt: Aug^t 26. 1694 

Rebeccah Hull Bom Bapt. Aug^t 26. 1694 

Nath" Hull Born Bapt. April 7. 1695 

Ebenezer Hull Bom Bapt Jan: 20. 1697 

Elizebeth Hull Bom Bapt: oct. 15. 1699 

Martha Hull Bapt July 13 1701 

John Hull Baptized 

Eloner Hull Bapt Sept: 15 1706 

Cornelius Hull Bapt May 14. 1710 

Obediah Gilburd, Gov* and Bapt: May. 19. 1695 
Abigail Wife to Obediah GUburd Bapt. 1695 
! Their Children 

1 Benj'° Gilburd ' Bapt. may 19. 1695 

t John Gilburd Bapt. may 23 1697 

Elizebeth Gilburd Bapt Sep. 8. 1700 

Mary GUburd Bapt. April 29. 1705 

1915] Greenfield Hill Church Records 41 

Joseph Gilburd Bapt. Jim 9 1706 

Abigail Gilburd Bapt May 15. 1709 

Sarah Gilburd Baptiz^ 

Margeret Gilburd Baptizd April 21. 1717 


Fransis Bradley 

Sarah Wife to Fransis Bradley Bapt<i in Infancy 
Their Children 

Fransis Bradly Bom may 29. 1699. Baptized Dec. 3. 1699 
SamU Bradley Born Sep' 29: 1701 Bapt. oct. 26 1701 
Ephraim Bradly Born Bapt. Sepr 19. 1703 

John Bradley Born Nov: 1705: Bapt. Dec. 30. 1705 
Eleoner Bradley Bom Bapt. feb. 22. 1707/8 

Peter Bradley Bom Bapt. Dec. 17. 1710 

Gershom Bradley Bapt: Dec 7. 1712 

36 John Bartram Bom Bapt: Dec: 30. 1694 

Sarah Widow to Fransis Bradly, married John Bartram, and Bear him 
Sarah Bartram: Bom May 14. 1719 Baptized June 28 1719 

37 Daniel Burr. 

By his first Wife: 
Hanah Burr 

i By his second Wife 

\ Jehu Burr Entred into Gov* and Bapt. 1725 

I Mary Burr Bom: Entred into Gov* and Bapt. May 30 

I 1708 

I By his Third Wife Elizebeth who was Bom Baptiz'd, in Infancy. 

j Ehzebeth Burr Bom Bapt. Sep. 20. 1696 

» Stephen Burr Bom Bapt. oc: 3 1697 

I Peter Burr Bom Bapt. July 23. 1699 

I Jane Burr Bapt: in Infancy 

1 Hester Burr Bom Bapt Jan 31 1702 

\ David Burr Bom Bapt. feb 22. 1707/8 

I David Burr Bom Bapt Jan 1 1709 

I Moses Burr Bom Bapt. mar 28 1714 

\ Aaron Burr Bom Bapt. mar. 4 1715/16 

; [22] 

Daniel Burr Jun^ Bom Baptized in Infancy 

His Wife Abigail — 
Their Children 

Joseph Burr Bom: Entred into Covenant and Baptized 

feb 20. 1725/6 
Timothy Burr Bom Entred Into Cove* and baptiz^ 

Jun 26. 1726 
Abigail Burr. Baptiz<i 

James Burr Bom. Baptized 

Jabez Burr Bom. Entred Into Gov* and Baptized Nov. 4. 


38 John Hide Bom May : 1. 1668 Bapt^ in Infancy 

Rachel Wife of John Hide: Bom Ocf 1671 Entred into Gov* and Bapt 
April 2. 1710 
Their Children 

John Hide Bom oct: 6 1692: Bapf^ 
Elizebeth Hide Bom Aug^t 9. 1694. Bapt<i 
Dameris Hide Bom Sep' 2. 1696 Bapt<i 
Daniel Hide Bom March: 31. 1700. Bapt"* 

42 Greenfield Hill Church Records [Jan. 

Abigail Hide Bom May 20. 1702 Bapfi 
Sarah Hide Born Dec 25. 1703 Bapt. April 23. 1704 
Mary Hide Born Ocf 8. 1705 Bapt Nov: 11 1705 
Hannah Hide Bom Sep' 28. 1707 Bapt. Mar. 14 1707/8 
Rachel Hide Bom feb: 6 1713 Bapt. may 2. 1714 

Benj'" Sherwood Baptizd 

His Wife 
Their Children 

Mary Sherwood Bom Jan^y 8. 1693. Baptized in Infancy 
Mindwell Sherwood Born Sep' 8. 1696 Baptizd Infancy 
Benjm Sherwood Born Mar. 1. 1700/1 Bapt. Mar. 30. 1701 
Joseph Sherwood Bom Dec: 1: 1702 Bapt Jan 31 1702 
Noah Sherwood Bom May: : 1707 Bapt. June 29. 1707 
Sarah Sherwood Bom Aug^' 12 Bapt in Infancy 

39 Benini Sherwood Jim' Bom: March: 1 : 1701 Baptized mar: 30. 1701 
Eleoner Wife to Benj^^ Sherwood Born Baptizd feb 22 1707/8 

Their Children 

Sarah Sherwood Bom: feby 16: 1725/6 Bapt: feb 20. 1725/6 
Nehemiah Sherwood Bom: April 7. 1728: Baptiz'd May 5. 1728 
John Sherwood Bom Sept' 27. 1730. Bapt^ Oct' 3. 1730 
Benj°i Sherwood Bom Dec' 22: 1732 /Bapt. feb 1732/3 
Sarah Sherwood Bom: May: 13: 1736 Bap^: May 1736 
Nehemiah Sherwood Bom July: 27: 1738 Bap: July 1738 
Eleoner Sherwood Bom Aug* 6. 1740. Bapt. Aug^* U. 1740 
Seth Sherwood Born: Dec' 6: 1742 Bapt: Dec. 12. 1742 
S ■ Mabel Sherwood Bom Janfy 6 1745/6 Baptid Janfy 12 1745/6 

I Nehemiah Sherwood Bom Oct' 5. 1747. Bapt<i Oct'. 11. 1747. 

I 40 Daniel Sherwood Born: April 5. 1708 Baptized June 27. 1708. 

I Martha Wife to Dan" Sherwood Bom : June 15 : 1701 Baptized July 13. 

I 1701 

Their Children 
I Sam" Sherwood Bom: Jsm^y. 18: 1727/8 Bapt. Jan 21. 1727/8 

* Anne Sherwood Bom: feb'y: 16: 1729/30 Bapt. feb. 22 1729/30 
Naomi Sherwood Born Dec': 31: 1731: Bapt. feb 13. 1731/2 
I Alburd Sherwood Born: Nov': 18: 1733: Bapt. Nov 25. 1733 

} Daniel Sherwood Bom: Nov' 20: 1735 Bapt^ Dec: 14. 1735 

Sarah Sherwood Bom Janfv: 26: 1737/8 Bapt<l feby . 2 1737/8 
f Martha Sherwood Bom: Mar: 9 1739/40 Bapt mar. 9. 1739/40 

I Sam" Sherwood Born: may 23: 1742. Bapt: may 23. 1742 

i Easter Sherwood Bom: Mar. 2: 1744/5 Bap<iMar. 17: 1744/5 

I Noah Sherwood Born May: 1707 Bapt June 29. 1707 

Phebe wife to Noah Sherwood Bapt<^ in Infancy 

Mindwell Sherwood Born Janry: 31: 1727/8 Bapt feb 13 1727/8 
Mary Sherwood Born: March 13: 1730 baptizd in Infancy. 
Daniel Sherwood Bom: June 25: 1732 Bapt June 30: 1732 
j Noah Sherwood Bom. Oct. 7. 1734 Bapf^ in Infancy 

Sam" Whitlock Baptizd 

Sarah Whitlock Wife to Sam" Whitlock Baptized: 
Their Children 

John Whitlock Bom • Baptizd Dec. 15. 1717 

Hannah Whitlock Bom Baptized Dec. 15. 1717 

Sarah Whitlock Bom Baptized Jime 5. 1720 

1915] Greenfield HiU Church Records 43 

Sam" Whitlock Bom Baptizd July 29 1722 

David Whitlock Bom Baptizd June 21 1724 

Josiah Whitlock Bom Baptizd May 22 1726 

Mary Whitlock Bom Baptiz^ feb. 4. 1727/8 

Nehemiah Whitlock Bapt. may. 10 1730 

Ebenezer Whitlock Bapt. Jany 27. 1734/5 

41 Joseph Banks Bom Dec. 29. 1691: Entred into Coven* and baptizd 
April 13 1712 

Mary Wife to Joseph Banks Bom Jany 8: 1693 

Joseph Banks bom 12 of April: Bapt: April 19 1713 
Sarah Banks Born, feb. 1: 1715/16: Bapt. mar: 4. 1715/6 
David Banks Bom 22 of April: Bapt^ may. 25. 1718 
Mindwell Banks Bom oct: 6: 1720. Baptd oct. 9. 1720 
Nehemiah Banks Bom feb: 28. 1722: Bapt^ may 27. 1722 
Ebenezer Banks Bom Dec: 9 1729 [sic]. Bapt. Jan'y : 31 : 1724/5 
Mary Banks Bom July. 19. 1731. Bapt July 25. 1731. 

42 John olmstead Bom Baptiz*^ 
Mindwell Wife to John obnstead. Bom Sep 8 1696 

Their Children 

Mindwell olmstead Bom Baptizd Mar. 3: 1727/8 

Sarah ohnstead Bom Baptd May 25. 1729 

John Ohnstead Bom Bapt^ oct. 10. 1731 

Sarah olmstead Bom Bapt^ Mar. 2. 1734/5 

Mindwell olmstead Bom Bap: feb 17. 1738/9 

Eleaser olmstead Bom Bapt. Aug^' 9. 1741 

Daniel olmstead Bom Baptized Aug^ 19. 1744 

EUjah olmstead Bom Bapt^ April 16 1749 

Divid Ohnstead Bom may 10 1755: Bapd July 13 1755 
Sept' 24 1758 Jesse was baptized about 7 Weeks old N° 34. 


43 DanU Morehous Bom Bapt 

j Abigail Wife to Dan" Morehous Bom Baptizd 

i Their Children 

\ Thaddeus Morehouse Bom Bapt. Dec: 1728 

{ Jerusha Morehouse Bom Bapt. May 2 1731 

I Sam" Morehouse Bom Bapt. Mar: 1732/3 

\ Mercy Morehouse Bom Bapt: Nov 5: 1738 

I Morehous Bapt<^ in Infancy 

44 Benjni Williams Bom Entred into Gov* and Baptizd 1733 
Rebecca Wife to Benj™ Willms Bom Baptizd 

Their Children 

Naomi Williams Bom Baptiz^ in Infancy 

Jabez Williams Bom Bapt^ feb. 8. 1729/30 

Hezekiah Willims Bom Baptized March 22. 1740/1 

James Davis Bom Entred into Cov* and baptizd: 1733 [1733 

crossed ovi.] 
Hannah Wife to James Davis Bom Baptiz^ Dec 5. 1702. 

Their Children 

John Davis Bom Bapt^ July 6. 1730 

Mary Davis Bom Bapt. Dec. . 1732 

Ebenezer Davis Bom Bapt. Jon. 13. 1736 


45 Benign Banks Jun' Bom Baptiz^ feb. 7. 1713/4 

■ Mary Wife to Benjm Banks Bom Bapt** in Infancy 

• Their Children 

44 Greenfield Hill Church Records [Jan. 

Mercy Banks Bom Bapt^ Sep^ 21. 1730 

Mary Banks Bom Bapt. April 18. 1736 

Hezekiah Banks Born Bapt. July 2. 1738 

Rhode Banks Bom Bapt. oc. 11. 1741 

Children of Benj™ Banks by his Second Wife Elenor 

Molle Banks Bom 1745 Baptized April 7: 1745 

Benjm Banks Bom Dec: 1746. Bapt^ Dec: 21 1746 
Hezekiah Banks Bom 1748/9. Baptized in Infancy 

Mabel Banks Bom Oct' 1751. Bapd Oc' 13. 1751 
Feb'y 1. 1761 Jonathan was baptized in Infancy 
Feb^y 6. 1763 Ellen was baptized in Infancy 
19 June 1768 Anne was baptized bom the ll*^ Inst. 

46 John Ogden Bom baptized 11 December 1763 
Mary Wife to John Ogden Baptiz<i in Infancy 

Their Children 

Sarah ogden Bom: Sepf 5. 1730. Bapt: oct' 19. 1730 
Samuel Ogden Bom Oct' 24: 1732. Bapt feb. 18 1732/3 
John ogden Bom April. 24: 1735. Bapt. May 4. 1734/5 [sic] 
Ebenezer Ogden Bom April 23: 1737. Bapt: May 1737 
Sarah Ogden Bom May: 24: 1739 Bapt. May 27 1739 
Hezekiah ogden Bom March 5. 1744: Bapf^ June 10. 1744 
The Children of Joseph Gilbert & Lois his Wife 
19 Octob' The Child" of Gabriel Leverick & Hannah his wife. 
Aug* 14*'^ Deborah was baptized, bom Nov'' 1^ 1779 


47 John Winton Bom 

Susan wife to John Winton Baptiz"* in Infancy 

Daniel Sherwood y® 2<i & Anne his Wife 
their Children 

12 Octob"" 1760 Elizabeth was baptized in Infancy 

30 May 1762 Stratten was baptized in Infancy 

17 June 1764 Daniel was baptized in infancy 

13*'' April 1766 Shubael was baptized born last February 

10 July 1768 Anne was baptized in infancy 

Sepr 20. 1772 — Stephen w baptized — bom April 20*1^ 1772. 

May 9*^ 1779. Stephen was baptized ia infancy 

Ruth Winton Bom Bapt Dec: 1730 

48 Edmond Ogdon Bom June 28. 1707 

Mary Wife to Edmon Ogdon Bom Mai^ 3. 1705 Baptiz^ in Infancy 

Their Children 

Joseph ogdon Born Dec' 25. 1730 Bapt. Jan: 1730/1 
Obediah ogdon Born: Nov. 4. 1732. Bapt. Dec. 1732 
Eunice ogdon Bom. Aug^t 28. 1734 Baptiz-i Sep. 28. 1734 
Jesse ogdon Bom July. 2: 1738: Bapt^ feb. 19. 1738/9 
Bethuel Ogdon Bom AprU 21 : 1744. Bapt._ ApO 22. 1744 
Moses ogdon Bom July 23. 1740 Baptizd in Infancy 
Anne ogdon. Bom Nov: 10 1736 

The Children of Alexander Wickes & Abigail his wife 
Aug* 23. 1778. Moses w^ baptized in infancy 
July 23. 1780 Aaron w^ baptized ia infancy 

49 Benj™ Smith Baptiz<i in Infancy 
Sarah wife to Benj™ Smith Bom Baptizd 

Their Children 

1915] Greenfield Hill Church Records 45 

Hannah Smith Born Baptized April 4. 1731 

Sarah Smith Bom Bapt^ Dec: 1732 

Joseph Smith Born Bapt^ Mar. 2. 1734/5 

Rachel Smith Born Bapt: April 16: 1738 

Bettee Smith Born Bapt May 23. 1742 

Benjm Smith Born April 20: 1747: Bapt^ April 26. 1747 
50 John Wakeman Born: Augst 1706 Bapt^ 

Catherine Wife to John Wakeman Born July- Bapt*^ in Infancy 
Their Children 

I John Wakman Bom Jan'y 16. 1730/1 Bapt<i in Infancy 
I Gershom Wakeman Bom Nov 8: 1731 Baptizd Jan-^y 14. 1731/2 
I Ebenezer Wakman Bom: Jan"^ 20: Bapt<^ in Infancy 
' Ebenezer Wakeman Bom: July 20. 1737 Bapt. July 31. 1737 
Eleonor Wakeman Bom Ap: 9 1739 Bapt: Ap: 15. 1739 
AbigaU Wakman Bom Sep"- 22. 1741. Bapt: Sept. 24. 1741 
Seth Wakeman Bom Jan'y 22: 1743/4 Bapt^ Janv 22 1743/4 
Thaddeus Wakeman Bom Sep"" 19. 1745 Baptized Sepf 22 1745 
Jane Wakeman Bom Jan^ 1747/5 [sic] Baptiz<i in Infancy 
Catherine Wakeman Bom Jan'y 29. 1750/1 Baptized february 3 
J ■ The children of Dani Squire 
I 1775. March Daniel w^ baptized in private being sick — 

j [29] 

i 51 Nathan Hubbel Bom Dec: 1. 1699 Baptizd in Infancy 

i Wife to Nathan Hubbel Bom Jan'y: 7. 1702. Baptizd in infancy 

I Their Children 

I Ehzebeth Hubbel Bom Nov 11: 1724: Bapt^ in Infancy 

I Thaddeus Hubbel Bom Mar: 12 1726. Bapt^ in Infancy 

i Nathan Hubbel Bom April 26 1727: Bapt^ in Infancy 

\ Gershom Hubbel Bom July 17: 1729: Baptiz<i in Infancy 

i Martha Hubbel Bom: June 18: 1731. Baptizd July 1731 

I Sarah Hubbel Born: Dec: 10: 1732 Baptizd feb. 17. 1732/3 

' Abijah Hubbel Born: May: 13: 1736 Bapt^ may. 1736 

Sarah Hubbel Born April 28: 1738 Bapt. AprH 30 1738 
Mary Hubbel Born April: 14: 1740 Bapt^ April 29. 1740 
^ Peter Hubbel Bom April 10: 1742 Bapt^ AprU 18 1742 

John Hubbel Bom July 31 : 1734 [sic] : Bapt^ in Infancy 
Abraham Hubbel Bom Jan'y 26. 1745/6 Baptized Jan'y 27. 

52 L* Benjoi Gilburd Bom Bapt^ may 19 1695 

Elizebeth Wife to Benjin Gilburd, Bom Baptiz^ feb 24. 1694/5 

Their Children 

Moses Gilburd Born Baptiz^ Augs* 4. 1717. 
Abigail Gilburd Born Baptiz^ June 10. 1719 

Sarah Gilburd Born Bapt^ July 2 1721 

Benini Gilburd Bom Bapt^ April. 14. 1723 
Ehzebeth GUburd Bom Bapt^ Sep^ 12 1731 

53 Joseph Hill Bom Bapt"* in Infancy 
Abigail Wife to Joseph Hill Bom Baptiz"* 

Their Children 

AbigaU Hill Bom Bapt^ May. 14. 1732 

Sarah Hill Born Bapt^ Sep 30. 1733 

David Hill Bom Bapt^ May 22. 1737 

Jabez Hill Bom Baptd July. 1. 1744 

Moses HiU Bom Baptized. 18 1748/9 

46 Greenfield Hill Church Records [Jan. 


54 Comeleus Hill [sic, ? Hull] Born Baptiz d 
Abigail Wife of Cor» Hull Bom Baptizd in Infancy 

Their Children 

Jedidiah Hull Born. July: 24: 1732 Bapt<i July 30. 1732 
Eunice Hull Bom. Mar: 6: 1734/5 Bapt<i Mar. 24. 1734/5 
Grace Hull Bom. July. 16: 1736 Bapt^i July: 1736 
Eliphalet Hull Bom Ap: 18. 1738 Bapt: April 23. 1738 
Abigail Hull Bom Bapt^ May 2 1742 

Sarah Hull Born April 1745. Baptiz,d April 21: 1745 
Ruhamah Bapt<i Jan^y 25. 1752 Bom Dec 1751 

55 John Jenning Born Baptizi^ 

Sarah Wife to John Jennings Born feh^ 16: 1711: Baptiz<i in Infancy 

Their Children 

Thaddeus Jennings Bom Aug^t 31. 1732 Bapt<i Sep' 3. 1732 
Aaron Jennings Bom Sep'' 18 [sic] : 1734 Bapt. Sep. 7 1734 
Susan Jennings Bom Mar. 28. 1741. Bapt. Apil 26. 1741 
Mary Jennings Bom Dec' 5: 1743. Bapt. Dec: 11. 1743 
David Jennings Bom June 27: 1746: Bapf^ June 29: 1746 
Josiah Jennings Bom Sep'' 15 1748. Bapt<i Sep' 18 1748 
Sarah Jennings Bom April 14 1751. Bapt<i April 14. 1751 
Joel Jennings Bom July 13: 1753 Bapf^ March. 17. 1754 

The Children of Eliphalet Wakeman & Catharine his wife 
1777 Jany-19 Gillialma w^ baptized in infancy 


56 Ephraim Lyon Bom Bapt<i in Infancy 

Eunice Wife to Ephraim Lyon Bom Baptiz<i in Infancy. 

Their Children 

Seth Lyon Bom Bapt<i Jan 14. 1731/2 

Seth Lyon Bom Bapt^ 1736/7 

Lois Lyon Born Bapt. feb. 9. 1734/5 
Ephraim Lyon Bom Bapt. Jun 15 1740 

Sam" Lyon Bom Baptiz^ May 15 1748 

57 Thomas Banks Born Bapt<^ in Infancy 

Hester Wife to Tho* Banks Born: Bapt<^ in Infancy 

Sarah Second Wife to thomas Banks Bom Baptiz^ in Infancy 

Their Children 

Hester Banks Bom April 15 1735 Bapt: : 1735 

Ruth Banks Born Apr' 13: 1736 Bapfi 1736 

Seth Banks Bom July: 27 [sic]. 1738 Bapt^ July 13 1738 
Thaddeus Banks Bom June [sic] 17. 1740 Bapt<i May: 1740 
Sarah Banks Bom Mar: 1745/6. Bapt. marci' 9. 1745/6 

58 James Lyon Born: Mar. 21. 1704 Baptizd in Infancy 

Abigail Lyon Wife to James Lyon Bom Entred Into Cov* & 

Baptd AprH 24. 1726 
Their Children 

Joseph Lyon Born: ocf 1: 1733. Baptiz^ oct 28. 1733 
Hezekiah Lyon Bom febv: 6: 1735/6. Bapt<i feb 1735/6 
EHphalet Lyon Bom May 24: 1738 Bapf? May 28 1738 
Seth Lyon Born Dec 22: 1740 Baptiz^ Dec 1740 
Abigail Lyo^ Bom Aug^ 21 1743 Bapt^ Augsi- 24 1743 
Sarah Lyon Bom Jan^y 1 : 1745/6 Baptized Jan'y 5. 1745/6 
Sarah Lyon Bom June. 30 1748. Bapt<i July 2 1748 


59 David Down Bom Baptiz^ 

Elizebeth Wife to David Downs Bom Baptiz^ Jun 26. 1726 

1915] Greenfield Hill Church Records 47 

Their Children 

Seth Downs Bom Bapt^ Dec 15 1734 

EUzebeth Down Bom Bapt. Aug«' 1737 

Mary Down Bom July: 9. 1746 Baptized July 13. 1746 
David Down Bom Aug^t 22. 1750. Bapt^ Aug^' 26. 1750 

60 James Burr Bom Baptizd 
Married to Widow Hannah osbum . 

Their Children 

Isabel Burr Bom Bapt Jan. 12. 1734/5 

Isaac Burr Born Bapt. May 21. 1738 

Children by his Second Wife Mary 

Mary Burr Bom July 1747. Baptd Aug^* 16. 1747 

Daniel Burr Born January 1748/9. Baptized Jan^y: 21: 1748/9 

James Burr Bom may. 25 1751 : Baptiz"! June 2 1751 

Abigail Burr Born 1755 Bapt** Sep' 8. 1755 

2 Sepf 1759 Benajah was baptized about 2 Months old 65 

The Children of Joseph Banks & Ellen his wife 
Jany 21. 1781. David was baptized in infancy 


61 Joseph Wheeler Bom Baptizd 

Deborah Wife to Joseph Wheeler Bom Jany 1^ Baptizd 

Joseph Wheeler Bom. Nov. 16: 1705 Bapt<i Jany 5. 1706 
Thomas Wheeler Bom July: 16: 1708 Bapt<J Aug«t 15 1708 
Hester Wheeler Bom Aug^* 31 : 1710 Bapt: oct. 29 1710 
Catherine Wheeler Bom Nov. 16. 1712 Bapt. feb. 8. 1712/13 
Ephraim Wheeler Bom Mar^i': 25. 1716 Bapt. April 15. 1716 
Seth Wheeler Bdm march 26. 1721 Bapt. may. 28. 1721 

62 Joseph Wheeler Jun' Bom: Nov. 16: 1705 Bapfi Jan^y 5. 1706 
Abigail Wife to Joseph Wheeler Bapt^ 

Their Children 

Deborah Wheeler Born June 14 1731 Baptiz<J June 15. 1735 
Sarah Wheeler Bori^: Dec: 5. 1735 Bapt<i Dec 25 1735 
Joseph Wheeler Bom: May 1738 Bapt^ May 21 1738 
Lois Wheeler Born Dec: 1740 Bapt. 1740 

Hezekiah Wheeler Bom July 15. 1744. Baptiz<i In Infancy: 
Ica-bod Wheeler Bom Bapt^ May 11: 1746 

The Children of Ephraim Osbum & Mary his wife 
Jany 21. 1781 EUzabeth was baptized in infancy 


63 Wilham Malory Jim' Born Baptiz<J 
Eunice Wife to Will"^ Malory Baptiz^ Jun 12 1726 

Their Children 

Eunice Malory Bom. Bapt. Oct. 13 1736 

David Malory Born Bapt. Mar. 19. 1737/8 

Deborah Malory Born Bapt^ May. 15. 1743 

Rhode Malory Bom Bapt^ Sep^ 1: 1745 

64 James Grey Born: Sep' 1710: Baptiz^ June 12. 1726 

Sarah Wife to James Grey Bom Dec: 20 1711 Baptizd in Infancy 
Their Children 

James Grey Bom: feb: 18. 1735/6. Bapt. feb: 1735/6 
Icabod Grey Born Mar^i^ 30: 1739. Bapt. April 1. 1739 
Sarah Grey Bom April 19: 1742: Baptizd in Infancy. 
Jane Grey Born April 20. 1744 Baptiz'' may 6. 1744 

65 Benj™ Davis 

Abigail Wife to Benito Da^TS Bapt<* 

48 Greenfield Hill Church Records [Jan. 

Their Children 

Samuel Davis Bom. Bapt. May 8 1736 

Benjm Davis Bom Baptiz^ Aug«' 22. 1742 

Tho« Davis Bom Bapt^ Augs* 22. 1742 

Thadeus Davis Bom Bapt<i Aug^t 22 1742 

Sarah Davis Bom: Bapt^ JanO' 13 1744/5 

Elijah Davis Bom Bapfi in Infancy 1748/9 

Ocf 25. 1759 Abigail was baptized in Childhood ' 70 

Anne was baptized also 71 

66 Thomas Wheeler Bom Bapt<^ in Infancy 

Wife to Thomas Wheeler Baptiz^ 

Their Children 

Hester Wheeler Bom Bapt^: May. 14. 1737 

Prudence Wheeler Bom Bapt^ May. 14. 1737 

Stephen Wheeler Born Bapt. oct 21. 1739 

Hannah Wheeler Bom Bapt April 18. 1742 

66 JosephBanksJun"- Bom April 12: 1713 

Johanna Wife to Joseph Banks Born: feb 28 1715 Baptiz<* in Infancy 
Their Children 

Gershom Banks Bom: Dec: 18. 1737 Bapt^ Dec: 1737 
i Johanna Banks Bom Dec: 11: 1739 Bapt: Dec. 23. 1739 

! Jesse Banks Bom Oct' 14: 1742 Bapt. Oct. 17. 1742 

1 Sarah Banks Bom Dec: 26. 1743 Bapt^ Jan^y 8. 1743/4 

I 67 Thomas Harvey Bom Baptizd 

1 The Wife of Tho* Hervey Elizebeth Born: AugH 1702 Bapt. in infancy 

I . Died march 2: 1737/8 

1 Elizebeth Harvey Born feb: 1737/8: Died ten Days old 

I The Children of Elizebeth Wife of Tho« Harvey by her first Husband 

I Woster. 

I Naomi Woster Bom Dec: 31: 1724: Bapt<^ in Infancy. 

1 Edward Worster Bom April 1732: Bapf^ 

I [36] 

I 68 David Thorp Bom Baptiz d 

; Mary Thorp Wife to David Thorp Baptizd 

I Their Children 

.' Stephen Thorp Bom Bapt<i Mar: 5. 1737/8 

\ Children By Naomi, his second Wife 

'. Thorp Born Baptized in Infancy 

I 69 Gershom Whitehead Born Baptiz d 

I Wife to Gershom '^^Tiitehead Bapt<^ 

Their Children 

Sarah Whitehead Bom Dec 6. 1736. Baptizd in Infancy 
Joseph Whitehead Born July: 15: 1738 Bapt. July 23 1738 
Sarah ^Vhitehead Bora Jan^ 16. 1739/40 Bapt: Jan^y 18. 1740 
Jehiel Whitehead Bom July 28 1742: Bapt. In Infancy 
Charity Whitehead Born Aug=* 11: 1744. Bapt. In Infancy 
Elizebeth Whitehead Born April 1747 Bapt^ Ap> 4. 1747 

70 Gershom Buckley Jun'' Born: Baptizd 

Sarah Wife to Gershom Buckley Born feb: 1. 1715/6 Baptizd Mar: 4. 
Their Children 

Amelia Buckley Bom Bapt. oc 20 1738 

Joseph Buckley Bom Bapt Nov. 1741 

Gershom Buckley Born Sep' 1750 Bapt<i Sep' 30 1750 

1915] Greenfield Hill Church Records 49 


71 Sam" Smith Bom Baptiz d 

Mary wife to Sam" Smith Bom. Sep' 4. 1717 Baptiz d. 
Their Children 

Ephraim Smith Bom Dec: 18. 1738 Bapt Dec. 24. 1738 
Reuben Smith Bora: April 21: 1740 Bapt April 27: 1740 
EUen Smith Bom IVIay: 17. 1744 Bapfi May 20. 1744 
Peter Smith Bom Apnl 1 : 1746. Baptiz^ in Infancy 
Reuben Smith Bom July 24 1749: Baptizd Aug^t 6 1749 

72 Nathan Thorp Born Baptizd 

Dorothy Wife to Nathan Thorp Born Baptized 

Their Children 

Eunice Thorp Bom Bapt^ Mar. 3: 1738/9 

Hannah Thorp Bom Bapt^ Aug^t 3. 1740 

Thorp Born Bapt. 17 

Sarah Thorp Bom June 1748: Bapt^ July 2. 1748 
Griswold bom April 18. 1757 

73 Jacob Grey Jun' Bom Bapt. June 12. 1726 
Naomi Wife to Jacob Grey Bom Baptizf^ 

Their Children 

Seth Grey Born Bapfi Jan^ 8 1738/9 

Grey Bom Bapt<i Jun 14. 1741 

Jacob Grey Bom Bapt<i June 10. 1744 

Reul Grey Born Aug^t 4. 1747: Bapt^ Aug^t 16. 1747 
By his Second Wife y^ Wid. of Beebee Mills. 

2 May 1762 Daniel was baptized about 3 Months old. 

4 March 1764 Naomi was baptized about 2 months old. 

2^ Ocf 1768 Jacob was baptized in infancy 


74 Ephraim Wheeler Bom Baptiz d 
INIartha his Wife Bom Baptiz d 

Their Children 

Enos Wheeler Born Bapt Nov. 4. 1739 

Calvin Wheeler Born Bapt. in Infancy 

Daniel Wheeler Bom Bap* Aug^t 4. 1745 

Ephraim Wheeler Bom Mar<^ 1750 Bap<i Apr" 1 : 1750 

12 Nov 1758 Hannah was baptized in Infancy 38 

12 June 1763 Grace was baptized in Infancy 

75 Gershom Banks Born. May: 1: 1712 Baptizd feb. 7. 1713/4 

Mary Wife to Gershom Banks Bora Sep 13 : 1719 Baptiz d may 20. 1720. 

Their Children 

Daniel Banks Bom: Dec: 5. 1739. Bapt^ Dec. 6. 1739 

Hannah second wife to Gershom Banks Born oct' 14. 1726. Bapf^ 
oct' 14. 1726 
Their Children 

Mariannah Banks Born Dec' 28: 1745 Baptiz d Dec 29: 1745. 

Thomas Banks bom oct' 15. 1747. bapt<i ocf 18. 1747 

Jane Banks Bom Oct. 1749. Bapt<i Oct' 15 1749 

Joseph Banks bom November 2^ 1754 

Jane Banks bom Augiist 8. baptiz'd Aug* 14*'* 1757 

June 8. 1760 Noah was baptized in Infancy 

Aug* 15. 1762 EUjah was baptiz'd born y* 7"» 

11 March 1764 Hiatt was baptized, born the week before 

1»* Jime 1766 Isaac was baptized, born the 2Q^ ult"* 

[To be continued] 

50 The Clinton Family of Connecticul [Jan. 


Compiled by Mrs. E. J. Clinton of Clintonville, Conm., apd communicated by 
Donald Lines Jacobus, M.A., of New Haven, Conn.* 

1. Lawrence^ Clinton was of Ipswich, Mass., as early as 1665. 

Two years later he called himself about 24 years old, and this 

would place his birth about 1643. His antecedents are unknown. 

The English family, founded in the twelfth century by Osbert de 

^ Clinton, held at this time the earldom of Lincoln. A branch went 

to Ireland in the reign of Henry II ^nd settled in County Louth (see 

County Louth Archaeological Journal, vol. 2, p. 398) ; and from this 

Irish branch probably descended the Charles Clinton fanuly of New 

York, members of which were Gen. James Clinton, the Revolutionary 

soldier, George Clinton, Vice-President of the United States, and 

DeWitt Clinton, the famous Governor of New York. It is possiljle 

that Lawrence Clinton descended likewise from the Irish branch; 

the name Lawrence was of common occurrence among the Louth 

Clintons, most of whom were dispossessed in the CromweUian wars. 

I Records of a court trial in 1667, referred to later, make it seem more 

I likely that Lawrence of Ipswich was of English birth. James Ford 

i deposed that he heard Goodman Cross, Sr., say "that his man 

I Clenton had good friends in England, he said that Capt. Breeden told 

I ' him so." Also Lawrence's sister-in-law, Ruth White, testified that 

I he "had rich friends in England." 

He married first, in Dec. 1665, Rachel Halfield, daughter of 

' Richard and Martha, a lady thirteen years his senior. Previous to 

i his marriage he had been apprenticed to Robert Cross, Sr., but 

: bought his freedom for three years and a half by paying his master 

twenty pounds. This money he procured from Rachel, who claimed 

.' • that her mother gave it to her. Thomas White, the husband of 

Rachel's sister Ruth and guardian of her mother Martha Halfield, 

doubted Rachel's honesty, and sued Robert Cross for recei\'ing the 

money. The case occupied the attention of the court on 20 Nov. 

1666 and again on 27 Nov. 1667. The deposition of Rachel Clinton 

herself is of interest: 

"This deponent saith that Robert Cross senior did much solisitt me to 
be married to Lorrence Clenton & also did labor hard with the worshipfull 
Mr. Simonds to marry us together. He told me that he was a man that 
deserved a maid worth a bushell of gold & also Robert Cross Senr. said that 
he would give me a better portion than ever my Father did & also he sent 
his son to persuade me to be married to Lorrance Clenton, further this 
deponent saith Lorence Clenton said that he had a unkell worth thousands 
& he would make him his heir & that he had fifty pound in gold to come in 
Capt. Pearse, and that he had a fnother at Boston and also he told me a 
thousand lyes more to delude me so as to be married to him and to cause me 

* The material for this article was collected mainly through the efforts of Mrs. E. J. 
Clinton of Clintonville, Conn., and was prepared for publication, with some additions, 
; by Donald Lines Jacobus, M.A., of New Haven, Conn. Acknowledgment is made 

i to all who furnished material, but especially to Orson P. Clinton of Waukesha, Wis., 

j and to John C. Pearson of Cleveland, Ohio. All places mentioned in this article are 

I situated within the present limits of the State of Connecticut, unless another State or 

j region is indicated in the text or may be easily inferred from the context. 


1915] The Clinton Family of Connecticut 51 

to put money into his hands. Farther this deponent saith that Robert Cross 
senr. threatened this deponent that in case the money now in controversy 
were taken from him again, then he would sell her and her husband Clenton 
too for servants." Sworn in court at Salem, 27, 9 mo., 1667. 

In 1676 Lawrence Clinton served in King Philip's War. It is not 
likely that he lived with his first wife long after their marriage, and 
on 12 Oct. 1681 she petitioned for a divorce, which was granted 
(Mass. Archives, vol. 9, p. 104). Rachel was tried for witchcraft in 
1692, and was confined in the Ipswich jail, but escaped. She lived 
the remainder of her life alone, in a hut on Hog Island, Ipswich, on 
a piece of land given to her from her mother's estate. On 7 Jan. 
! 1695 administration on the estate of Rachel Klenton was granted to 

I her sister, Ruth White of Wenham, Mass., who was the principal 

! creditor. 

Lawrence Clinton married secondly, at Providence, R. I., 9 Feb. 
1680/1, Mart Wooden, daughter of John and Mary of Beverly, 
Mass., by whom he had previously had at least one child. She was 
born at Haverhill, Mass., 6 Mar. 1653, and died probably at Newport, 
R. I., in Jan. 1690/1. The following appears in the records of the 
Rhode Island Friends: 

;i " Clenton ye wife of Laurance Clenton: she Departed this Life, 

! (aged abought 35 yeares:) in newporte one Rhoad Island y« — : day 11 m" 

1 1690, she was nephew to John Johnson." ., 

J The age given does not exactly coincide with the date of Mary 

■ Wooden's birth, but the discrepancy is not great. Her death is given 

j in the Quaker records probably on account of her connection with 

; John Johnson, who is mentioned several times between 1679 and 1689 

1 in the book recording the meetings of Friends. 
I Lawrence Clinton appears on record for the last time in a suit 

I brought by Peleg Chamberlain to eject him from half a house and 

; half a lot in Newport, R. I., 28 Mar. 1704 (Newport Court of Trials, 

I vol. A., p. 153). Judgment was found for the plaintiff, but Lawrence 

) carried the case to the Assembly : 

'• "Upon an appeal of Lawrence Clinton, tenant to John Easton Jim'' to 

this Assembly, against a verdict of jmy and judgment of Court passed 

', against him on a rehearing at the last Court of Triall in September, on action 

commenced by Peleg Chamberlain, guardian to the children of Samuel King 
deceased, the judgment passed in the Assembly, that said verdict of jury [be] 
conformed, and that this Assembly cannot give the said Clinton any further 
relief m said case," 25 Oct. 1704 (R. I. Colonial Records, vol. 3, p. 512). 

Samuel King's wife was Jane Chamberlin, born Dec. 1667, died 
1 May 1702, sister of Peleg; but the basis of Lawrence's claim to 
King or Chamberlin land has not been ascertained. 

He probably married thirdly Maegaret (Painter) Morris, born 
about 1667, daughter of Shubael and Mercy (Lamberton) and widow 

of Morris (Register, vol. 68, p. 275). She married thirdly 

Jeremiah Mott, with whom she removed, prior to 1742, to Walling- 
ford. Conn. The evidence for this third marriage of Lawrence 
Clinton and for the children of it is circumstantial. In 1702 a Law- 
rence Clinton appeared in West Haven, Conn., and settled later at 
• North Haven. The identity of names makes it almost certain that 

VOL. liXEC. 4 



52 The Clinton Family oj Connecticut [Jan. 

he was a son of Lawrence of Newport, R. I., and his age leads us to 
suppose that he was a child of the second wife. A Mary Clinton, 
who married at New Haven in 1708, was probably own sister of this 
second Lawrence. Between 1718 and 1728 four other Clintons — 
Shubael, Thomas, Joseph, and George — settled at West Haven. 
"When George had a case in court, the other three went bond for him, 
and therefore it is supposed that they were brothers. The belief 
that they were sons of Lawrence of Newport rests on the following 
considerations: (1) Thomas was baptized at Newport prior to 1709. 
(2) Joseph, according to court records, had disappeared from New- 
port in 1728, and he first appeared at West Haven in 1726. Thus it 
is proved that the West Haven brothers came from Newport. (3) 
Lawrence of Newport was living as late as 1704, and was the only 
adult Clinton then at Newport, or, so far as is known, in New Eng- 
land. (4) Thomas named a son LawTence. (5) Both the Newport 
and the West Haven Clintons were attached to the Church of Eng- 
land. But the West Haven Clintons must have been bom after the 
death of Lawrence's second wife (1691), when he was over fifty years 
old. The existence of a third wife must therefore be postulated, and 
for the following reasons it is believed that she was Margaret Painter: 
(1) It is thought that she was a daughter of Shubael Painter, because 
of the names that she gave to her sons. Shubael would be named for 
her father, Thomas for her brother, and George for her grandfather, 
George Lamberton. Furthermore, a Mercy Clinton was baptized at 
Newport in 1711, who would be named for Margaret's mother, Mercy 
Lamberton. (2) In 1743 Jeremiah and Margaret IMott of Walling- 
ford. Conn., conveyed to George Clinton one fourth of one sixth of 
the Lamberton farm. A study of the deeds proves that Margaret 
Mott could not have possessed this portion except as chUd of Shubael 
I and Mercy (Lamberton) Painter. According to the theory advanced, 

I this Margaret was either aunt or mother of George Clinton and his 

\ brothers. Now, besides Margaret, Shubael Painter is known to 

\ have had two other children, Thomas and Mercy. According to the 

I law of inheritance, Thomas would receive one haK and each of the 

I daughters one fourth of the Lamberton estate in possession of their 

r parents.* Therefore all the surviving children of Shubael and Llercy 

\ Painter are accounted for. Mercy Painter has been traced, and 

I consequently Margaret is the only daughter of Shubael Painter who 

': could have been mother of the Clintons. (3) Margaret's last hus- 

' band, Jeremiah Mott, was on 22 June 1699 admitted an inhabitant 

of Westerly, R. I. (town records, vol. 1, p. 23), the very town where 
the Painters were early settled. Adam ]Mott, probably Margaret's 
stepson, settled in WaUingford prior to 1717. (4) Both Thomas and 
Joseph Clinton bought land in WalUngford, and Thomas lived there 
from 1726 to 1728. Their interest in Wallingford is explained if their 
mother, ]\Iargaret Mott, was living there. (5) Thomas Painter, 
brother of Margaret, went from Newport to West Haven before 1694; 
and the four Clinton brothers followed him there later, and were 
intimate with' his family. He too bought land in Wallingford. (6) 

* For the children of Capt. George Lamberton and for the Lamberton estate see 
Reqisteb, vol. 68, pp. 283-285. 


The Clinton Family of Connecticut 


Richard Morris of Milford, Conn., agreed in 1742 to support Margaret 
wife of Jeremiah Mott. It is a significant fact that Morris came to 
Milford from Newport. 

The curious correspondence of names in the Painter and Clinton 
families, too striking to be a mere coincidence, may best be shown 
by the following chart: 

George Lamberton = Margaret Lewen 
Mercy Lamberton = Shubael Painter 

Thomas Mercy Margaret = (1) 
Painter Painter Painter 


= (2) Lawrence 

Morris Clinton 

Shubael Mercy Margaret Richard 
Painter Painter Painter Morris 


Mercy Thomas Joseph 
Morris Morris Morris 




= (3) Jeremiah 

Shubael Thomas Joseph George 
Clinton Clinton Clinton Clinton 


Jacob, b. abt. 1681 (?); 
Elizabeth Moulton, 
Children: 1. Jacob* b. 
1707; d. 25 Oct. 1794; 

Shubael Mercy Margaret Lawrence 
Clinton Clinton Clinton Clinton 

Children by second wife: 

i. A CHILD,* b. prior to 25 Sept. 1677 (Salem Court Records); per- 
haps d. young, or possibly identical with ii or iii. 
2. ii. Lawrence, b. abt. 1679, according to age given by himself in 
his will, 
m. JACOB, b. abt. 1681 (?); d. at Ipswich, Mass., 17 Oct. 1720; m. 

who d. 23 Nov. 1720, dau. of James. 

28 Dec. 1705. 2. Jonathan, h. 28 Jan. 

m. 8 Dec. 1732 Sarah Moulton, b. 1705, 

d. 3 Mar. 1798. dau. of WiUiam and Jane (Conant) ; left issue. 

3. Elizabeth, d.' 11 Dec. 1729. 4. John, b. abt. 1714; m. at 

Danvers, Mass., 6 July 1752, "Prudence Braden; left issue. 5. 

James, h. abt. 1718; m. 19 July 1743 Sarah Tilton, who m. (2) 

(intention 10 Nov. 1770) Capt. Richard Manning; left issue. 

iv. Mart, m. at New Haven, Jan. 1708, Samuel Humiston. 

Children by third wife: 

V. Mercy, bapt. as an adult at Trinity Church, Newport, R. I., 
4 Jan. 1711. 

vi. Shubael. 

vii. Thomas, bapt. as an infant at Newport, R. I., prior to 1709. 

viii. Joseph. 

ix. Martha, bapt. at Newport, R. I., 13 May 1711. 

X. George, d. 27 Mar. 1776 (private record); m. (1) 24 May 1733 
Mart Clark, b. 11 June 1711, d. 28 Feb. 1736/7, dau. of Daniel 
and Hannah (Beecher); m. (2) 8 Nov. 1737 Anne (Bristol) 
Hodge, b. 12 Feb. 1701, widow of Thomas. George Clinton 


54 The Clinton Family of Connecticut [Jan. 

first appears in the New Haven records in Nov. 1728, when he 
was charged with being the father of the child of Ehzabeth 
Painter, for whom see Register, vol. 68, p. 276 (3, vii). He 
pleaded not guilty, was found guilty by the court, and ordered 
to "contribute towards the maintenance of child two shillings 
and six pence p week from the Birth untill it be two years old, 
and thenceforward as this Court shall hereafter order. George 
CUnton of New Haven principall and Shuball Clinton and 
Joseph Clinton of said New Haven, and Thomas Clinton of 
Wallingford, acknowledged themselves bound in a Recogni- 
zance of one hxmdred pounds." George, Shubael, Thomas, and 
Joseph Clinton were summoned in Jan. 1729 "to shew Cause why 
Judgment should not be Given and Execution awarded against 
, them for the sum of 100 lb." Three months later they appeared, 

and George paid down £13, "whereof £10 :6 :0 was delivered 
to Mr. Thomas Panther for the use of his daughter Elisa" 
(County Court Records, vol. 3, pp. 270, 284, 287). In July 
17^ Isaac, illegitimate son of George Clinton of New Haven, 
chose James Miles of Wallingford as his guardian (Probate 
Records, vol. 6, p. 559). Children by first wife: 1. Obeditnce,^ 
h. 25 Mar. 1734 (New Haven records); d. 31 Jan. 1739 (grave- 
stone at West Haven). 2. David, h. abt. 1736; d. 17 Aug. 1742 
(gravestone at West Haven). Child (illegitimate) by Eliza- 

J beth Painter: Isaac, b. 1728; d. on sea voyage 26 July 1750 

j (Wallingford records). 

j ■ 2. Lawkence^ Clinton (Lawrence^), born about 1679, died at 

I North Haven in 1757. He married first Mary Brockett, 

\ bom 18 May 1674, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Doo- 

\ little); and secondly Elizabeth Sanford, bom 7 Nov. 1704, 

) daughter of Thomas and Mary (Chubb). He was in New 

i Haven as early as 1702, owned land at West Haven, and was 

I one of the first settlers of North Haven. CUntonville, a 

I section of the latter town, was named after his family. He 

I had three persons in his family in 1704 (New Haven Proprie- 

\ tors' Records, vol. 4, pp. 112, 125, 159). He was a communi- 

I cant of Christ Church (Anglican), Strafford, on 25 Dec. 

i 1724; but his family belonged to the Congregational Church 

at North Haven. In his will, dated 21 Sept. 1742 and proved 
in 1757, he called himself about 63 years old, mentioned his 
• children by name, and appointed his friend (Ilapt. John San- 

ford and his brother Gershom Barns executors (New Haven 
Probate Records, vol. 9, p. 127). 
Children by first wife: 

i. Elizabeth,' b. abt. 1703; d. 22 May 1760; m. 20 Jan. 1725/6 
James Bishop, b. 17 Feb. 1698/9, d. 15 July 1780. James 
Bishop, Jr., and wife Elizabeth conveyed, 21 Aug. 1754, to 
Moses and Samuel Brockett several pieces of property that was 
their grandmother Elizabeth Brockett's (New Haven Deeds, 
vol. 18, p. 402). 
ii. Abigail, m. Markus Baxter (?). 

iii. Mary, m. at New Haven, 21 Oct. 1725, Isaac Griggs. Isaac 

Griggs of Wallingford and wife Mary conveyed, 29 May 1760, 

to Moses and Samuel Brockett all right from their grandfather 

John Brockett (New Haven Deeds, vol. 25, p. 448). In his will, 

dated 14 Jan. 1763 and proved 1 Mar. 1768, Isaac Griggs named 

i wife Mary, sons Jacob, Noah, Samuel, Solomon, and Paul, and 

! daughters Sarah, wife of William Munson of Wallingford, and 

i Rachel, wife of John Spencer of Waterbury (Woodbury Probate 

I Records, vol. 6, p. 61). 

1915] The Clinton Family of Connecticut 55 

iv. Lydia. 

V. Sarah, m. Robert Byington of Wallingford, b. at Branford 
14 Jan. 1714/15. Robert and Sarah Byington of Wallingford 
conveyed, 1754, to Samuel and Moses Brockett all right from 
their grandfather John Brockett (New Haven Deeds, vol. 18, 
p. 401). 

vi. Anne, unm. in 1754. Phebe and Anne Clenton of New Haven 
conveyed, 13 May 1754, all right from their grandfather John 
Brockett (AVallingford Deeds, vol. 13, p. 132). 

vii. Phebe, unm. in 1754. 

Children by second wife, recorded at New Haven: 

6. viii. Lawrence, b. 1 Jan. 1737. 

ix. John, b. 9 Apr. 1740; d. in autumn of 1777; m. 7 Jime 1764 Ann 
Thorpe, b. 7 May 1731, d. 10 Oct. 1777, dau. of Samuel and 
Ann (Payne). In Dec. 1778 Lawrence Clinton, the only 
brother, was appointed administrator of his estate (New Haven 
Probate Records, vol. 12, p. 285). Child: 1. Anna* h. 9 Apr. 
1766; d. 29 Sept. 1777. 

3. Shubael^ Clinton (Lawrence^) was baptized as an adult 21 

Mar. 1734. He married Elizabeth , who was bap- 
tized 7 May 1734. Their six children were baptized in the 
same year. (Records of Christ Church, Anglican, West 
Haven; the baptisms of his family appear also in the records 
of Christ Church, Stratford.) He enlisted in the French and 
Indian War, and was reported dead 5 Oct. 1756. His wife 
survived him; but Eliphalet Stevens, husband of his daugh- 
ter EUzabeth, was appointed administrator of his estate. 
The only item in his inventory was the amount due for service 
in the war. (New Haven Probate Records, vol. 9, p. 35.) 
Children: • 

i. Elizabeth,* m. June 1737 Eliphalet Stevens, b. 24 Jan. 1717. 
ii. Mercy. 
iii. Mart. 

iv. Shubael, probably d. young. 
7. V. Henry, b. abt. 1727. 

vi. Margaret, b. abt. 1728; d. at Bethlehem, Conn., 12 Dec. 1806; 

m. at Milford, Conn., 20 Nov. 1749, Joseph Stilson of Milford, 

who d. at Bethlehem 26 Apr. 1811. 

4. Thomas'' Clinton {Lawrence^), baptized as an infant at New- 

port, R. I., prior to 1709, died at West Haven in 1761. He 
married first, at New Haven, 7 Aug. 1718, Hope Downs, 
born 11 Mar. 1697/8, died about 1729, daughter of Ebenezer 

and Mary (Humphreville) ; and secondly Mary — 

(probably Downs, sister of his first wife, born 22 Jan. 
1701/2). In Nov. 1725 he was charged with "Resisting the 
Constable some time in March last," and was found guilty 
(County Court Records, vol. 3, pp. 209, 221). He was a 
communicant of the Anglican Church at Stratford 7 Aug. 
1726. On 29 Dec. 1726 he bought 85K acres in Wallingford 
of Benjamin Dutton, and sold this land 26 Mar. 1728, calling 
himself "of Wallingford, blacksmith" (Wallingford Deeds, 
vol. 5, pp. 268, 452). 
Children by first wife: 

56 . The Clinton Family of Connecticut [Jan. 

8. i. Thomas,' b. at New Haven 20 June 1719. 

9. ii. John, b. at New Haven 8 Nov. 1721. 

10. iii. Laweence. 

iv. Samxtel (probably s. of Thomas'), m. Mart Bryan, dau. of Joseph 
of Milford. In 1750, Samuel Clinton and Mary his wife of 
Milford conveyed to their brother Joseph Brj-an all their right 
to the estate of their father Joseph Bryan (Milford Deeds, vol. 
12, p. 147). In Oct. 1746 Samuel Clinton memorialized the 
Assembly, alleging that he, "of New Haven," enlisted in His 
Majesty's service in the intended expedition against Canada, 
and that David Sandford of Milford held from him (who was his 
apprentice) £24. 10s. premium for service (Col. Records of Conn., 
vol. 9, p. 254). 

11. V. Simeon, b. at Wallingford 26 Jan. 1727/8. 

Children by second wife: 

vi. Rhoda, bapt. at West Haven 6 Mar. 1730/1; d. 8 Oct. 1775; m. 

(1) 7 Oct. 1746 (New Haven records, but according to the 
records of Christ Church, Stratford, this marriage took place 
at Derby, 3 Nov. 1746) Samuel Ste-vens, b. 6 Sept. 1718; m. 

(2) Reuben Thomas of Woodbridge, Conn. 

12. vii. Levi, bapt. at West Haven 27 Dec. 1732. 

5. Joseph* Clinton {Lavn-ence^) appears twice in the records of 
the Newport Court of Trials (vol. B.), both times as defend- 
ant in a suit for recovery: 

Mar. 1728. "Daniel Hunt of Rehoboth in the County of Bristol 
and Province of Massachusetts Bay, Innholder pltff in an action 
of the Case Dam. £6 Joseph Clenton of Newport aforesd Cord- 
wainer Deft. The Deft, made Default. Therefore it is considered 
by the Court that the sd Daniel recover of the sd Joseph three 
pounds & ten pence Debt & Costs of Suit £2. 15. 10." 

Since both suits were lost by default, it would seem that 
Joseph had left Newport; and a record of Sept. 1728 reads: 

" Hunt vs. Clenton. Neither Body nor Estate is to be fovmd by 
me. Robert Taylor Const." 

Joseph next appears in the records of New Haven, where 
we find his marriage and the births of his children. After 
that, he disappears entirel5^ He married, 31 ]\Iar. 1725/6, 
Esther Wooding, bom 29 Jan. 1702/3, daughter of William 
and Jane (Holmes). His last deed in New Haven is dated 
19 Nov. 1739 (New Haven Deeds, vol. 12, p. 68). In 1732 
he purchased land in WaUingford, but never resided there 
(WaUingford Deeds, vol. 6, p. 633, vol. 7, p. 22). 


13. i. William,' b. 15 Mav 1726. 
ii. Stbil, b. 21 Apr. 1729. 

iii. Esther, b. 27 Apr. 1732; m. at Litchfield, 20 Sept. 1750, Abisha 

14. iv. Joseph, b. 19 Sept. 1733. 

V. Jesse, b. 17 July 1736; reported dead in the French and Indian 
War, in the campaign of 1756. 

vi. Eliphaz, b. 17 July 1739. Eliphaz Clinton, sandy complexion, 
5 ft. 11 in. in hei^t, aged 20 yrs., b. in Boston, laborer, enlisted 
17 Apr. 1758 in Queens Co., N. Y. Perhaps he is identical with 
the Eliphaz of this genealogy, although the birth of the latter 
was recorded, at least, in New Haven. One Peter Chnton 
enlisted in the same company. 

1915] The Clinton Family of Connedicut 57 

( 6. Capt. Lawrence' Clinton {Lawrence,"^ Lawrence^), born 1 Jan. 

^ 1737, died at North Haven 9 Sept. 1804. He married first, 

15 Nov. 1759, Elizabeth Todd, born 29 Sept. 1736, died 3 
Apr. 1803, daughter of Gershom and Hannah (Mansfield) ; and 

secondly Mrs. Lucretia ( ) DeWitt, who married 

thirdly, 1 Apr. 1807, Nathaniel Johnson of Northford and 
died in 1844. In 1777 he was made a member of the pru- 
dential committee of the First Congregational Church, North 
Haven, and in 1780 was one of the special committee to tear 
out of the meeting house the pew of the Tory, Joshua Chand- 
ler. He became captain of the militia in 1781, and from 
1782 to 1796 was entrusted with the seating of the meeting 
Children by first wife: 

i. Esther,^ b. 5 Aug. 1760; d. 4 May 1842; m. 30 Dec. 1779 Solo- 
mon Jacobs, b. 1 July 1759, d. 7 Nov. 1799. 

15. ii. Jesse Eton, b. 9 Aug. 1762. 
iii. David, b. 27 Aug. 1765; d. 21 Apr. 1783. 
iv. EuNETiA, b. 13 Dec. 1768; m. 13 Jan. 1791 Thomas Beach; 

removed to Vermont. 
V. Hannah, b. 1772; d. 15 Jan. 1861; m. 20 Sept. 1790 Joel Pieh- 


7. Henrt' Clinton * (? Shvbael,^ Lawrence^) , bom about 1727, died 
15 Apr. 1814. He married at Derby, Conn., about 1760, 
Rachel Pierson, bom 16 Sept. 1742, died 26 June 1815, 

j daughter of Stephen and Hannah (Munson). Before 1763 

he removed to Barkhamsted, and in 1764 to New MUford. 

About 1782 he returned to Barkhamsted and about 1807 

removed with his son Lyman to Colebrook. There is no direct 

proof that this Henry was identical with Henry the son of 

Shubael;. but the correspondence of name and age makes the 

identity practically certain. 


i. Eluah Pierson,* bapt. at Derby (Congregational Church) 29 Apr. 

16. ii. Henrt, b. at Barkhamsted 27 Nov. 1763. 
iii. Samuel, b. at New Milford 1765; lived at Barkhamsted, where 

he d. in 1795; m. 3 Nov. 1785 Ltdia Alling, who d. in 1814. 
Children: 1. Rachel,^ b. 1 Apr. 1786; d. unm. at Canton, Conn. 
2. Hannah, h. 24 Oct. 1787; d. at Torringford 5 Jan. 1835; m. 
Truman Walling, who d. 1820. 3. Lydia, h. 10 Oct. 1789; m. 

Hill. 4. Stephen Pierson, b. 11 Oct. 1791 ; d. at Clayton, 

Adams Co., 111., 11 Apr. 1876; m. 1840 Nancy Hopper, who d. 
14 Sept. 1878. He served in the War of 1812, and made his way 
by peddling from Barkhamsted to Clayton, where he occupied 
a soldier's claim in 1835. No issue. 5. Sophia, b. 1793; m. 
Spencer of Richmond, Mass. 

17. iv. Sheldon, b. 6 Aug. 1767. 

18. V. Ltman, b. 3 Apr. 1771. 
vi. Clarissa, b. 1780; m. 13 Dec, 1799 Ira Andrus. 

8. Thom.4.s' Clinton (Thomas,'^ Lawrence^), born at New Haven 
20 June 1719, died 26 Dec. 1759. He married, 10 Aug. 1743 

• The genealogy of the descendants of Henry' Clinton has been conipiled by Orson 
P. Clinton of Waukesha, Wis. 

58 The Clinton Family of Connecticut [Jan. 

(New Haven Records), Martha Stevens, born 11 Nov. 1709, 
daughter of James and Mary. Thomas and Simeon Clenton 
took the freeman's oath at New Haven, 7 Apr. 1755. In Feb. 
1760 administration on his estate was granted to the widow 
Martha, who became guardian to Mary, Mamaree, Thomas, 
and Ebenezer (New Haven Probate Records, vol. 9, pp. 301, 
437, 442). As late as 21 June 1790 Ebenezer CUnton of Derby, 
appears in behalf of Martha Clinton, administratrix on the 
estate of Thomas Clinton dec'd (ib., vol. 15, p. 351). 
Children, bom at New Haven: 

i. Mary,« b. 10 May 1744; m. at Derby, 25 Sept. 1766, ABRAH.'Urf 

Harger, b. 26 Oct. 1745, d. 1773. 
i ii. Mamre, b. U Sept. 1747; bapt. as Memorst (Christ Chiirch, 

j Stratford) 1 Oct. 1747, and recorded as Marmoret (Christ 

Church, West Haven) ; called Mamaree in the Probate Records; 

probably d. young. 

19. iii. Thomas, b. 13 May 1750. 

20. iv. Ebenezer, b. 20 Feb. 1755. 

9. John' Clinton {Thomas,^ Lawrence^), bom at New Haven 

; 8 Nov. 1721, lived for a time at Fairfield, Conn., and then 

I settled in Ballston, N. Y., where he bought 300 acres, 16 Apr. 

j 1772. On 29 Feb. 1776 John CUnton of Ballstown, N. Y., 

I recovered judgment against Levi Clinton (New Haven Deeds, 

I vol. 35, p. 116). He married, in Nov. 1746 (Fairfield records), 

I Elizabeth Beecher, born 18 Sept. 1729, daughter of Isaac 

I and Elizabeth (Trowbridge) of West Haven. His children 

I were baptized at Green's Farms, Fairfield. 

\ Children: 

i i. David,^ b. at Fairfield 9 Oct. 1747; was a taxpayer in Ballston, 

i N. Y., 31 Dec. 1779. 

i ii. John, bapt. 23 Apr. 1749; d. 5 Feb. 1749/50. 

I iii. Phebe, bapt. 24 Mar. 1750/1; d. 18 Apr. 1751. 

I 21. iv. John, b. at Fau^eld 4 May 1752. 

I V. Elizabeth, b. at Fairfield 10 May 1754; bapt. 19 May 1754; 

\ probably m. Marvin. 

f vi. Joseph, d. 29 Oct. 1756. 

: vii. Frances, bapt. 6 May 1759; probably m. Fenton. 

viii. Sarah, bapt. 29 Aug. 1760; d. 18 Apr. 1812; m. John Higbt, who 
d. 18 Feb. 1817, aged 60. 

: ix. Joseph, removed abt. 1798 from Ballston, N. Y., to Otsego Co., 

N.Y.; d. 1802; m. Elizabeth Clinch. On 31 Mar. 1817 Widow 
Elizabeth Chnton, with Robert and Benjamin Clinton, conveyed 
land to John Rockwell, John Clinton witnessing the deed. Chil- 
dren: 1. Robert C.,^ "went to Sackett's Harbor, N. Y., married an 
English officer's daughter, and died leaving no children." 2. Ben- 
jamin, h. abt. 1797; d. abt. 1880; had several children, includ- 
ing Joseph,* DeWitt, and a dau. who m. Miller of 

Oneonta, N. Y. 

; 10. Lawrence' Clinton (Thomas,^ Lawrence^) settled at Wood- 
bridge, Conn. There he married first, 10 May 1746, Abigail 

! . Northrop; and secondly, 20 Apr. 1758, Sarah Tryon of 

{ Glastonbury, who died 9 Dec. 1794. On 20 July 1776 

] Lawrence Clinton of Milford conveyed to his son-in-law 

I Amos Stilson and his wife "my daughter Sarah Stilson" all 

j right in the 9th Di\asion of New Haven laid out to John 



1915] The Clinton Family of Connecticut 59 

Downs, which "descended to me by heirship from my parents 
Tho. and Hope CUnton." (New Haven Deeds, vol. 35, p. 
115.) On 4 Apr. 1791 Lawrence Clenton of Woodbridge 
conveyed land to Samuel Clenton of Woodbridge (Wood- 
bridge Deeds, vol. 3, p. 141). 
Children by first wife: 

i. Sarah* b. at Milford 10 Aug. 1747; bapt. at Woodbridge 20 Sept. 
1747; m. 12 Aug. 1772 Amos Stilson. 
22. ii. SniEON, b. at Milford 9 Feb. 1748/9. 

iii. Abigail, b. at Milford 24 Aug. 1751; bapt. at Woodbridge 2 Sept. 
1751. Perhaps she was the Nabby Clinton who d. at Wood- 
bridge Jan. 1803. 

iv. Rebecca, bapt. at Woodbridge 21 July 1753. 

V. Samuel, b. at Milford 22 July 1754; m. at Woodbridge, 7 Dec. 
1774, Merct Downs, b. 8 Jan. 1755, dau. of Seth and Sarah 
(Wilmot). Samuel and Simeon Clinton joined the church at 
South Britain, Conn., in 1777, but returned to Woodbridge. 
In 1795 Samuel Clinton removed to Waterbury, Conn. By 
writ dated Nov. 1800 Samuel Allcox of Wolcott sued Samuel 
• Clinton of Wolcott (Records of Superior Court, New Haven, 
vol. 1, p. 165). The record of his family is incomplete. Chil- 
dren: 1. Samuel,^ bapt. at South Britain 27 July 1777. 2. A 
daughter, d. of canker 11 Oct. 1779 (Milford Deaths *). 3. Anson, 
bapt. at Woodbridge 1786. 4. Dexter, bapt. at Woodbridge 
19 Mar. 1789. 5. Ned, bapt. at Woodbridge 2 Feb. 1794. 

vi. Lewis (?), d. 9 Oct. 1775, in the Revolutionary War. 

Children by second wife:t 

23. vii. Isaac (?), b. at MiKord 21 Jan. 1759 (private record). 

24. viii. Thomas (?), b. abt. 1763. 

ix. Hannah (?), m. at Woodbridge, 11 Sept. 1788, Silas Wilmot of 
Waterbxiry. Silas Willmott witnessed a deed of Thomas 
Clinton in 1812 (Woodbridge Deeds, vol. 10, p. 161). 

11. Capt. Simeon' Clinton (Thomas,'^ Lawrence^), born at Walling- 

ford 26 Jan. 1727/8, died at St. Croix, W. I., 11 Aug. 1766. 
He married, 26 May 1756, Hannah Smith, born about 1735, 
died 29 Dec. 1812 (Woodbridge records), daughter of Andrew 
and Mercy (Painter) (cf. Register, vol. 68, p. 276). She 
married secondly Caleb Beecher, born 18 Apr. 1724, died 
5 Dec. 1784; and thirdly, at Woodbridge, 9 May 1785, John 
Dibble. • 

25. i. Anson,< b. abt. 1764. 

12. Levi' Clinton (Thomas,'^ Lawrence^), baptized at West Haven 

27 Dec. 1732, died 17 Sept. 1780 (private record), probably 
without surviving issue. He married Sarah Trowbridge, 
born 22 Apr. 1731, daughter of Ebenezer and Hannah 
(Brown). In 1761 he conveyed land undivided between the 
heirs of "my father Thos. Clenton dec." and Asa Smith 
(New Haven Deeds, vol. 26, p. 225). He is given tradition- 
ally as the father of David, who may, however, have been a 
son of George (1, x) by his second wife. 

• A private record of deaths in Milford. 

t For reasons for be'ieving that the following list of children ia correct vide infra, 
sub numero 23. 

60 The Clinton Family of Connecticut [Jan. 

Child (?): 

i. David/ b. abt. 1755; d. on the prison ship Jersey, to which he was 
transferred from the Good Hope, abt. 1781; m. Amy Painter, 
b. abt. 1757, d. abt. 1832, dau. of Joseph and Amy (Stevens). 
She m. (2) Thomas Benham, and removed to Amenia, N. Y. 

(Cf. Register, vol. 68, p. 278.) Child: ,' d. 3 Sept. 

1777 (private record). 

13. William^ Clinton (Joseph,'^ Lawrence^), bom 15 May 1726, 
settled at Brookfield, Conn. He and his son WilUam, Jr., 
are known to have traded at Danburj' about 1795. He may 
be identical with the WUham Clenton of Charlestown, Mass., 
who married at Boston, Mass., 23 July 1747, Ann Walkek; 
but the records of this branch of the family are very in- 

' ChUdren: 

i. William.* 
26. ii. Jesse, b. 1772. 

14. Joseph' Clinton (Joseph,'^ Lawrence^), bom 19 Sept. 1733, 

settled at New Canaan, Conn. He married, 1 Dec. (1 Sept. 
according to the church records of New Canaan) 1757, 
Phebe Benedict of Norwalk. The births of his children 
are recorded at Norwalk, and the baptisms of the first seven 
are recorded at New Canaan. 
I Children: 

I i". Le\t Benedict* (twin), b. 26 Mar. 1758; enlisted in the Revo- 

' lutionary War 1 Jan. 1777; was a prisoner at \\Tiitemarsh, Pa., 

I 7 Dec. 1777. 

I ii. Sybil (twin), birth not recorded; bapt. with Levi 28 May 1758; 

I probably d. young. 

I iii. Esther, b. 15 June 1760; bapt. 26 Oct. 1760; m. 25 Oct. 1790 

I Samuel Jae^vis Camp, b. 11 Aug. 1769. Three children. 

\ 27. iv. Joseph Benedict, b. 28 May 1762. 

I v. Allen, b. at Norwalk 7 Mar. 1764; bapt. 11 Mar. 1764; d. 1856; 

i m. 21 Oct. 1787 Sarah Keeler, who joined the church at New 

\ Canaan 4 Jan. 1829 and d. 4 Jan. 1851. He served in the 

Revolution. Children: 1. A son,^ d. in infancy. 2. Esther, b. 
; . 10 Sept. 1788; m. David Olmstead. 3. SaUy, h. 1 Sept. 1793; 

1 m. Stephen Bartow. 

; vi. Salmon B. (twin), b. 13 July 1766; d. at Stratford 5 Mar. 1803; 

m. at Stratford, Apr. 1802, Catherine Judson (Christ Church 

vii. Amaryllis (twin), birth not recorded; bapt. with Salmon B. 26 Apr. 

1767; d. before 1826. 
28. viii. Simeon, b. 3 July 1768. 

ix. Martha, b. 15 Oct. 1770; probably the Patty Clinton who 

joined the Congregational Church at South Norwalk 18 Nov. 

1798 and was dismissed to the Methodist Church 24 Oct. 1803. 
X. Isaac, b. 4 June 1775. 
xi. Phebe, b. 9 Aug. 1777; m. at Wilton, Conn., 9 Jan. 1798, James 


. 15. Jesse Eton* Clinton (Laivrence,^ Lawrence,^ Lawrence^), bom 
at Clintonville, Conn., 9 Aug. 1762, died there 12 Dec. 1836. 
He married Patience Todd, bom 9 June 1768, died 23 Aug. 
1845, daughter of Enos and Sarah (Blakeslee). 
Children, bom in Wallingf ord : ~ • 

1 1915] The Clinton Family of Connecticut 61 

I i. EuNETiA,* b. 25 June 1788; d. 21 Nov. 1824; m. Eli Sackett, 

i who d. 15 Mar. 1836. 

J 29. ii. David, b. 20 June 1790. 

i iii. Lyman, b. 21 Sept. 1791; drowned at Branford 10 June 1811. 

I ■ iv. Sally, b. 29 July 1793; d. at Toole City, Utah, July 1867; m. 

6 May 1813 Edward Tuttle. 
V. Hannah, b. 10 June 1795; d. 11 Aug. 1878; m. Harvey Todd, b. 

Dec. 1790, d. 15 July 1867. 
vi. Elizabeth, b. 20 Sept. 1796; d. 28 Nov. 1886; m. 17 June 1816 

JosiAH Todd, b. 18 Dec. 1794, d. 22 Oct. 1869. 
vii. Bemon Lawrence, b. 1 Oct. 1798; m. (1) 5 Nov. 1826 Lavinia 
Tuttle, b. 27 Feb. 1800, d. 20 Sept. 1852; m. (2) Sarah Fris- 
bie; m. (3) Julia Wells. Children by first wife: 1. Harriet 
Polina Tuttle* b. at Wallingford 13 May 1830; m. at New Haven, 
17 Aug. 1851, Louis W. Gunn, who d. 2 Dec. 1900; divorced. 2. 
David Burton, b. at Blandford, Mass., 14 Oct. 1831; d. s.p. 
29 Jan. 1912. 3. Sarah Burwell, b. at Wallingford 28 Nov. 
. 1833; d. 29 Oct. 1879; m. at New Haven, 21 Aug. 1853, Wash- 
ington Cunningham. 4. Mary Orminda, h. at Wallingford 
31 Dec. 1835; d. 19 Aug. 1895; m. 10 Oct. 1867 William Cook. 
5. Jane, h. at Wallingford 19 Mar. 1838; m. at New Haven, 
19 July 1860, George H. Auger, who d. 15 Jan. 1904. 
viii. Cynthia, b. 27 Jan. 1801; d. 13 Jan. 1848; m. Dea. Lewis Bates, 

b. 1798, d. 10 Feb. 1876. 
ix. AuRELiA, b. 14 July 1803; d. 4 May 1892; m. 30 Oct. 1823 Oerin 
Todd, b. 26 Feb. 1800, d. 8 Dec. 1888. 
30. X. Jesse, b. 13 May 1805. 


i 16. Henkt^ Clinton {Henry, ^ ? Shubael,'^ Lawrence'^), born at Bark- 

j hamsted 27 Nov. 1763, died at Waukesha, Wis., 1 July 1843. 

i He married, 19 Oct. 1786, Eleanor Daerow, bom 26 Sept. 

1 1768, died 29 Sept. 1858, daughter of Jonathan and Avis 

I (Harding). About 1795 the family removed to Ferrisburg, 

I Vt. He served in the War of 1812, and about 1817 settled 

I in Potsdam, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. In 1838 he and his 

[ wife and son Norman removed to PrairieviUe (now Wau- 

{ kesha). Wis., whither their sons Allen and Edmund had 

I preceded them. 

I Children: 

1 i. Eleanor,' b. at Barkhamsted 26 May 1788; d. at Gulls Prairie, 

■ ■ - Mich., 13 Nov. 1836; m. 1807 Solomon Stone, who d. 3 Feb. 

: 1872. They resided at Vergennes, Vt., Potsdam and Clinton- 

ville, N. Y., and Kalamazoo and Richland, Mich. 
Henry, b. at Barkhamsted 4 Jan. 1790; d. at Ferrisburg, Vt., 

13 Apr. 1813. 
Tryphenia, b. at Barkhamsted 21 Nov. 1794; d. at Englewood, 

HI., 24 July 1891; m. 23 Jan. 1812 Silas Taft, b. 21 June 1779, 

d. 30 Oct. 1865. They lived at Broadhead, Wis. 
Norman, b. at Ferrisburg, Vt., 29 Dec. 1796. 
Sally, b. at Ferrisburg, Vt., 13 Jan. 1800; d. at Broadhead, Wis., 

13 Jan. 1886; m. at Potsdam, N. Y., 26 Mar. 1816, Daniel 

Stone, b. 29 May 1789, d. at Potsdam, N. Y., 7 Oct. 1866. 
Allen, b. at Ferrisburg, Vt., 17 Aug. 1801. 
Edmund D., b. at Ferrisburg, Vt., 19 Apr. 1804. 
Charles Hawley, b. at Ferrisburg, Vt., 27 Apr. 1806. 
Orson P., b. at Ferrisburg, Vt., 22 Nov. 1808. 
Maria, b. at Ferrisburg, Vt., 30 Jan. 1813; d. at Waukesha, Wis. 

18 Oct. 1874; m. at Shalersville, Ohio, 16 July 1835, George A. 


17. Sheldon^ Clinton {Henry, ^ ? Shuhael,^ Lawrence^), bom at New 















62 The Clinton Family of Connecticut [Jan. 

Milford 6 Aug. 1767, died at Northfield, Minn., 9 Dec. 1862. 
He married, 30 Sept. 1792, Pelia Harrington, who died at 
Smithfield Centre, Bradford Co., Pa., in Oct. 1844, aged 77. 
After his wife's death, he made his home with his daughters. 

i. Jeremiah,* b. abt. 1793; d. when 7 jts. old because of the over- 
turning of a cart. 

36. ii. Teuman, b. 15 May 1797. 
iii. Ltman, served in the War of 1812, and afterwards went West, and 

"ran a boat on the Mississippi River." 
iv. Sally, m. Joseph Terrill, who ser\'ed in the War of 1812. 

37. V. Harmon, b. at Barkhamsted 12 July 1802. 
vi. Prudence, b. at Barkhamsted 1803; d. at Ancona, Livingston 

Co., III., 20 Apr. 1870; m. at Oxford, N. Y., 19 June 1825, 

Lewis Johnson, b. at Norwich 27 Mar. 1803, d. at Amity, 111., 

10 May 1895. 
vii. Maria (called "Hetty"), b. at Grand Isle, Vt., 8 Mar. 1804; d. 
• at Jefferson, Iowa, 20 Mar. 1889; m. (1) M.^lon Carpenter; 

m. (2) John L. Root; m. (3) at Jefferson, Iowa, 26 Feb. 1882, 

William Crawford. 
viii. Phebe, d. at Greenwood Prairie, Minn. ; m. S.^idel Davis. 
ix. George, "went west." 

38. X. Henry DeWitt, b. in Chenango Co., N. Y., 29 May 1812. 
xi. Washington, of Costello, Potter Co., Pa., b. in Chenango Co., 

N. Y., 3 Oct. 1813; m. (1) Feb. 1838 Latjra Bacon, b. 11 Feb. 
1821, d. 26 Mar. 1847; m. (2) 27 June 1848 Matilda Booth; 
m. (3) 25 Dec. 1866 Betsey Westfall. Children by first wife: 

1. Elizabeih,^ h. 15 Apr. 1839; d. 1889; m. . 2. Lyman, 

b. 9 Sept. 1842. 3. George, b. 6 Jan. 1845. 4. Orsore, b. 15 Mar. 
1847. Children by second wife: 5. Margaret, h. 28 Aug. 1849. 
6. Henry, h. 3 July 1851. 7. Benjamin, b. 23 Sept. 1853. 8. 
i Robert, b. 7 Aug. 1855. 

f xii. Freelo\-e, m. John A. Logan (or Hoagland) of Genesee Co., 

\ N. Y. 

I xiii. Amanda, b. in Chenango Co., N. Y., 16 Nov. 1818; m. 5 May 

I 1844 O. J. Burlingame of East Smithfield, Pa. 


I 18. Lyman* Clinton {Henry, ^1 Shiibael,- Lawrence^) , bom at New 

i Milford 3 Apr. 1771, died at Newark Valley, Tioga Co., 

j , N. Y., 30 Apr. 1855. He married, 28 Feb. 1796, :Mehitabel 

j Pease, who was born in 1777 and died 7 Sept. 1834. He was 

made a freeman at Barkhamsted in 1796, whence he removed 
to Colebrook with his father about 1807. In 1830 he visited 
Newark Valley, N. Y., where he bought 600 acres of land, 
dividing it among his children and reserving a portion for 
himself. The family moved to that place in 1831. 

39. i. Lyman,' b. at Barkhamsted 7 May 179S. 

40. ii. Samuel, b. at Barkhamsted 2 Nov. 1800. 

iii. Henry, b. at Barkhamsted 2 Sept. 1802; d. s.p. at Galesburg, 
Kalamazoo Co., Mich., 3 Aug. 1871; m. abt. 1827 May Wise- 
j man. They settled at Galesburg in 1836. 

I iv. Mehitabel, b. at Barkhamsted 24 Julv 1805; d. unm. at New- 

I ark VaUey, N. Y., 29 Sept. 1868. 

: 41. V. Sheldon, b. at Colebrook 20 Oct. 1807. 

42. vi. George, b. at Colebrook 14 July 1809. 

43. vii. Eli, b. at Colebrook 25 June 1811. 
viii. Rhoda L., b. at Colebrook 12 June 1814; d. at Newark VaUey, 

N. Y., 19 Mar. 1875; m. (1) 31 Dec. 1834 Albert A. Williams; 
m. (2) 2 Sept. 1868 J.'^on Phelps. 

1915] The Clinton Family of Connecticut 63 

., ' 19. Thomas* Clinton {Thomas,^ Thomas,'^ Lawrence^), born at New 

\ Haven 13 May 1750 and baptized at West Haven 15 July 

I 1750, resided at Derby, and died prior to 1792, probably 

I much earlier. The name of his wife is unknown, but it is 

believed that she married secondly Joseph Davis. 

i. Anna Betsey,^ bapt. at St. James Chiirch (Episcopal), Derby, 21 
July 1771; d. 16 Jan. 1841 (gravestone at Derby); m. 4 Mar. 1787 
John Beers, a Revolutionary soldier, b. abt. 1759, d. 22 Apr. 1848 
(gravestone). On 24 Jan. 1792 Mary Harger, Ebenr. Clinton, 
and John Beers and his wife Anna Betsy, all of Derby, disposed 
of land in West Haven (New Haven Deeds, vol. 46, p. 405). 
Child: 1. Siisan, m. Eben H. Collins. 

I 20. Ebenezer* Clinton {Thomas,^ Thomas,^ Lawrence^), born at 
New Haven 20 Feb. 1755, died at Derby 7 Sept. 1835. He 
married first Lois Smith, daughter of Asa and Sarah (Thomp- 
son); and secondly Elizabeth . The will of Asa 

Smith, proved Dec. 1782, names daughter Lois, wife of 

Ebenezer Clinton (New Haven Probate Records, vol. 14, 

p. 72). He removed to Derby, and about 1800 his wife Lois 

bought a considerable portion of the real estate of Ephraim 

; . Harger from his heirs. On 20 Jan. 1801 Ebenezer Chnton 

j and wife Lois conveyed to sons Thomas and Ebenezer, Jr., 

* land to be used by Thomas until Ebenezer should attain the 

I age of 21 years (Derby Deeds, vol. 16, p. 269). On 29 Nov. 

I 1811 Ebenezer Clinton conveyed to children Ebenezer Clin- 

1 ton, Jr., Mamery Clinton, Sarah Clinton, and also to the 

•■ heirs of son Thomas Clinton dec'd the use of all land "that 

I . was and did belong to my former wife Lois CUnton deceased " 

(Derby Deeds, vol. 25, p. 322). Ebenezer, Jr., conveyed 

land, 15 Jan. 1814, to Elizabeth wife of Ebenezer, Sr. {ib., 

\ vol. 20, p. 92). On 7 May 1835 Ebenezer conveyed to 

Mamory Clark land, buildings, furniture, and clothing {ib., 

vol. 27, p. 316). 

Children by first wife : 

44. i. Thomas,^ b. at New Haven 8 Feb. 1779. 

ii. Mamhe, m. (1) David Clark of Derby; m. (2) at Seymour, 3 Feb. 
1843, Isaac Blake. On 23 June 1834 David Clark and wife 
Mamory conveyed land to William Wooster and wife Sarah 
(Derby Deeds, vol. 26, pp. 266, 606). 

45. iii. Ebenezer, bapt. at Derby 12 July 1789. 

iv. Sarah, b. abt. 1795; probably the dau. who was bapt. at Derby 
17 Mar. 1796; d. 11 Sept. 1839; m. William Wooster of Derby. 
V. Asa Smith, bapt. at Derby 2 Sept. 1798; d. young. 

[To be continued] 

64 Parentage of William Arnold and Thomas Arnold [Jan. 




By Edson Salisbury Jones, Esq., of Port Chester, N. Y. 

It has been generally accepted that WiUiam^ Arnold of Hingham, 
Mass., who went to Rhode Island with Roger WiUiams and became 
an inhabitant of Providence, and Thomas^ Arnold of Watertown, 
Mass., who removed to Providence some twenty years later, were 
half brothers; but the present writer and several other Arnold de- 
scendants have sought in vain for proof of this relationship. There 
is in existence a copy of a chart, made in 1819, which represents 
these two immigrants as thus related; but it is highly probable that 
the connection was deduced and assumed from some early records of 
the Arnold family, the first section of which was evidently prepared 
by William^ and the remainder by his descendants, because the chart 
repeats information given in those records. The records in question 
were printed in the Register, vol. 33, pp. 427-432 (Oct. 1879). 
About 1842 there was compiled a genealogy of the descendants of 
Thomas^ Arnold (William^ and his children were also mentioned), 
the opening portion of which seems certainly to have been derived 
I from this chart, and the name of Thomas, as the father of the immi- 

t grants, was prefixed.* WiUiam,^ in the record which he prepared, 

I did not name his father. In the "History of Woonsocket," 1876, 

5 , there is also a genealogy of the descendants of Thomas,^ who is 

i represented as a son of William.^ In the "Life of Benedict Arnold," 

I 1880, the birthplace of William^ is given as Leamington, England. 

I No county is named, but there is a well-known watering place called 

\ Leamington in Warwickshire. Savage thought that perhaps Bene- 

I dict^ (Wilham^) was born in co. Nottingham. 

I In the Register, vol. 33, pp. 432^38, immediately after the article 

{ entitled "Early Records of the Arnold Family," was printed "Mr. 

j Somerby's Genealogy of the Arnold Family," a pedigree compiled 

; by the late Horatio G. Somerbj--, in which the descent of our two 

immigrants is derived from Ynir, King of Gwentland, a Welsh prince 
who flourished about the middle of the twelfth century. This pedi- 
gree was taken, with some changes and additions, from the follo-ning 

From the so-called Ynir^ to Roger,!^ inclusive, it was obtained from 
the Visitation of IMonmouthshire. The present writer examined 
this Visitation in the College of Arms, and knows that (besides dif- 

• It is nearly certain that the name of Thomas, as the father, was derived from an 
obituary notice of Stephen' (born in 1728, died at Smithfield, R. I., 2 May 1796), which 
appeared in the Providence Gazette of 7 May 1796. Therein it was said that Stephen 
"descended from Thomas Arnold, a native of England, whose son Thomas was one 
of the first adventurers that came to this country, and settled in the then Colony of 
Rhode Island and Pro^'idence Plantations." The composer of this notice was not 
aware, seemingly, that Thomas* was at Watertown, Mass., in 1636, and continued 
there for about twenty years. The present writer knows that Thomas, as father of 
the immigrants, was named in information given to Mr. Somerby as a basis for his 

1915] Parentage of William Arnold and Thomas Arnold 


ferences in the spelling of some names) one generation — the true 
eleventh — was omitted by Mr. Somerby. As a visual aid to a clear 
understanding of conditions, a section of the Visitation pedigree is 
presented, the first generation given being the one neglected by the 
American compiler. 

Amhalt Vychan, Esq. = Cicilie, dau. of Meiric ap Run, Esq., or of 
I Iv or ap Meirick ap Rhyn, I^q. 

Richard Arnold = Emmot*. d. & 

of Streete 

h. to Pierce 
Yeoung of 

Amnalt ap Amalht Vychan, Esq. = Joan, d. & 

coh. to 
ap Thom- 
as ap 

John Arnold = Agnes, d. of John 
I Hall of Bradford. 


Thomas Arnold Roger Amalhd, Esq. = Joan, 

ofGlouc. d. to 

j ■ j Sir 

John Arnold = Isabel, d. of Henry Lee William Arnold Thomas 

I of Flamerston. ,^^ . Gamage. 

I j — j i i i [No issue given.] 

John Thomas Joan Agnes Ahce Margaret 

It will be noted that Arnhalt ap Arnalht Vychan, Esq., had wife 
Joan, daughter and coheiress to INIadoc ap Thomas ap Rhun; and 
that to their son Ex)ger Amalhd, Esq., was assigned no issue. Mr. 
Somerby said that this Roger was "the first of the family who 
adopted a surname;" but it will be seen that the said Roger had an 
uncle Richard Arnold; and in the pedigree presented below Roger's 
father appears as an Arnold. 

A son for Roger was obtained from a Visitation of Gloucester- 
shire, the first four generations of which are here reproduced. 

Arnold of = Sibbell, d. of Madoc ap Enion ap Thomas 

Iloger Arnold = 

-, d. of 

• Gamage 

Thomas Arnold of 
in com. Gloster 

■ = Agnes, d. of Ric. Warnested 

John Arnold of ■ 

= Isabell, d. of - 

— Hawkins Eleanor ux Sir John 

In the Somerby pedigree, Joan as the mother of Roger was dis- 
carded, and Sybil was adopted. In the pedigree given immediately 
above, the only grandson of Roger is John. Mr. Somerby supplied 
another grandson, naming him Richard Arnold of Street, with wife 
Emmote, daughter and heir of Pearce Young of Damerham in Wilt- 
shire. Turning to the section of the pedigree from the Visitation of 
Monmouthshire, it will be seen that this man was uncle of Roger. 
There can be no question as to identity, for Mr. Somerby transferred 
(in his original volume) this Richard and all his shown descendants 
to places three generations lower down, and made Richard the grand- 
son of Roger. He also located the father of his Richard'* in Llan- 

66 Parentage of William Arnold and Thomas Arnold [Jan. 

thony, CO. Monmouth, whereas the Visitation of Gloucestershire 
placed him in the latter county. The Monmouthshire pedigree does 
not state in what county Street was situated; but Somerset was 
adopted, although there are parishes of the name in Devon and 
Sussex, and a Street hundred in co. Kent (where there were Arnolds 
by 1460). The extant parish registers of Street, co. Somerset, 1599- 
1762, have been printed, but there are but few items for the first five 
years and then a gap, 1604r-1635. The index discloses no Arnold 
earlier than 1745. No will of an Arnold of Street is known to the 
writer, nor has any will of a Somersetshire Arnold, prior to 1553, been 
found in the calendars of district probate registries and of the Pre- 
rogative Court of Canterbury. There are wUls of Gloucestershire 
Arnolds from 1544, of Arnolds of co. Sussex from 1536, and of Arnolds 
of CO. Surrey from 1482. 

The Heralds' Visitations do not give to Richard Arnold of Street 
any other sons than John and Thomas; but Mr. Somerby furnished 
the father with an eldest son and heir, Richard,^' who "removed into 
Dorsetshire and became seated at Bagbere," although he gave no 
evidence in support of this statement. This Richard of Bagbere 
left a will, dated 15 May 1593 (the earhest will foimd by Mr. Somer- 
by of any person in the ancestral Kne presented by him), which gave 
£50 to a son Thomas, whose residence is not stated. This Thomas 
was placed in Cheselboume, co. Dorset, and made the father of the 
immigrants, WiUiam^ and Thomas^ Arnold; but here again no proof 
is given, nor any evidence that said Thomas of Cheselbourne had any 
issue whatsoever. 

The present writer had in his possession, for six weeks, the original 
volume prepared by Mr. Somerby for his cKent, as well as all Arnold 
data that could be found in all his EngUsh search books known to be 
extant (more than one hundred). In the whole no proof is found 
that Richard of Bagbere was grandfather of William^ or Thomas,^ 
or that either was a son of Thomas of Cheselbourne. The nearest 
semblance of proof was in items that a William Arnold was made 
administrator of his brother John of Cheselboume and guardian of 
the latter's children in 1616; and that one of these children referred, 
in the time of the Commonwealth, to "his uncle in foreign parts." 
Examining the record prepared by WUham,^ it will be seen that he 
mentioned no brother John. 

The key to the true parentage of WiUiam^ Arnold lay in that por- 
tion of the family record prepared by him, the first two items of 
which are as follows: 

Alee Gully the Daughter of John Gully of Northouer. Who was my 
Mother, was Baptized ye 29: Septem 1553. 

Tamzen, my Sister was Baptized the 4° of Jany. 1571. 

Mr. Somerby located Northover near Cheselboume, co. Dorset; 
but no EngUsh gazetteer or map seen discloses such a place — not 
even the ordnance survey map of that locaUty on a scale of six inches 
to the mile. In the whole of England there is but one parish of North- 
over, and that is in co. Somerset. Thither the present writer went in 
the summer of 1902 and examined the original register, in which were 
found the following baptismal records: 

-^ 1915] Parentage of William Arnold and Thomas Arnold 67 

; Alice Gullye the Daughter of John Gullye 29° Septembris a°Jim 1553° 

1 Tomsine the Daughter of Nicholas Amolde 4° Januarij a° dm 1571° 

I It will be observed that the names and dates of the baptized persons 

1 agree with the family record of William Arnold, and that the father 

I of Tomsine was Nicholas — not Thomas. No other Arnold baptism 

i is found in this register in early days. The only Arnold marriages, 

I prior to 1643, were those of Margarett to Christopher Tuck in 1585 

I and Margery to Thomas Bumard in 1603. Records of Gullye 

i burials were seen, among them those of John in 1559, Alice, wife of 

j John, in 1583, and another John in 1591. No Arnold burials were 

found prior to 17.00. 

: Adjoining Northover on the south is the parish of Ilchester, the 

earliest extant register of which, unfortunately, does not begin until 

1690; and directly on the east is the parish of Limington,* the extant 

register of which begins in 1681. About five miles westerly from 

Northover and Ilchester is the parish of Muchelney, where resided 

Thomas Peak, father-in-law of William^ Arnold, according to the 

family record. The extant register of this parish does not begin 

until 1703. Here we have proof that the home of the father of 

William^ was in co. Somerset — not co. Dorset. 

; In his section of the family record, William^ named the* children of 

I two sisters, some of the children of his half brother Thomas, and the 

i births of his own issue. Among the first was Thomas Hopkins, 

.• baptized 7 Apr. 1616; and in the last group was Steven Arnold, born 

5 22 Dec. 1622. 

;. Among the Bishop's transcripts in the Diocesan Registry of Bath 

and WeUs, the writer foimd the following from the parish of Ilchester: 
] Thomas the somie of W™ Hopkins bapt: seaventh of ApriU, 1616. 

f Stephanus fihus WiUiami Arnolde baptizat vicessimo sexto die Decem- 

■' bris, 1622. 

Nichalaus Amolde sepultus vicessimo sexto Januarij, 1622. 

The name and baptismal date of the Hopkins child agree with the 
family record, and the baptism of Stephen Arnold was four days later 
than the birth date of Stephen^ (WilHam') in the said record. As 
will soon appear, the Nicholas Arnold who was buried 26 Jan. 1622 
was the father of William.^ In the same registry was also foimd an 
original return from Ilchester parish, in 1622, signed by John Ravens, 
rector, and Melchesadeck Jones and William Arnold, churchwardens.f 
The signature of the last-named closely resembles that of WilKam^ 
in 1650 and 1659, except for the first and last letters. From this 
registry was also obtained (at second hand) the following items from 
Ilchester parish: 

* 1595, Oct. 5 Robert Hacker & Thomasine ArnoU married. 

1595, Agnes, dau. of Nicholas ArnoU, buried. 

1596, Apr. 12 Isabel! ArnoU baptized. 

1596, Apr. 25 AMce, wife of Nicholas ArnoU, tailer, buried. 

1596, Nov. 15 Nicholas ArnoU baptized. 

1635, Oct. 15 George, son of Thomas & Jane Arnold, baptized. 

* The will of Gov. Benedict' Arnold (William') mentions his "Lemmington Farm," 
which was very probably named in remembrance of this parish. 

t In Samuel Gorton's "Simplicity's Defence" we read that WiUiam' "Arnold was a 
great professor of religion in the West of Old England." 


68 Parentage of William Arnold and Thomas Arnold [Jan. 

The first of these items was evidently the marriage of William' 
Arnold's sister, and the fourth was the burial of his mother. 

In the District Probate Registry of Wells the writer found a will 
of which the following is an abstract: 

The Will of Nicholas Arnold of Ilchester in the Countie of Somersett 
Tayler, 18 Jan. 1622 [1622/3]. To Grace Arnold my wief all my gooda 
movable and immovable w'thin and wth thout Dores to thintent she shall 
guid & bringe up my two youngest Daughters her Children and when it shall 
please god to take her out of this mortaU Uef to Dispose the said goods at her 
pleasure unto theis two Children. Grace my wief to be sole executrix. 
My Sonne W*°» Arnold & Ambrose Chappell my frend to be over seers. 
Witnesses: John Raven, Thomas Arnold. Proved at Wells 28 July 1623. 
Inventory, £7. 16s. 5d. (Wells Registry, hb. 43, fo. 5.) 

This will makes it clear that Grace was not the first wife of the 
testator; and the family record shows that the father of Wdliam' 
had been twice married, that Thomas was a son by the second wife, 
and that this Thomas had a son Nicholas, who was baptized in 1627. 
No real evidence has been seen that this Thomas emigrated to 

In the Probate Registry of Wells as thorough search as circimi- 
stances permitted was made; but no Arnold wiU was found which 
disclosed a son Nicholas, nor any Gully will that named a John who 
might be father of AUce. In such search as could be made in the 
I Probate Registry of Taunton nothing was discovered to aid in ex- 

5 tending the ancestry of WiUiam^ Arnold. Deeper investigations 

I are needed. 

I Nicholas Arnold of Ilchester, tailor, the testator of 1622/3, seem- 

I ingly was not the only one of the name in that region, as in Martock 

j parish, four miles west-southwest of Ilchester, a Nicholas Arnold and 

I Margaret Pound were married, 6 Oct. 1570. Here also were baptized 

Nicholas, son of Thomas, in 1604, WilUam, son of George, in 1605, 
I and others. In this parish are recorded marriages of John GuUy in 

1561 and 1603. A John GuUy was married in 1556, and a Johanna 
ArneU in 1563, in Kingsdon parish, two miles north of Ilchester, 
where also Robert Arnold was churchwarden in 1594 and Thomas 
Arnold in 1611. Thomas Amolde was married in 1572 and Mary 
Arnald in 1578, in Yeovil, five miles south of Ilchester. Henry 
Arnold married in 1562, in Taunton. 

In the Registeb, vol. 48, pp. 374^375, was printed an abstract of 
the will of Richard Arnold of London, goldsmith, dated 8 Nov. 1644, 
which was reprinted in Waters's "Genealogical Gleanings in Eng- 
land," pp. 882-883. This testator was born at GiUingham, co. Kent, 
and his will names, among others, his uncles Richard and William 
Arnold, both deceased; the former's son Richard of Killingworth [an 
old name for Kenilworth], co. Warwick; and the latter 's son Richard 
of Kelshall [Kelsale], co. Suffolk, the last two to pay 20s. "xmto every 
of their brothers and sisters . . . except Thomas Arnold who is 
now supposed to be in New England or some other part beyond 
the seas," his legacy to be paid upon his demand or that of his as- 
signs. The only Thomas Axnold known to have been in New Eng- 
land in 1644 was Thomas' of Watertown; and it seems very probable 
that he was the legatee named. 


■> 1915] Parentage of William Arnold and Thomas Arnold 69 

It will be noted that the specifically mentioned son of the testator's 
uncle Richard was of KiUingworth, Warwick. Six miles southeast 
from this place is the parish of Offchurch. The will of Richard 
Arnold of Offchurch, husbandman, names, among others, his mother 
Margaret Arnold, wife Alice, sons Thomas, John, and Richard, 
I and daughters Elizabeth and Mary — all the children under age on 

2 July 1604, the date of the will, which Was proved 3 Aug, 1604. 
The specifically named son of the London goldsmith's uncle William 
was of Kelsale, Suffolk, a parish about twenty miles northeast from 
Ipswich. Thirteen miles southerly from Kelsale and twelve miles 
east of Ipswich is the parish of HoUesley. The will of WilUam 
Arnold of Hollesley, husbandman, dated 22 Nov. 1616 and proved 
24 Feb. 1616/17, names wife Katherine, sons Richard and Thomas 
(both under age), daughters Cleere and Katherine, and nephew 
Richard Arnold. Here, then, are two Thomas Arnolds who are in 
harmony with the London goldsmith's will, as well as with the prob- 
able age of our Thomas^ at the respective times; but there is a 
speculative preference for the Thomas of co. Suffolk, as there seems 
; to be a possibihty that Thomas^ Arnold married Phebe Parkhurst 

i before he emigrated, and her father, Greorge^ Parkhurst, was a resi- 

; dent of Ipswich, co. Suffolk, where his daughter Phebe^ was baptized 

j 29 Nov. 1612.* 

f There were Arnold testators in co. Suffolk from the middle of the 

I fifteenth century, who were largely resident in the easterly half of 

> the shire. The earliest wills of such, yet seen, were those of Robert 

I of Framlingham and John of Eye, respectively fourteen and eighteen 

f miles northerly from Ipswich. By the year 1650 at least sixty-five 

i wills of Arnolds of this county had been proved in various courts, 

j twenty of which were of testators within a radius of twelve mile: 

; from Ipswich. 

} Thomas^ Arnold was of Watertown, Mass., as early as 25 July 

i ' 1636, when he had a grant of thirty acres from the town. The 

I earliest date at which Watertown records disclose George^ Parkhurst 

: was 10 May 1642, when he received land. The present writer 

■ questions the statement that Thomas^ Arnold, aet. 30, embarked for 

Virginia in the Plain Joan, in 1635. He died at Providence, R. I., 

in Sept. 1674, but at no time is his age of pubhc record. His first 

child whose birth was recorded in America was Ichabod, who was 

born 1 Mar. 1640 (Watertown records) ; but the father had had an 

earlier child, Susanna, who married in Boston, 7 Apr. 1654, John 

Farnum. If she were then twenty years old, she was bom two years 

prior to her father's recorded appearance in Watertown. The later 

children of Thomas^ were Richard, Thomas, John, Eliezer, and 


Herein have been presented the true name and residence of the 
father of William^ Arnold; but the parentage of Thomas^ is as yet 
uncertain. The writer hopes that the information furnished will 
stimulate further investigations. 

* Cf. Register, vol. 68, p. 373. 

70 Friends* Records at VassaVborough, Me. [Jan. 


CJommimicated by Hon. Henbt Sewall Websteb, A.M., of Gardiner, Me. 
[Continued from vol. 68, page 381] 
[Names of Members, Continued] 

[7] . 

Ephriam Stevens. 
Sybil Stevens (his wife). 

Hannah Stevens, b. Winthrop, 6, 1 mo., 1783. 

Thomas Stevens, " Fahnouth, 29, 5 mo., 1784. 

Aaron Stevens, " Winthrop, 26, 2 mo., 1786. 

Ephriam Stevens, " " 17, 3 mo., 1788. 

Eliphalet Stevens, " " 11, 4 mo., 1790. 

Sybil Stevens, " " 15, 3 mo., 1792. 

Joshua Stevens, " " 21, 3 mo., 1794. 

Anna Stevens, " " 20, 1 mo., 1796. 

JMicajah Stevens, " 25, 2 mo., 1798. 

Barlow Stevens, " 19, 4 mo., 1800. 

Ludaok Hoxie. 
Content Hoxie (his wife). 
Children [b. Fairfield]. 

Barnabas Hoxie, b. 26, 11 mo., 1787. 

Hannah Hoxie, " 5, 6 mo., 1789. 

Deborah Hoxie, " 4, 8 mo., 1792. 

Nathan Hoxie, " 2, 5 mo., 1797. 

Arnold Hoxie, " 27, 8 mo., 1799. 

George Ramsdell. 
Eunice RamsdeU (his wife). 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Charles Ramsdell, b. 9, 11 mo., 1781. Died 24, 4 mo., 1846. 
Eunice Ramsdell, " 19, 12 mo., 1783. 
Deborah Ramsdell," 27, 5 mo., 1786. 

Samuel Ramsdell, " 8, 8 mo., 1788. Died 13, 1 mo., 1845. 
Lydia Ramsdell, " 2, 12 mo., 1790. 
Mary Ramsdell, " 21, 12 mo., 1792. 
Thomas Ramsdell, " 1, 3 mo., 1795. Died 7, 10 mo., 1841. 

, Name changed to George 

by Act of Legislature 2, 
3 mo., 1826. 
Anna Ramsdell, " 11, 11 mo., 1797. 
Peletiah Hussey. 

Lydia Hussey (his wife), died 10, 5 mo., 1795. 
Ebenezer Hussey, b. Vassalboro, 28, 6 mo., 1789. 
Mercy Hussey, 2nd. wife of Peletiah, died 3, 2 mo., 1852. 
Children of Peletiah & Mercy [b. Vassalboro]. 
WiUiam Howland Hussey, b. 28, 7 mo., 1798. 
Samuel Hussey, " 23, 7 mo., 1800. 

George Hussey, " 19, 11 mo., 1802. 

Harriet Wing Hussey, " 23, 10 mo., 1805. 
Isaac Cole Hussey, ." 11, 8 mo., 1809. 

1915] Friends' Records at Vassalborough, Me. 71 

Joseph Howland, died 7, 1 mo., 1840. 
Sarah Howland (his wife), died 15, 12 mo., 1797. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Lydia Howland, b. 17, 8 mo., 1789. Died 10, 10 mo., 1808. 
Mercy Howland, " 6, 1 mo., 1792. 

Rebecca Howland, " 3, 2 mo., 1794. Died 22, 6 mo., 1853. 
Phebe Howland, " 29, 11 mo., 1795. 
Sarah Howland second wife of Joseph Howland. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Mary Howland, b. 4, 6 mo., 1800. 

William Howland, " 6, 8 mo., 1802. 

Anne Howland, " 31, 5 mo., 1804. 

David Purinton Howland, " 11, 9 mo., 1809. 
Jonathan Dow. 

Huldah Dow (his wife), died 27, 8 mo., 1789. 
Moses Dow, b. Vassalboro, 15, 8 mo., 1789. 

Abra Dow, second wife of Jonathan Dow. 
John Dow, b. Vassalboro, 5, 4 mo., 1797. 

Richard Dow, " Harlem,* 10, 4 mo., 1799. 
EUjah Dow, " " 2, 6 mo., 1801. Died 2, 10 mo., 

Daniel Dow, " " 18, 5 mo., 1805. 



Zacheus Bowerman. 
Pamelia Bowerman (his wife). 
Children [b. Fairfield]. 

Benjamin Bowerman, b. 19, 12 mo., 1788. 

Elizabeth Bowerman, " 25, 11 mo., 1790. 

Rose Bowerman, " 20, 3 mo., 1793.' 

Hannah Bowerman, " 21, 3 mo., 1795. 

Betty Bowerman, " 12, 6 mo., 1798. Died 3, 2 mo., 1799. 

Avis Bowerman, " 22, 6 mo., 1800. 

Joshua Frye, died 31, 3 mo., 1845. 
Mary Frye (his wife), died 11, 4 mo., 1850. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

WiUiam Frye, b. 3, 4 mo., 1790. Died 24, 3 mo., 1872. 

Thomas Frye, " 20, 12 nio., 1791. " 19, 1 mo., 1875. 

Phebe Frye, " 17, 10 mo., 1793. " 4, 11 mo., 1857. 

Ebenezer Frye, " 25, 6 mo., 1795. " 18, 2-mo., 1886. 

Lydia Frye, "10, 5 mo., 1797. " 10 mo., 1830. 

Sarah Frye, " 5, 7 mo., 1799. Married Moses Jenkins. 

John Frye, " 1, 6 mo., 1802. Died 15, 4 mo., 1885. 

Isiah Frye, " 17, 6 mo., 1804. 

Stephen Frye, " 5 mo., 1806. 


John Pmiiham. 
Rebecca Pinkham (his wife). 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

Ruth Pinkham, b. 4, 1 mo., 1780. 

Walter Pinkham, " 10, 4 mo., 1781. 

Anne Pinkham, ." 27, 1 mo., 1783. Died 26, 3 mo., 1783. 

* Now China. 


Friends' Records at Vassalhorough, Me. 


John Pinkham, " 17, 4 mo., 1784. 

David Pinkham, " 4, 4 mo., 1786. 

Abagail Pinkham, " 26, 2 mo., 1788. 

Hepsebah Pinkham, " 13, 1 mo., 1790. 
Samuel Stevens^ bom 28, 4 mo., 1751. 
Lois Stevens (his wife), bom 6, 8 mo., 1748. 

Lois Stevens, 
Samuel Stevens, 
Eimice Stevens, 
William Stevens, 
Ethan Stevens, 
Susannah Stevens, 
Joel Stevens, 
Chloe Stevens, 
Persis Stevens, 

Moses Stevens, 
Ezra Stevens, 

14, 1 mo., 1775. 

15, 3 mo., 1777. 
19, 1 mo., 1779. 
23, 9 mo., 1780. 
27, 3 mo., 1782. 

19, 10 mo., 1783. 
22, 5 mo., 1785. 
27, 1 mo., 1787. 

20, 1 mo., 1789. 

27, 1 mo., 1791. 

Disowned 17, 3 mo., 1802. 

" 25, 5 mo., 1794. 
Children of Solomon and Remembrance Hoxie. 
Betty Hoxie, b. Vassalboro, 4, 9 mo., 1792, 
John Hoxie, " Sidney, 17, 2 mo., 1795. 
Ruth Hoxie, " " 9, 2 mo., 1797. 

Lydia Hoxie, " " 2, 8 mo., 1799. 

Children of Peleg and Ruby Delano. 
Silas Hoxie Delano, b. Vassalboro, 1, 11 mo., 1792. 
Betty Hoxie Delano, " Sidney, 14, 7 mo., 1794. 
Abel Delano, " " 3, 6 mo., 1796. 

Ruby & Anne Delano, " " 19, 11 mo., 1798. 

Nathan Breed, died 2, 1 mo., 1840. 
Anne Breed (his wife), died 26, 2 mo., 1815. 

Hannah Breed, b. Vassalboro, 21, 2 mo., 1793. Died 13, 5 mo., 


Moses Sleeper Breed, " 


3, 9 mo., 1794. " 4, 8 mo., 

Mary Breed, " 


13, 9 mo., 1795. " 9, 2 mo., 


Ebenezer Breed, " 


11, 12 mo., 1797. 

Ruth Breed, 


11, 8 mo., 1799. Married Wil- 

Nathan Breed, " 


liam Frye. 
28, 8 mo., 1801. 

Ann Alexander Breed, " 


19, 8 mo., 1804. 

Amos Breed, " 

20, 11 mo.. 


David Hoxie. 

Rebecca Hoxie, his wife. 

Children [b. Fairfield]. 
Allen Hoxie, 

b. 12,9 


., 1787. 

James Hoxie, 

" 12,7 


., 1790. Died 4, 9 mo., 1799. 

Eunice Howland Hoxie, 

" 10,3 


., 1793. 

Sarah Hoxie, 

" 12,6 


., 1795. " 3, 9 mo., 1799. 

WiUiam Hoxie, 

" 1,4 


., 1798. " 3, 4 mo., 1800. 

Sarah Hoxie, 

" 30,6 


., 1801. 

1915] Friends' Records at Vassalborough, Me. 73 

Stuart Foster. 
Jerusha Foster (his wife). 
Children [b. Winthrop]. 

Wadsworth Foster, b. 7, 1 mo., 1788. 

OHver Foster, " 29, 8 mo., 1789. 

Sybil Foster, " 21, 7 mo., 1791. 

Moses Foster, " 10, 11 mo., 1793. 

Jeremiah Butler. 
Hannah Butler (his wife). 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

Robinson Butler, b. 9, 1 mo., 1784. 

Hepzibah Butler, " 8, 10 mo., 1787. 

Phineas Butler, " 7, 3 mo., 1792. 

Moses Butler, " 22, 3 mo., 1797. 

Jabez Jenkins, died 25, 10 mo., 1838. 
Elizabeth Jenkins (his wife), died 7, 8 mo., 1814. 
Deliverance Jenkins. 

William Jenkins. Died 10, 11 mo., 1830. 
Jabez Jenkins. " 8, 7 mo., 1890. 

Isaac Jenkins, b. Vassalboro, 24, 3 mo., 1802. 
Stephen Jenkins. 
[Jabez and Elizabeth Jenkins and all of their children except Isaac were 
received by certificate from Falmouth 27, 5 mo., 1801.] 
Harper Bowerman, 

Elizabeth Bowerman (his wife), died 17, 8 mo., 1801. 
Children [b. Fairfield]. 
Joseph Bowerman, b. 13, 10 mo., 1794. 
Daniel Bowerman, " 20, 5 mo., 1797. 
Apollos Jones. 
Hope Jones (his wife). 

Children [b. Fairfield]. 
Paul Jones, b. 15, 8 mo., 1794. 
Ruth Jones, " 3, 4 mo., 1798. 
Isaac Cole, died 22, 4 mo., 1807. 
Anna Cole (his wife), died 14, 12 mo., 1814. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 


Joseph Howland Cole, b. 10, 9 mo., 1803. 

Henry Getchell Cole, " 5, 7 mo., 1806. 
Dorothy Howland, died 15, 12 mo., 1814. 
WiUiam Howland, " 22, 5 mo., 1824. 

Phebe Taber, " 4, 1 mo., 1815. 

Lydia wife of Barnabas Taber, died 26, 5 mo., 1849. 

Children of Barnabas & Lydia Taber [b. Vassalboro]. 
Sarah Taber, b. 17, 2 mo., 1795. Married Robert Winslow. 

Died 28, 8 mo., 1826. 
Daniel Taber, " 20, 1 mo., 1797. 
Joseph Taber, " 25, 12 mo., 1798. 

Phebe Taber, " 15, 1 mo., 1801. Married Robert Winslow. 
Bethiah Taber, " 1, 3 mo., 1803. " John B. Hawkes. 

Died 20, 11 mo., 1833. 

74 Friends^ Records at Vassalborough, Me. [Jan. 

. William Taber, " 19, 2 mo., 1805. 
Jacob Taber, " 6, 10 mo., 1807. Married Mary R. Starkey. 
Silas Taber, " 13, 6 mo., 1809. Died 7, 2 mo., 1814. 
Lydia Taber, " 1, 11 mo„ 1814. Married Geo. R. Buffum. 
Da\'id Bowerman, died 24, 4 mo., 1795. 
Hamiah Bowerman (his wile), died 15, 6 mo., 1794. 
John Burton. 
Peace Burton (his v?ife). 

Children of John and Peace Burton [b. Fairfield]. 


Da\T[d Burton, b. 10, 6 mo., 1795. Died 13, 10 mo., 1799. 

Hannah Burton, " 25, 1 mo., 1797. 

Joseph Burton, " 9, 1 mo., 1799. 

David Burton, " 13, 9 mo., 1801. 
Children of Abel & Anna Hoxie [b. Fairfield]. 

Isaac Hoxie, b. 1, 10 mo., 1796. 

Hezekiah Hoxie, " 22, 9 mo., 1798. 

Samuel Hoxie, " 10, 8 mo., 1800. Died 26, 9 mo., 1800. 
Children of SUas and Patience Taber [b. Vassalboro]. 

Lois Taber, b. 1, 12 mo., 1796. 

Rebecca Taber, " 17, 3 mo., 1798. 

Huldah Taber, " 21, 10 mo., 1799. 

Eunice Taber, " 6, 1 mo., 1802. 

Paul Taber, " 15, 7 mo., 1803. 

Simpson Taber, " 26, 2 mo., 1805. 

FranMia Taber, " 16, 8 mo., 1806. 

Amos Taber, " 21, 3 mo., 1808. 

Sj'lvanus Hussey, died 25, 11 mo., 1827. 
Ruth H\issey (tuts wife), Cert, from Dover 23, 4 mo., 1796. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

Batchelor Hussey, b. 24, 10 mo., 1796. 

Eunice Hussey, " 5, 5 mo., 1799. 

Huldah Hussey, " 26, 3 mo., 1804. 

Sarah Hussey, " 10, 1 mo., 1810. 
Obadiah Butler. 
Deborah Butler (his wife). 
Children [b. Sidney]. 
Anstrus Butler, b. 2, 4 mo., 1792. 
Stephen Butler, " 15, 7 mo., 1795. 
Athiael Butler, " 28, 2 mo., 1807. 

Ezra Briggs. 
Mary Briggs (his wife). 
Irene Briggs, b. Winthrop, 15, 11 mo., 1793. 
Hannah Briggs, " Hallowell, 9, 1 mo., 1796. 

Susanna Briggs, " " 4, 12 mo., 1797. Died 17, 9 mo., 

Enos Briggs, " " 17, 11 mo., 1799. " 21, 9 mo., 

Eunice Briggs, " " 8, 8 mo., 1801. 

Isaac Hussey, died 2, 7 mo., 1823. 

Hannah Hussey (his wife), died 25, 11 mo., 1819. 


Friends' Records at Vassalborough, Me. 


Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

Sarah HiiRsey, 


20, 11 mo., 1796. 

Died 9; 12 mo., 1796. 

Paul Hussey, 


9, 6 mo., 1800. 

John Hussey, 


25, 2 mo., 1805. 

" 20, 1 mo., 1809. 

Jane Hussey, 


21, 9 mo., 1808. 

Elmira Hussey, 


18, 10 mo., 1813. 

Otis Hussey, 


29, 6 mo., 1816. 

" 18, 7 mo., 1816. 

Mary Hussey, 


19, 11 mo., 1818. 

" ■ 8, 3 mo., 1819. 

Gibbs Tilton. 

Huldah Tilton (his wife) 


Pamelia Tilton, 


Vassalboro, 26, 

7 mo., 1798. 

John Tilton, 



6 mo., 1800. Died 5, 11 

Stephen Tilton, " 
Hannah Tilton, " 
Zadoc Tilton, " 

Jane Tilton, " 

Benjamin Bowerman. 

Phebe Bowerman (his wife). 
Children [b. Fairfield]. 
Anna Bowerman, 
Lydia Bowerman, 
Barnabas Bowerman, 


12, 12 mo., 1802. 

26, 7 mo., 1807. 

1, 4 mo., 1805. 

20, 9 mo., 1809. 



14, 7 mo., 1797. 
9, 7 mo., 1799. 

5, 3 mo., 1801. 

Children of Remington, Jr., and Margaret Hobby [b. Vassalboro]. 
EuniceHobby, b. 18, 8 mo., 1798. Married Caleb Nichols. 
" 15, 6 mo., 1800. " Joseph Cook. 
19, 6 mo., 1802. 
25, 10 mo., 1804. 


Sarah Hobby, 
Jane Hobby, 
Esther Hobby, 

Tobias Vamey. 
Margaret Vamey (his wife). 
Children [b. Vassalboro] 
Henry Vamey, 
Moses Vamey, 
John Buffum Vamey, 
Child of James & Hannah Bean. 
Almira Bean, b. 8, 11 mo., 1817< 
Isaiah GiEford. 
Hannah Gifford (his wife). 
Children [b. Vassalboro] 

b. 7, 9 mo., 1807. 

Died 2, 11 mo., 1833 

" 7, 3 mo., 1810. 

" 10, 10 mo., 1815. 

" 21, 9 mo., 1829 

Bethia Gifford, 
Mary Gifford, 
William Gifford, 
Lydia Gifford, 
Huldah Gifford, 
Sarah Gifford, 

Daniel Gifford, 
Eliza Ann Gifford, 


8, 3 mo., 1798. 
18, 11 mo., 1799. 

8, 10 mo., 1802. 
15, 5 mo., 1805. 
24, 11 mo., 1808. 

3, 4 mo., 1811. 


8 mo., 1815. 
8 mo., 1819. 

Died 1, 2 mo., 1799. 

Died, Winthrop, 27, 3 
mo., 1892. Buried in 
No. Vassalboro. Mar- 
ried Hussey. 

' Now Albion. 


Friends* Records at Vassalboroiigh, Me. 


Edward Waine. 

Anne Waine (his wife). 

Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

Mary Waine, b. 22, 4 mo., 1797. 

Anne Waine, " 26, 8 mo., 1799. 


Eliza Waine, " 24, 1 mo., 1801. 
Nathaniel Hawkes, died 20, 2 mo., 1814. 
Hannah Hawkes (his wife). 
Children [b. Winslow]. 

John Buffum Hawkes, 

Jane Hawkes, 

Eliza Ann Hawkes, 
Daniel Robbins. 
E;mice Robbins (his wife). 
Children [b. Winthrop] 

Hannah Robbins, b. 

Mary Robbins, " 
William Winslow. 
Sarah Winslow (his wife). 

Phebe Winslow, 

AbagaH Winslow, 

SaUy Winslow, 

Jane Winslow, 



Jacob Southwick. 
John Bush, not 

2, 12 mo., 1805. 
30, 5 mo., 1809. 
6, 3 mo., 1812. Died 11, 12 mo., 1827. 

6, 2 mo., 1795. 

7, 11 mo., 1797. 



Mary Gardner Winslow, " 
Charles Winslow, " 

Huldah Mower Winslow, " 
Harriet Winslow, " 



31, 1 mo., 1805. 
13, 7 mo., 1806. 
26, 12 mo., 1807. 
29, 7 mo., 1809. Died 
Vassalboro, 10, 10 mo., 
29, 7 mo., 1811. 
18, 6 mo., 1813. 
24, 1 mo., 1815. 
4, 7 mo., 1816. 

Moses Starkey, died 9, 8 mo., 1842. 
Emiice Starkey, (his wife), died 16, 4 mo., 1816. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

Daniel Starkey, b. 22, 6 mo., 1797. 

EUza Starkey, " 17, 1 mo., 1799. 

Rebecca Starkey, 

9, 1 mo., 1801. 

17, 12 mo., 1806. 
4, 12 mo., 1808. 

22, 11 mo., 1811. 
2, 8 mo., 1813. 

18, 11 mo., 1815. 

Died31, 12mo., 1824. 
Married Reuben 
Bracket. Died 9, 
11 mo., 1837. 
Married Stephen 
Wing; 2d, Heze- 
kiah Pope. Died 
25, 9 mo., 1878. 

Married Jacob Taber. 

Mary Rotch Starkey, 
Wniiam Rotch Starkey, 
Moses Taber Starkey, 
Eunice Starkey, 
Susan Starkey, 
Jennet Starkey second wife of Moses Starkey. 

Children of Moses & Jennet Starkey [b. Vassalboro]. 
Henry Warren Starkey, b. 6, 9 mo., 1819. Died 25, 9 mo., 1840. 
Charles Warren Starkey, " 5, 6 mo., 1821. " 21, lOmo., 1S40. 
Thomas Caprin Starkey, " 21, 6 mo., 1823. " 18, 10 mo., 1840. 
John Warren Starkey, '.' 13, 4 mo., 1825. " Vassalboro, 25, 

10 mo.. 1891. 


Friends' Records at Vassalhorough, Me. 



John Dow. 

Zilpah Dow (his wife). 

Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Hannah Dow, b. 5, 2 mo., 1798, 
Otis Dow, " 5, 11 mo., 1799 

Ebenezer Allen. 
Hannah Allen (his wife). 
Children [b. Fairfield]. 

Daniel Allen, 

Ansel Allen, 

Prances Allen, " 

Barnabas Allen, " 

Zaccheus Alien, " 

Meribah Allen, " 

Harper AHen, " 

Richard Robinson. 
Hope Robinson (his wife). 

Gideon Robinson, 

Elizabeth Robiason, 

Rhoda Robinson, 

Daniel Robinson, 

Edmond Robinson, 

Sarah Robiason, 

Peter Hussey. Died 24, 11 mo., 1857 
Lucy Hussey, his wife. 

Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

16, 6 mo., 1787. 
15, 3 mo., 1789. 
19, 2 mo., 1791. 
10, 3 mo., 1793. 
2, 9 mo., 1794. 
25, 2 mo., 1797. 
25, 4 mo., 1799. 

9, 12 mo., 1788. 

12, 9 mo., 1790. 

3 mo., 1792. 

8 mo., 1794. 

1 mo.. 1797. 


3 mo., 1799. 

John Wigham Hussey, 
Isaac Hussey, 
Nathan Hussey, 
Eliza Hussey, 

Peter Hussey, Jr., 


17, 9 mo., 1798. 
16, 11 mo., 1800. 
25, 5 mo., 1803. 
22, 8 mo., 1805. 

13, 2 mo., 1808. 

22, 11 mo., 1810. 
4, 8 mo., 1813. 

Married Moses Os- 
borne, 24, 10 mo., 
1844. Died, 1886. 

Drowned 30, 5 mo., 


15, 5 mo., 1799. 

16, 3 mo., 1801. 

Lincoln Hussey, 

Samuel Fothergill Hussey, 

Moses Wadsworth. 
Hannah Wadsworth (his wife). 
Children [b. Wiathrop]. 

Daniel Wadsworth, b 

Ephraim Wadsworth, " 

Marmaduke GiEford. 
Lydia Gifford (his wife). 

Stephen Gifford, b. Fairfield, 19, 7 mo., 1799 
Christopher Gardner, b. Nantucket, 24, 8 mo., 1746< 
Jethro Gardner, " " 

Stephen Nichols, died 8, 8 mo., 1853. 
Lydia Nichols (his wife), died 23, 10 mo., 1843 [sic]. 

Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

Died 10, 5 mo., 1814. 
" 3, 4 mo., 1814. 


Friends' Records at Vassdlborough, Me. 


Rebecca Nichols, 
Eunice Nichols, 

b. 13, 1 mo., 1800. 

21, 2 mo., 1802. 

Married Daniel Ta- 

ber. Died 14, 

11 mo., 1884. 

" Joseph Ta- 


Hamiah Nichols, 

Lydia Nichols, 

David Nichols, 
Thomas Butman Nichols, 

2, 12 mo. 


17, 10 mo., 1806. 

" James 

Daniel Hol- 
Died 20, 5 mo., 1824. 
Married Rachael 
Holder. Died 30, 
12 mo., 1889. 
Hannah P. Nichols, 3 wife of Stephen Nichols. Died 9, 6 mo., 1851. 
Children of Stephen & Hannah P. Nichols [b. Vassalboro]. 
Stephen Nichols, Jr., b. 29, 6 mo., 1831. Married Louisa J. Hobby. 


5 mo., 1808. 
1 mo., 1813, 

Olive Wiag Nichols, 
Asa Gay. 

Nancy Gay (his wife). 
Children [b. Camden]. 

31, 1 mo., 1833. 

James H. Cook. 

Sarah Gay, 
Charles Gay, 
Ephraim Gay, 
Mary Gay, 
David Gay, 
William Gay, 
Asa Gay, Jr., 
Nancy Gay, 
Hiram Gay, 
Cyrus Gay, 
EHphalet Gay, 


2, 11 mo. 
11, 9 mo. 

26, 1 mo. 

29, 3 mo. 

27, 7 mo. 

30, 10 mo. 
8, 4 mo. 
6, 7 mo. 

19, 11 mo. 

19, 5 mo. 

8, 9 mo. 

Benjamia Gardner, died 30, 6 mo., 1837. 
Phebe Gardner (his wife), died 25, 1 mo., 
ChUdren [b. Harlem*]. 
Daniel Gardner, b. 
John Gardner, " 
Lydia Gardner, " 
Hannah Gardner, " 
Levi Gardner, " 



Died 20, 5 mo., 1804. 

Mary Gardner, " 24, 5 mo., 1807. 
Ruth Gardner, " 27, 1 mo., 1809. 
Hannah Gardner, " 28, 1 mo., 1809. 

28, 6 mo., 1800. 

17, 11 mo., 1801 [sic]. 

13, 3 mo., 1802. Died 23, 4 mo., 1802. 

"1, 11 mo., 1803. 
Married EKza Paddock. 

Died 16, 12 mo., 1880. 


3 mo., 1803. 
8 mo., 1805. 

Lydia Gardner, " 6, 1 mo. 
Eunice Gardner, " 24, 3 mo. 

Samuel Toby, died 16, 3 mo., 1814. 
Caroline Toby (his wife). . 
Children [b. Bristol]. 

• Now China. 


Died 19, 10 mo., 1810. 
Married Da^^[d Robinson, 

Daniel Rowe, Died 3, 3 

mo., 1884. 
Died 20, 5 mo., 1831. 
Married Moody Burgess, 

not a member. 


Friends' Records at Vassalborough, Me. 


b. 3, 1 mo., 1801. 

Died 7, 2 mo., 1817. 

" 6, 5 mo., 1802. 

" 27, 9 mo., 1812 

" 13, 2 mo., 1804. 

" 12, 11 mo., 1805. 

Martin Toby, 

Edward Toby, 

Williatn Toby, 

Samuel Boyd Toby, 
Ezekiel Farrow. 
Miriam Farrow (his wife). 
Hamiah Farrow, 

Children of Ezekiel & Miriam Farrow [b. Bristol]. 

James Farrow, b. 22, 8 mo., 1797. 
Phebe Farrow, " 5, 3 mo., 1800. 
Samuel Taylor. 
Elizabeth Tajdor (his wife). 
Children [b. Belgrade]. 

Died 25, 12 mo., 1840. 

SaUy Taylor, 
David Taylor, 
Polly Taylor, 
Samuel Taylor, 
Isaiah Taylor, 
John Taylor, 

Died 8, 4 mo., 

20, 7 mo., 1792. 
" 16, 4 mo., 1794. 
" 6, 11 mo., 1795. 
" 8, 9 mo., 1797 
" 12, 7 mo., 1799. 
" 9, 3 mo., 1801. 
Aime Vinal, dau. David & Mary Vinal, b. 8, 11 mo., 1792. 


Jane Donnel, b. Bremen, formerly Bristol, died Bremen, 14, 1 mo., 1848. 
Ephraim Clark. 
OUve Clark (his wife). 
Children [b. Harlem*] 
Miriam Clark, b, 
Jonathan Clark, " 
Anna Clark, " 

Thomas Clark, " 
Amos Clark, " 

Hannah Clark, " 




Lydia Clark, 

Church Clark, 

Scotter Clark, 

Akempis Clark, 

OUve Clark, 
Jerusha Fish, b. 20, 12 mo., 1732 
Lemuel Hawkes. 
Abigail Hawkes (his wife). 

Winslow Hawkes, 

Isaac Harlem Hawkes, 

25, 6 mo., 1796. 

22, 11 mo., 1797. 

31, 3 mo., 1799. 

6 mo., 1800. 

1 mo., 1802. 

6 mo., 1803. 

9 mo., 1804. 

2 mo., 1806. 

7 mo., 1808. 

10, 10 mo., 1809. 

11, 7 mo., 1811. 

Married Paul Taber. 



Married Micajah Dudley. 

Died 25, 9 mo., 1807. 




1, 8 mo., 1800. 
10, 3 mo., 1802. 

John Hawkes, 
Mary Hawies, 

Eunice Hawkes, 
Lavinia Hawkes, 


Married Es- 
ther Hob- 

3, 11 mo., 1803. 

20, 6 mo., 1805. Married Lot 

20, 4 mo., 1807. 

31, 12 mo., 1808. Married No- 
ah Jones. 

* Now China. 


Friends' Records at Vassalborough, Me. 


Abra Hawkes, 

<( « 

20, 9 mo., 1810. 

Emeline Hawkes 


28, 1 mo., 1813. 


James Myers. 

David Allen, b. Falmouth, 20, 12 mo., 1767. 

Sarah (his wife), b. 13, 

11 mo., 1766. 


Solomon Allen, 

b. Falmouth, 

18, 1 mo., 1791. 

Abigail Allen, 

" No. Yarmouth, 16, 10 mo., 1792. 


Lydia Allen, 

(( (( 

20, 7 mo., 1794. 

Daniel Allen, 

It It 

21, 11 mo., 1795. 

Dorcas Allen, 

It It 

20, 4 mo., 1797. 

Robert AUen, 

" Falmouth, 

23, 4 mo., 1799. 

Moses Allen, 

" Vassalboro, 

1, 7 mo., 1801. 

Josiah D. Allen, 

« ' « 

7, 2 mo., 1803 [sic]. 

Hannah Allen, 

(( (( 

15, 3 mo., 1803 [sic]. 

Died 26, 
3 mo., 1806 

Zadock Crowell. 
Rhoda Crowell (his wife). 
Children [b. Belgradel. 

Datey Crowell, b. 


3 mo., 


Joseph Crowell, " 


12 mo.. 


Rhoda Crowell, " 


12 mo., 


CjTithia Crowell, " 


5 mo., 


Zadock Crowell, " 


2 mo., 


Azubah CroweU, " 


1 mo.. 


Nathan Crowell, " 


2 mo.. 


Ephraim Hammon. 


Hannah Hammon (his wife) 

Children [b. Sidney]. 

Piiear Hammon, 

b. 19, 

8 mo. 


Geo. & Rebecca Hammon 

," 28, 

8 mo. 



Rossne Hammon, 

" 24, 

5 mo. 


Ephraim Hammon, 

" 30, 

8 mo. 


Edah Hammon, 

" 8, 

12 mo. 


Jacob Hammon, 

" 1, 

4 mo. 


Hannah Hammon, 

" 12, 

5 mo. 


Joseph Spaulding. 
Mary Spaulding (his wife). 
Children [b. Fairfield]. 

Lydia Spaulding, b. 29, 5 mo., 1799. 

John Spaulding, " 14, 8 mo., 1801. 

Adam Wing. 
Content Wing (his wife). 
Joseph Wing, b. Sidney, 12, 12 mo., 1800. 

Thomas Rogers, died 23, 12 mo., 1832. 
Mary Rogers (his wife). 

Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

Sarah Rogers, 
Levi Rogers, 
Mary Rogers, 





3 mo., 1787. 
9 mo., 1788. 
3 mo., 1790. 


Friends' Records at Vassalborough, Me. 


Thomas Rogers, 
Lydia Rogers, 
Aiistress Rogers, 


25, 10 mo., 1793. 
22, 8 m(o., 1795. 
22, 4 mo., 1797. 

John Nichols. Rec'd by Cert, from Berwick. 
Abigail Nichols (his wife), 

Died 2, 8 mo., 1855. 
" 3, 12 mo., 1855. 

Phebe Nichols, 
Mary Nichols, 

Sarah Nichols 

Hannah Nichols 
Dorcas Nichols, 


Barnabas Allen. 
Lydia AUen (his wife). 
Children [b. Fairfield]. 

Patience Allen, b. 8, 1 mo., 1800. 

Oliver Allen, " 9, 8 mo., 1801. 
Robert Hanson. 
Elizabeth Hanson (his wife). 
Children [b. Lincoln] 

Moses Hanson, 

Timothy Hanson, 

Rufus Hanson, 

Jane Hanson, 
James Hussey. 
Bethia Hussey (his wife). 

b. Berwick, 9, 10 mo., 1799. Married 

Cornelius Douglas. 
" Vassalboro, 25, 10 mo., 1801. Married 

Jabez Jenkins. Died 12 

mo., 1826. 
" " 29, 4 mo., 1804. Married 

Jabez Jenkins 25, 9 mo., 

1828, Died 23, 4 mo., 

" 29, 4 mo., 1804. Died 13, 

5 mo., 1804. 
" 13, 3 mo., 1807. " 21, 

2 mo., 1821. 




29, 1 mo., 1808. 

27, 3 mo., 1809. 
17, 10 mo., 1810. 

28, 12 mo., 1811. 

Married AJmira S. Bean. 
Died 4, 12 mo., 1810. 
Married Asa Jones. 

b. Vassalboro, 22, 




Benjamia B. Hussey, 
Sarah Hussey, 

Stephen Hussey, 
Thomas Butman Hussey 

Elizabeth Hussey, 

Huldah Hussey, " " 

Youngest children of James & Bethia Hussey. 

Esther Hussey, 

James Henry Hussey, b. 8, 8 mo., 1818. 
Barnabas Robinson. 
Hannah Robmson (his wife). 

7 mo., 1801. 
5 mo., 1803. Mar- 
ried Daniel Foster. 

8, 7 mo., 1805. 

9, 11 mo., 1807. Mar- 
ried Mary Chandler, 
Elizabeth Carter. 

30, 10 mo., 1809. Mar- 
ried Daniel Cook. 
Died, Unity, Me., 14, 
4 mo., 1899. 
8, 11 mo., 1812. Mar- 
ried Frederick Win- 

Married Henry Jones. 

82 Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions [Jan. 

Children [b. Sidney]. 

John Robinson, 

Meribah Robinson, 

Susannah Robinson, 

Temperance Robinson, 

Micajah Robinson, 

Remington Robinson, 

Deborah Robinson, " 7, 12 mo., 1801. 

Thomas Butman, b. Beverly, [Mass.], 13, 6 mo., 1774. 
Alice Butman (his wife), b. Lynn, [Mass.], 15, 2 mo., 1772. 

Mary Butman, b. Lynn, [Mass.], 15, 8 mo., 1798. 

Anna Butman, " Vassalboro, 9, 1 mo., 1801. 

Micajah Collins Butman, " " 22, 12 mo., 1802. 

[To be continued] 



8 mo., 1790. 


1 mo., 1792. 


9 mo., 1794. 


6 mo., 1796. 


7 mo., 1798. 


7 mo., 1799. 


Copied by Joel N. Eno, A.M., of Hartford, Conn. 

WiLLiNGTON Hill Old Cemetery 

[Continued from vol. 68, page 338] 

EUjah C. son of Austin & Sophronia Pearl died Dec. 8, 1864 of wounds 

received in battle near Cedar Creeli, Va. Oct. 13, 1864. Ae. 23. 
George G. son of Austin & Sophronia Pearl died July 11, 1831 aged 4 y'rs & 

11 mo's. 
Miss Lois, daughter of Mr. Timothy & Mrs. Lois Pearl who died Sept. 19th, 

A.D. 1807 in the 23d year of her age. 
Lois Pearl died Sept. 24, 1850 aged 86. 
Capt. Tunothy Pearl who departed this hfe Octr 19th, 1789 In the 66th 

Year of his Age. 
Timothy Pearl died July 2, 1834. Ae. 71. 

Rev. WiUiam Pease, Pastor of the Baptist Church, died May 28, 1866, aged 55. 
Charles W. son of Marvin & Eunice Peck died Nov. 1, 1831. Ae. 1 yr. & 

Clarasa, daug'r of Mr. James & Mrs. Clarasa Peck who died May 18, 1805 

aged 10 months. 
Eunice W. wife of Marvin Peck, bom Aug. 21, 1794 died Feb. 6, 1870. 
George Peck died March 9, 1880. Aged 81. 

Martha, his wife died March 31, 1880. Aged 79. 
Harriet E. wife of James Peck died Feb. 26, 1886. Aged 76 y'rs & 9 mo's. 
James Peck who died Feb. 23, 1808. Aet. 34. 
James Peck died March 3, 1851. Aged 45. 
Mar\Tn Peck, bom June 28, 1797 died Sept. 12, 1855. 
Mary I. daughter of Marvin & Eunice Peck died Oct. 21, 1839. Ae. 2 years. 
Roba Peck, wife of Thomas Peck died April 22, 1S26. Ae. 78 y's. 
Thomas Peck who died May 23, 1820. Aet. 71. 
Mrs. Deborah, rehct of Mr. Timothy Pool died March 6, 1822. Ae. 81. 
Miss Deborah Pool died Oct. 15, 1S23. Ae. 42. 
Mr. Timothy Pool died July 16, 1821. Ae. 82. 
Mrs. Amai, Daughter to Mr. John Poole & Marj- his wife. She died June 27th, 

1775 in ye 24th year of her age. 

1915] Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions 83 

Mr. John Poole: he died March 10, 1773 in ye 61st yr. of his Age. 
\ Mrs. Mary, wife of Mr. John Poole. She died April 26th, 1773 in ye 62d 

I ' year of her Age. 

Almira Preston died July 30, 1869 aged 64. 

Amos Preston died Oct. 1864. Aged 82. 

Darius Preston died May 30, 1821. Ae. 89. 

Fear Glazier, vnie of S. T. Preston, bom Nov. 12, 1814 — died March 23, 

Hannah, wife of ^Mr. Darius Preston who died Jan. 12, 1813 in the 72d year 

of her age. 
Hannah Preston died Jan. 23, 1837 aged 76. 
1 Henry S. son of Sylvester T. & Fear G. Preston died March 17, 1837. Ae. 

1 Mo. & 5 D's. 
Mrs. Jerusha, daughter of Mr. Darius & ^Irs. Hannah Preston who died Jan. 

1792 in j^e 23d year of her Age. 
Mr. Joshua Preston who died May 1st, 1810 in the 43 year of his age. 
Martha, wife of Amos Preston died Dec. 7, 1860 aged 81. 
Orrin, son of Amos & Patty Preston died Feby 22d, 1821 aged 4 months. 
Quartus, son of Amos & Martha Preston died Feb. 10, 1829 aged 6 years & 

6 months. 
Sylvester T. Preston bom Aug. 5, 1808 — died March 15, 1887. 
Mrs. Hephzibah, relict of Rev. Valentine W. Rathbone died Oct. 2, 1859 

aged 86. 
Mrs. Mary, wife of Mr. Roswel Rice who died Jany 10th, 1796 in the 25th 

year of her Age. 
Armina, wife of Thomas Rider died Jan. 16, 1896. Aged 88. 
Betsey D. wife of D[e]a. Rufus Rider died July 29, 1870. Aged 84. 
Charles D. Rider died Dec. 14, 1882. Aged 44. 

Delia A. his wife died Jan. 30, 1900. Aged 66. 
Clarissa, daughter of Talmon & Lucinda Rider died Oct. 15, 1838. M. 1 y'r. 
Mr. Hiram, son of Mr. Joseph Rider & Mrs. Mary his -Rife who died March 

the 23d, 1787 in the 22nd year of his Age. 
Jane, wife of Joseph Rider died Aug. 24, 1792 in the 47 jt. of her age. 
Joseph Rider died March 1, 1814 in the 77. yr. of his age. 
. Julia, wife of Talmon Rider 2d, died April 13, 1834, aged 27 years. 
Mary, daughter of Mr. Joseph Rider & Mrs. Mary his wife who died May the 

29th 1780 in ye 15th year of her Age. 
Mrs. Mary Rider. 

Puanna, relict of Joseph Rider died May 11, 1838, in the 83. yr. of her age. 
Dea. Rufus Rider died Sept. 15, 1847. M. 63. 
Rufus Rider, Jr. died Dec. 9, 1869. Aged 58. 
Sophronia, wife of Thomas Rider died April 11, 1857. Aged 53. 
Talmon Rider, son of Dea. Rufus & Betsey Rider died Jan. 30, 1843, aged 34. 
Thomas Rider died Sept. 5, 1869. Aged 62. 
Earl S. Rogers, Co. B. 10 Regt. Conn. Vols, died May 1864. 
Mr. Eleazer, son of Mr. Nathan & Mrs. Hannah Root who died August 19th, 

1792 in ye 29th year of his Age. 
Ethel, son of Lieut. Nathan & Mrs. Hannah Root who died June ye 5th, 

1788 in ye 17th year of his Age. 
Mr. Isaac Root who departed this life Sept. 3d, 1778 in ye 39th year of his 

Capt. Josiah Root who died March ye 26th, 1786 in ye 53d year of his Age. 
Louisa, wife of Eleazer Root & daughter of Thomas & Joanna Merrick died 

May 14, 1863 aged 72. 
Lieut. Wm. Root died Sept. 24, 1837. Aged 95. 
Mr. Samuel, Beloved Consort of Mrs. Lucy Ruggles who Departed this Life 

Octr ye 23d, 1778 in ye 27th year of his age. 


84 Connecticut Cemetery Itiscriptions [Jan. 

Pascha, wife of Thomas Russ, daughter & only child of Doct. Silas Partridge 
died Dec. 4, 1838. Ats. 29 Y's. 

Thomas Russ died June 1, 1877. Aged 77. 

Clarissa E. his v.ife died Oct. 25, 1892. Aged 84. 

Betsey M. daughter of Hiram & Irene Ryder died Dec. 3, 1859. ^. 18 y'ra 

George B. Ryder, Nov. 17, 1862 — Sept. 23, 1890. 

Marilda, wife of Richard Sale died March 31, 1868 aged 66. 

Mr. John Scott died Feb. 13, 1795. Ae. 66. 

Joseph Scott died Aug. 4, 1841, aged 77. 

Lucy, wife of Joseph Scott died May 28, 1850. Aged 82. 

Mrs. Mary, relict of Mr. John Scott died Oct. 17, 1812. Ae. 79. 

Mrs. Sarah, wife of Mr. Joseph Scott died May 2, 1815. Ae. 61. 

Abigail, wife of Cyrel Scripture died April 15, 1845. Aged 57. 

Alice, wife of Eleazer Scripture died Dec. 1826. Aged 76. 
I Alpheus Scripture died Oct. 23, 1846. Aged 69. 

Caroline, wife of Loren H. Scripture died Aug. 23, 1845. Ae. 26. 

Cyrrel Scripture died Feb. 15,- 1853. Ae. 68. 

Eleazer Scripture died August 18, 1815. Ae. 71. 

Elizabeth, wife of Alpheus Scripture died Sept. 21, 1865. Ae. 88 y'rs. 
! Mrs. Haimah, wife to Mr. John Scripture who died Deem ye 22d, A.D. 1760 

I in ye 4(>th year of her age. 

} Mr. John Scripture who died August ye 20th, A.D. 1800 in the 85 year of 

1 his age. 

I Leonard Scripture died Oct. 1, 1847. Aged 23. 

I Ralph, son of Alpheus & Elizabeth Scripture died July 17, 1814. Ae. 15 mo. 

I C. Elvira, wife of Freeman Severy died June 24, 1868, aged 32 y'rs. 5 m's. 

f E. Henry, son of Elias & Atteresty Severy died Oct. 14, 1860 aged 26 Y'rs 

I 8 mo. 25 days. 

I Ehas Severy died May 1, 1886. Aged 83 Years. 

I Etteresty, wife of Elias Severy died Sept. 22, 1884. Aged 84 Y'rs. 

I Ida E. only daughter of Freeman & C. Elvira Severy died Feb. 2, 1868, aged 

I 8 years. 

I Marshall Severy died Feb. 18, 1866. Aged 86. 

I Daniel T. son of Daniel & Sophronia Shaffer died Mar. 7, 1834. Aged 11 

I months. 

I EUza McFarlane, daughter of Daniel & Sophronia Shaffer died Feb. 19, 1867, 

>. aged 26 y'rs. 5 mo's. 

j George E. son of Daniel & Sophronia Shaffer died Nov. 25, 1767 aged 11 y'rs 

! 5 mos. 19 days. 

I Sarah F. daughter of Daniel & Sophronia Shaffer died Mar. 6, 1847. Ae. 

! 9 yrs. 9 mo's. 

i Cehnda, wife of Robert Sharp, who died May 20, 1823. Aet. 27. 

JuHana, 2nd wife of Robert Sharp died Nov. 4, 1862. Ae. 66 yrs. & 6 mo's. 

Oliver W. son of Robert Sharp, Esq. died at Chicopee Falls, Mass. Nov. 30, 
1839. Ae. 22. 

Robert Sharp died Nov. 1, 1874. Ae. 83. 

Solomon Sharp died Nov. 24, 1807. Ae. 63. 
j Rebecca his wife died Aug. 26, 1826. Ae. 76. 

Mr. Benjamin Sibley, who died Novm 2d, 1780 in ye 88th year of his Age. 
* Mrs. PressiUa, wife of Mr. Benjamin Sibley who died Febr 1st, 1782 in ye 

75th year of her age. 

Eleazer Slafter died Oct. 1, 1860. Ae. 85. 

Horace, son of Eleazer & Polly Slafter died Jan. 8, 1807. Ae. 4 y'rs. 

Polly, wife of Eleazer Slafter died Sept. 20, 1863. Ae. 86. 

Mrs. Mehetable Smith, wife of ]SIr. David Smith died Feb. 18, 1806, aged 40. 

Bartholomew Snow died May 20, 1861. Aged 70. 

George E. son of George & Mary L. Snow died Oct. 15, 1866. Ae. 2 yrs. 

1915] Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions 85 

^ Ruth, wife of Bartholomew Snow, died Sept. 23, 1868. Aged 78. 

S Beza Soule Junr. died Oct. 9th, 1825. Aged 43 Years. 

Mary, widow of Beza Soule died April 26, 1869. Ae. 77 yrs. & 7 mo's. 
i Martha A. wife of Gilbert 0. Southwick died June 14, 1878. Ae. 32. 

I Dwite H. son of Solyman & Annis Sparkes Died June 2, 1852, aged 3 years. 

I :Mr. Joseph Sparkes who died Jan. 26, 1826 aged 65. 

Caleb B. son of Origen & Calista Sparks died Oct. 3, 1852. M 14. 

Calista, -ndfe of Origen Sparks died July 28, 1898 aged 88. 

Celenda M. daughter of Origen & Calista Sparks died Mar. 4, 1883. Aged 
44. Twin of Caleb B. 

Eleanor Sparks, wife of Joseph Sparks died May 2, 1843. Ae. 75. 
\ Ellen L. daughter of Solyman & Annis Sparks Died Feb. 20, 1848. M. 

i 3 Mo's. 

I Emily, wife of Joseph Sparks died April 6, 1867, aged 52. 

Maria L. daughter of Origen & Calista Sparks died March 29, 1851 aged 18. 

Mary, wife of Joseph Sparks died May 27, 1854. Aged 40 years. 

Origen Sparks died AprU 2, 1852 aged 52. 

. . . Roxana Sparks, daughter of Joseph & Eleanor Sparks born April 19, 
1791, died Nov. 11, 1857. 

Solyman Sparks died Mar. 23, 1881. Aged 74. 

Lucia C. wife of Norris Stanton, daughter of Samuel & Abigail Wilson, died 
July 24, 1861, aged 29. 
i Warren Staunton, son of Lydia Robinson who died Sept. the 22d, A.D. 1802 

j aged 3 years 2 months & 18 days. 

Thomas T. son of Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Sarah Stebbins died Feb. 1, 1818. 
/ . Ae. 18 mo. 

• Calista, daughter of Samuel & Calista Stiles died May 29, 1836. JE. 6 years. 
; ]\Irs. Calista, wife of Mr. Samuel Stiles died Aug. 12, 1839. Aged 39. 

Marshal, son of Samuel & Calista Stiles died Nov. 23, 1828. JE. 1 year. 

• Marshall, son of Samuel & Calista Stiles Died Sept 27, 1839. JE. 17 mo's. 
Sally, wife of JVIr. Samuel Stiles died April 12, 1824. Aged 32. 

S Mr. Samuel Stiles died March 24, 1840. Aged 56. 

Seth, son of Seth & Rachel Stiles, died Oct. 8, 1826, aged 9 mo. 13 da. 

EUsha C. son of W'm. & Mary StiU Died Feb. 16, 1850. JE. 7 Mo's. 

Wilhe A. son of Isaac W. & Nancie L. Still died July 22, 1864. Ae. 2 yrs. & 
■ 5 days. 

; Frank W. son of William H. & Hannah M. Stills died Sept. 15, 1855. M. 

- 4 mo's. 

' Mr. Daniel Talcott, late of N. Bolton, who died Novr 10th, A.D. 1807 in the 

46th year of his age. 

Mrs. Dorcas, wife of Mr. Elisha Taylor who died Nov. 8th, 1802 in the 76 
year of her age. 

Dorcas Taylor who died June 2, 1835. Aged 70. 

Elisha Taylor who died April 22, 1815. in the 90 year of his age. 

Experience, wife of Dea. Thomas Taylor who died May 19, 1809 in the 59th 
year of her age. 

Experience Taylor died March 5, 1831. Aged 52 years. 

Dea. Thomas Taylor who died AprU 5th, 1815. Ae. 63. 

Betsey TopUff died Jan. 27, 1847 aged 44. 

Mr. Clement Topliff who died September 18th, 1808. Aged 82 years. 

Mr. Clement TopUff, son of Mr. Clement & Mrs. Ruth Topliff who departed 
this life Feb. 19th, A.D. 1816 in the 56th year of his age. 

Mr. Cyrus Topliff who died Nov. 3, A.D. 1823, aged 55 years. 

Jerome Topliff who died Jan. 8, 1834 in the 40 year of his age. 

Marcus L. Topliff was lost at sea Sept. 1848. Aged 32. 
1 Mrs. Margaret Topliff. She died October 28, A.D. 1740 & in ye year 74 of 

i her age. 

86 Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions [Jan. 

Mercy R. Topliff, wife of Mr. Cyrus Topliff who died Oct. 30, A.D. 1824. 

Aged 49 years. 
Ruth, daughr of Mr. Clement & Mrs. Ruth Topliff who died Sept. 1st, 1777 

in ye 5th year of her age.- 
Mrs. Ruth TopUff, wife of Mr. Clement Topliff who died July 10, 1810, aged 

81 years. 
Samuel Topliff, son of Mr. Cyrus & Mrs. Mary Topliff who died Aug. 5, 1823, 

aged 17 years. 
Mr. Stephen, son to Mr. Clement Topliff & Mrs. Ruth his wife, who died 

May 29th, 1788 in ye 27th year of his age. 
Henry S. son of David B. & Betsey Torrey died Oct. 13, 1847. Aged 13 y'rs 

1 mo. & 23 d's. 
Azel Trask died May 11, 1860. Aged 65. 

Alfleta his wife died Nov. 29, 1858. Aged 61. 
Adeline, eldest daughter of John & PoUy Turner, Born Aug. 19, 1808 — Died 

Nov. 17, 1871. 
Anna, wife of Chauncey Tiu-ner died April 11, 1845, aged 46. 
John Turner Born Sept. 17, 1780, died April 16, 1867. 
PoUy Hart, wife of John Turner, Born Dec. 30, 1782 — Died Mar. 28, 1863. 
Mrs. Betsey, wife of Mr. Stephen Utley who died March 28, 1793 in the 33 

year of her age. 
Miss Belinda Vinton died Aug. 28, 1833. Aged 25. 
Lieut. David Vinton who died Dec. 8th, 1791 in the 65th year of his age. 
Mrs. Dorcas, wife of Mr. Seth Vinton died Jan. 14, 1800. Ae. 40. 
Eliza, daughter of Hosea & Elizabeth Vinton died April 24, 1840. M. 30. 
Elizabeth, wife of Hosea Vinton died April 15, 1854, aged 75. 
Emma F. daughter of Mary D. H. Vinton died Oct. 26, 1851. Aged 11 mo's. 
Harvey Vinton died Dec. 22, 1842. JE. 26. 

Harvey B. son of Harvey & Mercy Vinton died Aug. 30, 1843. Aged 9 mo. 
Hosea Vinton died Oct. 14, 1863 aged 81. 

Jerusha F. daughter of Zerah & PoUy D. Vinton died Dec. 21, 1846. M. 16. 
Miss Lydia, daughter of Mr. Seth & Mrs. Polly Vinton died Sept. 4, 1830. 

Ae. 27. 
Mary D. H. daughter of Zerah & Polly Vinton died Feb. 9, 1853. Aged 30 

Polly, wife of Seth Vinton died April 12, 1853. Aged 84 y'rs. 
PoUy D. wife of Zerah Vinton died Jan. 28, 1846. M. 48. 
Ruth, wife of David Vinton died Nov. 4, 1814. Aged 87 years. 
Seth Vinton died May 25, 1848. Aged 92. 
Eleazer Owen Walcott, Jan. 13, 1819 — Nov. 28, 1853. 

MatUda Snow, his wife, Apr. 23, 1824 — Nov. 24, 1892. 

Their children. 
Henry Seymore, Aug. 1, 1847 — Sept. 12, 1847. 
George Herbert, July 24, 1850 — Mar. 27, 1854. 
Harriet M. wife of Jonathan C. WaUcer, died May 9, 1860. Aged 65. 
Samuel, infant son of J. C. & H. M. WaUier died Jan. 23, 1837. Aged 7 mo's. 
.Samuel Walker died Dec. 24, 1856 aged 55. 
Mary Wesson died October 9, 1739 aged 18 months. 
Mrs. Anne Weston, wife of Mr. James Weston died Feb. 28, 1814 in the 77th 

year of her age. 
EUen E. daughter of Origin & Susan Weston died Feb. 9, 1846, aged 14 days. 
EUen Maria, daughter of Jonathan & Susan L. Weston died Feb. 14, 1839 in 

the 13th year of her age. 
Henry Martyn, son of Jonathan & Susan L. Weston died Oct. 20, 1832. 

Aged 3 Years. 

[To be continued] 

1915] Proceedings of the N. E. Hist. Gen. Society 87 


By John Albreb, Recording Secretary 

Boston, Massachusetts, 6 May 1914- A stated meeting of the Society was held 
in Wilder Hall, 9 Ashburton Place, at 2.30 p.m., President Baxter presiding. 

The minutes of the April meeting were approved, and the reports of the Coun- 
cil, Librarian, Corresponding Secretary, and Historian were accepted. 
Nineteen resident members were elected by ballot. 

Rev. Frank Melville Kerr, D.D., of Hempstead, N. Y., spoke on Abraham 
Lincoln, using stereopticon views of subjects to which reference was made. He 
I outlined Lincoln's career, dwelling especially on his personal characteristics as 

'■■ illustrating the beauty of his patriotism and the sublimity of his manhood. 

1 President Baxter spoke of the persistence of the names of Mordecai and Abra- 

ham in the Lincoln families. 
On motion of Mr. Scott a vote of thanks was extended to Dr. Kerr. 

7 October. A stated meeting of the Society was held in Wilder Hall, 9 Ash- 
burton Place, at 2.30 p.m. In the absence of President Baxter, John Carroll 
Chase, Vice-President for New Hampshire, presided. 

The minutes of the May meeting were approved, and the reports of the Council, 
Librarian, Corresponding Secretary, and Historian were accepted. 
Forty resident members were elected by ballot. 
[ On motion of Henry Edwards Scott the following minute was adopted by a 

, rising vote: 

i ■ Voted, That the New England Historic Genealogical Society hereby expresses its 

; appreciation of the great loss that it has sustained in the death of William Sanford 

} Hills, a typical New England gentleman, a member of the Council, a practical geneal- 

I ogist, and a generous friend of genealogical research. He was one of the largest con- 

j tributors to the buUding-fund which made possible the erection of the present home of 

■" the Society, and his interest in the work of the Society never flagged, in spite of the 

.' grievous physical affliction which darkened the later years of his life. 

' The paper of the afternoon was by John Ritchie, Jr., Preident of the Boston 

Scientific Society, on Nooks and Corners of the Old Bay Stale. In describing the 
; part of Massachusetts west of the Connecticut River the speaker told of his 

• experiences while studying the geology of the region as well as in arranging outings 

for the Appalachian Mountain Club in the small hill towns, when he had to travel 
by obscure stage roiites and had to go into places remote from railroads. The 
lantern slides, many of which were from his own camera, showed the beauty and 
grandeur of the scenery among the hills and the valleys. 

.- 4 November. A stated meeting of the Society was hold in Wilder Hall, 9 Ash- 

burton Place, at 2.30 p.m., Vice-President Rust presiding. 

The minutes of the October meeting were approved, and the reports of the 
Council, Librarian, Corresponding Secretarj', and Historian were accepted. 

The report of the Committee on Heraldry, submitted to the Council 6 May and 
by vote of the Council on 7 October printed and sent to members with the notice 
for this meeting of the Society, was on motion of John Albree accepted, and the 
recommendations contained in this report were adopted, as follows : 

We recommend that every person interested, by reason of descent or otherwise, in 
making it a matter of record that any original settler in this country inheriteda coat 
of arms or that any inhabitant of this country received a grant of arms be invited to 
offer the arms for record with this Society, together with the e\'idence relied on to prove 
such inheritance or grant, and that all coats proved to the satisfaction of a competent 
committee, either by proof which is absolutely conclusive or by proof which when 
weighed and tested in the spirit we have indicated affords good prima facie evidence, 
be accepted by the Society for record. 

We^ further recommend that the Society provide and keep books or other suitable 
means for recording the arms so accepted; that every coat accepted by the Society be 
accurately painted, tricked, or described; that when the arms are hereditary the 
; pedigree of the settler, so far as it is well authenticated, be recorded with the arms, or 

that in lieu of such pedigree references be given to printed books or other accessible 
records in which an authentic pedigree may be found; and that an abstract of the 
evidence showing an hereditary right, with references to records, documents, monu- 
ments, etc., be made a part of the record. 

88 Notes [Jan. 

We further recommend that a card index to the arms so recorded be kept, so that 
each coat and the character of the evidence on which it was accepted may easily be 
found; that fees barely sufficient to cover the cost of making and keeping the records 
and the index be charged; and that those who wish to furnish for the records suitable 
paintings, engravings, drawings, or photographs of arms which have been accepted be 
permitted to do so at their own expense. 

When a coat of arms is accepted for record, we recommend that the name and address 
of the person, or the names and addresses of the persons, who offer it be noted in the 
record, but that all pedigrees shomng descent from original settlers or grantees be 
excluded. It is not intended that any committee in charge of these records should be 
burdened with the duty of passing on the authenticity of the pedigrees of persons 
claiming such descent. 

By ballot the following were elected members of the Nominating Committee: 

LawTence Brainerd, Mrs. Florence C. Howes, Edmund I. Leeds, Mrs. Mary S. 

Randall, Walter K. Watkins. 

Hon. Cm-tis Guild of Boston spoke on The Flags of the World and their History. 

i During his administration as Governor of Massachusetts he became interested 

; in the representation of the State seal, with the result that it was redrawn and is 

now established by law. It was, he said, during the study of this subject that he 

was led to the study of flags; and in the address of the afternoon he told the 

history as well as the romance of the evolution of flags, not only those of the 

United States and of Massachusetts but also those of many other nations. The 

many silk flags shown were from the large collection that the speaker has made. 


I It having come to the attention of this Society that certain 

J genealogists and publishers have used the name of the Society 

I in connection -with their own enterprises, the Society again de- 

\ sires to state that it has NO genealogical representatives in this 

{ country or in England, nor is it in any way connected with any 

' publications other than those that it issues over its own name 

) at 9 Ashburton Place, Boston. 

3 The Committee on English Research desires to state, however, 

f that although the Society has no official representative in Eng- 

l land the Committee is employing Miss French for a part of her 

j time as a searcher of records there along special lines for the 

; benefit of the Registee. 

Fitch. — In Register, vol. 57, pp. 415-416, the writer contributed some 
information found in the registers of St. Albans Abbey, Hertfordshire, Eng., that 
located the English home of Zachary Fitch, who came to New England, evidently 
in the spring of 1638. In Register, vol. 63, pp. 162-164, Miss Elizabeth French 
furnished abstracts of several wills pertaining to this farnily. 

The following records give additional facts about the same family: 
From the Registers of St. Peters in St. Albans 
Baptisms, 1558-1650 
1633 Mary daughter of Jeremy Fitch 4 February [1633/4]. 
1636 John son of Jeremy and Mary Fitz 26 June. 
1639 Jeremie son of Jeremy and Joane Fitch 21 July. 
1641 Agnes daughter of Jeremy and Joane Fitch 29 May. 
1643 Sarah daughter of Jeremy Fitch 2 April. 
1645 Zacharias sonne of Jeremie Fitch 20 April. 

Marriages, 1558-1650 
1570 William Fytch and Margaret Corbyl 15 October. 

Burials, 1620-1650 

1630 Anne the wife of Jeremy Fitch 27 October. 
1635 Martha wife of Mr. Thomas Fitz 20 November. 
1638 Elizabeth* daughter of Zachary Fitch 30 March. 

* Probably she was the child (name not given) baptized at St. Albans Abbey 21 Dec. 
1630. See Register, vol. 57, p. 416. From the date of this burial it is evident that 
Zachary Fitch emigrated in the spring or summer of 1638, and not in 1637. 

1915] . Notes 89 

1638 Mary wife of Jeremie Fitch 26 April. 
1638 Ann Fitch widow* 2 May. 
1638 Jeremy son of Jeremy Fitch 5 May. 
1648 Jeremiah Fitch 12 September. 

From Marriage Licences, Archdeaconry of St. Aisans 
1638 Jeremiah Fitch of St. Peters, widower, and Joan Briggs, maiden, 15 Sep- 

From Feet of Fines t 
I Final agreement made on the Octaves of St. Michael, 13 Charles I [7 Oct. 

1637], between Jeremiah Fitch, quer., and Zachariah Fitch and Mary his wife, 
deforc, of the moiety of one messuage, one garden, and one orchard, with appur- 
tenances, in the town of St. Albans. Quitclaim and warrant from said Zachariah 
and Mary and their heirs to said Jeremiah and his heirs, in consideration of £41. 
(Feet of Fines, Herts, Michaelmas Term, 13 Charles I.) 

118 Chancery Lane, London, Eng. J. Gardner Bartlett. 

Clarke. — Benjamin Clarke of Boston, feltraaker, whose will was proved 
16 Feb. 1746/7 (Register, vol. 49, p. 208), owned tomb No. 14, West Side (Tre- 
mont St.), in King's Chapel Burying Ground. His sons, Benjamin Clarke, 
brazier, who died 5 June 1811, and Christopher Clark, who died 6 Aug. 1815, 
were buried there as members of the family of Samuel Dunn, who married their 
niece Sarah Cutler, daughter of John and Mary (Clarke). This tomb descended 
to James C. Dunn, Mrs. Thomas Walley Phillips (Anna Dunn), and Jonathan 

The following deeds, given in abstract, show that the father of Benjamin 
Clarke, feltmaker or hatter, was Thomas Clarke of Ipswich, tailor, and that his 
grandfather was Thomas Clarke of Ipswich, tailor; and they also give the names 
of his brothers and sister. 

Thomas Clarke of Marblehead, tailor, Jabez Clarke of Boston, hatter, Samuel 
Smith of Cambridge, blacksmith, and Sarah his wife, children of Thomas Clarke 
of Ipswich, tailor, lately deceased, constitute Benjamin Clarke of Boston, hatter, 
one other son of Thomas Clarke deceased, their attorney, 24 July 1729. (Essex 
Deeds, vol. 56, p. 195.) 

Benjamin Clarke of Boston, feltmaker, is appointed administrator de bonis non 
of the estate of his grandfather, Thomas Clarke late of Ipswich, 11 Aug. 1729. 
Inventory of Mr. Thomas Clark, tailor, is filed 15 Oct. 1729. (Essex Probate 
Files, 5528.) 

Nathaniel Cross of Ipswich, attorney for Samuel Clark, Jonathan Clark, and 
John and Abigail Coleman, all of Southold, Island of Nassau, children of Thomas 
Clark of Ipswich, tailor, deceased, and also attorney for John Lord, Thomas 
Lord, Nathaniel Hart, Hannah Lord, Abigail Hart, and Sarah Lord, all children 
of Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Clark deceased, and Benjamin Clark of Boston, 
hatter, for himself and as attorney for his brothers Thomas and Jabez Clark and 
his sister Sarah Smith, all children of Thomas Clark son of the said Thomas Clark 
deceased, and Mary Wheeler of Ipswich, daughter of John Clark, son of said 
Thomas Clark deceased, convey to James Browne of Ipswich 3 acres at Plumb 
Island, 21 Nov. 1729. (Essex Deeds, vol. 56, p. 170; see also vol. 56, p. 244, 
vol. 53, pp. 170, 215, 254, and vol. 59, p. 255.) 

Thomas Clark, tailor, and Mary Wlieeler, the only surviving chUd of John 
Clark late of Newbury deceased, both of Ipswich, in consideration that their 
aged parent, Abigail Clark of Ipswich, being grown aged and unable to provide 
for herself . . . , agree to the sale to Samuel Wallis of 2 acres at a place Pequod 
Lotts in Ipswich, which their parent, Thomas Clark late of Ipswich deceased, 
bought of Mr. William Symonds; but be it understood that they make over to 
the said Walhs only their interest therein, said Thomas Clark's part being f and 
Mary Wheeler's f Dated 12 Feb. 1725/6. (Essex Deeds, vol. 49, p. 261.) 

85 Upland Road, Cambridge, Mass. Virginia Hall. 

* She was widow of Hugh Fitch and mother of the emigrant Zacbary Fitch and his 
brother Jeremy Fitch. 

t Preserved in the Public B.eeord Office, London. 

90 Notes [Jan. 

KiLLiNGLY (Conn.) Marriages. — In the town meeting records of Killingly, 
Conn., 1728-1781, p. 3, between records dated 12 Jan. 1729 and the second 
Monday of Jan. 1729/30, appear the following stray marriages, in the hand- 
writing of Joseph Leavens, Tovra Clerk: 
Killingley March 28: 1725. William ford of providence and Abigail Robeson 
of Killingly ware Joined in marriag by ye Reverend Mr. John fisk pastor of 
the Church in Killingly. 
Killingley November 26: 1724. Starling Heath of pomfret and hannah Cutler 
of Killingley ware Joyned in marriage pr M' John fisk pastor of the Church 
in KilUngley. 
So far as could be discovered, these items were the only vital records contained 
in the volume. 
Maiden, Mass. George Walter Chamberlain. 

j Tallman. — In the town records of Portsmouth, R. I., there is to be found the 

1 following deposition by Joseph Sheffield concerning a declaration made by Peter 

■ TaUman of Portsmouth on 13 Mar. 1702/3: 

Joseph Sheffield, one of her Majesties Assistants, testified that being in the 
house of Peter Tallman in Portsmouth, 13 March 1702/3, Peter declared: I am 
now 80 years of age, and in the year 1647 I came from Hambrough to the Island 
of Barbados, and within two years after my arrival I married with Ann Hill, the 
i daughter of Phillip Hill and Ann his wife, and he was married in Christ Church 

; Parish in said Island, and after seven or eight months after his marriage the said 

1 TaUman moved from the Island of Barbados to Rhode Island, bringing with him 

I his wife and his wife's brother called Robert Hill, as likewise his wife's mother, 

( who after said Philip Hills death married Mr. John Elten, and Mrs. Elten re- 

I mained in Rhode Island about one year with her son Robert, and afterwards 

i removed from Rhode Island to Flushing upon Long Island, and thence to Staten 

( Island in the Government of New York, and afterwards imder Virginia or Mary- 

{ land, carrjdng her son Robert HiU, and after her being in Virginia she had a child 

I or more by Capt Hudson, who, as is reported, she married, and further saith 

i Robert HiU settled in Virginia, and further said TaUman declared to me, the said 

I' ■ deponent, that the Peter TaUman whose habitation is now at GuUdford in the 
; County of New Haven in Connecticet is eldest lawfuU son of said Peter Tallman. 

} 17 March 1702/3. 

I Since finding the deposition given above I have received through the courtesy 

I of my friend E. G. Sinckler, Esq., of Barbados, the foUo^ing item from the 

* registers of Christ Church Parish, Barbados: " married January 2, 1649 Peter 

/ Tohnan and Ann HiU." 

! Newport, R. I. G. Andrews Moriahtt, Jr. 

Eames: Additions. — The foUowing statements supply additional information 
for the article entitled "Robert Eames of Woburn, Mass., and some of his De- , 

scendants," which was communicated by the writer to the Register, vol. 62, ■» 

pp. 58-65, 150-157. In each case the pedigree number of the person concerning 
whom statements are made and the number of the page in vol. 62 of the Register 
on which that person's record is given have been inserted. 

The wiU of Robert" Eames (1, p. 58) of Woburn, Mass., dated 30 Oct. 1699 and 
apparently not proved, names wife EUzabeth, sons Samuel, John, and Joseph, and 
daughters EUzabeth Eames, Marj' Cousens, PriscUla PoUy, and Abigail Barrett. 
This wiU shows that Joseph Eames who married, 20 May 1697, Mary Everett of 
Reading was son of Robert,' and that Robert's daughter Abigail Wesson or Weston 
married secondly, 26 June 1696, Jonathan Barrett. 

Samuel^ Eames (2, p. 59) married, 6 Jan. 1689/90, Mary Death of Sherborn, 
daughter of Ensign John of Topsfield, Sherborn, and Framingham. Their 
daughter Hephzibah (2, v, p. 59) married, 3 Feb. 1732/3, Joseph East of Dracut. 
The Mary Eames who married at Woburn, 17 Mar. 1714, Jonathan Smith of 
Exeter was also a daughter of SamueP and Mary. 

Joshua' Eames (5, p. 60) married Hannah Scales of Wilmington, daughter of 
James and Sarah (Curtis). 

Daniel* Eames (9, p. 62) married, 10 June 1755, Sarah Hay of Stoneham, 
daughter of Capt. Peter. 

Woburn, Mass. Arteiur Greene LoRma. 




CoLLtNS. — Joseph Collins, St., of Eastham, married, 20 Mar. 1671/2, Ruth 
Knowles (Mayflower Descendant, vol. 3, p. 229), and the said Ruth died at East- 
ham 28 Aug. 1714 (*., vol. 6, p. 204). The will of Joseph Collins, dated 9 Aug. 
1723 and proved 25 Feb. 1723/4, discloses the fact that he had a second wife 
named Sarah (Barnstable Probate Records, vol. 4, p. 171). That this Sarah had 
been previously married to Christopher Strout is proved by records showing that 
the estate of Christopher Strout of Provincetown was administered by his widow, 
Sarah, 9 July 1715, and referring to her, 25 Oct. 1716, as "Sarah CoUens Late 
Sarah Strought Administratrix to y« Estate of Christopher Strought Late of Cape 
Cod In sd County [Barnstable Co.] now Deceased and Now Wife of Joseph Col- 
lena of Eastham In ye County of Barnstable" (ib., vol. 3, p. 245). 

12 Pearl Street, Boston, Mass. 

Anna Chandler Kingsburt. 

Sebrat Lawton's Bible Record. — The following was copied from the Bible 
of Sebray Lawton of Rehoboth, Mass., by his son-in-law, Godfrey Wheelock.of 
Attleborough, Mass. The copy was made about 1855, and the Bible has since 
disappeared. Two children, Thomas Lawton, bom 1814, died 3 Aug. 1814, aged 
3 months, and Thomas Lawton, 2d, died 13 July 1824, aged 8 years, are not 
recorded in the Bible. The children were all bom in Rehoboth; and six of the 
children with their parents were buried in the village cemetery of Rehoboth. 


Sebray Lawton & Elizabeth Case were Married October y« 27th 1790. 


our first child Abigail Lawton was bom July y« 28^'^ 1791. 

our second child Mary Lawton was bom November ye 5^^ 1793. 

our third child Sebray Lawton was bom July ye S'li 1795. 

our fourth child William Hathaway [Lawton] was born October yo 14tl» 1797. 

our fifth child George Lawton was bom April ye 1st 1800. 

our sixth child Abigail Lawton was born December 27th 1801. 

Our Seventh child Elizabeth Lawton was bom May j-e 8tt 1805. 

Joanna Snow Lawton born April 11th 1808. 

Rebecca Carpenter Lawton born March 29th 1811. 

Maiden, Mass. George Walter Chamberlain. 

Newport (R. I.) Church Records. — The following lists have been copied 
from the records of the Second Baptist Church at Newport, R. I. The asterisks 
probably indicate deceased members. The loss of early Newport records makes 
these hsts especially valuable. 

[List of Members, 1729 et seq.] 

James Clark Pastor 
Daniel Wightman Pas- 
John OdHn Deacon* 
John Comer 
Timothy Peckcom 
James Clark 
Joseph Tillinghast 
James Brown 
Joseph Holmes 
Jeremiah Weeden 
Henery Clark 
Jeremiah Clark Deacon 
Stephen Hookey Sen 
James Barker Sen 
Joseph Weeden 
Joseph Jenkfl 
James Green 

John Gardner 
George Gardner 
Daniel Car 
Ezbone Sanford 
Wilham Weeden 
Stephen Hookey Jur 
James Barker Jur 
William Green 
Jonathan Clark 
"Edward Thurston 
Ezekiel Burroughs 
Caleb Weeden 
John Green Jur 
James Weeden 
Thomas Stevens 
Jeremiah Barker 
Joseph Card* 
Job Car 

Caleb Car 
Joseph Sanford 
Daniel Sebears 
Thomas Pees 
Jeremiah Law; ten 
Samuel Dun 
John Grinman* 
James May* 
Joseph Tilinghast 
Henry Green 
William Allin 
James Grinman* 
Ruben Peckcom 
William Shrief 
Daniel Green 
Benjamiu Millard 
Joseph Gardner 
Samuel Tillinghaet 




Ann Clark 
Sarah Car* 
Sarah Rogers* 
Hannah Dun 
Sarah Barker 
Christian Philips 
Ann Dun 
Mary Clark 
Mary Martin 
Sarah Clark* 
Sutton Bayley 
♦ Mary Dim 
Jane Lawton 
Priscilla Lawton 
Mary Barker 
Peneloi)e Barker 
Hannah Ryder 
Abagail AlbroTV 
Michael Gerrard 
Sarah Green 
Mary Green 
Sarah Weeden 
Christian Musto 
Hopestill Card 
Jane Card 
Hannah Weeden 
Judith Clark 
Abigail Weeden 
Rachel Philips 
Marcy Peckom* 
Rebecca Moar* 
Sarah Peters 
Susanna Vaughn 
Mehitable Fish* 
Almy Clark 
Elizth Williams* 
Susanna Vaughn* 
Sarah Kirbe 
Mary Timberlake 
Rebecca Thirsten 
Mary Wightman 
Abigail Bailey 

In ye year 1729 

In ye year 1726 
In j-e year 1727 

In ye Year 1728 

A Catalogue of ye Sister of ye 
Frances Bennet 
Sarah Gardner 
Abigail Toppen 
Jane Rogers 
Eliztli Thurston 
Penelope Car 
Judith Brown* 
Elizth Fitch 
Susanna Rhodes 
Judith Hill 
Mary Tillinghast 
EHzth Fortuness* 
Lydia Sanford 
Mary Herrad 
Rebecca Neargrass 
EUztt Godfrey 
Sarah Freebody 
Abigail Dyre 
Priscilla Lawton 
Sarah Hammet 
Ezbel Hix 
Hannah Tillinghast 
Elizth Tillinghast 
Caterine Gardner 
!Mary Hookey 
Elizth Hookey 
Rhobe Green* 
Elizth Corey 
Mary WUliams* 
Dinah Peckcom 
Sarah Rogers 
Ann Grinman 
Abigail Grinman 
Martha Cook 
Vertue Records 
Janet Willkey 
Mary Willkey 
Sarah Sweet 
Patience Ozbone 
Sarah Albrow 
Elizth ^lay 


In ye year 1729 

In the year 1730 

In the year 1731 
Newport, R. I. 

Ann Willson* 
Widow Tupine 
Ehzth Moon 
Freelove Tillinghast 
Margrit Weeden • 
Mary Gardner 
EUz Chapman 
Mary Chipman 
Mary Records 
Mary Warren 
Catherine Thurston 
Abigail Gardner 
Ann Gardner 
Mary Green 
Abigal Sanford 
Francis Gardner 
Abigal Burroughs 
Dinah Whitford 
Hopestill Weeden 
Mary Sanford 
Mary Weeden 
Conifort Davis 
Lidia Tillinghast 
Freelove Allen 
Elizth Shrief 
Martha Sheffield 
Elizabeth Clark 
Alee Weaver* 
Jeremiah Crandal 
Priscilla Thurston 
Mary Hammett 
Jane Allimi 
Temperance Harris 
Martha Hunt 
Mary Clark 
Judeth Cranstone 
89 [sic] sisters 
53 brethren 

142 [sic] 

The time of ye Death of Members 

Mehitable Fish 
Marcy Peckam 
Eliz Williams 
John Grinman 
Sarah Rogers 
Sarah Car 
Anne Willson 
Rebecca Moon 
Judeth Brown 
Rhobe Green 
Sarah Weeden 
Jeremiah Clark 
James May 
Susanah Vaughn 
James Grinman 
Joseph Card 
Sutton Baley 
Marj- Williams 
Elizabeth Fortuness 
Alee Weaver 

March 14 
March 28 
Feb 9 
Octr 2d 
Jeny 6 
Aprl 27tl» 
July 19th 
Augt 14t'» 
Sept 14th 
Deer 22d 
Deer 27tli 
Jeny 16th 
Feb 24th 
June 28th 
Sept 8th 
Oct 14 
Feb 14th 
May 13th 
Nov 2d 
July 24th 

Andrews Moriarty, Jr. 

I 1915] Recent Books 93 


'' Historical Intelligence 

t" Genealogies in Preparation. — Persons of the several names are advised to 

furnish the compilers of these genealogies with records of their own families 
and other information which they think may be useful. We would suggest that 
I all. facts of interest illustrating family history or character be communicated, 

I especially service imder the U. S. Government, the holding of other offices, grad- 

1 uation from college or professional schools, occupation, with places and dates 

'j of birth, marriage, residence, and death. All names should be given in full if 

) possible. No initials should be used when the full name is known. 

i Babcock. — John, born at South Kingstown, R. I., 10 Jan. 1768, died at Grafton, 

I Rensselaer Co., N. Y., 7 Mar. 1842, son of John who died at Alburgh, Vt., by 

j George Milton Babcock, Woods Cross, Utah. 

■! Beede. — Eli, born on the Isle of Jersey, 1699, died at Kingston, N. H., May 

! 1789, by E. J. Beede, 123 School Street, Bebnont, Mass. 

Fenvdck. — Cuthbert, bom in England, 1614, died probably at Fenwick Manor, 
Patuxent River, Md., 1655, by Rev. Francis L. Fenwick, S.J., Georgetown Uni- 
versity, Washington, D. C. 

Mott. : — Gershom, bom at Preston, Conn., 14 Jan. 1772, died 14 Jan. 1806, 
son of Gershom and Mercy (daughter of Richard Downer and Mercy Horton), 
by Wilbur D. Brown, West Barrington, R. I. 

Slade. — Joseph, born at Chelsea, Mass., 31 Mar. 1763, died at Hoosick (?), 
Rensselaer Co., N. Y., descendant of Edward, an immigrant from Wales, by 
; George Milton Babcock, Woods Cross, Utah. 

Waters. — Abner, bom at Hebron, Conn., Apr. 1757, died at Gustavus, Trum- 
'■, bull Co., Ohio, 11 Dec. 1839, by Miss Carohne E. Waters, 127 Hower Avenue, 

East Cleveland, Ohio. 


[The editor particularly requests persons sending books for listing in the Registeh 
to state, for the information of readers, the price of each book, with the amount to 
be added for postage when sent by mail, and from whom it may be ordered. For the 
January issue, books should be received by Nov. 1 ; for April, by Feb. 1 ; for July, by 
May 1; and for October, by July l.J 


Andrews genealogy. Ancestry of Henry L. and John C. Andrews of Woburn, 
Mass. 2d edition. [By Henry Levi and John Cole Andrews. Woburn, Mass.] 
The Andrews Print, 1914. 19 p. pi. por. 16° 

Baker genealogy. Baker ancestry, the ancestry of Samuel Baker, of Pleasant 
Valley, Steuben Co., N. Y., with some of his descendants. By Frank Baker. 
Chicago, 1914. 6 + 58 + [12] p. fcsm. il pi. F° 

Chambers genealogy. The Shark River district, Monmouth County, New 
Jersey, and genealogies of Chambers, Corhes, Drummond, Morris, Potter, 
Shafto, Webley, and WTiite. By George Castor Martin. Asbury Park, N. J., 
Martin & Allardyce, 1914. 2 + 100 p. 8° Price $2.50 net. Address Martin & 
Allardyce, Asbury Park, N. J. 

Darby genealogy. Genealogy of the Darby family. George Darby, 1726- 
1788 of Montgomery Co., Md. Data for this work gathered in 1912, 1913, and 
1914. Edited by R[ufus] C[larke] Darby, n. p. 1914. 172 p. fcsm. map 8° 

Dietz genealogy. 1913. A leaf from the past; Dietz, then and now; origin 
of the late Robert Edwin Dietz — his business career, and some interesting facts 
about New York. By Robert Edwin and Fred Dietz. Chicae;o, New York, 
London, R. E. Dietz Co. [cl914]. [2] + 194 p. fcsm. il. pi. por. 8° 

94 Recent Books [Jan. 

Elwell genealogy. Contributions to an Elwell genealogy, 1st series, no. 4. 
The heads of Elwell families in the U. S. census of 1790, printed with additional 
matter. By Levi Henry Elwell. Amherst, Mass., 1914. 6 p. 24° 

French genealogy. John French, Jr., of Taunton, Berkley, Middleboro, and 
Oakham, Mass., and his descendants. By Henry B. Wright. Oakham His- 
torical Society, 1914. 42 p. 8° 

Geer genealogy. Genealogy of the Geer family in America from 1635 to 1914. 
By Walter Geer and Florence E. Youngs. New York, Tobias A[lexander] 
Wright, 1914. 8 + 248 + [8] p. fcsm. pi. por. 8° 

Hawes genealogy. Edmond Hawes of Yarmouth, Mass., an emigrant to 
America in 1635, his ancestors, including the allied families of Brome, Colles, 
Greswold, Porter, Rody, Shirley, and ^Vhitfield; and some of his descendants. 
By James William Hawes, A.M. New York, The Lyons Genealogical Co., 1914. 
13 + 217 p. fcsm. map pi. 8° Price So.OO, express charges extra. Address James 
W. Hawes, Harvard Club, 27 West 44th St., New York City. 

Hubbard genealogy. The Hubbard-Thompson memorial, a genealogical 
record and historical account of the ancestors and descendants of Ebenezer Hub- 
bard and Mary Thompson, his wife. Compiled and edited for Ellen Hubbard 
Skinner by Lillian Kimball Stewart. [Oshkosh, Wis., Castle-Pierce Printing Co., 
1914.] 423 + [21] p. fcsm. pi. por. F° 

Jewett genealogy. The Jewett family yearbook of 1911-1913. Rowley, 
Mass., published by The Jewett Family of America, incorporated 19th September, 
1910. 183 p. fcsm. pi. por. 8° 

Lindsay genealogy. The annual report of the Lindsay Family Association of 
America (Inc.) for 1913. Edited by Mrs. Margaret Lindsay Atkinson, n. p. 
n. d. p. 235-264, 8° 

Lomax genealogy. Genealogy of the Virginia family of Lomax. With ref- 
erences to the Lunsford, Wormelej', Micou, Roy, Corbin, Eltonhead, Tayloe, 
Plater, Addison, Tasker, Burford, Wilkinson, Griffin, Gwynn, Lindsay, Payne, 
Presley, Thornton, Savage, Wellford, Randolph, Isham, Yates, and other prom- 
inent families of Virginia and Marj'land. Chicago, Rand, McNally & Co., 1913. 
79 + [6] p. fcsm. pi. por. 4° Price $10.00 leather; S7.00 cloth. Address Rand, 
McNally & Co., Chicago, lU. 

Meriet genealogy. Genealogy of the Somersetshire family of Meriet, traced 
in an unbroken line from the reign of The Confessor, to its extinction in the reign 
of King Henry V. By B. W. Greenfield. Taunton, J. F. Hammond, 1883. 
With additions and corrections by Douglas Mcrritt. New York, 1914. 131 p. 
gen. tab. pi. 8° 

Palmer genealogy. Some descendants of William Palmer of Watertown, Mass., 
and Hampton, N. H. By William Lincoln Palmer, Winthrop, Mass., published 
by W. L. Pahner, 1914. 4 p. 8° Price 50 cts. Address W. L. Palmer, Winthrop 
Centre, !\Iass. Reprinted from Register for July, 1914. 

Peck genealogy. Peck Family Record, male and female lines. [Descendants 
of Henry Peck who settled in New Haven, Conn., in 1638.] Vol. 1, no. 1. Rome, 
N. Y., 1914. 4 p. 4° Address Clarence D. Smith, Rome, N. Y. 

Reade genealogy. The Reade Record, no. 6. Reade Historical and Genea- 
logical Association. Boston, 1913. 12 p. il. 8° 

Savage genealogy. Major Thomas Savage of Boston and his descendants. 
By Lawence Park. Boston, David Clapp & Son, 1914. [2] + 78 p. por. 8° 
Reprinted from Register, vols. 67 and 68. 

Sharpe genealogy. The Sharpes in the British Isles and in America, published 
1893-1896. Also the Sharps of Chester Co., Pa., with abstracts of records in 
Great Britain, published in 1903. By W[illiam] C[arvosso] Sharpe. Seymour, 
Conn., 1913. 212 + 36 p. fcsm. il. pi. por. 8° 

Standish genealogy. Some recent investigations concerning the ancestry of 
Capt. Myles Standish. By Rev. Thomas Cruddas Porteus, B.A., B.D. Boston, 
published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, at the Robert Henry 

1915] Recent Books 95 

Eddy Memorial Rooms, 1914. 34 p. il. 8" Reprinted from Registbb for 
October, 1914. 

States genealogy. Genealogy of the States family. By James Noyes States. 
New Haven, Conn., 1913. 187 p. pi. por. 8° 

Stetson genealogy. Stetson Kindred of America (incorporated). Containing 
account of annual meetings. — Short biographical sketches. — Historical papers. 
Genealogy. — List of members, etc. By Nelson M. Stetson. Rockland, Mass., 
Press of A. I. RandaU, 1914. 145 + [2] p. fcsm. il. pi. por. 8° Price 50 cts. 
Address N. M. Stetson, Abingtop, Mass. 

Tuckerman genealogy. Notes on the Tuckerman family of Massachusetts and 
Bome allied families. By Bayard Tuckerman. Boston, privately printed, 1914. 
263 p. fcsm. pi. por. 8° 

Van Buren genealogy. History of Cornells Maessen Van Buren who came 
from Holland to the New Netherlands in 1631, and his descendants, including the 
genealogy of the famUy of Bloomingdale who are descended from Maas, a son 
of Comelis Maessen. By Harriet C. Waite Van Buren Peckham, A.B., M.D. 
New York, Tobias A[lexander] Wright, 1913. 431 p. pi. por. 8° 

Vanderlip genealogy. . The Vanderlip, Van Derhp, Vander Lippe family in 
America also including some account of the Von der Lippe family of Lippe, Ger- 
many, from which the Norwegian, Dutch, and American lines have their descent. 
By Charles Edwm Booth. [New York, Press of L. Middleditch Co.] 1914. Pub- 
lished privately. 6 + 188 p. por. 8° 

Ward genealogy. Genealogy of the family of Josiah Ward, sixth generation 
from William Ward. By Ebin Jennings Ward. Ottawa, 111., 1914. 15 p. 8° 

Wolcott genealogy. Report of the eighth annual reimion of the Society of 
Descendants of Henry Wolcott, held at Detroit, Mich., Aug. 21 and 22, 1912. 
n. p. n. d. 27 p. 8° 

Wolcott genealogy. Report of the ninth annual reimion of the Society of 
Descendants of Henry Wolcott, held at Hartford, Conn., Aug. 6 and 7, 1913. 
n. p. n. d. 22 p. 8° 


Bogart, John, letters. Forty-two letters written to John Bogart of Queen's 
College now Rutgers CoUege, and five letters written by him, 1776-1782, with 
notes. New Briinswick, N. J., Rutgers College, 1914. 69 p. 4° 

Byles, Rev. Dr. Mather, memoir. The famous Mather Byles, the noted 
Boston Tory preacher, poet, and wit, 1707-1788. By Arthm* Wentworth Hamil- 
ton Eaton, D.C.L., F.R.S.C. Boston, W. A. Butterfield, 1914. 10 + 258 p. 
fcsm. map pi. por. 8° Price $2.00 net. Address W. A. Butterfield, 59 Bromfield 
St., Boston, Mass. 

Dunlap, William, memoir. William Dunlap, painter and critic, or the Ameri- 
can Vasari. By Theodore S[alisbury] Woolsey. n. p. 1914. [Copyright by the 
Yale Publishing Association, Inc., 1914.] 32 p. 8° Reprinted from the Yale 
Review, July, 1914. 

Lincoln, Abraham, memoir. Abraham Lincoln and Boston Corbett with per- 
sonal recollections of each. John Wilkes Booth and Jefferson Davis, a true story 
of theu: capture. By Byron Berkeley Johnson. Waltham, Mass., 1914. 71 p. 
por. 8° Price Sl.OO. Address B. B. Johnson, 45 Pond St., Waltham, Mass. 

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before the Chicago Historical Society, February 17, 1914. By Horace White. 
Chicago, 111., The University of Chicago Press, =1914. 32 p. fcsm. por. 8° 

Sayer, William L., memoir. William L. Sayer, February 26, 1848; April 15, 
1914. New Bedford, Mass., The Evening Standard, 1914. 22 p. por. 8° 

Sedgwick, Maj.-Gen. John, statue. Dedication of the equestrian statue of 
Maj.-Gen. John Sedgwick erected on the battlefield of Gettysburg by the state of 
Connecticut, June 19, 1913. Hartford, published by the state, 1913. 89 p. pi. 
por. 8° 

96 Recent Books [Jan. 

Smyth, Dr. Thomas, autobiography. Autobiographical notes, letters, and 
reflections. By Thomas Smyth, D.D. Edited by his granddaughter, Louisa 
Cheves Stoney. Charleston, S. C, Walker, Evans & Cogswell Co., 1914. 784 
p. pi. por. 8° 

Brown University, catalogue. Historical catalogue of Brown University, 1764- 
1914. Providence, R. I., pubhshed by the University, 1914. 789 p. 8° 

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June, 1914. Cambridge, printed for the Class, The University Press, 1914. 
30 p. il. 8° 

Harvard University, directory. Harvard University directory. A catalogue 
of men now living who have been enrolled as students in the University; including 
also officers of instruction and administration. Compiled by a committee of the 
Harvard Alumni Association. Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1913. 
1639 + [12] p. 8" 

Yale College, Class of 1868. History of the Class of 1868, Yale College, 1864- 
1914. By Henry P[arks] Wright. New Haven, The Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor 
Press, 1914. 4 + 382 p. fcsm. il. pL por. 8° 

Yale College, Class of 1873. Third supplement to the history of the Yale 
Class of 1873, academic. By Frederick J. Shepard, Class Secretary, n. p. n. d. 
p. 500-608, pi. por. 8° 


(a) Gen-eral 

Annapolis County, N. S., history. Supplement to the history of the County of 
Annapolis, correcting and supplj-ing omissions in the original volume. By 
A[lfred] W[illiam] Savary, M.A., D.C.L. Toronto, WiUiam Briggs, 1913. 15 + 
142 p. fcsm. map por. 8° 

Connecticut, history. Connecticut soldiers in the Pequot War of 1637 with 
proof of service, a brief record for identification, and references to various publi- 
cations in which fmi;her data may be found. By James Shepard, M.A. Meriden, 
Conn., The Journal Pubhshmg Co., 1913. 32 p. 8° 

Connecticut, register and manual. State of Connecticut register and manual, 
1914. Prepared by The Secretary. Hartford, published by the State, 1914. 
657 p. map pi. 12° 

Cuyahoga Coxmty, Ohio, Early Settlers' Association. Annals, vol. 6, no. 4. 
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APRIL, 1915 


By Henrt Herbert Eces, A.M., of Cambridge, Mass. 

Thomas Minns was born 5 December 1833 in the city of New 

York, where for a few years his father was engaged in mercantile 

I pursuits. He was the only son of Constant Freeman and Frances 

Ann (Parker) Minns, who were married in Boston, by the Rev. Ezra 

Stiles Gannett, 18 June 1825. On his mother's side Mr. Minns was 

descended from the Hancocks, his grandmother Parker having been 

] Frances Hancock, the wife of Nathaniel Parker, to whom she was 

\ married in Boston, 18 January 1803, by the Rev. John EUot. He 

.f also was descended from the Rev. John Wilson, the first minister of 

I the First Church in Boston, and other Puritan divines, from whom, 

' doubtless, he inherited many of those sterhng qualities which were 

prominent in his strong and lovable character. 

Not long after Mr. Minns's birth his parents returned to Massa- 
chusetts, and took up their residence in the town of Lincoln, where 
both his sisters were bom and where the family resided for many 
; years before removing to Boston, which was ever after their per- 

manent place of abode. 

Mr. Minns was educated at private schools in Boston, Concord, 
and Bolton, and later at the English High School in Boston, where 
he took many of the prizes and was awarded a Franklin Medal. 

Among Mr. Minns's acquaintances at the beginning of his mer- 
cantile life was the late Rev. Dr. Alexander McKenzie, who, for a 
few years, was in business before ent-ering the clerical profession. 
Of this association Dr. McKenzie wrote, not long before his O'wn 

"My acquaintance with Mr. Minns began when we were boys, or young 
men, together in the employ of Lawrence, Stone & Co. in Boston. They 
were the agents of the Middlesex Mills in Lowell, and the Bay State Mills in 
Lawrence, Massachusetts, and thej' had also the general care of the affairs 
at the mills, under the Directors. The business was large and had much 
variety, and it offered a good position to a youth who wished to be prepared 
for a business career. The heads of the firm were men of high standing, and 
they were considerate of all who were in their service. I doubt if there was 
any place of its kind which was more pleasant. The head of the clerical 
force, Mr. Thomas F. Holden, was an elderly man and an admirable teacher, 
skilfiil and orderly, and always ready with instruction and admonition. 

vol.. LXIX. 7 

100 Thomas Minns [April 

Thomas Minns was a youth of fine appearance, of genial disposition, always 

ready and willing. His most marked trait was his alertness. He could 

make his way to State Street and back quicker than anyone else. His mind 

was equally alert. He was always wide-awake, and determined that no one 

should take an imdue advantage of him. It was among his duties to buy the 

small things which were needed at the mills, and in this he was exact and 

shrewd. No one could take advantage of his youth. He had the making 

of a prosperous merchant and a large-minded man. This he has proved to 

be. I have seen little of him since we left Milk Street, as our paths have 

seldom crossed. But I have known of his influence, and the confidence with 

I which large trusts were placed in his hands. He was well bom and well 

i trained, and he gave a generous mind to his work. He merited the high 

^ position to which he attained. ... I recall the bright boy, the pleasant 

. companion, the enterprising clerk. I knew him when he had himself in the 

making and his life was a promise and prophecy. His character was early 

formed and steadily maintained. , . I still see the boy in the man, and I am 

richer for his friendship." 

Mr. Minns was subsequently bookkeeper for a short time in the 
house of S. Frothingham, Jr., & Company and then became a com- 
mission merchant upon his own account, having a null at Lee, Mass., 
j in which he was very successful. He retired in 1870. Later he held 

! the treasurership of the Bartlett Mills at Newbtuyport, Mass., and 

j brought the property up from the bad condition in which he found it 

I to a state of great prosperity. He was, for a short time, treasurer of 

I the Everett Mills. He also served many corporations and societies 

I as an unpaid auditor. Mr. Minns was largely interested, financially, 

I in railroad enterprises, especially in the Union Pacific Railroad, the 

; Oregon Railway and Navigation Company, the Oregon Short Line, 

j and the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad Company. 

I Although he never crossed the ocean, Mr. Minns was fond of 

I travel, and saw much of his native country. He made two trips to 

i the Pacific Coast, visiting California and Oregon, and other trips to 

I Colorado and the Yellow^stone Park, in the Far West, and to many 

■; other parts of this continent. 

; Among the many trusts imposed upon Mr. Minns the most im- 

; portant, perhaps, was his executorship of the will of Robert Charles 

■ Billings, in association with Messrs. Matthew Luce and Joseph S. 

Kendall. These gentlemen were charged wdth the distribution to 
charitable institutions of the bulk of Mr. Billings's great fortune, 
amounting to more than two milUons of doUars, and performed their 
deUcate and important duties with£deUty and sound judgment, their 
action being confirmed by a decree of the Supreme Judicial Court of 
the Commonwealth. In the distribution of that estate this Society 
shared to the extent of ten thousand dollars, two permanent funds 
of five thousand dollars each being created, the income of one fund 
to be used for the purchase of books, and the income of the other to 
be used for the general purposes of the Society. 

Mr. Minns was elected a resident member of this Society 6 Decem- 
ber 1871, and became a life member in 1885. He served on the 
Committee on the Library and on the Committee on Finance, and 
1 only a few months before his death he was appointed a member of 

1 the important Special Executive, Finance, and Building Committee 

'• for the year 1913. 

1915] The Byles Family 101 

Mr. Minns was in fellowship with many other societies and or- 
ganizations, and often in their boards of government. Among them 
may be mentioned the Bostonian Society, of which he was a founder, 
The Colonial Society of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Historical 
Society, the Bunker Hill Mommient Association, and the Young 
Men's Christian Union of Boston. He was also a devout parishioner 
of the First Church in Boston, and, later, of King's Chapel. His 
death occurred 28 October 1913, in the eightieth year of his age, at 
his summer home in Princeton, Mass. 



By Rev. Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton, D.C.L., of Boston, Mass. 

1. JosiAS^ ByiiES, saddler, the founder of a family of unique 
interest in the annals of Boston,* came from Winchester, Hants, 
England, where probably he was born about 1656, to Boston, where 
he died 17 Mar. 1707/8, aged, according to his epitaph in the Gran- 
ary Burying Ground, "about 52."t With his wife Sarah and prob- 
ably two children, he reached Boston, perhaps in 1693 or in the 
early part of 1694, settling, probably immediately after his arrival, 
in the north part of the town.t As early as 1697 he served on a 
petit jury; and on 11 Apr. 1698 he served with sixteen other men on 
a jury of inquisition on the body of William Holden, his signature to 
the return of the jury being the finest of the whole seventeen (Suf- 
folk Court Records, MS.). In 1699 he was constable, and on 
12 Mar. 1704/5 he was elected a tithingman for the ensuing year. 
When. Josias Byles's son Mather was born, 15 Mar. 1706/7, the 
family, according to Drake, was Uving in what is now Tileston 
Street; but whether or not they had lived there from the time of 

• There was a Biles or Byles family at Beverly, Mass., founded by Jonathan Byles, 
as early as 1681 ;_ but no relationship is known to have existed between Jonathan of 
Beverly and Josias of Boston. (Cf. Vital Records of Beverly; Essex Inst. Hist. 
Coll., vols. 35-41; Essex Antiquarian, vol. 8, pp. 120-122; Babson's Hist, of Glouces- 
ter, Mass., p. 66.) For an important Biles family of Pennsylvania see Pennsylvania 
Ma^gazine of History, vol. 26, pp. 58-70, 192-206, 348-359. 

t " Midweek, March, 17, 1701. my Country-man Mr. Josiah Byles, dyed very 
suddenly." (Se^vall's Diary, 5 Mass. Hist. Sac. Coll., vol. 6, p. 220.) 

t According to the Boston town records John Byles, a brother of Josias, was allowed, 
25 May 1702, to reside in Boston, Josias becoming surety for him; but our knowledge 
of this man and his family is scanty. He had a wife Elizabeth, who died 7 Sept. 1710, 
and his children, born in Boston, were: 1. John (probably the eldest child), who mar- 
ried, 4 Dec. 1729, Rev. Elisha Callender, minister of the First Baptist Church, officiat- 
ing, Elizabeth Bond, who died 18 June 1730, in her 21st year, and was buried in the 
Granary Burying Ground. 2. Sutton (called "Stutson" in the town record of his 
birth), who was bom 16 Nov. 1703, a saddler, one of the original subscribers to the 
HoUis Street Church, of which his cousin, Mather Byles, was the first pastor. He 
probably died a bachelor, for by his will, dated 2 Feb. 1773 and proved 2 Sept. 1776, 
he left his property chiefly to his sister Mary Snow and her children and to the children 
of his sister Elisabeth Houghton, deceased, his cousin Mather Byles receiving a legacy 
of £6. 133. 4d. 3. Elizabeth, who was born 2 Feb. 1705 [? 1705/6] and was married, 
15 Aug. 1734, to Richard Houghton. 4. Mary, who was married, 27 June 1734, by 
Rev. Mather Byles, to Jeremiah Snow. 

102 Old Boston Families [April 

the coining of Josias from England is unknown. Regarding the 
circumstances of the family, it is significant that no conveyance of 
property to Josias or from Josias is on record. That however good 
his business as a saddler in Boston may have been, it yielded little 
more than a living for the family, is shown by the cramped circum- 
stances in which Josias left his third wife.* 

Josias Byles marriedf first, in England, Sarah Auber, who emi- 
grated to Boston with her husband and died probably soon after the 
birth of her youngest chUd, 7 Oct. 1699; secondly, in Boston, Sarah 
Davis, who was born 11 Sept. 1661 and died 12 Mar. 1702/3, 
probably daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Thayer); and thirdly, 
6 Oct. 1703, Rev. Dr. Increase Mather oflBciating,| Elizabeth 
(Mather) Greenough, who was born 6 Jan. 1665/6 and died 
probably early in 1745, being buried in Tomb No. 2 in the Granary 
Burying Ground, second daughter of Rev. Dr. Increase and Maria 
(Cotton) and widow of William of Boston. § 

In his will, dated 29 June 1704 and proved 8 Apr. 1708, Josias 
Byles mentions his wife Elizabeth, his eldest son Josias, saddler, his 
son Thomas, under age, "who is apprentice with Mr. Man, Brazier," 
and his youngest children, Sarah and Samuel, who were clearly the 
only living children of his second wife, Sarah (Davis). He remem- 
bers also his honoured mother, Dorothy Byles, in Winchester, Eng- 
land, his sister, Dorothy Jeffrys, and his brother, John Byles. To the 
last three he leaves a gold ring apiece. He charges his son Josias to 
yield to his stepmother all reasonable and needful help and assistance 
in the management of the family; and he hopes that he and his other 
children will "carry towards her with all dutrfull respectfulness." 
If after his decease his wife shall see fit to continue the saddlery, he 
desires that his son Josias shall yield her all reasonable and needful 
help and assistance in the business. All that he leaves to his two 
young children, Sarah and Samuel, he puts under his wife's control, 
she having "already expressed and manifested abundant of motherly 
affection and tenderness towards them, even as much in a manner as 
if they had been her own." His Indian boy, Winchester, he leaves 
to his youngest son, Samuel. He appoints his wife sole executrix. 
His youngest chUd, Mather, was not born until after his father's will 
was made; and therefore on 6 May 1712 authority was given to his 
mother to ask, demand, sue for, recover, receive, and take into cus- 
tody all and singular such part or portion of his father's estate as 
should appertain to him. Mrs. Byles probably spent her last days 
in her son's house in Nassau Street. In the record of admissions to 
communion made by her son ISIather as minister of the Hollis Street 

• See Diary of Cotton Mather, 23 Dec. 1711 and 17 and 31 Jan. 1713/11 (7 Mass. 
Hist. Soc. Coll., vol. 8, pp. 144-145, 278. 282). 

t A brief manuscript record of his marriages is found on the inside of the lower 
cover of a Bible owned first by Rev. John Cotton, then by his daughter Maria, wife of 
Rev. Increase Mather, then by her daughter Elizabeth, third wife of Josias Byles, and 
now the property of the Massachusetts Historical Society. 

J At this time the venerable pastor of the Old North Church was in the fortieth 
year of his pastorate, his son Cotton having been his colleague for between eighteen 
and nineteen years; and the Mathers were no doubt well acquainted with Josias Byles, 
the latter having joined the "Mather Church" on 11 Oct. 1696. 

§ William Greenough, to whom Elizabeth Mather was married in July 1696, was 
bom 20 Feb. 1670/1, son of William and Ruth (Swift), and died probably a.p. 


1915] The Byles Family 103 

j Church is the following: "March 24, 1734, Elizabeth and Anna 

Byles, the former my aged mother, by a Dismission from the North 
Church. The latter (my wife) by a Dismission from the Church in 
Brattle Street." Adroinistration on his mother's estate was granted 
to Mather Byles, clerk, 6 May 1745, Josias Byles, shopkeeper, and 
William Winter, merchant, adding their signatures to the adminis- 

I trator's bond. 

I Children by first wife: 

{ 2. , i. Josias,* b. probably in England abt. 1682. 

iii. Thomas, b. probably in England abt. 1684; mentioned in his father's 
will. The following account of him is found in a letter written by 
- Rev. Dr. Jeremy Belknap and dated 12 Oct. 1783: "My grand- 

I father Byles, had a brother Thomas, who lived and died m Phila- 

delphia. He was a pewterer, and lived in Market Street: he had 
a son Daniel, who is dead, and left a son who, I am told, has been 
a Major in the army in this war. He, i.e. Thomas, also had a 
daughter married to a physician in Philadelphia, but I cannot 
learn his name, unless I was at Boston: all I know of them is, that 
they have no children, and were very kind to some of my relations 
who moved from Boston thither in the time of the late siege." 
(The Belknap Papers, 5 Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll., vol. 2, p. 262.) In 

( the possession of the Massachusetts Historical Society is a letter 

I from Thomas Byles at Newport, R. I., dated 16 Jan. 1711/12, to 

\ his "loving brother and sister." 

I iii. A SON, d. 22 Apr. 1694, aged 2 days.* 

I iv. Samuel, bapt. 11 Oct. 1696; d. 15 July 1698, "aged 21 months;" 

I bur. in the Granary Burying Ground. 

5 ' V. Joseph, d. 15 July 1698. 

I vi. James, b. 7 Oct. and bapt. 8 Oct. 1699; d. 2 Dec. 1702. 

I Children by second wife: 

I vii. Sakah, b. 24 Sept. and bapt. 28 Sept. 1701; d. 15 Oct. 1721; bur. in 

i the Granary Burying Groimd, " aged 20 years and 21 days." 

I viii. Samuel, b. 30 Jan. and bapt. 7 Feb. 1702/3; d. at "Patuxet," R. I., 

;■ in 1763, in poor circumstances, leaving a widow, whom Rev. Dr. 

( Mather Byles, Jr., in an unpublished letter to his father in Boston, 

I speaks of having once visited. In the possession of the Massa- 

\ chusetts Historical Society is a letter from Samuel Byles at Provi- 

; dence, R. I., to his brother Josias at Boston, bearing date — Jan. 

f 1749 (received 20 Jan. 1749), stating that he was about to marry 

; again, his first wife having died. 

Child by third wife : 
3. ix. Mather, b. 15 Mar. 1706/7. 

2. Josias'' Byles (Josias^), born probably in England about 1682, 
died 28 Mar. 1752, "aged 70," and was buried in the Granary 
Burying Ground. On 12 Mar. 1715/16 he refused to serve 
as constable. On 15 Mar. 1719/20 he was chosen scavenger 
for the ensuing year. Thomas Pain, "joyner," conveys by a 
deed, dated 3 Aug. 1716 and recorded 1 Nov. 1716, to Josias 
Byles, saddler, "one certain tract or piece of land lying and 
being in Boston aforesaid, in that Street commonly called the 
Back Street, leading down to Charlestown Ferry." In his 

• In Bridgman's printed epitaphs from the Granary Burying Ground the epitaph 
(evidently partly destroyed) of this child is given (p. 176) as follows: 

" Ye son of Josias and Sarah Byles, aged 32 days, died April ye 

22d, 1694." 

Whitmore's manuscript copy of epitaphs in the Granary Burying Ground gives the 
child's age as 2 days. 

i 104 Old Boston Families [April 


I "Topographical and Historical Description of Boston," p. 

I 133, Shurtleff naentions "Byles's Corner" in Anne Street. 

On 20 Apr. 1719 the Suffolk Probate Court ordered that since 
Mather Byles was born some years after Josias, Sr., made his 
will and therefore had received nothing by that wiU, Josias, 
Jr., his half brother, should pay Mather's guardian, on the 
boy's behalf, the sum of £52. 3s. Id., being a sixth part of the 
5 estate, as the law for the distribution of the estates of persons 

I dying intestate directed. 

i He married first, in Boston, 5 June 1705, Rev. Benjamin 

j Wadsworth of the First Church officiating, Abigail Callen- 

j DEB, who died 27 Dec. 1737, probably daughter of Ellis and 

' Mary; and secondly, 10 July 1740, Hannah Little of New- 

port, R. I. 

Josias Byles, shopkeeper, in his will dated 18 June 1747 
and proved 14 Apr. 1752, returns to his wife Hannah all that 
she brought with her at the time of their marriage, viz., 
£500 in money, one silver tankard, two silver spoons, and 
one large Bible; and he also gives to her £100 a year while 
she remains a widow. He leaves £20 to the pastor of the 
! church (unnamed) to which he belongs. He mentions his 

daughter Rebeckah, his sons Josias, Elisha, and Ebenezer, 
j and his daughters Mary, Abigail, and Sarah. To his son 

j Elisha he leaves his dwelling house. As executors he appoints 

i his sons Josias and Elisha, and Daniel Ballard and Joseph 

i Belknap. 

Children by first wife: 

i, A CHILD' ("of Josiah Boil"), d. 30 Mar. 1706. 

] ii. Mabt, b. 3 Nov. 1707; m. (1) 8 Oct. 1729, as his second wife, James 

Nichols, b. 22 Oct. 1694, d. 1730, s. of James and Abigail; m. 

I (2) 19 Dec. 1732 Daniel Ballabd. (Register, vol. 14, p. 27.) 

■' Child by second husband: 1. Elisha. 

\ 4. iii. Josias, b. 14 Jan. 1709 [? 1709/10]. 

] iv. Abigail, b. 17 Nov. 1712; m. (1) 8 Nov. 1737 Jonathan Welch; 

m. (2), probably, Pecker {vide deposition of Mrs. Mildred 

■ Byles, infra, p. 110). 

V. Sarah, b. 16 Jan. 1715 [? 1715/16]; m. 3 July 1741 Lieut. Joseph 
Belknap,* b. 12 Feb. 1716/17, s. of Jeremiah (for whom Belknap 
Street, Boston, was named). Children: 1. Jeremiah, b. 4 June 
1744; d. 20 Jime 1798; famous as Rev. Dr. Jeremy Belknap, the 
historian of New Hampshire and the originator, in 1790-1792, of 
the Massachusetts Historical Society.f 2. Sarah, b. 1 Sept. 1747. 
3. Abigail, h. 1 Sept. 1750. 
vi. Rebecca, b. 21 Feb. 1717 [? 1717/18]; d. unin. 26 Apr. 17&-, aged 
5. vii. Elisha, b. 25 Feb. 1719 [? 1719/20]. 

viii. Ebenezer, b. 26 Mar. 1723; d. at Ashford, Conn, (where he bad 
settled and where his father owned property), "a paralytic," 
12 Nov. 1805, "aged 84" (Ashford church records); m. Anna 

. In the possession of the Massachusetts Historical Society 

are two manuscript letters from Ebenezer Byles at Ashford, one 
to his father and mother at Boston, dated 19 Dec. 1749, and one 
to his father, dated 1 July 1751. In Boston, 7 Oct. 1755, Ebenezer 

* Vide Register, vol. 6, p. 208. 
t Vide The Belknap Papers, 5 Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll. 

i Her epitaph in the Granary Burjang GroUnd, in its present condition, is defective, 
but it gives her age as 43, 

1915] The Byles Family 105 

Byles of Ashford, Conn., yeoman, conveyed property to Joseph 
Belknap, his wife Anna signing the deed. "Anna Biles, wife of 
Ebenezer Biles," was received into the Ashford church 13 June 
1773, and Nancy (BicknaJ) Byles was transferred from that church 
to the church in Belchertown, Mass., in 1803. A Josias Byles 
(probably s. of Ebenezer) m. at Ashford, 18 Nov. 1779, Abigail 
Clark; and Sally Byles, aged 6, dau. of " Josiah Byles," d. 12 Feb. 

3. Rev. Mather^ Byles, D.D. (Josias^), born in Boston (probably 
on Tileston Street) 15 Mar. and baptized 16 Mar. 1706/7, 
died in Boston 5 July 1788. A brilliant prose writer and 
preacher, a poet of considerable note, the most celebrated 
humorist of Boston in his day, and a dominating personality 
in the town before and at the time of the Revolution, he is one 
of the most conspicuous figures in Boston's Provincial annals. 
A grandson of Increase Mather and great-grandson of Richard, 
as also a great-grandson of the noted pulpit orator John Cotton, 
he inherited not a little of the intellectual accomplishments of 
the gifted Mather and Cotton families. Educated at Harvard 
College (where he was graduated in 1725), under the direct in- 
fluence of his uncle. Cotton Mather, the "Uterary behemoth of 
New England's colonial era," he entered, 20 Dec. 1732, on his 
long pastorate of forty-three years at the newly foimded HoUis 
• Street Church in Boston with an equipment and a prestige that 

f few, if any, ministers or literary men of his time in New Ebagland 

} enjoyed. His intellectual promise had been early discerned by 

his grandfather, Increase Mather, who in his wiU charged his 
son Cotton to see to the boy's education, and who left him, in 
case he should become a minister, a fourth part of his library;! 
and it seems probable that his studies for the ministry had 
been directed by his uncle, Cotton Mather. From the Uni- 
versity of Aberdeen he received in 1765 the degree of D.D.; 
and as pastor of the Hollis Street Church he continued until 
August 1776, when on account of his well-known dishke of the 
Revolution and his declared friendship with the Loyalist 
party, amidst recrimination and intense bitterness, he was 
summarily dismissed from his church. In May 1777 he was 
denounced ia town meeting, with many others, as a person 
dangerous to the state; and on 2 June 1777 he was tried by 
the Court of Sessions and condemned to be put on board a 
guard ship and ia forty days transported to Europe or the 
West Indies. For some reason, however, possibly on account 
of his advanced age, the sentence of banishment was not 
carried out, the authorities contenting themselves with keep- 
ing him for a few weeks a prisoner in his house, before which 
they placed a guard. In retirement, with his two daughters, 
and in straitened circumstances, he lived in his house, "Nassau 

* Andrew H. Byles, who was born 3 Oct. 1820, married, 17 Feb. 1852, Martha 
Hedge Sharpe, who was born 20 Dec. 1831. They Uved at Ashford, Conn., on a farm 
" bought in 1726 by Josias Byles, of Boston, and held by four generations of his descend- 
ants." (Vide Davis's "Samuel Davis, of Oxford, Mass., and Joseph Davis, of Dudley, 
Mass., and their Descendants," 1884, p. 145.) 

t Registeb, vol. 5, pp. 446-447 ; Diary of Cotton Mather; the Mather Genealogy. 

106 Old Boston Families [April 

Green," in what is now Tremont Street, until 1788, when on 
5 July, after a lingering illness, which had begun with a stroke 
of paralysis in 1783, he died. 

He left no will; and his estate was administered, 26 July 
1790, by his only surviving son. Rev. Mather Byles, D.D., 
then of St. John, N. B., Rev. Samuel Parker, rector of Trinity 
Church, Boston, and Henry Smith, merchant, becomirig 
bound with the administrator for the faithful discharge of his 
trust. The inventory of his estate included the house on 
Nassau Street, valued at £240,* the library, valued at £142. 
12s. lOd., a burning glass, a beUows, a diamond ring, seven 
gold rings with stones, a pair of sleeve buttons, twenty walking 
sticks, a pair of globes in cases, a hand organ with four barrels, 
a magic lantern and apparatus, and many other items. 

Three original portraits of Dr. Byles remain, one by Pel- 
ham, painted very soon after he began his ministry, and two 
by Copley, one of them painted, it is believed, in 1768, the 
other in 1774, directly before Copley left Boston finally for 
England. This eminent "Boston court painter" was evi- 
dently one of Dr. Byles's most intimate friends.f 

In May 1884 Rev. Caleb Davis Bradlee, D.D., deposited 
with the New England Historic Genealogical Society a bound 
duodecimo volume of manuscript letters of Dr. Byles and his 
daughters, the first forty-six pages of which, in Dr. Byles's 
own handwriting, contain drafts of letters written by him to 
various persons between the years 1727 and 1787. Of these 
letters, three are to Alexander Pope, three to Dr. Isaac Watts, 
three to various English noblemen, two to Dr. Benjamin 
Franklin, one to Rev. Dr. John Chalmers, and several to 
distinguished public officials in Boston and to various members 
of the Byles family. Most of the letters in the last three 
quarters .of the volume are from Dr. Byles's daughters, the 
Misses Mary and Catherine Byles, Miss Mary's being com- 
monly signed "P Byles," and Miss Catherine's being signed 
"K. B." The letters in this part of the volume are written 
between 1778 and 1784. The volume as a whole is of much 
interest, especially as indicating the deference Dr. Byles felt 
toward distinguished men in the Old World, and more fully 
as showing the affectionate relations that existed throughout 
the Byles family. It is said to have been left by Miss Cather- 
ine Byles at the house of Mr. John Etheridge, where it re- 
mained probably until late in the nineteenth century. J 

Dr. Byles married first, in the State Room of the Province 

* This house stood on Nassau (now Tremont) Street, nearly opposite the entrance to 
Common Street. Dr. Byles bought it in 1741 for £350. Cf. Eaton's "The Famous 
Mather Byles," pp. 68-72, 22&-230. 

t The Pelham portrait and first Copley portrait were long owned in Nova Scotia; 
but they are now the property of Frederick Lewis Gay, Esq., of Brookline, Mass., who 
owns also Pelham's well-known portrait of Cotton Mather, a valuable portrait of Dr. 
Mather Byles, Jr., and a portrait of Mather Brown by himself. 

J More detailed information concerning the career of Dr. Byles may be found in a 
recently published book by the compiler of this genealogy, entitled "The Famous 
Mather Byles," which contains also reproductions of the Pelham and Copley portraits 
and many other illustrations. 

■ 1915] The Byles Family 107 


I House, Boston, 14 Feb. 1733/4, Rev. Thomas Prince, minister 

of the Old South Church, officiating, Mrs. Anna (Notes) 

Gale, who was born 17 Apr. 1704 and died 27 Apr. 1744, being 

buried in the Granary Burying Ground, in Tomb No. 2* 

daughter of Dr. Oliver and Anna (Belcher) and widow of 

Azor, Jr.;t and secondly, 11 June 1747, Rev. Joseph Sewall, 

D.D., of the Old South Church officiating, Rebecca Tailer, 

who was born 3 July 1718 and died 23 July 1775, being buried 

i in Tomb No. 2 in the Granary Burying Ground, daughter of 

\. Lieut.-Gov. William and Abigail (Gillam). By this marriage 

! Dr. Byles connected himseK not only with the conspicuous 

Tailer family but with several others of the most aristocratic 

families of Boston, his wife Rebecca being descended from the 

Stoughtons and being connected more or less remotely with 

the Brinleys, Byfields, Dudleys, and Lydes. 

On 28 Aug. 1750 Dr. Byles was appointed guardian of his 

three minor children, Mather, EUzabeth, and Samuel, because 

they had recently inherited property as heirs of their aunt, 

* Sarah Bridgham, widow of Powning Bridgham, who had 

shortly before died intestate.J 

Children by first wife; 

6. i. Mather,' b. 12 Jan. 1734/5. 

5 ii. Samuel, b. 10 July 1736; d. 3 Sept. 1737. 

? iii. Elizabeth, b. 22 Mar. 1737/8; admitted to communion 16 Sept. 
; ■ 1753; m. 3 July 1760, as his second wife, Gawen Brown of 

{ Boston, the well-known maker of watches and clocks, § who d. 

* Tomb No. 2 was built by Dr. Oliver Noyes in 1720, the same year in which many 
- other tombs in the Granary Burying Ground were buUt, permission for this having 

been applied for and given by the selectmen. This tomb is now owned by the Arch- 
bald family, descended from Anna Noyes and her first husband, Azor Gale, Jr. 

t Dr. Oliver Noyes was one of the most important citizens of Boston. His wife, 
Anna Belcher, was a sister of Gov. Jonathan Belcher. Their daughter, Anna Noyes, 
was married first, 31 Jan. 1722 [? 1722/3], Rev. Benjamin Colman ofiiciating, to Azor 
Gale, Jr., of Boston, merchant, who was baptized 10 Sept. 1699, son of Azor and Mary 
(Roots) of Marblehead, Mass., and died prior to 24 Feb. 1728/9, when his will was 
proved in Suffolk Co. Azor and Anna (Noyes) Gale had one child, Anna, who was 
born 4 Apr. 1726, was married, 21 June 1748, to Francis Archbald, and died 23 July 
1801, "aged 76." (Cf. Columbian Cenlind.) 

t Mrs. Bridgham was originally Sarah Noyes, sister of Dr. Byles's first wife. She 
was married (1), 21 May 1736, Dr. Byles officiating, to Abel Pulcifer of Plymouth, 
Mass., and (2), 5 Sept. 1738, Rev. Benjamin Colman, D.D., officiating, to Powning 
Bridgham. Administration on her estate was granted, 24 July 1750, to her brother, 
Belcher Noyes, M.D. 

§ "Gawen Brown Clock and Watchmaker lately from London" advertises in the 
Boston Evening-Post of 16 Jan. and 6 Feb. 1749, his shop being then in Brattle Street 
(Mass. Hist. Soc. Proceedings, vol. 46, p. 250), and also in the same paper of 11 Dec. 
1752. In the Boston Gazette of 26 Feb. 1754 he announces his removal from "King to 
Union Street, next door to Mr. John Salter, brazier, opposite the Conduit, at head of 
Town Dock." In the same journal, 17 Sept. 1754, he offers his house in Union Street 
for sale. In the same journal he advertises, 18 July 1763, at his shop in King Street, 
"silver watches, some pinchbeck do., one genteel gold chain'd watch, silver and steel 
chains, best silk strings, &c., at the most reasonable prifes." In 1769 and in 1782 he 
was still living in King Street. That he prospered in his business is shown by the 
number of his real estate transactions. He made, as Drake and others tell us, many 
of the hall clocks for Boston houses, including the hall clock of his father-in-law, Dr. 
Byles, which is now in the Bostonian Society's collection in the Old State House. A 
watch made by Gawen Brown and owned by Dr. Mather Byles, Sr., and afterwards 
by his daughter, Catherine Byles, is now the property of the Massachusetts Historical 
Society. Gawen Brown was also the maker of the first clock placed on the steeple of 
, the Old South Church, a description of which may be found in Mass. Hist. Soc. Pro- 

ceedings, vol. 47, pp. 34, ^90-291. This clock was commonly believed to be the finest 
one in America, the Boston Gazette of 16 Apr. 1770 saying of it that it "goes with such 

108 Old Boston Families [April 

8 Aug. 1801, aged 82; d. 6 June 1763.* Only child: 1. Mather, a 
painter of some note, b. 7 Oct. 1761 and bapt. by his grandfather 
as "Mather Byles" 11 Oct. 1761; d. in London, Eng., 25 May 
1831. For his career see Eaton's "The Famous Mather Byles," 
pp. 213-215, and Mass. Hist. Soc. Proceedings, vol. 47, pp. 32-34, 

iv. Maky, b. 20 Dec. 1740; d. 26 Jan. 1740/1. 

V. Belcheh, b. 12 July 1742; d. 15 May 1744. An inquest was held 
on the death of this child, and the verdict returned, 15 May 1744, 
by a jury of fifteen, was that he had met his death by falling into a 
tub of water. (Suffolk Court Records, MS.) 

vi. Samuel, b. 23 Mar. 1743/4; d. 16 June 1764. In a record in a Bible 
once belonging to the Lyde family he is called " Doctor." After 
his death his father caused to be published a small collection of his 
writings, entitled "Pious Remains of a Young Gentleman Lately 
1 Deceased," which was printed by Richard Draper, Jr., 1764, and a 

! copy of which is in the Boston Public Library.f 

Children by second wife: 

vii. Joseph, b. 30 Mar. 1748; d. 16 Oct. 1749, "aged 18 mos." 
viii. Mary, b. 27 June 1750; admitted to communion 30 Mar. 1766; d. 
1 Oct. 1832; bur. in Tomb No. 2 in the Granary Burjing Ground. 
: . In her will, dated 3 Nov. 1822 and proved 22 -Oct. 1832, she be- 

queaths her whole estate to her beloved sister, Catherine Byles, 
I to be entirely at her disposal; leaves her affectionate love to her 

i sister-in-law, Susannah Byles, her nephew, Mather Brown, her 

f nieces, Rebecca Almon, Mary Byles (wife of Mather, 3d), Anna 

I Des Brisay, Sarah Des Brisay, Louisa Hare, and Sarah Louisa 

I Byles (wife of her nephew. Belcher Byles), and their children and 

I _ grandchildren; and makes her sister Catherine sole executrix. t 

I ix. Catherine, b. 22 Aug. 1753; admitted to commxmion in her father's 

] church 7 Jan. 1770; d. 19 July 1837; bur. 21 July 1837 in Tomb 

I No. 2 in the Granary Burying Ground. In her will, dated 15 Nov. 

I 1832 and proved 28 Aug. 1837, she bequeaths to her sister-in-law, 

I Susanna Byles, $20; and leaves the proceeds from her real estate, 

after it is sold, in six equal parts to the following persons: PLcbecca 
Almon of Halifax, N. S.; Louisa Ellen Des Brisay and Georgina 
Caroline Des Brisay of Devonshire, Eng., daughters of Anna Des 
Brisay; Louisa Hare of Portsea, Eng.; Sarah Des Brisay of Dart- 
regularity and exactness that for this fourteen weeks it has not lost two minutes of 
time." Gawen Brown was admitted to the HoUis Street Church 10 Aug. 1760, "on 
a Letter of Recommendation from the Rev. Jo. Oliver, Pastor and Eldership of a 
Desenting Church at Framlington in Northumberland, South Britain." He married 
(1) 5 Apr, 1750, Rev. Joseph Sewall oflSciating, Mary Flagg, who joined the Old South 
church 12 May 1751, died 28 Mar. 1760, aged 31, and was buried in the Granary 
Burying Ground. She bore to her husband six children, all of whom were baptized in 
the Old South Church. He married (2) Elizabeth Byles; and (3) in the New South 
Church, 19 Oct. 1764, Elizabeth (Hill) Adams, widow of Dr. Joseph (brother of Sam- 
uel Adams, the patriot), to whom she had been married 11 Sept. 1754. In his wOl, 
dated 13 June 1794 and proved 25 Aug. 1801, Gawen Brown mentions his wife Eliza- 
beth, whom he appoints sole executrix, and his children in the following order: Mather, 
Margaret, Catherine, Nancy, Mary Pownall (wife of his son John), and John. (Cf. 
Mass. Hist. Soc. Proceedings, vol. 46, pp. 249-250, and vol. 47, pp. 32, 34, 289-291.) 
* The Massachtisetis Gazette and Boston News-Letler of 9 June 1763 says: " On Monday 
Morning the 6*1" instant died here Mrs. Elizabeth Brown, wife to Mr. Gawen Brown, 
and eldest Daughter of the Rev. Mr. Byles. For the beauty of her Person, the Em- 
bellishments of her Mind, the Brilliancy of her Conversation and the Sanctity of her 
Manners, she was an Honor to her Religion and an Ornament to her Sex. We hear 
she is to be buried this afternoon." 

t See Eaton's "The Famous Mather Byles," p. 215. The Boston Evening-Post of 
Monday, 18 June 1764, has the following notice: "Saturday last died here after a 
short illness, Mr. Samuel Byles, second son of the Rev. Mr. Mather Byles, of this 

J See Eaton's "The Famous Mather Byles," pp. 7-8, 216-223, and Graham's 
Magazine, January and February, 1842, for a description of the Misses Mary and 
Catherine Byles and their Boston home. 

1915] The Byles Family 109 

mouth, N. S.; Sarah Louisa Byles of Burlingtoo, N. J., for the 
support and education of her four children by the nephew of the 
testatrix, Belcher Byles; and Mather Byles of Teignmouth, Devon- 
shire, Eng., son of her late nephew Mather Byles. She requests 
that certain articles, among them "a carved bellows brought to 
J New England by Rev. John Cotton two himdred years ago," be 

J not sold, but that they be dehvered to Mr. Mather Byles Almon 

I . of Halifax or his agent, to be divided by him, "as nearly propor- 

] tionably as he can," among her relatives, as family memorials once 

I belonging to her and her sister Mary. "But the carved bellows," 

I she says, "I give specifically to the Rev. Mather Byles Des 

I Brisay." She says that the terms of her will are those that she and 

I her sister Mary have jointly agreed on, to be observed by which- 

[ ever sister survives the other. The trustees appointed to act on 

• behalf of the relatives of Miss Byles were Samuel D. Parker and 

Joseph Tilden, both of Boston; but these gentlemen refusing to 

serve, Messrs. Henry Clark and Isaac Livermore were appointed 

in their place. The homestead of the aged sisters was sold in 1839 

to Harrison Gray of Roxbury, the several heirs formally confirming 

the sale. These quitclaim deeds were signed by Rebecca Almon, 

widow, of Halifax; Mather Byles of Dawlish, Devonshire, Eng.; 

Louisa Ellen and Georgina Caroline Des Brisay of Dublin, Ire.; 

Sarah Des Brisay, widow, of Dartmouth, N. S. ; Sarah Louisa Byles, 

widow, of Burlington, N. J., and her four children, Sarah Louisa, 

Elizabeth Anna, Catherine Mary, and Edward; and Louisa Hare, 

widow, of 9 Alexander Square, Brompton, co. Middlesex, Eng. 

The brief inventory of Catherine Byles's property, exhibited 

18 Feb. 1839, showed real estate appraised at S2500 and personal 

i estate appraised at $15,012.24. Among the items were a portrait 

I of Mather Byles and one of Mather Byles Brown, with "other 

t paintings and pictures."* The valuation of the parlor furniture, 

t , mcluding the two portraits above mentioned, was $31. The other 

< paintings and pictures were valued at $20. 


( ' 

4. JosiAs' Byles (Josias,^ Josias^), of Boston, born 14 Jan. 1709 
[? 1709/10] and living in 1739 on Union Street, married first, 
14 Dec. 1732, Rev. William Cooper of the Brattle Square 
Church officiating, Sarah Livermore, who died 8 June 1752, 
"aged 41," and was buried in the Granary Burying Ground; 
and secondly, 18 Dec. 1753, Rev. Samuel Cooper officiating, 
Mary Dixwell, who survived her husband and died in 1781. 
In her will, dated 30 Jan. 1781 and proved 16 Feb. 1781, she 
names her four children, Mary Hunt, and Josiah, Elizabeth, 
and Sarah Byles. 

Children by first wife: 

• i. Sarah,* b. 17 June 1734; d. 12 May 1754, "aged 20;" bur. in the 

Granary Burying Ground. 
ii. JosiAs, b. 9 Oct. 1735; probably d. before 17 Dec. 1758. 
iii. Daniel, b. 31 June 1738. 
iv. Abigail, b. 21 Nov. 1745 and bapt. as an adult in the Brattle Square 

Church 7 Feb. 1773. 
V. Hannah, b. 14 Mar. 1752. 

Children by second vidfe: 
vi. Maby, m. Samuel Hunt. 

vii. Saeah, b. 30 Sept. and bapt. in the Brattle Square Church 2 Oct. 
1757; probably d. young. 

* Portraits of the Misses Mary and Catherine Byles were painted by Henry Pel- 
ham, Copley's half brother. That of Catherine Byles is owned by Maj. WUliam Bruce 
Alxnon of Halifax, N. S. 

110 ' Old Boston Families [April 

viii. JosiAH (twin), bapt. in the Brattle Square Church 17 Dec. 1758; 
living 30 Jan. 1781. 

ix. Samuel (twin), bapt. in the Brattle Square Church 17 Dec. 1758; 
undoubtedly d. young. 

X. Elizabeth, bapt. in the Brattle Square Church 30 Dec. 1759; prob- 
ably the Elizabeth Byles who m. 16 Sept. 1785 Thomas Baylies 
Richmond of Dighton, Mass. 

xi. Sarah, bapt. in the Brattle Square Church 27 Sept. 1761; d. 2 Jan. 
1807, "aged 45." 

5. Elisha' Byles (Josias,^ Josias^), of Boston, bom 25 Feb. 1719 
[? 1719/20], died in Apr. 1793, "aged 74." He married 

I Mildred , who died in Boston 16 Aug. 1815, "aged 

I 84," and was buried in Tomb No. 186, belonging to William 

1 Donnison, in the Granary Burying Ground. 

Between 1761 and 1764 Elisha Byles was two or three times 
elected constable in Boston. At a meeting of the selectmen 
held 21 July 1779 he states "that he has taken Benjamin 
Bagnal, late an inhabitant of Boston to board, and has let a 
Chamber to Mrs. Susannah Wells, late from Waltham, 
I formerly of Boston."* On 14 Nov. 1781 he applies to the 

selectmen "for liberty for his Wife to open a School for teach- 
^ ing Children Reading &c. which was granted." On 16 Apr. 

j 1783 "M' EHsha Byles appUes to the Selectmen for liberty to 

I teach some Children in writing, &c. and received their appro- 

I . bation." In 1787 he was a retailer in Salem Street, near 

} Christ Church. On 17 June 1791 Elisha Byles, brazier, con- 

I veyed to Mildred and Sarah Byles, spinsters, a dwelling house 

\ and land in Salem Street, reserving to himself the right to 

remain in the house as long as he hved. In Jan. 1813 Mildred 
I Byles, then "88 years old," widow of Elisha Byles, deposing 

^ in Boston in reference to a wharf that had been owned by her 

" late husband, declared that Dea. Josiah Byles, her father-in- 

law, left his property to his children, Mrs. Belknap, Mrs. 
: Pecker, Mrs. Mary Ballard (her husband's eldest sister, wife 

of Daniel Ballard), and Josiah Byles; that Daniel and Mary 
Ballard had a son, Elisha Ballard; that she, the deponent, 
Mrs. Mildred Byles, had one child, Mildred, living, and that 
she had buried three children, one of them since her husband 
died; that she never had had a grandchild; that she had at 
one time lived "at the eastward;" and that her husband, 
Elisha, had been dead "18 years." The wharf and the ad- 
joining flats, concerning the ownership of which the deposition 
was made, were situated near where "Craigge's bridge" then 

i. Elisha,* d. at Lynn, Mass., 7 Mar. 1759. 

ii. Mildred, b. at Lynn, Mass., 29 Apr. 1759; d. unm. 27 Dec. 1844; 

bur. in Tomb 58, Hull Street Burying Ground (Copp's Hill). 

Administration on her estate was granted, 16 June 1845, to George 

W. Adams, her next of kin. 

• Mrs. "Wells was probably Susanna (Welch) Wells, widow of Francis Wells, Esq. 
t Drake speaks of a "Byles's Wharf," on the east side of the Neck, near Castle 

1915] The Byles Family 111 

iii. Sarah, d. after 17 June 1791 and before Jan. 1813. 
iv. A CHILD, d. before Jan. 1813. 

6. Rev. Mather' Byles, D.D. (Rev. Mather,'^ Josias^), born in 
Boston 12 Jan. 1734/5 and baptized by his father on the same 
day, died at St. John, N. B., 12 Mar. 1814. 

He was graduated at Harvard College in 1751, and received 
the degree of A.M. from his alma mater in 1754 and from Yale 
College in 1757, and the degree of D.D. from the University of 
Oxford in 1770. He was admitted to communion 29 Sept. 1751 . 
From 1755 to 1757 he was Ubrarian at Harvard College; from 
1757 to 1768 pastor of the Congregational Church at New 
London, Conn.; and then, having become attached to the 
Episcopal form of worship, he proceeded to England, where he 
was ordained as a priest of the Anglican Church. Returning 
to New England, he assumed the rectorship of Christ Church, 
Boston. On account of his Loyalist sympathies at the time of 
the Revolution he left Boston for Halifax, N. S., in Mar. 1776, 
with Howe's fleet, became chaplain to the garrison at Halifax 
and assistant to Rev. Dr. Breynton of St. Paul's Church in 
that place, and in May 1789 became the second rector of 
Trinity Church, St. John, N. B., where he spent the rest of 
his life. 

Dr. Byles is said in the National Cyclopaedia of American 
Biography to have been classical in speech and captivating in 
manners, and to have been the author of several hymns which 
are still in use. He seems, however, to have left few pub- 
lished writings. Valuable letters from him to his father and 
sisters in Boston, when he was minister at New London and 
later, and his diaries for certain portions of his life are pre- 
served, and throw great light on his character and on some of 
the events of his life.* 

He married first, at Roxbury, Mass., 12 May 1761, his 
second cousin, Rebecca Walter, who was born 19 Apr. 1739, 
the third child of Rev. Nathaniel (of the Second Church, 
Roxbury, 1734-1776) and Rebecca (Abbott). f She died in 
Boston 29 Oct. 1775, before her husband fled to Halifax, and 
in the register of Trinity Church it is recorded that she was 
buried 31 Oct. 1775, aged 37, as second daughter of Rev. 
Nathaniel Walter of Roxbury and wife of Rev. Dr. Mather 
Byles, Jr.J Dr. Byles married secondly, at Halifax, N. S. 
(hcence dated 4 Feb. 1777), his second cousin, Sarah Lyde, 
who was born in Boston 17 Mar. 1746 [? 1745/6] and died in 
Hahfax 22 Feb. 1787, daughter of Byfield and Sarah (Belcher), 

• For a longer account of his career see Eaton's "The Famous Mather Byles," pp. 
205-212, 237-238. 

t The grandmothers of Rev. Mather* Byles and Rebecca_ Walter were sisters, both 
being daughters of Rev. Increase Mather. Rev. Nathaniel Walter records in his 
parish register that he married in the First Church, Roxbury, 12 May 1761, "the Rev's 
M"" Mather Byles of New London and my Daughter Rebecca." 

X For the Walter family vide Register, vol. 8, pp. 209-214, with pedigree chart 
facing p. 209; Drake's Town of Roxbury, pp. 443-444; Thwing's Hist, of the First 
Church in Roxbury, Mass., passim; and Eaton's Church of England in Nova Scotia, 
pp. 139-142, 182-184. 

112 Old Boston Families [April 

her father being one of Dr. Byles's fellow refugees from Boston 
in Halifax, and her mother being a daughter of Gov. Jonathan 
and Mary (Partridge) Belcher of Massachusetts and New 
Jersey, a sister of Chief Justice Jonathan Belcher of Nova 
Scotia, and therefore a first cousin of Dr. Byles's mother, Mrs. 
Anna (Noyes) Byles.* In a letter, as yet unpublished, to his 
father and sisters in Boston, dated 15 Mar. 1787, Dr. Byles 
gives an account of the death of his second wife, stating that 
an autopsy had revealed the fact that it was " totally owing to 
the pernicious practice of lacing and girding herself too tight." 
Dr. Byles married thirdly, at Halifax, N. S., 2 Oct. 1788, 
Right Rev. Charles Inglis, D.D., officiating, Mrs. Susanna 
(Lawlor) Reid, who was baptized at the New Brick Church, 
Boston, 19 Aug. 1750, daughter of Thomas and Susanna 
(Martin) of Boston and T\-idow of Capt.^Reid, "R.N." This 
lady, who according to Dr. Byles had "an estate in New 
Hampshire," survived him, and went to England, where she 

On 12 Mar. 1814, the day on which Dr. Byles died, the 
following notice appeared in a St. John (N. B.) newspaper: 
"Died this morning in the 80'*^ year of his age the Rev. Math- 
er Byles, D.D., late Rector of this city and Chaplain of the 
District." The Columbian Centinel (Boston) of 27 Apr. 1814 
announced his death as foUows: "In St. John (N. B.) 12 
March, the Rev. Mather Byles, D.D., late rector of that city, 
and chaplain of the district, Aet. 80. He was son to the cele- 
I " brated Rev. Dr. Byles, who for many years was pastor of the 

I * At the beginning of the Revolution the family of Byfield Lyde was very prominent 

> in Boston. He was the eldest and only surviving son of Edward (who died in 1725) 

f and Deborah (Byfield) Lyde, and was bom 27 Mar. 1704 [? 1704/5]. He was gradu- 

{. ated at Harvard College in 1723, and married, 17 Aug. 1727, Sarah Belcher, who was 

I born 22 Apr. 1708 and died 10 Oct. 1768. Accompanied by four other members of 

i his family, Byfield Lyde went with Howe to Halifax in Mar. 1776, and died there in 

j the following October. Byfield and Sarah (Belcher) Lyde had fifteen children, of 

j whom Edward, bom 24 May 1736 and baptized in the First Church, Boston, 30 May 

f 1736, and George, baptized 3 Jan. 1741/2, were Loyalists, like their father, and took 

\ refuge in England. This Edward Lyde went to Halifax about a year before the evacua- 

\ tion of Boston; and his daughter Elizabeth was bom there 15 Dec. 1775. When 

j Chief Justice Peter Oliver with his niece reached Halifax, 3 Apr. 1776, Mr. Lyde 

invited him to his house andkept him there until he embarked for England, 12 May 
I 1776, as is revealed by a portion of Peter Oliver's journal quoted by Thomas Hutchin- 

son in his diary. Hutchinson also saj-s, under date of 7 June 1776, that "Ned Lyde" 
has just arrived at Dover from Halifax. (Diarj' and Letters of Thomas Hutchinson, 
vol. 2, pp. 49, 61.) On 18 Dec. 1778 Samuel Pitts was appointed in Boston agent 
of the estate of Edward Lyde, "an absentee," and gave bonds; and on 19 Mar. 1779 
an inventory of his estate was presented, which showed him to be possessed of valuable 
property. Edward Lyde married (1), 15 Jan. 176[5], Katharine Gooch, who died 
16 Nov. 1765, in her 28th year; and (2), 15 Oct. 1772, Elizabeth Oliver, who was born 
i 7 Mar. and baptized in the Old South Church 11 Mar. 1738/9, daughter of Lieut.-Gov. 

{ Andrew and Mary (Sanford). Child by first wife: 1. Katharine, bom 23 Oct. 1765 

I d. 14 May 1766. Children by second wife: 2. Edward, bom in Boston 25 Oct. 1773 

• died in New York City 24 Dec. 1831, being buried in a vault in St. Mark's (IJhurchyard 

married in New York City, 19 Feb. 1799, Grace Walton, born 2 June 1778, died 1 Apr. 
1820. 3. Elizabeth, born at Halifax, N. S., 15 Dec. 1775; died unmarried at Burling- 
ton, N. J., 10 May 1876. 4. Byfield, born in New York City 16 Aug. 1778; died 
28 Aug. 1778. 5. Sarah Louisa, bom in New York City 8 Dec. 1779; married 29 Dec. 
1808 her first cousin. Belcher Byles (8), q.v. 6. Andrew Belcher, bom in New York 
City 25 Jan. 1782; died there 25 Oct. 1855; married 1821 Mary Todman. Edward 
Lyde, Sr., died in New York 12 Apr. 1812, aged 76, and was buried in a vault in the 
First Presbyterian Churchyard, Fifth Avenue and Twelfth Street. His widow, 
Elizabeth (Oliver), died in New York 15 Dec. 1820, and was buried in the same vault. 


1915] The Byks Family 113 

Hollis Street Church and Society in this town. Two aged 
maiden sisters yet reside here, to whom the death of their 
worthy brother is peculiarly afflictive." In 1873 Mr. J. W. 
Lawrence of St. John, a local historian, wrote: "The house 
where he [Dr. Byles] died can be seen on the southwest corner 
of the market lot, facing Germain Street." Dr. Byles is said 
also by Mr. Lawrence to have been buried in the old Sydney 
Street Burying Ground in St. John,* though other local 
tradition says that he was buried under the chancel of Trinity 
Chiu-ch, where he had for so long ministered. On the wall of 
this church was placed a tablet (which still exists), bearing an 
inscription which has been printed in the Register, vol. 14, 
p. 233. 

Children by first wife: 
i. Rebecca,* bapfc. at New London, Conn., 31 Oct. 1762; d. at Halifax, 
N. S., 5 June 1853, in her 91st year, having been blind for several 
years immediately preceding her death ;t m. at Halifax, 3 Aug. 
1785, William James Almon, M.D., b. at Newport, R. I., prob- 
ably in 1754, d. at Bath, Eng., 5 Feb. 1817, s. of ; and Ruth 

(Hollj-wood).t Perhaps Dr. Almon received his medical educa- 
tion at King's College, New York, and he is said to have been 
assistant surgeon in the Royal Artillery in New York in 1776. At 
HaUfax he became the most eminent general practitioner in the 
town, and long acted as surgeon to the ordnance and artillery. 
He was buried imder St. James Church, Bath. An obituary notice 
in a Halifax newspaper in 1817 says: "Died, at Bath in England 
on the 5tl» February, D' William James Almon aged 62. He was, 
during the greatest part of his life a Practitioner of Physic in this 
Town, where the enunence he acquired by his skill in his profession 
& attention to its duties makes his death the subject of universal 
& deep regret. His goodness of heart and kindness of disposition 
will cause him to be long remembered & loved; and if it is any 
alleviation to the sorrow of surviving friends to know that they do 
not grieve alone, the relations of this good man will have the con- 
solation of knowing that all who were acquainted with him partake 
of their afflictions." Mrs. Almon was the favorite niece of the 
Misses Byles of Boston, and much of the correspondence between 
her and them has been preserved. She was a woman of fine 
character and great cultivation, and she left a family of the highest 
social and professional importance in Nova Scotia. Children: 

1. William Bruce, d. young, after being inoculated for smallpox. 

2. Hon. William Bruce, M.D., a member of the Council and for 
thirty years a leading physician in Halifax, b. 25 Oct. 1787; d. 
12 July 1840; m. 29 Jan. 1814 Laleah Peyton Johnstone, b. 
15 Feb. 1789, third dau. of Dr. William Martin and Elizabeth 
(Lichtenstein) of Jamaica, B. W. I.§ 3. Amelia, d. in infancy. 4. 

• See Loyaliet Centennial Souvenir, by J. W. Lawrence, p. 164. For notes on the 
history of Trinity Church, St. John, see Footprints or Incidents in the Early History 
of 'New Brunswick, pp. 78-81. Rev. George Bisset was the first rector of Trinity 
Church, Rev. Mather Byles the second, and Rev. George Pigeon, a son-in-law of Bishop 
Charles Inglis, the third. See George Herbert Lee's First Fifty Years of the Church 
of England in New Brunswick. 

t-^e obituary notice from the Church Times (Halifax, N. S.), in Register, vol. 7, 
p. 372. 

J Dr. Almon's father was born at Genoa, Italy, came as a young man to the Ameri- 
can Colonies, became owner of a vessel and traded with the West Indies, and was lost 
at sea. He married in New Jersey Ruth HoUi-wood, who after his death was married 
in the Dutch Church, New York City, 20 July 1767 (Marriages in the Dutch Church, 
New York, p. 226), to John Nash, to whom she bore no children. John Nash and his 
wife emigrated to Halifax about the time of the Revolution, and both died there. 

§ The children of Hon. Vt illiam Bruce and Laleah Peyton (Johnstone) Almon were: 

114 ■ Old Boston Families [April 

Amelia Elizabeth, b. 14 Aug. 1789; m. Hon. James William John- 
stone, an eminent Nova Scotia Conservative statesman and judge 
in equity, who shortly before his death was appointed Governor 
of Nova Scotia, b. in Jamaica, B. W. I., s. of Dr. William Martin 
and Elizabeth (Lichtenstein).* 5. Sarah Ann, h. 27 Nov. 1790; 
m. Maj. Charles Mosse, R.A. 6. Hon. Mather Byles, a banker and 
member of the Coimcil, bapt. 24 June 1796; m. Sophia Pryor, 
bapt. 6 Mar. 1807, dau. of John and Sarah (Stevens), who belonged 
to an important Loyalist family from New York; had issue. 
7. ii. Mather, bapt. at New London, Conn., 8 Apr. 1764. 

iii. Walter, bapt. 4 Aug. 1765; d. young at New London, Conn. 

iv. Anna (twin), bapt. 10 May 1767; d. young at New London, Conn. 

V. Elizabeth (twin), bapt. 10 May 1767; d. 1808, six months after her 
marriage, aged 41; m. at St. John, N. B., Willlui Scovil, Esq., 
of St. John, second s. of Rev. James and Ame (Nichols), who m. 
(2) Ann Davis, by whom he had one child. f 

vi. Anna, bapt. in Christ Church Parish, Boston, 27 Nov. 1768; d. at 
Teignmouth, Devonshire, Eng., Apr. 1830; m. at St. John, N. B., 
22 Aug. 1799, as his second wife, Lieut.-Col. Thomas de la 
CouR Des Brisay, of His Majesty's Royal Regiment of Artillery, 
at that time the commandant at Halifax, N. S., and a lieutenant- 
general in the Army, who d. probably at Torquay, Devonshire, 
Eng.J Children: 1. Charles Mather, drowned m England, aged 
llj years. 2. Lestock Willson, d. in infancy. 3. Anna Elizabeth 
Mary. 4. Louisa EUen, d., a widow, at Teigomouth 30 Jan. 1884; 
m. her first cousin. Rev. Thomas Des Brisay, who was first a 
lieutenant in the Royal Marines, and then, after studying at 
Cambridge, Eng., for the Church, became \acar of Yalpton, Devon- 
shire, s. of Peter (major in the Royal Marines). 5. Gecrgina 

1. Laleah, born 20 Nov. 1814, married Thomas Andrew Ritchie, who was bom 1810. 

2. Hon. William Johnstone, M.D., a leading physician of Halifax and senator of the 
Dominion of Canada, born 27 Jan. 1816, married Elizabeth " Lightenstone " Ritchie, 
born 1817, and lived at "Rosebank," Northwest Arm, Halifax. 3. Amelia Rebecca, 
born 20 Jiily 1817, married Judge John William Rit-chie, who was bom 26 March 1808, 
and lived at "Winwick," Northwest Arm, Halifax, where she reared a distinguished 
family, who own and occupy Winwick still. 4. Elizabeth Johnstone, born 14 Oct. 
1818, died 23 July 1819. 5. Elizabeth Johnstone, born 25 May 1820, married Rev. 
James Johnstone Ritchie, who was bom 9 Feb. 1816 and lived at Annapolis Royal, 
N. S. 6. Ella Mackglashin, bora 6 Feb. 1822, died unmarried, aged about 22. 7. 
Mary Ann, bom 14 Mar. 1823, died immarried, aged about 65. 8. Andrew Belcher, 

born 19 Oct. 1824, married Walcott of Salem, Mass., and died at Newport, R. I., 

where he had lived for many years. 9. James, bom 30 Jan. 1826, died unmarried, aged 
about 45. 10. Rev. Canon Foster Hutchinson, born 31 Aug. 1827, for many years 

a clergyman in Nova Scotia, had issue. 11. John, bom 24 Oct. 1828, married 

Robinson, and lived at Rothesay, N. B. For the Ritchie family of Nova Scotia see 
the Calnek-Savary History of the County of Annapolis, N. S., pp. 394-397, 573-576, 
and Recollections of a Georgia Loyalist, pp. 34, 35. The name "Winwick," given to 
the late Judge John William Ritchie's estate at Halifax, was taken from the name of 
the parish in Lancashire in which Richard Mather, founder of the Mather family of 
New England, was bom. 

* Judge Johnstone married (2) Mrs. Louisa (Pryor) Wentworth of Halifax, daughter 
of John and Sarah (Stevens) Pryor and widow of Capt. Samuel Henry Wentworth, 
R.E., Capt. Wentworth being a nephew of Lady Frances Wentworth. (Wentworth 
Genealogy, vol. 2, p. 306.) 

t Rev. James Scovil, an Anglican clergyman, was bom at Waterbury, Conn., and 
from 1788 until his death on 19 Dec. 1808 was rector at Kingston, N. B. His widow 
died in June 1835. His fourth child. Rev. Elias Scovil, succeeded him as rector at 
Kingston. See Anderson's and Bronson's histories of Waterbury, Conn., and Sabine's 
American Loyalists. 

t Gen. Des Brisay's first wife, whom he married probably at Halifax, was Sarah 
Proctor, bom probably in 1756, died 4 June 1798, daughter of Charles and Margaret. 
Her epitaph at Charlottetown, P. E. I., reads: "In memory of M" Sarah Des Brisay, 
wife of Lt. Colonel Thomas Des Brisay, the Royal Regiment of Artillery, who died at 
Charlottetown, June 4, 1798, aged 42. She was daughter of the late Charles Proctor, 
Esq., and Margaret his wife, of Halifax, N. S." By his first wife Gen. Des Brisay had 
one son, Thomas de la Cour, born at Halifax 14 Aug. 1780, who married Sarah Bylea 
(6, vii), and a daughter, Mary, baptized at Halifax 8 June 1783. 

1915] The Byles Family 115 

Caroline, living in Devonshire when her great-aunt, Catherine 
Byles, made her will in 1832; d. before her sister Louisa Ellen. 
vii. Sarah, bapt. in Christ Church Parish, Boston, 30 Sept. 1770; d. at 
the house of her son, Thomas Belcher Des Brisay. M. D., at Dart- 
■ f mouth, N. S., 8 Nov. (or Dec.) 1855, "aged 87;'* m. at St. John, 

; N. B., 19 Sept. 1801, Capt. Thomas de la Coub Des Brisay, R.A., 

I h. 14 Aug. 1780, d. in St. Vincent, B. W. I., s. of Lieut.-Gen. 

t Thomas de la Cour and Sarah (Proctor). Capt. Des Brisay was 

f probably an adjutant of battaUon at Halifax at the time of his 

* marriage. There is a tradition that when he asked his father's 

? advice about offering himself to Miss Byles or sought his consent 

f thereto, his father replied; "I advise it [or "I give my consent"] 

] provided you do not mean Miss Anna Byles, for I intend to address 

that lady myself." Children: 1. Thomas Belcher, M.D., a physi- 
cian at Chester, N. S., and from 1832 on at Dartmouth, N. S., b. 
abt. 1802; d. 21 Apr. 1869, aged 67; m. Lucretia Bourdett Wood- 
ward, dau. of Jesse (a Huguenot merchant, it is said, at Halifax).* 
2. Rev. Mather Byles, rector of Dartmouth, N. S. Also other 
children, of whom no certain records have been found.f 
viii. Martha, bapt. in Christ Church Parish, Boston, 1 Nov. 1772; bur. 

from this church 6 Nov. 1772, "aged 3 weeks." 
ix. Mart, bapt. in Christ Church Parish, Boston, 20 Oct. 1774; bur. 
from this church 3 Apr. 1775, "aged 5 months." 

Children by second wife: 

8. X. Belcher, b. at Halifax, N. S., 27 Sept. 1780. 

xi. Sarah Louisa, b. at Halifax, probably in 1782; m. Maj. Thomas 
4 Hare of the Ninety-Seventh Regiment of Foot, s. of Matthew of 

s Ballybrack, co. Kerry, Ire. Maj. Hare belonged to a military 

t family and at the time of his marriage was stationed, with his 

} regiment, at Halifax. He owned a place called Mount Henry, 

] near Limerick, L-e., and was there killed by " Whiteboys," 31 Jan. 

I 1822. After his death his widow removed to England, and in 

] 1832 was living at Portsea, Hants. In 1839, however, she was 

I living at Brompton, co. Middlesex. She is said to have resided 

also for a time at St. Paul's Square, Southsea. Children: 1. A 

child, d. in infancy. 2. A child, d. in infancy. 3. Louisa, h. 1815; 

d. s.p. in CO. Sussex, Eng., Mar. 1891; m. her first cousin, John 

Hare, s. of Matthew. 4. William Almon Robert, b. 19 Mar. 1820; 

d. 1901; m. 23 Aug. 1854 Alice Mary Allison, b. 14 June 1827, d. 

Apr. 1907, eldest dau. of Jonathan Crane and Jane (Boggs); came 

- out to Halifax to his cousin, Hon. Mather Byles Almon, when he 

was about 17 years old, and hved from that time on at Halifax.^ 

5_. Maj. Thomas, m. at the Cape of Good Hope Frances Maynard; 

'. six children, Charles William, Louisa Clarissa, Alfred, Gordon, 

i' Walsham Howe, Maynard. 

sdi. Samtjel, d. in infancy at Halifax not later than 10 Dec. 1784, as a 

letter from his mother to Dr. Mather Byles, Sr., proves, 
xiii. Samuel, b. probably in 1786; d. young. 

* Dr. Des Brisay made his wiQ 12 Mar. 1860, and it was proved 3 May 1869. His 
children were: 1. George Woodward, died at Chester, aged 2 years. 2. Mather Byles, 
M.P.P., barrister, judge of a county court, speaker of the Assembly, and historian of 
Lunenburg County, N. S., born about 1828, died 8 Apr. 1900, aged 72. 3. William 
Almon, a clergyman. 4. Charles Mosse, M.D. 5. Thomas de la Cour, M.D. 6. 
Sarah Eliza, who was married to Peter Stewart Des Brisay of Charlottetown, P. E. I. 
7. Marie Woodward. 8. Louisa Caroline. 9. Emma Almon. 10. Jessie. 

t It has not been possible to compile complete records of the Des Brisay family, 
whose original home in Canada was Charlottetown, P. E. I. 

X The children of WilUam Almon Robert Hare were: 1. Alice, married, as his second 
wife, to Prescott Johnstone of Halifax. 2. Marion, died young. 3. William Almon, 
i^jed young. 4. Alfred Allison, married Jessie Withycombe of St. John's, Newfound- 
land. 5. Henry Mather, who married Estelle Hart and is a medical missionary with 
Dr. Grenfell in Labrador. 6. Arthur Charles, married Maria Gordon Hughes. 7. 
Louisa Frances, married Richard Chapman Weldon, D.C.L., dean of Dalhousie 
: College, Halifax. _ 8. Lillian Jane, died young. 9. Walter John, died unmarried. 10. 

Wilfred Almon, living unmarried. 



116 Old Boston Families [April 

7. Mather* Btles (Rev. Mather,* Rev. Mather,^ Josias^), baptized 
at New London, Conn., 8 Apr. 1764, died in Grenada, B. W. I., 
17 Dec. 1802. He was commissary general at Grenada, and 
married there, 1 Jmie 1797, Mary Bridgewater, eldest 
daughter of Chief Justice Bridgewater of that island.* 


i. Mather,' living in 1832 at Teignmouth, Devonshire, Eng., but 
describing himself in 1839 as of Dawlish, Devonshire. Child: 1. 
Capt. Mather,^ R.N. 


8. Belcher* Btles {Rev. Mather,^ Rev. Mather,''' Josias^), bom at 
Halifax, N. S., 27 Sept. 1780, died very suddenly in England 
27 Feb. 1815 and was buried in Camberwell Churchyard. In 
Jan. 1809, immediately after his marriage, he went with his 
wife to England to live. 

He married in New York City, 29 Dec. 1808, his first cousin, 
Sarah Louisa Lyde, who was born in New York City 8 Dec. 
1779 and died at BurUngton, N. J., 18 Aug. 1871, daughter of 
Edward and Elizabeth (Oliver), her parents having Hved 
successively in Boston, at Halifax, N. S., and in New York 
City. After her husband's death Mrs. Byles and her children 
returned from England to New York and hved with her 
mother, who died in 1820. About 1826 Mrs. Byles removed 
to Burlington, N. J., and she and her children are buried in 

I St. Mary's Churchyard in that city. 

i' Children: 

[ i. Sahah Louisa,' b. in London, Eng., 8 Sept. 1810; d. unm. at Bur- 

I lington, N. J., 7 July 1902. 

) ii. Edwaed Lyde, b. 26 Mar. 1812; d. unm. 16 Oct. 1875. 

I iii. Elizabeth Aitna, b. at Camberwell, Eng., 11 Dec. 1813; d. s.-p. at 

I BurUngton, N. J., 24 Nov. 1907; m-at Burlington, 14 July 1869, 

r Charles Elus, M.D. 

\ iv. Catherine Mart, b. at Camberwell, Eng., 5 May 1815; d. unm. 

; 10 Dec. 1899. 


The Btles Bible Re coed 


The following record is taken from the Byles Family Bible, which 
was transferred to Halifax, N. S., after the death of Miss Catherine' 
Byles of Boston, and was for a long time in the possession of the 
Almon family. It is now the property of Miss Mary W. Ritchie of 

* A tablet in a church in Grenada bears the following inscription, which was copied, 
7 Feb. 1887, by Mather* Byles's grandson, Capt. Mather' Byles, R.N., then of Her 
Majesty's ship Tourmaline: " Mather Byles, Esqr, who was born in Boston New Eng- 
land 1765, and died in Grenada on Friday \7^^ day of December 1802, in the 38*'' year 
of his age. A man who amidst all the dissoluteness of the age, filled many places of 
I publick Trust in this Island, with that honor and integrity which all admire and few 

! dare to imitate. In every domestic situation, whether as a son, brother, a husband, a 

parent, or a friend, he shone with equal lustre. To mUd, pleasing manners and a sound 

■ judgment, be added every virtue that can dignify Humanity, but to tell his character 
. in a word, 'He was a Christian.' This stone, a Tribute of gratitude and a testimony of 
I Admiration for a character so exemplary, is erected by his brother Belcher Byles. 
; 'Let me die the death of the Righteous, and let my last end be like his.' ixii Numbers, 

IQth verse." To the fine character of Mather* Byles the unpublished correspondence 
of the Byles family bears striking testimony. 




1915] Diary of James Parker 117 

Winwick, Halifax. The entries are chiefly in the handwriting of 
Rev. Dr. Mather Byles, Sr. 

I was born March 15, ITOVt. He died July 5, 1788* N.B. I begin the 

• ; Days at Evening — The Year March 15, my Birth-Day 

i 173 3/4 In the State-Room of Province House Feb. i| Married to M" Anna 

f Gale, A niece of Governor Belcher, who Dyed April 27, 1744 Just before 

i Midnight 

'; 1. Jan. 12 A Son Born Past midnight Lord's Day 12 Baptized by the 

■ Name of Mather. He died 

1 2. 1736 July 10 A Son born, about sunset jj^^ p^y Baptized by name of 

Samuel 1737 Sept. 3, my dear Samuel was taken by my God, about 

11 at night gS^ 
3. 1738 March 22. A Daughter born about noon Wednesday 26. Bap- 
tized by the name of EUzabeth. — Married to Brown July 3, 1760 
Her son Mather was born October 7, 1761 My dear Eliza taken from 
me June 6, 1763. 
; 4. 1740 Dec. 20 a Daughter born about noon Saturday 21. Baptized by 

the name of Mary Jan'y. 26, my dear Mary is sent for by my Saviour 
1742 July 12, A Son born a httle before sunset On the 18*^, Baptized by 
/ the name of Belcher. Drowned ia a tub of water May 15, 1744 

"; 1744 March 23 A Son Born about 10 A.M. Friday 25 Baptized by the 

I name of Samuel My dear Samuel ascends June 16, 1764 

I 1747, June H, married to Miss Rebecca Tailer, daughter to the late Hon. 

I Lieut. Gov. Tailer and niece to Lieut.-Gov. Stoughton. She died 

•; July 23, 1775, Lord's Day, about half an hour past three P.M. 

; 1748, March H, A Son born half an hour before 1 in the Morning April 3, 

Baptized by the name of Joseph. 1749 October 16 My Joseph goes to 

my God about 12 at night ^^^J^^^ 
1750 June 27, A Daughter born about 2 in the Morning J'"""^^^ July 1 

' ° ° Wednesday "'^J -^ 

Baptized by the name of Mary She died Oct. 1, 1832* 
1753. August 22 a Daughter born about 1 ia the afternoon Wednesday 
Aug. 26, Baptized by the name of Catherine 


Transcribed by Mrs. Ethel Stanwood Bolton, A. B., of Shirley, Mass. 

[Continued from page 17] 

[1773, January] 

6. Jonathan Davis Came & Paid me some money, ye Same Night I went 
to Groton for Mrs Green with John Egertons horse my httle Daughter Love 
was born about 4 of Clock ia ye morniog 

7. I went and carried M"^ Green home & Fetched Up Emme. Catherine 
Derring went home this Day. 

8. I carried Mother Willard home & went to Harvard to OHver Arthertons 
to Vendue I bought a Dish kettle a Toby pot a Bodkin. 

• The italicized words are in a different hand. 

118 Diary of James Parker [April 

10. I carried my Little Daafter to meeting. 

13. I got up Bome wood &c Jonathan Davis was fixing John Egerton 

18. I went for Mother Willard my wife was very sick She Stayed Untill ye 
Next Night. 

20. I went after ye Doct for my wife and got some thing of Doct Haskell & 
Came Home & sent for Doct Ware by Jonas Parker. Sd Ware came ye 21 
& Stayed imtill after dinner this Day Mrs Wildes at my House, the same 
Night my Sister Abigail was married to John Egerton at evening. 

22. John Egerton moved his wife Home, my wife was poorly I did but 
Little work. 

29. my wife was taken with the Pleurisy Feavor. Moses went for Doct 
Ware John Egerton & his wife Came & Stayed all Night S^ Ware Did not 

30. I went to Limeningburgh after Doct Densmore my wife was very 111 
s<* Doct did not [come] ye Widow Longley Came & watched this Night. 

31. Doct Dinsmore Came & Blooded my wife & left a number of Articles 
M" Farwell watched this Night James Dickinson* was PubUshed this 
Day Mother Willard was at my House. 

1 my wife was very lU M" Wildes Came here and Staj'ed AU Day & Night. 

2. I went for Doct Densmore in ye morning as Cold a Day as Ever I knew 
S^ Doct Came & Stayed 3 or 4 hours Matha Page Watched this Night 
my wife was better a Little. 

3. Lucy Bartlett Came and watched this Night. 

4 M" Patterson Watched this Night. 

5 the Widow Longley watched this Night. 

6. Mother Willard & Emme watch. 

7. Some warmer Betty Little Watch. 

9. Betty Boynton & Ester WiUard watched. 

11. I sleaded the Boards from the old house that I sold to Jonathan Davis 
this after. 

12. I carried a Loague to the Mill & got a Paire of Boots & pury [?] that 
Reuben Dodge left at Haskells. 

13. Jonathan Davis finished Pooling Down the House he had of me. Landord 
Sawtells wifef Dyed this Night my wife was gitting Better. 

15. I went to Obadiah SawteU wifes Funeral. 

20. this Day ye Select™ Layed out a rod for Joseph Longley through my Land 
by ye Mill Pond. 

22. At Night I went to Landed Sawtells to a Vendue of James Hartwell. 


1. March meeting no roads voted this year. 

5. Jonathan Davis raised his house, their was a froUic at the widows Long.J 
7. James Dickinson was marrid the 4 of this month. 

16. My wife went to John Egertons the first of her going out after [her 
illness] John Egerton went to Groton this Day & Brought word that they 
had measles at Levi Parker Emme Parker SibU Parker. Luck Holden 
& SawteU § was taken with a Warant for whiping Abel Parker. 

23. Drawed wood for John Egerton of[f] Hazon hill to ye forge. 
29. Abel Parker Jr Came to work for me. 

* James Dickinson married Friscilla Harris, the daughter of his partner, Francis 

t Mary (Gould) SawteU. 

t Widow Longley. 

§ Luke and SawteU Holden. 

1915] Diary of James Parker 119 

9. I and my wife went to Elijah Wildes Raising 


7 & 8. I carted Boards to y« New Meeting house for Lieut Haskell. 4000 
with my oxen & his. 

14. W°» Longley went for fish I had 5 of s"* fish. 

21. Like wise John Willard came. 

25. this Day Samson Tuttle Brought me a writ for Zachariah Tarbell for 

Board &c. 
30. we had no Preaching. M' Whitney was gone a Jorney to Boston. 

Wentworth* was Burid this Day. 


1 I and Abel was Piqueing up Old Stuff where the fire had run over. 

3 I went to Littleton to a Trial with Sprague in TarbeU's behalf He secured 
[?] a judgement against Tarbell 

8. James Dickinson Raised his house this Day. 

9. I Begun to Break Up. Phineas Page, Abel Chase, Israel Willard, helped 
me each with one Pair of Oxen I had Fletchers, Lieut Farwells, Egertons, 
fourteen in all. 

11 & 12 Joshua Longley had my Breaking up Plow. 

15 I Plowed with 14 oxen. 

16. Training, a Very fine Day. offercies went to Dinner at Sawtells. Sil- 

vanus Smith & John Egerton was Put in Copriels, the two youngest. 
22 Molly Wildes came to Uve at my house. 
26 Hannah Chace hatcheled flax for me. Very dry time. I girdled some 

trees on my great field. 
28 this Day Haskell Begim to Raise his house, I helped him a SpeU &c 
30 Edmimd Longley Raised his house. 

3 Abel and I mowed for old Chasef 

8 I went to Harvard raising of ye Meeting house. I Bought Bourkmer Old 
horse & Saddle & Bridle 

13 Thos Simons was reapin for me at the Mill Pond. 

19 Betty & Rebcah Little Came to my house to set out my Pocket Book &c. 

24 this week I had a Banyan & Jacoot, new. 

3 I plowed the old field round Tarbll old sellar hole &c. 

25 My Mother came to my house this night & stayed untill ye next Day, 
Egerton & wife came this Night 


2 I went to Lecture in the afternoon. 

7 I went to Town meeting got ye Copy of a Sermon that I had from 

9 Carried some ashes to Haskell's Potash 

13 Was Town meeting to see about raits & a Committee Chosen to Seet ye 
New meeting house Decoon Longley W™. Little & myself. 

14 I went to Sewel DodgesJ to Git a sheir sharp°<i. 

22 I was Training & their was 8 or 9 to Breakfast with me. my Sister Eger- 
ton sent out this night & had a Boy Br.§ 

* He came from Harvard, Mass., with hia wife Mindwell. 

t George Chase. 

i The Shirley blacksmith. 

§ Leonard Egerton, bom 23 Sept., son of John and Abigail (Parker) Egerton. 

120 Diary of James Parker [April 

27 Went to Nehemiah Longley's to carry some Cotton. 
29 Abel went home to his fathers & his time being all out But Last time 
he had a Bad Boy. 

8 & 9 Abel & I was Diging Purtatoes. 23 Bushels Bunkers Spanish Purta- 

11 Deacon Longley W™ Little came to my house to make Draught about the 

Pews in y^ New meeting house, stayed untill about 12 of Clock at Night. 
20 Was Town meeting in order to [illegible] the Pews & several other Articles. 

M' Ivory got home from y« Eastward y® Night before the meeting ye 19. 
27 I went to Limeningburgh trooping I had Egertons horse, a Number of 

others with me. 


10 Jonas * came to try his New Suit at Night 

11 Paul Dickerson was at my house. 

14 My Mother and SibUf came up to meeting this Day 

18 I went to the New Meeting house & Put up a short sect in my Pew &c 

22 was Town Meeting to see about raising money for the Meeting house &c. 
It was Voted to raise 100£ for the New Meeting house Voted to raise 25 
for to Defray Nesasary Chargis in Tow[n] affairs. 

23 Wee the Committee meet to seat the New Meeting House at Sam" 
Hazons Viz Deacon Longley, W™ Little, Rich<^ Sawtell, Sam" Hazon, & 
James Parker. 

25 Was Thanksgiving, wee meet in New Meeting House the first Time 
Mr. Whitney Preached from Isaiah 56; 1; 2 Pretty full meeting I had 
nobody to sup with me but Ivory Wildes, I & my wife & Children went to 
Father WiUards & stayed all Night 

26 Y^ next morning I came home Left them all their, in the afternoon I 
went to Landlord Sawtell & from thence to the Old meeting house for an 
ArtiUory then home 

27 Paul Dickinson & wife & his Brother was at my h. Joseph BrownJ & 
Ekimund Longley was married this Thanksgiving 

29 Deacon Longley & I was at W™ Littles makeing out the Deeds for the 

30 I and my wife went to Dinner to Henry Haskells M' Wh^ M'' Ivory 
Sam" Hazon & their wives &c. 

3 I went to get some Clay to mend my Chimneys &c 

7 I went to Vendue at the New Meetmg house the old Boards &c I swoped 
Britches with Jonas Parker 

8 I went to Vendue to Mr. Ivorys his Home Place was bid off to one Wallace 
& Corhill for 4400, the other was bid off to John Egerton for 1305. this 
Night Phinehas Parker Came up to my house & Brought his wife & Emme 
Parker & Stayed untUl Satterday. 

17 I was making my great Barn doors. 

22 I was at Town meeting to sell the Pews in the front gallery & the glass 
of the old meeting House & to Sawtells at Night 

[1774, January] 

15 I went to Haskells & got some glass &c. 
17 I & Sawtell Holden ketched a fo.x 

• Jonas Parker. 
t Parker's sister. 

J Joseph Brown married Mary Longley, and Edmund Lonsley married Alice Law- 
rence of PeppereU, Mass. 

1915] Diary of James Parker 121 

18 James Brooks* helped me finishing Thrashing my Rye 
21 I went to Livermores & got some Candles that he Bought for a mink skin. 
24 I went to the funeral of Mrs. Kallcyt 

31 I went to Vendue to Sawtella of the old meeting house, it was ajomed 
'/ to ye 14 &c. 

I [February] 

I 5 1 had a new red jacoot made. 

I 8 John Egerton & I went to Groton with a Double Slay & Carried our wives 

; & Stayed aU Night. I stayed at my Brother Phinehas's. 

! 10 Egerton & I went home with W^ SafFord.f 

• 17 I sold my black mair to Thos Nichols. 

21 Their was severall young folks at my house at Night Eliz^ Whelock Ivory 
Wildes § &c &c. 

27 Mr. Adam Preached. 


20 Jonas Parker was Published to Elizabeth L^.\\ 
31 Mr. Bell Dyed this week. 

7 Jonas Parker was married to EUzabeth 
20 Drawed out the Timber for Benj» Haskells shoop 

24 Mr Goodhue Preached Here. 

; 25 I was Diging my Seller for my Back room. 

I 26 I went to help Benj* Haskell Raise his Shoop & went to Hales ^ & got a 

f Bed Sted & Carried a load of ashes to H. Sold old Mr. Nathan Smith 

i 120 w* Hay 

f 27 I Began to Hew the timber for my Back Linter** M' John Pierce helped 

f me. 

28 We finished hewing and Begun to fraim. 

16 I Begun to Board my Back Leanture.** 

22 Moses Kezar was Burid I went. 

25 Was General [Fast] Throughout this Prov. I and my wife Stayed at home 
all Day I worked some, our Children went to Father WiUards & Molley 
Wildes went, their was a great frollic at hazons. 

27 Joshua Longley Raised a Bam. 

/ 9 My wife & Molley Wilds had a Quilting the[re] was about 20 Girls & about 

as many young men at Evening. 
10 Old M'' W™ Longley M' Ivory & I went & measured off my 10 acres on 
Catt'mug hill & made the Bounds this Day. 

18 BUI Bartlett helped me Plow Chief of y* Day in my Orchard. 


19 Winslow Phelps Came to reap for me. 

2 Ephraim Hale Buried a Child. 

• James Brooks came from Concord, Mass., and was an early tavern keeper in Shirley. 

t Martha McFarland, wife of John Kelsey. 

i Ward SafFord of Harvard, Mass. 

§ Both were founders of the Shakers in Shirley. 

n Elizabeth Little. 

^ Paul Hale. 

•* I.e., Lean-to. 

122 Diary of James Parker [April 

22 in the afternoon to Town meeting to see about the times. 

29 I went & got my Plow sheir Laye<^ I help<i Harrington* Lay it. 

5 I went to Groton & from thence to Littleton all Shirley Company to Visit 

Esq'' Rogers, there was about 150 men meet on that Day 
16 Was Town meetiog in order to sign the Gov*. 
26 I went to Thos Gonns & Bought two Heffer Galves & three Sheep of s^ 

Conn, ye 19 of this month Philemons Holdens Boy Brook my Glass 

29 in ye afternoon John Egerton & his wife & Brother Joseph & his sister 

Washman & I & my wife went to Kingmansf & then to Wm. Littles & 

spent the evening & then home. 

1 I bought a Lamb of Abijah Frost. 

8 Jonas Parkers wife mustered & had a son Born.J 
12. I went to Burkmars to get a gun. 

18 this Day James Page came for some Boards for Nathan Kingman new 

22 I went to Burkmars & got a gallon of rum. I had a new velvet Jacoat 
made this week. 

29 John Egerton moved into his own house. 


15 was Training the Old & Young met and Put out Capt. Hazen & I & Eger- 
ton & Put in Holden & Obadiah [Sawtell] & Richard [Harrington] for their 
offercers & chose their minut men Sal§ Smith had about 20 men. 


1 I plowed along by ye Ledge of rocks ia Order to make a road in ye after- 
noon I went to Silas Davises Shooting of [illegibk] 

13 in ye afternoon went to Burkmars & got some Riun & Molasses & sugar 

20 Campbell Brown came to my house in order to get in Schoolman. 

[1775, January] 

2 I Begun to keep school at Henry Haskells Shoop & so I continued keeping 
all this w[eek] this second day a sermon Preached at Lunening By M' 
Adams to the ^linute men a great meeting as they say, &c. I had between 
Twenty & Thirty Schoolers. 

7 In ye afternoon I went to Daniel Pages & got half Bushels of Indjon Com. 

9 Nothing remarkable all this week I was keeping school at Has. I had in a 
general way about 30 scho' some very large men & women Groon. 

16 At evening I Bought a silver watch of John Jup|| & Paid him the Cash all 
but 3 Dollars, there was an artilley att Mr. Hazons I went this Same 
Night I swoped watches with John Sollendoynlf he gave me his note for 3 
Dollars to boot. 

23 I finished keeping school at Haskells &c. 

1 Jonathan Da^^s had a shooting I was there a Little While. Jest at Night 
when I come home I found my Brother Abijah Parker at my house, he 
Stayed all Night. 

• Thaddeus Harrington from Lexington, Mass. 
t Nathan Kingman, 
j Jonas Parker, Jr. 
§ SOvanus. 

' 11 An Englishman 

f i[ I.e., Solendine. 

1915] Diary of James Parker 123 

2 We went to see Jonas Parker Egerton & our wives &c. 

8 Old Lawley came to my house. 

9 Brother Abijah, Levi, Phinehas & his wife, & Jonas & his wife came to my 
house & stayed all Night. 

10 and ye next day then Phinehas & Jonas & their wives went home. Abijah 
& Levi stayed the Night following, then they went to Groton about noon 
&c &c. 

15 Henry Haskell had a great shooting. I went to father Wil"*. 

21 I went to Groton to here a sennon Ph<^ to the minute men. a great 
number of People of all ranks. I staj'ed all Night at my mothers. Came 
home 3^ next day. Saw three spring Birds this day, robbins. 

27 This day the Slectmen came to lay out a rode through my Land for 
Joseph Longley. 

6 was March meeting Obadiah [SawteU], Francis [Harris], & Asa [Holden] 

selectmen, & [Samuel] Walker Treasurer they Layed Hog* a road as they 

Purtended so they Carryed on the meeting as they Pleased. 
14 Was Training in order to view Arms Capt. Holden meet at the meeting 

house Capt. Hazon with our Partey meet at Mr. Ivory's with about 41 men 

so we Traind there all ye afternoon. 

18 in ye afternoon I went to town meeting. They turned out Mr. Ivory 
from goin Delegate & put in Capt Harris, & turned out Mr. Livermore & 
put in Haskell & Walker, so they served the Devil High 

28 Mr. Whitney Preached to y« minute men, a great Number of People at 
the meeting. 

1 John Egerton had a son bom a Little after son downf 

11 I went to Groton to the General Muster of the minute men a great number 
of People, it begun to Snow in Deed, Cold raw weather 

19 the Regulars their morning, well, they Came up as far as Lexington, 
killed eight men, from thence to Concord. y« 19 at 12 o'clock I sot of & 
went as far as Lincoln, from thence to Cambridge j^ next day I saw a great 
Number of Dead men Lying on the road. Both our men & Regulars, a 
great number of men gathered together at Cambridge. 

21 I was in Cambridge, multitudes of men of all ranks it is judged there was 
killed & wounded Between two and three hundred 

22 I went over in Rokbury and stayed there all night, there was a muster in 
the Evening. 

23 Was the Sabbath. I came back to Cambridge & heard Preaching in y« 
forenoon, in y« afternoon 6 of us sot of to come home, all work going on 
this day as much as any Day in ye week, a shocking Day in Deed as Ever 
was seen in this Part of New England. 

24 At Evening I got home. 

30 Salvanus Smith enlisted four soldiers. On the Sabbath a Proclimation 
red for a fast. 


18 I got some rutes for a Diardink. I went in the afternoon & helped raise 
a Barn fr Davis. 

14 a Night Charlestown Ivory ran away 

15 I went to Cambridge & round after Charlestown. I stayed in Cambridge 
all night a great Laram in ye Night. 

16 Came home, & Did not find ye Negro 

30 I was alarmed & Sot of to go to Cambridge but I got as far as 0"^ Sawtells 
& a nxmaber more & hered there was nothing in it & we came home. 

* Joseph Longley. 
t John Egerton, Jr. 


124 Diary of James Parker [April 


I Olive Wilds Dyed this night. 

4 Olive Wilds was Buried Mr. Barnard Pi^. 

5 I Burnt over the ground I was agoing to Plow 

II Mr. Whitney Preached half the Day, Mrs Keezar* was Burid this Day. 
17 this Day Charlestown was set on fire by the regulors & a Number of our 

men killed in the Battle & a nimiber of regulars a Very warm siege in Deed 

for the time. 

I 25 at Night went after Mrs. Wilds &c. 

j 26 She went home again without any work, my wife still remained well. 

! 2 this night my wife sent out she got to bed about two of y« Clock in y« 

I morning with a fine Daughterf after all things went on well Emme went 

I home this Day &c. I Brought Sarah Woods to Mrs. [Parker] 

10 I had 10 hands John Pierce & his Solomon and Both the Cammels,t & 
Benja Priest & Peabody, John Willard & Moses Dickinson, this Night 
I went for Doc* Haskell for my wife she was Ver 111 untill he Came &c. 
16 Ezra Farnsworth Came for Sarah Woods. Louis Willard Came in her 
i room. 

) 20 ther was New inhsting orders for more men 

i 26 we was mowing & got in a jagg of hay. 

t [August] 

I 15 At evening I went to See Mr Ivory about the school &c. we agreed to hire 

I Mrs. Newell 

16 John Pratt came to work for me again this Day I Swoped my oxen away 
I with Mr. Perrin for a Pair of 2 yearUng Stears & had 35£ to boot. 

» 31 Mr. Esther Brooks § helped me finish crossing & Mr. Chatman helped me 

I y^ same Day. 

} [September] 

24 No Preaching. James Page was Buried this night after Sim Down. 
J [October] 

; 11 Nathan & W™ Flud Came to thrash for me. 

I 30 this Day I swoped watches with Jos^'' Carter. 

• [November] 

• 27 I went to frosts ll to Pool teeth 

! 29 John Egerton & I sot out to go down with Mr. Bartlett went with 2 loads 

i of barrels we stayed at Concord from thence to roxbury & so round the 

' Comp' 

30 Stayed in roxbury all night &c. 


2 I was in roxbmy. I put away my watch to John Hanmer from thence to 
Cambridge round all the in Campments & Stayed all night on Prospect 

3 Egerton & I came out of Cambridge to Concord 

7 Mitchel Richards came and got 260 staves and 90 pieces of heading of mine 

for Perrinll to make Barrels. 
9 W™ Flud was thrashing for me all this week. 
13 I went to Aunt Farwells to see about my Sheep. 

' • Abigail Snow, wife of Jonathan Kezar, 

: t Henrietta Parker. 

I t John and James Campbell. 

! I I.e., Estabrook. 

( B Abijah Frost. 

i 1 Charles Perrin. 



1915] Diary of James Parker 125 

[1776, January] 

1 Town meeting Voted to have no schooling this winter Voted to Dizenherit 
Amos Dole.* the widow Longleyf Departed this Life this Day after about 
25 Days illness 

13 Sam" Barrett helped me half 3^ Day I sold him a Pair of Britches for 
14J Days work he went home. 

21 Olive Longley Departed this Life 

22 I went to the funeral. Paul Hale came and stayed at my house this 

29 was a meeting in order to raise 10 men for two months Simion Holden, 
James Egerton, Ivory Wilds, Sam" W^,t Abel Chase, Phips,§ Amos Dole, 
Dinnis Holden, Solomon Pierce, Jonathan Hartwell, & myself Eleven in 
all we went to Sawtells afterward then Came home. 

5 I sot off this morning in order to go to Cambridge & severall more Viz. 
Jonas Barrett, James Egerton, Ivory Wilds, Sam" Walker, Jonathan 
HartweU, Solomon -Pierce, Abel Chase, Charles Phipps, & several more. 
I Rode as far as Littleton. Daniel WUlard went and fetched my mair 
home from Littleton, there we The Company met. we went as far as 
Concord that Day, then we went as far as Menotomy the next Day, then 
wee went to Cambridge to the Place where we was Stationd. we had 
Between 80 & 90 men in our Company Officers included. 


This 2 Day our men Began to Throw Shels in to Boston & they Returned 
the Fire back y^ 4 was y^ warmest fire several Himdreds on Both Sides. 
Nothing Remarkable for several Days y« 15 some of our men was on the 
march towards New York &c. 

16 The Kins troops left Bunker Hill & Boston 

17 Great numbers of oiu: Men went into Boston a very great Movement 
among our Troops it came out in orders for a Number of our Reg* to March 
towards New York. The MUitia still kept theer station until the first Day 
of April our Duty was very Fortiagueing & hard untUl our time was out. 
Provisions very good & a general time of health Throughout the Camp all 
the time we was gone. 

So we all returned home the first & 2 Day of April. Daniel WUlard was 
at my House two months in the time of my absence in order to take the 
care of my Creatures. 

2 I got home & several others after being absent from home 58 Days. 

9 I sold some Hay to Mr. Frothingham some Rie to Conant some Portatoes 

to Hosely [?]. 
12 Sold Aaron Bennett 254 weght of Hay. 
19 I went to Sawtells & met Capt. Job Shattuck & took my wages of him & 

the rest of the Shirley Boys. 
22 Levi Warner Came to hve with me. this Day I Bought 53 apple Trees 

of Old Mr. Hazon. 


3 I swoped away my old white face Cow for a Colt with Charles Perrin 

9 I and my wife went to father Willard to see Asa HarrisH weding I went to 
Mr. Whitneys 

* A suspected Tory. 

t Mary (Walker) Longley, widow of Joseph. 

t I.e., Walker. 

Charles Phipps. 

Aaa Harris married Esther Willard of Lancaster, Masa. 

126 Diary of James Parker [April 

23 Was training in order to put in the under Officers. John Egerton Clerk, 
1 Sergt Jonas Parker, 2 Serg* Lemuel Wood, 3<i Serg* Jonas Page, 4th Serg» 
W™ Bolton, 1 Corporal Jonas Egerton, 2 corporal Jonas Longley, 3 cor- 
poral Ivory Wildes, y* 4 C Jonathan Hartwell, Drummer Scripture Frost, 
fifor &c. 


1 Levi Warner went Home at noon & Inlisted to go into the Service & came 
no more to work for me. 

23 W™ Hubbart Preached at Shirley Mr. Whitney was gone to Philadelphia 
& Mr. Ivory &c. 

27 Was Town Meeting in Order to see weather the People would Declare 
Independence to Great Britn. 


4 I mowed some tho so hot weather as it was. 

5 Was training in order to Enlist 15 men to go to Canada Viz. John Egerton, 
Edmimd Longley, John Davis, Silas Davis, Abel Parker, Jonathan Foster, 
Nathan Kingrnan, Wm Bartlett. 

7 No Preaching in Shirley. 

i 11 I went to Littleton to Draught, 3 men viz Samuel Gordon, Abel Chase, 

j & Simeon Holden But they did not go by reason of so many being gone. 

1 24 I went to SawteUs to see our men set off but they did not go. 

i 27 This day Ens° John Egerton & all the men that was going to Canada went 

[ out of Shirley 

I 28 Mr Whitney Preached after his return here. 

i [August] 

I 21 I was taken by a warrant Issued by Lt. Co'° Josiah Sawtell by W™ Bolton 

\ & a file of men & Carried to Landod Sawtells at 8 o'clock to be Trj-ed by a 

[ Court Marshall. Capt. Hazen was taken likewise; he was Tried likewise 

I this Day. a great number of witnesses against us. my case Did not Come 

; on this Day, imtill Next morning. I was Ordered to Landlord SawteUs 

\ again. 

\ 22 I was Tried & Brought iu Judgment against us Both in to be Cashiered 

i by this Court Marshall Viz Col° SawteU; Cap' Isaac Woods, Cap* Thos 

Warren, Cap* Jabez Holden, & Lieut Nathaniel Lakin; ye complainers 
; a Great Nimiber. 

\ 23 Capt Hazen & I went to Groton to Brigdier General Prescott to Col° 

; Sawtell & so round in Order for recompense. 

25 Mr Whitney Preached a fine sermon to our antagonist. 
i 28 in the afternoon I went to Lecture a fine sermon Preached to the young 

31 my wife went to Mrs Ivory's & Bought 2 Little Spoons of Mrs Newell, 

John Patterson Lay sick with Small Pox. 

5 I got in the Last of my haj'ing I Did all with my own hand & all my raking 
Only What Sally & Jane helped me. I almost filled my barn, good weather 

16 I went to Groton & Brought up Emme Parker to Live at my house 

17 in y« afternoon was meeting in Order to Draught men to go to Conecticut. 
I 25 I went to Luningburgh & settled with Doct. Densmore & Doct Haskell 
I I had a tooth pooled & got my horse shod &c. 

j 30 I went to Groton & was Commissioned into the Office of a Deputy Sheriff 

i ^Q^ 

I [October] 

I 12 this Day I Bought a Watch of Thos Burkmar 14 Dollars.' Edmund 

I Longley's wife keeping my horse, & randaU* my mair &c. 

i • Samuel Randall. 

1915] Greenfield Hill Church Records 127 

16 Edmund Longley's wife owned the Blind Sheep. 

18 in the Evening Edmxmd Longley's wife mustered.* I got a Pair of 
Pumps for Jane. 

19 I Carried Emme Parker to Groton & Brought up Sarah Woods to Mrs 
Edmund Longley. 

21 I cut my yearlmg Bools that I had of John WUlard, Jonas Parker helped 
I me; then I went to Groton & Carried some Cloath to Rockwoods to be 

J Prest &c. 

i 28 I went & helped Raise Haskell & Longley Saw mill.t 

! 29 Michel McMorrow Came to thrash my wheat 

I 31 It was Lecture. Philemon Holdens Phiaehas stole my mair Rode her to 


9 I was Laying wall. Philemon Holden sot fire & Burnt Part of my fence 

&c. Caleb Trowbridge came to my house & Stayed over ye Sabbath. 
12 I fixed up my hovel. 

26 I went to Groton to Court & was Swore Deputy Sheriff. 

27 I went to Groton early the Next morning, the Court finished at Noon & 
I came home at Night all Things seemed to be sivel. 

28 I worked on my sheep house. 

30 John Egerton came home from Ticonderogua & John Davis y^ Day 

; [December] 

; . 2 Old Simon Holden made a Draft in Order to Raise the forth Part of y^ 

] men to Stand at a minute warning viz Joseph Dodge, Jonas Parker, Jonas 

Egerton, Hezekiah Patterson, Aaron Woodbree, Old M'' EHjah Wildes, 

I Abel Chase, Wallace Little, John Dodd. I did not go. 

] 4 John Frost & Amasa Hartwell came and Settled 

|. 9 I went to Brookses at Night and Settled with him. 

[ 18 Old M' W™ Longley Botomed a Chair for me. 

; 23 I went to fiatt hillt & so round by Rockd§. Old Simeon Holden marched 

off with his Band of Soldiers Viz E. S* Josh Dodge, Aaron Woodbree, 
Jonathan Davis, W"* Little Jr; W™ Bolton, & James Egerton went y® 

I Next Day. 

30 I let Edmimd Longley have my mare to go to the widow Kiagmans 

[To be coDtinued] 


From a copy in the possession of the Connecticut Societt of Colonial Dames 

Communicated by Miss Mart KixasBUBT Talcott of Hartford, Conn. 

[Continued from page 49]! 

76 Gershom Thorp Born Bapt^ 

Margaret Wife to Gershom Thorp Born Baptiz<i 

• Olive Longley was born, 
t At Shirley village. 


Samuel Rockwood. 

128 Greenfield Hill Church Records [April 

Their Children 

Phebe Thorp Bom Bapt^ June 24. 1739 

Hezekiah Thorp Born Bapt^ Aug^t 15 1742 

By his second Wife Hannah 

Gershom Thorp Bom Jany 1747/8 Bap^ Janv 17. 1747/8 

Joseph Thorp Born 

Thaddeus Thorp Bom Feb 11. 1752 bap^Feb: 15. 1752 

16 Sepf 1759 Nathan was baptized about 3 months old 68 
12 July 1761 Daniel was baptized in Infancy 
3 Jime 1764 Jeremiah was baptized about 6 weeks old 
12 Jime 1768 Hannah was baptized in Infancy 

77. Jonathan Middlebrook Born Baptiz d 

i Rebecca Wife to Jonathan middlebrook Born Baptiz d 

I Their Children 

Middlebrook Born Bapt. 1740 

Sylvanus Middlebrook Born Bapt<i Sep. 13. 1743 

Ohver Middlebrook Born Bat<i oc: 19. 1746 

Salome Middlebrook Bom Bapt^ June 10. 1753 

The Children of Gershom Banks Jun'' & Ruth his wife 
: Feby-19. 1775. Ruth w« baptized in infancy. 

Aug* 15. 1777. Huldah w^ baptized in infancy. 
23 July. 1780. Noah w« baptized in infancy 

j [40] 

I 78 John Fanton Born: Augst 22. 1709. Bapt^ in Infancy 

; Mary Wife to John Fanton Born Aug: 1711 Baptized 1726 

i Their Children 

i Hannah Fanton Bora July 15. 1735. Bapt<^ in Infancy 

.; Abigail Fanton Bom feb: 15: 1736/7. Bapt^ in Infancy 

. Jonathan Fanton Bom. Nov'' 2. 1738. Baptized in Infancy 

Anne Fanton Bom Nov'' 2. 1740 Bapt<^ in Infancy 
■ Hezekiah Fanton Bom Ocf 28. 1743: Baptized In 1743 

John Fanton Bom: Jan. 16. 1745/6 Baptiz<i Jan. 19. 1745/6 
Mary Fanton Bom 1751: Baptiz^ Nov. 3. 1751 

Bapt^ in Infancy. 1753 

79 Moses Gilburd Born Bapf^ 

Elizebeth Wife to Moses Gilburd Bom Baptiz^ 

Their Children 

Obediah Gilburd Born, feb: 5: 1741/2 Bapt^ feb: 11. 1741/2 
Hannah Gilburd Born: mar 16: 1742/3 Bapt^ Mar: 21. 1742/3 

80 John Banks Born Nov. 7: 1717 Baptiz d Mar: 2^ 1717/8 
Elizebeth Wife to John Banks Born Aug 30. 1721 Baptiz d in Infancy 

EUzebeth Bank Bom feb. 11: 1741/2 Baptiz^ feb. 23. 

1740/1 [sic] 
Elleoner Banks Born Ocf 14. 1743: Bapf^in infancy 
John Banks Bom Aug^' 1746. Bapt<i Aug'* 24. 1746 

^^^^^j Banks Bom 1749 Bapt^ Oct"^ 15 1749 
Aaron ) ^ 

Peter Banks Born Nov' 1751. Baptiz Nov' 17. 1751 

Nathan Bank Born Baptdmar=i> 31. 1754. 

April 16. 1758 Rachel was bom & baptiz'd y« same Day 22 

11 May 1760 Nathan was baptized in Infancy 

17 July 1763 Elizabeth was baptized in Infancy. 


81. Samuel Whitney Born Ocf 5. 1712 Baptized 
Ama Wife to Sam" Whitney Bom Baptiz d 

1915] Greenfield Hill Church Records 129 


^ Their Children 

Sam" Whitney Born: feb. 17: 1740/1 Bapfifeb 23. 1740/1 
Silas Whitney Bom July: 16. 1742 Bapt: July. 11 [sic]. 1742 
Peter Whitney Bom Jan-^-e. 1743/4 Baptd Jan^y 8. 1743/4 
Aaron Whitney Bom Sep' 1745. Bapt^Sep-^ 29: 1745 
Ama Whitney Born June 1747 : Baptd Jun 22 1747 
I Nehemiah Whitney Born Aug^* 1749. Bapt. Sep' 3. 1749 

( Sarah Whitney Born may 1751. Baptiz d may 19: 1751 

I Nov' 10. 1758 Ebenezer was born & baptized at Home 37 

? . 3 Feb' 1760 Walter was baptized about 10 Days old 82.3 

1 August 1762 Josiah was baptized 9 Days old 

82 Samuel Smith Sailor Born Baptized in Infancy. 
Olive Wife to Sam" Smith Born Baptiz d in Infancy 

Their Children 

Seth Smith Born: Bapt<i may. 9. 1741 

83 Robert Rogers Born April 4. 1710: Bapt*^ in Infancy 
Married to Widdow of Noah Sherwood 

Their Children 

John Rogers Born Aug^* 20. 1740 Bapt^ Aug 22. 1740 

Phebe Rogers June 20 Bom June 22 1742 Baptized June 27. 

Sarah Rogers Bom June 10. 1744 Bapt^ July 1. 1744 

84. Jabez Wakman Born Baptized 

' Ruth Wife to Jabez Wakman Born Sep'' 5: 1709 Baptized 

; Their Children 

Elizebeth Wakman Born: March 30: 1728 Baptized In In- 
fancy: Bom Sim about half an Hour high on Saturday 
William Wakman Born April 1 1730 Baptiz d in Iriancy. 
Bom on Wednes Day morning about an hour after midnigh 
Sarah Wakeman Bom: April 15. 1732 Bapt^ in Infancy Born 

on Satiu"day morning 
Jabez Wakman Born DeC 2. 1734 Bapt^ in Infancy He Died 

aged about three years and an half. 
Mabel Wakman Bom: may 24. 1742 Bapt^ May. 29. 1742 
Peter Wakman Born: ocf 18: 1744 Bapt^ oct' 21. 1744 
Eunice Wakman Bom oct' 31 : 1746 : Bapt^ Nov : 16 1746 
Timothy Wakeman Born Dec : 1 : 1749 : Bapt<i DeC^ 3 : 1749 
Joel Wakman Born May 17: 1752 Baptd may 24. 1752 

85 Thadeus GUburd Born Bapt^ in Infancy 

' Deborah wife to Thadeus Gilburd Bapt^ in Infancy 

Their Children 

Seth Gilburd Born Bapt: Jun 6-1742 

Ruth GUburd Born Sep' 15. 1748 Bapfi Sep' 18 1748 


86 Sam" Murren Bom Baptiz^ 

Wife to Sam" Murren Born 
Their Children 

Mary Murren Born Bapt^ July 4. 1742 

87 John Rowland Bom Baptiz^ 

Sarah Wife to John Rowland Born Bapt^ 

Their Children 

Seth Rowland Bom Baptd Jun 13. 1742 

John Rowland Bom Baptd Mar^h 28. 1747 

88 Daniel Smith Born Baptd in Infancy 

130 Greenfield Hill Church Records [April 

Sarah Wife to Dan" Smith Bapt<^ in Infancy 
Then- Children 

Mabel Smith Born Bapt^ July ll. 1742 

Jehiel Smith Born Bapf^ June 3 1745 

Ebenezer Smith Bom Bapt<i April 19. 1747 

Daniel Smith Bom Baptd May 21 : 1749 

AprU 2. 1758 Sarah was baptiz'd in Infancy N° 9. 

89. Daniel Sturges Bom Bapf^ 

Mary Wife to Dan" Sturgis Bom Bapt^ 

Their Children 

Isaac Sturgis Born Bapt^Augst 29. 1742 

Baptiz d in Infancy 

' Daniel Sturgis Bom oct' 15. 1745. Bapt<i Oct' 20. 1745 

James Sturgis Bom may 1748. Bapti2"i May 15. 1748 
Mary Sturgis Born Sep' : 1750: Bapd Sep' 17. 1750 
6 July 1760 Aaron was baptiz'd by B.ev^ M' Ross in Infancy. 
29 July 1763 Abigail was baptized at Home being sick, 2 weeks 
90 Nathaniel Downs Bom Baptiz'd 

i Sarah Wife to Nath" Down Baptiz^ 

j Then- Children 

: Chauncey Downs Bom Baptiz<^ Jan. 9. 1742/3 

i Sarah Down Born may 24: 1745. Bapt^^may: 26: 1745 

I Martha Down Born Augst 1747. Bapt<iAug^ 21. 1747 

I Mabel Down Born Aug=t 26. 1750. Bapt^Sep' 3. 1750 

I August 27. 1758. John was baptized in Infancy N° 29 

; 5 Octob' 1760 Mary was baptized in Infancy about 4 Days old. 

\ 9^^ Sept' 1764 Joseph was baptized being a few days old 

j 91 Samuel Perry Born, may: 13: 1719 Bapt<^ in Infancy 

Sarah Wife to Sam" Perry Bom April 27. 1720. Bapt^in Infancy. 
• Their Children 

; Eunice Perry Bom Janry 24: 1742/3. Bapt<i Jan's' 30. 1742/3 

■ Nathan Perry Bom Oct' 24: 1744. Bapt<i Nov 4. 1744 

'; Easter Perry Bom Oct' 1749 Bapt^ Oct. 15. 1749 

? Joseph Perrie Born Sep' 1754. Bapt<i Sepr 29 1754 

i N° 4 Mary Perry baptized Jan' 1 1758 

Nov' 25. 1759 Ichabod baptiz'd. bom 14^ 74 

' [45] 

92 Obediah Wheeler Bom Baptiz d 
Wife to obediah Wheeler Bapt"^ 

Their Children 

Ezra Wheeler Born Bapt^ mar: 21. 1742/3 

93 Joseph Middlebrook Jun' Bom. march: 3: 1720 Baptiz d in Infancy 
Sarah wife to Joseph Middlebrook Bom: Aug^* 10 1720 Baptizd in 

Their Children 
' Rhode Midlebrook Bom april 16. 1743. Bapt<imay: 15. 1743 

Eleoner midlebrook Bom Sep' 26. 1744 Bapfi Oct' 14. 1744 
! Sarah Midlebrook Bom Aug=' 30. 1747. Bapf^ Sep' 6. 1747 

Deborah Middlebrook Bom oct' 1749 Bapt<i oct' 15-1749 
i Jime 30. 1754 Submit was baptized 

j March 16. 1757 Eunice was bom, baptized in Infancy 

i 94 Lockwood Gorham Born: Jany:: 1: 1721 Bapt<iinlnf. 

I Abigail Wife to Lockwood Gorham Bom Baptiz<i in Infancy 

1915] Greenfield Hill Church Records 131 

Their Children 

David Gorham Bom Janv. 1: 1743. Bapt^ Jan: 22. 1743/4 
Hannah Gorham Bom Sep^ 1745. Bapt^ Sep' 29. 1745 
Lockwood Gorham Bom Nov' 1747 Bap^ Nov: 15. 1747 
Dan" Gorham Bom oc'' Bapt*^ in Infancy oct 1752 
Feb^ 19. 1758 Meeker was baptiz'd N° 14 

i 13 July 1760 Hezekiah was baptized about 10 Days old 

13 March 1763 Timothy was baptized about 2 weeks old 
17th Novem' 1765. Seth was baptized, born the 11* inst. 
18 Sepf 1768 Abigail was baptized, born the 31^' July 
ApriU the 2^ 1783 Meaker Goram had a Child baptised named 

f Sarah 

I [46] 

'; 95 Daniel Murren Bom Baptiz d in Infancy 

'. Mary wife to Dan" Murren Born Baptiz d in Infancy. 

Their Children 

Ruth Murren Born: July: 17: 1741: Bapt^ Aug=t 16. 1741 
Peter Murren Born ocf 27: 1744: Bapt^ Oct. 28. 1744 
Abijah Murren Bom April 7: 1748. Bapt<i April 18. 1748 
March 12 Sarah ) Twins baptiz'd in Infancy by Rev^ M' Ross. 
1758 Mary j N" 14 15 

29 Jan^y 1764 Meeker was baptized in Infancy — 
96 David Meeker Born Baptiz d 

Sarah Wife to David Meeker Baptiz d 

r Their Children 

I Sarah Meeker Bapt<* 

I By his second wife Mary Burr 

;' David Meeker Born Baptiz d 

f Mary Meeker Bom Bapt^ 

;"' Abigail Meeker Bom Baptiz d. 

I 97 Joseph Middlebrook Bapt^ 

; his wife Baptiz<i 

'.; Their Children • _ 

Eunice Middlebrook Bapt<^ in Infancy 

i Anne Middlebrook Bapf^ in Infancy 

f Sarah Middlebrook Bapt<J in Infancy 

Joseph Middlebrook Bapt^i in Infancy 

■ j Dorothy Middlebrook Bapf^ in Infancy 

I Submitte Middlebrook p. 45 Bapt<i June 30 1754 

\ [47] 

98 Jonathan Morehouse Born Bapt<^ 

Wife to Jonath"* Morehouse 
Their Children 

99 Ebenezer Bradly Born Ocf 5. 1723. Baptiz d: Dec: 1: 1723 
Sarah Wife to Ebenezer Bradley Born Baptiz^Jmay 29: 1726' 

Their Children 

Nehemiah Bradley Born oct' 16. 1744 Bapt^ oct' 21: 1744 
EUen Bradly Born Feb 1745/6. Bapt<i Feb: 9: 1745/6 
Sarah Bradly Born Jan'y: 1747/8. Bap^ Jan^y. 17. 1747/8 
Eliphelet Bradley Bom 1749 Bap^ Nov 21. 1749 
Lois Bradley Born Sep^ 1751: Baptis^ Sep' 8. 1751 
Oct' 8. 1758 Ebenezer was baptized by Rev^ MJ Ross, a Week old 

N° 35 
23 March 1760 Miriam was baptized about 5 Days old. 89 10 
12 July 1767 Ebenezer was baptized, born 8* Inst. 


132 Greenfield Hill Church Records [April 

100. Nehemiah Banks Bom feb 28: 1722. Baptiz^ May 27 1722 

Abigail Wife to Nehemiah Banks Bom Baptized In Infancy. 

Their Children 

Hester Banks Bom NoV 30 1744: Bapfi Dec: 2. 1744 
AmeUa Banks Bom July 1747: Bapt<i Aug^t 1: 1747 
Nehemiah Banks: bom ocf 1754: Bapt^ Oct^ 20. 1754 
June 17. 1759. Talcott was baptized 58 

15 March 1761. Clarina was baptized not a Week old 
26 June 1766 Bradley was baptized, bom 22<^ instant 

101 Sam" Price Born & died m the Army AD 1758 : Baptized May 18. 1720 
Naomi Wife to Sam" Price Baptiz^ 

Their Children 

Samuel Price Bom Baptiz^ DeC 9 1744 

Daniel Price Bom Baptiz<i in Infancy 

July 15 1759 Hannah was baptized 


102 Ebenezer Gilburd Bom: Baptized 
Johannia Wife to Ebenezer Gilburd Bom Baptiz d in Infancy 

Their Children 

Hezekiah Gilburd Bom Baptiz d DeC 16. 1744 

David Gilburd Bom: Baptiz d Nov. 23. 1746 

Ebenezer Gilburd Bom 1754. Bapt June 30 1754 

103 Robert Lord Born Bapt<^ in Infancy 
Rachel Wife to Robert Lord Bora feb 6. 1713 Baptiz^ in Infancy 

f Their Children 

I Easter Lord Bom Nov 7: 1731: Bapf^ in Infancy 

I Mary Lord Bom feb 10: 1733/4 Bapt^ in Infancy 

I Sam" Lord Bom April 8: 1736. Bapt<iin Infancy 

1 [50] 

; 104 James Gorham Bom Bapt<i in Inf^y 

■ Miriam Wife to James Gorham Bom Dec'' 20. 1724 B'apf^ in Infancy 

• Their Children 

\ Mary Gorham Bom march 18: 1744/5 Bapt^ March 18. 1744/5 

Jabez Gorham Bom April: 1746 and Baptized April 27: 1746 

i Mary Gorham Bom Nov 1747 bapt<i Nov. 22 1747 

The Children of Peter Bulkley and Hannah his Wife 

22 Feb^ 1761 Hannah was baptized about 6 Weeks old 
6 June 1762 Abigail was baptized in Infancy 
9^^ Sepf 1764 John was baptized in Infancy 
21s*' Jung 1757 Thomas was baptized in infancy 

105 Joseph Gilburd Born Baptiz*^ 

Lois Wife to Joseph Gilburd Born Baptiz"^ 

Their Children 

BaptdApril:7. 1745 
j Abigail Gilburd Bom DeC" 19 1746 Bapt^ Dec: 21. 1746 

19 Ocf 1760 Lois was baptized in Infancy , 

! [51] 

;• 106 Moses Wakman Bom Baptized Aug^t 8. 1726 

i Mary Wife to Moses Wakman Born Nov"- 29. 1727. Bapfi Dec : 3. 1727 

} Their Children. 

Epaphras Wakman Born May 13: 1745 Baptiz'd May 19 1745 


1915] Greenfield Hill Church Records 133 

Eliphalet Wakman Bom March 23. 1747 Baptized March 28: 

EUzebeth Wakman was Born March 15: 1749/50 Baptized 
Mar: 25. 1749/50 
107. David Oalds Bom Bapt<J in Infancy 

Hannah Wife to David Oalds Bom Baptized in Infancy 

Their Children 

Sarah oalds Born Bapti<^Aug: 11. 1745 

David Oalds Bom SepT Bapt^Sep^ 1747 
[ Handford Oalds Bom June 3 1750. Bapt^ June 10. 1750 

f . [52] 

108 Andrew Wiaton Bom Bapt<i in Infancy 
Martha Wife to Andrew Winton Bom Baptized 

Their Children 

Abia Wmton Born April 12: 1746: Bapt^ Ap: 12. 1746 
Sarah Winton Bom mar"^ 1746/7: Bapt^ Mar: 15. 1746/7 
Reuben Winton Bom Dec^ 1748 Bapt^ Dec: 25. 1748 

The Children of Seth Lyon & Mary his Wife 

17 Nov^ 1764 Esther was baptized at Home being sick | Twins 
12 May 1765 Sarah was baptized about 6 months old ) 
19 March'1769 Walter was baptized in infancy 
7 oc 1773 Seth w^ baptized in infancy. 
17. May 1778 Mary w^ baptized in infancy. 

109 John Cabel Born Bapt 

? Anne wife to John Cabel Bom Baptized 

Then- Children 

i EUzebeth Cabel Bom Baptd Nov 23. 1746 

■^ Anna Cable was Bom 1750. Bapf^ Dec 19. 1750 

I [53] 

110 Daniel Cabel Bom Bapt<i 

Wife to Dan" Cabel Bom Baptiz d 

Then- Children 

Cable Born 
Hezekiah Cabel Bom Bapt. may: 1744 

' Dan" Cabel Bom Bapt July 13. 1746 

Sarah Cabel Bom Bapt^ April 23. 1749 

111 John Drew Bom Bap* In Infancy 

Mary wife to John Drew Bom Sep' 29 1727 Baptized in Infancy 
1 , Their Children 

'■}■ Wilham Drew Born 1746. Bapt. in Infancy 

John Drew Bora Dec 1749. Bapt^ Dec 31 1749 

Drew Born April 1754 — Bapt^ April 28 1754 
April 9. 1758 Mary baptized in Infancy 20 

16 March 1760 Hannah baptized about 5 Weeks old 87 

Children by Anne his 2'^ Wife 

6 Jime 1762 Sarah was baptized in Infancy 


112 David Thorp Born Bapfi 

Mary Thorp Wife to David Thorp Bom Bapt<* 

Their Children 
Naomi Second wife to David Thorp Born Bapt^ 

Their Children 

Naomi Thorp Bora Dec 1746 Bapf* Dec: 21. 1746. 
Mary Thorp Bora Baptized in Infancy 1748/9 

134 Greenfield Hill Church Records [April 

Ruhamah Thorp Bom may 1751. Bapt** May 25. 1751 
Esther \ Twins bom Sept' 13. 1758, baptized Sept. 17. 1758 
Amy ] No 32. 33 

28 Sept' 1760 Ezekiel was baptized in Infancy 
23 Jan^y 1763 Aaron was baptized a month or two old 

113 M' James Adair Bom Bap<i 
Aime Wife to M' Adair Bora Bapt<i 

Their Children 

Andrew Adair Bom Bapt: 1745/6 

Mary Adair Born Bapt^ Jan^y 12 1746/7 

Easter Adair Born July 1749 Baptiz^ July 18: 1749. 

The Children of Reuben Smith & Eleanor his wife 
Feby-18. 1776. David was baptized in infancy. 
July 19. 1778. Samuel was baptized in infancy 
Sep' 24. 1780. Betsey w^ baptized about a year old 


114 John Lyon Born Baptized Aug^* 15. 1726 
Elizebeth Wife to John Lyon Born Bapf^ April: 1729 

Their Children 

Jabez Lyon Bom march 18. 1746/7 Bap* mar. 22. 1746/7 

Thomas Lyon Born 1749 Bapt<i Nov' 9 1749 
The children of Hezekiah Ogden & Esther his wife 

Feby 18. 1776. Hezekiah w^ baptized in infancy. 

Sep' 6 1778. Ruranna w^ baptized in infancy. 

115 Ebenezer Banks Born Dec' 9: 1724: Bap** Jan: 31: 1724/5 
Sarah wife to Ebenezer Banks Born Baptized in Infancy 

Their Children 

Eunice Banks Bom Mar<^ 20 1746/7 Bapt<i mar 22. 1746/7 
Anne Banks Born Aug^ 1749. Bapf^ Aug^' 13 1749 
gth Deer 1759 Jesse ) m •„„ ,^„ c . „ , • j ^o 

David 1 ^^ born & baptiz a 78 

30*^ Jime 1765 Sarah was baptized in infancy 


I 116 Ebenezer Thorp Bom Bapt. in Infancy 

] Mary Wife to Ebenezer Thorp Born Baptized 

; Their Children 

i John Thorp bom mar<^ 15. 1746/7: Bapt<l march 22. 1746/7 

; 15 Janry 1764 Sarah Perry child of Abigail Alvord, by Peter Perry 

i was baptized about 5 Months old on her Mother's account 

117 Reuben ohnstead Bom Bapt<^ in Infancy 

Anne Wife to R: ohnstead Born Baptized April 11. 1727 

Their Children 

Stephen Ohnstead bom 1746: Bapi^ Ap' 4. 1747 

Phoebe Olmstead Bom June Baptiz"^ June 13 1748 

Ohnstead Born 1752: Bap<i in Infancy 

Anne Olmstead Born 1754 Bapt<i July 7 1754 

I The Children of Amos Williams aijd Ellen his Wife 

I 27 Dec' 1760 Esther was baptized in Infancy 

i 23 Nov' 1763 Betty was baptized at home untimely born ye 

same day 
J 16 August 1767. Amos was baptized 2 or 3 weeks old 


118 Stephen Hull Born July 25. 1724. Bapd Aug^ 2. 1724 
Elizebetli Wife to Stephen Hull, Born Maroi» 30 : 1728 Bapt^ in Infancy 

I 1915] Greenfield Hill Church Records 135 

I Their Children 

Ruhamah HuU Born April: 16: 1747 Bapt<> April 19. 1747 
Sarah Hull Born March 23. 1748/9 Bapt-i MaT<^ 26: 1749 
David Hull Born AprU 1751 Bapt: April 21: 1751 
WiUiam HuU born Feb 27, 1753, Baptized March 4 1753 
October 28. 1759 Wakeman was baptized in Infancy 72 

28. Feby-1773-Walter was baptized, bom tober 1*' 1770 

- 1 119 John Stocker Born Bapfi 

f Mary wife to John Stocker Born Baptized 

/ Their Children 

* Thaddeus Stocker Born May 1747: Bapd May 24 1747 
i John Stocker Bom July 1749 Bapt^ July 30 1749 

i Seth Stocker Born July Bapt^ July 14: 1751 

• Peter Stocker Bom 1754 Bapt^ July 7 1754 


120 David Meeker Jun' Born Bapt. in Infancy 

Hannah Wife to David meeker Born Baptized in Infancy. 

Their Children 

Hannah Meeker Born Bapt"^ in Infancy 

Daniel Meeker Born June 1747: Bapf^ June 22. 1747 
Mary Meeker Bom Dec' 1750. Bapd Dec' 16. 1750 
David Meeker Born 1755 Bapt^ July 13. 1755. 
' Hannah ye Wid° of David Meeker married to Daniel Bulkley Jun' 

AD. 1759 
I Their Children 

I 28 Ocf 1759 Joseph was baptized about 2 Months old 73 

i 27 Decemb' 1761 Mabel was baptized about a Month old 

f 1 April 1764 HiU was baptized about 5 or 6 weeks old 

;■ 20<^ April 1766 Abel was baptized about 16 days old 

17 Dec' 1769 Esther was baptized in infancy 
; 6 June 1773. Ruth was baptized in infancy 

121 Peter Blackman Born Bapt^ 

Abigail Wife to Peter Blackman Born Baptized 

Their Children 
; Eunice Blackman Born June 1747: Baptd June 22: 1747 

John Blackman Born July 1749 Bapd July 9 1749 

The Children of Moses Hull & Sarah his wife 

Sep' — 6. 1778. Moses was baptized about 2 years old, being 
a child by his first wife — 
j Dec' 5. 1779. Elizabeth was baptized in infancy (by his 2^'^ wife) . 

' [59] 

122. Peter Thorp Born Baptized 

Eunice, Wife to Peter Thorp Born Baptized 

Their Childreil 

Jabez Thorp Born Baptized June 13 1748 

The Children of Seth Smith and his Wife 

1762 5 September Esther was baptized in Infancy 
The Children of Moses Banks and Abigail his wife. 

March 5. 1780- Hannah w^ baptized about 2 years old 
Wakeman w* baptized in infancy. 
123 Daniel Winton Born Baptized in Infancy 

Ellen wife to Dan^' Winton Bom, 
Their Children 

Ruth Winton Pom Bapt^ Janfv: 21 : 1748/9 

Abel Winton Born Augs* 1750 Bapt^ Aug^ 26 1750 

136 Descendants of Robert Huckins [April 

The Children of Samuel Goodsel & Phebe his wife 

28''^ Decern'' 1766 Samuel was baptized, bom June 25*'' 
22 May 1768 Styles was baptized about a month old 

The Child" of John Mitchel & Esther his wife baptized on y® Mothers 
March 18 1781. David was baptized above a year old — 


124 Nath" SealeyBom Bapt^ 
His wife 

Their Children 

Nath" Sealey Born Bapd April 27. 1749 

The Children of Tho^ Wheeler & Elizabeth his wife. 

4 Dec' 1774. Jesse w^ baptized, bom April e*** 1773 
23. July. 1775. Mary w^ baptized in infancy. 

125 David Winton Bora Bapt<i 
Ehzebeth his wife Born Bap<i 

Their Children 

Samuel Winton Bora Bapd July 23 : 1749 

The Children of Enos Wheeler & Hannah his Wife 

31 May 1761 Dimon was baptized in Infancy 

[To be continued] 


By Henbt Winthrop Habdon, A.M., LL.B., of New York City 
[Continued from page 39] 

101. George* Huckins {Eliphalet,'' Robert,^ James,^ James,* Robert,^ 
James,^ Robert^), of New Hampton, farmer, bom at Holder- 
ness 7 Dec. 1829, died 20 Feb. 1906. He married his first 
cousin once removed, Clarissa K.^ Smith (9, vi, 11), daugh- 
ter of John and Esther^ (Huckins), who was bom at New 
Hampton 7 Apr. 1830 and died 1 July 1903. 
Children, born at New Hampton: 

i. Ella E.,» b. 10 Nov. 1852; d. 12 July 1890; m. 25 Dec. 1872 her 
second cousin, Luther M. Pike (17, vi, 5), s. of Ezekiel and Sarah' 
(Huckins), b. at New Hampton 2 May 1852, q.v. Four children. 

ii. Edwin, of Exeter, farmer, b. 26 Dec. 1853; living (1910); m. 6 
July 1879 Ellen A^'ERT, dau. of Ezra and Martha (Clough), b. 
at Meredith 19 Sept. 1857, living (1910). One child. 

iii. James B., of New Hampton, farmer, b. 10 Oct. 1857; living s.p. 
(1910); m. (1) 10 Oct. 1877 his second cousin, Sarah E. Pike (17, 
vi, 7), dau. of Ezekiel and Sarah' (Huckins), b. at New Hampton 
18 Dec. 1856, q.v.; m. (2) 11 Apr. 1891 Caroline E. Veasey, dau. 
of Hosea Q. and Georgia (Taylor), b. at Meredith 11 Apr. 1867, 
living (1910). 

iv. Frances, b. 16 June 1859; living (1910); m. 24 Nov. 1878 
William Wallace, s. of William and Lydia (Hurd), of Laconia, 
builder, b. at Epsom 1 Aug. 1858, living (1910). One child. 

V. Anna, b. 5 Jan. 1864; d. s.-p. 10 Mar. 1883; m. Oeen Greenleaf, 
s. of Augustus A. and Ida M., of New Hampton, farmer, b. at 
Ashland 10 May 1861, d. at New Hampton. 

vi. Alice, b. 4 Feb. 1869; d. unm. 9 Dec. 1885. 


{ 1915] Descendants of Robert Huchins 137 

102. James Ford^ Huckins {James,'' Robert,^ James,' James,* 
Robert,^ James,"^ I^obert^), of Ashland, merchant, county com- 
missioner, 1894r-1900, justice of the peace, bom at Holderness 
13 Aug. 1840, was living in 1910. He married, 20 Nov. 1864, 
Mary Smith, daughter of SeweU and Mary (Goss), who was 
bom at Meredith 18 Nov. 1844 and was living in 1910. 

Children, bom at Ashland : 
i. Frank S.,' of Ashland, postmaster, b. 28 July 1865; living s.p. 

(1910) ; m. 6 Jiine 1900 Elizabeth J. Cannet, dau. of John P. 

and Alice S. (Penniman), b. at Sandwich 13 Mar. 1870, living 

ii. Habrt S., of Plymouth, treasurer, b. 30 Aug. 1870; living (1910); 

m. 6 Aug. 1902 Mina A. Worthen, dau. of Warren B. and Mina 

Grace (Moulton), b. at Holderness 7 Apr. 1878, living (1910). 

One child. 

103. Benjamin Lester* Huckins {Orlando G.,'' Robert,'^- James,' 
James,* Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of New Hampton, farmer, 
bom at New Hampton 15 Jan. 1853, died 19 Aug. 1903. He 
married, 26 Dec. 1874, Lillian Shepard, daughter of Charles 
and Mary (Blanchard), who was born at Ashland 11 Aug. 
1855, married secondly Henry Chase, and was living in 1910 
at Lebanon. 

Children, bom at New Hampton: 

i. Herbert L.,« of Tilton, weaver, b. 1 Mar. 1876; living (1910); 
m. 23 Mar. 1895 Lattra R. Webb, dau. of Henry O. and Mary 
(Cline), b. at Lyme 18 July 1876, who m. (2) Fred Johnson and 
was Uving (1910) at Lyme. Two children. 

ii. Mabel Edna, b- 12 May 1878; living (1910) at Franklin; m. 24 
Dec. 1895 Irving G. Morse, s. of Frank A. and Emma J. (San- 
bom), of Tilton, millman, b. at Plymouth 27 May 1877, living 
(1910). One child. 

104. Jonathan Burley* Huckins {Nathaniel Perkins,'' John,^ 
James,' James,* Robert,^ James,^ Roberfi), of Holderness, 
farmer, carpenter, bom at Holderness 4 Feb. 1831, died 
15 Aug. 1904. He married, in Oct. 1854, Mary J. Smith, 
daughter of Moses and Abigail (French), who was born at 
Campton 12 Apr. 1837 and died 19 Feb. 1887. 

Children, born at Holderness: 
i. Carrie J.,» b. 31 Aug. 1858; living s.p. (1910); m. 3 Apr. 1884 

Elwin J. Prescott, s. of Joseph F. and Sarah P. (Lawrence), of 

Hudson, Mass., granite dealer, b. at Westford, Mass., 1 Dec. 

1851, living (1910). 
ii. Sarah S., b. 21 Jan. 1864; living s.p. (1910); m. 18 Apr. 1894 

Nathan B. Whitten, s. of Nathan B. and Judith P. (Mooney), of 

Holderness, merchant, b. at Holderness 28 June 1847, living 

iii. Lena Blanche, b. 23 Aug. 1874; living unm. (1910) at Hudson, 


105. John Calvin* Huckins {Nathaniel Perkins,'' John,' James,' 
James,* Robert,^ James, ^ Robert^), of Holderness, N. H., and 
of West Chester, Pa., 1862, teacher, born at Holderness 

■ 19 Aug. 1832, died 25 May 1863. He married, 15 Aug. 1860, 
Sarah M. Morse, daughter of John and Patty (Cheney), 

138 Descendants of Robert Huckins [April 

who was bom at South Newbury 28 May 1836, married 

secondly, as his second wife, Albert A.' Durgin, and was living 

in 1910 at Concord. 

Only child, bom at Holdemess: 

i. John M.,» of St. Paul, Minn., salesman, b. 10 Oct. 1861: living 
unm. (1910). 

106. Alonzo K.* Huckins {Thomas P.,'' John,^ James,^ James*' Rob- 
ert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Boston, Mass., expressman, bom at 
Holdemess 11 Nov. 1835, died 28 Nov. 1907. He married, 
17 Mar. 1860, Sarah C. Goodeidge, daughter of Ambrose 
H. and Christina M. (Moore), who was bom in Boston 22 Jan. 
1843 and was living in 1910 at Arlington Heights, Mass. 
' Children, bom in Boston: 

i. Alonzo K.,« b. 1860; d. 23 Feb. 1863. 

ii. George Ambrose, of Boston, salesman, b. 7 July 1862; living 

(1910); m. at Dorchester, Mass., 19 Oct. 1887,. Abigail Fr-^lnces 

Easterbrook, dau. of Kimball and Abigail (Allyn), b. at Chelsea, 

Mass., 12 May 1863, living (1910). One child. 

iii. Albert Henry, b. 30 Apr. 1866; d. unm. at Worcester, Mass., 17 

Aug. 1886. 
iv. LucRETiA Christina, b. 25 Apr. 1868; living (1910) at Arlington 
; Heights, Mass.; m. 16 June 1890 George B. Thomas, s. of 

1 Charles E. and Catherine (Bradford), of Boston, bookkeeper, b. 

I in Boston 30 Mar. 1864, d. 21 Dec. 1908. One child. 

I v. Charles Albert, b. 19 June 1870; d. 18 July 1871. 

I ^107. Thomas* Huckins {Thomas P.,'' John,^ James,^ James,* Robert,^ 

I James,^ Robert^), of Wentworth, farmer, bom at Warren 

I 31 May 1848, was living in 1910. He married, 18 Nov. 1869, 

i Mary E. Rodimon, daughter of Amos B. and Lucy A. 

I (Ladd), who was bom at Piermont 24 Apr. 1851 and was 

I living in 1910. 

I Children, the first five bom at Orford, the others at Went- 

^ worth: 

i. Amy B.,« b. 29 July 1870; d. 1 Sept. 1870. 
i ■ ii. Lena B., b. 10 July 1872; d. s.p. 11 Sept. 1895; m. 28 Feb. 1894 

Fred H. Downing, s. of Cyrus and Susan (Ellsworth), of Went- 
■ worth, drayman, b. at Wentworth 19 Apr. 1870, living (1910). 

iii. Mertie Mae, b. 2 Apr. 1877; living (1912); m. 4 Oct. 1911 
Gordon Proctor Atwood, s. of Daniel W. and Sophia H. (Park- 
hurst), of Manchester, machinist, b. at Bedford 27 June 1878, 
living (1912). 

iv, Arthur L., of Springfield, Mass., manufacturer, b. 6 Nov. 1878; 
living unm. (1910). 

V. Ina G., b. 8 Feb. 1882; living unm. (1910). 

vi. Herbert C, of BurUngton, Vt., shipping clerk, b. 18 Oct. 1886; 
living unm. (1910). 

vii. Della B., b. 23 Sept. 1889; d. unm. 7 Jan. 1914. 

viii. Thomas P., b. 19 Oct. 1893; d. 3 Mar. 1895. 

108. Edwin Morris* Huckins {Calvin Smith,'' John,^ JoTnes,^ Jam^s,* 
Robert,^ James, ^ Robert^), of New Hampton, farmer, born at 
New Hampton 4 Dec. 1849, was living in 1910. He married, 
4 June 1874, MARitiA S. Gordon, daughter of George B. and 

5 Hannah (Flanders), who was bom at New Hampton 14 Jan. 

i 1854 and died 9 Aug. 1910. 

1915] Descendants of Robert Huckins 139 

Children, bom at New Hampton: 
i. Frank Elmer,» of New Hampton, farmer, b. 30 Mar. 1875; living 
(1914); m. 2 Mar. 1909 Ethel Delia Crane, dau. of Hwace B. 
and Sarah Emma (Barker), b. at Hanover, Mass., 31 July 1876, 
living (1914). Three children. 
ii. Erwin Morris, of New Hampton, farmer, b. 4 Oct. 1876; living 
(1910); m. 1 Jan. 1898 Abigail Dearborn, dau. of William R. 
and Flora B. (Colby), b. at New Hampton 30 Mar. 1876, living 
/ , (1910). Three children. 

* j iii. George Edwin, of New Hampton, farmer, b. 7 Sept. 1879; Uving 

(1914); m. 15 Sept. 1906 Bertha Richardson, dau. of Herbert 
and Carohne (Moulton), b. at Moultonborough 1 Mar. 1889, 
' _ living (1914). Three children, 

r iv. James Albert, of New Hampton, farmer, b. 16 Apr. 1882; living 

I unm. (1910). 

V. Elsie Mart, b, 2 June 1885; living unm. (1910). 
vi. Clarence Waldo, of Plymouth, salesman, b. 3 Oct. 1887; living 
(1914) ; m. 8 Feb. 1913 Marion Florence Chase, dau. of Herbert 
E. and Nina T. (Wilkinson), b. at "Oxbridge, Mass., 6 Aug. 
1893, living (1914). One child, 
vii. Annie Marilla, b. 15 July 1889; d. 25 Dec. 1890. 
viii. Ida, b. 8 July 1892; d. 10 Aug. 1892. 

109. Simeon Dana^ Huckins (Calvin Smith,'' John,* James,^ James,* 

Robert,^ James, ^ Robert^), of New Hampton, farmer, carpenter, 

; born at New Hampton 1 Aug. 1853, died 5 Jan. 1892. He 

i married, 25 Nov. 1876, Mart J. (Hadley) Copp, daughter 

.' of Lemuel H. and Juha M. (Smith) and widow of (Dharles G., 

I who was born at Cambridge, Mass., 9 Jan. 1849 and was li\dng 

i in 1910 at Ashland. 
I Children, born at New Hampton: 

i i. John Calvin,' of Ashland, physician, M.D. (Baltimore Med. Coll., 

f 1904), b. 24 Dec. 1878; Uving (1910); m. 9 Aug. 1905 Susan M. 

I Batchelder, dau. of Frank P. and Esther A. (Virgin), b. at 

' Loudon 12 Nov. 1878, living (1910). Qne child, 

1 ii. Mart L., b. 6 Nov. 1880; d. unm. 14 Mar. 1907. 

? iii. Caroline E., b. 18 Dec. 1882; living (1910); m. 25 Feb. 1899 

I Alberto A. Smith, s. of David M. and Mary L. (Benitez), of 

I New Hampton, farmer, b. at Northfield 12 Mar. 1877, living (1910). 

* _ Four children. 

i iv. Harrt L., of New Hampton, farmer, b. 1 Oct. 1885; living (1912); 

m. 4 Jmy 1906 Ellen Florence Ballou, dau. of Damon and 
Ellen Florence (Fown), b. at Alexandria 8 Feb. 1892, living (1912). 
I Two children. 

f V. Simeon Dana, b. Jan. 1887; d. 28 Oct. 1887. 

vi. Elizabeth J., b. 17 Oct. 1889; living (1910); m. Milo Higgins, s. 
of Milo J. and Eliza A. (Hunt), of New Hampton, farmer, b. at 
Enfield 15 Feb. 1878, living (1910). One child. 

110. William B,^ Huckins (Nathan,'' Daniel,^ Jam^s,^ James,* Rob- 

ert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Boston, Mass., railroad employee, 
born at New Hampton 12 June 1832, died 17 Dec. 1907. He 
married at Lowell, Mass., 10 July 1856, Elizabeth B, Tracy, 
daughter of Stephen and Rhoda (Chase), who was born at 
Enosburg, Vt., 18 Sept. 1831 and died 12 Dec. 1890. 

i. Stella S.,« b. at Lowell, Mass., 22 May 1860; d. 9 Oct. 1862. 
j. ii. Mart Elizabeth, b. at Franklin, Vt., 9 Oct. 1862; d. s.p. 2 Mar. 

; 1896; m. (1) in Boston, Mass., 14 Jan. 1882, William H. Elt, 

8. of Peter and Mary, of Boston, railroad employee, b. at Shelburne 

140 Descendants of Robert Huckins [April 

Falls, Mass., 7 Feb. I860, d. 16 May 1884; m. (2) 1885 Feed D. 

Chamberlain; m. (3) Charles Hall. 
iii. William E., b. at St. Albans, Vt., 21 Feb. 1865; d. at Lowell, Mass., 

13 Oct. 1871. 
ir. Albert Alonzo (twin), of Somerville, Mass., clerk, b. at Lowell, 

Mass., 30 Apr. 1867; living (1910); m. in Boston, Mass., 14 Feb. 

1892, Margaret Frances Banks, dau. of Michael F. and 

Bridget W. (Lang), b. in Boston 31 Jan. 1871, living (1910). Ten 

V. Albertie Melissa (twin), b. at Lowell, Mass., 30 Apr. 1867; d. 

s.p. 14 Oct. 1901; m. in Boston, Mass., 30 May 1888, Frederick 

L. Strickland, s. of Charles Seba and Sophronia (Graves ?), of 

Boston, carpenter, b. at Embden, Me., 1865, living (?) (1910). • 

111. Alonzo A.^ Huckins (Nathan,'' Daniel,^ J antes, ^ James,* Roh- 
i ert,^ James,'^ Robert^), of Leavenworth, Kans., farmer, born 

at West Rumney, 3 Feb. 1838, died 14 Dec. 1913. He mar- 
ried at Leavenworth, Kans., 16 Jan. 1867, Frances Dunlap, 
daughter of Horace and Lucy (Preston), who was bom at 
Lebanon, Conn., 14 July 1838 and was living in 1913 at 
; ' Leavenworth, Kans. 

i Children, bom at Leavenworth, Kans. : 

I i. Percival L.,' of Chicago, publisher, b. 10 Mar. 1868; living s.p. 

I (1910); m. 23 Sept. 1907 Ida C. Betsinger, adopted dau. of A. S. 

I and Clara (Betsinger) Palmer, who was living (1910) at Brooklyn, 



ii. Bertrand, of Leavenworth, Kans., farmer, b. 5 July 1870; living 
unm. (1910). 

iii. Belle, b. 9 Nov. 1871; living (1910); m. 5 Sept. 1895 Horace 
S. Stevenson, s. of Richard and Arme W. (Taylor), of Leaven- 
worth, Kans., photographer, b. at Leavenworth, Kans., 22 June 
1867, living (1910). Three children. 

iv. Alonzo F., of Leavenworth, Kans., machinist, b. 29 Apr. 1881; 
living imm. (1910). 

112. Charles Wesley* Huckins (David,'' Daniel,^ James,^ James,* 
Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Ashby, Mass., blacksmith, soldier 
in the Civil War (26th Mass. Volunteers), born at Aleredith 
5 Mar. 1832, died 14 Dec. 1913. He married at Lowell, Mass., 
3 Mar. 1853, Lydia D. Tarbox, daughter of Andrew L. and 
Sarah J. (Rogers), who was born at Newbury, Mass., 2 Apr. 
1836 and was living in 1913 at Ashby, Mass. 

Children, the first six born at Lowell, Mass., the next three 
at Fitchburg, Mass., the others at Ashby, Mass. : 

i. Frederic,' b. 12 Mar. 1855; d. 13 Mar. 1865. 

ii. Ella, b. 25 Apr. 1857; living (1910); m. 24 Sept. 1874 George F. 
Wheeler, s. of Gardner and Martha (Hall), of Leominster, Mass., 
piano maker, b. at Chesterfield, N. H., 15 May 1854, living (1910). 
Eight children. 

iii. Sarah Melin-da, b. 28 Feb. 1859; living (1913) at Leominster, 
Mass.; m. 1 June 1881 Willard Page, s. of Warren and Mary 
(Brown), of Leominst«r, Mass., piano maker, b. at Winchester, 
N. H., 19 Aug. 1842, d. 1 Sept. 1913. Four children. 

iv. Charles Moses, of Fitchburg, Mass., painter, b. 1 Apr. 1861 ; living 
(1910); m. (1) at Waltham, Mass., 10 Apr. 1886, Ella Nte, dau. 
of Frederick F. and Mary, b. in California 1865; m. (2) at Ayer, 
Mass., 24 Dec. 1897, Ellen L. Fisher, dau. of Joseph and Leonora 
(Chauncey), b. at Wartown, P. Q., 28 Nov. 1875, living (1910). 
Four children, by second wife. 

1915] Descendants of Robert Huckins 141 

V. George W., of Winchendon, Mass., engineer, b. 15 Nov. 1865; 
living (1910); m. at Fitchburg, Mass., 21 Feb. 1893, Mary 
Hessian, dau. of John and Helen, b. in Ireland 1865, d. 22 Mar. 
1909. Five children. 

vi. Frank Lincoln, of Ashby, Mass., piano maker, farmer, b. 19 Mar. 
1868; living (1910); m. (1) at Leominster, Mass., 26 Feb. 1890, 
Harriet E. Stewart, dau. of John J. and Jane E. (Smith), b. at 
Otter River, Mass., 7 Nov. 1867. d. 12 Sept. 1898; m. (2) at 
Somerville, Mass., 30 June 1900, Clara Arvilla Robinson, dau. 
of Alma and Josephine E. (Crosby), b. at Westborough, Mass., 20 
June 1871, living (1910). One child, by second wife. 

vii. Susan Belle, b. 11 Jan. 1871; living (1910); m. at Ashby, Mass., 
8 Dec. 1898, William Wallace Cameron, s. of Charles and Mar- 
garet E. (Littany), of Leominster, Mass., drayman, b. at South 
Brookfield, N. S., 7 Oct. 1864, living (1910). Two children. 

viii. Curtis W., of Ashby, Mass., farmer, b. 1 Feb. 1872; living (1910); 
m. 28 May 1895 Cora E. Starkey, dau. of David and Augusta C. 
(Lang), b. at Troy, N. H., 20 Sept. 1878, living (1910). Three 

ix. Alice May, b. 15 Oct. 1877; d. 10 Sept. 1878. 

X. Alice Louise, b. 15 Nov. 1879; living (1910); m. at Leominster, 
Mass., 12 Apr. 1898, Arthur H. Symonds, s. of Thomas and 
Hannah S. (Jackson), of Leominster, Mass., mechanic, b. in 
Boston, Mass., 5 Apr. 1878, living (1910). Four children. 

xi. Edwin, of Fitchburg, Mass., painter, b. 6 July 1880; hving(1910); 
m. at Ashby, Mass., 27 Sept. 1905, Nellelu A. Smith, dau. of 
Walter J. and Emma A. (Coggshall), b. at Ashbumham, Mass., 
6 Apr. 1881, living (1910). Three children. 

113. George W.* Huckins (Calvin,'' Daniel,^ James,^ James* Rob- 

ert,^ James, ^ Robert^), of Holderness, farmer, soldier in the 
Civil War (N. H. Vol. Heavy Artillery), bom at New Hamp- 
ton 27 Mar, 1845, died 7 Aug. 1903. He married, 14 Jan. 
1872, Clara E. Howe, daughter of David and Mary (Sin- 
clair), who was born at Holderness 5 Apr. 1852 and died 
7 Aug. 1903. 
Children, bom at Holderness: 

i. Lena,' b. and d. 8 June 1879. 

ii. Arah Asa, of Holderness, farmer, b. 16 Apr. 1881; living s.p. 
(1910); m. 1 Jan. 1903 Bertha M. Berry, dau. of Samuel and 
Louisa (Denny), b. at Centre Harbor 25 Jan. 1881, living (1910). 

iii. Ruzil Zaidee, b. 9 Feb. 1883; living (1910); m. 1 May 1904 
Everett B. Smith, s. of Byron and Adeline (Worthen), of Ashland, 
carpenter, b. at Ashland 22 Jime 1879, living (1910). Two 

114. Bert* Huckins (Joseph D.,'' Daniel,^ James,^ James,* Robert,^ 

James,^ Robert^), of Beaver Lake, Mich., lumber dealer, born 
at Bay City, Mich., 12 Dec. 1859, died 7 Dec. 1885. He 
married, 31 Mar. 1882, Jane A. Warner, daughter of Henry 
and Rachel (Miller), who was born at Ausable, Mich., 28 Oct. 
1859 and was living in 1910 at Bay City, Mich. 
Only child: 

i. Ka-tharine Maud,' b. at Beaver Lake, Mich., 9 Apr. 1883; living 
(1910) ; m. 9 Oct. 1907 Willard E. Grant, s. of Arthur and Mary 
(Jenkins), of Bay City, Mich., deputy postmaster, b. at Kawkawlin, 
Mich., 22 Sept. 1877, Uving (1910). One child. 

115. Albert D.* Huckins (Dana D.,'' Daniel,^ James,^ James,* Rob- 

ert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Fremont, N. H., and Clinton, Mass., 

142 Descendants of Robert Huchins [April 

1908, farmer, born at Lowell, Mass., 23 Mar. 1859, was living 
in 1910. He married, 12 Jvly 1879, Nettie Iola Moore, 
daughter of James H. and Amanda H. (Glover), who was 
bom at Bedford 11 July 1865 and was living in 1910. 

Children, the first one bom at New Hampton, the others 
at Portland, Me. : 

i. Albertine May,» b. 2 Dec. 1883; living (1910); m. 17 May 
1905 Norman Hott, s. of James Dnimmond and Lavina P. 
(Fickett), of South Portland, Me., clerk, b. at South Portland, 
Me., 29 Sept. 1881, Uving (1910). One child. 

ii. Dana James, of Clinton, Mass., clerk, b. 1 Nov. 1886; living unm. 

iii. Clifton Frank, b. 20 Aug. 1902; living (1910). 

116. James E.^ Huckins {Benjamin Smith,'' Jamss,^ James,^ James,^ 

Robert,^ James,^ Roberf), of Holdemess, artisan, soldier in the 
Ci\al War (6th N. H. Volunteers), bom at New Hampton 
30 Dec. 1834, died at Annapolis, Md., 19 Jan. 1862. He 
married in 1855 Eliza Jajste Piper, daughter of Moses and 
Rachel (Rundlett), who was bom at Laconia and died there 
6 June 1860. 

Children, born at Holdemess: 
i. George En-mN,' of Medford, Mass., machinist, b. 26 Mar. 1857; 
living s.p. (1910); m. 8 May 1896 Elba (Piper) Bundt, dau. of 
George and Mary J. (Pickering), adopted dau. of Isaac Colby, 
and former wife of William F. Bundy, b. at Laconia 7 June 
1852, Uving (1910). 
ii. Harriet, b. 16 Nov. 1859; living (1910) at Walpole, Mass.; m. 7 
June 1882, as his second wife, William Joseph Green, s. of 
William F. and Sarah A. (Mallard), of Boston, Mass., and Wal- 
pole, Mass., 1887, shipbuilder, farmer, b. at Richmond, Me., 25 
Mar. 1849, d. at Walpole, Mass., 8 Mar. 1903. Two children. 

117. John Smith^ Huckins {Benjamin Smith,'' James, ^ James,^ 

James,* Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Plymouth, 1872, dray- 
man, bom at New Hampton 23 Nov. 1845, died 15 Apr. 1898. 
He married, 9 Dec. 1873, Sophie Caldon, daughter of 
Thomas and Sarah (Bagley), who was bom at Campton 
11 Jan. 1844 and was Uving in 1910 at Plymouth. 
Children, born at Plymouth : 

i. Clara Russell,' b. 24 Oct. 1876; living unm. (1910). 

ii. Elmer Ellsworth, of Plymouth, bookkeeper, b. 14 Aug. 1879; 
living s.p. (1910); m. (1) 11 Apr. 1900 Gertrude E-\"Eltn 
Homans, dau. of Arthur L. and Mary M. (Savage), b. at Law- 
rence, Mass., 2 May 1875, living (1910); m. (2) 5 June 1907 
Pauline Marden, dau. of Charles H. and Blanche (Famsworth), 
b. at Plvmouth 12 Aug. 1886, living (1910). 

iii. Maud, b. 26 Mar. 1884; d. 8 Apr. 1885. 

118. Ransum Dunn* Huckins {Benjamin Smith,'' James,^ James,^ 

Jam^s,* Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Holdemess, artisan, bom 
at New Hampton 15 July 1848, was living in 1910. He mar- 
ried first, 6 Sept. 1876, Mary Hannah (Smith) Tarlson, 
daughter of George and Rachel (Green) and widow of George 
P., who was born at Campton 20 Mar. 1847 and died 18 Dec. 
1901; and secondly, 17 Jan. 1890, Martha E. Bump, daugh- 

1915] Descendants of Robert Huckins 143 

ter of Sherman and Mary (Page), who was bom at Campton 
in 1866 and was living in 1910. 

Child by first wife, born at Holdemess: 
i. Hahrt N.,» of Plymouth, travelling salesman, b. 1877; living unm. 

Child by second wife, bom at Holdemess: 
11. Frank, of Holdemess, farmer, b. 1890; living unm. (1910). 

I 119. Delos S.^ Huckins (Caleb A.,' James,^ James,^ James* Robert,^ 

\ ■ James,^ Robert^), of Plymouth, blacksmith, born at Holder- 

' ness 30 Jmie 1856, was living in 1910. He married at Wood- 

stock, 3 July 1879, Amy D. Howland, daughter of Moody 
and Juha (Jackman), who was born at Woodstock 9 Apr. 
1861, married secondly Charles F. Chandler, and died at 
Manchester 11 June 1904. 
Only child: 

i. HowAED G.,' of Concord, boiler maker, b. at Ashland 5 June 1880; 
living s.p. (1910); m. 12 Mar. 1904 Florence Perkins, dau. of 
Forest and Abigail R. (Aldridge), b. at Meredith 13 Jime 1887, 
living (1910). 

120. Frmjk J .^'RxjCKiNS (Lyman,'' Charles,^ James,^ James,* Robert,^ 

Jam^,^ Robert^), of Otisco, Mich., 1870, and Coral, Mich., 
'. 1880, farmer, born at Holdemess 18 July 1843, was living 

'. in 1910. He married at Smyma, Mich., 31 Dec. 1869, 

Amelia A. Hammond, daughter of Horace and Phebe (Fen- 
■ ton), who was born at China, Mich., 4 Mar. 1847 and died 

25 Feb. 1912. 
Children, bom at Otisco, Mich. : 

i. Feed Wayne,' of Greenville, Mich., drayman, b. 19 Sept. 1872; 

living (1910); m. 4 Mar. 1894 Oral Berry, dau. of Truman and 

Ehnina (Dorr), b. at Pine, Mich., 19 May 1878, living (1910). 

Three children, 
ii. Ray (twin), of Coral, Mich., farmer, b. 2 Mar. 1876; living (1911); 

m. 22 June 1910 Sakie R. Scott, dau. of William R. and Lydia 

L. (Bearss), b. at Brockway Centre, Mich., 9 Dec. 1880, living 

(1911). One child, 
iii. Roy (twin), of Coral, Mich., farmer, b. 2 Mar. 1876; living unm. 

iv. Herbert Clare, of Everett, Wash., millman, b. 14 Apr. 1878; 

living (1910); m. 15 Apr. 1903 Loitise Hadlock, dau. of Chapin 

and Elva (Smith), b. at Milbrook, Mich., 15 Apr. 1886, living 

(1910). Two children. 

121. Fred Brown* Huckins (Lyman,'' Charles,^ James,^ James,* 
Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Hebron, farmer, bom at Holder- 
ness 25 Sept. 1850, was Uving in 1912. He married first, 
19 Aug. 1877, Mary Emma Pierce, adopted daughter of 
Enoch F. and Mary A. (Swain), who was born at Plymouth 
8 Mar. 1855 and died 8 July 1883; secondly, 1 June 1892, 
his fourth cousin once removed, Emma M. (Chase) Tilton 
(100, iv, 3), daughter of Nicholas T. and OUve Ann* 
(Huckins), q.v.) and thirdly, at Plymouth, 29 June 1911, his 
fourth cousin, Lucy Ann* Huckins (82, iv), daughter of 
Isaac^ and Martha (Glover), q.v. 


144 Descendants of Robert Huckins [April 

Only child, by first wife: 

'i. Sydney,' of Hebron, farmer, b. at Hebron 20 June 1883; living 
unm. (1910). 

122. Charles Clinton* Huckins (Warren,'' Charles,^ James,^ 

James* Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Concord, drayman, born 
at Holderness 16 Apr. 1848, was living in 1910. He married, 
6 Feb. 1874, Emma F. Connor, who was bom at Lasalle, 
111., in 1853 and was Uving in 1910. 
Children, bom at Lakeport: 

i. Grace V.,» b. 26 Apr. 1875; d. 16 Aug. 1875. 

ii. Lulu Isabelle, b. 9 Jan. 1877; living s.p. (1910); m. (1) at 
Rochester, 2 Apr. 1899, Wiluam D. Pitman, s. of Oren C. and 
Mary A. (Babb), b. at Bamstead 1878, living (1910) at Man- 
chester; m. (2) at Penacook, 14 Jan. 1909, as his second wife, 
Aaron Perkins, s. of John A. and Susan T. (Perkins), of Concord, 
farmer, b. at Centre Harbor 1858, Uving (1910). 

iii. Anna Lucretia, b. 26 Sept. 1881; living unm. (1910). 

123. Andrew Alvino* Huckins (Warren,'' Charles,' James,^ James,* 

Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Tamworth and Til ton, millman, 
born at Centre Harbor 28 Aug. 1853, was Kving in 1910. 
He married at Meredith, 20 June 1877, Caroline Webster 
HuTCHiNS, daughter of William and Lucinda (Horn), who 
was born at Albany, N. H., 24 Mar. 1852 and was living in 
Children, bom at Tamworth : 

i. Cora May,» b. 9 Oct. 1878; living s.p. (1910); m. 24 Dec. 1908, as 
his second wife, Abahel Manning, s. of Asahel A. and Mary 
(Newman), of Tilton, weaver, b. at Champlain, Vt., 14 Mar. 1880, 
living (1910). 

ii. Perley a., of Tilton, millman, b. 10 Feb. 1882; living (1914); 
m. 3 Jime 1908 Jane M. Manning, dau. of Asahel A. and Mary 
(Newman), b. at Lakeport 16 Sept. 1887, living (1914). Three 

124. Alvah P.8 Huckins {Timothy P. Smith,'' Charles,^ James,^ 

James,* Robert,^ James,''' Robert^), of Ashland, farmer, born at 

New Hampton 19 Jan. 1853, was living in 1910. He married 

first, 30 Nov. 1880, Ada B. Crawford, daughter of Cephas 

R. and Elmira (Jackson), who was born at Plymouth 14 June 

1859 and died 26 Aug. 1883; and secondly, 4 Dec. 1886, 

Ruby Plaisted, daughter of Samuel S. and Celia Louvan 

(Albee) and granddaughter of WiUiam (8, iv, 3), who was 

born at Centre Harbor 25 May 1865 and was living in 1910. 

ChUd by first wife: 

i. Nellie Maud,' b. at New Hampton 31 Aug. 1881; living unm. 
(1910) at Laconia. 

Children by second wife: 

ii. Ada Louvan, b. at Centre Harbor 30 Apr. 1888; living unm. 

iii. Madeline, b. at Ashland 22 July 1891; d. 4 Dec. 1891. 
iv. Grace Theo, b. at Ashland 1 Mar. 1894; hving (1914); m. 1 Mar. 

1913 Charles Harold Eastman, s. of Charles Alvin and Laura 

Ellen (Perkins), of Ashland, telephone manager, b. at Holderness 

31 Mar. 1888, living (1914). 
V. Herman Alvah, b. at Ashland 4 July 1896; living (1910). 


1915] Descendants of Robert Huckins 145 

125. Rodney H.^ Huckins {Timothy P. Smith,'' Charles,^ James,^ 

James* Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of New Hampton, farmer, 
born at New Hampton 7 Apr. 1858, died 15 June 1912. He 
married, 24 Nov. 1891, Luna B. Bartlett, daughter of 
Joseph J. and Lydia L. (Aikley), who was bom at Simcook 
20 Mar. 1871 and died 14 Mar. 1904. 

Children, born at New Hampton: 
i. Carl Rodney,' b. 3 Oct. 1893; d. 4 Oct. 1893. 
ii. Susan Ltdia, b. 20 Aug. 1894; living .umn. (1910). 
iii. Jessie E., b. 1 Apr. 1896; d. 12 May 1897. 
iv. Claire B., b. June 1897; d. 13 Sept. 1899. 
V. Floyd Elmore, b. 16 Oct. 1900; living (1910). 
vi. Harold, b. 11 Nov. 1903; adopted by Stephen Almon" Huckins 
(39, ii); Uving (1910). 

126. Willis E.^ Huckins {Timothy P. Smith,'' Charles,^ James,^ 

James,* Robert,^ J antes, "^ Robert^), of Centre Harbor, farmer, 
bom at New Hampton 30 Nov. 1860, died 18 June 1910. 
He married first, in 1884, Maey Sorel, daughter of Marcel 
and Flora (Choquette), who was born at Rumney 5 Nov. 
1866, married secondly Henry 0. Chase, and was living in 
1910 at New Hampton; and secondly, 4 May 1897, Ida M. 
(Fifield) Rogers, daughter of Freeman and Roxanna M. 
(Johnson) and former wife of Fred M., who was bom at 
Bolton, P. Q., 3 July 1864 and was living in 1910 at Laconia. 
Children by first wife, bom at New Hampton: 

i. Arthur Edward,' of Centre Harbor, farmer, b. 27 Oct. 1884; living 
s.p. (1910) ; m. 31 Oct. 1906 Mary Emma Perkins, dau. of Charles 
Oilman and Rose L. (Mclntire), b. at Meredith 1 Nov. 1889, liv- 
ing (1910). 

ii. Winnie Leona, b. 19 Aug. 1887; living (1912); m. 28 May 1911 
Henry Hector Lalande, s. of Adolphe and Zulima (Vall6), of 
Laconia, stock keeper, b. at Ogdensburg, N. Y., 4 Apr. 1881, 
living (1912). 

iii. Oscar Sumner, b. 22 Feb. 1890; d. 23 Apr. 1900. 

iv. Guy B., of Centre Harbor, drayman, b. .31 Mar. 1892; living 
(1914); m. 28 Nov. 1912 Blanche G. Hawkins, dau. of George 
and Mary (Plaisted), b. at Ashland 30 Apr. 1894, living (1914). 
One child. 

V. Minnie Belle, b. 29 Sept. 1894; d. 21 Oct. 1894. 

vi. Edgar Otis, b. 21 Sept. 1895; Uving (1910). 

127. Victor^ Huckins {Timothy P. Smith,'' Charles,^ James,^ James,* 

Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of New Hampton, farmer, born at 
New Hampton 17 May 1870, was living in 1910. He mar- 
ried, 6 Sept. 1891, Elizabeth" May Moulton, daughter of 
Wesley F. and Caroline E. (Moulton), who was born at 
Moultonborough 23 Mar. 1870 and was living in 1910. 

Children, bom at New Hampton: 
i. Florence Lillian,' b. 12 May 1894; d. 3 Oct. 1894. 
ii. Vernie May, b. 25 July 1895; livmg unm. (1910). 
iii. Millie Grace, b. 4 May 1899; d. 23 Apr. 1900. 
•iv. Harvey W., b. 31 July 1902; living (1910). 

[To be continued] 

146 Genealogical Research in England [April 


Contributed by Misa Elizabeth Fbench, and communicated by the Committee on 

English Keaearch 

[Continued from page 281 


I [Through the kindness of Hon. Frank Warren Hackett, A.M., of Washington, 

I D. C, formerly Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Frederick Lewis Gay, A.B., of 

\ Brookline, Mass., President of the Prince Society, and William Prescott Greenlaw, 

; Esq., Librarian of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, the Editor has 

! been permitted to add the Maverick entries obtained several years ago from the 

\ parish registers of Awliscombe and Honiton, co. Devon, and hitherto unprinted, 

' and also records from the ordination and institution books at Exeter, co. Devon, 

to the Maverick records which Miss French has sent from England for publication 

in this number of the Register. Mr. Hackett was generously aided by the 

researches of the late Josiah Smith, Esq., of Willingham, co. Cambridge. Miss 

French's contribution consists chiefly of the abstracts of vrills given in thos article, 

of entries found in the parish registers of St. Mary Major (Exeter), Ilsington, 

and Ottery St. Mary, co. Devon, and of the very important record of the suit 

' instituted by Peter Mavericke, clerk, in 1612. From these various records and 

i from others aheady in print it has been possible to compile a Maverick pedigree 

■ extending from Robert Mavericke, clerk, of Awliscombe, co. Devon, to his great- 
grandson Samuel Maverick, the well-known settler at Winni^imet and Noddle's 

I Island, Mass., and the latter's children and grandchildren. The document 

discovered by Miss French in the records of the Court of Requests establishes 

■ with absolute certainty the paternal ancestry of Samuel Maverick, about which 
writers of history and genealogy have hithertp failed to agree.] 

The Will of Radford Mauericke, Minister and preacher in the Cittie of 
Exeter, 20 July 1622. My body to be buried in the same Tombe with my 
wyffe in the parish church of S Marj- the More, with a sermon. To Radford 
Mauericke, my brother John's son, my godson, 20s., and I forgive him 20s. 
that he oweth me. To John, son of my brother John, lOs. To my cousen 
Sysell, my brother John's daughter, 20s. To my kinswoman, Robert 
Caddey's daughter, 5s. To Henrye Mauericke, my brother Edward's son, 
20s. To my cousen Elizabeth, my brother Edward's daughter, 20s. To 
"my cousen John Mauericke preacher one of Zanchees works of the nature 
of god in lattyn," and to his son Axon 20s. To my cousen NathanieU Maue- 
ricke, my eldest brother's son, 10s. for a gold ring. To my brother-in-law 
: Thomas Brewer 5s., and to his son, my cousen Thomas Brewer, 5s. To my 

' cousen John Brewer his son and to his daughter Mary, my goddaughter, 10s. 

■ apiece for a gold ring. To Joane Rackley, my wife's kinswoman, my wife's 
best gown and beaver hat and band with the trunk that they be in and one 
"syld presse" now at Ilsington, a carpet which was her grandfather's, 206. 
in money, and 10s. for a gold ring. To Mary, sister of said Joane, 20s. To 
John Rackley a doublett and breeches. To his wife WUmote in respect of 
her attendance 20s. and a pair of coarse sheets. To his son Martin Rackley 
53. at the end of his apprenticeship. To his daughter Tamsyne 5s. To my 
wife's sister's daughter, Mary Eastcott, 20s. To my cousen "Aime Rackley, 
widow a gown of cloth of sarge which lies at Gregory's Soper's unmade," 20s. 
in respect of her attendance, and a pair of old sheets. To her daughter 
Audrey 10s. To her daughters Grace and Prisilla 5s. apiece. To my god- 
daughter Dowsabell Sutcott 10s. for a gold ring. To Mr. Gregory Soper my 
saddle bridle and furniture and a Caliver. To my old servant Cristover 
Syvericke a sword, a shert, a pair of boots and spurs, and lOs. To Mr. Lang, 
my minister, one sarkett. To Mr. Warren Vicar of Ilsington my free holte 
in a Tynne works, called the Sanctuary, and to his successors forever. 



I 1915] Genealogical Research in England 147 

I ■ 

[ Residuary legatee and executrix: Anne Rackley of the Cittie of Exeter, 

spinster. Overseers: Mr. Clement Owlaburrow, Mr. Gregory Soper, Wil- 
liam Homes, Nicholas Somers, and John Parsons. Witnesses: Clement 
Awlborow, William Homes, Nich. Somers, John Psons, and Christover 

Codicil, made 27 November 1622, after a long sickness and now in great 
weakness of body by means of a dropsy. Whereas I have given divers gifts 
and legacies to sundry particular persons of mine and my wife's kindred, I 
charge my executrix that they hold good upon these conditions, that at the 
time of my death I be of as good estate as I was. But seeing that it hath 

pleased god to visit me sithence with a long and chargeable illness and 

soe expend the most part she shall proportionally deduct from 

them, but Joan Rackley, Docible Southcott, and my cousen Aiine are to have 
their legacies upon my death, and as Anne Rackley was to have a gown which 
has since been made up for myself, I give her instead my wife's cloak and 10s. 
Having about £200 owing me, I desire, if such debts are paid, that the money 
be divided among my kinsfolk as follows: to Aaron my cozen John Mave- 
rick's son; to my cousins, Radford my brother John Mauericke[s son, his 
brother John, and his sister Cicill, or to their children in case of their decease; 
to Henry my brother Edward's son and Elizabeth his sister, or to their 
children in case of their decease; also a hke portion to my wife's kindred, 
Joane Rackley, her sister Mary, and her brother John Rackley, or to their 
children-in case of their decease. Anne my executrix is to preserve to herself 
some "portion of my lead work in Ilsington. Witnesses: Clement Owlborow, 
Edward Lang, and WUham Homes. 

Proved at Exeter 7 January 1622 [1622/3]. Inventory of Mr. Maverick's 
goods in William Holmes his house, taken 2 January 1622 [1622/3] by George 
Trende and Mathew Bowden, £22. 14s. 4d. (Archdeaconry of Exeter 
[Exeter], 1622, original will.) 

The WUl of Nathaniel Mavericke of London, Gent, [of the parish of 
St. Lawrence Old Jewry, London, according to the Probate Act Book], 
17 November 1630. Universal legatee and executrix: my beloved wife Mary 
Mavericke. Witnesses: Ri: Hulet,' notary pubUc, Edward Smith, and 
Margarett Saunders. Proved 20 December 1630 by Mary Mavericke, relict 
of the deceased. (P. C. C, Scroope, 109.) 

The Will of Edward Mathericke of Honiton, co. Devon, husbandman, 
1 February 1675 [1675/6]. To my daughter Ehzabeth Mathericke a bond 
due from William Kingman, a gold signet ring, and certain household goods. 
To my daughter Mary the rent of a parcel of ground in Auliscombe, in the 
occupation of Robert Alerhead, worth 20s. a year, a plain gold ring, and cer- 
tain household goods. To my sister Rebecca Mathericke 30s, Residuary 
legatee and executrix: wife Jane. Overseers: my brother-in-law James 
Darke and his sister Mary Darke. Witnesses: Mary Downe and Ambr: 
Clearke. [Seal, a lion rampant.] Proved 29 November 1676. Inventory, 
taken 7 April 1676 by Robert Browne and Ambrose Clearke, £26.10s.ld. 
(Archdeaconry of Exeter [Exeter], 1676, original will.) 

The Will of Moses Maverick, on board the good ship Phasneas and 
Margaret, 6 January 1678/9. To my landlady, M" Ehzabeth Downing. 
To M' Thomas Nelson. To M" Deale and her two daughters. To my 
father and mother, brothers and sisters. To every officer in this said ship 
Phineas and Margaret. To Mrs. Ligh. To Robert Hall. I make my 
landlady, Elizabeth Downing, my heir and executrix and to see this will 
performed within ten days of the arrival of the ship at London. Proved 
23 July 1679 by Ehzabeth Downing als Dunning. (P. C. C, King, 88.) 
[For longer abstract of this will see Register, vol. 47, p. 423.] 
VOL. Lxrx. 10 

148 Genealogical Research in England [April 

Maverick Entries in the Parish Registers of Awliscombe, 
CO. Devon, 1559-1645 

1561 Radford Mavericke son of Robert Mavericke 18 June. 
1564 Elizabeth daughter of Robert Mavericke 19 April. 
1567 William Mavericke 5 November. 

1576 William Mauericke son of Alexander Mavericke 4 November. 
1578 Robert [Mavericke] son of Alexander 18 July. 

1578 John Mauericke son of Peter Mauericke Clarke 28 December. 

1579 Wilemotte Mavericke 6 February [1579/80]. 

1580 Judeth and Rebecca daughters of Peter Mavericke Clark 24 June. 
1583 Nathaniel Mavericke son of Peter Mavericke 24 June. 
1585 Daniel and Elizabeth son and daughter of Peter Mavericke clerk 11 


' 1586 Marie daughter of Peter Mavericke clerk 24 July. 

1588 Marie daughter of Peter Mavericke clerk 4 August. 
1590 Noahdiah Mavericke son of Edward M[avericke] 18 October. 
1597 Elizabeth Mavericke daughter of John Mavericke 6 February [1597/8]. 

I Marriages 

I 1575 Alexander Mavericke and Alice Crabbe 6 November, 

I 1576 Little John Searell and Alice Mavericke 13 !May. 

I 1577 Peter Mavericke Clearke and Dorothy Tucke 7 November. 

[ 1584 Thomas Brewer and Elizabeth Mavericke 4 July. 

I Burials 

I 1567 WUHam Mavericke son of Robert Mavericke 30 January [1567/8]. 

f 1573 Robert Mavericke Clark 14 November. 

!' 1576 WiUiam Mavericke son of Alexander Mavericke 4 February [1576/7]. 

1580 Judith and Rebecca daughters of Peter Maverick clearke 10 October. 
1585 Daniel Mavericke son of Peter Mavericke 12 June. 
, 1585 Elizabeth Mavericke daughter of Peter Mavericke 13 June. 

I 1586 Marie Mavericke daughter of Peter Mavericke 21 November. 

I 1598 EUzabeth Mavericke daughter of John Mavericke 3 April. 

} 1604 Marie daughter of Peter Mavericke 21 August. 

J 1607 Alice Mavericke als. Tucke widow 16 December. 

1 From the Registers of the Parish of St. Mart Major 

•I ' (or St. Mart the More), Exeter, co. Devon 

1619 Mrs. Awdrye Maverick buried 10 November. 

1622 Mr. Radford Maverick minister buried 26 December. 

Maverick Entries in the Parish Registers of Honiton, 
CO. Devon, 1562-1676* 


1591 Sisely daughter of John Mavericke 18 April. 

1593 John son of John Mavericke 4 Februarj' [1593/4]. 
I 1615 Elyas son of Henry Maverick 29 October, 

i . 1619 Edward son of Henry Mauvericke 20 February [1619/20]. 

1622 Elizabeth daughter of Henry Mauericke 17 November. 
; 1625 Johan daughter of Henry I\Iaverick 19 February [1625/6]. 

i 1628 Rebecca daughter of Henry ISIaverick 22 IMarch [1628/9]. 

i 1632 Henry son of Henry Maverick 8 July. 

' 1643 Sarah daughter of Edward and Joan Maverick 4 February [1643/4]. 

* There are some gaps in the registers prior to 1600; and some leaves are missing 
among the baptisms from 1604 to 1611, inclusive. 

1915] Genealogical Research in England 149 

1646 Samuell son of Edward Mavericke and Johane his wife 9 September. 
1651 Elizabeth daughter of Edward and Joan Maverick 6 April. 
1653 Daniel eon of Edward Maverick and Johane his wife 17 October. 


1599 Robert Ball and Dorothie Maverick 1 December. 

1614 Henry Mavericke and Sara [between 19 February and 9 March 

1642 Edward Maverick and Joane Darke 24 December. 


1598 Edward Mavericke 3 May. 

1598 Nodias Mavericke a man* 29 August. 

1598 Marie Mavericke a girle 22 December. 

1604 William Maverick 21 May. 

1629 Ellyas son of Henry Mauericke 18 February [1629/30]. 

1629 Johane daughter of Henry Mauericke 12 March [1629/30]. 

1632 Henry son of Henry Maverick 22 August. 

1633 Samuel son of Henry Maverick 19 December. 

1653 Daniel son of Edward Maverick 1 February [1653/4]. 

1655 Elizabeth daughter of Edward Maverick 10 December. 

1656 Sarah Maverick widow 21 May. 

1663 Johan wife of Edward Maverick 27 November. 
1676 Edward Maverick 5 April. 

From the Parish Registers op Ilsington, co. Devon! 

1597 Radford Mavericke instituted vicar 1 July. 

1600 John Maverick clark and Mary Gye married 28 October. 

From the Parish Registers op Ottery St. Mart, co. Devon 
1619 John Choram and Cisly Maverick married 5 May. 

From the Ordination Books at Exeter, co. Devon, 1571-1600 

1573 Deacon: Peter Bull alias Maverick 15 January [1573/4]. 
1573 Priest: Peter Maverick aUas Bull 17 March [1573/4]. 
1583 Priest: Radford Maverick 15 June. 
1597 Deacon and Priest: John Maverick literatus 29 July. 

From the Institution Books at Exeter, co. Devon, 1573-1630 

1580 Peter Maverick alias Bull, clerk, was admitted to the Perpetual Vicar- 
age of Aulscombe on the resignation of Richard Bacon, clerk, the 
last incumbent, 3 November. 

1586 Radford Maverick was admitted to the [Rectory of] the church of 
Trisham on the death of John Canne, clerk, the last incumbent, to 
which he was presented by Thomas Southcotte, Esq., patron, 12 June. 

1597 Radford Maverick, clerk, was admitted to the Vicarage of Ilsington on 
the presentation of Thomas Ford of Ilsington, Esq., and Henry Ford 
his son, patrons, 1 July. 

1615 John Maverick, clerk, M.A., was admitted to the Rectory and church 

of Beaworthy, vacant through the death of John Morrice, the last 
incumbent, on the presentation of Arthur Arscott, Esq., the patron, 
30 August. 

• I. e., a male child. 

t From extracts from Devonshire parish registers, in the library of the Albert 
Memorial Museum, Exeter. The marriage of John Maverick and Mary Gye was 
communicated by Hon. Frank Warren Hackett, A.M., to the Registeb for 1896 
(vol. 60, p. 75). 

150 Genealogical Research in England [April 

1616 John Hassard, clerk, to the Vicarage of Awlescombe, vacant through 
the death* of Peter Maverick, clerk, the last incumbent, 3 February 
1621 Christopher Warren, clerk, M.A., was admitted to the Vicarage of 
Ilsington on the free resignation of Radford Maverick, the last in- 
cumbent, 28 March. 
[The institution of Robert Maverick to Awliscombe does not appear, but 
it occurred before 18 June 1561, the date of his first appearance in the Awlis- 
combe registers. Robert Slade, Robert Maverick's predecessor, was insti- 
tuted 11 May 1554. The institution of Richard Bacon also does not appear. 
Perhaps the institution of Robert Maverick and that of his successor Bacon 
were vacancy institutions, made by the archbishop, and in that case they may 
have been recorded at Canterbury.] 

From the Ftrst Fruits Composition BooKst 


Aulscombe Vicarage: Pet^r Meiverick clerk 26 November, 23 Elizabeth 

Trissam Rectory: Radford Maverick clerk 19 October, 28 Elizabeth [1586]. 
Ilsington Vicarage: Radford Maverick clerk 16 July, 39 Elizabeth [1597]. 

(First Fruits Composition Books, Series 3.) 

1 From the Records op the Cottrt op Requests 

.; The Complaint of Peter ]\Iavericke of Awliscombe, co. Devon, clerk, 

j against William Champneys, gent., of Yarnscombe, co. Devon, dated 19 May, 

f 10 James I [1612]. The defendant agreed to lease to the complainant a 

I messuage and lands situated in Awliscombe, late in the tenure of Alexander 

i Harris in the right of his wife, and later in the tenure of the said WiUiam 

I Champneys. On the last day of February 1609 the defendant agreed that 

{ for £130 he would make to the complainant a good and indefeasible estate for 

\ ninety-nine years, determinable on three lives, 20s. being then paid to bind 

i the bargain as "an earnest pennye," £9 to be paid at the next assizes holden 

for Devon, and £40 to be paid at every assise holden thereafter for Devon, 
imtil the whole sum of £130 be paid. The three lives named by the said 
Peter were those of his son Nathaniell Mavericke and of Samuell and Elias, 
; two of the sons of John Maverick, son of the said Peter. The said Peter 

'. appeared at the assizes held in August following, to pay £40 according to the 

: agi-eement; but the defendant, having intelligence that more money might 

' be gotten for a fine of said messuage and premises, devised with himself by 

some means to put your said subject from his bargain; and therefore took on 
him to draw up the lease, and inserted therein divers reservations, covenants, 
and unreasonable conditions, neither formerly spoken of nor agreed nor fit to 
be tolerated, and could not be induced to strike them out. Whereat your 
said subject taking some offense and dislike, the said defendant moved your 
subject to relinquish his bargain; and made a new agreement vnth your sub- 
ject that if he would cancel said bargain, he, the said defendant, would re- 
pay the £10 formerly received as part of his fine, and in addition would pay 
him 10 angels in gold or £5 in sUver, and would let him have the said messuage 
and lands for one year from the time of the first agreement, which offer your 
\ said subject accepted, and agreed that the said William Champneys might 

demise the same to any other, which he has since done; and tho' this defend- 
', ant hath often in most gentle and friendly maimer entreated him to repay 

* The Latin words axe per necem, and they indicate a violent death. In the parish 
; register of Awliscombe the burial of Peter Mavericke is not recorded, nor is there any 

I allusion in the registers to the time, place, or manner of his death. 

] t In the Public Record Office, London. 

J t The dates here given are the dates of the compositions for first fruits. 



1915] Genealogical Research in England 151 

the said £10 and also the 10 angels, yet now, having affected his purpose, the 
said Champneys refuseth to pay, and evicted the tenants to whom your said 
subject had let said messuage and lands, and forbade them to pay the last 
quarter's rent to your said subject. The said bargain was concluded. in 
private, and the said Champneys put the agreement down in writing and 
refuseth to give it up. Asks that a writ of privy seal be directed to the said 
William Champneys to appear before Your Majesty's Honorable Court of 
Whitehall, to answer the premises upon his oath. 
Answer of William Cbluhpnets, gent., taken at Torrington 13 June 1612. 
\ Admits it is true that about the last day of February 1609 there was a con- 

\ tract made between Peter Maverick, clerk, the complainant, and defendant 

! concerning the making of a lease of lands, etc., mentioned in the Bill, and 

that he, this defendant, had 203. in part of the fine of the said lease and £9 
at the Lent assizes then following, and the complainant nominated Nathaniel 
Maverick his son and Samuel and Elias Maverick his grandchildren to this 
defendant, on whose lives he was to have the lease for ninety-nine years, and 
this was briefly set down in a note by WiUiam Northcott, gent., and sub- 
scribed by complainant and defendant, whereby it appears that a condition 
was to be made that the lessee could only let the premises from year to year, 
and that only to pasture and not to tillage, without consent of the defendant, 
that on the death of each of the three hves the best beast should be paid as 
a heriot, or 403., and so on, as may be seen by reference to the note. The 
said Champneys gave this note to a friend to have a lease drawn up, which 
J. was done, under the arrangements aforesaid, at the yearly rental of Qs. ; and 

i afterwards the same was delivered to the complainant, who began to find 

i fault as to the condition of letting by yearly tenure only; and defendant 

; denies that complainant brought a sum of £40 to him and also that there was 

i an)'' second agreement, but admits that he made an offer to complainant to 

the effect alleged and that complainant would not accept thereof, altho' 
afterward complainant would have accepted; but then defendant would not 
agree, because one Harris, who before had offered him £10 more for the same, 
now again approached him. But defendant was desirous that the agree- 
ment might stand, and was wOling to alter the condition of letting to com- 
- plainant's desire if the latter would pay the £40 arranged for, which said 

defendant was relying on; but complainant refused, and defendant believes 
that he had not the money to pay, and so defendant was driven to let the 
premises to one John Burton for £5 less. And further he refers himself to the 
said note and the lease formally drawn up. 

The Rephcation of Peter Mavericke, clerk, dated 30 June, 10 James 
I [1612]. He acknowledges himself to be repaid the £10 for the first payment 
of the fine if he had enjoyed the premises for one whole year as by defendant's 
promise; but denies that defendant was willing to omit the condition of 
letting otherwise than for one year unless he gave a consideration in money, 
but alleges that the second agreement was absolutely agreed to and accepted, 
altho' complainant was willing to stand to his first agreement and had the 
£40 ready, had not defendant willingly made proffer of 10 angels to com- 
plainant to rehnquish his former bargain, and accordingly brought £40 to 
the next assizes, intending to have his lease sealed, which .the defendant 
untruly denies; and he affirms that aU he said in his Bill was true. (Public 
Record Office, Court of Requests, unindexed records. Bundle 467.) 

[From the foregoing material and from other sources and authorities the 
following pedigree has been compiled: 

1. Robert M-werickb, clerk, of Awliscombe, co. Devon, was buried at 
Awliscombe 14 Nov. 1573. He is mentioned in the Awliscombe registers as 
early as 18 June 1561, when his son Radford was baptized. 

152 Genealogical Research in England [April 


2. i. Peter, b. probably abt. 1550, Bince he ia referred to in his brother 
Radford's will of 1622 as the testator's eldest brother. 

ii. Alexandek (probably s. of Robert), b. probably abt. 1552; m. at 

Awliscombe, co. Devon, 6 Nov. 1575, Alice Ceabbe, probably 

the woman who was bur. at Awliscombe 16 Dec. 1607 as Alice 

, Mavericke als. Tucke widow. Children, bapt. at Awliscombe: 

I 1. William, bapt. 4 Nov. 1576; bur. at Awliscombe 4 Feb. 1576/7. 

I 2. Robert, bapt. 18 July 1578. 3. Wilemolte (perhaps dau. of 

Alexander), bapt. 6 Feb. 1579/89; probably m. John Rackley and 
had children Martin and Tamsyne.* 
iii. John, mentioned in his brother Radford's will in 1622, although 
apparently then deceased. Children: 1. Radford, living 27 Nov. 
1622. 2. Cicely, bapt. at Hooiton, co. Devon, 18 Apr. 1591; 
living 27 Nov. 1622; m. at Ottery St. Mary, co. Devon, 5 May 
1619, John Choram. 3. John, bapt. at Honiton 4 Feb. 1593/4; 
living 27 Nov. 1622. 4. Elizabeth, bapt. at AwUscombe, co. Devon, 
6 Feb. 1597/8; bur. there 3 Apr. 1598. Of these children, Rad- 
ford, Cicely, and John are mentioned in the will of their uncle, 
Radford Mavericke, in 1622. 

3. iv. Edward, mentioned in the will of Radford Mavericke. 
v. Alice (probably dau. of Robert), b. probably abt. 1559; m. at 

Awliscombe, co. Devon, 13 May 1576, Little John Searell. 
vi. Radford, the testator of 1622, bapt. at Awliscombe, co. Devon, 
18 Jime 1561; bur. in the parish of St. Mary Major, Exeter, co. 

Devon, 26 Dec. 1622; m. Awdrye , who was bur. in the 

same parish 10 Nov. 1619. He was matriculated at Exeter College, 
Oxford, 17 Nov. 1581, aged 20, a plebeian and of Devon; was or- 
I dained as a priest 15 Jime 1583; became rector of Trusham, co. 

? Devon, in 1586; was instituted vicar of Ilsington, co. Devon, 

? 1 July 1597, resigning this charge in 1620; and in 1622 was curate 

1 of All Hallows, Goldsmith Street, Exeter, f He left no issue. 

i vii. EuzABETH, bapt. at Awliscombe, CO. Devon, 19 Apr. 1564; probably 

I abeady deceased in 1622; m. at Awliscombe, 4 July 1584, Thomab 

j . ' Brewer, who was living in 1622. Children:. 1. Thomas. 2. 

I John. Both of these sons, with their father, are mentioned in 

I . Radford Mavericke's will, 20 July 1622, although John may then 

i have been already deceased, his son and his dau. Mary being 

1 - mentioned. 

> viii. William, bapt. at Awliscombe, co. Devon, 5 Nov. 1567; bur. there 

I 30 Jan. 1567/8. 

j ix. A DAUGHTER (probably dau. of Robert), m. Robert; Caddet and 

I had a dau. who is mentioned in Radford Mavericke's will, 1622. 

I 2. Peter Mavericke {Robert), clerk, vacar of Awliscombe, co. Devon, 

I born probably about 1550, being referred to in the will of Radford 

Mavericke as the testator's eldest brother, died a violent death prior 
to 3 Feb. 1616/17_, when John Hassard was instituted \'icar of AwUs- 
combe. He married at Awliscombe, 7 Nov. 1577, Dorothy Tucke. 
Peter Bull alias Maverick was ordaiued as a deacon 15 Jan. 1573/4, 
and Peter Maverick alias Bull was ordained as a priest 17 Mar. 
1573/4. On 3 Nov. 1580 Peter Maverick alias Bull, clerk, was ad- 
mitted to the perpetual vicarage of Awliscombe. In 1612 he brought 
suit against William Champneys, the record of which has been of the 

: utmost importance in compiling the Maverick pedigree {vide supra, 

I p. 150). 

i * The will of Radford Mavericke, 1622, mentions his wife's kinswoman Joane 

' Rackley, Joane's sister Mary, Joane's brother John, John's wife Wilemotte and his 
children Martin and Tamsyne, and the testator's cousin Anne Rackley, widow, with 
her daughters Audrey, Grace, and Priscilla. 

t Cf. Foster's Alumni Oxonienses, Early Series, vol. 3, p. 992; Boase's Registrum 
Collegii Exoniensis, part 2, p. 210; Jones's Rectors and Vicars of Ilsington, Devon; 
and the Bishop's books at Exeter. 

1 1915] Genealogical Research in England 153 

f Children, baptized at Awliscombe: 

' 4. i. John, bapt. 28 Dec. 1578. 

ii. Judith, bapt. 24 June 1580; bur. at Awliscombe 10 Oct. 1580. 
iii. Rebecca, bapt. 24 June 1580; bur. at Awliscombe 10 Oct. 1580. 
iv. Nathaniel, of the parish of St. Lawrence Old Jewry, London, 
gentleman, the testator of 1630, baj)t. 24 June 1583; d. in London 
24 Nov. 1630 (Smith's Obituary, in Publicalions of the Camden 
Society, vol. 44, p. 5, where he is called " chief clerk to the Town 
Clerck ") ; m. Mary Langlet, widow, who had at least three sons, 
Richard, Berwick, and Roger, by her former husband.* She 
survived her husband, Nathaniel Mavericke. 
V. Daniel, bapt. 11 June 1585; bur. at Awliscombe 12 Jxme 1585. 
f vi. Elizabeth, bapt. 11 June 1585; bur. at Awliscombe 13 June 1585. 

: vii. Maeie, bapt. 24 July 1586; bur. at Awhscombe 21 Nov. 1586. 

i' viii. Marie, bapt. 4 Aug. 1588; bur. at Awliscombe 21 Aug. 1604. 

3. Edward Mavericke {Robert), mentioned in Riadford Mavericke's will 

as his brother, was buried at Honiton, co. Devon, 3 May 1598. 

i. NoADiAH, bapt. at Awliscombe, co. Devon, 18 Oct. 1590; bur. at 

Honiton, co. Devon, 29 Aug. 1598. 
ii. Henry, mentioned in Radford Mavericke's will; d. before 21 May 
1656; m. at Honiton, co. Devon, between 19 Feb. and 9 Mar. 

1614/15, Sara , who, as Sarah Maverick widow, was bur. 

at Honiton 21 May 1656. Children, bapt. at Honiton: 1. Elias, 

bapt. 29 Oct. 1615; bur. at Honiton 18 Feb. 1629/30. 2. Edward, 

of Honiton, husbandman, the testator of 1675/6, bapt. 20 Feb. 

1619/20; bur. at Honiton 5 Apr. 1676; m. at Honiton, 24 Dec. 

'. 1642, Joane Darke, who was bur. at Honiton 27 Nov. 1663; issue: 

5 Sarah, bapt. at Honiton 4 Feb. 1643/4, not mentioned in her 

\ father's will; Samuel, bapt. at Honiton 9 Sept. 1646, not men- 

i tioned in his father's will; Elizabeth, bapt. at Honiton 6 Apr. 

1651, bur. there 10 Dec. 1655; Daniel, bapt. at Honiton 17 Oct. 
1653, bur. there 1 Feb. 1653/4; Elizabeth, mentioned in her 
father's will; Mary, mentioned in her father's will. 3. Elizabeth, 
bapt. 17 Nov. 1622. 4. Johane, bapt. 19 Feb. 1625/6; bur. at 
Honiton 12 Mar. 1629/30. 5. Rebecca, bapt. 22 Mar. 1628/9; 
' Uving imm. 1 Feb. 1675/6, when she is mentioned in her brother 

Edward's will. 6. Henry, bapt. 8 July 1632; bur. at Honiton 
22 Aug. 1632. 7. Samuel, perhaps one of the elder children; bur. 
at Honiton 19 Dec. 1633. 
iii. Elizabeth, hving 20 July 1622, when she is mentioned with her 
brother Henry in Radford Mavericke's will. 

4. John Mavericke {Peter, Robert), clerk, baptized at Awliscombe, co. 

Devon, 28 Dec. 1578, died at Dorchester, Mass., 3 Feb. 1635/6, being, 
according to Winthrop, "near sixty years of age." He married at 
Ilsington, co. Devon, 28 Oct. 1600, Mart Gye, who was living in New 
England as late as 9 Oct. 1666. In 1665 Col. Cartwright states that 
Mr. Samuel Maverick, his fellow commissioner, "hath his mother, 
wife, children & brothers living there [in Massachusetts]." ("Memo- 
rial concerning the Massachusets," quoted in the Register, vol. 48, 
p. 207.) On 9 Oct. 1666 Samuel Maverick, writing from Rhode Island 
to Secretary Sir William Morrice, says that his mother "presents her 
humble service." (Calendar of State Papers, Colonial, America and 
West Indies, 1661-1668, pp. 414-415, no. 1288.) 

• Administration of the goods of Richard Langley of Brexboume, co. Hertford, 
bachelor, was granted, in 1627, to Marie Mavericke alias Langley, his mother, wife 
of Nathaniel Mavericke, gentleman. (P. C. C, Administration Act Book, 1627, fo. 
151.) On the same date administration of the goods respectively of Berwick Langley, 
bachelor, and Roger Langley, bachelor, both deceased "in parts beyond the seas," was 
;' granted to the same person, their mother. (76., fo. 162.) 

154 Genealogical Research in England [April 

John Mavericke was matriculated at Exeter College, Oxford, 
24 Oct. 1595, aged 18, being described as a clergyman's son. He 
received the degree of B.A. 8 July 1599 and that of M.A. 7 July 1603,* 
having been ah'eady ordained at Exeter, co. Devon, as deacon and 
priest 29 July 1597. Perhaps he was curate to his uncle, Radford 
Mavericke, vicar of Ilsington, the parish in which the record of his own 
marriage is found. On 30 Aug. 1615 he was inducted at Silverton, 
CO. Devon, by William Cotton, Bishop of Exeter, to the rectory of 
Seaworthy, co. Devon, on the presentation of Arthur Arscott, 
Esq.,t patron of the living. (Bishop's books, Exeter; cf. Register, 
vol. 49, pp. 214, 458.) He remained at Beaworthy until his resigna- 
tion shortly before his emigration to New England, his successor, John 
Crought, B.A., being inducted 24 Mar. 1629/30. (Registee, vol. 49, 
pp. 214, 458.) In this month John Mavericke was chosen one of the 
1 teachers of the Puritan church that was organized at Plymouth, 

i England; and on 20 Mar. 1629/30 he sailed from Plymouth in the 

Mary and John, one of the ships of Winthrop's fleet, with the colonists 
who arrived iu New England 30 May 1630 and founded the town of 
Dorchester, Mass. He took the oath as freeman on 18 May 1631, and 
was minister at Dorchester until his death. 
i 5. i. Samuel, b. in England abt. 1602. 

! ii. Elias, b. in England abt. 1604; d. 8 Sept. 1684, aged SO; bur. at 

Charlestown, Mass., where his gravestone was to be seen abt. half 
a century ago; m. abt. 1633 Anna Harris, dau. of Thomas 
deceased and Elizabeth (who m. between May 1631 and Sept. 
1634 Dea. William Stitson). Anna (Harris) Maverick was ad- 
mitted to the church at Charlestown 7 Oct. 1639, and d. at Read- 
ing, Mass. (where her married daughters Sarah Walton and Ruth 
Smith lived), 7 Sept. 1697, aged 84. Conclusive proof of the 
paternal ancestry of Elias Maverick is furnished by the record of 
the suit brought in 1612 by his grandfather, Peter Mavericke, 
clerk, against Wilham Champneys {vide supra, p. 150). He was 
at Winnissimet (now Chelsea), Mass., in 1630; was admitted to 
the church at Charlestown 9 Feb. 1632/3; was made freeman 
11 June 1633; and lived at Winnissimet, near his brother Samuel's 
house, on the westerly part of the Maverick estate (now belonging 
to the U. S. Government). In 1654 he was a member of the An- 
cient and Honorable Artillery Company. He deposed 15 June 
1680, aged 75 (Chamberlain's History of Chelsea, vol. 2, p. 96). 
His vi-ai, dated 13 Oct. 1681, was proved 6 Nov. 1684, his estate 
being appraised at £820. los.J Children: 1. John, of Boston, 
shipwright, b. 3 Feb. and bapt. 27 Feb. 1635/6; d. before 27 Apr. 
16S0; m. 9 Apr. 1656 Catherine Skipper, who m. (2) at Haverhill, 
Mass., 8 Sept. 1680, as his third wife, John Johnson, whose first 
wife was Elizabeth JNIaverick, dau. of EUas {vide infra) ; had issue. 
2. Abigail, h. 10 Aug. and bapt. 14 Aug. 1637; hving 1681; m. 
4 June 1655 Matthew Clark, mariner, of Winnissimet, who was of 
Marblehead, Mass., 1668-1674; had issue. 3. Elizabeth, h. 2 June 
1639; d. at HaverhiU 22 Mar. 1673/4; m. 15 Oct. 1656 John 
Johnson of Charlestown, s. of William and Elizabeth, who removed 
to Haverhill before 1662, was the first blacksmith there, freeman in 
i666, and representative in 1690. He m. (2) at Haverhill, 3 Mar. 
1674/5, Sarah (Keaser) Gillo[w], widow of John of Lynn, who d. 
\ 24 July 1676; m. (3) at Haverhill, 8 Sept. 1680, Catherine (Skipper) 

Maverick, widow of John of Boston (brother of Elizabeth Rlav- 
erick, John Johnson's first wife), who with her husband, then 

; • Cf. Foster's Alumni Oxonienses, Early Series, vol. 3, p. 992. 

1 t This name is given also in the Institution Books in the Public Record Office, 

I London, as Arthur Arscotte, armiger, although in Register, vol. 49, p. 214, it appears 

I as Sir John Arscott. 

! t The will and inventory are printed in Chamberlain's History of Chelsea, vol. 1, 

pp. 38-41. 

1915] Genealogical Research in England 155 

-■ called Lieut. John Johnson, was "killed by ye enemy" at Haver- 

I hill 29 Aug. 1708, she in her 70th year and he in his 76th year. 

I (Haverhill Vital Records.) John and Elizabeth (Maverick) John- 

I eon had issue. 4. SaraA, b. 20 Feb. 1640/1; d. at Reading, Mass., 

I 10 June 1714, in her 73d year: m. Samuel Walton, b. at Marble- 

I head 5 June 1639, d. at Rea(fing 22 Mar. 1717/18. aged abt. 78 

{ years, s. of Samuel and Elizabeth (whose elder children were b. at 

/ Seaton, co. Devon, Eng.); five children bapt. at Marblehead 

I 26 Oct. 1684. 5. Elias, of Winnissimet, shipwright, b. 17 Mar. 

1 1643/4; Uving in Jan. 1695/6 but d. before 2 Nov. 1696; m. 8 Dec. 

1 1669 Margaret Sherwood, who was admitted to the Charlestown 

\ church 8 Aug. 1675; had issue. 6. Peter, of Boston, living 13 Oct. 

] 1681; m. Martha Bradford, who d. before 29 Sept. 1681, dau. of 

.: Robert; had issue. 7. James* of Winnissimet, d. before 31 Oct. 

1671, when the inventory of his estate amounting to £24 (includ- 
ing "Sea bookes and Instruments," £3), was sworn to by his 
father. (Suffolk Probate Records, lib. 7, p. 158.) 8. Mary, Uving 
3 Nov. 1696; m. Aaron Way of Winnissimet, bapt. at Dorchester, 
Mass., 6 Oct. 1650, Uving 3 Nov. 1696, s. of Aaron and Joanna 
(Sumner). On 11 Oct. 1696 Aaron Way and Mary his wife, with 
their children, were dismissed from the church at Danvers, Mass., 
"to y* church of Christ lately gathered at Dorchester in New 
England, and now planted in South CaroUna, whereof the Reverend 
Mr. Joseph Lord is Pastor." (Chamberlain's History of Chelsea, 
vol. 1, p. 137; cf. Registeb, vol.- 28, p. 468.) Five children of 
Aaron and Mary (Maverick) Way were bapt. at Charlestown 
between 1675 and 1685. 9. Rnth, d. at Reading 27 Nov. 1717, in 
her 63d year; m. at Reading, 1 Mar. 1679/80, Dea. Francis Smith, 
r; h. 23 Dec. 1658. d. at Reading 14 Nov. 1744, in his 86th year, s. of 

\ Lieut. John and Catherine (Morrell) of Winnissimet, Dea. Francis 

1 Smith having gone to Reading to live at his grandfather Smith's 

' homestead; had issue. (Reading Vital Records.) 10. Paid, of 

> Wifinissimet, b. 10 June 1657; Uving 1709; m. Jemima Smith, b. 

29 May 1665, dau. of Lieut. John and Mary (Bill) of Winnissimet, 
'. ■ who m. (2) Henry Richman of Boston; had issue. t 11. Rebecca, 

■ - b. 1 Jan. 1659/60; Uving 3 Nov. 1696; m. George Thomas, Uving 

3 Nov. 1696; had issue.J 
iii. Mary, Uving 1652; m. abt. 1635 Rev. James Parker of Weymouth 
(formerly of Dorchester), Mass., Portsmouth, N. H., and Bar- 
bados, where he d. in 1652. Li his will, dated 21 Aug. 1648 and 
entered 26 Aug. 1652, he makes his brothers, Mr. EUas Maverick 
and Mr. Moyses Maverick, his executors in New England. (Reg- 
ister, vol. 68, pp. 202-203.) Children: 1. John. 2. Azricam. 
3. James, d. in Boston in 1666, administration on his estate being 
: granted, 13 Dec. 1666, to Mr. Moses Maverick, "his uncle." 4. 

Thomas. 5. Fearnot, m. in the parish of St. John, Barbados, 
19 Mar. 1660/1, Capt. John PameU. 6. Mary. 
iv. Moses, of Marblehead, Mass., b. abt. 1611; d. at Marblehead 
28 Jan. 1685/6; m. (1) before 6 May 1635 Remember Allerton, 
who came to New England in the Mayflower in 1620 and d. after 
1652, dau. of Isaac and Mary (Norris); m. (2) 22 Oct. 1656 

Eunice ( ) Roberts (who deposed in 1671, aged abt. 43 

years, and was Uvin§ 5 Dec. 1698), widow of Thomas. Moses 
Maverick was a proprietor at Dorchester, Mass., in 1633; removed 
to Salem, Mass.; was admitted freeman 3 Sept. 1634; was at 
Marblehead as early as 1635; paid to the General Court the rent 
for Noddle's Island (now East Boston) in 1636, having charge of 
it during the absence of his brother Samuel in Virginia; was pro- 

* The place of James in the list of children is conjectural. 

t For some descendants of Paul Maverick, including some who lived in New York 
City, vide Register, vol. 48, p. 209. 

t Much information about Elias Maverick and his children, with many references 
to sources and authorities, may be found in Chamberlain's History of Chelsea, vol. 1, 

156 Genealogical Research in England [April 

prietor at Marblehead in 1637; and was constable in 1643. He 
deposed in Sept. 1662, aged 50 years; in Nov. 1665, aged abt. 54 
years; in Mar. 1667, aged abt. -55 years;" at the June Term, 1668, 
aged 57 years; at the March Term, 1669, aged 57 years; and at 
the June Term, 1669, aged abt. 58 years. (Marblehead Vital 
Records, vol. 3, p. 38.) He also deposed 23 Dec. 1674, aged abt. 
64 years (Register, vol. 50, p. 203). His will, dated — Jan. 
1685/6 but not signed by him, was presented by the widow for 
probate at the court held at Ipswich, Mass., 30 Mar. 1686; but 
some of the children objected to the proving of the will and the 
matter was referred to the next court to be held at Salem, Mass. 
Evidently the will was not allowed; for on 15 July 1686 Eunice 
Maverick, the widow, was appointed in Boston administratrix of 
the estate of "Moses Maverick late of Marblehead deceased 
Intestate." In- 1691 Edward Woodman, a son-in-law of the 
deceased, twice petitioned the court to order the administratrix to 

■ give an account of her administration; and apparently in 1693 

another such petition was presented by him. Final settlement of 
the estate was made 29 Nov. 1698. The unsigned will of Moses 
Maverick, the inventory of his estate, and the other papers on 
file at Salem and in Boston concerning the settlement of the estate 
have been published in full in The Mayflower Descendant, vol. 5, 
pp. 129-141, and are an important source of information in regard 
to the children of the deceased. Children by first wife: 1. Rebecca, 

i bapt. 7 Aug. 1639; d. at Lynn, Mass., 4 Nov. 1659; m. 3 June 

i 1658 John Hawkes of Lynn, who m. (2) 11 Apr. 1661 Sara Cush- 

) man and d. 5 Aug. 1694; one child, Moses, b. — Nov. 1659, 

\ living 5 Dec. 1698. {Vide Lynn Vital Records.) 2. Mary, 

\ bapt. 14 Feb. 1640/1; d. in Boston 20 Feb. 1655/6. 3. Abigail, 
I . bapt. 12 Jan. 1644/5; d. before — Jan. 1685/6; m. Maj. Samuel 

f Ward of Marblehead, bapt. at Hingham, Mass., 18 Nov. 1638, d. 

I 1690, 8. of Samuel of Hingham and Charlestown, Mass., who m. 

1 (2) Sarah Hubbard; had issue. 4. Elizabeth, oapt. 8 Nov. (or 3 

1 Dec.) 1646; d. young. 5. Samuel, bapt. 19 Dec. 1647; probably 

I d. s.p. before — Jan. 1685/6.* 6. Elizabeth, 30 Sept. 1649; 

I d. between — Jan. 1685/6 and 29 Nov. 1698; m. (1) 6 Apr. 1665 

I Nathaniel Grafton of Salem, Mass., b. 24 Apr. or 1 May 1642, d. 

1 at Barbados 11 Feb. 1670/1, s. of Joseph; m. (2) Skinner; 

! had issue by her first husband. 7. Remember, bapt. 12 or 17 Sept. 

♦ 1652; d. between — Jan. 1685/6 and 22 Apr. 1691; m. Edward 
I Woodman, mariner, who d. between 22 Sept. 1693 and 29 Nov. 

■ 1698; had issue. Children by second wife: 8. iVfary, bapt. 6 Sept. 
I * 1657; d. at Marblehead in 1695; m. Archibald Ferguson of 
\ Marblehead, who deposed 16 July 1686, aged abt. 37 years, and 
\ *• was living 5 Dec. 1698; had issue. 9. Moses, mariner, bapt. in 
! the First Church, Boston, 4 Mar. 1659/60; deposed 31 Oct. 1677, 
I aged abt. 18 (Suffolk Court Files, no. 1789); not mentioned in the 
' imsigned will of his father; perhaps the testator of 1678/9. 10. 

Aaron, bapt. 20 Mar. 1662/3; probably d. young. 11. Sarah,^ 
living 31 Aug. 1706; m. at Marblehead, 10 Nov. 1683, John Nor- 
man, who deposed 16 July 1686, aged abt. 26 years, and was h\-ing 
abt. 1706; had issue. 
V. Aaron, mentioned in the will of his great-uncle, Radford Mavericke, 

20 July 1622; probably d. young, 
vi. Abigail, admitted to the Charlestown church 18 Feb. 1637/8; d. 
25 June 1644; m. John Manning of Boston, merchant, who joined 
the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company in 1640 and m. (2) 
Ann Parker, dau. of Richard. John Maiming calls Moses Maver- 
: ick his brother. Children: 1. JoAn, b. 25 May 1643. 2. Mary, h. 

3 June 1644. 

• * Perhaps he was the Samuel (given by Savage) who had wife Martha and eon 
j Samuel, b. 16 Mar. 1670/1. 

' t For proof that Sarah was a daughter of Moses Maverick by his second wife ride 

I Register, vol. 62, pp. 384^385, 

1915] Genealogical Research in England 157 

vii. Antipas, d. 2 July 1678, administration on his estate being granted, 
15 July 1678, to Edward Oilman and Abigail hia wife, dau. of 
deceased. Moses Maverick of Marblehead calls him "my brother." 
(York Deeds, hb. 3, fo. 109.) The name of his wife is unknown. 
He was a merchant, of the Isles of Shoals, in 1647; was of Kittery, 
Me., in 1652, when he submitted to the government of Massachu- 
setts; and removed to Exeter, N. H. Children: 1. Abigail, m. 
Edward Oilman of Exeter, yeoman. 2. Katharine, m. Stephen 
Paul of Kittery, shipwright. These two daughters and their 
husbands on 7 Jime 1682 sold land "which was our deceased 
fathers Antipas Mauericke." (York Deeds, lib. 3, fo. 112. Cf. 
Pope, Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire, p. 137.) 

5. Samuel Maverick (John, Peter, Robert), was bom in England about 
1602, his deposition of 7 Dec. 1665 stating that he was then "aged 63 
yeares or thereabouts" (Suffolk Deeds, lib. 4, fo. 328), and died be- 
tween 1670 and 15 May 1676, being referred to in the will of his son, 
Nathaniel of Barbados, dated 16 Aug. 1670, as then living. In his 
book entitled "An Account of Two Voyages to New-England," first 
published in 1674, John Josselyn, Gentleman, after recording his 
arrival in Boston Harbor on 3 July 1638, writes: "The Tenth day 
[10 July 1638], I went a shore upon Noddles Island to Mr. Samuel 
Maverick (for my passage) the only hospitable man in all the Coun- 
trey, giving entertainment to all Comers ^rail's."* " Having refreshed 
my self," Josselyn continues, "for a day or two upon Noddles-Island, 
i I crossed the Bay in a small Boat to Boston, . . . and ... I returned 

\ • in the Evening to my lodging." On 12 July he took leave of "Mr. 


Maverick, and some other Gentlemen," and started for Maine.f 
From 30 Sept. 1639 to 10 Oct. of the same year Josselyn was again 
entertained by Mr. Maverick at his house on Noddle's Island.f In 
his "Chronological Observations of America," published in 1674, the 
same author wrote, under date of 1630: "The Tenth of July, John 
Winthorp Esq; and the Assistants arrived in 'New-'England, . . . with 
him went over Mr. Thomas Dudley, Mr. Isaac Johnson, Esquires; 
Mr. John Wilson, Mr. George Philips, Mr. Maverich (the Father of 
Mr. Samuel Maverich, one of his Majesties Commissioners) Mr. 
Wareham Ministers." § In spite of this statement by Josselyn, who, 
having been a visitor at Samuel Maverick's house in 1638 and 1639, || 
was in a position to know who the father of his host was, PaKrey 
(History of New England, vol. 2, p. 581, note). Savage (Genealogical 
Dictionary, vol. 3, p. 181), and Chamberlain (History of Chelsea, 
vol. 1, p. 7) refused to believe that Samuel of Noddle's Island was a 
son of Rev. John Maverick; but the record of the suit brought in 1612 
by Peter Mavericke, clerk, against William Champneys {vide supra, 
p. 150), in which Peter names Samuel and Elias as two of the sons of 
his (Peter's) son John, furnishes conclusive proof of the parentage of 
Samuel and vindicates the accuracy of Josselyn. 

Samuel Maverick was especially prominent among the early settlers 
in the Massachusetts Bay. He came to New England about 1624; 
for in a letter from New^ York City, dated 30 May 1669 and found 
among the Winthrop Papers, he writes: "It is 45 yeares since I came 
into New England." (4 Mass. Hist. Soc. Coll., vol. 7, p. 318.) This 

• Josselyn's Two Voyages, Boston, 1865, p. 13, a reprint of the second edition, •which 
was published in London in 1675. 

t lb., p. 20. 

i lb., pp. 25-27. 

§ lb., p. 190, the "Chronological Observations" being reprinted in the same volume 
■with the "Two Voyages." 

II Perhaps Samuel Masrerick's widowed mother, with her daughters, was living at 
his house, when Josselyn was there. 

158 Genealogical Research in England [April 

agrees with his statement in the "Discription of New England" 
(Register, vol. 39, p. 46*), in which he speaks of "my observations 
which for severall j'ears I have spent in America, even from the year 
1624 till within these two yeares last past." In 1625 he fortified at 
Winnissimet (now Chelsea, Mass.) a house "with a Pilli^ado and 
fflankers and gunnes both belowe and above in them," a house which 
in 1660 was "yet standing there . . . the Antientest house in the 
Massachusetts Government." (76., p. 38.) On 2 Oct. 1632 he took 
the oath as freeman. On 1 Apr. 1633 he received from the General 
Court a grant of Noddle's Island (now East Boston), and built, prob- 
ably in 1634, a house there, Maverick Square in East Boston still 
preserving his name. He had other large grants of land in Massa- 
chusetts and Maine. In 1635 he went to Virginia for corn and re- 
mained there nearly a year. He was one of the earUest slaveholders 
j in Massachusetts. Attached to the Church of England and to the 

cause of the King, he was often at enmity with the authorities in 
Massachusetts, and shortly before the Restoration he went to Eng- 
land to complain of the treatment to which he had been subjected in 
the Puritan colony. In 1664 he came back as one of the four royal 
commissioners appointed by Charles II to settle the affairs of New 
j England and to reduce the Dutch in New Netherland. The com- 

missioners were not successful in their deahngs with Massachusetts, 
I and Samuel Maverick settled in New York after it had passed under 

I English rule. On 15 Oct. 1669 he wrote to Col. Richard Nicolls, 

I formerly one of his fellow commissioners, and thanked him for obtain- 

\ ing for him the gift of a house "in the Broad Way," as a reward for 

I his fideUty to the King.j 

I Samuel Maverick married, about 1628, Amias (Cole) Thompson, 

I daughter of WUham of PljTnouth, co. Devon, England, shipwright, 

I and widow of David of Plymouth aforesaid, apothecary, and later of 

! New England (Aspinwall Notarial Records, pp. 128-130). "David 

I Thomson" and "Amyes Colle" were married in St. Andrew's Church, 

I Plj-mouth, England, 13 July 1613 (Register, vol. 47, p. 77). David 

; Thompson was sent out by Gorges to the Piscataqua in 1623, and 

j about 1626 removed to the island in Boston Harbor which stiU bears 

\ his name. There he died about 1628, leaving a son, John, who on 

!' 25 Dec. 1643 assigned a bill to "my ffather m'' Samuell Maverick" and 

] was living in 1650 (Aspinwall Notarial Records, pp. 70, 326-327), and 

■ probably other children, since Mrs. Amias Maverick, in a letter from 

"NotteUs Hand in Massachusetts Bay," dated 20 Nov. 1635 and 
addressed to Mr. Robert Trelawny, merchant, at Plymouth, England, 
speaks of her "ffatherles children." (2 Coll. Maine Hist. Soc, vol. 3, 
pp. 76-78.) In a memorandum added to the will of her son, Nathan- 
iel Maverick of Barbados, and dated 3 Sept. 1672, Mrs. Amias Maverick 
is referred to as then living. 

i. NathanizLj eldest son (Register, vol. 8, p. 334), called of New 
I England m an agreement about the sale of Noddle's Island, 14 Jan. 

! • Maverick's "Briefe Discription of New England" was discovered in England by 

' the late Henry FitzGilbert Waters, Esq., and was printed in Register, vol. 39, pp. 

' 33-48, and also in 2 Mass. Hist. Soc. Proceedings, vol. 1, pp. 231-249. There is in- 

1 ternal e\'idence that it was written in 1660. 

I t Among the numerous books in which information about Samuel Maverick may 

be found are Winthrop's New England; Johnson's Wonder- Working Pro-vidence, 
chapter xvii; Prince's Chronological History;. Palfrey's History of New England; 
Sumner's History of East Boston; Chamberlain's History of Chelsea; Titcomb'a 
Early New England People; Register, vol. 48, pp. 207-209; 2 Mass. HisL Soc. Pro- 
ceedings, vol. 1, pp. 366-373; Savage's Genealogical Dictionary; and Pope's Pioneers 
of Massachusetts. Some of these books abound in references to the early records. 

1915] The Clinton Family of Connecticut 159 

1649/50 (lb., vol. 67, p. 365), but of Barbados in 1656 (ib., p. 366), 
d. between 8 Jan. 1673/4 and 24 Feb. 1673/4. In his will, dated 
16 Aug. 1670 and. proved at Barbados 24 Feb. 1673/4, he styles 
himself of the parish of St. Lucy's in the Island of Barbados, Esqre. 
Children, given here in the order in which they are mentioned in 
I their father's wiU: 1. Moses, d. before 16 Aug. 1670. 2. Mary, 

I imder 18 and unm. 16 Aug. 1670; probably the Mary Maverick 

who m. in St. Michael's Parish, Barbados, 25 Jan. 1688/9, James 
I Drinkwater. 3. Jo An, under 21 on 16 Aug. 1670; perhaps the John 

I Maverick who is found at Charleston, S. C, in 1672 and whose 

I descendants settled in Texas, where they were distinguished and 

^ prominent. 4. Capt. Samuel, under 21 on 16 Aug. 1670; living 

\ 3 Oct. 1710; had issue. 5. iV^afAonteZ, of St. Michael's Parish, Bar- 

! bados, merchant, imder 21 on 16 Aug. 1670; d. between 9 Mar. 

1700/1 and 25 Aug. 1701; m. in St. Michael's Parish, Barbados, 

. 27 July 1682, Mrs. Jone Battin, whom in his will, dated 9 Mar. 

1700/1, he calls Jane; had issue.* 

ii. Samuel, of Boston, d. in Boston 10 Mar. 1663/4, administration on 

his estate being granted, 14 Mar. 1663/4, to his widow, Rebecca, 

and Mr. Moses Maverick being associated with the widow and 

others in the administration (Register, vol. 12, p. 155, and vol. 16, 

p. 333); m. 4 Dec. 1660 Rebecca Wheelwright, who d. 20 Dec. 

1678, dau. of Rev. John and Mary (Hutchinson) of Wells, Me. 

She m. (2) 12 Mar. 1671/2, as his second wife, William Bradbury 

of Salisbury, Mass., s. of Thomas and Maiy (Perldns), b. 15 Sept. 

1649, d. 4 Dec. 1678, leaving issue by his wife Rebecca. Children : 

1. Mary, h. 2 Oct. 1661. 2. Hannah, b. 25 Oct. 1663. 

iii. Maet, m. (1) 8 Feb. 1655/6 John Palsgrave of Boston, b. 6 Mar. 

■ 1633/4, s. of Richard and Ann; m. (2) 20 Sept. 1660 Francis 

f HooKE of Kittery, Me., who d. 10 Jan. 1694/5, s. of Humphrey 

; (alderman of Bristol, Eng.). In a petition of 13 Feb. 1687/8, 

• addressed to Sir Edmund Andros, then the royal governor of New 

England, concerning her interest in Noddle's Island, she calls 

: herself "wife of Francis Hooke" and "Daughter and Heiresse of 

Samuel Mavericke, deceased." (Register, vol. 8, p. 334.) t 

• • — Editor] 

[To be contiQued] 


Compiled by Mrs. E. J. Clinton of Clintonville, Conn., and communicated by 
Donald Lines Jacobus, M.A., of New Haven, Conn. 

[Continued from page 63) 

21. John* Clinton (John,^ Thomas,^ Lawrence^), born at Fairfield 
4 May 1752 and baptized at Green's Farms, Fairfield, 10 
May 1752, died in 1832. He married first Mary Scribner, 

* For abstracts of wills and other records conoerning the Mavericks of Barbados 
tide Register, vol. 67, pp. 365-367. Cf. also the will of Henry Harding, dated 15 Dec. 
1704, in New-York Hist. Soc. Coll., Wills, vol. 1, pp. 443^144. 

t Savage (Geneal. Diet., vol. 3, p. 180) gives a John Maverick of Boston, who by 
wife Jane bad John, bom 18 Apr. 1653, and Dorothy, born 23 Jan. 1654/5. By a second 
wife, Rebecca, he had another son John, bom 28 July 1662. Perhaps this John who 
had wives Jane and Rebecca was a son of Samuel (5) of Winnissimet and of Noddle's 
Island. On 1 July 1652 a Mr. John Mavericke and William Fryer, mates of the ship 
Eagle of London, which was cast away on the northeast side of the Isle of Sable 26 
Mar. 1652, rendered an inventory to the magistrates at Salem, Mass., of goods saved 
from the wreck. (Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massa- 
chusetts, vol. 1, p. 259.) 

160 The Clinton Family of Connecticut [April 

bom at Norwalk about 1748, died at Fly Creek, Otsego 
Co., N. Y., 16 Dec. 1805, daughter of Zaccheus and Mary; 
and secondly Mrs. Elizabeth Darby, who was born in 1769. 
He settled at Ballston, N. Y., whence he removed to Otsego 
Co., N. Y., between 1790 and 1792. He served in the 
Revolutionary War as a private in the Fifth New York 
Regiment from 21 May 1779 to 1 Jan. 1780, and also as a 
sergeant in a regiment levied in 1781. 
Children by first wife: 

i. Phebe,' b. abt. 1774; m. Stephen Rockwell of Ballston, N. Y. 
Children: 1. David, h. 6 Aug. 1794; d. 23 Apr. 1873. 2. Samuel, 
b. 17 Sept. 1796; d. 2 Apr. 1881. 3. Phebe, h. 26 July 1800; 
d. 19 Apr. 1894; m. (1) Christian C. Finck; m. (2) Oliver 
46. ii. John, b. 25 Mar. 1776. 
I 47. iii. Simeon, b. 3 Feb. 1779. 

48. iv. Joel, b. 1782. 

Child by second wife: 

V. Samantha, b. 12 Feb. 1817; d. at Henry, 111., 6 Jan. 1889; m. 

Mallaet. Children: 1. John Clinton, b. 8 July 1849; 

d. 10 Dec. 1850. 2. Joseph, h. 11 May 1850; d. 12 May 1850. 
i 3. Willard J., b. 12 Oct. 1853; m. 28 Feb. 1873 Mary V. Han- 

I kinson. 


I 22. Simeon* Clinton {Lawrence,^ Thomas,'^ Lawrence^) was bom at 

I Milford 9 Feb. 1748/9 and was baptized at Woodbridge 

I 12 Feb. 1748/9. He married at Woodbridge (but he was 

I recorded as of Bethlehem), 30 July 1772, Anna Johnson, 

s- born 8 June 1750, died 1 Jan. 1833, daughter of Samuel and 

I Mabel (Perkins). _ On 6 Dec. 1793 Samuel Clinton of Wood- 

I bridge recovered judgment against Simeon CUnton late of 

I said Woodbridge, now absconded (Woodbridge Deeds, vol. 3, 

f ' p. 526). Anna (Johnson) Clinton was admitted to the church 

I ■ at South Britain, Conn., from Bethlehem, 25 Aug. 1777. 

• She returned to Woodbridge and married there secondly, 

i 23 Feb. 1786, David Ford.* On 2 Feb. 1832 Anna Ford con- 

j . veyed land to John M. Page of Woodbridge (Woodbridge 

I Deeds, vol. 16, p. 369). Administration on the estate of 

I Anna Ford was granted in 1833 to John M. Page of Cam- 

i bridge, Washington Co., N. Y. (New Haven Probate Records, 

I vol. 42, p. 386.) 


i. Antje,' b. abt. 1773; d. 10 June 1834 (gravestone at Woodbridge); 

m. 22 May 1791 Exoch Newton, Jr., b. abt. 1772, d. 20 Sept. 

1837 (gravestone at Woodbridge). 
ii. Simeon Johnson, b. at Southbury 3 Oct. 1774; removed to 
, Cooperstown, N. Y.; m. Van Buren. He claimed 

relationship to the Ballston (N. Y.) branch of the Clintons, 
\ descended from his grandfather's brother John (9), some of 

whom then Uved at Cooperstown. Child: 1. Marie,^ dressmaker, 

d. imm. 
; 49. iii. Truman, b., probably at Bethlehem, abt. 1776. 

I iv. Mart, bapt. at South Britain 25 Oct. 1778; m. at Woodbridge, 

I Jan. 1798, John M. Page. 

' • She had obtained a divorce from Simeon Clinton. 

.1915] The Clinton Family of Connecticut 161 

23. Rev. Isaac* Clinton {Lawrence,^ Thomas,^ Lawrence^),* born 
at Milford 21 Jan. 1759, died at Lowville, N. Y., 18 Mar. 
1840. He married, in 1787, Chaeity Welles, daughter of 
David of Stratford, a descendant of Gov. Thomas Welles. 

I He was graduated at Yale College in 1786, and was ordained 

I pastor of the Congregational Church at Southwick, Mass., 

30 Jan. 1788. In 1807 he became minister at Lowville, N. Y., 
and principal of the academy at that place. He was the 
author of a standard "Treatise on Infant Baptism" and of 
other religious pubUcations. 
Children, baptized at Southwick, Mass. : 

i. David Wells,' bapt. 23 May 1789; d. 26 Aug. 1803. 

ii. Mahla., b. 4 May 1791; bapt. 19 June 1791;' d. at Cincinnati, 
Ohio, 5 Sept. 1871; m. at Lowville, N. Y., 11 July 1811, Ela 
Collins, b. at Meriden, Conn., 14 Feb. 1786, d. at Lowville, 
N. Y., 23 Nov. 1848.t 

iii. George, bapt. 26 Apr. 1795; d. 30 Aug. 1803. 

iv. Caroline, bapt. 24 Sept. 1797; d. 27 Aug. 1803. 

V. James, bapt. 3 Nov. 1799; d. 25 Aug. 1803. 

vi. Sophia, bapt. 16 Nov. 1802; d. 28 Aug. 1803. 

vii. Isaac, bapt. 30 Sept. 1804. 

viii. Samuel Wells, bapt. 30 Nov. 1806. 

24. Thomas* Clinton (Lawrence,^ Thomas,'^ Lawrence^), born about 
1763, resided at Woodbridge, where he died 12 Nov. 1824. 
He married, 16 Feb. 1792, aW Moss, born at Wallingford 
30 May 1764, died at Woodbridge 9 Jan. 1844, daughter of 
Joseph and Esther (Lewis). For proof of the parentage of 
Thomas Clinton see first footnote on this page. 


i. Laurin.s bapt. 6 Oct. 1793; d. 2 May 1812. 

ii. George, bapt. 4 Jan. 1795; d. at Middletown (whither he had 
removed from Woodbridge) AUg. 1825; m. Sept. 1817 Lua 
Booth, bapt. 7 Apr. 1798, dau. of Walter and Mary (Newton), 
who m. (2) Alvan E. Bevins of Meriden. Child: 1. Henry 
Laurens,^ b. 21 Feb. 1820; bapt. at Woodbridge 30 June 1820; 
d. s.p. 7 June 1899; m. Elizabeth Spencer Clinton, granddaugh- 
ter of Gov. DeWitt Clinton. In his youth he taught school in 
Connecticut, and afterwards went to New York to study law. 
He became one of the most noted lawyers of his day, was one 
of the counsel for the prosecution in the Tweed trial, and was 
prominent in the Vanderbilt will case. 

iii. John, bapt. Mar. 1799; was of Middletown 1825; returned to 
Woodbridge prior to 1830, and was living there 1844. A John 
of Hamden d. 31 Jan. 1861, aged 62 (Beckwith's Almanac). 

iv. Hannah (?), d. at Woodbridge 28 July 1824, aged 23. 

V. Esther, bapt. 2 May 1802; m. Alfred Dorman of Hamden. 

vi. Caroline, b. 1804; m. at Hamden, 28 Sept. 1820, Elihtj Mix of 

* The parentage of Rev. Isaac* Clinton and his brother Thomas (24) has been 
determined by the following facts: Henry Laurens Clinton (24, ii, 1), grandson of 
Thomas, stated that Rev. Isaac Clinton was his uncle, and that he had visited him at 
Lowville. In an old letter Isaac Clinton stated that his only brother, George's father 
[George was son of Thomas and father of Henry Laurens], died at AVoodbridge. The 
only Clinton of Woodbridge who could have been father of Isaac and Thomas was Law- 
rence' (10), and it is significant that Thomas had a son Laurin and a grandson Henry 
Laurens, both Laurin and Laurens being corruptions of Lawrence. The gap in the 
Woodbridge church records from 1755 to 1772 makes absolute proof impossible. 

t For descendants of Ela and Maria (Clinton) ColUns see Addendum at the end of this 

162 The Clinton Family of Connecticut [April • 

vii. Saeah, bapt. 12 Jan. 1806; d. at Middletown 18 Mar. 1825. 
viii. Lewis, d. at Woodbridge 4 Mar. 1844, aged abt. 40. 

25. Capt. AnsonV Clinton (Simeon,^ Thomas,^ Lawrence^), bom 
about 1764, lived at West Haven, where he died 13 Sept. 
1813 (gravestone). He married, 12 June 1793, Rhoda 
Andrews, born about 1772, died 8 Jan. 1849 (gravestone), 
who married secondly, at Seymour, 16 Nov. 1825, Joseph 


i. Hannah,' b. 24 Jan. 1794; m. Beaedsley. 

ii. LovisA, b. 23 Apr. 1797; m. at Orange, 25 Oct. 1814, Capt. 
Thaddeus Thomas, bapt. 7 Nov. 1790, d. 28 Aug. 1825. Chil- 
dren: 1. John Henry. 2. Elizabelh Maria. 

50. iii. Simeon, b. 26 July 1799. 
iv. Anson, b. 6 Dec. 1801; d. s.p. 14 Mar. 1849; m. at New Haven, 

18 Dec. 1831, Lucy (Lord) Johnson, widow of Dr. Ebenezer. 

V. Henkt, b. 27 Apr. 1804; m. at Cheshire, 23 Dec. 1833, Amanda 

Bristol. They Uved at Orange, and had a son who d. young. 

51. vi. Charles C, b. 9 Mar. 1806. 
vii. Charlotte, b. 22 June 1809; d. at Hyde Park, N. Y., 8 June 1860; 

m. at Derby, 17 Apr. 1829, Rev. Thomas Ellis, b. in Flintshire, 
Wales, 1 Jan. 1800, emigrated to America 1 Apr. 1824, became 
a Methodist Episcopal preacher, d. at Pine Plains, N. Y., 31 May 
1873. Children: 1. Mary J., m. WiUiam S. Eno of German- 
town, Pa. 2. Adam C. 3. Matthew H. The two sons are 
lawyers in New York City. 

26. Jesse* Clinton {William,^ Joseph,"^ Lavxrence^), bom in 1772, 
died in 1824. He married Thirza Ruggles, who was born 
in 1779 and died in 1871. He removed from Brookfield, 
Conn., to Butternuts, N. Y., in 1806, when the country was 
new and wild, purchasing a farm of 128 acres four miles north 
of Gilbertsville, N. Y. 


i. Eli R.,' b. 21 Sept. 1801; d. 21 July 1872; m. Ch.uilotte Kinne, 
b. 23 Feb. 1807, d. 19 Jan. 1885. He hved at GilbertsviUe, N. Y. 
Children: 1. Cornelia,^ b. 23 June 1832; d. at Butternuts, N. Y., 
6 July 1908; m. 27 Jan. 1855 Andrew D. Jackson of Gilbertsville, 
N. Y., b. 9 Oct. 1826. 2. Delia, b. 27 May 1834; d. at Canaan, 
Conn., 28 May 1910; m. 28 Feb. 1854 John H. Wilcox of Morris, 
N.Y.,b. 27 May 1832, d. at Canaan 8 Mar. 1911. Z.Helen M., 
b. 5 Mar. 1836; d. at Morris, N. Y., 24 Feb. 1908; m. 9 Nov. 
1853 Ohiey Braley of Morris, b. 16 Apr. 1826, d. at Morris 
2 Apr. 1913. 4. Luda Holman, b. 3 Feb. 1838; m. 11 Oct. 1859 
Erasmus L. Donaldson of Gilbertsville, N. Y., b. 23 Sept. 1S31. 
5. Jvlia M., b. 8 Jan. 1840; m. 23 Dec. 1867 James Z. Sharts, 
b. 15 Jime 1841. 6. Eli R., b. 1 Apr. 1842; d. s.p. at Gilberts- 
ville, N. Y., 7 Aug. 1911; a successful teacher, superintendent 
of schools, and postmaster. 7. Thomas J., b. 4 Oct. 1844; d. s.p. 
at Eau Claire, Wis., 3 Mar. 1881. 8. Nancy C, h. 6 Oct. 1847; 
m. 23 Dec. 1867 WiUiam Francis Ward, b. 3 Jan. 1844. 9. Hul- 
dah J., h. 8 Jan. 1851; m. 24 Oct. 1871 Charles F. Bushnell, b. 
27 Mar. 1850. 
ii. William Y. 

I iii. Cornelia. 

[ , iv. Marcia. 

} V. DeWitt. 

\ vi. Huldah. 

i vii. Isaac Wakefield, b. 20 Mar. 1819; d. 18 Oct. 1894; m. 17 Oct. 

I 1915] The Clinton Family of Connecticut 163 

1 1839 Serena Gregory, who d. 26 Aug. 1887. Children: 1. 

I Frederick L.,« b. 25 Xov. 1842; m. 5 Jan. 1869 Charlotte M. 

j Keeler. 2. Lucy A., b. 5 July 1846; d. 10 Jan. 1901; m. 4 Oct. 

I 1866 Stephen Wilbur, who d. 6 Nov. 1907. 

I 27. Joseph Benedict* Clinton {Joseph,^ Joseph,^ Lawrence^), born 

) at Norwalk 28 May 1762, died at Andes, N. Y., 8 Jan. 1828. 

He married first, 13 Mar. 1784, Abigail Camp, born 8 Mar. 
1764, died at Andes, N. Y., 4 Mar. 1810; and secondly, in 

1817, at Pawling, N. Y., jSIaegaret , who married 

secondly James More. He enlisted in the Revolution in 
1779 as a private under Col. Webb, and was a pensioner in 

I New York in 1819. Family tradition says that he took his 

■ grandfather's place in the war. 

Children by first wife: 

i. Sarah Jarvis,' b. 5 Oct. 1784; d. unm. 20 June 1817. 

ii. Eben, b. 6 Nov. 1786; d. at Norwalk 4 July 1832; m. Abigail 

, who d. 18 Dec. 1827, aged 42. Children: 1. Lew," b. 

19 Dec. 1812; d. 12 Nov. 1835. 2. William, d. unm. • 
iii. Antoinette, b. 24 Mar. 1803; d. 30 Oct. 1880; m. abt. 1828 

Hiram Lawrence of South Norwalk. 
iv. Abraham Anson, b. 18 June 1804; d. at Andes, N. Y., 29 Dec. 

1841; m. Lucy Lent of Peekskill, N. Y. They had, besides 

children who d. young: 1. Mary,' d. unm. 2. Elizabeth, m. 

Cotterel; d. in Minnesota. 

\ . 52. V. George Nelson, b. 1 Sept. 1806. 


\ 28. Simeon* Clinton (Joseph,^ Joseph,'^ Lawrenc^), bom at Nor- 

I' walk 3 July 1768, died 29 June 1824. He married first, 

I 10 Nov. 1791, Doris Newbeebt, born 14 May 1769, died 

1 31 May 1797; and secondly, 15 Dec. 1797, Katharine 

i Taylor, born 6 July 1769. He removed to Patterson, 

Putnam Co., N. Y. 
Children by first wife, bom at Patterson, N. Y. : 

i. Levi,' b. 25 July 1792; an undertaker at Patterson, N. Y.; had 
no surviving issue in 1871. 
53. ii. James Bert, b. 23 Jan. 1795. 

Children by second wife, bom at Patterson, N. Y. : 

iii. Henry, b. 27 Aug. 1798. 

iv. Lorena, b. 11 Mar. 1800; m. Benjamin Baker of Orange Co., 
N. Y. 
■ V. Harvey, b. 24 Oct. 1801, 

vi. Sabina, b. 12 July 1804; d. 28 Mar. 1825. 
vii. Salmon, b. 2 Mar. 1807; d. 29 July 1827. 
viii. SoPHRONiA, b. 7 Nov. 1810. 

29. David^ Clinton {Jesse Eton,* Lawrence,^ Lawrence,''' Lawrence^), 
born at Wallingford 20 June 1790, died there 30 Dec. 1879. 
He married,'.29 Dec. 1812, Lucy L. Smith, who died 29 Aug. 
1883. He was a farmer and mechanic, and was noted for his 
inventions. He built a factory at Clintonville for the manu- 
facture of agricultural implements, thus founding the business 
house of Clinton & Sons. 

i. Salina,* m. John Benjamin Johnson. 
i 54. ii. Lyman, b. 21 Mar. 1818. 

VOL. LXIX. 11 , • 

164 The Clirdon Family of Conneciicui [April 

iii. Lavinia Lucy, b. 1820; d. 8 Sept. 1849; m. 25 Sept. 1838 Ezra 

MuNSON, b. 1816, d. 18 Dec. 1882. 
iv. EuNETiA O., b. 23 Oct. 1824; d. 20 Sept. 1848; m. 25 Nov. 1846 

Sereno 0. Todd, b. 8 Mar. 1819, d. 9 Dec. 1902. 
V. Celia C, b. 23 Feb. 1827; d. 23 May 1872; m. Lyman Bassett, who 

d. 22 Jan. 1901. 
vi. Delia M., b. 15 Sept. 1829; d. 20 July 1855; m. 14 Jan. 1851 

her brother-in-law, Sereno O. Todd. 

30. Jesse^ Clinton {Jesse Eton* Lawrence,' Lawrence,^ Lawrence^), 
born at Wallingford 13 May 1805, died there 20 Feb. 1875. 
He married, 16 Nov. 1825, Rosanna Bassett. 
Children, bom at Wallingford: 

55. i. Merritt Juuxrs,' b. 23 June 1826. 

I ii. George William, of North Haven, b. 12 Oct. 1828; d. 9 May 1911; 

■ m. 18 May 1856 Frances A. Allen, b. 12 Sept. 1835, dau. of 

Hiram and Nancy (Button). Child: 1. CeZia ^.,' b. 2 Mar. 1861; 

m. 21 Sept. 1887 WaUace H. Mansfield, b. 26 Oct. 1859. 
iii. John Henry, b. 2 Mar. 1832; d. 23 Dec. 1859. 

56. iv. Isaac Bassett, b. 2 July 1834. 
i 57. V. Edwin Jesse, b. 4 Sept. 1836. 

j 58. vi. EuzuB Zerah, b. 18 Sept. 1847. 

I 31. NoEMAN^ Clinton {Henry* Henry,' ? Shvhael,^ Lawrence^), bora 

I at Ferrisburg, Vt., 29 Dec. 1796, died at Clintonville, Wis., 

22 Sept. 1869. He married, 11 Feb. 1823, Ltdia Higbt, bom 
28(?) Aug. 1800, died 7 June 1875, daughter of William and 
Olive. He lived at Potsdam, N. Y., until 1838, when he 
removed to Waukesha, Wis. In 1853 he joined his son 
Urial P. at Menasha, Wis., and in 1855, with Urial P., he 
I purchased 1200 acres of timber land in Waupaca Co., Wis., 

I and built the first log house and sawmill in the now thri\'ing 

I city of Clinton^ille. He was a strong Abolitionist and a 

I deacon in the Baptist Church. 


I 59. i. Urial P.,« b. at Potsdam, N. Y., 14 Jan. 1824. 

\ ii. William, b. at Potsdam, N. Y., 13 Aug. 1825; d. 1 Oct. 1826. 

\ iii. Amanda M., b. at Potsdam, N. Y., 3 Jan. 1827; m. (1) 5 Oct. 1845 

! Monroe Cono\t:r, who d. near Platte River, Nebr., 14 Jime 1849; 

■; m. (2) 3 Apr. 1854 Spencer Day of North Bend, Nebr. 

i iv. Martha M., b. at Potsdam, N. Y., 20 Dec. 1828; d. at Waukesha, 

' Wis., 16 Mar. 1844. 

60. V. LuMAN W., b. at Potsdam, N. Y., 5 Aug. 1830. 

vi. Sarah H., b. at Potsdam, N. Y., 9 Feb. 1832; d. 1 Feb. 1833. 
vii. BoARDMAN P., b. at Waukesha, Wis., 25 July 1840; m. 27 Apr. 1865 
Sarah E. Doty; lived at Grand Rapids, Wis. Children: 1. 

Fannie 5.,' m. A. E. Bennett. 2. Sarah. 3. Margaret, m. 

Park of Chicago, 111. 

' 32. Allen^ Clinton {Henry,* Henry,' 1 Shvhael,^ Lawrence^), bom 

at Ferrisburg, Vt., 17 Aug. 1801, died at Pewaukee, Wis., 
3 Nov. 1863. He married at Potsdam, N. Y., 4 Dec. 1828, 
Adaline Goodnow, bom at Rutland, Mass., 26 Dec. 1803, 
died at Pewaukee 16 Oct. 1871, daughter of Asa and Lydia 
(Warren). A carpenter by trade, he removed from Potsdam, 
N. Y., to Joliet, 111., in 1836, having left Sidney, the baby, with 

• Besides the children given in the text, Norman' Clinton had an adopted child, 
named Elizabeth Nichols. 

1915] The Clinton Family of Connecticut 165 

a family in Potsdam named Cogswell. The following year 
he went with his brother Edmund D. to Waukesha, Wis., 
prospecting; and that summer, following Indian trails, he 
walked back to Johet, whence he removed his family to Wau- 
kesha by team. He built the first frame house ia the village, 
and in 1838 he and his wife helped to organize the first Con- 
gregational Church in that place and in the State of Wis- 
consin. Shortly afterwards he bought a farm in Pewaukee, 
where he spent the rest of his life. He was a violent Aboli- 
tionist, and one of the "conductors" of the "underground 
railroad," by which fugitive slaves were sent to Canada. 

i. A ma ketta A.,« b. at Potsdam, N. Y., 27 Oct. 1829; d. at Waukesha, 
Wis., 24 Nov. 1881; m. Feb. 1863 Albert G. Marshall of 

ii. Edward Fisk, b. at Potsdam, N. Y., 30 May 1831; d. unm. at 
Denver, Colo., 28 Apr. 1890. He emigrated to Colorado in 1859, 
driving an ox team, and located the Gunnell gold mine at Central 
City, Colo., in which he retained a part ownership and which he 
successfully operated until his death. 

iii. Richmond L., b. at Potsdam, N. Y., 4 Jan. 1833; d. at Northfield, 
Minn., 16 May 1863; m. 19 Mar. 1862 his second cousin, Eliza- 
beth Root, b. 12 Dec. 1841, dau. of John L. and Maria (Clinton). 
Child: 1. Addie Leigh,'' b. Apr. 1863; living at Minneapolis, Minn. 

iv. SiDN-EY Cogswell, b. at Potsdam, N. Y., 10 Sept. 1834; d. at Hot 
Springs, Ark., 25 Dec. 1892; m. at La Crosse, Wis., 24 Dec. 1857, 
Cora M. Kellogg. He was brought up by a Cogswell family in 
Potsdam, and first visited his parents in 1854. He engaged in mer- 
cantile pursuits at La Crosse, Wis., emigrated to Colorado in 18o9 
with his brother Edward F., and lived at Denver. Children: 1. 
Carrie May,'' b. 14 Apr. 1859. 2. Charles M., b. 24 Nov. 1861; m. 
28 Nov. 1889 Belle Osgood; cashier of the German National Bank at 
Denver. 3. Minnie E., b. 9 May 1863; m. 26 Dec. 1887 Frank E. 
Minty, who d. 28 Feb. 1888. 4. Jessie Fremont, h. 4 Nov. 1865. 
5. Myra A., b. 23 Feb. 1867; d. 22 Feb. 1891; m. 6 Sept. 1888 
Fred G. Higgins. 6. Herbert Sidney, b. 7 Mar. 1871; d. 2 Mar. 
1872. 7. Gertrude Cora, b. 27 Oct. 1872. 8. Ruth Edward, b. 

13 Sept. 1879. 

V. Orson Pearce, b. at Pewaiikee, Wis., 5 June 1840; m. 30 Mar. 1866 
Anna E. Douglas of Rushford, Wis., b. 11 June 1837. He served 
in the Civil War for nearly three years, taking part in the capture 
of JefFerson Davis in 1865 at Irwinville, Ga. He resides at Pe- 
waukee. Children: 1. MaM M.,'' b. 20 Dec. 1868; m. 1 Jan. 
1894 Richard P. Breese. 2. Ahbie L., b. 30 Sept. 1870. 

vi. Hastings B., b. at Pewaukee, Wis., 4 July 1844; d. at Cresco, Iowa, 

14 Aug. 1870. He served for three years in the Civil War. 

33. Edmund D.^ Clinton {Henry, ^ Henry, ^ ? Shiibael,^ Lawrence^), 
born at Ferrisburg, Vt., 19 Apr. 1804, died at Brodhead, Wis., 
5 May 1885. He married first, at Canton, N. Y., 18 Jan. 
1827, Amanda Conkey, born 13 Sept. 1805, died 8 Mar. 1874; 
and secondly, about 1879, Mrs. Harriet (Smith) Adams. 
He learned the blacksmith's trade in Potsdam, N. Y.; and 
removed in 1832 to Shalersville, Portage Co., Ohio, and in 
1836 to Milwaukee, Wis. The following year he settled in 
Waukesha, Wis., where he worked at his trade until 1850, 
when he becarae one of the directors of the Milwaukee and 
Waukesha Railroad, the first railroad in the State. For 

166 The Clinton Family of Connecticut [April 

several years thereafter he was in the employ of the leading 
railroads of the State, making hundreds of pubUc speeches 
and arousing enthusiasm for railroads. In 1856 he purchased, 
with others, the tract of land on which the village of Brod- 
head now stands, and removed thither with his family. 
Children by first wife:* 

i. Henry P.,6 b. at Canton, N. Y., 4 Oct. 1827; i at Brodhead, Wis., 
25 Feb. 1863; m. 11 Sept. 1851 Eleanor H. Sexton, b. 28 Sept. 
1828. He served in the Civil War as second lieutenant and quar- 
termaster. Children: 1. Henry,'' b. 29 Aug. 1852; d. 11 July 1875. 
2. Ella J., h. 22 Mar. 1854; m. 20 Sept. 1881 Charles A. Carter of 
Milwaukee, Wis. 
ii. Albert T., b. at Canton, N. Y., 25 June 1830; m. 19 Jan. 1853 
i Sarah Watson; living s.p. at La Crosse, Wis. 

iii. Edson C, b. at Canton, N. Y., 31 July 1832; d. at Brodhead, Wis., 
2 Feb. 1871; m. 26 Mar. 1854 Seraph Goodel, b. at Sudbury, Vt., 
10 Dec. 1834. Children: 1. Edson WUmot,'' b. 17 Apr. 1857; m. 
Libbie Mitchell. 2. Seraph Amanda, h. 22 Aug. 1859; m. Arthur 

Pierce. 3. Franklin T., b. 9 Mar. 1864; m. Butcher. 

iv. Charles W., a lieutenant in the Civil War, b. at Shalers\-ille, Ohio, 
I 28 Apr. 1835; d. at Murfreesboro, Tenn., 29 Mar. 1864; m. at 

! Monroe, Wis., 26 Nov. 1859, Harriet Rittenhouse, who m. (2) 

i O. B. Powers of Suisun, Cal. Children: 1. Sarah M.,' b. 16 Jan. 

j 1861; m. 18 Aug. 1886 M. C. Copeland of Kingman, Ariz. 2. 

I Charles W., of Kingman, Ariz., b. 17 Feb. 1864. 

( V. George Orson, b. at Waukesha, Wis., 21 Aug. 1839; m. at .\lbany, 

j Wis., 6 Nov. 1860, Charlotte Campbell, dau. of James. He 

1 served in the Civil War as lieutenant and captain, and was captured 

I . and imprisoned in Charleston, S. C. Since the War he has occu- 

] pied prominent positions on different railroads, and now resides 

I at Joliet, lU. Children: 1. Charles A.,' b. 4 Aug. 1861; m. Mary 

• Ann Alice Besaw of Boston; Uves near Emmetsburg, Iowa. 2. 
1 Edith L., h. 17 Sept. 1867. 3. James C, b. 25 June 1871. 

I vi. Edmtjnd D., b. at Waukesha, Wis., 26 Sept. 1846; d. at Brodhead, 

Wis., 2 July 1877; m. at Prairie du Chien, Wis., 4 Oct. 1867, 
I Ella B. Douglas. Children: 1. Fred S.,' b. 14 Aug. 1868. 2. Jo- 

f sephine M., h. 12 Jan. 1870. 

,' vii. DeWitt C, b. at Waukesha, Wis., 25 Dec. 1848; m. Jane Gillis; 

• living s.p. at MinneapoUs, Minn. 

' 34. Charles Hawley^ Clinton {Henry* Henry, '^ ? Shvhael,^ Law- 

rence^), born at Ferrisburg, Vt., 27 Apr. 1806, died at Mexico, 

I N. Y., 25 Dec. 1885. He married first, at Potsdam, N. Y., 

25 Jan. 1827, Sally Hill, who died 4 Dec. 1875; and secondly, 
at Mexico, N. Y., 9 Dec. 1875, Hester Tuller. He was a 
farmer, and a deacon in the Baptist Church at Potsdam, N. Y. 
About 1870 he removed to Mexico, N. Y. 
Children by first wife: 

i. Maria Louisa,^ b. 17 Nov. 1833; m. 9 Jan. 1855 Lucros Lane; 
resided at Ripon, Wis., and Charles City, Iowa. Their dau-, 
Carrie, b. at Ripon, Wis., m. (1) 1884 Leo Chapman (d. 18S6) and 
(2) 1890 George William Catt (d. 1905), and is president of the 

•; International Woman Suffrage Alliance. 

; ii. - Moses Hill, b. 28 Aug. 1835; d. at Sea Cliff, N. Y., 14 July 1885; 

m. 15 Sept. 1857 Armina Horsford. He kept a hotel at Sea 

1 Cliff. Child: 1. Helen Maria,'' b. 19 Aug. 1859; m. Willard Jones 

■ of Stockbridge, Mass. 

1 * Besides the children given in the text, Edmund D.' Clinton had an adopted child, 

I named Elizabeth. 

1915] The Clinton Family of Connecticut 167 

35. Rev. Orson P.* Clinton {Henry* Henry, ^ ? Shvbael,^ Lawrence^), 
bom at Ferrisburg, Vt., 22 Nov. 1808, died at Menasha, Wis., 
17 June 1890. He married at Jay, N. Y., 6 Jan. 1836, Caro- 
line C. Finch, who died at Ottawa, 111., 18 Feb. 1895. He 
was ordained as a Congregational clergjonan in 1835, and 
served the church in Lewis, Essex Co., N. Y., for seven years. 
In 1842 he settled in Wisconsin and in 1845 was commissioned 
by the American Home Missionary Society as an itinerant 
missionary for northern Wisconsin. He made his home at 
Winnebago Rapids, now Neenah, and shared in the organiza- 
tion of churches at Neenah, Menasha, and elsewhere. He 
served in the War for three years as chaplain of the Twenty- 
First Wisconsin Regiment. After a ministry of fifty years he 

resigned his charge as home missionary, but in his eighty-first 
year supplied for eight months the pulpit of the Congrega- 
tional Church at Menasha. 

. i. Catherine A.,» b. at Lewis, N. Y., 9 Jan. 1840; m. 19 Dec. 1861 

j Albert B. Bradish, a lumber dealer at Ottawa, Dl., who served 

I aa a captain in the Civil War. 

i ii. George E., b. at Lake Mills, Wis., 31 July 1844; d. at Waukesha, 

] Wis., 9 Oct. 1845. 

\ ui. Alric Dxiane, b. at Neenah, Wis., 4 Oct. 1846; m. 15 Oct. 1868 

I Harriet A. Fessenden; has resided at Menasha, Wis., and 

J Chicago, m. Children: 1. James A.,'' b. 23 June 1871. 2. 

I Richard H., h. 12 Sept. 1875. 

». iv. Lucius A., b. at Menasha, Wis., 25 Aug. 1850; m. 10 Nov. 1869 

I Marion E. Brown, b. at Clayton, Wis., 10 Dec. 1850. He is 

1 secretary of the Marinette Barge Line Co., and lives in Chicago, 

5 EI. Children: l.AZice/.,'b. 25 Aug. 1872; d. 24 Dec. 1878. 2. 

! Bemice C, h. 27 Mar. 1881. 

'; V. Ella U., b. at Menasha, Wis., 7 Apr. 1853; d. 25 Aug. 1854. 

' vi. Eva Irene (twin), b. at Menasha, Wis., 11 Sept. 1855; d. there 28 

Mar. 1890; m. 31 Oct. 1883 Willett M. Elliott. 
vii. Emma U. (twin), b. at Menasha, Wis., 11 Sept. 1855; d. 22 Nov, 
S 1856. 

r viii. John W., of Appleton, Wis., b. at Menasha, Wis., 19 Jan. 1858; m. 

28 Oct. 1886 Elizabeth Merritt. Children: 1. Carrie Ella,^ b. 

1 Nov. 1887. 2. Olive Alberta, b. June 1890. 

36. Truman^ Clinton (Sheldon,* Henry, ^ 1 Shvhael,'^ Lawrence^), 

born 15 May 1797, died at Lottsville, Pa., 20 May 1839. He 
married, in 1820, Sarah Brown, born 28 May 1805. He 
served in the War of 1812. 

i. Charlotte,' b. 1821; d. young. 

ii. Jane, b. Mar. 1823. 

iii. Chauncet, b. in Genesee Co., N. Y., 2 Sept. 1825; m. (1) May 1848 
Mary W. Ostrom, b. 25 Mar. 1825; m. (2) 21 Jan. 1858 Harriet 
Ann Huller, b. 20 Jxily 1837. He resided at Wallingford, III. 
Children, the last two at least by second wife: 1. Lydia,'' d. June 
1859. 2. Ellen, d. 1863. 3. Jane, d. 5 Jan. 1881. 4. Ella May, 
h. 14 Aug. 1862. 5. Milo Edgar, b. 10 May 1866. 
, iv. Lydia. 

V. Delilah, m. Joseph Waters of Illinois. 

: * Besides the children given in the text, Rev. Orson P.' Clinton had an adopted 

i child, Harriet M., born at Elizabethtown, N. Y., I Aug. 1836, who was married 11 Apr. 

! 1856 to W. D. Meeker of Monroe, Wis., and Chicago, III. 


168 The Clinton Family of Connecticut [April 

•vi. Phedora, m. Murray. 

vii. Eleakor, b. 14 Feb. 18 — . 

viii. Arthur, b. 11 Apr. 1837; m. 4 July 1856 Harriet A. Bhookxns; 
living at Goodland, Newton Co., Ind. 

37. Harmon^ Clinton (Sheldon,* Henry, ^ 7 Shubael,'^ Lawrence^), 
born at Barkhamsted 12 July 1802, died at Addison, N. Y., 
19 Feb. 1868. He married first, in 1828, Clarissa Johnson, 
■who died 26 June 1848; and secondly, 18 Feb. 1849, Sarah A. 

Children by first wife: 
i. Charles,^ b. at' Smithfield, Pa.; lived at Cornell, LivingEton Co., 

EL; had issue. 
ii. George, b. at Smithfield, Pa.; d. yoiing. 

iii. Sheldon D., b. 12 July 1833; d. at Addison, N. Y., 16 Dec. 1889; 
m. 18 Dec. 1858 Amanda W. Smith. Children: 1. James DeWitl,'' 
h. 31 Aug. 1859. 2. Clara M., b. 8 Oct. 1861; m. 30 June 1880 
Isaac Magoon. 3. Frederick D., h. 17 Mar. 1864; d. 17 Aug. 
1865. 4. Ida Belle, h. 29 Jan. 1867; m. Aug. 1884 William B. 
Clark. 5. NeUie A., b. 21 Feb. 1869; m. 3 Mar. 1889 Albert E. 
Russ. 6. Frederick J., h. 18 July 1871. 7. Theresa A., b. 2 Nov. 
1874. S,. Sheldon H.,h.2lUa.yl%l&. 9. FroruiisL., b. 16 Oct. 1879. 
J iv. Antoinette, d. young. 

j V. Harmon, b. at Addison, N. Y., abt. 1836; m. 1874 Margaret 

i . Crant; living at Jersey Mills, Lycoming Co., Pa.; has ieeue. 

I vi. Sarah Melissa, b. at Addison, N. Y., 19 Jiily 1840; m. 2 Dec. 1855 

■I Enos Tolles of Pittston, Pa. 

vii. Emily C, b. 15 Sept. 1844; m. 21 Jan. 1859 N. V. Manley of Davis, 
I W. Va. 

j viiL Lyman. 

38. Henry DeWitt* Clinton {Sheldon,'^ Henry, ^' ? Shubael,^ Law- 

rence^), bom in Chenango Co., N. Y., 29 May 1812, died at 
Beechwood, Pa., 16 Feb. 1874. He married at Addison, 
N. Y., 25 Feb. 1832, Polly Marla. Graves, bom in Steuben 
Co., N. Y., 8 Mar. 1815. 

i. George W.,' b. at Addison, N. Y., 4 Apr. 1833; d. unm. at Brock- 
port, Pa., 3 Jan. 1892. 

ii. Joseph, b. at Wellsville, N. Y., 1 Apr. 1835; m. 26 Apr. 1853 Me- 
lissa Goodar; ser\'ed in the Civil War in the Sixty-Second Penn- 
sylvania Infantry; li\'ing at Brockwayville, Pa. Child: 1. George 
Henry,'' b. 18 Sept. 1857; m. 15 Sept. 1879 Kate McCullough; 
living at Dubois, Pa. 

iii. EuzA.'b. in Chautauqua Co., N. Y., 4 July 1840; m. Daniel Trude 
of Dubois, Pa. 

iv. Sarah C, b. in Potter Co., Pa., 28 Feb. 1842; d. at Benezett, Pa., 
13 Sept. 1863; m. Charles IDerring. 

v. Charles Huston, b. at Benezett, Pa., 2 Mar. 1844; m. Annie 
Miller; served in the Civil War in the One Hundred and Fifth 
Pennsylvania Regiment; living at Dubois, Pa. Children: 1. A Z6eri 
J.,' b. 31 Mar. 1870. 2. George R., b. 13 Apr. 1872. 3. Bertha M., 
b. 19 May 1875; -m. 21 July 1891 Harry Moreland. 4. Claude D., 
b. 24 Jan. 1885. 5. Doi< /., b. 8 Sept. 1888. 6. ^rsfeiia, b. 11 May 
1890. 7. ClarcTice, h. 4 Mar. 1893. 

vi. William Rothrock, b. at Caledonia, Elk Co., Pa., 31 Aug. 1846; 
m. 11 Nov. 1867 Rosena Watson, b. 12 Oct. 1851; served in the 
Civil War in the Fiftj'-Seventh Pennsylvania Regiment; living at 
Dubois, Pa. Children: 1. Jeremiah E.,'' b. 30 Sept. 1869; m. 
Nettie ShoU; had chUdren, Caddie E..« b. 11 Oct. 1888, and Wfl- 
liam H., b. 8 Sept. 1892. 2. Mary E., b. 17 Nov. 1870; m. 20 Sept. 

/ 1915] The Clinton Family of ConnedicvJt 169 

1885 Henry Dolby. 3. Marion Hartford, b. 23 Mar. 1873. 4. 

EtM, b. 28 Mar. 1881. 
vii. JEREMIAH, b. at Cale(Jonia, Elk Co., Pa., 1 Nov. 1848; m. Jane Long; 

living at Brockport, Pa. Children: 1. Harvey,'' b. 10 Sept. 1880. 

2. Mabd, b. 3 JiJy 1883. 3. Sherman, b. 10 Oct. 1887. 4. Leroy, 

b. 30 Sept. 1890. 
viii. Ulalia Adelaide, b. in Clearfield Co., Pa., 22 July 1851; d. at 

Hortons, Pa., 29 Dec. 1887; m. William Barron. 
ix. Henbt Amandus, b. in Elk Co., Pa., 2 Apr. 1853; m. 1878 Philena 

, b, 8 Apr. 1860; living at Covington, N. Y. Children: 

1. Vemetia,'' b. 17 Jan. 1879. 2. Jeremiah, b. 10 Aug. 1880. 3. 

Renddo, b. 27 Jan. 1882. 4. Annie, b. 9 Aug. 1884. 5. Daymond, 

b. 19 Jan. 1886. 6. Joseph, b. 13 Nov. 1888. 7. Fairyfee, b. 

20 Sept. 1889. 8. Emerson, b. 30 May 1891. 9. Cedl, b. 27 Dec. 


39. Lyman* Clinton {Lyman,'' Henry, ^ ? Shiibael,^ Lawrence^), born 
at Barkhamsted 7 May 1798, died at Newark Valley, Tioga 
Co., N. Y., 4 July 1873. He married at Sharon, 1 Nov. 1821, 
Miranda Stone, bom at New Milford 29 Dec. 1801, daughter 
of Wells of Sharon. In 1831 he removed to Newark VaJley, 
N. Y. 

61. i. Royal Wells,* b. at Colebrook 1 Mar. 1823. 

ii. Elizabeth A., b. at Colebrook 10 Apr. 1824; m. 26 May 1847 her first 
cousin, H^NRT W. Clinton (40, ii), q.v. 

iii. Annis M., b. at Colebrook 6 Apr. 1825; d. at Newark VaUey, N. Y., 
18 Apr. 1885; m. 18 Sept. 1850 James Atres. 

iv. GuLiAN S., b. at Colebrook 6 May 1826; m. 30 Sept. 1851 Mart A. 
Strong. Children: 1. Gilbert E.,'' b. 3 June 1853; d. 12 June 
1854. 2. Alia E., b. 1 Feb. 1859; m. 10 Mar. 1875 Samuel P. 

V. Stephen P., b. at Colebrook 7 Nov. 1827; d. at Newark Valley, 
N. Y., 3 Jan. 1881; m. in Tioga Co., N. Y., 11 Apr. 1854, Emma 
Haight, who d. at Binghamton, N. Y., June 1893. Children: 1. 
Alice E.,^ b. 10 Nov. 1855. 2. George hyman, b. 17 Sept. 1857; 
living at Binghamton. 

vi. CoRiNDA, b. at Colebrook 8 Feb. 1830; d. at Newark Valley, N. Y., 

vii. LtrcT C, b, at Newark VaJley, N. Y., 27 Aug. 1831; m. 1852 Mtron 

viii. Oliver P., b. at Newark Valley, N. Y., 11 June 1833; m. 18 Nov. 
1853 Lydia a. Whiting, who d. 13 July 1893; living at Stoddard, 
Wis. Children: 1. DeWiU,'' h. 16 Oct. 1854; living at New Rich- 
mond, Wis. 2. Eudora A., h. 30 Aug. 1856; m. 3 Dec. 1874 
Charles H. Ferris of Haigler, Nebr. 3. Jennie V., h. 24 Apr. 1858; 
m. 23 July 1876 S. J. Corey of Omaha, Nebr. 4. Ada L., b. 11 Dec. 
1860; m. 3 July 1878 W. D. Wickham of Eau Claire, Wis. 5. 
Ava B., h. 22 Jan. 1863; m. 13 Oct. 1881 Frank Tubbs of Independ- 
ence, Wis. 

ix. Amaryllis, b. at Newark Valley, N. Y., 23 Feb. 1837; m. 31 Oct. 
1883 Edgar Boice. 

X. Gilbert S., b. at Newark Valley, N, Y., 11 Jan. 1840; d. 20 Apr. 

xi. Edwin V., b. at Newark Valley, N. Y., 9 May 1841; m. 1861 Ellen 
Plaisted. Children: 1. Elmer ff.,' b. 20 Jan. 1862; m. 2 Nov. 
1887 Lizzie A. Hooker; living at Binghamton, N. Y.; had child, 
Howard J.,8 b. 21 July 1888. 2. LiUie M., h. 14 Jan. 1867; m. 12 
Jan. 1887 Edwin Barber. 3. Leroy E., b. 10 Jan. 1875. 4. Ruth 
May, b. 5 Jan. 1880. 5. Florence B., b. 5 May 1885. 

xii. Elvira M., b. at Newark Valley, N. Y., 11 Oct. 1842; d. there 7 Aug. 
1871; m. 1862 Henry Pohteb Moore. 

170 The Clinton Family of Connedicvi [April 

40. Samuel^ Clinton (Lyman,* Henry, ^ ? Shubael,^ Lawrence^), 

farmer, born at Barkhamsted 2 Nov. 1800, died at Ithaca, 
N. Y., 6 Dec. 1858. He married, in Oct. 1822, Rachel Ann 
Knapp, born 25 Dec. 1805, died in 1889, daughter of William 
of Canaan. He removed to Avon, N. Y., m 1824, to Niagara 
FaUs, N. Y., in 1826, to Newark Valley, N. Y., in 1830, to 
Candor, N. Y., about 1840, and to Ithaca in 1845. 

i. Elmina L.,' b. at Canaan 3 Sept. 1823; m. at Ithaca, N. Y., 21 June 

1846, George H. Beers; living at Horicon, Wis. 
ii. Henry W., b. at Avon, N. Y., 2 Feb. 1825; m. 26 May 1847 his first 

cousin, Elizabeth A. Clinton (39, ii), q.v.; living at Newark 

Valley, N. Y. Child: 1. Elmse,'' b. 24 May 1850; lining unm. 
iii. Miles L., b. at Niagara Falls, N. Y., 25 Sept. 1827; m. 23 Feb. 1875 

Sarah Clock, b. 1833, d. 1890; living at Ithaca, N. Y. Adopted 

chUd: Belle, b. Apr. 1869. 
iv. Myron C, b. at Niagara Falls, N. Y., 9 Oct. 1829; m. 22 Feb. 1858 

Betsey Vosburg; Uving at Ithaca, N. Y. Child: 1. EslMe,'' b. 

26 Dec. 1859. 
V. Frances M., b. at Newark Valley, N. Y., 16 Mar. 1832; m. 30 Oct. 

1867 Merrick Olmsted of Missouri Valley, Iowa, 
vi. Charles M., b. at Newark Valley, N. Y., 26 Jan. 1834; m. 24 Dec. 

1863 Ada Rolfe; hving at Ithaca, N. Y. Child: 1. Frederick,'' 

b. 1 Apr. 1866; d. 12 Feb. 1872. 
vii. EuzA Jane, b. at Newark Valley, N. Y., 14 Feb. 1837; m. 18 Oct. 

1865 Henry M. Bristol of Castle Creek, N. Y. 
viii. Emma A., b. at Candor, N. Y., 28 June 1844; d. 24 Sept. 1872; m. 

4 Jan. 1865 B. F. Chesebro. 

41. Sheldon^ Clinton (Lyman,* Henry, ^ ? Shuhael,^ Lawrence^), bom 

at Colebrook 20 Oct. 1807, died at Newberry, Lycoming Co., 
Pa., 22 May 1874. He married at Apalachin, N. Y., 4 July 
1841, Eleanor Ogden, who died at Newberry 31 Mar. 1886. 

i. Franklin,' b. 5 July 1844; m. 12 Sept. 1865 Susan Wilsey, who m. 
(2) S. B. Glover; Hving at Apalachin, N. Y. Children: 1. Ella 
Louise,'' b. 20 Sept. 1866; living at Newberry, Pa. 2. Flora L., b. 
19 Jan. 1871 ; living at South Owego, N. Y. 3. Oscar S., h. 6 June 
1875; d. 1 Sept. 1888. 

42. George^ Clinton (Lyman,* Henry, ^ ? Shubael,"^ Lawrence^), car- 

penter, born at Colebrook 14 July 1809, died at Newark ^''alley, 
N. Y., 17 Apr. 1853. He married at Binghamton, N. Y., 
30 Oct. 1839, Lydia Brooks, bom at Plj^nouth, N. Y., 9 May 
1815, died 18 Mar. 1890, daughter of Pelatiah, a noted physi- 

i. Morris DEWrrr,' b. 6 Oct. 1840; m. (1) 1 June 1870 Maggie 
Stevens, b. 1 June 1850, d. 19 Feb. 1878; m. (2) 16 July 1879 
Anna Bishop, b. 16 July 1852; living at Newark Vallej-, N. Y. 
Children by second wife: 1. Grace,'' b. 12 Aug. 1880. 2. Lyman D., 
h. 9 Mar. 1884. 

ii. Sarah, b. 2 Aug. 1842; d. at Binghamton, N. Y., 19 Sept. 1896; m. 
11 Mar. 1866 Samuel Van Noy. 

iii. Carrie A., b. 27 July 1846; m. 29 May 1887 Dr. H. H. Barton of 
Plains, Luzerne Co., Pa. 

43. Eli^ Clinton (Lyman,* Henry, ^ ? Shuhael,^ Lawrence^), born at 

! 1915] Friends' Records at VassaTbarough,, Me. 171 

Colebrook 25 June 1811, died at HoBart, Ind., 1 Aug. 1892. 
He married first, at Galesburg, Mich., 22 May 1838, Deborah 
W. ToBEY, born at Butternuts, N. Y., 12 Jan. 1818, died at 
Battle Creek, Mich., 1 Sept. 1846; and secondly, at Climax, 
Mich., 4 Aug. 1853, Catherine L. Tobey, born at Butternuts 
23 July 1828. He worked at Newark Valley, N. Y., as car- 
penter and school-teacher untU 1835, when he removed to 
Galesburg, Mich. In 1846 he joined the Fourierites, and lost 
part of his property. After his second marriage he lived on a 
farm near Battle Creek, Mich., until 1865, when he traded 
farms with his brother-in-law Tobey of Hobart, Ind. 
Children by first wife:* 

i. Ezra,* b. at Comstock, Mich., 10 Feb. 1839; d. at Climax, Mich., 

23 Aug. 1859. 
ii. Ltjct M., b. at Galesburg, Mich., 10 Apr. 1840; d. at Pontiac, Dl., 

31 Mar. 1877; m. 2 July 1859 Eugene Duekee. 
iii. Ltjcinda, b. at Comstock, Mich., 17 Aug. 1841; d. 31 Mar. 1882; 

m. at NaperviUe, Dl., 30 Jan. 1866, Elbeidge Andrus. 
iv. Mary E., b. at Charleston, Mich., 19 Mar. 1843; m. (1) 28 Sept. 

1867 WiLUAM Dennis; m. (2) 10 Sept. 1872 George C. Bass. 
V. Henry L., b. at Comstock, Mich., 23 Feb. 1845; d. at Battle Creek, 

Mich., 17 Aug. 1846. 

; Children by second wife: 

^ vi. Francis W., of East Chicago, HI., b. at Battle Creek, Mich., 9 May 

1 1855; m. at Crown Point, Ind., 13 Sept. 1873, Elizabeth A. 

! Hutton. Children: 1. George DeWitt,'' b, at Ross, Ind., 27 Sept. 

1874. 2. WiUiam W., h. at Crown Point 16 Feb. 1876. 3. Alice 

i_ M., b. at Crown Point 29 June 1878. 4. Earl F., b. at South 

\ Chicago, lU., 6 Sept. 1882. 5. Royal -E.,_b. at Ainsworth, Ind., 


8 July 1885. 6. Grace, b. at Ainsworth 7 Feb. 1888. 
vii. Stephen DeWitt, farmer, b. at Charleston, Mich., 3 Nov. 1857; 

living unm. at Hobart, Ind. 
viii. George W., b. at Charleston, Mich., 13 Aug. 1861; d. there 5 Aug. 

ix. Emma Rose, b. at Ross, Ind., 10 Dec. 1868; m. 10 Dec. 1891 John 


[To be concluded] 


Communicated by Hon. Henry Sewall Webster, A.M., of Gardiner, Me. 
[Continued from page 82] 

[Names of Members, Continued] 

Christopher Coleman. 
Sarah Coleman (his wife). 
Children [b. Bristol]. 
Sarah Coleman, b. 16, 7 mo., 1794. 

Prudence Coleman, " 2, 3 mo., 1796. 

Mary Coleman, " 19, 1 mo., 1798. Married John Pink- 


172 Friends' Records at VassaJborough, Me. [April 

Thomas Coleman, 

" 13, 8 mo., 1799. 

Hugh Coleman, 

" 14, 5 mo., 1801. 

Ezekiel Coleman, 

" 11, 1 mo., 1803. 

Miriam Coleman, 

" 4, 1 mo., 1805. 

Died 29, 1 mo., 1805. 

Christopher Coleman, 

" 1, 3 mo., 1806. 

William Coleman, 

" 24, 12 mo., 1807. 

John Coleman, 

" 30, 11 mo., 1809. 

Died 25, 1 mo., 1810. 

Caroline Coleman, 

" 22, 7 mo., 1811. 

Elizabeth Coleman, 

" 25, 4 mo., 1816. 

Married Geo. Furbur. 

Charles Coleman, 

" 10, 7 mo., 1818. 

Died 29, 8 mo., 1822. 

Jane Ann Coleman, 

" 15, 10 mo., 1821. 

James Meader. 

Content Meader (his wife). 


Children [b. Harlem*]. 

Mary Meader, 

b. 9, 4 mo., 1803 

Lydia Meader, 

" 10, 6 mo., 1804 

Jane Meader, 

" 15, 5 mo., 1806 


Job Winslow Meader, 

" 11, 9 mo., 1808 

Jonathan Meader, 

" 12, 9 mo., 1808 

Hannah Hussey Meader, " 27, 8 mo., 1810 

Ruth Gardner, 

Died 4, 1 mo.. 


Lemuel Dillingham, 

1, 3 mo., 


Hannah Clark, 

" 5, 8 mo.. 


Reuben Fairfield, 

" 20, 11 mo.. 


Isaac Lincohi, 

" 20, 3 mo.. 


Miriam Lincoln (his wife). 

" 22, 3 mo.. 


Cornelius Rhodes, 

2, 5 mo., 


Moses Dow, b. 5, 4 mo., 1773 

Abigail Dow (his wife), b. 13, 

7 mo., 1781. 

Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

William Cobb Dow, b. 

4, 10 mo., 1803. 

Franklin Dow, " 

23, 9 mo., 1805. 

Phebe Cobb Dow, " 

27, 11 mo., 1807. 

Martin Dow, " 

10, 4 mo., 1810. 

Mary Ann Dow, " 

21, 12 mo., 1812. Married Wm. Lewis not 

a member. 

Pelatiah Vamey, died 24, 1 mo., 1853. 
Sarah Vamey (his wife). 

Ezekiel Hoji; Varney, b. Vassalboro, 6, 1 mo., 1803. 
Dorcas Hobby Varney, " " 9, 6 mo., 1805. Married 

Robert Whitten. 
Remington Varney, " Winslow, 21, 6 mo., 1808. Married 

A\-is Cotton. 
Anstrus Hobby Vamey, " " 21, 6 mo., 1808. Married 

Albert Cotton. 
Eunice Cartland Vamey, " " 1, 12 mo., 1810. Married 

Carleton Hoyt not a member. 

John Cartland, died 24, 1 mo., 1854. 
Tabitha Cartland (his wife). 

* Now China, 


Friends' Records at Vassdlborough, Me. 


Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Joseph Cartland, 
Elijah Cartland, 

Nathan Cartland, 
Sarah Cartland, 
Phebe Cartland, 
Lydia Ann Cartland, 

Nymphas Tobey, Died 25, 1 mo., 1853 
Anne Tobey (his wife). 

Children [b. Vassalboro] 
Samuel Tobey, 


9, 8 mo., 1805. 


20, 9 mo., 1807. 


1, 3 mo., 1810. 


1, 2 mo., 1813. 


14, 7 mo., 1816. 


5, 6 mo., 1822. 

Married Sarah Part- 

Married Levi Varney. 
DiedlO, llmo., 1833. 
Married Silas Cart- 

b. 11, 9 mo., 1803. 

John Tobey, 
Mary Tobey, 
EUzabeth Tobey, 
Francis Barnard Tobey, 

Anna Tobey, 
Edward Tobey, 
Eunice Tobey, 

Paul Dow. Died 7, 6 mo., 1816. 
Lydia Dow (his wife). 

Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Eliza Dow, b 

Cynthia Dow, 
Mary Dow, 

James Neal Dow, 
Lydia Neal Dow, 


2 mo., 1805. 

3 mo., 1807. 
3 mo., 1809. 
7 mo., 1812. 






24, 11 mo., 1815. 
18, 3 mo., 1817. 
18, 6 mo., 1819. 

Died, Vassalboro, 

Died 31, 

12 mo. 

6, 8 mo., 1803. 



3 mo., 1805. 
7 mo., 1808. 

2, 12 mo., 1812. 
13, 6 mo., 1813. 

Died, China, 12 mo., 

Married Asa Morrill. 
" Peter M. 

Died 12, 6 mo., 1813. 

" 21, 11 mo., 1815. 

Ebenezer Pope, born 29, 1 mo., 1780. Died 10, 10 mo., 1834. 
Sarah Chase Pope, born 13, 10 mo., 1786. Died 15, 3 mo., 1832. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

Hezekiah Pope, 
James Pope, 

Bethiah Pope, 

Hepzibeth Pope, 
Phebe Pope, 

Esther Bartlett Pope, 

Ehjab Pope, 

David Robinson. 

Sarah Robinson (his wife), died 15, 11 mo., 1817. 

7, 5 mo., 1806. Married Rebecca 
Wing, Died 20, 1 mo., 1889. 

17, 5 mo., 1808. Married Phebe Wing, 
2d, Content Hamlin. Died Vassalboro, 
3, 12 mo., 1898. 

23, 7 mo., 1810. Married Benjamin 
W. Goddard. Died Vassalboro, 15, 6 
mo., 1857. 

26, 9 mo., 1813. Married Jacob Ta- 
ber. Died 6, 4 mo., 1836. 

22, 9 mo., 1815. Married Jeremiah 
Jones. Cert, to China Mo. Meeting, 20, 
12 mo., 1843. 

15, 4 mo., 1819. Married George 
Taber. Died in Chestnut Hill, Mass., 

29, 5 mo., 1894. 

24, 3 mo., 1825. 



Friends' Records ai VassaTborough, Me. 


Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

Fanny Robinson, b. 14, 8 mo., 1806. Married Joseph H. Cole. 

Eunice Robinson, " 30, 6 mo., 1809. Died 4, 11 mo., 1824. 

Mary Robinson, " 9, 6 mo., 1811. " 21, 11 mo., 1812. 

Da\'id Robinson, Jr., " 11, 5 mo., 1817. " 15, 6 mo., 1821. 
Hannah Robinson, 2d wife of David Robinson, died 7, 6 mo., 1821. 
Mary C. Robinson, 3d wife of David Robinson, died 25, 5 mo., 1857. 
Sarah (SaUy) Hobby wife of Gideon (see page 5). Died 20, 11 mo., 1866. 
Children of Gideon [and] Sarah Hobby [b. Vassalboro]. 

Cynthia Hobby, b. 26, 7 mo., 1804. 

20, 7 mo., 1806. 
7, 11 mo., 1807. 
4, 11 mo., 1810. 
2, 4 mo., 1819. 

Died, 1830. 

Nabby Toby Hobby, 

William Gardner Hobby, " 

Samuel Hobby, 

Charles Hobby, 
Isaac Fairbrother, born Ireland, 1762 
Margaret Fairbrother (his wife), bom Ireland, 1769 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

Eimice Fairbrother, b. 

Mary Fairbrother, " 

Abigail Fairbrother, " 

William Fairbrother, " 

Died 19, 4 mo., 1799. 

14, 2 mo., 1794. 
11, 3 mo., 1796. 
24, 3 mo., 1798. 
19, 4 mo., 1800. 

2, 1 mo., 1802. 
5, 8 mo., 1804. 
8, 7 mo., 1806. 

John Cook, born Windham, 15, 5 mo., 1765. Died 15, 5 mo., 1834. 
Sarah (Pope) Cook (his wife), b. Fahnouth, 23, 8 mo., 1770. Died 24, 11 mo., 

Joseph Fairbrother, 
Moses Fairbrother, 
Eunice Fairbrother, 


Phebe Cook, 



27, 7 mo., 1794. 

Married John 

Married Ju- 

EUjah Cook, 



23, 9 mo., 1796. 

dith Meader. 

Samuel Cook, 



17, 1 mo., 1799. 

Died 20, 10 
mo., 1819. 

Robert Cook, 



13, 5 mo., 1800. 

Married Su- 
sanna Leonard. 

Joseph Cook, 



1, 3 mo., 1802. 
Hobby. Died 11, 

Married Sarah 
1 mo., 1832. 

Daniel Cook, 



7, 1 mo., 1804. 

Married Eliza- 

beth Hussey. Died Unity, Me., 9, 

4 mo., 1879. 

Edward Cook, 


25, 5 mo., 1805. 

Married Lois 

John Cook, Jr., 


27, 1 mo., 1807. 

Died 14, 3 mo., 

John Cook, Jr., 


24, 8 mo., 1808. 

Died 24, 12 
mo., 1811. 

Ebenezer Cook, 


29, 1 mo., 1810. 

Married Mary 

Mary Ann Cook, 


25, 4 mo., 1812. 

Married Rufus 

Charity Cook, 


27, 4 mo., 1814. 

Died 18, 12 
mo., 1815. 

Sarah Cook, 


29, 12 mo., 1815. 

Married Sam- 

uel Jepson. 

1915] Friends' Records at VassaJborough, Me. 175 

Eliza Cook, b. 

Vassalboro, 29, 5 mo., 1818. Married Thorn- 

as Jepson. 


Joseph Cook, son John and Sarah Cook (see page 37). 

Sarah Cook (his wife). 

Children [b. Va.ssalboro] 

, ■ 

Martha Cook, b. 


, 9 mo., 1827. Married Edward Pratt. . 

Henry Cook, 


, 12 mo., 1828. 

Joseph Cook, Jr., " 


, 1 mo., 1832. Died 21, 9 mo., 1841. 

Edward Cook, son John and Sarah Cook (see page 37). 

Lois Cook (his wife). 

Children [b. Vassalboro] 

Anna Maria Cook, 


12, 3 mo., 1832. 

Harriet E. Cook, 


15, 7 mo., 1833. 

John Warren Cook, 


3, 3 mo., 1835. 

William Hussey. 

Hannah Hussey (his wife). 


Sylvanus Hii.ssey, 


19, 11 mo., 1800 [sic]. 

Lydia Hussey, 

30, 3 mo., 1801. Died 20, 8 mo., 1801. 

Mary Hussey, 

28, 2 mo., 1803. 

Paul Hussey, 

26, 2 mo., 1804. 

Lydia Hussey, 

27, 7 mo., 1809. 

Wm. Hussey, Jr., 

20, 10 mo., 1811. 

Micajah Hussey, 

28, 5 mo., 1819. 

David R. Hussey, 

2, 7 mo., 1823. 



Nathan Mower, bom L3am [Mass.], 7, 2 mo., 1776. 

Huldah (Winslow) Mower (his wife), b. Fahnouth, 24, 5 mo., 1775. Died 

1, 12 mo., 1811. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

John Mower, b. 23, 5 mo., 1803. 

Wm. Mower, " 3, 3 mo., 1805. 

Benjamin W. Mower, " 10, 8 mo., 1807. 

Huldah P. Mower, " 16, 5 mo., 1811. Died 13, 3 mo., 1818. 
Jeremiah Hacker, bom Portland, 27, 1 mo., 1795. 
Sarah (Reed) Hacker (his wife), born 13, 3 mo., 1798. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

Lydia Hacker, b. 8, 7 mo., 1818. Died 23, 5 mo., 1821. 

Mary R. Hacker, " 26, 1 mo., 1820. 

Emily Ann Hacker, " 22, 11 mo., 1821. 

Hannah Hacker, " 16, 9 mo., 1823. Married Stephen Wins- 

Isaiah M. Hacker, " 15, 3 mo., 1826. 
Francis Hacker, " 15, 12 mo., 1827. 


Lydia Hacker, " 24, 11 mo., 1829. 

Abigail Hacker, " 24, 8 mo., 1832. Died 16, 10 mo., 1832. 

Jeremiah W. Hacker, " 22, 11 mo., 1834. 

James Stewart, bom Scarboro, 23, 4 mo., 1777. Died 3, 11 mo., 1853. 
Eunice (Winslow) Stewart (his wife), b. Falmouth, 26, 7 mo., 1779. Died 

26, 4 mo., 1832. 


Wm. W. Stewart, 

b. Portland, 14, 1 mo., 1802. 

Isaiah H. Stewart, 

" Falmouth, 6, 6 mo., 1803. 

Died 16, 1 
mo., 1805. 


Friends' Records at Vassalborough, Me. 


Isaac M. Stewart, " 

Phebe W. Stewart, " 
Nathan M. Stewart, " 
Louisa Stewart, " 

Joseph Stewart, " 

James H. Stewart, " 

Robert W. Stewart, " 

Maria Louisa Stewart, " 

Daniel H. Stewart, " 
Josiah French, died 10, 1 mo., 1834. 
Owen Coleman, " 16, 5 mo., 1834. 
Love Gardner, " 25, 7 mo., 1836. 

Anna Gardner, " 12, 7 mo., 1834. 

Israel Goddard, b. Brunswick, 17, 5 mo., 1781. Died 16, 8 mo., 1843. 
Susanna (Wing) Goddard Qua wife), b. Sandwich, 16, 9 mo., 1785. Died 17, 

12 mo., 1860. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

Benjamin W. Goddard, b. 



7 mo., 1804. 


6, 1 




10 mo., 1805. 



1 mo., 1807. 



6 mo., 1808. 


16, 11 
, 1810. 



7 mo., 1811. 


24, 5 
, 1814. 



6 mo., 1815. 



10 mo., 1816. 



7 mo., 1818. 



12 mo., 1820. 

7, 5 mo., 1808. Married Bethiah 

Pope. Died 27, 1 mo., 1888. 
16, 6 mo., 1810. Married Patience 

25, 4 mo., 1812. Married Miriam Al- 
len, 28, 4 mo., 1836. 


Died 6, 4 mo., 1829. 
" 25, 4 mo., 1816. 
" 11, 9 mo., 1818. 
" 3, 10 mo., 1842. 
Married Sarah Wins- 
low. Died 2, 10 mo., 1875. 
19, 6 mo., 1826. Died 11, 4 mo., 1833. 
Butler Weeks, married Esther Torrey, 26, 10 mo., 1803; Eliza Macy, 28, 

10 mo., 1813. Died Vassalboro, 20, 7 mo., 1843. 
Esther Weeks (his wife), died 24, 11 mo., 1811. 
Children of Butler & Esther Weeks. 
Edward S. Weeks, b. 2, 10 mo., 1808. Died 18, 1 mo., 1878. 
James T. Weeks, " 18, 9 mo., 1811. " 9, 2 mo., 1836. 
Eliza Weeks, 2d wife of Butler Weeks, died 30, 9 mo., 1862. 
Children of Butler & Ehza Weeks [b. Vassalboro]. 

Robert Goddard, 
Zaccheus Goddard, 

Sarah Goddard, 
Lemuel Goddard, 
Henry Goddard, 
Stephen H. Goddard, 
Henry Goddard, 

Charles Goddard, 


4 mo. 



4 mo.. 



4 mo. 



3 mo. 



12 mo. 


Mary Weeks, 
William Weeks, 

Daniel Weeks, 

John Butler Weeks, 
Esther Weeke, 

Edwin Weeks, 

• Not a member. 

b. 12, 8 mo., 1S14. Married Sewell G. Rob- 

" _ 3, 3 mo., 1816. Married Mary G. Rob- 
inson, 25, 9 mo., 1839, Lavinia Jenkins, 31, 
10 mo., 1844. Died 9, 9 mo., 1864. 
'.' 16, 8 mo., 1819. Married Lydia Robin- 
son. Died 26, 6 mo., 1S64. 
" 24, 4 mo., 1822. Married Emily Smiley.* 
Married Wm. T. Wins- 
Married Lucy Whit- 

26, 1 mo., 1825. 
3, 11 mo., 1829. 

; 1915] Friends' Records at Vassalborough, Me. 177 

1 Benjamin Weeks, b. 16, 6 mo., 1835. Married Elizabeth 

WTiittum.* Died 15, 5 mo., 1864. 


Abel Jones, b. Bnmswick, 14, 1 mo., 1781. 
Susanah (Jepson) Jones (his wife), b. Berwick, 2, 5 mo., 1784. 
Children [b. Harlemt]. 
Eli Jones, b. 12, 3 mo., 1807. Married Sybil Jones. 
Caleb Jones, " 26, 3 mo., 1809. Died 29, 11 mo., 1809. 
Rufus Jones, " 30, 10 mo., 1810. 
John Jepson, b. Wells, 24, 8 mo., 1782. 

Lj-dia (Rej-nolds) Jepson (his wife), b. Rochester, N. H., 15, 4 mo., 1789. 
Children [b. Harlemf]. 
Jedediah Jepson, b. 8, 9 mo., 1807. 
Benjamin Jepson, " 24, 7 mo., 1809. 
' Daniel Jepson, " 27, 12 mo., 1811. 

Daniel Hussey, b. Berwick, 16, 12 mo., 1789. 

Jane Hussey (his wife), b. Scarborough, 18, 4 mo., 1791. 

Harriet Hussey, b. Bristol, 23, 1 mo., 1814. 
John Nichols. 
Sarah Nichols (his wife). 
I Children [b. Winslow]. 

Dorcas Nichols, b. 4, 9 mo., 1832. 

Samuel 0. Nichols, " 8, 8 mo., 1834. 

i Moses Nichols, " 20, 12 mo., 1836. 

j Ruth Nichols, " 3, 4 mo., 1839. 

j Peter Allen, b. 5, 5 mo., 1775. Died 27, 1 mo., 1816. Died with small pox. 

I bur. 27. 

I Patience Allen (his wife), b. 25, 6 mo., 1778. Died 2, 11 mo., 1847. 

t Children. 

Huldah Allen, b. 25, 3 mo., 1802. Died 30, 4 mo., 1816. 

Mary Allen, " 21, 2 mo., 1804. Married Daniel Runnels. 

Stephen Allen, " 17, 12 mo., 1805. Married Sarah Wing. 

Pelatiah Allen, " 4, 12 mo., 1807. Died 13, 11 mo., 1826. 

Miriam Allen, " 4, 12 mo., 1809. Married Zaccheus God- 
; dard, 28, 4 mo., 1836. 

Content Allen, " 22, 1 mo., 1812. Died 10, 10 mo., 1831. 

Patience Allen, " 15, 9 mo., 1813. Married Robert Goddard. 

Jackson Davis. 
Lydia Davis (his wife). 

John Taber Davis, b. Portland, 2, 4 mo., 1805. 

Daniel Da^^s, " Orono, 22, 12 mo., 1807. 

Mary Da^^s, " " 2, 11 mo., 1809. 

Eliza Davis, " " 16, 8 mo., 1811. 

Levi Morrill, son Levi & Lydia Morrill, b. Portland, 2, 7 mo., 1802. 

Ahijah Newhall, b. Lynn [Mass.], 1, 1 mo., 1780. 

Lucy (Hobby) Newhall (his wife), b. Vassalboro, 8, 10 mo., 1785. Died 24, 

9 mo., 1863. 

Cynthia Newhall, b. Vassalboro, 17, 7 mo., 1805. 

* Not a member. 
t Now China. 


Friends' Records at Vassdlborough, Me. 



Vassalboro, 3, 10 mo., 1807. 
6, 2 mo., 1814. 

Daniel Newhall, 

Hemy Newhall, " 
John Robinson. 
Lydia Robinson (his wife). 

Sophronia E. Robinson, 

Emma Robinson, 

Sarah Jane Robinson, 

Benjamin Alley Robinson, 

Harriet Robinson, 
WilHam Peaslee, b. Berwick, 22, 1 mo., 1771. 
Patience Peaslee (his wife), b. 13, 1 mo., 1782 

Thomas Peaslee, 

Mary Peaslee, 

Anna Peaslee, 

Hannah Peaslee, 

Moses Peaslee, 

Joseph Peaslee, 

Martha Peaslee, 

30, 3 mo., 1814. 

6, 2 mo., 1816. 
28, 10 mo., 1818. 
24, 4 mo., 1819. 

7, 1 mo., 1821. 

Died 1830. 


7, 9 mo., 1806. 

6, 1 mo., 1808. 

5, 10 mo., 1810. 

21, 5 mo., 1813. 

5 mo., 1813. 

3 mo., 1815. 

4 mo., 1817. 



John Hobby, s. Remington & Anstrus, b. Vassalboro, 13, 1 mo., 1794. Died 

27, 4 mo., 1853. (See page 5.) 
Phebe Hobby (his wife), b. Vassalboro, 27, 7 mo., 1794. 

25, 11 mo., 1818. 
2, 1 mo., 1820. 
17, 9 mo., 1821. 
1, 1 mo., 1823. 
22, 6 mo., 1824. 
24, 5 mo., 1830. 

Wm. Henry Hobby, 
Anstrus G. Hobby, 
Joseph Cook Hobby, 
Sarah Cook Hobby, 
Lucy N. Hobby, 
Louisa Jane Hobby, 

John Edw. Hobby, 

23, 1 mo., 1837. 

Died 2, 9 mo., 1846. 

" 19, 12 mo., 1847. 

" 16, 10 mo., 1846. 
Married Stephen 

Died 17, 4 mo., 1847. 

Abigail Cushman, Died 16, 4 mo., 1833. 
Samuel Robinson, b. 26, 2 mo., 1750. Died 3, 8 mo., 1817. 
Lydia Robinson (his wife), b. 25, 12 mo., 1759. 

b. Fahnouth, 20, 7 mo., 1776. 
28, 12 mo., 1777. 

Rebecca Robinson, 
Sarah Robinson, 
David Robinson, 
Hannah Robinson, 

John Robinson, 

William Robinson, 
Lydia Robinson, 

Timothy Robinson, 

Timothy Robinson, 
Mary Robinson, 

15, 12 mo., 1779. 
19, 1 mo., 1782. 

19, 12 mo., 17S3. 



2 mo., 1786. 
5 mo., 1788. 




14, 6 mo., 1790. 


3 mo., 1792. 
3 mo., 1794. 

Married Wm. 

Married Lydia 



Died 10, 5 
mo., 1791. 

Married Benj. 

Worth. Died 7, 1 mo., 1888. 

1915] Friends' Records at VassaTborough, Me. 179 


^ Micajah Robinson, b. Lewiston, 6, 2 mo., 1796. Died 22, 9 

mo., 183L 
Anna Robinson, " " 15, 11 mo., 1798. Married How- 

ard Getchell not a member. 
Samuel Robinson, " Vassalboro, 14, 2 mo., 1801. 
Theodate Robinson, " " 1, 10 mo., 1803. 

'' Cynthia Robinson, " " 18, 2 mo., 1806. Died 17, 9 

mo., 1831. 
Ebenezer Austin, died 18, 8 mo., 1816. 
Phebe Austin (his •wife), died 15, 1 mo., 1818. 

Cornelius Douglass, Cert, to Springfield, 0., Mo. M., 14, 10 mo., 1846. 
Phebe Douglass (his wife), Cert, to Springfield, 0., Mo. M., 14, 10 mo., 1846. 
Children [b. Winslow]. 
Lydia Douglass, b. 26, 2 mo., 1824. 

Mary Douglass, " 26, 8 mo., 1835. Cert, to Springfield, 0., Mo, 

M. 14, 10 mo., 1846. 

Robert Winslow, b. Fabnouth, 1, 8 mo., 1786. Cert, to Springfield, 0., Mo. 

M., 27, 6 mo., 1831. 
Eunice (Hussey) Winslow (his wife), b. Vassalboro, 18, 3 mo., 1791. Cert, 
to same, 30, 11 mo., 1815. 
Children [b. Winslow]. 
Rebecca Hussey Winslow, b. 24, 8 mo., 1812, Cert, to same, 30, 4 

mo., 1833. 
Phebe Pope Winslow, " 27, 9 mo., 1814. Cert, to same, 10, 4 

mo., 1835. 
Sarah Winslow, 2d wife of Robert. Cert, to same 28, 8 mo., 1826. 
Children of Robert and Sarah Winslow [b. Vassalboro]. 

George Winslow, b, 14, 6 mo., 1819. 

Daniel Winslow " 23, 11 mo., 1821. 

Sarah Taber Winslow, " 6, 9 mo., 1823. 
William Winslow, " 20, 8 mo., 1826. 

Phebe Winslow, 3d wife of Robert, died 10, 9 mo., 1833. 

Child of Robert & Phebe Winslow. ^\ 

Eunice Winslow, b. Vassalboro, 14, 8 mo., 1832 
Paul Hussey, 
Esther Hussey (his wife). 
Children [b. Winslow]. 
Hannah Hussey, b. 3, 7 mo., 1828. 
Mary Ann Hussey. 

Simeon Hussey, " 3, 5 mo., 1832. 

Esther Hussey and her three children were certified to Salem Mo. Meeting 
19, 5 mo., 1847; also three children not recorded on opposite page, viz. 
Harriet L., Fanny C, Sarah Jane. 

Edmund Cates, died E. Vassalboro, 5, 10 mo., 1872. 
Anna Cates (his wife), died 23, 10 mo., 1865. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Charles B. Cates, b. 19, 9 mo., 1820. Died 1888. 
Mary Ann Cates, " 9, 3 mo., 1822. " 30, 12 mo., 1841. 
Wm. Henry Cates, " 19, 12 mo., 1823. " E. Vassalboro, 30, 11 

mo., 1900. An Elder aged 77 years. 
James E. Cates, " 24, 8 mo., 1832. 

Caleb Nichols. 
Eunice Nichols (his wife), died Vassalboro, 2, 9 mo., 1848. 

VOL. liXXX. 12 

180 Friends' Records at Vassalborough, Me. [April 

Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Charles Henry Nichols, b. 19, 10 mo., 1820. 

David Nichols, " 5, 6 mo., 1836. Died Vassalboro, 1, 3 

mo., 1838. 
Maria S. Nichols, 2d wife of Caleb Nichols. Died 1882. 

Child of Caleb & Maria S. Nichols. 
Eunice H. Nichols, b. 8, 1 mo., 1852. Removed by certif. to Falmouth. 
Stephen Taber, died Vassalboro, 7, 4 mo., 1841. 
Mary Taber (his wife). ' 

Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
OUve Taber, b. 24, 5 mo., 1818. Died Vassalboro, 3, 

9 mo., 1835. 
Edward Fuller Taber, " 20, 11 mo., 1820. Died Vassalboro, 11, 

4 mo., 1902. 
Daniel Smiley. 

Phebe Smiley (his wife), Died, Vassalboro, 23, 9 mo., 1853. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Joseph Howland Smiley, b. 1, 2 mo., 1824. Probably disowned 

when married. 
Edward Smiley, " 26, 6 mo., 1826. Died, Vassalboro, 

5, 7 mo., 1826. 
Alfred H. Smiley, " 17, 3 mo., 1828. Released by certif- 

Albert K. Smiley, " 17, 3 mo., 1828. Released by certif- 

Sarah Frances Smiley, " 30, 3 mo., 1830. Released by certif- 
Rebecca Howland Smiley, " 28, 10 mo., 1832. Released by certif- 
Dorcas B. Smiley (2d wife of Daniel), died Vassalboro, 8, 4 mo., 1885. 
Child of Daniel & Dorcas Smiley. 
Daniel Smiley, Jr., b. Vassalboro, 29, 11 mo., 1855. Married Effie 

Thomas Pmkham. 

Phebe Pinkham his wife, died 11, 4 mo., 1825. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Lucinda Pinkham, b. 17, 5 mo., 1820. 

Alfred Kennard Pinkham, " 29, 2 mo., 1822. 
i Mary B., 2d wife of Thomas Pinkham. Removed by Cert, to Leeds Mo. M. 

I 17, 6 mo., 1835. 

I Children of Thomas & Mary B. Pinkham [b. Vassalboro]. 

! Mary Elizabeth Pinkham. 

Thomas Edward Pinkham. 
Caroline H. Pinkham. 
James Parnel Pinkham. 
Paul Taber, died 29, 1 mo., 1850. 
EUzabeth S. Taber (his wife). 
! Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

; Esther Taber, b. 14, 10 mo., 1821. Died 22, 10 mo., 1821. 

; Eliza Taber, " 25, 5 mo., 1824. Married Gilbert Aldrich. 

I Mary Howland, died 26, 2 mo., 1850. 

i - John Pope. 

I Lydia Pope (his wife). 

i Children. 

t Alton Pope, b. Windham, 14, 7 mo., 1807. 

Jacob Pope, '.' Vassalboro, 17, 12 mo., 1811. 

1915] Friends' Records at Vassalboroiigh, Me. 181 


f Elijah Pope 

Hannah Pope (his wife). 
Sarah Taber Pope, b. Portland, 30, 5 mo., 1812, 
Esther Pope, " Vassalboro, 4, 3 mo., 1814. 

Jabez Jenkins, Jr., b. 16, 6 mo., 1799. Married Mary Nichols, 28, 10 mo., 
1819; Sarah Nichols, 25, 9 mo., 1828. Died, Winslow, 8, 7 mo., 1890. 
Mary Jenkins his wife, died Winslow, 12, 12 mo., 1826. 
Children [b. Winslow]. 
Abigail A. Jenkins, b. 10, 9 mo., 1820. Married Jacob Roberts. 

Died Vassalboro, 7, 8 mo., 1852. 
Lavinia Jenkins, " 5, 11 mo., 1822. Married Wm. Weeks, 31, 

10 mo., 1844; Henry Taber, 14, 3 mo., 1871. 
George H. Jenkins, " 30, 12 mo., 1825. Died Winslow, 20, 8 mo., 

Sarah N. Jenkins, 2d wife Jabez Jenkins, died Winslow, 23, 4 mo., 1881. 
Children of Jabez & Sarah N. Jenkins [b. Winslow). 
George Lindley Jenkins, b. 14, 10 mo., 1829. Died Marysville, 

Cal., 4, 8 mo., 1899. 
Edward Cobb Jenkins, " 19, 6 mo., 1835! Died Winslow, 17, 5 

mo., 1893. 
John Albert Jenkins, " 29, 1 mo., 1840. 
Henry Jenkins, " 10, 3 mo., 1844. 

Joseph Allen. ' 

Thankful Allen Qaa wife), died Vassalboro, 30, 5 mo., 1824. 

Phebe Allen, 




11 mo., 1802. 

Died, Vas- 
salboro, 1874. 

Lydia Allen, 




5 mo., 1805. 

Died 16, 1 
mo., 1825. 

James Allen, 




3 mo., 1806. 

Hannah AUen, 




3 mo., 1808. 

Died Vassal- 
boro, 1886. 

Asa Winslow Allen, 




4 mo., 1813. 

Died 29, 6 
mo., 1824. 

Joseph Hall Allen, 




1 mo., 1815. 

Daniel Runnels. 
Mary Runnels (his wife). 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Peter A. Runnels, b. 27, 2 mo., 1824. 

Lydia Runnels, " 9, 3 mo., 1826. Married John Jones. 

Cert, to China Mo. Meeting 15, 3 mo., 1848. 
Mary Ann Runnels, " 13, 5 mo., 1828. Married Wm. Jones. 

Cert, to China Mo. Meeting 18, 6 mo., 1851. 
Patience Rimnels, " 7, 12 mo., 1830. Married Clarkson Jones. 

Cert, to China Mo. Meeting 17, 8 mo., 1853. 

Name changed to Elvina P. 

Content Runnels, " 30, 1 mo., 1833. Married Eli J e p s o n. 

Name changed to Clara C. 
Rebecca Runnels, " 11, 2 mo., 1836. 
Emma R. Runnels, " 15, 8 mo., 1838. 

Daniel Taber (see page 35), son Barnabas & Lydia, died Vassalboro, 27, 3 
mo., 1860. 

182 . Friends' Records at VassaU>orough, Me. [April 

Rebecca Tabor (his wife) (see page 23), dau. Stephen & Lydia Nichols, died 
Vassalboro, 14, 11 mo., 1884. 
Henry Taber, b. Albion, 8, 6 mo., 1819. Married Eu- 

DJce Wing, married Lavinia J. 
Weeks, 14, 3 mo., 1871. 
George Taber, " " 23, 10 mo., 1820. Married Es- 

ther Pope. 
■ Clarkson Taber, " " 10, 10 mo., 1822. Married Deb- 

orah Smith of N. Y. Died in Kan- 
sas, 15, 4 mo., 1878. 
Stephen N. Taber, " " 13, 5 mo., 1824. Married Mary 

E. Pope. Died Vassalboro, 17, 12 
mo., 1879. 

' Eliza A. Taber, " "Vassalboro, 28, 1 mo., 1830. Died Clinton- 

dale, N. Y., 17, 9 mo., 1893. Bur- 
ied Stanfordville, 20. 
Lydia Maria Taber, " " 27, 5 mo., 1832, Married Wm. 

T. WiUis of N. Y. 

: [52] 

I George Parker, married DeUverance Jenkins, 28, 10 mo., 1819. Died, Vas- 

l salboro, 2, 1 mo., 1846. 

j Deliverance J. Parker (his wife) (see page 14), dau. Jabez & Elizabeth Jen- 

) kins, died Vassalboro, 14, 7 mo., 1852. 

\ Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

Emily Elizabeth Parker, b. 29, 8 mo., 1820. Married Henry Dud- 
George Henry Parker, " 9, 5 mo., 1822. 
Thomas Frye. 
Lydia P. Frye (his wife). 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
William Alfred Frye, b. 25, 5 mo., 1827. 
Ellen Maria Frye, " 7, 1 mo., 1829. 
Samuel Hussey, died Vassalboro, 28, 6 mo., 1835. 
Sarah Hussey (his wife), died Vassalboro, 27, 7 mo., 1834. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Albert Rogers Hussey, b. 11, 1 mo., 1830. 

Frederic Franklin Hussey, " 14, 5 mo., 1832. 
Children of Daniel T. & Sarah Starkey [b. Vassalboro]. 
George Rogers Starkey, b. 2, 1 mo., 1823. 
Daniel Taber Starkey, " 29, 8 mo., 1826. 
Stephen Hanson, died 23, 1 mo., 1855. 
]\Iary Hanson (his wife). 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Eunice Hanson, b. 11, 9 mo., 1804. Died 30, 1 mo., 1S64. 
Almira Hanson, " 15, 8 mo., 1809. Married Hiram Pishon. . 

Died 14, 8 mo., 1867. 
Philip Hanson, " 19, 8 mo., 1811. 


Lusana Hanson, " 8, 5 mo., 1816. Died 27, 1 mo., 1820. 

Henry Hanson, " 22, 3 mo., 1819. Disowned when young, re- 
ceived again by request. Died Vassalboro, 26, 3 
mo., 1892. 

William Howland, died Vassalboro, 5 mo., 1833. 
Mary C. W. Howland (his wife). 

1915] Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions 183 

Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
William Henry Rowland, b. 5, 8 mo., 1831. 
Mary W. Howland, " 23, 8 mo., 1833. 

Jacob Taber, 2d (see page 15), son Barnabas & Lydia, 
Mary Taber (his wife), died 26, 1 mo., 1833. 
Hepzibeth P. Taber (2d wife), died 6, 4 mo., 1836. 
Sewel G. Robinson. 

Mary W. Robinson (his wife), dau. Butler & Eliza Weeks. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Henry W. Robinson, b. 27, 9 mo., 1834. 
Maria A. Robinson, " 26, 9 mo., 1837. 
I Laura Anna Robinson, " 29, 3 mo., 1849. 

i Silas Jones. 

Seviah Jones (his wife), died 29, 4 mo., 1835. 
EUjah Jones, b. Albion, 24, 5 mo., 1832. Died 30, 3 mo., 

Elijah Jones, " Vassalboro, 1, 5 mo., 1834. Died 4, 1 mo., 

George Jones, " Wilton, 7, 2 mo., 1828. 

Sarah T. Jones, " Albion, 10, 12 mo., 1830. Married John 

N. Douglass 

[To be continued] 


Copied by Joel N. Eno, A.M., of Hartford, Conn. 


WiLLiNGTON Hill Old Cemetery 

[Continued from page 86] 

Dea. John Weston died Dec. 29, 1820, aged 52. 

Mr. Jonathan Weston who died Oct. 22, 1822. Aged 69 years. 

Jonathan Weston died Jan. 22, 1855, aged 64. He was the first Post Master 

of this town, and held the office until the time of his death, 34 

years . . . 
Marvil, wife of Jonathan Weston died Jan. 5, 1852. Ae. 93. 
MoUy, wife of Dea. John Weston, died June 25, 1856, aged 83. 
Olive Weston died Aug. 7, 1844. Aet. 24. 
Origin Weston died July 13, 1859, Aged 46. 
Susan P. widow of Origin Weston died April 15, 1864. Aged 49. 
Susan Rathbone, wife of Jonathan Weston, born June 15, 1801. Died April 

21, 1884. 
Thankful, wife of Timothy Weston who died May 2, 1857, aged 76. 
Timothy Weston who died Dec. 5, 1838. Aged 67. 

In the city of New York, Valentine W. Weston died Oct. 15, 1863, aged 78. 
Sally, his wife, died in the city of New York Dec. 18, 1826, aged 38. 
William W. Weston, son of Mr. Jonathan & Mrs. Susan L. Weston died 

May 3, 1827. Aged 3 years & 5 months. 
Sarah A. wife of WiUiam Whitaker & daughter of B. H. & Elizabeth Wilson 

died Feb. 23, 1867 aged 19 yrs. 6 mos. 

184 Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions [April 

Annah Whitford, wife of Henry G. Whitford died March 26, 1834. Aged 
30 years. 
Also their infant child died Feb. 11, 1834. Aged 3 day3. 

Eliza Spauldiag, wife of Nelson Whitford, April 12, 1813 — Mar. 4, 1900. 

Florilla T. wife of Dea. Henry G. Whitford died Sept. 25, 1869. Aged 60. 

Dea. Henry G. Whitford died Oct. 5, 1888. Aged 85. 

John B. Whitford Born Oct. 2, 1807 Died Feb. 17, 1897. 

Loiiisa W. wife of John B. Whitford died Feb. 18, 1887. Aged 76. 

Nelson Whitford died Dec. 6, 1891. Ae. 84 yrs. 

Nichols Whitford died Sept. 2, 1859, aged 85. 

Lucy, his wife died Dec. 25, 1828, aged 48. 

Sybil Whiton, Daughter of EUjah Whiton, Esq. & Priscilla his wife who died 
Feb. 18, 1823. ^t. 80. 

Betsey, wife of Simeon Williams & daughter of Dea. Rufus & Betsey Rider 
died March 19, 1840, aged 23. 

Charlotte A. wife of Emory P. Williams died Aug. 11, 1869. Aged 50. 

Emory P. Williams died Jan. 1, 1892. Aged 76. 

Everett, son of Emory P. & Charlotte A. Williams died June 13, 1866. Aged 
i 22. 

I George B. WiUiams died May 8, 1892. Aged 54 yra. 

I ' Gustella, daughter of Emory P. & Charlotte A. WiUiams died Aug. 30, 1856. 

I Ae. 14 y'rs 10 mo's. 

j Harriet C. wife of Simeon WUUams died June 2, 1893, aged 74. 

I Lester Williams died Mar. 29, 1859, aged 21. 

^ Lyman, son of Cato Williams & his wife that was Lydia Brown died Oct. 18, 

j 1795 in ye 2d year of his age. 

{ Martha, wife of Rufus Williams died May 28, 1845, aged 65. 

] Simeon Williams died March 5, 1896. Aged 81. 

I Mr. William WiUiams of Sudbury, Vermont whUe on a visit to his friends at 

{ WiUington, Connecticut died Feb. 2d, 1800 in the 77th year of his age. 

t Orland G. son of B. H. & Sarah C, Wilson died AprU 9, 1854. Aged 1 year 

! 7 mo's. & 6 days. 

I SarahC. wife of B. H. Wilson died Sept. 19, 1865 aged 31. 

i Francis Wood, son of Francis & Lydia Wood died Jan. 9, 1835 aged 11 m's 

I 11 d's. 

•' Mary E. only chUd of Francis & Lydia Wood died March 2, 1838. Ae. 17 

i M's 11 D's. 

I This monument is erected by Rhodolphus Woodworth, ... to the 

i memory of his beloved mfe, Mrs. Eunice Woodworth who died Novr 

•; 24th, A.D. 1808 in the 27th year of her age. . . . 

Henry C. son of PhUo & Sophronia Wright died Jan. 22, 1861, aged 3 mos. 
& 14 days. 

Sarah, daughter of John H. & Lorinda Wright died Feb. 12, 1844. Aet. 
24 years. 

Susanna C. wife of Ephraim WyUys, Esq. died Dec. 29, 1866, aged 74. 

Moose Meadow Cemetery * 

Mary Lamb, wife of John Y. Adams died Nov. 9, 1889. Aged 78 Y'rs. 

'. Zahnon, son of Dea. Joshua & Ruth Agard Died May 6th, 1806. AE. 19 
■ years & 6 months. 

; Alfred Anderson died April 12, 1851. AE. 56. 

I AUce, wife of Thomas Anderson died Sept. 18, 1865. Aged 97 yrs. 5 mos. 

i Eliza F. daughter of George & Fear Anderson died March 31, 1854. AE 
I 2 yrs. 1 mo. & 8 d's. 

I Fear, wife of George Anderson died March 18, 1856. AE. 39. 

A email cemetery in the northeastern part of the town of WiUington. 

1915] Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions 185 

George Anderson died Sept. 1, 1862. Aged 58. 

In memory of Ira, son of Thomas & Alice Anderson who died April 6, 1814 

aged 14 years. 
In memory of Jacob Anderson who died Nov. 17, 1833. Aged 35. 
Erected in memory of Mrs. Jerusha Anderson who died Feb. 26th, A.D. 1812 

ia the 56th year of her age. 
Lester Anderson Died July 18, 1883. Age 90. 
Lydia J. wife of Lester Anderson died June 26, 1880, aged 84. 
Sarah, wife of Thomas Anderson died Feb. 15, 1871. Aged 67 yrs. 4 mos. 
In memory of Thomas Anderson who died March 30, 1835. Aged 77. 
Thomas Anderson died Feb. 22, 1894. Aged 86 y'rs. 
Thomas P. Anderson died Nov. 24, 1874. AE. 44 yrs. 3 mos. & 11 d's. 
WiUard, son of Thomas & AHce Anderson died April 11, 1811. Aged 11 mo. 
In memory of Elizabeth Appelby who died Feb. 25, 1841. Aged 77 years. 
Amasa Battey, Jr. died Jan. 8th, 1818. AE. 8 years & 3 months. 
Amasa Battey died Dec. 1, 1829. Aged 86. 
Betsey, wife of Amasa Battey died April 12, 1861. AE. 78. 
Eh C. Battey Sept. 17, 1817-Sept. 27, 1863 

Sally S. his wife Oct. 11, 1816-9ct. 2, 1893. 
Elizabeth E. daughter of Silvanus & Louisa Battey died Jan. 4, 1863. AE. 18. 
George R. son of Robert R. & Faith Battey died Jan. 1, 1854. Aged 2 yrs 

& 4 mo's. 
James L. died in the service at Pine Bluflf Sept. 3, 1864. Aged 26. 
Charles A. AprU 10, 1869. Aged 19. 
Children of SUvanus & Louisa Battey. 
Mrs. Louisa, wife of Silvanus Battey died July 11, 1853. Aged 34 years. 
Mary J. died June 6, 1843. AE. 3 yrs. 6 mos & 3 days. 

Martha A. died June 18, 1843. AE. 3 yrs. 6 mos & 15 days. 
Twia daughters of Silvanus & Louisa Battey. 
Mary M. wife of Silvanus Battey died Aug. 24, 1882. Aged 58 yrs. 6 mos. 
Mrs. Ruth, wife of John Battey died Oct. 4th, 1818. AE. 77 years & 10 

Ruth Battey died Nov. 8th, 1818. Aet. 10 yrs & 3 months. 
In memory of Mrs. SaUey Battey, consort of Mr. Amasa Battey, who died 

April the. 4th, 1814. AE. 53 years. 
Silvanus Battey died Jan. 31, 1892. Aged 76 3ts. 7 mos. 
Our Charhe. Son of W. P. & S. S. BidweU died April 12, 1881. Aged 

9 y'rs. 7 mos. 
EUza, wife of Horace BidweU died June 18, 1871. Aged 61 y'rs & 9 mos. 
Harriet F. wife of Wesley P. BidweU & daughter of Willard & Minerva FuUer 

died Oct. 6, 1863, aged 24. 
Horace S. BidweU died May 20, 1877. Aged 76. 
CaroUne Bishop died July 10, 1892. AE. 75 y'rs. 
Jeremiah Bishop died Dec. 9, 1878. AE. 81 y'rs. 
Asa Brooks died Oct. 9, 1851. Aged 76. 
Charles E. son of Benjamin & Martha Brooks died Aug. 20, 1846. AE. 

4 yrs. & 6 mo. 
Dorcas, wife of Asa Brooks died Nov. 14, 1859. Aged 84. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Benjamin & Martha Brooks died Jime 18, 1837. 

AE. 3y'rs. 
Hiram, son of Benjamin & Martha Brooks died Dec. 28, 1849 aged 17. 
James W. Brooks, son of James F. & Sarah Brooks Born Oct. 3, 1843; en- 

Usted in Co. I, 16 Regt. Ct. Vol. Aug. 12, 1862. . . Iri the battle of 

Antietam he received 6 heavy wounds Sept. 17. . . died in Sharps- 
burg Oct. 11; was buried here with military honors. 
Mary Louisa, daughter of Benjamin & Martha Brooks died Feb. 5, 1850. 

AE. 2 yrs & 4 mo's. 

186 Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions [April 

Sarah Naomi, daughter of James F. & Sarah Brooks Died July 25, 1848. 
AE. 3 Mo's. 

Andrew Bugbee died Nov. 16, 1861. AE. 30 yrs. 

In memory of Jason Bugbee died Mar. 2i, 1892. Aged 89. 

In loving remembrance of Elizabeth Agard his wife died Feb. 7, 1888. 
Aged 88. 

Martha, daughter of Jason & Elizabeth Bugbee died March 20, 1856. AE. 
23 yrs. 

Richard I. Bugbee died Dec. 30, 1891. Aged 24 yrs. 

Sarah Catherine, wife of Jason Bugbee, Jr. Mar. 26, 1840-Oct. 26, 1910. 

Anna R. wife of Joseph C. Burley died Dec. 14, 1859. AE. 37. 

Betsey Anna, daughter of Joseph C. & Anna Burley Died June 9, 1870. 
I Aged 19 jTS. 

Joseph C. Burley died May 24, 1868. Aged 62. 

Lizzie M. daughter of WilUam F. & Maria Carroll died Feb. 27, 1867 aged 
1 month. 

Maria, wife of Wm. Carroll died Nov. 27, 1868. Aged 30. 

Jacob Clark died Dec. 21, 1859. Aged 75. 
I Susan daughter of John & Susannah Clark died Mar. 6, 1823. AE. 1 yr. 

i 8 mo. 19 da's. 

I Susannah wife of Jacob Clark died Feb. 22, 1853 aged 57. 

An infant son of John & Susannah Clark died IMay 26, 1826. AE. 3 mo. 
i 16 d's. 

I Eugene Henry, son of Wm. A. & Julia L. Com ins Died Dec. 5, 1862. Aged 

I 9 mo's & 13 d's. 

I Willie Price, son of William A. & Julia L. Comins Died Feb. 11, 1865. AE. 

!l 11 mo's. & 21 days. 

I M, P. Fenton 

t Marcia Morse, his wife. Nov. 9, 1844-Nov. 9, 1900. 

Son of Marcus P. & Marcia R. Fenton died July 7, 1868. Aged 7 days 
Azubah, wife of John Fuller died Feb. 27, 1845. Aged 76. 
f This monument is in memory of Mr. Elisha Fuller who died Sept. ye 24th, 

I A.D. 1804 in the 85th year of his age. 

S l^Irs. Esther, wife of Mr. Elisha Fuller died Oct. 9th, 1808. Aged 84 years. 

I John Fuller died Aug. 22, 1845. Aged 92. 

i In memory of Loiza, daughter of Mr. John & "Mis. Elizabeth Gilson, who 

1 died June ye 9th A.D. 1809.' Aged 16 months. 

! Laura Ann died Aug. 20, 1825. AE. 2 vrs. - 

1 William died Dec. 19, 1828. AE. 3 yrs. 

John died Dec. 13, 1829. AE. 2 jts. 
Children of John & Dehght Hall. 
Mrs. Abigail, wife of Mr. James Haston Died March 4, 1819 aged 79 j'ears. 
In memorj'- of Mr. James Haston who died March 13th, 1794 in ye 65th year 

of his age. 
In memory of Mrs. Mary, wife of Mr. James Haston who died Jan. 5'e 18th, 

1780 in ye 74th year of her age. 
In memory of Hannah Horton, wife of Alvah Horton, who died Dec. 7, 1831 
in the 32d year of her age. 
i Angeline C. wife of G. L. Hulett died July 17, 1880. Aged 29 y'rs. 

John Hulett died Sept. 8, 1863 aged 75. 

Laura F. daughter of Samuel & Lucy J. Hulett died Dec. 13, 1883 aged 19 
[ Y'ts 8 mo's. 

i Loran M. son of Samuel & Lucy J. Hulett Died March 7, 1858. Aged 2 y'rs 

'■ 3 mo's. 

1 Nellie S. daughter of S. & Sarah J. Hulett Died IMay 6, 1877. Aged 19 y'rs. 

i Pircila, wife of John Hulett died Sept. 14, 1863 aged 68. 

• Sampson Hulett Co. D. 25 Regt. Conn. Vols. Died Jul y 1, lii2. 

1915] Proceedings of the N. E. Hist. Gen. Society 187 

Abiah Lamb died Oct. 31, 1846. AE. 28. 

Asena, wife of Stephen A. Lamb died April 14, 1860. AE. 78. 

Stephen A. Lamb died Mar. 22, 1834 aged 58. 

Charles E. son of Stephen & Rosetta Lewis died Sept. 23, 1848, aged 2 mos. 

& 7 days. 
Edwin S. son of Stephen & Rosetta Lewis died Sept. 11, 1847. Aged 11 mos. 

& 21 days. 
In memory of Gardner Lewis who died Dec. 17, 1841. AE. 61. 
Rosetta, wife of Stephen Lewis, Born Apr. 22, 1825 Died July 17, 1887, 
In memory of Roxse,' daughter of Gardner & Roxse Lewis who died Aug. 4, 

1833. AE. 16 y'rs & 8 mo's. 

[To be continued] 


By John Albree, Recording Secretary 

Boston, Massachusetts, 2 December 1914. A stated meeting of the Society was 
held in Wilder HaU, 9 Ashburton Place, at 2.30 p.m., Vice-President Rust pre- 

The minutes of the November meeting were approved, and the reports of the 
Council, Librarian, Corresponding Secretary, and Historian were accepted. 

The report of the Nominating Committee was accepted. 

Messrs. Henry F. Tapley and Hosea S. Ballou were appointed auditors. 

Seven resident members were elected by ballot. 

Miss Mary E. Woolley, LL.D., President of Moimt Holyoke College, read a 
paper on The Passover Scandal, in which were treated exhaustively the difficxilties 
growing out of the often recurring clash between Christian and Jew and especially 
the allegations that the blood of Christian children was required in the Jewish 
celebrations. President Woolley recounted many iastances from the early 
Middle Ages to the present day, and showed how much of a factor these outbreaks 
had been in civic, rehgious, and financial life, and what large results were directly 
due to the agitation. 

6 Janitary 1915. A stated meeting of the Society was held in Wilder Hall, 
9 Ashbinrton Place, at 2.30 p.m.. President Baxter presiding. 

The reading of the minutes of the December meeting was waived, and the re- 
ports of the Council, Librarian, Corresponding Secretary, and Historian were 

Seven resident members were elected by ballot. 

Hon. Frank H. Pope, State Auditor of Massachusetts, spoke on Stray Historical 
Facts Corralled, referring in his address to the lasting but at times unrecognized 
influence of the Mayflower Compact, the abrogation of the treaties between the 
Indians and Massachusetts upon which the Maine Indians relied, the laws for 
the conservation of bird life which are seldom enacted until too late, the recorded 
invention of wireless telegraphy by Loomis in 1869 and the acts of Congress 
relating to it, and the importance of one vote as illustrated repeatedly in our 
history. He closed with an appeal that as pohtics is" Hterally the "business of a 
community," men should perform their civic duties with thoughtfulness, under- 
standing, and consideration. 

President Baxter related some experiences with attempts at propagating wild 
birds at his Maine home, and expressed his appreciation of the address of the 

On motion of Mr. Scott a vote of thanks to the speaker of the afternoon was 

S February. The annual meeting of the Society was held this day, for a report 
of which see the Supplement to the present number of the Register. 

188 Notes [April 

5 March. A stated meeting of the Society was held in Wilder Hall, 9 Ashburton 
Place, at 2.30 p.m., President Baxter presiding. 

The nainutes of the February meeting were approved, and the reports of the 
Council, Librarian, Corresponding Secretary, and Historian were accepted. 

The by-laws were suspended, as recommended by the Council, in order that 
the names of all candidates for membership might be voted on at this meeting; 
and ten resident members were elected by ballot. 

Miss Esther Willard Bates of the West Roxbury High School spoke on Pageants 
and Pageantry. The speaker, who has had practical experience in charge of 
pageants at Medway, Mass., and Peterborough, N. H., explained how the modem 
pageant has been developed from the old-time pageants in England, and what 
such an affair now contributes toward arousing interest in our own local history. 
Many sUdes were shown of scenes from various pageants, the final one being a 
picture of the great pageant at St. Louis, in which 7500 persons took part and 
150,000 were present as spectators, all of whomf, as the presentation ended, 
united in singing "America." 


It having come to the attention of this Society that certain 
genealogists and puhlishers have used the name of the Society 
I in connection -with their own enterprises, the Society again de- 

I sires to state that it has NO genealogical representatives in this 

i country or in England, nor is it in any way connected w^ith any 

I publications other than those that it issues over its own name 

f at 9 Ashburton Place, Boston. 

I The Committee on English Research desires to state, however, 

I that although the Society has no official representative in Eng- 

I land the Committee is employing Miss French for a part of her 

j time as a searcher of records there along special lines for the 

\ benefit of the Register. 

WiNTHROP. — The following burial records from the registers of St. Dunstan's 
Church, Stepney, co. Middlesex, Eng., show the correctness of Savage's surmise 
that two sons of Stephen Winthrop, a son of Gov. John Winthrop, died in in- 
1648 John son of Steven Wintropp of Ratcliff, gent., and wife Judith buried 

9 August. 
1648 Steven son of Steven Wintropp of RatcUff, gent., and wife Judith buried 
14 August. 
6 Haymarket, London, S. W., Eng. Elizabeth French. 

Wayte-Wood. — From some original papers recently discovered in the oflSce 
of the town clerk at Portsmouth, R. I., I have made the following abstracts: 

Thomas Wayte of Portsmouth deceased leaving no will, the estate is in the 
hands of Elen late wife and widow of Thomas. The Town Council make the will 
as follows: 

Elen, widow, administratrix; Samuel Wayte, son of sd Thomas and Elen, 
executor on his mother's death; if he die before his mother, then his brother 
Thomas to be executor; estate to be divided as follows: To son Samuel the house 
and land in Portsmouth at Little Silver. Son Benjamin to have Miscomaqutt 
land. Son Rubin to have the land in Darttmouth. The two youngest sons, 
Thomas and Jeremy Wayte, to have 30 acres of woods in Portsmouth when 
they come to 21 years. To Mary Wayte, daughter of deceased. 14 December 

April 1655. Being requested by the widow of John Woode of Portsmouth and 
the ed Woodes children, John Woods, Thomas, and William, to take an inventory 

1915] Notes 189 

of his goods, the sons before named choose their mother, the late wife of their 
father John Wood, as administratrix. She hath given unto his daughter Man- 
chester a " ewe gotte," and to his son [-in-law] Samull Jeninges a ewe kid. John is 
to have land in his possession. Thomas is to have the 40 acres next Robert 
Spinkes land. William is to have the lands and house. John, Thomas, and 
William are each to give to their sister Manchester a "ewe goote." 
New-port, R. I. G. Ai«)rews Moruhty, Jr. 

Prescott. — In Nourse's Lancaster (Mass.) Records the birth records of the 
following children of John and Sarah Prescott may be found: Mary, 2 Feb. 1669; 
John, 24, 9, 1672; Joanna, 6 Jan. 1676; Elizabeth (bom at Concord), 27, 9, 1678; 
Ebenezer, 6 July 1682. Other children of John Prescott are revealed by a deed 
of 25 Jan. 1723/4, in which John Prescott, Sr., of the town of Lancaster, County 
of Middlesex, etc., "for and in consideration of the trouble and care that hath 
been manifestly occasioned by me the said John Prescott unto my son Ebenezer 
Prescott of the said Lancaster and to his wife Rachel Prescott, and also upon 
account of what further care and trouble they may be expected to, by my con- 
tinuance under much weakness and indisposition," etc., gives to them a sum of 
money. He also gives sums of money to his grandchild Mercy Kendall, to his 
daughter Sarah Keyes, and to his daughter Martha ^\^leeler. To his son Eben- 
ezer and the latter's wife, his daughter-in-law Rachel, he gives all his movable 
and personal estate both within and without the house, etc. (Middlesex Deeds, 
hb. 26, fo. 89.) 

H Charles River Square, Boston, Mass. Idelle Keteb. 

Fitch. — The Fitch family of St. Albans, co. Herts, Eng., concerning which 
records have from time to time appeared in the Register (cf. vol. 57, pp. 415- 
416, vol. 63, pp. 162-164, and vol. 69, pp. 88-89), was a family of greater promi- 
nence at St. Albans than would seem to be the case if the occupation of shoemaker, 
given by Wilham Fitch in his will of 20 Jan. 1575/6 and by Jeremy Fitch in his 
will of 1648, be judged in accordance with present standards. A shoemaker in 
the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries was an artisan of greater skill and was 
more a man of affairs than in these days of machine-made footwear. 

The Jeremiah Fitch who was buried at St. Albans 12 Sept. 1648 is mentioned 
in the corporation records of St. Albans, under date of 27 June 1649, as follows: 
"Two Assistants were chosen in the room of Conon Rawlyn, gentleman, and 
Jeremy Fitch both deceased." The twenty-four assistants appear in the first 
charter granted to St. Albans, and were instituted to give advice in municipal 

Jeremiah or Jeremie Fitch, baptized at St. Albans 5 May 1622, son of Zacherie 
and Mary, died in Boston, Mass., 30 May 1692. A few years ago a gravestone 
was imearthed in the Granary Burying Ground, Boston, which bore the following 
inscription: "Here lye ye body of Jeremiah Fitch aged 69 years deceased ye 30 of 
May 1692." Cf. Register, vol. 55, p. 289. 

Maiden, Mass. Walter Kendall Watkinb. 

Mills. — An article in the Register, vol. 28, pp. 158-160, giving an abstract 
of some early English baptisms in Canada (summarized from Tanguay's Diction- 
naire Geniahgique), gives Martha Mills as born 18 Jan. 1653 in Bristol, daughter 
of Thomas Mills of Exeter, England, and Mary (Wadel). Tanguay or his copyist 
erred. A careful copy of the original baptismal record at the Church of Notre 
Dame in Montreal shows that Martha Mills was born at "Saico en la Nouvelle 
Angleterre" (Saco in New England), the child of Thomas Mills, a native of 
Exeter in old England, and Marie Wadels, a native of Bristol near London. This 
clearly identifies Martha Mills as the daughter of Thomas Mills of Saco, who 
bought land 2 Aug. 1642 and later removed to Wells, and whose wife (according 
to Bourne) was the daughter of John Wadleigh, who was early of Saco and after- 
'wards of Wells. 

The same baptismal rec:)rd says that Martha Mills (maiden name having been 
given in baptism) was then (1693) the widow of James Smith of "Barwic." The 
will of James Smith in 1687 names wife Martha and children James, Mary, Eliza- 

190 Recent Books [April 

beth, and John. The son, James Smith, removed to York in 1703. A division 
deed of land in Wells, made 1 July 1719 by James Smith of York, John Fulsum 
of Exeter, Caleb Kimball of Wells, and Abigail Wiggens of Wells, makes an 
allowance to the two last-named in full satisfaction for the maintenance of their 
grandfather and for debts that they have paid for John Mills their uncle. 

The fact that Martha (Mills) Smith was really bom at Saco, viewed in connec- 
tion with the division deed, appears to disclose the top branch of a very consider- 
able genealogical tree. 

70 Astor Slreel, Boston, Mas-:. Edgar Yates. 

HisTOHiCAL Intelugence 

Genealogies in Preparation. — Persons of the several names are adv-ised to 
furnish the compilers of these genealogies with records of their own famihes 
and other information which they think may be useful. We would suggest that 
all facts of interest illustrating family history or character be communicated, 
especially service under the U. S. Government, the holding of other offices, grad- 
uation from college or professional schools, occupation, with places and dates 
of birth, marriage, residence, and death. All names should be given in fidl if 
possible. No initials should be used when the full name is known. 

Damon. — Simeon, baptized at Scituate, Mass., 30 Aug. 1752, died at Scituate 
21 Aug. 1811, great-great-grandson of John,i by Mrs. Flora A. Teel, 119 Hamilton 
Street, North Leominster, Mass. 

Sawyer. — Thomas, bom in Lincolnshire, Eng., 1615, died at Lancaster, Mass., 
12 Sept. 1706, great-grandson of Edmund of co. Norfolk, Eng., by J. Edgar 
Sawyer, Horicon, Wis. 


I [The Editor particularly requests persons sending books for listing in the Reqisteb 

X to state, for the information of readers, the price of each book, with the amount to 

i be added for postage when sent by mail, and from whom it may be ordered. For the 

I January issue, books should be received by Nov. 1 ; for April, by Feb. 1 ; for Jvly, by 

] May 1; and for October, by July 1.] 


j Bates genealogy. The Bates Bulletin. Series 2, vol. 3, no. 1. September, 

■ 1914. p. 45-60, il. 4° 


Bates genealogy. Bates, et al of Virgima and Missouri. By Onward Bates. 

; Printed for private distribution. [Chicago, P. F. Pettibone & Co.] 1914. 160 

p. 8° 

Blin genealogy. Blin, a short genealogy of one line of the Blin family de- 
scended from Peter Blin, the settler of Wethersfield, Conn., with a few notes on 
the Tibbits family. By James W. Hill. Peoria, 111., 1914. [1 + 20] p. fcsm. 
por. 8° 

Brace genealogy. Brace lineage. By J[ohn] Sherman Brace, M.E. Blooms- 
burg, Pa., Geo. E. Elwell & Son, 1914. [1] -1- 54 + [1] p. 8° Price $2.50. 
' Address J. Sherman Brace, Blpomsburg, Pa. 

; Branning genealogy. Andrew Branning's family, pioneers to the territory of 

- Florida. By William Christopher Columbus Branning. West Palm Beach, 

; Fla., Palms Publishing Co., C1914. [lo] + 16 + 15 p. por., three parts, 8° 

! Price 10 cts. per part. Address W. C. C. Branning, 630 Datura St., West Palm 

\ Beach, Fla. 

f Cary genealogy. John Gary, 1755-1823. By Rev. Seth C[ooley] Gary, 

i Dorchester Center, Boston, Mass., 190S. 48 p. map pi. por. 8° Price $2.00. 

' Address Seth C. Cary, Dorchester Center, Boston, Mass. 



I 1915] Recent Books 191 

Gary genealogy. The John Gary Descendants. Bulletin no. 16, new series. 
Rev. Seth C[ooley] Gary, president. Boston, 1914. [4] p. 8° 

Chase genealogy. The Ghase Ghronicle, vol. 6, no. 1. Boston, January, 1915. 
12 p. il. 8° Price $1.00 a year. Address J. F. Ghase, 159 Devonshire St., Boston, 

Fox genealogy. Fox Family News. Vol. 3, nos. 1-6. [New York, 1914.] 
28 p. il. 8° Price $1.00 per year. Address the editor, Howard Fox, 616 Madison 
Ave., New York. 

Fuller genealogy. Genealogy of some descendants of Gapt. Matthew FuUer; 
John Fuller of Newton; John Fuller of Lynn; John Fuller of Ipswich; Robert 
Fuller of Dorchester and Dedham. To which is added supplements of vol. 1, 
genealogy of some descendants of Edward Fuller of the Mayflower, and vol. 2, 
some descendants of Dr. Samuel Fuller of the Mayflower. By William Hyslop 
Fuller, n. p. 1914. 825 p. fcsm. pi. por. 8° Price S5.00. Address W. H. 
Fuller, 23 School St., Pahner, Mass. 

Greenwood genealogy. Greenwood genealogies, 1154-1914, the ancestry and 
descendants of Thomas Greenwood, of Newton, Mass., Nathaniel and Samuel 
Greenwood of Boston, Mass., John Greenwood of Virginia, and many later 
arrivals in America. Also the early history of the Greenwoods in England, and 
the arms they used. By Frederick Greenwood. New York, The Lyons Genea- 
logical Go., C1914. 16 + 546 p. fcsm. map pi. por. 8° 

Gresham genealogy. Biographical and historical sketches of the Greshams of 
America and across the seas. By Alexander Taylor Strange. Hillsboro, 111., 

1913. 53 p. il. por. 8° Price 50 cts. Address A. T. Strange, Hillsboro, 111. 

Grubb genealogy. The Grubb families of America, military service. By 
George F. P. Wanger. Pottstown, Pa., 1914. 20 p. 8° 

Harley genealogy. The Heiligh and Harley family. By J[ohn] R[andolph] 
Witcraft. Frankford, Philadelphia, Dispatch Publishing House, 1914. 31 p. 
fcsm. pi. por. 8° Price $1.50. Address J. R. Witcraft, Merchantville, N. J. 

Harris genealogy. Harris family of Virginia from 1611 to 1914. By Thomas 
Henry Harris. [Fredericksburg, Va., 1914.] 33 + [1] p. por. 8° 

Hedge genealogy. No. 44. Library of Gape God history and genealogy. 
Capt. William Hedge of Yarmouth. By James W[iUiam] Hawes. Yarmouth- 
port, Mass., G. W. Swift, publisher and printer, 1914. 4 p. 8° 

King genealogy. Descendants of Vincent King — Jane Gay Stevenson — 
Jane Holesclaw. By William Harrison King and Roy Stevenson King. n. p. 

1914. Chart. 

Barkpatrick genealogy. Major Abraham Kirkpatrick and his descendants. 
[By Kirk Q. Bigham. Pittsburgh, Pa., J. P. Durbin, 1911.] [1] + 7 - 48 p. 8° 
Contains sketches of the Oldham, Shaler, Cowam, Lewis, and Bigham families. 

Leonard genealogy. Annals of the Leonard family. By Fanny Leonard 
Koster. [New York, The C. H. Koster Co., 1911.] 18 + 208 p. fcsm. il. pi. por. 
3 folded geneal. tab. 8° Price $5.00 and 15 cts. for postage. Address Mrs. G. 
H. Koster, 21 Park Place, New York City. 

Chart of English ancestry in pocket of front cover; chart of descendants of James Leonard in 
pocket of back cover. 

Lesh genealogy. A collection of over six hundred names, descendants of 
Balthaser and Susanna Phillipina Loesch, Palatines from Gemsheim, near Worms, 
Germany; with historical notes. By William W[illiams] Lesh (Loesch). [Wash- 
ington, D. G., National Capital Press, inc., cl9l4.] 47 p. il. pi. por. 8° Price 
$1.00 paper binding; 2 copies $1.50. Address the author, 834 Varnum St., 
N.W., Washington, D. C. 

Levet genealogy. Thomas Levet and Richard Berry. By V[ictor] C[han- 
ning] Sanborn, n. p. 1914. 15 p. 8° Reprinted from The Genealogist, N. S., 
Vol. 31, 1914. 

McNary genealogy. The clan McNary of the U. S. A., the McNary-Reed 
eept; probable ethnic origin, clan traditions and time of immigration. By Joseph 

192 Recent Boohs [April 

Rea McNaxy. Pittsburgh, published for private distribution, James N. Simpson 
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194 Recent Books [April] 

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h^^^sd, (SmAUS 




JULY, 1915 


By Otis Grajit Hammond, A.M., of Concord, N. H. 

Ezra Scollay Stearns, a resident member of the New England 
Historic Genealogical Society from IS&l and its Vice-President from 

, New Hampshire for the years 1897-1903, died unmarried at Fitch- 

: burg, Mass., 9 March 1915. He was born at Ruidge, N. H., 1 Sep- 

tember 1838, a son of Samuel and Mary Fitch (Moore) Stearns, and 
was seventh in descent from Isaac^ Steams, who came from Nayland, 

I CO. Suffolk, England, and settled at Watertown, Mass., in 1630, 

( through Samuel,^ Nathaniel,* Daniel,^ Isaiah,^ Daniel,® and SamueF 

\ Stearns, his father. 

His early life was in no way different from that of the ordinary 

; youth, born in a rural conamunity and lacking the advantages and 

luxuries that wealth could procure. He acquired such education as 

I the common schools of his towTi could give him, but a college course 

was not within his means. He did his best to overcome this hard- 
ship by persistent private study and a wisely selected course of 
reading, and in this way he prepared himself, as well as possible, for 
the future. So successful was he that at the age of twenty years he 
was appointed an instructor in Chester Institute at Chester, N. J., 
where he remained four years, until 1862. Teaching, however, did 
not appeal to him as a life work, and he returned to New Hampshire. 
Newspaper work was his next venture, and for a time he was editor 
and manager of the Chronicle at Fitchburg, Mass. Why he did not 
remain in journahsm will always be a mystery to his friends, as he 
had the keen intellect, the judgment, and the Kterary abHity which, 
combined, produce our great editors. Possibly the business manage- 
ment of a paper was not agreeable, and his experience was at a time 
when few papers were strong enough to maintain a separate depart- 
ment for this work. The editor was the whole paper. Later Mr. 
Stearns became associated with Mr. Joel Wellington in the Union 
Box and Lumber Company of Rindge, with whom he remained many 

But manufacturing did not claim his entire attention. His ability 
in pubUc affairs was apparent to the people of Rindge, and in 1864, 
at the age of twenty-six years, he was sent as a RepubUcan to repre- 
sent the town in the Legislature, where he was appointed a member 

VOL. IXUL, 13 

196 Ezra Scollay Steams [July 

of the Committee on Education. Re-elected in 1865, he was pro- 
moted to the chairmanship of that committee; in 1866 he served as 
chairman of the Committee on Elections; and in 1867 he held the 
same chairmanship, and was a member of the Committees on Judici- 
ary and Fisheries. 

During the term of 1865 his ability and capacity for hard work 
were conspicuous. The opportunity came to him to render a dis- 
tinguished service to the government, and so well did he perform his 
duty that he was at once recognized as a political asset to the entire 
State, a reputation which he never lost. The proposition that the 
State should assume the war expenditures of all cities and to'mis was 
brought before the Legislature, and Mr. Stearns, Levi W. Barton, and 
David D. Ranlet were appointed commissioners to investigate. The 
credit of the State was in danger. This bill involved the assumption 
by the State of §5,000,000 of town debts, in addition to the then State 
debt of about §4,000,000, and the prospect threatened New Hamp- 
shire's standing in the money market. The work of the commission 
necessitated the auditing of the war expenditures of every city and 
town in the State, and when a report was rendered against the bill 
the House showed its confidence in the commissioners by follo'tvdng 
their advice in an overwhelming vote. 

In 1870 Mr. Stearns was again sent to the House, and served as a 
member of the Committee on Railroads. A senator in 1887, he was 
appointed chairman of the Committee on Revision of Laws, and a 
member of the Committees on Judiciary, Agriculture, and Elections. 
Returned to the Senate in 1889, he was given his former chairmanship 
I and was made a member of the Committees on Banks, INIanufactures, 

{ Claims, and Towns and Parishes. In 1891 he consented to an elec- 

I tion to the House of Representatives, and was appointed chairman of 

I the Committee on Railroads, and a member of the Committee on 

i Elections. 

j But during all this time Mr. Stearns's historical and genealogical 

' inclinations continued to assert themselves, nor were they repressed. 

[ His first work was a history of his native town, Rindge, published in 

I 1875, and this was followed in 1887 by the " History of Ashburnham, 

' Massachusetts." These two books took place immediately as models 

i of local history and genealogy, and still stand as the finest types of 

the old-time town history, written upon a plan which has not yet been 
improved. Dartmouth College recognized his ability as an historian 
and genealogist by conferring on him in 1887 the honorary degree of 
Master of Arts. He edited the genealogical volume of the "History 
of Littleton, New Hampshire," published in 1905, -^Tote the "History 
of Plymouth, New Hampshire," published in two volumes, 1906, and 
was editor-in-chief of the "Genealogical and Family History of the 
State of New Hampshire," published in four volumes, 1908. His 
i last work was the " Early Generations of the Founders of Old Dun- 

stable," published in 1911, although at the time of his death he had 
in manuscript, and practically completed, a volume continuing his 
"History of the Town of Rindge" down to the present time. For 
many years he was a contributor to the pages of the Register, the 
last note from his pen appearing in the issue for January 1913. 

1915] Ezra ScoUay Stearns 197 

He possessed the instinct for genealogy as few men have ever 
developed it. The original locations of the early settlers of New 
England, their increase and expansion, their emigrations in search 
of new lands upon which to maintain later generations, their inter- 
marriages, and all the cross currents of life in a new country, so con- 
fusing to most of us, were as an open book to Mr. Stearns. Often 
was he seen to glance through a genealogical sketch compiled by 
another person, a stranger to him, of a family in which he was not 
especially interested, and to point to a certain statement and say 
"That isn't right." When asked how he knew that the compiler was 
wrong, he would say "I don't know, exactly, but I know that it is 
wrong." Then, after a few moments spent in research in his excellent 
library, he would almost invariably prove his contention. 

The secret of his wonderful ability in this work lay in the fact that 
he knew where to look for information on almost any early New Eng- 
land family one might name, for he knew their comings and their 
goings. He read genealogy for pleasure, as most of us read the latest 
issue of a favorite magazine. A new genealogy of a family in which 
he may once have had a problem was surely taken to bed with him, 
and pored over until Nature reminded him of the labors of the day 
which had passed and the perplexities of the day to come. 

In his earlier life he liked a horse, nor did he lose this interest until 
his residence in Fitchburg removed the necessity of a horse as a part 
of his daUy life. While living in Concord Mr. Stearns bought a horse 
whose beautiful lines pleased his fancy; and within forty-eight hours 
he was in the State Library in quest of horse genealogy, and Wal- 
lace's "Register" was immediately added to his library. 

In 1891, while serving as a member of the House of Representa- 
tives, Mr. Stearns was elected Secretary of State, where again his 
capacity for handling public affairs was manifested in a high degree. 
In this same session an Australian ballot law was passed, and the work 
of organizing the entire system of compiling, printing, and issuing 
the ballots, and counting and returning the votes, devolved upon him. 
So well and so permanently was this vast labor done that his system 
is stUl in use in that office, modified only as amendments to the ballot 
law have made modifications necessary. 

To him the archives of New Harqpshire owe much. It was through 
his efforts that the entire body of papers, records, and maps of the 
Masonian Proprietors was donated to the State in 1891 by Mr. Robert 
Cutts Peirce, descendant of the last clerk of the Proprietors. These 
papers were afterwards published by the State in volumes 27, 28, and 
29 of the series of "State Papers." Again it was through his per- 
sistence that the Provincial probate records, deeds, and court records 
and files, all of date prior to the division of the Province into counties 
in 1771, were reclaimed by the State from the custody of Rocking- 
ham County, where they had remained by geographical circumstance. 
In the early part of the Revolutionary War the Provincial records 
were removed from Portsmouth to Exeter for greater safety, and, as 
Exeter became the shire town of Rockingham County in 1771, the old 
records remained there for lack of any public recognition of the fact 
that they were properly a part of the archives of the State. These 

198 The Clinton Family of Connecticut [July 

ancient probate records are now being published among the "State 
Papers," and two volumes have already been issued. 

Mr. Stearns resigned the oflBce of Secretary of State in 1899, and 
returned to private life at Rindge. Shortly afterwards he removed 
to Fitchburg, Mass., where he passed his remaining j^ears. The 
Fitchburg Historical Society owes its new home largely to his energy 
and interest, and his contributions to the publications of that Society 
are many and of great value. In addition to his membership in the 
New England Historic Genealogical Society, he belonged also to the 
New Hampshire Historical Society and to the American Antiquarian 
Society, and he was a corresponding member of several other his- 
torical societies. 

For the ordinary recreations of man he cared nothing. His rest 
was in his flowers. His roses were his children, and he loved and 
tended them as a mother. • 

PoUtics, genealogy, and roses! A curious mijcture, one would 
think. Aiid yet they are not so inconsistent. In politics he made 
friends of the hving, in genealogy, of the dead. His flowers were his 
friends, and they returned his love in beauty. He cared most for 
the details of hfe. Genealogy is all detail, and flowers are details of 

A keen humor brightened his Ufe and all about him. As a friend 
and host he was superb. To his legion of friends he was always 
"Ezry," for they could not even think of him in a less aff'ectionate or 
more formal way. His work was good, and his heart was great. He 

* was a genial, loyal, courteous gentleman. He spoke no evil. 






; Compfled by Mrs. E. J. Clinton of Clintonville, Conn., and communicated by 

I Donald Lines Jacobus, M.A., of New Haven, Conn. 

I [Concluded from page 171] 

44. Thomas^ Clinton {Ebenezer,* Thomas,^ Thomas,^ Lawrence^), 
\ born at New Haven 8 Feb. 1779, lived at Derby, where he 

died about Nov. 1808. He married Sarah , who mar- 
ried secondly Isaac Blake of Derby and died 22 Dec. 1816. 

i. Jaeed T.,« b. at Derby Nov. 1798; d. at New Haven 31 May 1861; 
m. (1) at New Haven, 27 Oct. 1822, Celixda Dorman, b. abt. 
1796, d. 15 Nov. 1845, dau. of Edmund and Rachel (Warner) of 
Hamden; m. (2) at New Haven, 8 Nov. 1846, ]\Irs. Electa 
Blakeslee, who died at Watertown 2 Feb. 1887, aged 85. Chil- 
dren by first wife: 1. Sarah J.,' d. 8 Mar. 1904; m. 11 Sept. 
1843 David L. Jones. 2. Eliza J., b. abt. 1827; d. at New Haven 
18 Sept. 1846. 3. Amanda P., h. 10 Jan. 1830; d. 25 Jan. 190S; 
m. 13 Dec. 1848 George W. Gorham, who d. 11 Oct. 1908. 4. 
Mary Barnes, b. 4 July 1832; d. 9 Aug. 1914; m. (1) at West 

' Haven, 8 Apr. 1852, Charles Sherman of Oxford; m. (2) Bennett 

; Jerrolds of Yalesville. 5. A daughter, d. at New Haven 20 Nov. 

■. 1837, aged 2 weeks. Child by second wife: 6. Charles T., b. 

\ 15 Dec. 1847; d. 24 July 1852. 

\ iu David Harpin, bapt. at Derby 5 May 1801; d. unm. 

1915] The Clinton Family of Connecticut 199 

I iii. Isaiah, d. unm. at sea. 

I iv. Wtllis, b. abt. 1804; d. 2 Oct. 1825, aged 21 (records of St. James's 

I Church, Derby). Administration on his estate was granted to 

1 David H. Cliaton. 

I V. Rebecca Jennet, m. at New Haven, 25 July 1826, Leman Baldwin, 

I who d. 5 July 1835, aged 35. On 14 Mar. 1825 Rebecca Jennett 

I Clinton of New Haven conveyed to her grandmother, EUzabeth 

(Clinton of Derby, one imdivided fifth part of land (Derby Deerls, 
vol. 23, p. 234). On 25 Apr. 1829 Jared T. CUnton, Leman Bald- 

j win and Rebecca Jennett Baldwin his wife, and Elias CUnton of 

J New Haven conveyed to Sarah wife of WiUiam Wooster of Decby 

! (ib., vol. 25, p. 390). 

1 62. vi. Elias W., b. abt. 1809. 

45. Ebenezer^ Clinton (Ebenezer,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,^ Lawrence^), 

baptized at Derby 12 July 1789, lived at Derby, and died 
9 or 11 Apr. 1834, aged 45 (records of St. James's Church). 

He married Abigail , who died 6 or 8 Aug. 1837, aged 

48 (ife.). Administration on her estate was granted to Almon 
Smith of Derby. Her name may have been Smith, although 
it was given as Teltow by a son. 

63. i. ANSoNE.,«b. at Seymour 1813. 

64. ii. Lyman Albert, b. 23 Apr. 1815. 

iii. Isaiah Smith, removed from Derby to Mayport, Fla. ; m. at Derby, 
Apr. 1838 (church records), or 2 Aug. 1838 (town records), Mary 
Ann Blake. Children: 1. Augusta M.,'' m. G. Frank Duke of 
Lake City, Fla. 2. DeWitt, of Wellborn, Suwanee Co., Fla. 3. 
Laura A., m. Martin B. Bartholomew of Jacksonville, Fla. 

iv. George H., b. at Derby 1821; d. at Hartford 2 July 1879; m.' at 
New Haven, 21 Jan. 1853, Eliza J. Marks, who m. (2) Dr. Jairus 
F. Lines. Child: 1. George W.,'' b. 1 Apr. 1856; d. aged abt. 
2 years. 

v. John A., b. 1824; d. at Cabotsville, Mass., 19 Oct. 1845, aged 21 
(gravestone at Derby). 

vi. Wyllis Lucius, b. 1826; bapt. at St. James's Church, Derby, 20 
July 1836, as WUlis Julius, s. of Widow Ebenezer CUnton; d. at 
Charleston, S. C, 15 Dec. 1873; m. Laura Sanford of Newtown, 
who d. 2 Sept. 1874, aged 52. Children: 1. Jane Louise,'' h. at 
Derby 21 Sept. 1850; d. 1 Feb. 1864. 2. Samuel Willis, b. at 
New Haven 1 Feb. 1853; Uving at Mayport, Fla., 1875; probably 
d. before 1880. 3. Anna Sanford, b. at New Haven 12 July 1858; 
d. at Derby 16 Sept. 1864. 

46. John* Clinton {John* John,^ Thomas,'^ Lawrence^), born at 

BaUston, N. Y., 25 Mar. 1776, died at Wfllet, N. Y., 17 June 
1858, and was buried at Hazard's Corners, Triangle, Broome 
Co., N. Y, He married Lemira Doty, who died 19 June 
1835, aged 52 years. In his youth he taught school, and 
later became a carpenter. He removed to Triangle, Broome 
Co., and afterwards to German, Chenango Co., N. Y. 
Children : 

i. Orilla,' d. in Iowa; m. Covey. 

ii. Polly, d. in Chautauqua Co., N. Y.; m. Shaft. 

65. ui. Ormond D., b. at Triangle, Broome Co., N. Y., 4 Dec. 1807. 
iv. Joel, d. at Springfield, Bradford Co., Pa. 

V. Phebe, d. at Springfield, Bradford Co., Pa. ; m. Doty. 

vi. Elias D., b. 22 Sept. 1815; d. at WiUet, N. Y., 6 May 1891. 
vu. David, supposed to have been lost on the propeller Phoenix, which 
was destroyed by fire on Lake Michigan within sight of Racine. 



200 The Clinton Family of Connecticut [July 

47. Simeon* Clinton {John* John,^ Thomas,''' Lavxrence^), born at 
Ballston, N. Y., 3 Feb. 1779, was killed by lightning at Ark- 
wright, N. Y., 29 Apr. 1858. He married Sarah Adams, 
born at Fly Creek, N. Y., 6 Feb. 1785, died 30 Dec. 1874. 


i. Phebe,« b. Nov. 1803; d. 7 Sept. 1887; m. Burnham. 

ii. James, d. 30 July 1894. Children: 1. DeWiUJ 2. Sarah, m. 

Palmer. 3. Elizabeth, m. Palmer. 4. A da-ughter. 

iii. Mabt, b. 28 Dec. 1813; d. 14 Nov. 1900; m. Ackles. 

iv. A DAUGHTER (triplet), b. 1820. 
V. A DAUGHTER (triplet), b. 1820. 
vi, Sally (triplet), b. 1820; d. 1898; m. Milton Cole, b. 1813, d. 1874. 

Their son, Cluirles C. Cole, waa town clerk of Arkwright, N. Y., 


48. Joel* Clinton (John,* John,^ Thomas,'' Lawrence^), born at Ball- 
ston, N. Y., 7 June 1784,* was drowned at Toddsville, N. Y., 
19 Apr. 1835. He married, 14 Feb. 1813, Mary Matthew- 
son, bom at Woodstock 19 July 1791, died at Clintonville, 
N. Y., 11 Apr. 1870. 


I i. Jane,« b. 2 Apr. 1814; d. at Ceoperstown, N. Y., 23 Nov. 1894; m. 

\ 25 Dec. 1834 James Sullivan Rodinson, b. 14 Aug. 1810, d. 

i 26 Oct. 1880. They Uved at Cornish, N. Y. 

I ii. LuciNA, b. June 1815; d. at CUntonville, N. Y., 30 Oct. 1876. 

iii. Harriet, b. 1817; d. at Adams, Mass., 2 Oct. 1839. 

iv. Mary, b. 22 Nov. 1818; d. 26 Oct. 1893; m. 19 May 1842 Wiluam 
Lake, b. 1 Jan. 1819, d. 14 Aug. 1890. 

66. V. Andrew Beers, b. in Otsego Co., N. Y., 23 Sept. 1820. 

67. vi. William Matthewson, b. 2 May 1822. 
vii. Sarah Maria, b. 23 Apr. 1824; kiUed at Cleveland, Ohio, 2 Dec. 

1905, being struck by a frightened team of horses; m. in Boeton, 
Mass., 23 Dec. 1847, Rev. Orren Perkins, b. at Savoy, Mass., 
11 Aug. 1823, d. in Chicago, 111., 30 Oct. 1880. She was president 
of the Cleveland Woman's Suffrage Society, treasurer of the 
Coimty Federation of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, 
and editor of The True Republic, a rehgious periodical. She was 
noted also as a pubhc speaker, and spent her life in the cauee of 
various reforms. Children: 1. Mary Frances, b. at Bernardstc^i, 
Mass., 18 Sept. 1849; m. 6 Nov. 1872 John KeeUng Pearson, b. 
6 Mar. 1849, d. 11 Aug. 1894; two children: John Calder and 
Mary Keeling. 2. Florence Clinton, b. at Shirley, Mass., 28 Dec. 
1854; valedictorian of her class at Vassar College, 1875. 3. 
Emma Maude, b. at Winchester, N. H., 8 Mar. 1859; valedictorian 
of her class at Vassar College, 1879; professor of Latin at the 
College for Women, Western Reserve University. 

viii. Cyrus Henry, b. 1826; d. 2 Nov. 1901; served in the Civil War; m. 
29 Oct. 1863 Emeline Smith, b. 22 May 1830. Children: 1. 
Mary S.,'' m. Lewis Dyer. 2. Emma D., b. 1870; m. Fred Smith 
of Athol, Mass. 3. A child. 

ix. Celia Ann, b. 1828; d. Aug. 1876; m. William Matthewson. 

49. Truman* Clinton {Simeon,* Lawrence,^ Thomas,^ Lawrence^), 
born, probably at Bethlehem, about 1776, probably spent 
his youth in Woodbridge, and died about 1816. He married 
at Morris, 22 June 1797, Rhoda Peck, who died about 1816, 
daughter of Elijah and Hannah (Harrison). After the death 
of Truman Clinton and his wife their family was scattered. 

• The date of his birth as given supra, p. 160, is incorrect. 

1915] The Clinton Family oj Connecticut 201 

Truman Clinton's position in the Clinton family has been 
determined by the statement of his son Oliver that Truman 
had a brother Simeon and that Truman's daughter Hannah 
lived with her grandmother Ford- 

i. Anna Parmalee,' b. at Litchfield 10 Oct. 1799; d. at Woodbridge 
27 July 1818; m. 2 July 1818 Henry Newton, b. abt. 1799, d. at 
Woodbridge 3 Nov. 1819. 

68. ii. Almon, b. in Connecticut. 

iii. Hannah, m. abt. 1832 Sherman Chauncet Newton, s. of Enoch 
and Anne (Clinton), bapt. May 1802, d. 22 Nov. 1845 (gravestone 
at Woodbridge). 

69. iv. Freeman, b. in Pennsylvania. 

V. Oliver, settled at Cooperstown, N. Y. Children: 1. Truman TF.' 
2. Ellen Maria, m. Leonard of Cooperstown. 

50. Simeon^ Clinton {Anson*' Simeon,^ Thomas,^ Lawrence^), bom 

at West Haven 26 July 1799, died at Grand Rapids, Mich., 
12 Apr. 1863. He married, 30 Oct. 1830, Nancy Smith, 
daughter of Bradford. In his marriage record he is said to 
be of Waterbury. 

i. George D.^ 

ii. Frederick Henry, m. Rhoby Ann Allen. Child: 1. Louis Adel- 
hert,'' b. at Grand Rapids, Mich., 13 Feb. 1868; m. 16 Sept. 1892 
Florence Ada Seage; assistant agriculturist, Cornell University 
Experinaent Station, 1895-1902; director of Storrs Agricultural 
Experiment Station, 1902-1912; in the service of the U. S. Dept. 
of Agriculture since 1912. 

51. Charles C.^ Clinton {Anson,* Simeon,^ Thomas,"^ Lawrence^), 

born at West Haven 9 Mar. 1806, died in New Jersey 7 Nov. 
1894. He married, 10 Mar. 1830, Maria Barnett, daughter 
of Jabez and Harriet W., born 31 May 1811, died at New 
Haven 4 Feb. 1885. After her death he removed with his 
son James Barnett to Passaic, N. J. 

i. Harriet Maria,« b. 19 Dec. 1830; d. 30 July 1831. 

ii. Charles F., of Jersey City, N. J., b. 25 May 1832; d. 2 Feb. 1900. 

iii. James Barnett, b. 12 July 1834; d. at Soldiers' Home, Vineland, 

N. J., 12 Sept. 1913; m. 10 Nov. 1868 Valeria C. Penrose; 

served in the Civil War as captain in the First Connecticut Light 

Battery. Children: 1. James Wilkinson,^ of Passaic, N. J., b. 

29 Aug. 1869. 2. Charles Paul, of Los Angeles, Cal., b. 17 Sept. 

1871; m. 25 May 1896 Mary Frances Dove. 3. Mary Ada, b. at 

New Haven 14 Mar. 1875; m. 17 Jime 1897 Charles R. Newman. 

4. Anna Hoffman, b. 1 Dec. 1880; d. 25 Aug. 1885. 
iv. Ann Maria, b. 18 Sept. 1839; m. at New Haven, 14 Jan. 1873, 

Albert G. St. John, who was of Jersey City, N. J., 1888, and of 

Los Angeles, Cal., 1913. 

52. George Nelson^ Clinton {Joseph Benedict,* Joseph,^ Joseph,^ 

Lawrence^), born 1 Sept. 1806, died 5 June 1879. He married 
first, 24 Jan. 1836, Jane Ann Gibbs, born 22 June 1817, died 
30 Oct. 1847; and secondly, in 1847, Mrs. Mary (Thomp- 
son) DowiE, who died 6 July 1875, aged 65. 
Children by first wife: 

202 The Clinlon Family of Connecticut [July 

70. i. John Waterbtoy,' b. 21 Nov. 1836. 
ii. George Fields, b. 3 Sept. 1838; d. 10 June 1840. 
iii. Mart ANTorxErrE, b. 10 Sept. 1841; d. 9 Sept. 1844. 

Child by second wife: 
iv. Georgianna, b. 15 May 1852. 

53. Jajwes Bert^ Clintox (Simeon,* Joseph,^ Joseph,'^ Lawrence^), 
born at Patterson, N. Y., 23 Jan. 1795, removed to Peekskill, 
N. Y., about 1&42. He married, 16 Mar. 1816, Mary Ann 
LocKYER, born 12 Sept. 1799, died 6 Nov. 1869. 


i. Morris Edwix.s b. 14 Dec. 1816; d. 12 July 1899; m. 21 Oct. 1841 

Marietta Minor, b. 15 Mar. 1821, d. 4 Aug. 1893. Children: 

1. George,'' h. 1842; d. in infancy. 2. Charles Edwin, b. 14 Oct. 
i 1843; d. 8 Aug. 1868. 3. Jane Crosby, h. 21 Oct. 1845; m. 16 

Jan. 1868 Francis A. Allen, b. 18 Feb. 1845, d. 1 Mar. 1890; four 

children. 4. Kate, b. 18 Aug. 1856. 5. Carrie Louise, b. 27 Aug. 

1859; d. 15 June 1902; m. 3 June 1886 Thomaa D. Husted, b. 

18 Sept. 1860, d. 10 Jan. 1895; two children. 
ii. Benjamin, b. 19 June 1819; d. 6 Aug. 1871; m. 2 Mar. 1842 Cath- 
j arine T. Buckbee, who d. 6 Aug. 1871. Children: 1. Isabel,'' h. 

j 1846; m. Edward Franks; one child. 2. Carrie, d. aged 5 years. 

! 3. Frank, d. aged 14 years. 

1 iii. Catharine Mabt, b. 19 Jan. 1821; d. 7 Nov. 1852; m. 18 July 1844 

James R. Porter, b. 7 Dec. 1815, d. 5 May 1861. Childjen: 1. 
( Mary Aurelia, b. 5 June 1845; d. 31 May 1913; m. Martin Moses, 

i b. 11 Sept. 1846; five children. 2. Jame^ P., b. 28 June 1847; d. 

\ 5 Feb. 1848. 3. Katharine Clinlon, b. 3 Sept. 1850; m. 3 July 

] 1878 Reuben Kidner of Boston, Mass., b. 18 Mar. 1848; one child. 

; 4. Grace, h. 21 July 1852; m. 8 May 1877 WiUiam CrosweU, b. 20 

• Apr. 1851. 

I iv. James Fraser, b. 14 Oct. 1822; d. 14 Oct. 1824. 

I V. Grace Ann, b. 20 July 1825; d. 18 Jan. 1910; m. 19 May 1852 

I Joseph Simonds of Boston, Mass., b. 13 May 1809, d. 1 June 1882. 

I vi. James Fraser, b. 22 Feb. 1827; d. 19 Mar. 1855. 

i vii. Frances Jane, b. 24 June 1829; d. 8 Dec. 1903; m. (1) 8 Oct. 18-50 

i William Minor, b. 24 Jan. 1827, d. 28 Dec. 1853; m. (2) 13 Feb. 

\ 1861 BoLivAB Newberry. 

I viii. Caroline, b. 26 July 1831; d. 25 Dec. 1874; m. 14 Oct. 1863 Henry 

I Abbott, who d. 17 Nov. 1874. 

! ix. Margaket M.U.TINA, b. 16 Oct. 1833; m. 14 June 1865 Humphrey 

i R. Potter; lived at Windham, Greene Co., N. Y. 

X. Joel Crosby, b. 1 Feb. 1836; d. 27 Aug. 1903; m. 1855 Mary 
' Cassells, b. 4 Julv 1839, d. 19 Apr. 1882. Children: 1. Ja/nes 

F.,'' h. 31 Mar. 18o'7; d. young. 2. Fanny, b. 3 Aug. 1858; m. 

29 Dec. 1875 G. F. Mott; two children. 3. Lucy, b. 13 Feb. 1860; 

d. 30 Oct. 1912; m. George Drurer; three children. 4. Eliza, b. 

15 Sept. 1863; m.'H Oct. 1886 .Ajthur Peacock. 5. Benjamin 

(twin), b. 17 June 1866. 6. Grace (twin), b. 17 June 1S66; d. 

May 1911. 7. George, b. 2 Apr. 1868. 

71. xi. William Henbt, b. 17 July 1839. 

54. Ltman^ Clinton {David,' Jesse Eton,* Laxorence,^ Lawrence,''- 
\ Lawrence^), born at Wallingford 21 Mar. 1818, died at North 
: Haven 30 Jan. 1888. He married, 24 Nov. 1841, La\^nia 

; Children, born at North Haven: 

' i. Margaret Lavinia," b. 10 Mar. 1843; m. 25 Oct. 1866 George 

! Spencer Vibbert, b. 10 Jan. 1843, d. 9 Aug. 1914. 

ii. Julia Josephine, b. 14 June 1844; m. 10 Oct. 1867 Edward S. 

? Miner. 

1915] The Clinton Family of Connecticut 203 

iii. David Lawhence, postmaster at Clintonville, dealer in agricultural 
implements, b. 11 June 1849; m. 14 Sept. 1869 Fannie A1. Vib- 
BERT, b. 8 July 1850, dau. of Nelson and Lucy A. (Hosmer). 
Child: 1. Gertrude* h. 5 Jan. 1879; m. 16 May 1900 Edwin B. 
Stevens, b. 30 Apr. 1870. 

iv. Ltman Frederick, b. 18 Aug. 1854; m. in 1876 Ida A. Marks, b. 
6 Apr. 1854, dau. of George B. and Julia A. (Eaton). Children: 1. 
Blanche L.,* b. 23 Oct. 1876; m. 16 May 1900 William W. Stevens, 
b. 8 July 1867. 2. Inez J., h. 13 Sept. 1878; m. 30 June 1897 
Alfred W. Brooker, b. 3 Jan. 1873. 3. George Raymond, of Himt- 
ington, L. I., b. 24 Apr. 1887; m. 11 Jime 1910 Jessie Smith; two 

V. Anson Blakeslee, dealer in pianos, b. 24 Jan. 1857; m. 29 Dec. 
1879 Mary Stiles, b. 18 Dec. 1856, dau. of Hobart. Children: 
i 1. H. Wilson,* b. 16 May 1881; m. Oct. 1901 Anna Bannell; two 

children. 2. Stiles DeWitl, b. 11 Jan. 1889; m. at Denver, Colo., 
Sept. 1910, Lura Lucille Mixer; two children. 3. Mildred, h. 
14 Aug. 1891. 4. Sarah, d. 15 Nov. 1893, aged a few days. 

vi. Delia Euts-etia, b. 25 Jan. 1859; m. 6 Oct. 1888 Willoughbt Eli 
Fowler, b. at Guilford 6 Oct. 1860. 

55. Mereitt Julius^ Clinton (Jesse,^ Jesse Eton* Lawrence,^ 
Lawrence,'^ Lawrence^), born at Wallingford 23 June 1826, 

; lived at North Haven, and died 11 Apr. 1879. He married, 

24 Apr. 1850, Emily Blakeslee, born 9 Aug. 1831, died 

I 5 Feb. 1911. 

I Children, born at North Haven: 

I i. Origen C.,' b. 26 Aug. 1851, d. s.p. 13 July 1897. 

] ii. MiLO C, b. 29 Sept. 1853; d. 17 Oct. 1906; m. 3 May 1877 Hattie 
I M. Smith, b. 23 Nov. 1857, d. 12 Apr. 1897. Children: 1. Flora 

j B.,* b. 23 Sept. 1878; d. 14 June 1883. 2. Una B., h. 29 Oct. 1881 ; 

' d. 20 May 1894. 3. Clarence M., b. 19 Apr. 1887; d. Aug. 1901. 

; iii. Frank R., b. 15 July 1855. 

: 56, Isaac Basseti* Clinton {Jesse,^ Jesse Eton,* Lawrence,^ Law- 

.; rence,'^ Lawrence^), born at Wallingford 2 July 1834, lives at 

Wallingford. He married, 12 May 1858, Grace A. Allen, 

bom 18 July 1839, daughter of Hiram and Nancy (Button). 

Children, born at Wallingford: 

i. EvELYNB.,'b. 7 May 1859; m. 14 Feb. 1888 Florence A. Redfield, 
; b. 16 July 1863. Child: 1. Leroy W.,* h. 24 Nov. 1889. 

ii. Friend, b. 20 June 1862; m. 2 Aug. 1888 Helen G. Clark, b. at 
Middletown 17 Jan. 1866. 

iii. Elbert, b. 15 June 1872; m. in 1898 Clara G. Sanford, b. at Ham- 
den abt. 1876. Children, b. at Hamden: 1. Helen Priscilla,* b. 
17 Sept. 1898. 2. Olive Aiwaier, h. 14 Nov. 1902. 

57. Edwin Jesse^ Clinton (Jesse,^ Jesse Eton,* Lawrence,^ Law- 
rence,'^ Lawrence^), born at Wallingford 4 Sept. 1836, lives 
at Wallingford. He married first, 11 Apr. 1859, Cornelia 
Tuttle, born 14 Aug. 1842, died 24 Mar. 1885; and secondly, 
20 Jan. 1886, Eliza J. Arthur, born at Kingston, Jamaica, 
18 Dec. 1853. 
Children by first wife, born at Wallingford: 

: i. Andrew D.,' b. 7 Sept. 1862; m. 21 May 1885 LucT A. Bishop, b. 

10 July 1861. Child: Charles,* b. at North Haven 15 Mar. 1901. 
I ii. Ida L., b. 30 Aug. 1871; m. Heinrich Vollhardt, b. at Frankfurt 

j am Main, Prussia, 21 July 1870. 

204 The Clinton Family of Connecticut [July 

Child by second wife, born at Wallingford: 

iii. Joseph Arthur, of Hartford, b. 12 June 1888; m. 21 Oct. 1910 
Nellie L. Treat, b. 5 Nov. 1888, dau. of Frederick and Nellie 
(Pope). ChUd: 1. Edwin Treat," b. 3 June 1913. 

58. Elizur Zerah^ Clinton {Jesse,^ Jesse Eton* Lawrence,'^ Law- 
rence,^ Lawrence^), born at Wallingford 18 Sept. 1847, died 
9 Sept. 1902. He married first, 10 Nov. 1869, Julia A. 
Bishop, born 1 May 1850, died 10 Apr. 1873; and secondly, 
3 Dec. 1873, Ella J. Palmer, born 25 June 1849, daughter 
of Timothy and Sybil (Barnes). 

Children by second ■wife, born at Wallingford: 

i. Robert J.,' b. 6 Feb. 1875; m. 21 Apr. 1898 Hilda Matilda Olsen. 
Children: 1. Charlotte EUa," b. 27 Feb. 1899. 2. RiUh Ernestine, 
b. 16 June 1901. 3. LiUian Justine, b. 11 Jan. 1904. 

ii. Bessie, b. 28 Mar. 1878. 

iii. LovELL E., b. 5 June 1883; d. 31 Dec. 1909. 

iv. Dora Palmer, b. 17 Mar. 1889; m. 19 June 1912 Robert Wolcott 
Youngs of Wallingford. 

V. Jennie Frances, b. 16 Apr. 1891; m. 19 Oct. 1910 Charles Aron- 


59. Urial P.^ Clinton {Norman,^ Henry,* Henry, ^ ? Shubael,'^ 
Lawrence^), born at Potsdam, N. Y., 14 Jan. 1824, lived at 
ClintonviUe, Wis. He married first, at Waukesha, Wis., 13 

* IMar. 1846, Mary C. Bowman, who died at ClintonviUe, 

N. Y., 22 June 1857; and secondly, 12 Oct. 1858, Mrs. Anna 
E. (Finch) Webb, who died in Dec. 1894. 
Children by first wife: 

i. Martha M.,' of West Rutland, Vt., b. 23 Apr. 1848. 

ii. Charles C, b. 23 Nov. 1850. 

iii. Mary A., of West Rutland, Vt., b. 25 May 1853; living unm. 

iv. Alfred N., b. 15 Aug. 1855; d. young. 

V. WiLUAM H., of Clinton\-ille, Wis., b. 11 June 1857; m. 30 Nov. 1883 

Emma C. Lorrey. Children: 1. £mma,' b. 1 Dec. 1884; d. 10 Dec. 

1884. 2. George T., b. 13 July 1886. 

Child by second wife: 

vi. Philip P., b. 9 Jan. 1872. 


I 60, LuMAN W.* Clinton {Norman,^ Henry,* Henry, ^ ? Shvhael,'^ 

Lawrence^), born at Potsdam, N. Y., 5 Aug. 1830, was a 
member of Company I, Twenty-first Wisconsin Infantry, and 
was killed in battle at Perryville, Ky., 8 Oct. 1862. He married 
at Milwaukee, Wis., 8 Jan. 1854, Sarah Ann Sharp, born at 
Gambler, Ohio, 30 Nov. 1835, daughter of Rev. John and 

i. Eva Louisa,' b. at Menasha, Wis., 23 Oct. 1854; m. at Waupun, 

Wis., 31 Dec. 1880, James E. Russell. 
ii. Emma May, primary teacher in public schools, Waukesha, Wis., b. 

at Milwaukee, Wis., 22 Sept. 1856. 
iii. Horace Irving, b. at Menasha, Wis., 28 Oct. 1858; d. 26 Mar. 1859. 
iv. Jamejs Luman, of Colorado Springs, Colo., photographer, b. at 

ChntonviJle, Wis., 15 June 1860; m. 5 May 1887 Emily D. Pres- 

cott, dau. of Isaiah of Madison, Wis. Child: 1. Ciaufie,^ b. 13 Feb. 


1915] The Clinton Family of Connecticut 205 

V. Lulu Kate, b. at Menasha, Wis., 19 Dec. 1862; drowned in Lake 
Mendota, Madison, Wis., 4 July 1881. 

61. Royal Wells* Clinton (Lyman,^ Lyman,* Henry,^ ? Shubael,^ 

Lawrence^), lumber dealer, born at Colebrook 1 Mar. 1823, 
died at Newark Valley, N. Y., 20 Mar, 1895. He married, 
16 May 1844, Anna C. Knapp, daughter of William and 
Rosanna. In 1866 he was appointed one of the railroad 
commissioners for the bonding of his town for the construc- 
tion of the Southern Central Railroad, and in 1873 he became 
a director of that road. He held many local offices, and in 
1890 was elected to represent his assembly district in the 
State Legislature. 

Children, born at Newark Valley, N. Y. : 

i. Ella J.,^ b. 20 Apr. 1845; m. at Newark Valley, N. Y., 22 Nov. 
1865, Morris Elwell. 

ii. Austin William, B.S. (Cornell, 1872), b. 11 Mar. 1850; m. 18 Oct. 
1875 Alice J. Davis. He removed to Galeton, Pa., before 1893, 
and in 1896 lived at Binghamton, N. Y. Children: 1. Leigh C.,* 
b. 3 July 1878. 2. Harry, h. 15 Nov. 1879. 3. Luis, h. 4 July 1881. 
4. Helen, h. 14 Apr. 1883. 5. Carrie. 

iii. Arthur J., b. 3 Mar. 1856; m. 15 June 1880 Addib Rays. He lived 
in 1893 at Galeton, Pa., and in 1896 at Elmira, N. Y. Children: 
1. Edith K.,^ h. 8 Aug. 1881. 2. Leonard R., h. 22 June 1885. 

62. ELLi.s W.* Clinton {Thomas,^ Ebenezer,* Thomas,^ Thomas,'^ 

Lawrence^), born about 1809, died at New Haven 20 Apr. 
1880. He married first, at Derby, 12 May 1837, Eliza 
Thomas, born about 1809, died 19 Oct. 1850; and secondly, 
at Derby, 25 Sept. 1851, Juliet Wheeler of Oxford. 
Child by first wife : 

i. Wallace W.,' m. (1) Sarah Frances , who d. at Derby 

26 Apr. 1872, aged 36; m. (2) at Derby, 10 Aug. 1875, Mercy 
Tuttle. Child by first wife: 1. A daughter,^ h. 26 Dec. 1862. 

63. Anson E.* Clinton {Ebenezer,^ Ehenezer,* Thomas,^ Thomas,^ 

Lawrence^), born at Seymour ia 1813, died at West Haven 
9 Aug. 1878. He married Nancy M. Carpenter, born at 
Monroe about 1814, died 30 Oct. 1881. He and his family 
lived at West Haven. 

i. Frances A.,' b. abt. 1840; d. 8 Jan. 1899; m, at New Haven, 

16 Jan. 1861, John Wallace. 
ii. Nancy M., b. abt. 1842; d. 3 May 1847. 
iii. Charles H., b. abt. 1844; m. 2 Dec. 1866 Caroline McIntyre, b. 

in New Jersey abt. 1844. Children: 1. Fannie il/.,« b. abt. 1867; 

m. 1 Jan. 1894 Levi E. Dudley. 2. Charles, b. 1 Apr. 1870. 3. 

Lillian, h. 22 Apr. 1872. 
iv. Mary E., b. abt. 1845; d. 3 May 1847. 
v. John A., b. abt. 1848; d. 10 Sept. 1912; m. Hattie Amelia Rice, 

b. abt. 1854. Children: 1. Waller H.,^ h. 5 Aug. 1871; m. 19 Oct. 

1905 Louise M. Foster of Meriden. 2. Irving Beach, b. 15 July 

1873; d. 23 Aug. 1876. 3. Susan Frances, h. 16 Nov. 1878; m. 

9 Apr. 1895 Philip E. Wilson. 4. Nellie Amelia, b. 24 Dec. 1885. 
vi. Benjamin Edward, b. Apr. 1850; d. 15 Nov. 1886; m. Effie W. 

Hubbell, b. a-bt. 1853, who m. (2) 17 Mar. 1889 Leonard W. 

Rogers. Children: 1. Effie L.,^ b. 10 Apr. 1870; m. William Col- 

206 The Clinton Family of Connecticut [July 

bert. 2. George E., b. 20 May 1872; m. 6 Mar. 1892 Phoebe 
Henrietta Porter. 3. Almira Delphine, h. 12 Oct. 1874; d. 31 Jaa. 
1875. 4. Ella M., h. 3 Jan. 1876; m. 8 Apr. 1894 Frank Davis. 

5. Clarence W., h. 15 June 1878; d. at New Haven 13 June 1887. 

6. A daiighter, h. 18 May 1881; d. young. 

vii. William W., b. abt. 1851; m. 5 Aug. 1872 Maet Jake Manning, b. 

at Bangor, Me., 20 May 1855, d. at West Haven 4 June 1903. 

Children: 1. Hiram Isaiah,^ b. 11 July 1874; m. 10 Feb. 1892 

Matilda C. Porter. 2. Louis M., b. 25 Sept. 1875; d. 30 Sept. 

1875. 3. Benjamin Daniel, h. 5 Oct. 1876. 4. Arma .4., b. 9 Nov. 

1878; m. 25 Oct. 1899 Joseph H. Spoze. 5. WiUiam Anson. 6. 

Marshall H., h. 1 Jan. 1885. 7. James Edward, h. abt. 1887; m. 

28 Oct. 1908 Eva A. La Chapelle. 
viii. Frank A., b. 30 May 1853; m. (1) 30 June 1872 Olietta Shattcck 

of Springfield; m. (2) 19 June 1893 IMrs. Fannie M. (Peck) 

Oaks. Children by first wife: 1. Essie,^ h. 8 Mar. 1874; d. 

. 2. Arthur B., h. 6 Apr. 1876. 3. Ida Emma, h. at Bristol 

8 May 1880; d. at New Haven 16 July 1883. 
ix. Mary E., b. 14 Apr. 1855; m. Truman Wallace. 
X. Freddie, b. 27 Oct. 1857; d. 28 Jan. 1858. 

64. Lyman Albekt® Clintox {Ehenezer,^ Ebenezer,^ Thomas,* 

Thomas,^ Lawrence^), bom 23 Apr. 1815, lived at Derby and 
New Haven. He married first, 6 Apr. 1837 (Trinity Church 
records, Seymour), Jen'xette Mineeva Blaej:, born at 
Hamden about May 1817, died at New Haven 13 Jan. 1881, 
daughter of Isaac, Jr.; and secondly, at Derby, 6 Apr. 1884, 
Ellen R. Cadwell. 
Children by first wife: 

i. DeWitt F.,' b. 1837; d. 4 Apr. 1869 (gravestone at Derby); m. 

Mart Ann Osborne. Child: 1. Eva Jane,* b. 20 July 1860; d. 

15 Aug. 1860 (New Haven records). 
ii. Marshall E., b. 16 July 1841; resides in Sonora, Mexico, 
iii. Sarah E., b. 3 June 1847; m. at Derby, 8 May 1872, Frederick B. 

iv. Thomas (twin), b. and d. 27 Jxine 1849. 
V. Theron Thomas (twin), b. 27 June 1849; d. 11 Jan. 1852. 
vi. Henry T., b. 27 Apr. 1854; d. at New Haven 3 Nov. 1862. 
vii. Mary E., b. 30 Sept. 1856; m. 14 May 1879 Charles Redfield. 

65. Ormond D.^ Clinton {John,^ John, '^ John,* Thomas,''' Lawrence^), 

born at Triangle, Broome Co., N. Y., 4 Dec. 1807, died at 
German, Chenango Co., X. Y., 18 June 1881, and was buried 
at Greene, Chenango Co., N. Y. He married at Virgil, 
Cortland Co., N. Y., 9 Aug. 1840, Almira Payne, born at 
Leicester, R. I., 17 Nov. 1816, daughter of William and Lydia 
(Barnes) . 

i. DeWitt,' b. 3 Mar. 1847; d. 18 Oct. 1849. 

ii. Jane, b. 12 Apr. 1849; m. 19 Sept. 1871 Lorenzo D. Leach. 

iii. Phebe, b. 30 May 1852; m. 13 June 1874 George Schonten. 

iv. Eugene, lawyer, b. 13 Jan. 1855; m. 10 Jan. 1884 Bertha L. John- 
son of Greene, N. Y. Xo issue. 

V. Mary, b. 19 Sept. 1856; m. 8 Feb. 1877 Charles C. Curtis of 
McDonough, N. Y. 

vi. Charles, lawyer, b. 2 Aug. 1858; m. 15 Sept. 1880 Emma Fosgate 
of German, N. Y. He was school commissioner. Second District, 
Chenango Co., N. Y., 1890, and was twice re-elected. Children: 
1. Almira L.* b. 5 Jan. 1882. 2. HaUie M., b. 22 Feb. 1884. 

1915] The Clinton Family of Connecticut 207 

3. Charles D., b. 14 Sept. 1886, 4. George C, b. 17 Mar. 1889. 
5. Jvlian B., b. 22 Feb. 1892. 
vii. Emma, b. 2 June 1861; m. 30 Nov. 1880 John S. Mason of Mc- 
Donough, N. Y. 

66. Andrew Beers^ Clinton {Joel,^ John* John,^ Thomas,^ Law- 

rence^), bom in Otsego Co., N. Y., 23 Sept. 1820, died at Mil- 
ford, Otsego Co., N. Y., 4 Sept. 1900. He married first, 
1 Dec. 1843, Hannah Montgomery, born 12 Aug. 1822, died 
Dec. 1865; and secondly, in 1869, Alida Van Syke. 

Children by first wife: 
i. Susan Victoria,' b. 14 Feb. 1847; d. Sept. 1870; m. Danveks 

Dana Henry. 
ii. Andrew Jackson, b. 23 Sept. 1848; d. Aug. 1850. 
iii. Sidney, b. 3 May 1854; m. Anne Dingman. Children: 1. Ethel.* 

2. Edith. 3. Nellie. 
iv. Hannah Jane, b. at Coloma, Wis., 6 July 1856; d. at Morris, 

Otsego Co., N. y., 31 July 1875. 
V. William Henry, b. in Waushara Co., Wis., 5 Oct. 1858; m. Mary 

Ellen Brockway. Children: 1. Jennie May? b. 10 Dec. 1886; 

d. 10 Feb. 1887. 2. Carrie Elizabeth. 3. Sidney Andrew, b. 

19 May 1890. 4. Adelbert Franklin, b. 27 Jan. 1893. 5. Sarah 

Bell Perkins, h. 10 Apr. 1895. 
vi. Carrie, b. 31 Aug. 1862; adopted by H. K. Murdock, whose wife 

was a cousin. 

67. WiLLLAJM Matthewson* Clinton (Joel,^ John,* John,^ Thomas^ 

Lawrence^), bom 2 May 1822, died 21 Feb. 1880. He married 
first JuLLA. Elma Leonard, born in 1818, died 8 Dec. 1852; 
and secondly Calcina B, Terry, born 29 Oct. 1827, died 
19 Aug. 1899. 
Children by first wife: 

i. Julia Elmina,' b. 16 May 1844; m. 18 Oct. 1864 Cortland W. 

SwARTOUT, b. 1842, d. abt. 1901. 
ii. DeWitt William, b. 5 May 1846; m. (1) Lucy A. Abbott; m. (2) 

. Children by first wife: 1. Frank.^ 2. Paid. 

iii. George Willard, b. 18 Oct. 1848; d. 27 Aug. 1890. 
iv. Harriet Elma, b. 28 Nov. 1852; m. Charles Davison. 

Children by second wife: 

V. Ella Evangeline, of Oneonta, N. Y., b. 24 July 1854. 
vi. Jessie Mary, b. 19 Oct. 1855; d. 18 Apr. 1863. 
vii. Anna Belle, b. 5 Mar. 1857. 
viii. John Paul, b. 2 Apr. 1861; d. 3 Apr. 1863. 
ix. Fannie Cory, of Oneonta, N. Y., b. 22 Oct. 1864. 
X. Abbie Matthewson, deputy county treasurer of Otsego Co., N. Y., 
b. 22 Nov. 1866. 

68. Almon® Clinton {Truman,^ Simeon,* Lawrence,^ Thomas,^ 

Lawrence^), born in Connecticut, settled in Susquehanna Co., 
Pa. He married Polly Carpenter, 
Children : 

i. Uriah,' of Woodbridge, m. Caroune Coleman, who d. Oct. 1870, 
dau. of William and Hannah. Children: 1. Loranda,* h. abt. 
1845; m. 6 May 1866 Dr. Albert Porter of New Haven. 2. Alson 
ScoU, of New Haven, b. abt. 1847; d. 1874; m. 17 Feb. 1868 
Harriet Griswold; had issue. 3. A child, d. young. 4. Jeweti, of 
New Milford, Pa., m. (1) Arabella Lewis; m. (2) Katherine 
Connelly; four children by first wife and three children by second 

208 The Clinton Family of Connedicvi [July- 

wife. 5. Julian S.. of Stratford, b. 19 Nov. 1859; m. at Stratford, 
1881, Mary E. Juoson; six children. 

ii. Sally H., m. ED■w^N Judd of Waterbiiry. 

iii. Ira D., of Woodbridge and Waterbury, m. . Children: 1. 

Emma? 2. Ada. 

iv. Edwin, of Susquehanna Co., Pa. 

V. Henry, of Woodbridge, d. at Aiken, S. C; m. 30 Sept. 1862 Mary E. 
Roberts. Children: 1. Harriet E.,^ b. at Seymour 11 Sept. 1864. 
2. Louis (twin). 3. Lulu (twin). 4. Alice (twin), b. 18 Aug. 1869; 
d. 24 Aug. 1869. 5. Allie (twin), b. 18 Aug. 1869; d. 26 Aug. 1869. 
6. Henry E., of Litchfield, b. 19 Nov. 1873. 

69. Freeman* Clinton {Truman,^ Simeon* Lawrence,^ Thomas,^ 
Lawrence^), born in Pennsjdvania, lived in Woodbridge and 
Westville, Conn., and died in Woodbridge about 1861. He 
married, 14 July 1836, Sarah Alling, bom at Woodbridge 

5 Dec. 1815, died at New Haven 19 May 1902, daughter of 
Isaac and Sally. 

i. Mary A.,' b. 12 July 1837; m. 2 Aug. 1860 William Warren 


ii. Clarissa ElviraA). 27 May 1840; d. 29 Sept. 1863; m. at Bethany, 
29 Aug. 1860, Charles Edward Wooding. 

iii. James George, b. 25 Sept. 1844; corporal in the Civil War; killed 
in the Battle of Fredericksburg, 13 Dec. 1862. 

iv. Charles E., b. 22 Sept. 1846; m. (1) 7 Dec. 1870 Mary E. Bradley, 
b. at Orange 10 June 1845, d. at New Haven 1 Mar. 1903; m. (2) 
27 May 1911 Grace Conley. Children by first wife: 1. Edson 
E.,^ b. abt. 1872; m. (1) 7 Feb. 1892 Lillian Latimer; m. (2) 

» ; two children by first wife. 2. Daisy E., b. Nov. 1875; 

m. 18 Sept. 1906 Dr. Stanley B. Woodruff of Bayonne, N. J. 3. 
George Henry, h. 10 Nov. 1882; m. 22 Mar. 1911 Jennie I. Gran- 

V. Lawrence W., b. at Woodbridge 23 Apr. 1849; d. at New Haven 
11 Jan. 1894; m. at West Haven, 21 June 1883, Ellen S. Smith, 
who m. (2) 23 Oct. 1895 Walter F. Judd. Children: 1. Sarah 
Eliza,^ b. 8 May 1SS4; m. 6 Oct. 1909 Floyd Andrew Beecher. 2. 
WiUis Harrison, h. 19 July 1888; d. 17 Aug. 1890. 

70. John Waterbury* Clinton {George Nelson,^ Joseph Benedict,* 
Joseph,^ Joseph,"^ Lawrence^) was born 21 Nov. 1836. He 
married at Polo, 111., in Jan, 1861, Carrie Perkins, born 

6 Dec. 1839. 

i. Georgl^nna,' b. 23 Nov. 1861; d. 13 Nov. 1863. 

ii. Evangeline, b. 7 Mar. 1863. 

iii. George Perkins, botanist. Conn. Agricultural Experiment Station, 

b. 7 May 1867; m. at Pekin, 111., 9 Aug. 1892, Anna Lightbody. 

Child: 1. Harry Lighlbodv,' b. 13 July 1893. 
iv. John DeWitt, b. 16 Nov. 1871; d. 18 Oct. 1905. 
V. Bertie F., b. 16 Dec. 1873; d. 16 Aug. 1875. 
vi. Edgar Marcellus, b. 21 May 1877; m. 23 June 1904 Eugenia 

Thomas. Children: 1. Edgar Thomas,^ b. 3 Sept. 1906. 2. John, 

d. aged a few days. 3. Eugenia Marcella, h. 9 Oct. 1911. 
vii. Anna Lucile, b. 30 Dec. 1880. 

71. William Henry* Clinton (James Bert,^ Simeon,* Joseph,' 
i Joseph,'^ Lawrence^), born 17 July 1839, died 3 June 1906. 
! He married, 16 Mar. 1864, Eliza D. Denike, born 8 Mar. 
i 1844. 

1915] The Clinton Family of ConnectiaU 209 


i. Helen,' b. 15 Aug. 1865; d. 3 Sept. 1905; m. 8 June 1893 Caspar 

DeWitt Dyckman, b. 2 Aug. 1863. Two children. 
ii. Fred Denike, b. 28 Feb. 1867; d. 25 Dec. 1895. 
iii. Margaket Potter, b. 13 Nov. 1870; m. 15 Jan. 1903 Joseph M. 

Fox, b. 26 May 1868. 
iv. William Henry, b. 11 Aug. 1872; m. 25 Apr. 1905 Anna M. Han- 
cock, b. 6 Apr. 1882. 
V. Charles Edwin, b. 21 May 1876; m. 17 Apr. 1900 Margretta H. 
{ Kavana. Child: Charles Edwin» h. 17 June 1909. 

I vi. Frank Newbury, b. 25 Oct. 1878; m. 27 Dec. 1905 Lucy N. Sutton, 

I b. 8 May 1880. ChHdren: 1. Lucy Allen,* b. 24 Feb. 1907. 2. 

I Muriel Elizabeth, b. 5 Apr. 1910. 

; vii. Arthur Wadsworth, b. 20 May 1884. 

i viii. Robert Depew, b. 5 Aug. 1887. 



Compiled by Miss Caroline Clinton Collins of Cincinnati, Ohio 

1. Hon. Ela^ Collins {Oliver,'^ Jonathan,^ Robert,^ John} of Guil- 
; ford, Conn.) was born at Meriden, Conn., 14 Feb. 1786, son of Gen. 

; Oliver and Lois (Cowles), and died at Lowville, N. Y., 23 Nov. 1848. 

J He married at Lowville, N. Y., 11 July 1811, Maria^ Clinton (23, 

I ii, vide Register, vol. 69, p. 161), bom at Southwick, Mass., 4 May 

f 1791, died at Cincinnati, Ohio, 5 Sept. 1871, daughter of Rev. Isaac* 

* and Charity (Welles). 

.' Ela Collins was educated at Clinton Academy, now Hamilton 

; College, and held many offices of trust and honor. He was super- 

•■ visor of the town of LowvoUe, a member of the New York Assembly in 

': 1814, attorney for the Northern District of New York, and in 1821 

a member of the convention held to amend the constitution of the 
State of New York. In 1822 he was elected to the Eighteenth Con- 
gress of the United States. For many years he was a trustee of 
LowviUe Academy. 

Childreu, born at Lowville, N. Y. : 

i. Caroline Cunton,' b. 31 Aug. 1812; d. at Lowville, N, Y., 15 Sept. 

ii. Edward Cowles, b. 10 Sept. 1814; d. at Lowville, N. Y., 6 Nov. 

iii. Maria, b. 29 Apr. 1816; d. at Lowville, N. Y., 3 Oct. 1846. 
2. iv. William, b. 22 Feb. 1818. 

v. George Ela, b. 31 Mar. 1820; d. at Cincinnati, Ohio, 15 June 1846. 

vi. Francis, of Columbus, Ohio, lawyer, b. 8 Aug. 1822; d. at Columbus 

31 Aug. 1882; m. at Columbus, 27 Oct. 1852, Helen Kelley, 

dau. of Alfred and sister of his brother Wilham's mfe {vide infra, 

2). He was educated at the Lowville (N. Y.) Academy, and in 

1841 received an appointment to the IJ. S. Military Academy 

at West Point, where he was graduated in 1845 with the rank of 

second lieutenant in the Fourth Artillery. On the outbreak of the 

Mexican War he engaged in active service and was wounded at the 

Battle of Contreras in 1847. He was promoted to the rank of 

first lieutenant "for gallant and meritorious conduct " in that 

action and in the Battle of Churubusco. After two years more of 

\ service in Florida he resigned from the Army and studied bw at 

' - Cincinnati, Ohio, removing in 1852 to Columbus. There he spent 

J the remainder of his life, filling many public and responsible 


210 The Clinton Family of Connecticut [July 

3. vii. Isaac Clinton, b. 2 Jan. 1824. 

viii. Sarah Welles, b. 8 Dec. 1825; d. 7 Nov. 1847; m. 5 Apr. 1847 
Professor David Porter Mayhew of Spencertown, N. Y., who 
d. at Detroit, Mich., 28 May 1887. 

ix. Emily, b. 20 Jan. 1829; d. 26 Oct. 1853. 

X. Henry, b. Sept. 1830; d. 10 Aug. 1831. 

xi. Harriet Anne, b. 15 Sept. 1833; d. at Cincinnati, Ohio, 26 Jan. 
1902; m. at Cleveland, Ohio, 7 Mar. 1854, John Williamson 
Herron, b. at Shippensburg, Pa., 10 May 1827, d. at Cincinnati 
5 Aug. 1912. He was a graduate of Miami College, Oxford, Ohio, 
was a member in 1872 of the Third Constitutional Convention of 
the State of Ohio, was appointed by President Benjamin Harrison, 
27 Jan. 1890, U. S. district attorney for Southern Ohio, and was a 
member of the Ohio Assembly in 1896-97. Children: 1. Emily 
Collins, b. 28 May 1856; m. 3 Apr. 1878 Gustavus Parsons, grand- 
son of Judge Gustavus Swan; eight children. 2. Jane Wills, h. 
9 Feb. 1858; m. 2 May 1878 Charles Anderson, b. Dec. 1854, d. 
1906; three children. 3. Francis, d. young. 4. Helen, b. 2 Jxme 
1861; m. 19 June 1886 Hon. WiUiam Howard Taft, President of 
the United States (1909-1913), b. 15 Sept. 1858, s. of Alphonso 
and Louise M. (Torrey); three children. 5. Katherine, d. j'oung. 
6. Maria Clinlon, h. 12 Oct. 1864. 7. William Collins, h. 17 July 
1866; m. June 1895 Jane Espy; four children. 8. Agnes Linn, d. 
young. 9. John Williamson, b. 16 May 1870; m. at Washington, 
D. C, 27 May 1896, Georgia Mai Aldrich; two children. 10. 
Eleanor Frevdenburg, h. 1 Jime 1874; m. 17 Mar. 1903 Professor 
Louis Tren chard More of the University of Cincinnati. 11. Lucy 
Hayes, b. 8 Nov. 1877, and bapt. in the White House; m. (1) 
3 Jan. 1903 Thomas McKennan Laughlin of Pittsburgh, Pa., who 

1 d. — ; m. (2) at Washington, D.C., 26 Apr. 1915, Hon. Henry 

5 F. Lippitt, U. S. Senator from Rhode Island. 

Hon. "William^ Collins {Ela^), born at Lowville, N. Y., 

22 Feb. 1818, died at Cleveland, Ohio, 18 June 1878. He 

married, 22 Nov. 1847, Jane Kelley, born 20 Feb. 1820, 

died at Cambridge, Mass., about 1896, daughter of Alfred 

(an early statesman of Ohio) and Mary SejTnour (Welles). 

In 1846 he was elected to Congress from the Northern District 

of New York. After the death of Ela Collins in 1848 the 

old home at Lowville was broken up, and William Collins 

settled at Cleveland, Ohio, residing on EucUd Avenue. 


i. Frances,' b. 19 Jan. 1850. 

ii. Frederick Kelley, of Newton, Mass., A.B. (Harvard, 1874), b. 

7 June 1851; m. 15 Oct. 1894 Margaret Wilson. No issue, 
iii. Walter Stow, A.B. (Harvard, 1876), b. 12 July 1854; d. 5 Dec. 

1893; m. 5 July 1883 Florence Nelson Gaston of Scran ton. Pa. 

Children: 1. Marjorie Stow,* b. 8 Aug. 1885. 2. Kenneth, b. 10 Jan. 

iv. Mary, b. 7 June 1857; d. 1 Mar. 1860. 
V. Alice, b. 26 June 1859; d. 20 Aug. 1859. 

Isaac Clinton^ Collins {Ela}'), born at Lowville, N. Y., 2 Jan. 
1824, died at Cincinnati, Ohio, 29 July 1879. He married, 
3 Feb. 1852, Emily Hopkins Ruth, born at Baltunore, Md., 
in 1827, died at Cmcinnati 17 July 1898. After receiving the 
degree of A.B. at Yale in 1846 he studied law in New York 
City, and removed to Cincinnati in 1849. Here he formed a 
partnership with Stanley Matthews (afterwards an associate 

1915] Diary of James Parker 211 

justice of the Supreme Court of the United States) and Sam- 
uel B. Keyes; later he took his brother-in-law, John W. 
Herron, into partnership. He was a member of the Ohio 
Legislature in 1858-59, and was appointed a judge of the 
Court of Common Pleas in 1882. 
Children, born at Cincinnati, Ohio: 

i. Caroline Clinton,' b. 28 July 1853. 

ii. Elizabeth Keyes, b. 18 Sept. 1856. 

iii. Maria Clinton, b. 30 May 1860. 

iv. Emily Ruth, b. 16 Sept. 1861. 

V. Clinton, of Cincinnati, Ohio, A.B. (Harvard, 1886), LL.B. (Cin- 
cinnati Coll., 1887), b. 15 Nov. 1863; m. at Louisville, Ky., in 
1899, Edith Betts, dau. of Joseph Wallace and Margaret (Young). 
CMldren: 1. Clinton,^ b. Feb. 1901. 2. Francis, b. 12 Apr. 1902. 
3. Joseph, b. July 1904. 4. William, b. July 1910. 

vi. JJarriet Hereon, b. 18 Sept. 1865; m. 18 June 1890 Dr. Samuel 
Ellsworth Allen. Children: 1. Rvlh Collins, b. 3 Aug. 1895. 
2. Margaret Nye, b. 7 Aug. 1899. 

Additions and Corrections 

Supra, p. 58. John' Clinton (9) had, besides the nine children there given, a 
daughter Mary; and it was she, instead of Elizabeth, who married Abraham 
Marvin of Fly Creek, N. Y., born in 1762. 

James Powers and Lois Clinton, both of New Haven, were married at Wood- 
bridge 30 July 1765. They had a child who was baptized at Trinity Church, 
New Haven, and soon afterwards they removed to Farmington. The parent- 
age of this Lois Clinton has not been discovered. 



'. Transcribed by Mrs. Ethel Stanwood Bolton, A. B., of Shirley, Mass. 

[ [Continued from page 127] 

i [1777, January] 

'; 2 1 and my viife went to Jonas Parkers & had a set Down 

i 3 1 went to Frost's to hear Mr. Cutler Preach. 

i 5 Edmund Longley & wife was taken into Church. 

15 at Night I & my wife & a Number of others went & Had a set Down at 
John Egertons 

24 Egerton Helped me mend my hand irons &c. 

26 One M'' Gihnore Preached without Notes 

30 I made some Buttons for my Great Coat or Rocklow. 

, 3 I had a new Great Coat or Rocklow finished off this Day, 

12 I went to Elijah Wildes's to hear Doc'' Parker Preach. 

24 John Egerton & his wife, John Todd & his wife, John Sollondoyn & wife, 
1 Jonas Parker & \vife, all came to ray house to Supper sollondoyn & wife 

• & Egertons wife Stayed all night. Todd & his wife went to Jonases came 

! to my house to Breakfast 

! [March] 

i 3 the Little soldiers came home, 

; VOL. LXIX. 14 

212 Diary of James Parker [July 

7 Brother Levi, Phinehas, Jonas, Daniel Woods & their ■wifes came to my 
house to Dinner, after that we went to Egertons & left the women, then 
wee went to Haskells & took a Drink & Back to Egertons, then Had a Set 
Down, then Levi came to my house, then we scattered, the Next Day they 
went to Groton 


1 Jonathan Pratt was at m}' house. 
30 Jest at night I went to the New School House but we did not settel about 

it. . . all this week the iloney makers in Tow[n] Sam^' Tarbell & a Num- 
ber of others 


2 At night I went to see about the School house. 

' 15 I went to To^ti meeting we subscribed 28 Dollars a man. I gave 10 

Dollars Viz Jonathan Da^'is, Amos Dole, Ezra Smith, W™ Bartlett Jr., 
Asa Holden all Inlisted for 3 years &c. Old IM'' Simon Conant 

19 Prudence Warner came to Live at my House this Day 


20 I went with Harper* to Randalls after a girl 

21 I went to Groton Capt Hazen with me & Notify Josiah Sawtell of a 
: meeting at Littleton. I sunamoned W™ Bolton &c. 

I 11 I went to Capt Hazen to see him after his Troyal at Boston with Gen' 

i Prescott & old fifef 

; 15 Y® news came that Ticonderagua being given Up. Our men jest month 

i from Shirley 

I 22 Jest a night there was a Larm the whole Town met. the regulars Land- 

j ing at Providence 

I 23 the met again in y^ morning & Old Simon Holden Draughted out 28 men 

j with Those that turned out freely they marched to Littleton & then re- 

1 turned home 

'• 31 Col° HaskeU's Little girl was buried.f 

] [August] 

j 3 we heard that 100 Sail of regulars in sight of Boston Our People was a 

I Larmed as far [illegible] 

; 9 Joshua Longley Buried a ChUd. our Hennerietta had the measles. 

11 Joshua Longley's oldest child Dj^d. 

15 Was a meeting to Draught men the Slectmen Draughted me, Capt 
Harris, W°» Little, Sami^ Gordon, & Old Stephen Holden. I never knew 
so wet a Sunamer the Brook full. 
20 at Night I heard there was a Larm in Worcester County. 

15 SibU Parker came to spin at my house 

22 Capt Childs came to mj' house in Order to by my farm he stayed all Day 
& Night 

23 We went to Groton the Next Day to Asa Lawrences I agreed for his farm 
there, we came home he lodged at Whitneys 

24 We went to Groton S<^ LawTence fell Back we Stayed all night then I 
Returned Whome & Left S<^ Childs at Groton. a flying story that Ty- 

conderoga was retaken. 


i • Daniel Harper. 

; t Lieut.-Col. Josiah Sawtell. The trial to recover damages, because they had been 

', cashiered, lasted as long as the War. 

• t Jane, one year old. 

1915] Diary of James Parker, 213 

26 a meeting in Order to send half the mihtia they Draughted Capt Hazen 

& I & 4 more but no man went or old Simon. 
30 A great many flying stories consiming the Army. 

14 Old Mr. Longley came to Bottom Chairs 

19 One Livermore Preached at Shirley My wife was Taken Not Well thia 
Night She was DeKvered of a Daughter* the morning following at 6 of y« 
Clock or half an hour before sunrise on y^ 20 Day of Ocf 

21 A story Bogoing had given up his Army, y« truth is imsertain hereabouts. 
I 25 Borgoyne gave up himself & his men at Satatoga y^ 17 Day of this Instant 

I as we hear 6 or 7,000 

j 26 I carried out my child & Call<^ her name Rhoda 

I 311 settled with Mrs. Nutting for her spinning & keeping school & Paid her 

the money. 


1 at Night I went to Egertons to see Phinehas Parker came out of the Camp. 
23 Haskell was at home & carried out a Son.f Burkmar & a great niunber 

of Continentals men was at home, no news at present. 
25 Court at Groton But I did not go. town meeting in order to Choose two 
I juremen in order to try Tories. 

: 29 Jonas Parker had a Daughter| Bom y* 28 Day of this Instant. 

i [December] 

^ 1 My Sister Emme was married this Night at Jonas Parkers a Number 

I from Groton § 

\ ' 15 I sold Moses Jennerson a fat shote. 

I [1778, January] 

< 7 I helped Co" Haskell move his Shop. 

I 19 I was fixing a Linnen wheal. 

1 24 Edmund Longley child was buried. 1 1 

'. 31 the Selectmen Taketng the Voice in a New Methoad Rated almost Every- 

; thing. My Invoice Personal £211 : 10: Rate £350 

I [February] 

; 6 1 sent Sally & Jane to School to McCloud,! the first of their going 

; 13 I went to the Selectmens mee* & Carried a request for a road. 

'; 18 My wife went to Wildeses to hear Dr. Parker Preach & Stayed all night 

at Father Willards 
27 I made a goose house. 


2 I went after Sarah Reed. 

9 I took my stears from J. Brooks. 

10 I went to E'' Wildeses to hear Preaching Doc* Parker & one Fletcher. 

7 in ye afternoon I & my wife went to father Willards to evening Phelps 
and Louis a number of others Jonas Parkers sold his house and land &c 
14 I Bought a Dog of widow Corborn 

20 I sheared 10 sheep. QuUting at my House 

j • Rhoda Parker. 

t Henry Haskell, Jr. 

I Betsey Parker. 
: § She was married perhaps to Reuben Cummings. 

j II Olive Longley, who died 2? Jan. 

I K David McLeod, for many years the town schoolmaster. 

214 Diary of James Parker [July 

30 At this we hear some of our men was Taken by y« Regulars at Rhode- 
irsland &c. 

Men. Draughted by Ed Longley for 8 months Viz Hezekiah Patterson 
Sam" Randall, for nine months Cap' Hazen M'' Livermore Walker & 
myself we all Paid our fine but Walker, he hired Simeon Harrington 


4 I went to raising a Bam for old mading.* 

5 I took the NewsPapers first from Thomas. 

24 was Free Mason meeting at Lancaster, the Sun in Bclipslbut not TotaL 
Sam" Randall wife got to bed this Day.f 


2 I went to Worcester to see 3 men and 1 woman hanged I came back y* 
same Night. 

31 a Nmnber of men C&ll^ for to go to Rhode irsland out of this State, 4 out 
of this town this Draught. 

lis. Stimson helped me mow half ye Day. 

20 Capt. Hazen sued old fife for Damage 1000£ 


5 The Widow Warren was at work at my house 2 Days on a Coat for Col° 

15 John Boulden came to work for me 

21 I and John Boulding was Charing Rie. 

28 Col° Haskells wife Dyed burid y^ next DayJ 


4 Mr Whitney asked for a Dismission from his People. 

6 It was meeting to V[i]ew arms & Church meeting 

10 John Boulden was at work for Jonas all this week helping him about his 

14 I got some Clay to mend my oven. 

16 I went to a Vendue to Perrins I bought a Gun and a Number of other 

17 I went to Perrins after my things I Paid above 100 Dollars in Cash. 
24 I had a new pair of wosted stockings 


6 I Layed my harth anew 

11 Edward McCone Came to thrash for me. 

20 Under officers chosen yesterday serjeant & Corporals viz Jonas Page, W™ 
Bolton, Phinehas Page, James Dickinson, Ivory Wilds, Jones Longley, 
Nath' Kezar, Simon Holden &c. 

1 I carried a web to Capt Nathan Smith to be wove at Night. 

3 I went to a Vendue at Hazens, Col° Haskell made it, but no great things 
Don on S<1 Day. 

4 Burkmar was at my house Father Willard & Mother Cum. 
9 I Begun to Build me an ash house. 

13 Very Bad Sturing, but about 20 Persons at meeting 
31 SawteU Holden § was married this week 

* John Madden. 

t A daughter, named Cynthia, was born, 
i His second wife, Martha (Little) Haskell. 
I He married Hannah Cook of Groton, Mass. 

1915] Diary of James Parker 215 

[1779, January] 

I Burkmar & Paul Dickinson was at my house. 
5 was town meeting to see about giveing the soldiers Creadit for there wives, 

giting M'' Whitneys wood, at evening I went to Hazens and a Number 
9 Burkmar was at my house we Drunk some flip, Biu-ridge 

II Nathan Willard, Abel Phelps, Jonas Parker, W"^ Little, & Burkmar all at 
my house this Evening & others. 

13 I sold John Parker a Coat & a Pair of Leether Britches for £16: 16:0 

I [February] 

: 3 in ye afternoon I went to help Draw Matha Pages house. 

' 8 My Children went to School 

: 13 My Children went to school all this week to Wallace Little 

20 Wallace Little finished keeping school 

26 Edmund Longley sold his farm to Elisha Rockwood ye 23 Day of this 
Instant as I heard. 


8 Cap* Hazen Somoned me to Coiu-t 

10 I went to Concord Court with Hazen we got their by 8 of y« Clock in y« 
' morning we stayed all Day & Night 

i 11 We came home I bought a hat for Jam* 

; 15 in ye afternoon was town meeting to finish our March meeting Hezekiah 

I Patterson was Chosen Constable he Paid £10. I was Chosen Constable 

J I Paid a fine of £15. Elijah Wildes Jr was Chosen, he hired Eb° Gowen; 

I John Patterson, Sam' Randall, OUver Fletcher, & old Simeon Page, was 

;• all Chosen and excused from serveing this year 

1 31 I mortised Posts a fine Pleasant Day; a Still time for News; the Neces- 

t serys of Life Very Deer Flower between £20 & 30 a hun^, Rice & Indgun 

\ Corn in Proportion, Cows 40, 50 & 60 Poxmds apeas Oxen in Proportion 

[ [April] 

I 1 I Bought an Old Loague Bam of Capt Hazen. We drew a house for 

: O"" Fletcher a number of Hands 

i' 2 I Brought Part of my Barn Home 

I 6 Put a filley into my wheal a Vendue at Sawtells of a house. 

; 8 Was Town meeting in order to give the Sessors Direction to make raits & 

; Cuse JurjTnen for Groton Court Viz Wallace Little & Wm Samson; it was 

''. Training this afternoon. 

14 I Bought two heiffers of Tim Phelps. 

16 James Egerton made me Hatchel teeth this weak. 

22 William Bartlett took away his Continental horses. 

1 Mother Willard come to my house & stayed all night, my wife not well 
10 Edmund Longley got his farm back. 

14 in the afternoon I went to Luneningburgh to git my watch cleaned. 

15 I killed a Calf I sent the Chief of it to Mr Whitney. 
22 I worked on a rode to the Ledge of Rocks. 

24 I sold a Barrel of Flower & a Barril of Indgon Corn to one mannan be- 
longing to Salem & I took State Notes for Pay I also let him have 2 Bushels 
of Rie for Salt 3 

25 I carried it to Shabbykinn for him 

*. 15 1 Begun to Plow on my great Pasture round the old house spot. 


1 • His son James, whom he always calls "Jam.", 

216 Diary oj James Parker [July 

21 was Training & Town meeting in order to settel with M' Whitney agreed 
to Pay agreed to Pay the Re\^ M' Whitney his sallery for the fut<;r in 
Corn & Rie. Corn at 2^ S'* pr Bushel & rie at 4^ pr. there was a training 
in order to Draught men for the Con° Service for 9 months Viz W"^ Little 
O'' Livermore Cap' Hazen John Egerton & myself there was two Militia 
men to go old Stephen Holden & old Chase Draughted a Number to be 
Draughted for the Con° Service not Draughted yet. 

22 I went to Sawtells at Night & Paid my fine which was £45 Our cel- 
batration did not go on. 

29 Mr Francis helped me mow my nm Next to Page's land. 

30 I went to Elect Mr Whitney Preached a sermon to the Young People on 
these words, wherewith shall a young man Choose his way by taking heed 
thereto &c. No news among us, only we here they have given the British 

! a Drubbing at Carilinias & Destroyed the Greater Part of that Depart- 

ment but the sertainty of it unknown hereabouts. 


22 My wife & Egertons wife & Jonases wife went to Groton a husking bee 
stayed all night came home the next night. 

23 John Patterson came to help me but he cut his fingers and went home, 
i only worked about one hour. 

27 I went to Mr Whitneys & got some Rum. 

! [August] 

i 1 this Day Betty Estabrooks came to work at my house. 

1 18 I took some Cash of !Mr Wliitney & Paid him Ten Dollars for Ri'L keep- 

I ing school, still Tines 

j [September] 

I 5 M' WMtney Preached half ye Day, not well 

I 14 in y« afternoon I went to Concord Cort. 

f 15 I set off alone Cap' Hazen Case &,0^ Sawtells was Tryed Benj* Abet was 

running a rase & had a fall. 
I 16 I came up to Groton and stayed all night. 

1 20 I had a Blister on my Leag Did but Little work. 

; [October] 

; 4 I sold my white face Colt to John Sollendoyn. 

i 10 I went to Doc* Parkers meeting no Preaching in this Town. 

■ 19 I pooled down an old Hovel I Bought of Cap* Hazen; I went to Sawtells 

: at Night 

28 I carried some Cloth to Capt Harrises to be fulled that John Campbells 
wife wove. 

29 This Day I Moved Part of an Old Logue Barn I from where Jonas Parker 
Used to Live 

30 finished Drawing that Old S'^ Barn; we here the Regulors Left New Port 
in rhode Island & went off. 


3 I sold Mr Whitney my Part in the School House. 

8 I went to help James Campbell Draw his house we did not finish Left 
it &c. 

9 in the afternoon I went and helped 8*^ Campbell Draw his house. 

10 I worked on my Logue Bam. 

13 I raised the ruff of my Loag Barn m. ye afternoon I went to help Perrin 
.: raise his house. 

I 15 I went to Leominster to John Sollendoyn 

j 16 I worked on my Pole Barn. 

; 20 I moved some straw into my Barn 

1915] Diary of James Parker 217 

23 I went to Cambridge Cort with Cap* Hazen we got their by 12 o'Clock 
we rode all the way home that night &c. we gave S5 Dollars a mug for 

30 Haskell & Longley finished raising their Com mill this Day the last 
Men that went for three months was Dismissed and sent Home. 


I in y« afternoon I went to Nathan Smiths and Eight Tucketts Out of the 
State Lottery. 

9 was Thanksgiving Throughout the State Col^ Haskell & Sibil Parker to 
Supper with me. 

II this night Jonas Parker had a Son Born ^ 

17 I went to Groton after Mrs. Greene but I Did not git her I Came up by 
Mr Littles and Brought Mrs Kinnecum and she deUvered my wife of a 
Fine Daughter about half after Eight of the Clock at Night I gave her 
20 Dollars a Number of fine women at my house all went home but my 
Mother & Mother Willard & Sister Egerton they Stayed all Night 

20 I carried Mother Willard & Lovee a Far as Harringtons with my Oxen 
& Slead 

26 I carried out my little Daughter I called her name Abigail Prescott; 
Jonas Parker Carried out his son the same Day & called his Name William 

27 John Soloyndoyn paid me £100; 18 in Cash. 

28 Israel Willard moved his wife* home this Day 

30 I Brook out and a Number more Down to the Mills with our Oxen 16 
and a Slead then we Brook through to the Meeting house. 

[1780, January] 

3 it Snowed all Day and Drifted the snow between 4 & 5 foot Deep, no 
passing for several Days 

4 Ver>' Cold & Blustering I keep good fires 

5 in y« afternoon I Brook out with Snow Shoes I was the first that Passed 
by E<^ Longleys for about 3 Days & 3 Nights then some others 

9 I went to Meeting there was 12 more M'' Whitney Preached the forenoon 

& Quited. 
16 no Preaching M'' Whitney Sore Toe. 

31 the Coldest Month that ever I knew, no thaw, no Sturing with oxen or 
horses; the Springs Low, some wells no water, the streams so Low but a 
httle Grinding, a great many Mills Entirely Still for the want of water; 
Dull time for News. 


6 my wife got out to meeting Very Cold. 

15 I went to Groton I have not rode my horse from home this 2 month 

25 still Cold my Boy & girl went to School to Isiah Flagg at Jonathan 



3 I sleaded some wood ; in ye afternoon I went to father Willard & Brought 
home a pair of Stears 1 had of Daniel, Some Sugar & Some Cottonwood I 
had of Nathan; Cold & the Crust Bore Up. 

4 Nathan Willard swingled flax for me he swingled 23 lb I gave him 2 lb for 
his Pay. 

6 March meeting — the Town Chose a Committee to Estimate ye Credits 
of Past Service Due in ye War Viz CoU HaskeU Capt Smith Ed Longley 
John Kallcy & myself. 

• Israel Willard married S'\saima Longley. 

218 Diary of James Parker [July 

13 I met the Committee at Co" Haskells in order to Settle the Services Dun 
in Town towards the war, adjourned to Thursday next. 

16 W™ Longley Came & Drew in a Logue for Cart &c this Day the Committee 
meet at Ed Longleys I meet the Comittee at E^^ Longleys to Settle the 

18 I sleaded wood EU'' Bartlett lost 2 sheep. 
20 was town meeting the town Voted not to Except of the Report of what the 

Committee had Dun about Setteling the Credits but to Let it rest at Pr*'. 
Voted to raise men for the futer by a Rate & Chose th Militia officirs for 
th Committee. 
30 I went to Sawtells Vendue of Dehoughertys farm Wallace Little Bid it 
of for Lemuel Parker. 
{ 31 A still time for news, money is Bad. 

1 I went to Joshua Longleys & got a New Pair of Boots. 

3 in ye Afternoon Wallis Little & W™ Samson came to my house to settle 
and stayed Late iu ye Evening but Did not Settle. 

4 I went to Perrins. 

Ill went to Concord Cort and Capt H He won the day of old Josiah Saw- 
tell £800 and all Cost; ye next Day I came home from Concord after 8 

j Clock at Night. 

j 14 Mr Francis & Richard Francis Cleared for me on ye hiU 

1 30 Cold weather some rain this Day a still time for news Soldiers Coming 

V Home Our Army Pretty thin 

I [May] 

i 8 1 went to Lancaster after my Cart wheels I Paid Sam" Johnson 214 

I Dollars for the Same Harrington & I Sot the tires afternoon. I Paid him 

' ' 30 Dollars for the Same. 

i 9 Israel Hubert sent me a Sumons on Joseph Longley accompt for a rode. 

i 16 I went to Groton Cort Before Israel Hubbart Joseph Longley Complained 

j of my Stoping the way &c. I was JurjTnan for Groton Cort I Stayed 2\ 

\ Days I got Dismist and Came home. 

I 19 Some Thunder m. y® morning and some rata in y^ forenoon, at about 8 

i of ye Clock it Begun to get Dark untiU Noon of y^ Clock it was so Dark 

People was Oblige to Lite a Candle to see to Eat and a kind of yellow Look 

• the Strangest Day that ever I saw in my Life. I carted some Dung. 

26 Cap*. W™ Smith had my horse to Worcester, this Day a Coimnittee 
came to View for J^* Longley* sent by Israel Hubart Viz Oh^ Sa-n-tell Asa 
Holden and M''. Livermore they found 
29 I went to Groton to trial with Joseph Longley Es^'' Hubbart Cost me 
to Pay Cost 


1 My Brother Abijah came to my house and mj' Brother Phinehas & wife 
and Brother Jonas & wife and a Number more after Dinner we aU went to 
Co" Haskells & Hazens and had a set Down 

3 I went Francis, Burkmars, & so round 

9 I finished weading my Com Mr. Francis and his Sam" Helped me. 

12 I ashed my corn. 

19 In y« afternoon I went to help John Patterson raise a Barn. 

20 in ye afternoon I went to help raise Shabbykin river Bridge New Posts 

29 I sold Lawren Francis 2 Piggs, in y« afternoon I went to Town meeting 
we Voted to raise men for 3 months Voted to give them 60 silver Dolors 
W" Little J-- InKsted. 

30 A Great movement in the Army at Carlinia, &c. 

* Joseph Longley, Parker's next-door neighbor, with whom he had a long litigation 
over a road. 

1915] Diary of James Parker 219 


8 in ye afternoon I went to Jonathan Keazers, I Bought a Pigg this Day 

17 Abel Chase and his wife Reaped for me and Isaac Bartlett and Eliazer 
25 Ephraim Smith and Ezra Reaped for me. 


5 Old Russell* was at my house. 

15 in ye afternoon I went to Groton to my mothers & Stayed all night 

16 ye next Day I went to Co^' Prescotts and flang up my Sheriff Commission 
I took my bond and Settled the Same. — I came up to Town meeting I 
demanded Pay of the Slectmen for my Damages for a Rode through my 

21 Co' Prescott Came to my House to Settle the Line between Joseph 
Longley & I, we spent all y« Day on it and made New Bonds &c 

23 I met the Committee in order to Settle the Credits we did not stetle Town 
meeting in ye afternoon Joseph Longley & I agreed to Leave our afair 
Concerning a Rode to men &c. 

25 I went to Groton to Old fifesf &c. 

30 I went to Ob'' Sawtells and met Old fifes and settled with him and took 
1000 DoUars the rest in Notes this Day Deacon WUlard Came to my 
House in order to settle J'' Longleys afair but S<1 Longley Did not come so 
it remains Unset'<^ 


1 I harrowed some John Davis and John Moors helped me clear in ye fore- 
noon — I went to Ob'i Sawtells to meet the Committee in order to settle 
the Credits ' 

4 Capt Harris & I meet at the meeting Hoiise in order to Coppy of the 
Credits in y« afternoon was Town meeting but the Town Did not Except 
of the Report. 

13 I went to Tarbells mill in y® afternoon I sot off for Concord Cort it rained 
this afternoon I went as far as Rights & there stay'd it rained chief of y« 
night &c. 

14 I went to Cort with my Petition & got it Through, I sold a hide of Saddle 
Leather to Gould, I came home this Night. 

26 I went to old Mr ToddsJ and Bought all his Tobbacco and fetched it 
Home & Paid him in Boards, slit work and Cash 

28 I my wife had a Quilting about 20 girls had a fine Dance at night had a 


3 a Committee sent from Cort to vew a Road Laid- Through my land for 
J. Longley \'iz Esq'' Wood of Concord Co" Reed of Littleton a numbor of 
witnesses & the Selectmen, there was a Town meeting this afternoon I 
sent M'' Little to Stow after Co" Wood. 

4 Mr Little & Co" Wood Came to my house y« Selectmen Came to my house 
ye Selectmen Came & 5 Evedences Longlej', E^ Wildes and Tha''^ Har- 
rington. I had Capt N° Smith & Josh* Longley; Capt Harris told his 
story; I Provided -a Dinner for 6 ye First Day & for 7 ye 2'^ Day & P^ 
Parker they all went home in ye afternoon &c I Paid Eph™ Russell an 
Execution this 3 Day at Night 134: 16: 4 

9 I went to O'' Sawtells in ye afternoon to over Look the Town Books. 

15 Mr Adams Preached for Shirley 

17 1 went to Town meeting all Day I was to meet Cap* Harris att the meeting 
h^ But they did not Come So I Stay<^ alone. 

• Probably John Russell, one of the earliest settlers of Shirley, 
t Josiah SawteU. 
t John Todd. 

220 Diary of James Parker [July 

20 I mended fence Between Joseph Longley and myself said Longley Struck 
me with his fist and Lamed mj' Bool Badly &c. 

23 this Day Co" Haskell sold his House & Mill to Joshua Longley. 

26 I went to Sawtells at night Abel Chase & Phebe & AnesdaU had a Law 

18 Co" Haskell Raised a house on y« Plains 

21 Mr Whiting was at my house to Dinner 
28 I sot out for Cambridge Cort I went as far as Concord & Stayed at Xight 

ye next Day I went to Cambridge Stayed all Day y^ next Day I the Pweport 
of the Committee was Red I sot of to Come home at Son Sett, I Came far 
as Littleton I stayed all Night at Cap* Davis's j-« I Paid the Committee 
310 D, 40 Dollars a Night for a Horse 30 Dollars for a Meel of Victuals 
12 Dollars for a mug of flip &c. 


17 J. Jupp* Dyed. 

27 Egerton had a Sonf Bom this Evening. 

[1781, January] 
1 Abel Chase fell a Tree I went to See him 
7 Mr Whitney Preached finely. 
15 I went to Egertons and got my Pot bail mended. 

18 Cap' Smith & Cap' Burkmar & Jonas Parker & wives was at my house 
in y« afternoon & evening 

25 I v/ent to y« mills after an orgar. 

26 I went to Sa\vteUs at night I met the Comt*® David Wilson & Isaac 
Williams Inlisted for 3 years. 

I 31 I went to Sawtells at Night to meet the Committee In Order to Inlist 

f Soldiers a Number meet but none Inlisted 

I [February] 

I 16 The Committee & I went to Co" HaskeUs to see about bying Stimpsons 

! farm for E™ Warren they Dinnered with me. 

23 Abel Phelps & Wife and Nathan Willard & Daniel Willard Came to my 
house & some girls to Dinner &c Ed Longlej- Came home -nith my Horse 
M'' Little Came to my house & Bought Stim° farm for Warren Co" Haskell 
was married this week &c. 

24 John Egerton took a Deed of Joseph Longleys Farm. 

27 I went to Stimpsons and helped %li Little Measure his Land for Ep™ 

28 I went to' J Egertons ^Ir Whitney Qi^ SawteU Cap* M'^Cloud M'- Little 
Jonas Parker Co" Haskell & all our wives & Dinner then to Ca^t Hazens 
& Drank Tea. 


1 I met the Comt®® at Sawtells in Order to Settle with Ep™ Warren & Stimp- 

2 I helped E' Bartlett make me a Tub for to Scald Hogs in 

3 I killed my great Hog he weighed 453 lb. Co" Haskell & M' Little was 
at my house in Order to make out a report about the State of ye Town. 

5 I went to Sa^vtells & Inlisted Abel Holden & sold him my watch Joseph 

Burkmar Inlisted likewise. 
9 Sold Abel Holden my Boots. 
13 Our Soldiers went to Concord to pass Muster 

' • John Jupp, an Englishman who had settled in Shirley. 

t William Egerton. 

1915] Diary of James Parker 221 

15 I went to Concord Cort to be Sworn as Juryman Stayed all Night I got 
a Rit for Joseph Longley of ^M' Lowall some r° 

16 I was Swoon I Came to Littleton Stayed all night I came Up throgh 
Groton gave J^ R° the rit to serve on S<^ Longley & from there home. 

22 Prudence Brooks Came to work at my house. 
26 Ed Longley's wife Sick. 

11 Edmund Longley Sold his farm this Day 

22 Jonas Longley Jr was Buried he dj-ed y« 20 

23 I went to O^^ Sawtells to see Our soldiers march off for 3 years. 


4 I summond Cap* Harrington to appear at Groton Cort. 
10 I worked for Mrs Jipp* & Jamf ^^'ith my oxen and Stears & Cart 

14 I went to Capt Hazen to an arbitration with Joseph Longley Mr Wheeler 
Thos Harkness and John KaUcj' arbraton a great number of Evidences 
Viz De° Ivory Cap* Harris John Pierce Tho^ Burkmar Joshua Longley 
John Egerton Lemuel Patterson Edmimd Longley they Brought their 
Judgment for me to Rec £1: 12: 4 silver money 

16 Joseph Longley & I settled he Paid me 10 Dollars New EnitionJ at 
KaUcys I went to Groton Cort as Grand JurjTuan. 

18 M^ Pratt Moved Up to E^ Longley farm. 

2 I Bought a new Sith of Mr Pratt. 

5 Edward Richards hewed timber for me for a shead 
j 111 went a fishing part of the Day. 

i 14 My sister Cummings Came to my house my wife Bought Some tee of a 

i Pedlar & Lidigo 

{ 15 I swoped land with Phinehas Page & Divided fence with S^ Page. M' 

' Pratt was present 

} 18 I made a fence on that Land I had of Page my wife went to Asa Harris 

'; with Sarah Stickney. 

19 I helped M"" Pratt Score in his Timber for his Shop Mr Estherbrooks & 
; Page worked 

' 25 This Day Mr Pratt raised his Shop &c. 

• 28 Voted 6 months schooling of women School. 


4 Lemuel Patterson pounded Abel Chases steers in }-« afternoon Abel Chase 
Mr Livermore Mr Pratt & Lem Patterson Came to my House in order to 
settle &c. I Paid him 50 Dollars in Cash & he agreed to take y« Steers 

9 I was hilling my Corn Edward Pratt helped me. 

17 I made 2 rakes I Bought a Piece of Land by my house of M'' Pratt to pay 
him in making stone wall. 

25 Thos Simonds & Lemuel Holden reaped 

4 Mr Francis & I helped Mr Pratt mowe Clover then we went to turning 

Rakeing & Carting hay we got in five Jaggs John Richards helped me 

3 hours. 
7 I sold my fat oxen to the Town for the Use of the Army. 

15 Phinehas Parker Came to my house & Perrin I rote a Deed for him 
stayed all ng* 

17 I went to Epraim Smith after some Clo'th. 

• Mrs. John Jupp. 
t James Parker, Jr. 
' t I.e., emlssioii. 

222 Diary oj James Parker [July 


5 I took a Deed of Mr Pratt of a Piece of Land by my House & gave him an 

Ill went to Concord Court as Grand Juryman I stayed three Days I bought 

a watch of Paul Hale I Paid him y« Cash in hand I Came home ye 13 at 


30 A fine Day Mr Frothingham* & his Son was at Shirley. 


111 Carried Cap* M^Cloud 10 Bushell of Potatoes & Sold him for Schoolling 

my Children. 
13 I dug Stone & Layed Wall M^ Francis & M^ Chatman Helped me along 

by Tax barn Cap* Job Shattuck & Jacob Parker was at my house. 

15 in y* afternoon I went to see the Shakeing Quakers at Harvard with 
Pratt Egerton Winslow [Parker] & Ivory &c. 

16 I went to flat hill after Sider I had 3 Barrels of Moses Ritter 

31 Wee hear Corn Wallis and his army are all Prisnors of War Which makes 
our Hearts Ptcjoice Rejoice Washington & De Grasse May Thy Names 
Never be forgotten. 

7 Mr Pratt made me a new ax 

9 Lemuel Patterson had my horse to go & see the Shakeing Quakers. 
22 Jam & Sally went to school to Cap* M<=Cloud. 

4 Capt M^Cloud & wife Came to my house at Night & spent the Evening 
he finished his school 

12 I carried a load of wood to McClouds for the Use of the schools. 

13 Was thanksgiving throughout this Stat« also a Contribution for the 
states of South Corlinia & Gorgia for their Distresses &c 

14 Capt Sils Smithf & Capt Burkmr & Jonas Parker & his wife Came to my 
home to Dinner then we all went to Egertons 

17 Jam went to School to Cap* M<^Cloud. 

19 I went to Dan' Chatmans & Got half Bushel of Apels. 
26 I went to father Willards to hear Doc' Parker Preach a Great Number of 

[1782, Januarj'] 
7 3 of my children begun to go to a private school to M^ M<=Cloud. 
9 M'' Pratt went after Nedd he ran away to Wassons and to Groton. 

18 at Night I went to Wildses to see the Shaking Quakers 

24 I Brook Parths to Joshua Longley & to y^ Meeting House, Pratt, Page, 
Parker & Holden Came. 

28 My wife sent for the women I fetched Mrs Pratt & Mrs Holden then I 
went after Mrs Patterson Mrs Da\ds Mrs Longley & Sister Egerton I 
brought them about son sett, we Held it Up Until about half an Hour after 
three of ye Clock ye Next Aloming, then my -wife was DeHvered off a Son 
on ye 27°'' Day of January, Daniel, I called his Name, aU things went well 
Blessed be God for ye same. A very cold night the Snow did Blow & 
Drift; I took the women home this morning with my oxen & Slead then 
I went to Amasa HartweUs for the -^sidow Digonsl for a Nurse. 

1 Jam was at School these Daj's. 
3 I carried out my second son & Called his Name Daniel. 

• William Frothingham, Jr., who married Mary Leathers in 1775. _ 

t Silvanus Smith, afterwards a member of the Society of the CinciimatL 

J Mrs. James Diggins. 

1915] Diary of James Parker 223 

8 it snowed Primas Putnam Came to my house. 

11 Mr Whitney at my house this Evening I carried the widow Digings 
whome from Nursing my wife. 

15 Reuben Cumings Came to my house & Stayed all night. William Long- 
ley had my oxen to help Draw his mill Stone from Putnams. 

18 Mr Pratt had my horse to Ashby to a Counsel. 

22 Pratt Came whome with my horse from Ashby 

26 Art Woods from Groton Jonathan Woods & wife Winslow Parker & wife 
at my house wee went to Jonas Parkers at Evening Eleazer Green Brought 
my Mothers Cows to Egertons. 

28 ]\Iy Uttle Nabby got a Cherry into her Nake I Blowed it out. &c 


9 I went to Doct Ivorys my Hand very Sore. 
Ill did but httle work my hand much Swealed. 

18 It was Town meeting in ye afternoon in order to finish March njeeting 
Walker fell through a[s] a Selectman I was Chosen in his Room a Number 
sworn &c. 


1 Was Town meeting in order to Chose Governor & Counsel &c the Select- 
men to Let the Dehorty* farm. 

7 CsipJ Burkmar sent his Son Joseph for his oxen I sold him. I plowed 
Indjon hUl this Day. 

Ill made some fence on Cate hiU 

12 I went to Settle with Cap* Hazen but we did not. 

15 . . . from thence to Vendue the Dehougherty farm Let S"^ Farm to Liver- 
more & Stimpson. 

22 Edward McLain came to work for me. 


16 I Bought 3 State Notes of Ruben Bathrick I Paid him in Gold & Silver 
and New Emesion in y« afternoon was May meeting No Representation 
I had a Rode Discontinued throgh my Land lay<^ out for Joseph Longley 

26 No Preaching Mr Whitney Not Well. 

1 I Bought a yearling Heiffer 01'' Fletcher for rie. 

5 Ned & I Drawed Stone & Layed wall Between Pratt & I by ye Old sellar 

9 Dea" Ivory Red 2 sermons 

12 I went to Acton, Stow & Marlborogh after a Preacher 

16 No Preaching this Day M'' Oliver Livermore Dyed About Sun Down 
18 M'' Livermore was Buried 10 Bearers I & others 

1 My John Hale Came to my house went to Livermores to git the Papers 
Belonged to the Treasurer. 

6 W™ Warren Came to my house to live. 


17 as Dry a Time as ever I knew Corn Perished, the Pastures all white. 


5 I mett the Selectmen at Sawtells made out a warrant to see about the 

Shakers & other articles. 
28 This Day Tho^ Burkmar apphed for a License to sell Tee 

• Formerly owned by James Dougherty, called Dehorty. 


224 The Execution of AndH [July 


I I Dined at Cap* M<=Leods a fine warm Day. 

5 I went to father Willards after a Barril of Warter Sider and 5 Bushell of 
Winterapels Dodge sent me a pair of thick shoes. 

6 Mr Grovenor Preached here. 

15 Timothy Boulton Came & Carried off 30 Rimi Barriels for John Tarbell Jr 

16 Ned M^Lain went off from my house his time being out. 
29 W™ Longley had my oxen to Harvard after his mill Stones Egerton set 

off up Contory with rum & salt &c 

6 Sally went to Mr Saffords to Live. 

II I helped Mr Pratt with my Oxen & Cart Stones & gravel for his weU at 
Night we went to Sawtells Slectmens meeting we lade out a Warrant for 
a Town meeting we Renewed 3 Notes Viz Isaac Williams and Moses Blood 
and one for Thos Warren &c 

211 went to To^vn meeting in ye afternoon wee Let out the Widow William.s 

29 I went to Perrins Barbarecks & Soround Mr Ivory & others at my house 
in ye afternoon 

30 in ye afternoon Mr John Heild at my house he & Pratt and I went to the 
River Bridge & Longley Pratt & Hale Boimd a Boy to Walker 


6 I went to Wildes & ■^Tote a Deed for W™ Longley & Wildes, Longley gave 
me a Deed of 10 acres of land an ye hiU this Evening at my house Egerton 
was here 

9 Mother Willard came to my house, my children went to School. 

16 I went to mill at evening I went to W™ Little I had a Supper there &c 
I 17 I Carried a Load of Wood to the School. 

1 18 I went to Charlestown I carried 4 fouls &c 

j 19 I went into Boston & entered some State Notes I bought some Tee 

f shougar & Cotton &c I came out at noon & came home that Night. 

I 20 At Night I went to Francises I bought a Watch a Beaver Hat & some 

I Ribbon of W™ Robbins I sold him a Stear the Rest to be Paid in Rie & 

I Potatoes I Bought a Handcf of Lawren Francis to be Paid in Potatoes, 

i 23 Burkmar was at my house. 

' [To be continued] 



Communicated by Hon. Prentiss Cumuings, A.B., LL.B., of Brookline, Mass. 

John Hart, the writer of the letter w^hich is here printed, was an 
Army surgeon in the Revolution, first in Col. William Prescott's 
Massachusetts regiment from 1 May 1775 until Aug. 1775, then in 
the Seventh Continental Infantry during the year 1776, and from 
1 Jan. 1777 in the Second ]\Iassachusetts Regiment, serving directly 
under Washington. In Nov. 1783 he was retained in Jackson's 
regiment, in the Continental Army, and served until 20 June 1784. 
He died 27 Apr. 1826. 

1915] ■ The Execuiim of Andre 225 

He was appointed by Washington one of the medical inspectors 
to supervise the execution of Andre, and this letter is dated two days 
after the execution. It is written on the four pages of a sheet of 
paper about 12^ inches high by loj inches wide, the address being 
in the lower half of the fourth page, at right angles to the text of the 
letter. The pages of the original letter have been indicated by 
numerals enclosed in brackets. 

[1] Tappan Octobr 4*^ 1780 

Honoured Sir, 

An Oppertunity presents to write & As I am sensible you are fond of 
the news in Camp, will endeavour to give a perticculiar account of the greatest 
piece of villany that has come to my knowledge since the Commencement 
of the war- Major General Arnold has acted him seK that is the part of a 
Horse Jockey, he wrote to Gen,i Clinton at New York that for a certain sum 
of money he would give up the Garrison W: Point into the Hands of the 
British, ia Consiquence of which proposal Gen' Clinton sent out Major 
Andrie Adjutant General to the British Army, to confer with Arnold in what 
way the matter should be carried into exicution, & this was agreaed on be- 
tween them, that Arnold would draw off as manj' of the men from the Point 
as he could, deprive the remainder of aminution, & arms as much as possible 
without being suspected. Give A Draft of all the works & the best plans for 
Landing, & the number of men to ^lajr Andrie, All which was Done, while 
this was carrieing[?] on there were three thousand British Troops at Fort 
Washington with their Boats waiting for maj^ Andries return, after which 
they were to push up in the Night take Arnold prisoner, and then take possion 
of the Point, which plan, Happy for us, miscarried — When the Affairs were 
detirmined between Andrie & Arnold, — Andrie procured [2] A pass from 
Arnold to [go blurred out] pass our Guards to the "VNTiite Plains & further if he 
pleased Under a pretence of getting intelligence from the Enemy Arnold 
likewise Desired one Joshua Smith (who was supposed to be a friend to our 
cause, but had a hand in this whol aSair) to Escort Andrie through our 
Guards that he might not be suspected,- Smith went with Andrie Almost to 
Tarry-Town & left him, he (Andrie) went forward iu expectation that he was 
out of Danger but soon meeting three of our miUtia upon which he asked 
them if they were the lower party Upon which they answered they were, he 
then said I am very glad to see you, I am a British officer, have been up as 
a spy, hope you will not detain me Long, upon which the men told him they 
would not but desired him to get off of his Horse a minute upon which he did 
they serched him, & found in his Boots A plan of all our works at W: Point 
the number of men at that Post, & euery matter that was riquisit, to carry 
their Infernal plan into exicution; they found Arnold was concerned in the 
matter, & would not carry Andrie to him, but to Gen' Washington who was 
then on his way from Hartford to camp: Arnold haveing notice of Andries 
being taken, & that Gen' Washington was very near, he was Imeadiately 
struck with Horror, and to saue his Life took his boat & went to a British 
ship that Lay in the riuer under a pretence of being a flagg [which crossed out] 
in order to blind our people, who at that time [3] knew nothing of the matter, 
otherwise he might of been secured, but Happy for him he got safe to the 
Enemy — Maj'' Andrie was brought before a Bord of Gen,i Officers where he 
confesed every thing that he had been guilty of, himself, but desired not to 
be asked any thing respecting any other carectors[?] ; whih he was not, 
He was kept in close confinement & informed that he was to suffer death, 
which sentince he received "with the greatest composure & said it was per- 
fectly right for he came out as a spy, & his intinsion was to get what infor- 
mation he could, to our damage, he was informed that he was to be exicuted 

226 Ancestry of the Chickerings of New England [July 

at such an hour, upon which he caled his servant ordered him to make tea, 
which he drank with out any perceivable Uneaseiness of mind, he told his 
servant to dress & shave him, ordered his Cloaths to be brought, which were 
put on with as much composure as though he was going to a Ball, the time 
of Exicusion Arrived, he appeared, & I think the most, Agreable, pleaseing 
young fellow I ever see, the most agreable smile on liis coimtenance that can 
be conceived of, when he came to the Gallos he said he was perfectly sensible 
of his fate but Did not like the mode of exicution, he put the rope round his 
neck himself, bound his eyes & said with an agreable smile a few minutes 
will settle the matter, in doing this there was not the least tremour or ap- 
pearance of fear such Fortitude I never [saw crossed out] was witness of, 
nor euer had I such disagreable fealings at an execution, to see a man go out 
of time without fear, but all the time smileing is amatter that I could not 
[of blurred out] conceeve[d crossed out] of 

[4] M^ Smith, was like^Tse taken, & is now on Tryal, it is supposed he will 
be hanged very soon, & no doubt he Justly deserues it, I think he does 

This is all the news of importance that I have to commimicate — Billy is 
will, & promoted to a serjant, — 

Please to giue my Duty to mamma & respects to all Friends 

Your Dutiful son 
John Haet 

Cap* Abraham Gould 


By George Walter Chamberlain, M. S., of Maiden, Mass. 

In the Register, vol. 61, p. 189, vol. 63, pp. 282-283, vol. 64, pp. 
136-137, and vol. 68, p. 105, may be found various records pertaining 
to the English ancestry and home of the Chickering family of Massa- 
chusetts. To supplement these records some Chickering entries are 
given below which were found many years ago by the late Horatio G. 
Somerby in the parish registers of Wrentham, co. Suffolk, England, 
and are now preserved among the Somerby Papers in the possession 
of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. In these Wren- 
tham registers are recorded the baptisms of three of the children of 
Henry Chickering, one of the emigrants of that name to New Eng- 
land, the burial of his first wife and of one of his daughters, the 
marriage of his brother John, and some births, baptisms, and burials 
in the family of another brother, Simon Chickering of Wrentham. 
Copies are given also of two letters, the original letters being now 
in the possession of Mrs. AUen F. Smith of Dover, Mass., which 
show conclusively that Nathaniel Chickering of Dedham, Mass., 
who on 23 May 1670 was living with Henry Chickering and is 
called by the latter "my kinsman" in his will of the same date, was 
a son of Simon and Prudence Chickering of Wrentham. A sum- 

1915] Ancestry of the Chickerings of New England 227 

mary follows, in genealogical form, of the facts concerning Henry 
Chickering, St., and his family which have been revealed by the 
Chickering records printed here and ia the previous issues of the 
Register to which reference has been made above. A few state- 
ments have been derived from the printed vital records of Dedham, 

From the Parish Registers of Wrentham, co. Suffolk 

I Baptisms and Births 

? 1628 Elisabeth daughter of Henry Chickeren and Anne his wife baptized 

15 March [1628/9]. 
i 1630 Elisabeth daughter of Henry Chickeren and Anne his wife baptized 

3 October. 
1634 John son of Henry Chickeringe and Anne his wife bapti2ed 31 August. 
.1636 Simon son of Simon and Thomasine Chickering baptized 14 August. 
1638 EUzabeth daughter of Simon and Thomasine Chickering baptized 
9 December. 

1643 Mary daughter of Simon and Prudence Chickry born 2 November. 

1644 John son of Simon and Prudence Chickry born 5 February [1644/5]. 
1647 Nathaniel son of Simon and Prudence Chickry born 8 October. 

' 1652 Daniel son of Simon and Prudence Chickry born 9 March [1652/3]. 

1654 Sarah daughter of Simon and Prudence Chickry born 29 December. 
; 1659 Sarah daughter of Simon and Prudence Chickring bom 19 April. 

s Marriage 

I 1624 John Chickeren and Thomazine Sm3i;h 2 November. 

[ Burials 

i 1626 EUzabeth wife of Henry Chickeren 12 May. 

i 1629 Elizabeth daughter of Henry Chickeren 10 November. 

I 1641 Goody Chickry 5 August. 

' 1656 Sarah daughter of Simon and Prudence Chickeringe 26 January [1656/7] . 

i 1659 Simon son of Simon Chickering 13 October. 

; 1660 Daniel son of Simon and Prudence Chickering 21 January [1660/1]. 

Letter from Prudence Chickering to Nathaniel Chickering, 
! 1681 

September the 25 day 1681 Wrentham 

Dere sone natithel I did understand you ware in some mesuer of health we 
recavied you cossin Mistres medcaps letter in which she write to her sister 
and her sister is dead as for her brother we heard of hime some years agoe he 
is yet Uveing as fare we doe not know how to send hime word The lord have 
continued my life under much wakenesses your brother John is yet a singel 
man and your sister mary is married and Uve at London and have one daugh- 
ter a Uve your cristaine friends all here dou desire to be remembered to 
you as for your meannes in the world I hope the lord will make away for 
you times are but bad here but we yet inJoye the gospell but we hue tmder 
theretings and know not how long we shall inJoye it if [?] j'our sister Crisp 
is in some measure of health and have seven children alive the Lord 
helpe us soe to rune our [race] as we may obtaine the croune which god 
the righteous Judge shall give at that day haveing noe more at the pres- 
sent but beging your prayers at the throne of greace that the lord would 
be pleased to remember his holy covenant your sister Sarah dou desire to 
; be remembered to you and your wife thus I commend you to god and to 

the word of his grace which is able to keep you and to bmld you up in 

VOL. LXDC. 15 

228 Ancestry of the Chickerings of New England [July 

your most holy faith and thus my love to you and your wife and your 
wives friends thoue unbeknoweth and all our cristaine friends I Rest your 
loveing Mother till death 

Prudence Chickbein 

This ffor Nathanel Chickxein At his howse in Dedem in New Ingland 
Pr Capt Jells 

Letter from Prudence Chickering to Nathaniel Chickering, 

Sone Nathaniell 

Haveing such opportunity of sending to you as by Esquire Dudlye I could 
not satisfye my selfe without wrighting to you to let you know y* I am at 
p^sent up & downe but do goe[illegible] affliction & weakeness & being deprived 
of my heareing in a great measiue & soe am hinderd of goeing abroad to heare 
the word w*^'" is a great affliction to me I desire the Lord would be pleased to 
sanctifye his hand to me & make up w' I want fr° outward teaching of man 
with the inward teaching of his spirit without w^ all outward teaching is 
nothinge yo' friends here all in health & desire to be remembered to you & 
your wife thoue [imjbee knowne & y« rest of y« ffamilye, j'our brother John 
I hope he is well he is pressed into a man of warr their being warrs with ffrance 
I suppose you doe heare of it in new England I had thought to have sent 
you a box of [illegible] now at the Esquires Dudly retume from ould England 
but I could not gitt it ready before his retume but if the Lord spare my life 
I will take the first apportunity to send you a token of linnen <fe some money 
w*'' I could not now gitt w° y* was [illegible] me, my thoughts are much upon 
you & your family & I desire to be dayly mindfidl of you at the throne of 
grace that the Lord would be with [you] & yours & blesse you & your ffamilye 
I with blessings both of the upp & neather spring I am much troubled y* I 

I cannot receive a letter from you y* soe I may heare how its with you & how 

I many Children you have I desire the Lord would sanctifye aU his dispensa- 

} tions towards [torn] & helpe you for to Keepe those his tokens w' ever others 

I doe This with my hearty & tender love to you & j'our ffamily Comitting 

I you & yours to the Lord I rest 

I Your loveing Mother 

I Prudence Chickring 

I Wrentham August: 9th: 1690: 

; I pray ffayle not to write me a letter by the first opportunity for I am much 

; troubled that I have not received any letter from you since my Cozen John 

' Chickrings sonne was at my howse at Wrentham w^*" is neere eight yeares 

■ since. 

i These ffor my loveing & Deare sonne Nathaniell Chickring liveing at 

Dedham in new Ingland I say in new Ingland with Care 

The records now accessible justify the following statement about 
Henry Chickering, Sr., and his family: 

Henry Chickering, j'eoman, born probably about 1560, lived in 
' the parish of Bramfield, co. Suffolk, England, from 1588 to 1595, 

: or perhaps for a longer period, and is found in the parish of Rings- 

: field, in the same county, on 11 July 1626, when he made his 

; will, which was proved 7 July 1627. (See Register, vol. 63, p. 

1 282.) He married Mary , who was living 11 July 1626. 

\ As the extant parish registers of Ringsfield do not begin until 1751, 

we can derive no information from tttem relating to his immediate 


1915] Ancestry of the Chickerings of New England 229 

Children, perhaps not in order of birth: 

i. Henry, bapt. at Bramfield 5 Jan. 1588/9; d. at Dedham, Maaa., 
21 July 1671, aged 82 years; m. (1), by licence dated 4 May 1622, 
in which he is called of Eingsfield, Elizabeth Smithe, widow, of 
Wrentham, co. Suffolk, who was bur. at Wrentham 12 May 1626; 
m. (2), by licence dated 10 May 1628, in which he is called of 
Wrentham, Ann Grosse of Darsham, co. Suffolk, single.* He 
was supervisor of his father's will^ emigrated to Massachusetts 
and became a proprietor at Salem m 1639; and removed to Ded- 
ham in 1640. Children by second wife, bapt. at Wrentham: 1. 
Elizabeth, bapt. 15 Mar. 1628/9; bur. at Wrentham 10 Nov. 1629. 
2. Elizabeth, bapt. 3 Oct. 1630. 3. John, bapt. 31 Aug. 1634; 
! living at Charlestown, Mass., 23 May 1670; had issue in New 

1 England. 

! ii. Mary, bapt. at Bramfield 20 May 1591; m. before 11 July 1626 

Thomas Aldred of Brampton [? co. Suffolk]. 
iii. John, of Henstead, co. Suffolk, yeoman, bapt. at Bramfield 28 Dec. 
1593; made his will 20 Dec. 1652, which was proved 29 Mar. 1654 
(see Register, vol. 64, pp. 136-137); m. at Wrentham, 2 Nov. 
1624, Thomazine Smyth, who was living as his widow 29 Mar. 
1654.- Children: l.JoAn, living 20 Dec. 1652. 2. Elizabeth, hving 
\ unm. 20 Dec. 1652. 

iv. Reginald, bapt. at Bramfield 12 Sept. 1595; legatee in his father's 
I will, 11 July 1626; assessed 14s. Id. as shipmoney tax in the parish 

j of Westleton, co. Suffolk, 6 May 1640; m. Alice Thxtrton, who 

j was living 25 June 1653, dau. of William of Kirkly, co. Suffolk. 

I V. Judith, m. before 11 July 1626 Robert Webster of London. 

I vi. Francis, one of the executors of his father's will, 7 July 1627; d. at 

I Dedham, Mass., 10 Oct. 1658; m. (1) Amy (or Ann) , who 

I was admitted to the First Church of Dedham, Mass., 29 Dec. 1639 

j and d. at Dedham 5 Dec. 1649; m. (2) at Dedham, 11 June 1650, 

{ Sarah Sibble, who survived him. I^e emigrated to Massachu- 

J setts and became a proprietor at Dedham in 1638. Children by 

I first wife: 1. Ann, m. 3 Nov. 1659 Stephen Paine. 2. Elizabeth, h. 

I (probably at Dedham) 26 Sept. 1638. 3; Bethshua, b. at Dedham 

i 23 Dec. 1640. 4. Easter, b. at Dedham 4 Nov. 1643. 5. John, 

1 b. at Dedham 19 Apr. 1646. 6. Mary, b. at Dedham 10 Apr. 1648. 

I vii. A Daughter (perhaps), d. probably before 11 July 1626; m. before 

I 11 July 1626 Nicholas Wolnough, who is called son-in-law in 

! Henry Chickering's will, but who may have been a stepson. 

I viii. Simon, of Wrentham, co. Suffolk, tailor, a legatee in his father's will, 

i 11 July 1626; made his will 8 July 1674, which was proved 22 Aug. 

i 1674 (see Register, vol. 63, pp. 282-283); m. (1) Thomaxinb 

, who as "Goody Chickry" was bur. at Wrentham 5 Aug. 

1641; m. (2) abt. 1642 Prudence , who was living at Wren- 

' tham 9 Aug. 1690, the date of a letter from her to her son Nathaniel 

of Dedham, Mass. Children by first wife, bapt. at Wrentham: 1. 
Simon, bapt. 14 Aug. 1636; bur. at Wrentham 13 Oct. 1659. 2. 
Elizabeth, bapt. 9 Dec. 1638; living 25 Sept. 1681; m. before 8 
July 1674 Robert Crispe of Wrentham. Children by second wife 
(births recorded at Wrentham): 3. Mary, b. 2 Nov. 1643; legatee 

in her father's will, 8 July 1674; m. before 25 Sept. 1681 

of London. 4. John, b. 5 Feb. 1644/5; legatee in his father's 

will, 8 July 1674; Hving imm. 25 Sept. 1681; believed to be hving 

j 9 Aug. 1690. 5. Nathaniel, b. 8 Oct. 1647; legatee in his father's 

! will 8 July 1674; emigrated to Massachusetts, where he settled 

' at Dedham, m. twice, and had issue, and d. in 1699. 6. Daniel, 

b. 9 Mar. 1652/3; bur. at Wrentham 21 Jan. 1660/1. 7. Sarah, 

, b. 29 Dec. 1654; bur. at Wrentham 26 Jan. 1656/7. 8. Sarah, 

h. 19 Apr. 1659; a legatee in her father's will, 8 July 1674; living 

25 Sept. 1681. 

_ • For these marriage licences see (in addition to RsaiSTEB, vol. 61, p. 189) Marriaga 
Licences at the Ipswich Probate Court, pp. 26, 43. 

230 Greenfield Hill Church Records [July 



Communicated by Miss Maet Kingsbuet Talcott of Hartford, Conn. 
[Continued from page 1361 


126 Richard Wescoat Bom Entred into Gov* and Baptiz"* May 

Jane his wife Bom: Baptized in Infancy 

Their Children 

Mary Wescoat Bom ocf 12. 1749. Bapt<J Ocf 15. 1749 
Elizebeth Wescoat Bora Nov: 1751. Bapt^ Nov: 17: 1751 
The Children of John Alvord & Sarah his wife 

8. Jany. 1775. John was baptized about 9 mo*^= old. 
21 July 1776 David was baptized in Infancy 
Aug 1784 EUsha was Baptized ia infancy. 

127 Seth HuU Bom feb 23 1728/9. Bapt^ Mar<=h 18. 1728/9 

Wife to Seth Hul Bom Baptized 

the Children 

EUphalet Hull Bom Bapt^ Feb 4^ 1749/50 

The Children of Joseph Sherwood & Hester his Wife 
June 28: 1761 Sarah was baptized in Infancy 
5^ June 1763 Esther was baptized in Infancy 
2 July 1768 AmeUa was baptized in infancy 
26. oc^ 1775. Joseph w^ baptized in infancy. 


128 Benoni Gilbxird Bom Bap<i ia Infancy 
His Wife Anne Bom Bap^ in Infancy 

Their Children 

Sarah Gilburd Bora June 1750 : Bapd July 1 : 1750 

The children of Abel Bradley & his wife 

1774 Nov^ 6. Betzey w^ baptized in infancy. 
Feby-ll. 1776. Anna w^ baptized in infancy 
Oc^ 18. 1778. Aaron was baptized in infancy 
March 12. 1781 Huldah was baptized in infancy 

129 Elisha Alvord Born Bap<i 

Hannah Wife to Elish Alvord Born Aug^t 9. 1726. Bapf^ Aug^* 15. 1726 

Their Children 

Abigail Alvord Bora Bapt^^ in Infancy 

Hannah Alvord Bom Bapt<i in Infancy 

John Alvord Bom July 1750 Bapt^ July 15 1750 

Elihu Alvord Bom Bapt<l in Infancy 

Mary Alvord Bom April 26: 1754: Bapt^ April 28. 1754 

The children of Justus Bradley & his wife Mabel 
1774. Nov'' 6. Justus w« baptized in infancy 
Dec' 76 David w« baptized in infancy 

The Children of EUphalet Bradley & Sarah his wife 

Feby-15^^ 1778 -EUphalet Banks w^ baptized about a year old 
June 20. 1779. Hull w^ baptized in infancy. 

1915] Greenfield HiU Church Records 231 

Nathan Gold Born Bapt^ in Infancy 

His Wife Abigail Bom Bap<i in Infancy 

Their Children 

Ehsebeth Gold Born Dec^ 1750: Bapt^ Dec 16: 1750 
Nathan Gold babtized Dec^ 25: 1757 3 

2 Sepf 1759 Ichabod was baptized in Infancy 66 
13 June 1762 Ebenezer was baptized in Infancy 

26 May 1765 Eldad^ j ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^ ^^^^^ 

Peter Lyon Bom Bapfi Dec^ 10: 1727 

His Wife Mary Bom Bapt<^ in Infancy 

Their Children 

Samuel Lyon Born April: Bapt^ April 28 1751 
The Children of Joseph Lyon & Lois his Wife 

Aug* 31. 1760 Abigail was baptized in Infancy 

31 July 1763 Joseph was baptized in Infancy by M' Sherwood 

11*^ Sept^ 1768 Jesse was baptized in infancy 

15. Jany, 1775. Anne w^ baptized in infancy 

Daniel Squire Bom Baptized in Adult 

His Wife Abigail Bom Bapt<^ in Infancy 

Their Children 

Sarah Squire Born Bap* in Infancy 

Daniel Squire Bom may 1751 Bapt<i may 19 1751 

Abigail Squire Born Bapf^ June 10. 1753 

Nathan Beers married the Widow Sqiiire 
Their Children 

Nathan born June 1757 

3 July 1763 Esther baptized, born the 25*i» 

Fransis Bradley Jun^ Born Jan^^ 11. 1727/28 Bap^i Jan>^y 28 1727/8 
His Wife Ruth Born mar-* 27: 1730 Bapt^ April 5. 1730 

Their Children 

Mary Bradley Born may 1751 Bap^ May 19 1751 

Fransis Bradley Born Bapf^ April 14. 1754 

March 18. 1759 Ruth was baptized 2 or 3 Months old 45 

March 1=* 1761. Deborah was baptized in Infancy 

11 Septem"^ 1763. Sarah was baptized in Infancy 

The Children of Nemiah Banks Jun'f & Sarah his wife — 
Jany. 1780 Zahnon Bradley was baptized in infancy. 
Sep'' 23. 1781 Burr w^ baptized in infancy 

John Stratten Bom Baptiz<i in Infancy 

His Wife Grace Born Bapt"^ In Infancy 

Their Children 

Joseph Stratten Born July 1751. Bap^ Aug«' 18. 1751 
Stephen Stratten Born Baptized March 21. 1753 

27 Jan^ 1760. Elizabeth was baptized in Infancy 80.1 
5 Jime 1763 Grace was baptized in Infancy about 2 months old. 

Elnathan Griffen Bom Baptiz^^ 

His wife Patience Born Bapt<i in Infancy 

Their Children 

Sarah Griffen Born Sep' 10: 1751. Bapfi Sep' 22 [second digit 
writien over 1]. i751 

232 Greenfield HiU Church Records [July 

The Children of John Hull & Eleanor his Wife 

15 Feb'^ 1761 Ellen was baptized in Infancy 
7 August 1763 John was baptized in Infancy 
26 June 1766 Sarah was baptized in infancy 

• 30*^ April 1769 Benjamin was baptized, born the 22<^ Inst 

17. Oc 1773 Lyman w« baptized, bom Augt 21. Inst 
6 Jany -1776 EUphalet w« baptized in infancy 
10 Feby-1778 Seth was babtized in infancy 

David osbom Bapt'' In Infancy 
MindweU his wife Bom and Baptized 

Their Children 

j Noah osbum Bom Oct' 1751 Baptized oct^ 13. 1751 

Mary osbum Bot^ Bapt<J June 10 1753 

9 Sepf 1759 Sarah was baptized being 3 or 4 Months old 67 
30 May 1762 Eunice was baptized 3 or 4 Months old 
9'*' Jime 1765 Levi was baptized in Infancy 
1 May 1768 Abel was baptized about 7 or 8 months old 

16 July 1769 Happy D. was baptized in infancy. 
i Joseph Jennings Bom Bapf^ in Infancy 

j His wife Bapt<i In Infancy 

} Their Children. 

Jennings Bora oct': 1751 Bapt'' Ocf 20: 1751 
I July 9. 1758 Joseph was baptized in Infancy N** 23 

I [67] 

I John Bradley Jun'^ Bom Bapt<^ in Infancy 

f Abigail his Wife Bapt"^ in Infancy 

j Their Children 

t David Bradley Bom Jan^y 1752 Bapt<i Jan^y 25 1752 

I Lyman Bradley Bom Bapt<i Mar^^* 17. 1754 

j April 15. 1759 Hannah was baptized an Infant 49 

1 2 Septem' 1764 John was baptized in Infancy 

Ap' 19''' 1778. Abigail w« baptized in infancy 
Jabez Hull Jun' Bom Bapt"^ in Infancy 

Grace his Wife Bapt<^ in Infancy 

Their Children 

Sarah Hull Bom Jan^y 1752 Bapt^ Jan^y 25. 1752 

Hezekiah Hull baptiz'd July 13. 1755 

March 18. 1759 Eunice was baptized in Infancy 46 

24 May 1761 EHphalet was baptized in Infancy 

Samuel Bradley Junr Bom Janiy 4. 1733/4: 
Sarah his Wife Bom 
Their Children 

Zahnon Bradley Bom Feb'^' 10 1752 Bapd Feb 15 1752 
Samuel born September 9*^ 1756 N° 39 

Nov 23 1758 Sarah was baptized bom the IS^^* 
Feb^ 10 1760 Priscilla born & baptized 83 

i 21. Nov' 1762 Clarina was baptized, bom ye le*'^ _ 

! 26 Aug* 1764 Walter was baptized, born the 15*'^ instant 

1 2i^ Jan'y 1768 Lucy was baptized, bom 18*"^ instant 

i 26 March UWJT^,^^ 22- instant 

I 1771-Oliver w* baptized in infancy 

• 11 Sep' 73 Huldah w» baptized, bom ye day before 

1915] Greenfield HiXL Church Records 233 

Thaddeus Williams Bom Bap*<* 

His wife Frances 
Their Children 

Thaddeus WiUiams Bom Feb: 1752: Bap^ Mar: 1 1752 
EUis Williams Bom: 1754, Bapt^ July 7 1754 
30*^ August 1761 Isaac was baptized in Infancy 

Bebe Mills died in the Araiy 1758 
Joseph Mills bom baptiz<J March 4 1758 

March 5. 1758 Hannah was baptized N° 13 

The Children of Eliphalet Thorp & Eunice his Wife 
6 Sepf 1761 Molley was baptized in Infancy 
19*^^ June 1763 Eunice was baptized in infancy 

The Children of John Mills & Jemsha his wife 
5th April 1767 Eli was baptized in infancy 

17 Dec'' 1769 Jerusha was baptized about 3 m° old 
Jabez Wheeler Bom 

Charity His Wife 
Their Children 

Sarah Wheeler Born 1754: Bapt^ Mar<* 31 : 1754 

August 27 1758. Elizabeth was baptized, bom y« 20ti> Inst. N° 28 

Jonathan Roberson Bapt<^ Infancy 
Lucretia his wife: Bom Bapt<J 

Their Children 

Samuel Roberson Born May 1753 Baptiz^ June 4. 1753. 
Seth Roberson Born Aug«t 11: 1754 Bap* A: 18 1754 

2 Nov'' 1760 Jonathan was baptized in Infancy 
By his 2^ wife Elizabeth 

18 Nov'' 1764 Elizabeth was baptized about 11 months old 
13 Sepf 1765 Jonathan was baptized in infancy 

3 Octob"^ 1768 Lucretia was baptized in infancy 
Peter osburn Born Bapt*^ in Infancy 

His wife Born Bapt<i ia Infancy 

Their Children by Sarah his third wife 

5 Septem'' 1762 Oliver was baptized about 6 Weeks old 

The Children of Ebenezer Ogdon and Ruth his wife 

3 March 1764 Ruth was born & baptized at home being untinaely. 

The Children of Daniel Wheeler & Eleanor his wife 

5th April 1767 Ellen was baptized about 9 months old 
14th Febru'^y 1768 Daniel was baptized about 2 months old 
17 Dec 1769 Stephen was baptized about 2 m° old 

Peter Hull Bom Bapt<^ iu Infancy 

Anne His Wife Bapt<* in Infancy 

Their Children 

Moses Hull Born 1754 Bapf* AprU 21. 1754 
May 27. 1759 Peter was baptized ia Infancy 52 

By his Second Wife Jerusha 

24 Aug* 1760 Anne was baptized Just a Week old 

The Wid° Blair married to WiU"" Hickes 
their Son 

16 AprU 1769 William was baptized about one Year & four 
months old. 


234 Greenfield Hill Church Records [JuJy 

Archebel Blair Bom Bapt<J in Infancy 

Abigail Blair Born Jan-T 8: 1737/8. Bapfi in Infancy 
Their Children 

Phebe Blair Born Sep^ 29 1754: Bapt^ Oct 6. 1754 
19 Aug' 1759 Abigail was baptized in Infancy 65 

February 1764 Jemmy baptized by M' Lamson 
16 June 1765 Abigail was baptized in infancy 
The Children of Joseph Rumsey and Mary his wife 

20'^ Nov'^ 1766 Jemmy was baptized, born the 14'^ instant 
11 Sepf 1768 Joseph was baptized, bom the 6*'' Inst. 

Jabez Hull Bom Bapt^ in Infancy 

Grace Hull Born Bapf^ in Infancy 

! Their Children 

Hezekiah Hull Bom Bapt^ July 13 1755 

The Children of Seth Gray & Sarah his Wife 

2 Decemb'' 1762 Naomi was baptized in Infancy at Home being 

26 Febmary 1764 Sarah was baptized in Infancy 
Aug* 16. 1772. Joseph w= Ipaptized in infancy. 
1 Oc^ 5. 1777. Abigail w^ baptized in infancy. 

! • July 23. 1780. Huldah w^ baptized in infancy, 

i Dav-id Gold Bom Bapt<^ in Infancy 

I Abigail Gold Born Bapt<i in Infancy 

I Their Children 

1 Mary Gold Bom Bapt<i July 13- 1755 

\ Jime 22. 1759 Hannah was baptized at Home being sick 60 

\ 26 Sepf 1762 Abigail was baptized in Infancy 

[ Eunice ") 

s 31^ Aug* 1769 Esther > were baptized. 

I Da\-id ) 

I Isaac Bradley's Child" & his wife's — 

j Ap' 2°<^ Urana w« baptized in infancy 

Elnathan Bradley Bom Bapfl in Infancy 

Sarah Bradley Bom Bapf^ infancy 

Their Children 

Esther Bradley Bom: 1755. Bapt^ July 13 1755 

April 8'^ 1759 Sarah was baptized in Infancy 48 

Children by Hannah his 2<i wife 

16*^^ Octob'' 1763 Mabel was baptized about 2 months old 
19 May 1765 Sturges was baptized about 10 days old 
26'^ April 1767 Ellen was baptized about 5 weeks old 
19 March 1769 Jane was baptized in infancy 
14 Jany-1776 Hannah w* baptized in infancy 
Seth Down Bom Baptiz^ in Infancy 

Hannah Do'mi Bom Bapt^ in Infancy 

Their Children 

Hannah Down Bom 1755. Bapt<i Sep^ 6. 1755 

August 5. 1759 Elizabeth was baptized in Infancy 64 

6 March 1763 Seth was baptized about month old 
18 Novem' 1764 Huldah was baptized 2 or 3 months old 
The Child" of Saml Straten & Grace his wife 

March. 27. 1780. Jessee was baptized in infancy. 
June 17"* 1781. Jonathan was baptized in infancy. 


Greenfield Hill Church Records 


1757 Dec. 11 Phebe Daughter to Thaddeus Staples was baptized 
13 Feb'y 1760 Anne was baptized in Infancy 84 5 

5^^ Jann' 1763 David was baptized about eleven months old. 
12ti» Octob'' 1766 James was baptized in infancy 
16 Ocf^ 1768 Isaac was baptized Just 6 months old 
l.Ober 1772 Thaddeus w« baptized, by M^ Ripley, born July 27th 

3 oc'' 1777. Oliver w^ baptised in infancy 

Negro Children & Negro's 

Nimrod Child of Dinah Servant to M'' Jos. Bradley* 

baptized on ye Masters Right Jan'' l^t 1758 
Mary a Child of 5 or 6 years old Servant to David Gold, 

baptized on her blaster's ace* N° 25 

Dinah Infant Serv* of Nathan Beers & his Wife baptiz'd 

on her account, at their House, being sick 69 

Anah Infant Serv* to Tho's Murwin baptized on his 

Account 85. 6 

Moses Indian Serv' to M' Cornelius Hull baptized about 

9 year old on his ^Masters account 
Ned Infant Serv* to Joseph Burr baptized on his Account 
Dinah Infant Serv' to Moses Dimon Esq"" baptized on 

his Account 
Nimrod, own'd Cov* & baptized 
Harry own'd Cov* & was baptized 
Primus Infant Sen"* to Joseph HUl on his Masters 

Peg Infant Serv* to Joseph Bradley baptiz'd on his 

Herman Infant Serv' to Cap* Dimon was baptized on 

his accoimt 
Nancy was babtized about a Year old, Serv* to Sam' 

Bradley Jun"" on her Masters account 
Tony negro child Servant to Thaddeus Banks baptised 

on his Account 
Thomas negro child Servant to Amos WiUiams baptized 

on his accoimt 
Mary negro child Servant of Benj^ Smith baptized on 

his account 
Simon negro Servant of Joseph Bradley's baptized in 

Tom negro Servant of Tho's Murwin baptized in infancy 
Sarah D. of James & Sarah Negro's baptized in infancy. 
Primus negro Servant of Hez. Bradley's baptized in 

Nancy negro Servant of Jn° Jennings baptized in Infancy 
Prince indented negro Servant of Doct'' Wiggins, bap- 
tized in infancy 
Millee negro Servant of Tho^ Miurwin baptized in in- 

• From page 74 of Part III to page 103, inclusive, except where otherwise indicated, 
the heading for the pages is "Church Records Part III Of Baptisms," the words 
"Church Records Part III" standing at the top of each page with an even number 
and the words "Of Baptisms" standing at the top of each page with an odd number. 
This heading has been omitted in the printed copy. 

No 5 

July 30. 1758. 

2 Oct' 1759 

13 Feb^ 1760 

20 April 1760 

11 May 1760 
15 June — 60 

9 Novemb 

18 Jan^y .1761 

29 March 

25 AprU 1762 
27 June 1762 

19 February 1764 
25 August 1765 
5th October 1766 
15 March 1767 

14 May 1767 
19th July 1767. 
6 AprQ 1768 

24 AprU 

10 July 1768 

4th Septemb' 

236 Greenfield Hill Chureh Records [July 

Dec*^ 11 1757 Hannali Daughter to Jn° Davis was babtized 2 

The Children of John Gilbard Jun' and Lydia his Wife 
SO'ii August 1761 Eunice was baptized in Infancy 

The Children of Thomas Goodsell & Miriam his Wife 

No 6 Hannah born 16 Jan'' 1756 babtized the same Day at Home 
20 Ocf 1760 Sarah was bom & baptized being untimely 
1 January 1764 Bradley was baptized about 5 weeks old 
1 Jime 1766 Huldah was baptized in infancy 

The Children of Albert Sherwood & Anne his Wife 

Jan' 29 1758 Sarah was baptized about 2 Months old N° 7 
Jime 3. 1759 Anne was baptized in Infancy 55 

Augt 9. 1761 Samuel was baptized in Infancy 
26 Nov'' 1763 Clarina was baptized in Infancy 
13*^'' April 1766 Albert was baptized born the i^ Inst. 
1 Jan^y 1769 Esther was baptized 7 weeks old 
9 May. 1773. Buckingham w^ baptized, bom March 18<^ Inst. 
The Children of Moses Dimon Jun^ & Grace his Wife 

Feb"- 5. 1758 Jane was baptized N" 9. 

9 Dec 1759 Anne was baptized 79 

30 May 1762 Ebenezer was baptized in Infancy near 2 Months 

The Children of Lewis Goodsell & Eunice his ■wife 

28 Janfy 1770 Le-nis born & baptized in private being sick by 
M*- Ross 

27th Feb. 1774 Eunice w' baptized in infancy 

29 oc'' 1775. Joel was baptized in infancy 

29*^1 Sep'' 1777. George Washiiigton w^ baptized in infancy. 
By his second wife 

Fefay Eunice & ] j. • • ■ t 
1781. Mary f twins m mfancy. 

25 of may 1783 a Child baptised Joseph Bankes 


The Children of Azariah Bedient & Phebe his Wife 

Jan'' 29 1758 Molly was babtized about 6 Weeks old _ N* 8 
July 1 1759 Azariah was baptized at Home, being untimely 62 

The Children of Dani Hull & Bettee his Wife 

17 May 1761 Molley was baptized in Infancy 
19*^ June 1763 Daniel was baptized in infancy 

The Child" of Hezekiah Bradley Junr & Lydia his wife 
Jany-16''ii 17S0. Hezekiah was baptized in infancy 

The Children of Samuel Bulkley and Beulah his Wife 

Feb' 9 1758 Samuel Baptized N° 10 

The Children of Ebenezer Price & Abigail his wife 

26 Nov'' 1763. Hurd was baptized in Infancy 
The Child" of Eben'' Banks & Huldah his wife 

Jan 7-1780 Ebenezer baptized in infancy, 

The Children of Jacob White & Elizabeth his Wife 

1758 Feb' 26 Jonathan was baptized No 11 

* The heading for this page is "of Baptisms." 

1915] Greenfield Hill Church Records 237 

2 Feb'' 1760 Robert was baptized at Home being sick about 
Month old 31. . 2 

12 July 1761 Daniel was baptized in Infancy 

29 June 1766 Joseph was baptized about 6 weeks old 
26 March 1769 Sarah was baptized about 2 months old 
10. Jany 1773. Jacob w^ baptized, born novem"" 2-1772. 
The Children of Gershom Wakeman and Elizabeth his Wife 

1758 March 12 Abigail baptized in Infancy by Rev^ M'' Ross 


23 March 1760 Abel was baptized in Infancy- 90 
1 1 April 1762 Gershom was baptized in Infancy 

21»* July 1765 Molley was baptized in infancy 

13 March 1768 Isaac was baptized in infancy 

24 Jany-1773 Seth w^ baptized, born y^ 15-instant 

17 Dec 1775 — Seth w^ baptized in infancy 


The Children of John Godfrey and Hannah his Wife 

1758 March 12 John babtized in Infancy by Rev'd M' Ross N^ 17 
Nov^ 25. 1759 Sarah was baptiz'd in Infancy 75 

The Children of Daniel & Hannah Price. 

July 6t'» 1777. Daniel was baptized in infancy. 

The Children of Ebenezer Burr and Sarah his Wife 
1758 March 26 Elenor was baptis'd in Infancy 
8 Feh^ 1761 Ebenezer was baptiz'd about 2 Months old. 
30*^ April 1769 Zahnon was baptized, born the week before 

The Children of Reuben Solomon and Dorothy his Wife 

April 9. 1758. Asahel baptized in Infancy 21 

The Children of Samuel Murwin Jun'' and Eunice his Wife 

18 April 1762 Nathan was baptized about 2 or 3 Months old. 
The Children of Joseph Banks & Esther his wife 

July 6-1777- Esther was baptized Lq infancy 
The Children of Jn" Hubbel & Eleanor his Wife 

Aug* 26 1758 Jn° was baptized at Home in Infancy bemg sick 

No 26 
13 April 1760 Rachel was baptized 92 

11 April 1762 Eleanor was baptized in Infancy 

26 Aug* 1764 Esther was baptized about eight days old 

3 Aug* 1766 Hannah was baptized, born the 20t*» ult° 
17 April 1768 Ezekiel was baptized, born the 5*-^ Inst 

15 May 1773 Jonathan & ) twins were baptized-immediately 
Amelia J after y^ birth 

The Children of David Ogdon Jun' & Jane his Wife 

Aug* 27. 1758. Mary was baptized in Infancy N° 29 

19 Octob'' 1760 David was baptized in Infancy 
8 August 1762 Sturges was baptized iu Infancy 

11 Novemb' 1764 Joseph born & baptized in private being 

5 July 1767 Elizabeth was baptized born the 24*1^ ult 
The Children of Jn° Wakeman Jn'' & Hester his Wife 

August 27 1758 Eleanor was baptized in Infancy N^ 30 

27 April 1760 John was baptized in Infancy 
11 AprH 1762 El 

238 Greenfield Hill Church Records [July 

22 April 1764 Aaron was baptized about 6 weeks old 

11 May 1766 Nathan was baptized in infancy 

31 Octob'' 1768 Eli was baptized in infancy 

22 Nov 1773 Daniel w« baptized born Sept' 26*'' ins' 

14 Jany 1776 Betsey w» baptized in infancy 

22 Feby. 1778 Betsey w^ baptized in infancy by M' Ripley 

5th Aug* 1781 Zalmon was baptized in infancy 

The Children of Jonathan Whaley & Dorothy his Wife 

Sept. 3. 1758. Hezekiah was baptized about 2 months old upon 
his Mothers Account N° 31 

The Children of Peter Sturges & Anne his wife 

SOtt Nov' 1766 Sarah was baptized born 11*^ July. 
The Children of Daniel Bradley Jun' and Mary his Wife 

Oct' 15. 1758 Mary was baptized in Infancy N° 36 

1760 Sarah was baptized in Infancy 
Nov' 28. 1762 Sybill was baptized born the 22<i 
2 Dec' 1764 Burr was baptized in infancy 

14 June 1767 Abigail was baptized in infancy 
The Children of Peter Wakeman & Sarah his wife. 

March 3^ 1776. Charles Lee w^ baptized in infancy.-He was 
called after y* patriotic man w° is at y* time a Major General 
in y« American Army 

The Children of Seth Bradley & Eunice his Wife 

Jan' 14. 1759 Levi was baptized about 2 Months old No 41 

4 May 1760 Seth was baptiz'd at Home imtimely bom & sick 
9 May 1761 Eliphalet was baptized at Home being sick 

15 Novem' 1767 Alban S. was baptized in Infancy 
By his second wife Dorothy 

Nov' 6. 1774 Eunice w^ baptized, bom July 14th 
June 21. 1778. Alton was baptized in infancy 
\ The Children of Thaddeus Jennings & Lavinia his Wife 

f Jan' 14. 1759 Burrit was baptized, about a Month old 42 

j March 8 1761 Appollina was baptized in Infancy 

^1 27"» March 1763 Philemon was baptized 1 day old 

I 5 May 1765. Syhaus was baptized in infancy 

i 21^*^ June 1767 Thaddeus was baptized in infancy 

* The Children of Gershom Bulkly Jun' & Amelia his wife — 

March 24. 1776. Amelia w^ baptized in infancy. 
June 28. 1778. Gershom was baptized in infancy by M' Ripley 
Sep' 24. 1780. Bradley w^ baptized in infancy. 

The Children of David Murwin and Hannah his Wife 

Feb' 4. 1759 Abigail was baptized in Infancj' 43 

; 19*11 March 1762 Lyman was baptized about 3 Months old at 

I Home being sick 

I The Children of Josiah Cable & Mary his wife 

i 20 May 1764 Da\'id was baptized about 5 weeks old on his 

mother's account 
The Children of Jeremiah Oakley and Sarah his Wife 

Feb' 25. 1759 Abigail was baptized in Infancy 44 

13 June 1762 Gilbard was baptized in Infancy 

1915] Greenfield Hill Church Records 239 

13 May 1764 Jeremiali was baptised in Infancy 
IQth May 1767 David was baptized ia infancy 

The Children of Tiu^iey Bulkly & Esther his wife. 
March 31* 1776 Sarah w* baptized in infancy. 
July 6. 1777 Esther was baptized in infancy. 
March 21-79. Sarah was baptized in infancy. 
Octo^ l^t 1780. Eunice was baptized in infancy 

The Children of Smith & Eunice his Wife 

April 1. 1759 Rachel was baptized about 12 Days old 47 

March 8. 1761 EHphalet was baptized about a Week old 
!Ma3' 29. 1763 Joseph was baptized, born y« 27tii 
27 October 1765 Sarah was baptized about month old 
24 Jan"^. 1768 Eimice was baptized, born the week before 
11 March 1770 Hezekiah was baptized, born 18 January 
Aug'-16-1772 Huldah w* baptized in infancy 
Nov"' 27. 74. PriscUla w* baptized in infancy 
March 30-77. Belinda w^ baptized in infancy 
The Children of Benjamin Jennings and his Wife 

I Nov' 28. 1759 Eliphalet baptized at Home, vmtimely bom 76 

1 28 Aug^t. 1763 Anah was baptized about 2 weeks old 

j The Children of David Rice & Rachel his wife 

} March 28'^i» 79. Justus was baptized in infancy 

\ [86] 

I Strangers, Children & Adults 

I May 6. 1759. Zahnon Son to Zahnon & Huldah Reed Members of y^ 

' Chh in Reading was baptized 61 

'j 13*^ April 1766 Rachel Buckingham Covenanted & was baptized about 

■ 18 years old 

! ■ 29^^ March 1767. Ebenezer Buckingham Covenanted & baptized in his 18*^ 

•* year 

: 6 Aug* 1769 John Jones own'd the Covenant & baptized in his 19 Year 

; The Children of Increase Burr & Jane his Wife 

April 22 1759 Increase was baptized in Infancy 50 

15 March 1761 Jane was baptized in Infancy 

6 April 1763 Joseph was baptized in Infancy 

22 July 1765 Sarah was bom & baptized being untimely 

: By his 2d Wife Rhode 

lO'ii Sepf 1769 Rhode was baptized about 2 months old 

14 Aug* — 74. William w^ baptized in infancy — 
5. July 1778. Prudence w^ baptized in infancy 

The Children of Ebenezer Buckingham & his wife 

7. feby-1773. Ebenezer was baptized, born March 21. 1772 
27. March-74. Rachel was baptized in infancy 

OUver Middlebrooks son ^lorris was Babtized Sep'' 17 1802 By 
the Revd M' Ripley 

The Children of Gershom Hubbel & EUzabeth his Wife 
■ May 27. 1759 Elizabeth was baptized, about 2 Months old 53 

• March 1=* 1761 Abijah was baptized about 3 Days old 

; 20*ii March 1763 Gershom was baptized born the 17*^ instant. 

j 5 March 176^ Sarah was baptized in infancy 

i 23 Augt 1767 Walter was baptized born 17ti» 


240 Greenfield Hill Church Records [July 

By his second wife 

Moses was baptised in Infancy. 
28. Feby-1773-Priscilla w^ baptized in infancy 
17. March 1776. William w* baptized in infancy. 
12. July 1778- Uriah was baptized in infancy 
31. Dec 1780- Susanna was baptized in infancy 
The ChUdren of WiU™ Wakeman & Sarah his Wife 

May 27. 1759 William was baptized in Infancy 54. 

June 28. 1761 Jabez was baptized in Infancy 
18 March 1764 Le^vT was baptized about 10 Days old 
I IS^^ April 1766 Da\-id was baptized about a week old 

i 10 July 1768 Hezekiah was baptized a few days old 

1 July 20t'» 74. Eunice w^ baptized in infancy. 

June 22. 1777. Ira «,•» baptized in infancy 
The Children of Oliver Middlebrook & Mary his wife 

1773 Dec 19^^ Sam' "^Tieeler w= baptized, bom May 2i<^ 
Sep'' 24. 1775. Odel w^ baptized in infancy. 


! The Children of John Murwin & Dorothy his Wife 
\ June 10*''^ 1759. Mordecai was baptized, bom y« past week 56 

! The Children of Samuel Ogdon & Mary his Wife 
I 1759 June 10 Samuel was baptized in Infancy 57 

/ 26 July 1761 Mary was baptized in Infancy 

j 13 April 1766 Mabel was baptized born last December 

I 30^^ April 1709 Rhoda was baptized in infancy 

I [89] _ - - 

s The Children of James BuUdey & his Wife 

• June 17. 1759 Eunice was baptized 59 
f The Children of Stephen Thorp and Sarah his Wife 

< 1 April 1762 Sarah was baptized about a Year & half old 

J 7 August 1763 Zoa daughter was baptized in Infancy 

• 17 August 1766 Ellen was baptized about 6 weeks old 

s 26 Nov"' 1769 Burr S. was baptized in infancy by "M^ Wetmore 

\ 19 Jany- 1773 Amie w^ baptized bom DeC 27-1772. 

■f 18. Sep'' 74. Mabel w^ baptized in infancy — 

The ChHdren of David Gold & Abigail his Wife Vid p. 72 
: June 22. 1755 Hannah was baptized at Home being sick 60 

The Children of Ehiathan Williams & his Wife 

29 July 1759 Peter was baptized 63 

30 May 1762 Griswold was baptized in Infancy 

The Children of Oliver Whitlock & Mary his Wife 

1759 June 24 Jesse was baptized in Infancy 61 

June 2<i 1761 Eunice was baptized in Infancy 
The Children of Peter Banks & EUzabeth his wife 
; June 1775: EHzabeth w^ baptized soon after birth on acct. of 

sickness the parents promisg to renew cov' as soon as they 
had opport. — 
[ Dec'' 8-76. Betsey was baptized in infancy — 

I Feby-21-79. Reuben Bradley w^ baptized in infancy 

I The Children of Hezekiah Bradley & Abigail his Wife 

i Hezekiah born June 1757 

I • The heading for this page is "The Church Records." 

1915] Greenfield HiU Church Records 241 

24 Feb^ 1760 Abigail was baptized, bom y« Evening before 86 
1 Nov 1761 Medad was baptized, born Ocf 30 
15 July 1764 Charlotte was bom & baptized 
SOtii April 1769 Aaron Burr was baptized, bom the 22d inst. 
Sarah was baptized in infancy 
28. March 1779. Abigail was baptized in infancy 
The children of Belah Alvord & Sarah his wife 

27 March 1774. Aaron w« baptized in infancy. 
14. Jany-1776. Abigail w» baptized in infancy — 


The Children of David Darling & Sarah his Wife 

1760 17 March Sarah was baptized about 6 Weeks old 88 9 
The Children of Noah Sherwood & Sarah his wife 

14 February 1764 Johanna was baptized at Home being sick 

14 April 1765 Gershom was baptized in Infancy 
3 Jan^y 1768 Noah was baptized in infancy by M'' Ripley 

15 May. 1774. Jesse w^ baptized, born decemr 23. 73 
30. rQarch-77- Joanah w^ baptized in infancy. 

The Children of James Redfield and Mary his Wife 

23 March 1760 Mary was baptized in Infancy 91 

22 Novemb"" 1761. Abigail was baptized in Infancy 

6th Novemb'' 1763 James was baptized in Infancy 

l^* Septemb'' 1765 Sarah was baptized in Infancy 

6 Decemb"" 1767 Jane was baptized in Infancy 

30 May-1773. Hull w^ baptized, born y« 17"> inst — 

28. Jany - 76- Huldah w« baptized in infancy by M'' Ripley 

The Children of Reuben Bradley & Elizabeth his Wife 
1 22 June 1760 Lydia was baptized about a month old 

i 6 Feb^y 1763 Mabel was baptized in Infancy 

; 4th Aug* 1765 Adad S. was baptized about a month old 

] The Child" of Jo^ Winton & Mary his wife 

j oc'' 31. 1779. Pollina w^ baptized in infancy 

■> Oc^ 15*1^-1780. Betsey w« baptized in infancy — 

i The Children of Thaddeus Banks & Olive his Wife 

i 28 Decem^ 1760 Elizabeth was baptized in Infancy 

i 27 Feb"^ 1763 Thomas was baptized in Infancy 

G^^ Octob'' 1765 David was baptized in infancy. 
1 Octob"^ 1769 Molley was baptized in infancy 
30 aug' 1772 Justus was baptized, bom y^ 14. of June 1772. 
17 May 1778. Bradley w baptized in infancy. 
The Children of Nathan Bradley & Amelia his wife 

5. May. 1776. Noah Wakeman w* baptized in infancy 
17. May 1778 Samuel was baptized in infancy - 

The Children of Jonathan Dimon & Hannah his Wife 

1761 March 15*1" Jonathan was baptized 1 Day old 

May 24. 1762 Noah was baptized at Home being sick & dead 
1 next day 

I 8 May 1763 Samuel was baptized two weeks old 

I 21*^ Septemr 1766 Albe S. was baptized, born the 7*'' Inst. 

I 3 April 1768 Jxistus was baptized, born March 29 

By his second wife Flizabeth 
i 24 March 1776. Richard Montgomery was baptized, bora 

242 Records from Capt. John Gorham's Bible [July 

Jany-2lBt. This child w« calltJ after y* great & brave Gen' 

w" fell before y« walls of Quebec Dec' 31. 1775. fight^ for y® 

Liberties of his country. 
By his third wife Ruth 

24t'i tober 1780. David was baptized in infancy 
The Children of Reuben Wilhams & Huldah his Wife 

19 April 1761 Reuben was baptiz'd in Infancy at Home being 

3 Octob'' 1762 William was baptized about a Week old 
6 April 1765 Sturges was baptized in private being sick 
25 October 1767 Betty was baptized, bom the 17'^ 
25 February 1770 Sturges was baptized bom 16 January 
The Children of David GoodseU & Ann his wife 
Feby-8-1776. Ulillah was baptized in infancy. 
Jany 20*'^ 1779. David was baptized in infancy. 

(To be continued] 



I Communicated by Daniel Vincent, Esq., of Chilmark, Mass. 

I The accompanying half-tone illustrations show the two sides of 

I a leaf that without doubt at one time formed a part of a Bible be- 

I longing to Capt. John Gorham of the Plymouth Colony, whose wife 

I was Desire Howland, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Tilley) 

\ Howland of the Mayflower company. No mention of a Bible is 

■' found in the inventory of Capt. John Gorham's estate, taken 29 Feb. 

\ 1675/6 and printed in The Mayflower Descendant, vol. 4, pp. 154-156; 

\ but in the inventory of the estate of his widow, Desire (Howland) 

I Gorham, which was exhibited to the court at PljTnouth 6 Mar. 

; 1683/4 and has been printed in The Mayflower Descendant, vol. 4, 

j pp. 217-220, appears the following: 

Item pewter 12^ shillings 1 Chist 2' and old bible and Tillinhasts 
1 book 23 00 16 00 

Desire Gorham, eldest child of Capt. John and Desire (Howland) 
Gorham, was married at Barnstable, 7 Oct. 1661, to John^ Hawes* 
(Edmond^), and died 30 Jime 1700, her husband d}dng 11 Nov. 
1701.t The Bible that had belonged to her parents evidently be- 
came the property of Desire (Gorham) Hawes and later came into 
the possession of her son Benjamin' Hawes;| for in his ■^-ill, dated 
15 Oct. 1722, Benjamin Hawes bequeathed to his daughter Experience 

* Barnstable Vital Records, in The Mayflower Descendant, vol. 5, p. 72; Hawes's 
Edmond Hawes, p. 145. 
: t Yarmouth records; Hawes's Edmond Hawes, p. 148; The Mayflower Descendant, 

': vol. 5, p. 177, where a record from Col. John Gorham's "Wast Book" reads: "Desire 

— Gorham — maryed a Capt Haws Yarmouth — having his Leg Cut of Dyed with It." 
% He was born at Yarmouth 20 Mar. 1682/3 (Yarmouth Vital Records, in The May- 
flower Descendant, vol. 2, p. 207) ; died between 15 Oct. and 28 Nov. 1722, the dates 
I of the making and proving of his will; married at Edgartown, 24 July 1705, Dorcaa 

! Smith (Edgartown Vital Records, p. 131), who survived him and married (2) 22 Dec. 

i 1724 John Worth (i6.). 



THE NeW:-; 



OF o U R :"^^2^i&^/ 

tORD AND-SA5faEpi|&/ 



"NeWly tranfiated out of the original Greek; ahjT,^- 
'With the former tranflations diligently com-" ' 
. - • pared and revifed, by his Majefties 
5y^_>^,^ fpeciall cpnimand. . 



J Appointed to be read itf churches. , 



T^C /tt-t-C- 

. i[[ Printed by Thomas Buck, and it^^^r D&nhl, printers;-' 

to the Univcrfirie of Cambridoh, 1537/^ 

:?v-- •• ■•■">- - ... ' 

i-js 3^ ^'••^^.. - ■ •}-r- '- " 








EJ., , '.id 



1915] Records from Capt. John Gorham's Bible 243 

" my great Bible which was my Mothers."* This daughter Experi- 
ence, the eldest child, was bom at Edgartown 14 Nov. 1706 ;t and her 
name and her father's name, written on the title-page from the old 
Bible, are clearly shown in the illustration facing page 242. 

What was the fate of the old Bible, after it came into the hands of 
Experience Hawes, and who were its subsequent possessors, have not 
been discovered; but the leaf of which the two sides are shown in 
the accompanying illustrations was found with other treasured 
papers among the personal effects of the late Hiram Luce of West 
Tisbury, Mass., who was born at Tisbury 28 Apr. 1829 and died at 
West Tisbury 11 Oct. 1911, son of Edmund and Sally Luce of Tis- 
bury and grandson of a Thomas Luce who is said to have fought imder 
John Paul Jones on the Bon Homme Richard. 

The leaf measures about 8| by 5f inches, and the illustrations 
are therefore about three fourths as large as the original leaf. 

The writing that is legible on the title-page reads as follows: 

Benj* Haws apointed 

Expereince Hawes har Boock god giue har grace thair in to Luck and 
when har [torn] tol then Lor[fom] have marsey one har sool. 

On the reverse of the title-page stands first the following record 
in the handwriting of Capt. John Gorham:J 

The Age of our Children as followeth 
Desire Gorum borne the 2 of Aprill 1644 
Temperanc Gorum borne the 5 of May 1646 
EUsebeth Gorum borne the 2 of AprUl 1648 
Jams Gorum borne the 28 of ApriU 1650 
John Gorum borne the 20 of febuary 1651 
Joseph Gorum borne the 16 of febuary 1653 
Jabez Gorum borne the 3 of August 1656 
Marcy Gorum borne the 20 of Jenuary 1658 
Ledea Goriun borne the 11 of Nowember 1661 
Hannah Gorum borne the 28 of nowember 1663 
Shubaell Gorum borne the 21 of October 1667 § 

Below the list of Capt. John Gorham's children are two entries, 
in different handwritings, the first one evidently written by John 
Hawes and recording the death of his wife, Desire (Gorham) Hawes, 
and the second one ^^Titten by one of John Hawes's children and 
recording the death of John Hawes, the writer's father. 

These entries are as follows: 

My Deair Wife Gaue up hur. Breth to god that gaue it hur. the Last 
day of June 1700 

My Deair faither Gaue [torn] his breath to God that Gaue it [torn] no- 
uember the 11 1701 

* Dukes County Probate Records, vol. 1, p. 137. 

t Edgartown Vital Records, p. 38. 

j For a, facsimile of a letter in Capt. John Gorham's handwriting see Register, 
vol. 50, illustration facing p. 32. 

§ The births of the first nine children of Capt. John and Desire (Howland) Gorham, 
down to and including Lydia, were entered in the Barnstable town records and have 
been printed in The Mayflower Descendant, vol. 5, p. 72; but the Bible record given 
above furnishes also contemporary evidence for the birth dates of the two youngest 
children, Hannah and Shubael. 

VOL. LXIX. 16 

244 Town Records of Boxhorough, Mass. [July 


Communicated by Thomas Williams Baldwin, A.B., S.B., of Cambridge, Mass. 

The following entries have been copied frona the town records of 
Boxhorough, Mass. 

Boxborough October y« 2^^ 1792 
Came from Medford to Boxborough 
The Widow Eleanor Green & her five Children 
Also Susanna Green Bom 
WilUam Green Born NoV 21^^ 1792 
Peggy Green 

and Eleanor Green — all of one family- 
Daniel Robins f o^i „._„„ ^t 
Attest SHas Stone ' Selectmen of 

Selectmen for 

Benja Stevens 1 Boxborough 

Put William to M' Arrington Gibson December ye 31^ 1792 
January y^ ll*'' 1793 Let out Eleanor Green & Eleoner Green Jun'' to 
the Lowest bidder for three months at 

February y« l^t 1793 put Eleanor Green Jun' to John Crouch Jun'' for three 
months for 1/6 p' week 

Isable Wood Last from Athol; the above Named jsable Wood Came into 
Boxborough Since January 15*^ 1785 
November Ib'''^ 1785 

Ephraim Whitcomb 
Abel Fletcher 
Ephraim Taylor 
Abel Whitcomb 

Boxborough April 6 1784 
This may Certify that Jacob Winslow Came from Chesterfield to my 
Dwelling house on February 16 Day 1784 and Rebecah Winslow his wife 
and Icobud Winslow their Child Came to my Dwelling house on March y« 
7*^ 1784 an are under Poor Indilent Sircomstances 

april 5 1784 Richard Wetherbee 
j Boxborough AaprU 17 1784 

\ This is to Inform the Selectmen that I have Taken Ebenezer warren Fuller 

i and Brought bim into the Town of Boxborough & I would Notify you so that 

i he may not be any Charge to the Town nor to me Heareafter. this from 

' • Phinehas Wetherbee Ju'^ 

Nathan Puffer Last from Sudbury 

Nathan Brooks and Mary his Wife and one Child Viz MoUe Last from Stow 
Ebenezer Gates Last from Stow 
Edward Brown Last from Stow 
Amos Brown Last from Stow 
John Gill Piper Last from Acton 
j Lydia Reed Last from Westford 

Ohver Whitcomb Last from Stow 

Ezekiel Davis and Susana his ^sife and Two Children Viz Isaac & Susana 
Last from Acton 
I Silas Whitcomb Last from Littleton 

I Bette Parker Last from Ashburnham 

I Lydia Patch Last from Littleton 

I Peggy Woodard Last from Paxton 

j 1915] Town Records of Boxborough, Mass. 245 

I Aaron Woods Last from Shearley 

I And James Weltch and Lydia his wife 

I Abel Meriam Last from Harvard 

I Abner Whitney and Sarah his wife and Two Children Viz Amaziah & 

I Molly Last from Newtown 

I the above Named Persons Came into Boxborough Since March 1785 

I Feb' 9^^ 1786 Ephraim Whitcomb ] 

? Abel Fletcher Selectmen of 

f Ephraim Taylor | Boxborough 

I Abel Whitcomb 

i John Robins & Phebe his Wife Last from Littleton 

j Bette McDaniel and one Child Viz Phebe Last from Littleton 

j The above Named Persons came into the Town of Boxborough Since 

! March in the year 1785 

i Boxborough February 18'J» 1786 

Ephraim Whitcomb 'i Selectmen for 
ffiZiK I Boxborough 

Boxborough September ^23 1786 
These may Certify and acquaint the Selectmen that I have taken In to 
my family one Sibbel ChamberUn from Westford 
Submitted by there humble Servant 

Abel Fletcher 

These may Certify and acquaint the Selectmen of Boxborough that i the 
Subscriber has taken in to his family a Poor molatto girl who they call 
thirza an inhabitant of Littleton Subject to the Notice of the Selectmen and 
Submited by the humble Servant 

Abel Fletcher 
Boxborough July 19^ 1786 

Boxborough November the 11 1786 
These may Certify and acquaint the Selectmen of Boxborough that the 
Subscriber has taken in to his family a boy whom they Call WiUam Moore 
Last from Littleton took him on the thirty first day of October Last the Same 
day he was eight years old. Submited by your humble Servant 

Abel Fletcher 

Boxborough Desember the 7 1786 
these may Certify and acquaint the Selectmen of Boxborough that the 
Subscriber has taken into his family a Negro woman Name Moriah from 
Submited By there humble Servant 
She was the Servant Able Fletcher 

of the Revernd Daniel Rogers 
Jonathan Tower and Basmath wife and there Children Joshua and James 
Ezra and Pernullia Last from Acton 
Joseph Jewet and Sarah his wife Last from Littleton 
also Lydia Phillips Last from Lexington 
also Jonas Meriam Last from Harvard 

Timothy Shaddok and Betty his wife also there Children Timothy, Re- 
beccah and Stephen and Hannah Last from Littleton 

The above Named Persons Came in to the Town of Boxborough Since 
March in the year 1786 

Edward Brown 
Oliver Taylor 
OUver Mead 

I Boxborough March *H 1787 

Selectmen for 

Selectmen for 

246 Town Records of Boxhorough, Mass. [July 

To the Selectmen of Boxborough 
Gentlemen this may Certify that Rebeckah Tainter of Watertown Came 
to Hve at my House Desember ^21 1786 
Boxborough Jany ^IZ 1787 

James D CooUidg 
Rebeccah Tainter Last from Wartertown 

Joseph How and Hulday his wife and OHv and Sally and Samuel and 
Joseph there Children Last from Framingham 
the above Named persons Nehemiah Bat 
came into Boxborough Oliver Mead 

Since March 1786 Edward Brown , 

Boxborough September the 26 1787 
to the Selectmen of Boxborough this is to Notify you that I Bennit Wood 
of Boxborough have taken into my Family Sarah Chase Last from Lancaster 
Sarah Chase Last from Lancaster 

Silas Stone and Eunice his Wife and also Ten Children Named Lucy, 
Eunice, Sarah, SUas, Phinehas, Betsy, Hannah, Jaspar, Joseph & Lois Last 
from Harvard 
Jeremiah Priest and Susannah Priest his wife Last from Bolton 
Jona Whitney and Lyddia his wife Last from Bolton 
Allin M<=Lane and Mary his wife and Daniel Their Child Last from acton 
Eleazer Parkes and Elisabeth his wife Last from Stow 
Charles Brown and Rebecah his wife and four Children viz Charles, Ed- 
ward, MoUey and Hezekiah Their Children Last from Stow 
Asa Moors Last from Bolton 
Abel Meriam Last from Har\'ard 
Patty Tinney Last from Littleton 

The above Named Persons came into The Town of Boxborough Since the 
first Day of march 1787 

Silas Taylor 
Abel Whitcomb 
February 26*^ 1788 Ephraim Whitcomb 

Nehemiah Batchellor 
Ephraim Taylor 

Doc"^ Daniel Robins and Betsy his Wife and two Children Viz Daniel and 
Ephraim Their Children Last from Harvard 

Augustes Walker and Easter his wife and one Child Viz Lydia Last from 
Moses Chase Last from Groton 

EUas Warner and Abigal his wife and her Child whos Name is Jessy Last 
from Starling 

The above Named Persons Came into the Town of Boxborough Since the 
first Day of March 1788 

Oliver Mead 

February t.26 1789 |^?J^^^eomb 

Phins Wetherbee Jr. 
Sarah Lawrance Last from Littleton Since the first day of may Vtl 
April Gfi 1789 OUver Mead 

SUas Taylor 
Eph™ Whitcomb 
1*%^ Wetherbee , 
To the Selectmen of Boxborough Gentlemen 
this may Sertify that Rebeckah Taintpr of Wartertown Came to Live at 

my house Desember 27*'' 1786 _ ^^ ^ ,,. , 

James D Coomdg 

Selectmen of 

Selectmen of 

Selectmen of 

1915] Tovim Records of Boxhorotigh, Mass, 247 

i Boxborough Apriel ^H8 1789 

I This is to Notify the Selectmen of Boxborough that I have Let in Daniel 

Robins with his wife and two Children John and Bettee. this from your 

most humble Servant 

Simeon Wetherbee 

To the Selectmen of Boxborough, Gentlemen 
this is to Notify you that I have taken in to my fammily and Board the 
12 Day of April instant one Benjamin Butler miner Last from Lancaster 
Boxborough April M9 1790 

Edward Brown. 

To the Selectmen of Boxborough, Gentlemen 
this is to Notify you that I have taken into my family and Board the 
Second Day of April instant Abel Butler miner Last from Lancaster 
Boxborough April ^H9 1790 

Isaac Batchelor 

To the Selectmen of Boxborough, Gentlemen i the subscriber have Taken 
into my house the widow Aima Baker of Littleton and hereby notify you of 
the same. 

Boxborough November ZO^^ 1793 

Abel Fletcher 

Boxborough March the l^^" 1794 
This is to notify the Selectmen of the Town of Boxborough that i the 
subscriber have Taken into my family Beulah Tuttle Last from westford 

Abel Fletcher 
To the Selectmen of Boxborough this is to inform you that i have Taken 
into my family Anna Wood of Gardner and hereby notify you of the same 
Boxborough November 30*'^ 1793 

Paul Hayward 

Middlesex ss. To Capt. Oliver Taylor Constable of Boxborough in said 
county. Greeting 

Whereas Silas Warner and Elener Warner his wife, and their children 
Moses, Silas, Aaron, PoUey, Elener and Hannah; also Joseph Raymond and 
Dorithy his wife and their children; Joseph, Daniel, Jonathan, Nathan, 
Dorothy & her child and Rebecah Susana and Hepsabeth — Poor persons 
being not i nh abitants of this Town and are now within the same and are 
likely to becom chargeble to the Town, you are therefore hereby ordered to 
warn them to Depart Emediately from this Town and make Return of this 
order with your doings thereon as soon as you have Executed the same, 
given under our hands and Seal the tenth Day of April in the year of our 
Lord A.D. 1793. 

gJl^^aylor 1 Selectmen of 
IpraiSS^S) Boxborough 

Middlesex ss in pursuant to the within order I have warned all the 
persons whose names are herein Ritten as the Order Directs to Depart 
Boxborough April 12t'» 1793 

Oliver Taylor Constable 

Middlesex ss To Cap* Oliver Taylor Constable of Boxborough in said 
County greeting 

Whereas Silas Stone and Eunice Stone his wife and their children Silas; 
Phinehas; Jasper; Joseph; Lucy; Eunice; Sarah; Bette Farbank; Han- 
ner; and Lois, also Benjamin Stevens and Lucy his wife and their children; 
William; Moses; Benjamin; Samuel & Lucy, also Peter Wheelor and 
Abigal his wife and their children James, Stephen, Peter, John & Abigal; 
also Ephraim Cobleigh; also the widow Mary Wetherbee and her children; 

248 Genealogical Research in England [July 

Edward, Peter & Daniel; also Paul Gates, also Francis Meed and Mary his 
wife and their children Artimas &c — poor persons being not inhabitants of 
this Town and are now within the Same and are likely to becom chargable 
to the said Town you are therefore hereby ordered to warn them Emediately 
to Depart from this Town and make Return of this order with your doings 
thereon as soon as you have Executed the same, given imder our hands 
and seals the Second day of May in the year of our Lord AD 1793 

Silas Taylor 

Soloman Taylor 

Epraim Taylor 
Middlesex ss 

In pursuance to the within Ritten order I have warned all the persons 
whose names are herein written Except Francis Meed and family as the order 

Boxborough May 27'!' 1793 

Oliver Taylor Constable 

Selectmen of 


Contributed by Miss Elisabeth French, and communicated by the Committee on 

English Research 

(Continued from page 159] 

Eyre or Aires 
From the Parish Registers of Laven-ham, co. Suffolk* 

1565 John Vale buried 26 February.t 

1567 Jeffrye Janing and Alice Vale married 7 June. 

1575 John Vale and married 19 May. 

1578 Roger Cha'delor and Joane Vale married 28 October. 
1582 Symon Aires and Susan Vale married 7 February [1582/3]. 
1585 Susan daughter of Symon Aires baptized 18 October. 
1588 Symond son of Symon Aires baptized 21 June. 

1588 John Butcher and Cecilye Aires married 4 October. 

1589 Susan daughter of Symon Aires buried 20 June. 
1591 Anna daughter of Symon Aires baptized 23 April. 
1593 John son of Symon Aires baptized 5 January [1593/4]. 
1596 Joseph son of Richard Aires baptized 10 October. 
1596 Anthonye son of Symon Aires baptized 24 October. 

1598 Richard son of Richard Aires baptized 19 November. 

1599 Thomas Angell servant with Symon Aires buried 3 December. 

1600 John son of Richard Aires baptized 13 October. 
1603 James son of Richard Aires baptized 3 July. 

1603 John son of Henry Aires baptized 30 January [1603/4]. 
1605 Susan daughter of Richard Aires baptized 15 September. 

1605 Francis daughter of Henry Aires baptized 2 February [1605/6]. 

1606 Richard son of Henry Aires baptized 15 June. 
1606 Richard son of Richard Aires buried 22 June. 

1608 Anne daughter of Henry Aires baptized 11 December. 

1609 Richard son of Richard Aires baptized 3 April. 

* These registers have been searched for Eyre entries from 1558 to 1663, inclusive, 
but for Vale entries only from 1558 to 1582, inclusive. 

t Up to 1570, in these registers, the year is reckoned as beginning on 1 January. 

1915] Genealogical Research in England 249 

1615 Anthonye son of Sjmaon Aires buried 2 March [1615/16]. 
1619 Marie daughter of Mr. Simond Aiers baptized 22 June. 
1621 Gararde son of Robert Eyre [?] buried 30 April. 

1627 John Eyres and Dorothy Huske married 13 November. 

1628 John son of John Eyres baptized 4 January [1628/9]. 

1629 Francis daughter of Henry Eyres buried 8 April. 

1630 Dorithye daughter of John Eyres baptized 6 Jime. 

1631 Ry chard Ayres and Susan helke married 10 August. 

1632 Richard son of Richard Eires baptized 17 June. 

j 1632 Dorithie wife of John Eyres buried 21 November. 

I 1633 William Clarke and An Eyres married 15 October. 

I 1634 John son of Richard Eyres baptized 6 April. 

' 1634 John Eyers and Marie Firman married 1 May. 

1636 Thomas son of Richard Ayres baptized 6 April. 

1637 John son of John Ayres baptized 6 May. 

1637 Susan the wife of Symon Eyers buried 21 September. 

1638 WiUiam son of Richard Ayeres baptized 10 June. 

1639 WiUiam son of Richard Aires buried 4 December. 
1639 John son of John Aires biu-ied 20 January [1639/40]. 

1639 daughter of John Aires buried 16 February [1639/40]. 

1639 Richard Aires Senior buried 25 February [1639/40]. 

1640 IMargrette daughter of Richard Aires buried 20 Jxme. 

1641 Joan Ayres widow buried 4 March [1641/2]. 

■ 1642 Margaret daughter of Richard Ayrs buried 16 April. 

i 1642 WUliam son of Richard Ayers baptized 19 June. 

I 1642 Sarah daughter of John Ayers baptized 26 February [1642/3]. 

{ 1643 Richard son of Richard Ayers buried 31 October. 

•; 1644 Mary daughter of John Ayers baptized 21 November. 

5; 1646 Francis wife of Henry Ayers buried 19 August. 

' 1647 Saray daughter of John Ayers baptized 2 May. 

'■ 1650 Sarah daughter of Jolm Aj'ers buried 6 June. 
1650 Mary daughter of John Ayer baptized 28 July. 

From Feet of Fines* 

Fifteen days after Easter, 11 Charles I [13 April 1635]. Final Concord in 
the King's Court at Westminster between Timothy Oldmanes alias Pricke 
and Mary his wife, querents, and Simon Eire, gentleman, and Dorothy his 
wife, deforciants, of two messuages, one stable, two gardens, and one orchard 
in Bury St. Edmunds. Plea of covenant. Simon and Dorothy have ac- 
knowledged the aforesaid premises to be the right of Timothy, as those which 
Timothy and ^lary have of the gift of Simon and Dorothy, and they have 
remised and quitclaimed them from Simon and Dorothy and their heirs to 
Timothy and Mary and the heirs of Timothy forever. And, moreover, 
Simon and Dorothy have granted for themselves and the heirs of Simon that 
they win warrant to Timothy and Mary and the heirs of Timothy the afore- 
said premises against Simon and Dorothy and the heirs of Simon forever. 
And for this Timothy and Mary gave to Simon and Dorothy £80. [Trans- 
lated from the Latin.] (Feet of Fines, Suffolk, Easter, 11 Charles I.) 

[Because of the lack of wills nothing has been learned about the ancestry 
of Simon Aires and his wife, Susan Vale, parents of the Simon Aires or Eyre 
who emigrated to New England in 1635; but both were probably descended 
from families of their respective names that had been resident at Lavenham, 
CO. Suffolk, since the Middle Ages. The following pedigree, therefore, begins 
with the father of the emigrant. 

* Preserved in the Public Record Office, London. 

250 Genealogical Research in England [July 

1, Simon Aires, of Lavenham, co. Suffolk, born probably about 1557, died 
after 1637. He married at Lavenham, 7 Feb. 1582/3, Susan Vale, who was 
buried at Lavenham 21 Sept. 1637. 

Children, baptized at Lavenham: 

i. StJSAN, bapt. 18 Oct. 1585; bur. at Lavenham 20 June 1589. 
2. ii. Simon, bapt. 21 June 1588. 
iii. Anna, bapt. 23 Apr. 1591. 

iv. John, bapt. 5 Jan. 1593/4; perhaps the man -who m. at Lavenham, 
13 Nov. 1627, Dorothy Huske, and had children who are re- 
corded there. 
V. Anthony, bapt. 24 Oct. 1596; bur. at Lavenham 2 Mar. 1615/16. 

2. Simon Aires or Eyre, of Lavenham and Bury St Edmunds, co. Suffolk, 
and of Watertown, Mass., surgeon, baptized at Lavenham 21 June 
1588, died in New England in Dep. 1658. He married first, probably 
about 1616, Dorothy Payne, bom about 1598, died in Boston, Mass., 
11 Aug. 1650, daughter of William and Agne5 (Xves) of Lavenham.* 
At some time after the birth of their first child they removed from 
Lavenham probably to Bury St Edmunds, where on 13 Apr. 1635 
they sold two housed, a stable, two gardens, and an orchard. Two 
days later, with their eight children, they sailed for New England in 
the ship Increase, and settled, on their arrival in Massachusetts, at 
Watertown. Simon Eyre married secondly, about 1651, ALmitha 
(Hubbard) Whittingham, born in England about 1612, died 13 July 
1687, daughter of William and widow of John. 

He was freeman 17 Apr. 1637, representative in 1641, selectman 
in 1636-1643, and town clerk in 1641-1645. He was admitted to 
the church 17 Apr. 1647, and soon afterwards he removed to Boston. 
In his will, dated 5 July 1658, an abstract of which is given in 
Register, vol. 9, pp. 39-40, he mentions vriie Martha and children 
Thomas, Dorothy, John, and Maria, and states that the rest of his 
children have had their portions. The other daughters, therefore, 
were probably married before this will was made, as we know to be 
the case with Anna. 

Children by first wife: 

i. Marie, bapt. at Lavenham 22 June 1619; came to Watertown with 
her parents; m. Richard Moseley; mentioned in the wiU of her 
uncle, WiUiam Payne, in 1660. 

ii. Thomas, b. in England abt. 1621; d. in Virginia in 1666; came to 
New England with his parents and was li'^Tng at Watertown in 
1644; mentioned as eldest son in his father's will in 1658. 

iii. Simon, b. in England abt. 1623; came to Watertown with his parents; 
m. abt. 1651 Litjia Starr, who d. in Boston 10 Aug. 1653, dau. 
of Comfort of Ashford, co. Kent, and of Cambridge, Mass.; d. a 
few days before his wife. Child: 1. Simon, h. 6 Aug. 1652; d. in 
1695; mentioned in the will of his great-imcle, WiUiam Payne, in 
1660; settled at New Haven; m. 22 July 1679 Ehzabeth (Aller- 
ton) Starr, dau. of Isaac 2d and widow of Benjamin; had issue. 

iv. Rebecca, b. in England abt. 1625; came with her parents to New 
England; mentioned in the will of her uncle, WiUiam PajTie, in 

V. Christian, b. in England abt. 1627; came with her parents to New 
England; mentioned in the wUl of her uncle, WilUam Paj-ne, in 

vi. Anna, b. in England abt. 1629; came to New England with her 
parents; mentioned in the wiU of her uncle, WUliam PajTie, in 

• Dorothy Payne was a sister of Elizabeth, wife of WUliam Hammond, of Phebei 
wife of John Page, and of William Payne, all of whom were early settlers in New Eng- 
land. For Payne and Page entries in the parish registers of Lavenham, co. Suffolk, 
vide infra, pp. 251-252. The surname Nves is probably an incorrect speUing of Nevea 
or Neve. 

1915] Genealogical Research in England 251 

1660; m. in Boston, 5 Mar. 1651/2, John Checklet of Preston 
Capes, CO. Northampton, and of Boston, Mass., who d. 1 Jan. 
1684/5, aged 75, his wife surviving him. They lived at Charles- 
town and Boston, and had issue. 

vii. Benjamin, b. in England abt. 1631; came to New England; men- 
tioned in the will of his uncle, Wilham Payne, in 1660. 

viii. Sabah, b. ia England in Jan. 1634/5; came with her parents to New 
England; probably d. young. 

ix. Jonathan, b. at Watertown 20 Mar. 1637/8; educated for a surgeon 
in 1656; no further record of him. 

X. Dorothy, b. at Watertown 4 June 1640; mentioned in the will of 
her father in 1658 and in that of her uncle, Wilham Payne, in 1660. 

Children by second wife, bom in Boston: 
'' xi. M.UIIA, b. 26 Mar. 1652; mentioned in her father's will. 

' xii. John, b. 19 Feb. 1653/4; d. in June 1700; m. 20 May 1680 Cath- 

erint; Brattle, b. ia Boston 26 Sept. 1664, dau. of Thomas and 
Elizabeth (Tyng) of Boston. She m. (2) in Boston, 13 Nov. 1707, 
Chief Justice Wait Still Wiathrop, s. of John and grandson of Gov. 
John, and d. 2 Aug. 1725. John Eyre was a member of the 
Ancient and Honorable Artillery Companj' in 1682, of the Com- 
mittee of Safety in 1689, and representative in 1693 and 1698. 
Children, b. in Boston: 1. John, b. 27 Mar. 1682; d. in Boston 
1 Dec. 1696. 2. Thomas, b. 21 June 1687; m. in Boston, 12 Feb. 
i 1715/16, Deborah Shelston; had issue. 3. Martha, h. 28 Jan. 

; 1688/9. 4. Catherine, b. 20 July 1694. 5. Bethiah, b. 24 July 

I 1695. 6. Mary, b. 15 Sept. 1697. 7. John, h. 17 Jan. 1698/9: 

! probably d. young. 8. John, b. 7 Aug. 1700; A.B. (Harvard 

j CoUege) 1718. 

\ — Elizabeth French] 

1 Patne 

From the Parish Registers* of Lavenham, co. Suffolk, 


1559 Thomas son of William PajTie baptized 25 January.f 

1561 Thomas Payne and Agnes Wyat married 16 November. 

1562 Agnes daughter of Thomas Pajme baptized 19 July. 

1564 John son of Thomas Payne baptized 6 July. 

1565 George Sergeantson and Agnes PajTie married 5 October. 

1569 Agnes daughter of Thomas Payne buried 18 September. 

1570 Jeffrey Coke alias Payne buried 25 September. 
1576 Jolm Gutteritche and Alice Payne married 17 June. 

1583 Joane Wright servant with William Payne buried 2 April. 

1584 William PajTie and Agnes Nves [sic, ? Neves] married 28 December. 

1586 Elizabeth daughter of William Payne baptized 11 September. 

1587 William Pajiie senior buried 17 November. 

1587 Anne daughter of William Payne baptized 17 December. 

1589 Judith daughter of William Payne baptized 22 June. 

1590 Susan daughter of William Payne baptized 1 January [1590/1]. 

1591 Susan daughter of William Payne buried 9 October. 

1592 Susan daughter of William Payne baptized 9 April. 
1594 Phebe daughter of William Payne baptized 1 April. 
1594 Jane daughter of William Pajnie buried 26 July. 
1594 Joane Paj-ne widow buried 8 October. 

1596 Richard and WilliamJ sons of William Payne baptized 20 February 

1600 Francis daughter of William Payne baptized 20 July. 
1600 Francis daughter of William Payne buried 12 August. 

• No wills of the Paynes o." Lavenham, co. Suffolk, are to be found. 

t Up to 1570, in these registers, the year is reckoned as beginning on 1 January. 

X This William Payne was later of Ipswich and Boston, Mass. 

252 Genealogical Research in England [July 

1605 William Hamond* and Elizabeth Payne* married 9 June. 
1613 Richard Neve [or Reve] and Anne Paine married 2 September. 
1615t Hughe Baker and Dorothe Payne married 31 [sic] September. 
1621 John fage [sic, ? Page]* and Phebe Paine* married 5 Jime. 
1621 William PajTie the elder buried 9 June. 
1624 William son of William Paine baptized 9 November. 
1626 Anna daughter of WilUam Paine baptized 5 December. 

1626 Anna daughter of William Paine buried 9 March [1626/7]. 

1627 Thomas son of Ambrose Paine buried 15 January [1627/8]. 

1628 Anne wife of Richard Paine buried 1 October. 

1629 Aime daughter of William Paine baptized 11 February [1629/30]. 

1630 jMarye daughter of Mathew Paine baptized 28 Z^Iarch. 
I 1630 Richard son of Richard Pane baptized 28 April. 

i 1632 John son of WiUiam Paine baptized 2 May. 

I 1632 Ailes daughter of Richard Paine baptized 18 July. 

' 1632 Mary daughter of Thomas Pane baptized 12 August. 

1632 Mary daughter of Mathew Pane baptized 26 August. 

1632 Richard Church and Sara Pane married — February [1632/3]. 

1633 Thomas son of Thomas Paine baptized 25 January' [1633/4]. 

1634 WiUiam son of Richard Paine baptized 29 June. 

1634 Danell son of WiUiam Painie baptized 6 February' [1634/5]. 

1635 Richard son of Richard Paine buried 1 May. 

I 1635 Judy daughter of Thomas Paine baptized 25 October. 

i 1635 Alee daughter of Mathew Paine baptized 1 February [1635/6]. 

; 1636 John son of Richard Paine baptized 29 May. 

I 1638 Alcee wife of Richard Paine buried 1 January [1638/9]. 

I 1645 Richard Pajme widdower buried 18 ]\Iay. 

' 1645 An Paine ^\iddow buried 8 October. 

I 1649 Thomas Paine the elder and Alice his wife buried 1 September. 

[ 1649 John son of La'WTenc Paine baptized 14 December. 

'^ 1650 John son of LawTence Paine baptized 2 December. 

: Page 

From the Parish RegistersJ of Lavenham, co. Suffolk, 
1 1558-1653 

1559 WiUiam Page buried 17 January. § 

1559 Edward Aylmer and Margery Page married 12 June. 

1559 Joane Page widow buried 26 October. 

1570 John Page and Margery Preston married 8 January [1570/1]. 

1571 James son of John Page baptized 30 December. 

1621 John fage [sic, ? Page]* and Phebe Paine* married 5 June. 
1652 John son of John Page of Rufum buried 2 June. 


From the Registers of the Parish of St. LIargaret, Ipswich, 
CO. Suffolk, 1591-1654] | 


1606 Agnes daughter of Thomas Clacke 16 November. 

1607 John son of John Clarke 31 August. 
1610 Robert son of John Clarke 7 July. 

* Emigrant to New England. 

t For the year 1614 the records of baptisms are missing from 11 December on, and 
'. the records of marriages and of burials are missing for the entire year. 

1 No walls of the Pages of Lavenham, co. Suffolk, are to be found. 
! § Up to 1570, in these registers, the year is reckoned as beginning on 1 January. 

'■ II These registers are in bad condition, being shockingly written, badly faded, and 

i with the records of many years missing. 

1915] Genealogical Research in England 253 

1610 Joane daughter of Thomas Clark 17 October. 

1619 Frances daughter of Thurston Clarke 28 March. 

1625 Abigail daughter of Thurston Clarke 10 AprU. 

1627 Thurston son of Thurston Clarke 12 August. 

1635 Frances daughter of Francis Clarke and Margery his wife 15 November. 

1615 Gabriell Clerke of Stutton and Elsabeth Lamley of St. Margets, 

19 October. 
1630 Richard Russels and Elizabeth Clarke 12 April. 


I 1619 Frances daughter of Thurston Clarke 4 May. 

i 1629 Dorcas Clarke 14 July. 

1635 Frances daughter of Francis Clarke 7 December. 

1636 Abigail daughter of Thurston Clarke 29 January [1636/7]. 

From Records in the Town Hall, Ipswich, co. Suffolk 

21 January, 20 James I [1622/3]. At the Ipswich Petty Sessions Anna 

Puse, wife of Richard Puse of Ipswich, laborer, was tried for having caused 

the death of Mary Clarke, daughter of Thurston Clarke, aged one month, 

! "by inchantments, witchcraftes & charmes," and being found guilty, it was 

j decreed that the said Anna should be hanged. (Ipswich Petty Sessions, 

;; Roll 19, no. 2.)* 

i 6 August 1628. George Fynch of Henley, yeoman, and Margaret his wife 

5 conveyed a cottage in the parish of St. Margaret, Ipswich, late in the occu- 

1 pation of Thurston Clarke, to Henry Cage of Ipswich, carpenter. (Con- 

' ve3''ances, Dogget, Roll 3, no. 11.) 

• [Thurston Clarke, aged 44, with his daughter Faith, aged 15, came to 

• New England in the Francis of Ipswich 30 Apr. 1634, and settled at Plymouth, 
' where he was a proprietor in 1636. Probably his wife and yoxmger children 

followed him from England after Jan. 1636/7, as in that month his daughter 
Abigail was buried in England. He removed to Duxbury, and died from 
cold and exposiu^e 6 Dec. 1661, administration on his estate being granted to 
his widow. Faith, 4 Mar. 1661/2. She died before 1 June 1663, when her 
estate was divided among her children. Faith Doty, Henry Clarke, and 
Thurston Clarke. The two sons, being imbeciles, were placed under guar- 


i. Faith, probably the eldest child, b. abt. 1618; bur. at Marshfield 
in New England 21 Dec. 1675; emigrated to New England with 
her father in 1634; m. (1) 6 Jan. 1634/5, as his second wife, 
Edward Doty of Plj'mouth, a passenger in the Mayflower in 1620, 
who d. 23 Aug. 1665, by whom she had issue; m. (2) 14 Mar. 
1666/7 John Philups^ whom she survived. 

ii. Frances, bapt. at Ipswich, co. Suffolk, Eng., 28 Mar. 1619; bur. 
there 4 May 1619. 

iii. Mary, b. and d. in England, having been killed (according to the 
court record, dated 21 Jan. 1622/3), aged one month, by Anna 
Puse, "by inchantments, witchcraftes & charmes." 

iv. Abigatl, bapt. at Ipswich, co. Suffolk, Eng., 10 Apr. 1625; bur. 
there 29 Jan. 1636/7. 

V. Thurston, bapt. at Ipswich, co. Suffolk, Eng., 12 Aug. 1627; emi- 
grated to New England, where he was living, an imbecile, in 1663. 

vi. Henry, Uving in New England, an imbecile, in 1663. 

— Elizabeth French] 

* This and the following record have been secured by the kindness of that -well- 
known Suffolk antiquarian, V. B. Redstone, Esq. 

254 Genealogical Research in England [July 


The Will of Edward Sale of Chesham Magna, co. Bucks, mercer, 17 Octo- 
ber 1620. To be buried in the parish churchyard of Great Chesham. To 
my wife Elizabeth Sale the house and backside with the orchard where 
WilUam Prestonn now dwelleth, adjoining to the house where William Coney 
now dwelleth on the south and the house of John Thorpe on the north; also 
one piece of ground in pull field containing two acres, abutting on ground in 
the occupation of Zecheiell Norwood on the north and on the groimd of John 
Cooke on the south, half an acre of ground lying in the bottom bought of 
Hughe Smithe, and two pieces of ground bought of Mr. Andrew Kinge in 
Pull field; also to her for the term of ten years one house and orchard where 
William PhiUport and Collett now dwelleth and one close abutting upon 
I Coppitt Thorne, containing three acres more or less, and at the end of that 

term she is to yield it up to my son Edward Sale. To my three daughters, 
Sarah Sale, Marie Sale, and Martha Sale, £20 apiece at marriage or at the 
age of twenty-one years. If my brother Josias Sale redeem the land mort- 
gaged to me, then my son Edward Sale shall have £40 paid to him at the term 
of twenty-one years. All the residue to my wife Elizabeth, whom I make 
executrix for the bringing up of my children and the discharge of my 
: debts. Overseers : my two sons-in-law William Prestonn and John Brwer [sic, 

I ? Brewer], to whom for their pains I give 10s. To my daughters Elizabeth 

I and Abigail 5s. apiece. Proved 8 February 1620 [1620/1] by the executrix 

named. (P. C. C, Mathew, 62.) 

I From the Records of the Court of Reqxjests 


I 12 February, 21 James I [1623/4]. Elizabeth Sale of Chesshum, co.. 

I Bucks, widow, relict and executrix of Edward Sale, late of Chessham, brings 

I suit against Randle Wetwood of London, haberdasher. She claims that her 

I husband Edward Sale, being a mercer, had dealings with and bought wares 

1 of the defendant, who was a haberdasher, and, o-ning him £17. 19s. 4d. for 

(' wares, entered into a bond in August 1618 to pay said sum, which sum was 

afterwards paid. But by reason of the great trust and confidence which he 
\ had in the said Wetwood, he took little care nor gave any sufficient direction 

for the cancelling of said bond, not doubting that the said Randall would 
have cancelled the same of his own accord, by reason whereof said bond hath 
remained in the hands of the said Wettwood uncancelled. Complainant is 
executrix of her husband's will, and hath in administering said estate paid 
said Wettwood several sums owing him for a debt her late husband owed said 
Wettwood as surety for one James Gossham; yet the said Wettwood hath 
not claimed anything on the said bond until now of late, by reason of some 
dislike he hath taken [for reasons mentioned], he hath brought suit at the 
common law to recover said £17. 19s. 4d. Asks for a writ of Pri^'y Seal to 
be directed to the said Randle Wetwood. 

The Answer of R.4.ndle Wettwood, dated 28 AprU, 22 James I [1624]. 
He declares that Edward Sale paid £4. lis. 4d. on said debt, so that there is 
still owed £13. 8s. Claims that, about six months after the death of Edward 
Sale, WiUiam Presson, son-in-law to said complainant, who was pri^'3'■ to all 
the passages between the said defendant and said Sale, and also now sohcitor 
in this cause, came to defendant from complainant and asked how much the 
said Edward owed; and, being told, said he would see it paid. Denies that 
complainant has paid anything to him for the debt of James Gosham. (PubUc 
Record Ofiice, Court of Requests, unindexed records. Bundle 423.) 

[The foregoing records supplement the data given in Register, vol. 65, 
pp. 63-69. The suit in the Court of Requests is interesting because it shows 
that William Preston of Chesham, co. Bucks, of Dorchester, Mass., and 

1915] Descendants of Robert Huckins 255 

of New Haven, was in England a solicitor, and therefore probably a man of 
superior education and station in life. Since Edward Sale ia his will of 
17 Oct. 1620 does not mention his daughter Dorcas, it is probable that the 
Dorcas Sale who was buried in 1619 was his chUd. — Elizabeth French] 

[To be continued] 


By Henry Winthrop Hardon, A.M., LL.B., of New York City 


' [Continued from page 145] 

128. Robert* Huckins (Moses,'' Robert,^ Robert,^ John* Robert,^ 

James,^ Robert^), of Loudon, farmer, bom at Lee about 1804, 

died 12 Nov. 1846. He married, about 1835, Charlotte 

. Perkins, daughter of Jonathan C. and Hannah (Dennett), 

j who was born at Loudon 4 Oct. 1804 and died 7 Mar. 1885. 

I Children, bom at Loudon: 

I i. Hannah A.,» b. 17 Aug. 1839; living (1910) at Loudon; m. at 

I Gilmanton, 1 May 1859, Charles E. Sanborn, s. of Nathaniel 

I L. and Nancy (Lougee), of Loudon, farmer, b. at Loudon 23 Sept. 

\ 1835, d. 21 Mar. 1909. One child. 

J ii. John J. A., of Loudon, farmer, b. 20 Apr. 1842; d. 17 June 1911; m. 

fl May 1864 Emma Harper, dau. of Joseph C. and Phebe (San- 
bom), b. at Loudon 4 May 1844, d. 27 Nov. 1906. One child. 
^ iii. Mart J., b. 1 Dec. 1844; d. 1 May 1900; m. at Loudon, 1 May 

i 1867, Smith L. Morrill, s. of Joseph G. and Climena A. (Brown), 

( of Canterbury, farmer, b. at Canterbury 8 Oct. 1842, d. 31 Mar. 

1 1907. Three children. 

129. Jonathan D.* Huckins (Moses,'' Robert,^ Robert,^ John,* Rob- 
ert,^ James,"^ Robert^), of Lee, farmer, born at Lee 12 Jan. 1806, 
died 23 Jan. 1860. He married first, 2 Dec. 1830, Eleanor 
A. Page, daughter of Daniel and Judith (Whitehouse), who 
was born at Rochester in 1810 and died 5 Aug. 1842; secondly, 
21 Feb. 1843, Nancy D. Gooch, daughter of Joseph and 
Nancy (Davis), who was bom at Alton 1 Apr. 1818 and died 
19 Mar. 1853; and thirdly, at Haverhill, Mass., 8 Dec. 1853, 
Mart A. L. Dame, daughter of Jason and Mary (Sias), who 
was born at Portsmouth 19 Jan. 1822, married secondly, in 
Boston, 8 July 1861, Moses P. Sias, and died in Boston 
18 May 1882. 
Children by first wife: 

i. William W.,' of South Lee, farmer, b. at Lee 23 Dec. 1833; d. unm. 
31 Jan. 1862. 

ii. Eleanor Jane, b. at Lee 19 Apr. 1837; living (1910) at South Lee; 
m. at Lawrence, Mass., 24 Jan. 1859, George W. Plumer, s. of 
George and Sarah (Westcott), of South Lee, farmer, auctioneer, 
poet, b. at Nottingham 21 Nov. 1828, d. 26 Dec. 1901. One child. 

Only child by second wife : 

iii. George Ktitr-^dge, of South Lee, farmer, b. at Lee 26 Oct. 1847; 
living unm. (1910). 

256 Descendants of Robert Huckins [July 

130. Asa* Hucktns {Robert,'' Israel,^ Robert,^ John* Robert,^ James,' 

Robert^), of Strafford, farmer, born at Barrington (Strafford) 
21 Dec. 1807, died 29 Sept. 1878. He married, 14 Feb. 1835, 
Elizabeth Seavby, daughter of Shadrach and Susanna (Lea- 
vitt), who was born at Chichester 27 Dec. 1807 and died at 
Northwood 7 Jan. 1894. 
Children : 

L George Washington,' of Northwood, farmer, b. at Strafford 
12 Nov. 1836; d. 15 Apr. 1913; m. 1 Jan. 1867 Abigail Eldridge 
BuzzELL, dau. of Harry B. and Eliza Gilman (Berry), b. at Straf- 
ford Ridge 27 Mar. 1848, who m. (2) 31 Jan. 1892 Henry C. Orr 
of Buffalo, N. Y., and d. at Rochester, N. Y., 14 Nov. 1896. 
Three children. 

ii. Charles A., of Strafford, farmer, b. at Strafford 19 July 1845; d. 
21 Aug. 1880; m. June 1867 Laitra C. Hill, dau. of Joseph and 
Mary S. (Boody), b. at Strafford 14 July 1848, living (1910) at 
Strafford. One child. 

131. Robert* Huckins (Robert,'' Israel,^ Robert,^ John,* Robert,'^ 

James, "^ Robert^), of Strafford and of Madbury, farmer, born 
at Strafford 8 July 1821, died 2 Jan. 1888. He married, 
3 July 1852, TvIart A. Paul, daughter of Benjamin and Lydia 
(Hodgdon), who was born at Rollinsford 3 Mar. 1828 and died 
16 Apr. 1910. 
Children, born at Madbury: 

i. Ltdia Ellen,' b. 15 Feb. 1856; living unm. (1910) at Strafford. 

ii. Frank Wolcott, of Roxbujy, Mass., pohce officer, b. 9 Sept. 1860; 
living (1910); m. (1) 15 Oct. 1889 Marietta L. Valentine, dau. 
of John E. and Jane (Paul), b. in Boston, Mass., 13 Dec. 1862, d. 
,17 Oct. 1906; m. (2) 3 Aug. 1908 Katharine V. (Neal) Moody, 
dau. of Eugene B. and Anne M. (Manning) and widow of Hum- 
phrey E., b. at Haverhill, Mass., 6 Nov. 1873, living (1910). 
Four children, by first wife. 

iii. Edgajr Irving, of Strafford, farmer, b. 19 Sept. 1862; living (1910); 
m. 3 Mar. 1902 Adelint; Mat Hill, dau. of John and Laura 
(KimbaU), b. at Strafford 3 Mar. 1886, living (1910). Three 

132. Samuel W.* Huckins (Israel,' Israel,^ Robert,^ John,* Robert,'^ 

James,"^ Robert^), of Dorchester, Jvlass., 1845, innkeeper, farmer, 
born at Barrington (Strafford) 5 Oct. 1817, died at Bedford, 
Mass., 7 Feb. 1892. He married at Dorchester, Mass., in 
1843, Sarah E. Thater, daughter of Minot and Angelette 
(Holmes), who was born at MUton, Mass., 21 June 1826 and 
died in Boston, Mass., 28 Dec. 1902. 

i. Albert E.,' of East Milton, Mass., photographer, b. at Dorchester, 
Mass., 12 Oct. 1843; d. s.p. 7 July 1910; m. 7 June 1869 Ellen 
C. Skinner, dau. of George and Sarah (Adams), b. at Milton, 
Mass., 7 July 1847, living (1910) at East Milton, Mass. 

ii. Mart Atherton, b. at Needham, Mass., 31 Mar. 1846; d. imm. at 
Medfield, Mass., 16 Jan. 1909. 

iii. Henrt G., of Bedford, Mass., mechanic, b. at Dorchester, Mass., 
9 Mar. 1849; Uving (1910); m. at Bedford, Mass., 25 May 1874, 
Henrietta Pushee, dau. of James M. and Mary A., b. at Bedford, 
Mass., 14 May 1850, d. 20 June 18S4. Three children. 

1915] Descendants of Robert Huckins 257 

133. Israel* Huckins (Israel,'' Israel,^ Robert,^ John,* Robert,^ 
James,^ Robert^), of Boston, Mass., merchant, bom at Strafford 
15 Nov. 1824, died at Woburn, Mass., 30 July 1875. He 
married first, at Roxbury, Mass., 7 Aug. 1853, Jane Waldron, 
daughter of Daniel B. and Drusilla, who was born at Roxbury, 
Mass., in May 1835 and died m Boston, Mass., 10 Aug. 1860; 
and secondly, 1 Oct. 1865, Sarah E. Wilson, daughter of 
William and Mary Ann (Beatteay), who was born at St. John, 
N. B., 15 July 1836 and was living in 1910 at Sharon, Mass. 

Only child by first wife: 
1 i. A CHILD,' b. and d. at Roxbury, Mass., 2 May 1856. 

I Only child by second wife: 

• ii. George F., of Sharon, Mass., merchant, b. in Boston, Mass., 17 Dec. 

1866; living (1910); m. in Boston, Mass., 12 Oct. 1891, Caroline 
E. Staus, dau. of George G. and Louisa A. (Roesger), b. in Boston, 
Mass., 10 Mar. 1873, living (1910). Two children. 

134. AzARiAH W.* Huckins {Israel,'' Israel,^ Robert,^ John,* Robert,^ 

James,^ Robert^), of Northwood, 1853, Nashua, 1856, cord- 
wainer, soldier in the Civil War (3d N. H. Volunteers), born 
at Strafford 3 Oct. 1831, died at HHton Head, S. C, 20 Aug. 
I 1862. He married, 30 Nov. 1854, Elizabeth M. Page, who 

was born in 1833 and died at Northwood 1 Oct. 1855. 

Only child: 
i. A soN,» b. at Northwood 1855; d. 7 Feb. 1856. 

135. Capt. George Warren* Huckins (Israel,'' Israel,^ Robert,^ 

John,* Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Appleton, Wis., 1866, 
manufacturer, officer ia the Civil War (4th N. H. Volunteers), 
born at Strafford 10 May 1838, died 30 Jan. 1911. He 
married, 2 Jan. 1866, Carlotta D. Carleton (vide supra, 
63, ii, 1), daughter of Dudley B. and Ruth D. (Huckins). 

Children, born at Davenport, Iowa: 
i. MiNOT Sanborn,' of Appleton, Wis., manufacturer, b. 26 Mar. 

1868; living unm. (1910). 
ii. ZoE Sibley, b. 31 Aug. 1869; living (1915); m. 4 Dec. 1894 George 

BLallidat Flinn, s. of John L. and Kate (Brady), of Peoria, III., 

builder, b. at Peoria, HI., 31 Aug. 1869, living (1915). Two 

iii. Walter Ernest, of Appleton, Wis., musician, b. 23 Nov. 1873; 

living unm. (1910). 
iv. Ethel Ruth, b. 29 Nov. 1884; living s.p. (1910); m. 27 Apr. 1904 

Carl H. Zimmerman, s. of Dr. John and Laura (Meier), of Chicago, 

111., merchant, b. at St. Charles, Mo., 15 July 1882, living (1910). 

136. Andrew* Huckins (John D.,^ Andrew,^ Robert,^ John,* Robert,^ 

James, ^ Robert^), of Alton, farmer, born at Madbury 19 Apr. 
1820, died 6 Nov. 1894. He married, 6 Nov. 1845, Maria J. 
Chamberlain, daughter of John and Abigail (Stevens), who 
was born at Alton 1 Nov. 1823 and died 27 Apr. 1893. 

Children, born at Alton: 
i. Mart A.,' b. 9 Sept. 1848; d. 21 Sept. 1904; m. 9 Feb. 1868 Horacb 

P. BooDT, s. of Harrison and Tamson L. (Ham), of New Durham, 

farmer, treasurer, soldier in the Civil War (10th N. H. Vol.), b. 

at Alton 14 .f^pr. 1844, who m. (2) 9 Sept. 1905 Mary C. Berry, 

widow, and was living (1910). One child. 

258 Descendants of Robert Huckins [July 

ii. Sylvester B., of Alton, farmer, b. 21 Mar. 1852; living (1910); m. 

5 July 1874 Georgianna L. Berry, dau. of John and Nancy M. 

(Phelps), b. at Wilmot Flat 2 June 1855, hving (1910). One child, 
iii. Alice R., b. 30 Jan. 1862; hving (1910); m. 4 July 1883 George A. 

Sackett, s. of Noble and Ruby (Jacobs), of Bamstead, farmer, b. 

at Bamstead 23 Sept. 1861, hving (1910). Three children. 

137. John Ira^ Huckins {John D.,'' Andrew,^ Robert,^ John,* Robert,* 
James, ^ Robert^), of Alton and of Farmington, farmer, born at 
Madbury 15 Jan. 1830, died 8 Nov. 1911. He married, 
3 Nov. 1853, Abigail W. Whitehouse, daughter of Andrew 
and Mary T. (Wise), who was born at Sanford, Me., 6 Aug. 
1831 and died 25 Jan. 1898. 
j Children: 

1 i. Mary Estelle,' b. at Alton 10 Nov. 1854; d. 27 Dec. 1863. 

ii. Hannah Edna Isabelle, b. at Alton 11 May 1858; U\dng (1912); 
m. (1) 24 June 1882 Dana R. Berry, s. of James Demeritt and 
Hannah (Foss), of Strafford, farmer, b. at Strafford 13 May 1856, 
hving (1910); m. (2) 28 July 1902 Paul Henry Peavey, s. of 
John D. and Emily (Furber), of Farmington, stonemason, b. at 

• Farmington 24 Jan. 1846, d. 25 Jan. 1909; m. (3) 28 July 1910, as 
i his second -wife, Frank P. McDuffee, s. of James and Abigail 
j (Palmer), of Rochester, farmer, b. at Rochester 18 Feb. 1858, 
f living (1912). One child, by first husband. 

I iii. John Andrew, of Farmington, farmer, b. at Farmington 23 Feb. 

f 1866; hving (1910); m. 17 May 1886 Ethel M. Scruton, dau. 

* of Daniel and Vienna (Brock), b. at Strafford 17 May 1867, hving 
i (1910). Six children. 

i iv. Laura Susan, b. at Farmington 24 Mar. 1868; hving (1910); m. 

f 12 June 1901 Rev. Albert Syze, s. of James F. and Martha B. 

J (Griffin), of Yorktown Heights, N. Y., and of Bolton, Mass., b. 

; at Yorktown Heights, N. Y., 30 Nov. 1867, hving (1910). Two 

\ children, 

1 138. John B.^ Huckins {Robert Levi,'' Andrew,^ Robert,^ John,* 

] Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Madbury and of Farmington, 

i 1906, farmer, county commissioner, 1882, born at ^ladbury 

I 9 Oct. 1827, died 6 Aug. 1913. He married, in 1851, Mary A, 

' Morrison, daughter of Nehemiah and IMary (French), who 

i was born at Alton 5 July 1831 and died 15 Apr. 1906. 

Children, born at Madbury: 

i i. lDAM.,9b. 1851; d. 1865. 

ii. Charles, d. in infancy. 

iii. Elijah Austin, of Salem, Mass., shoemaker, b. 16 Feb. 1856; living 
s.p.* (1910); m. 31 Dec. 1879 Jennette A. Page, dau. of John B. 
and Mary A. (Dudley), b. at Northwood 4 Feb. 1855, h-vnng 

iv. Arabella V., b. 26 June 1861; d. 13 Sept. 1910; m. 12 Aug. 1885 
Da\id W. Gate, s. of David 0. and Emily A. (Oilman), of Farm- 
ington, clerk, b. at RoUinsford 10 Mar. 1864, hving (1910). One 

v. Mary Augusta, b. 21 Mar. 1869; hving (1915); m. at Portsmouth, 
15 Nov. 1913, David W. Gate, surviving husband of her sister 
; Arabella V., q.v. 

139. Robert Levi^ Huckins {Robert Levi,'' Andrew,^ Robert,^ John,* 
t Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Charlestown, Mass., warden, born 

.; at Madbury 24 Dec. 1840, died 27 Oct. 1894. He married at 

J * He has an adopted daughter. 


1915] Descendants of Robert Huckins 259 

Dover, 15 Mar. 1863, Sarah Jane Tucker, daughter of John 
and Eliza (Huzzey), who was born at Dover 30 Sept. 1840 and 
was living in 1910 at Haverhill, Mass. 

i. Laura Gertrude,' b. at Dover 12 Jan. 1864; living s.p. (1910); m. 
at Concord, Mass., 30 May 1885, Harry S. Lyman, s. of George 
D. and Hannah (Plummer), of Medford, Mass., turnkey, b. at 
Milton, N. H., 15 Aug. 1852, Uving (1910). 

ii. Edward Lincoln, b. at Dover 4 Dec. 1869; d. at Charlestown, Mass., 

25 Apr. 1870. 
iii. Bernice Honoba, b. at Charlestown, Mass., 25 July 1873; Uving 

• (1910); m. 22 Feb. 1897 Amos H. Kimball, s. of James V. and 

■ Sarah (Kimball), of Haverhill, Mass., travelling salesman, b. at 

; _ Newton, N. H., 14 Nov. 1872, living (1910). Three children. 

iv. John Waldo, b. at Charlestown, Mass., 15 May 1875; d. at Concord, 
Mass., 10 Feb. 1879. 

140. Abraham W.* Huckins (Joseph,'' John,^ John,^ John* Robert,^ 
James,^ Robert^), of Boston, Mass., carpenter, born at Barring- 
ton (Strafford) 25 May 1817, died 28 Jan. 1863. He married, 

18 Feb. 1841, Elizabeth Parshlet, daughter of John and 
Mary (?) (Fobs), who was born at Strafford. 

; Children, born in Boston, Mass. : 

' 1. George W.,» b. 24 Feb. 1849; d. 10 Apr. 1849. 

i ii. Josephine E., b. July 1850; d. 14 Oct. 1851. 

j iii. Charles A., b. 3 Sept. 1853. 

I He is said to have had two other sons, who were killed in the Civil 

\ War, and who must, therefore, have been bom earher than the 

\ children given above. 

I 141. Daniel W.* Huckins {Joseph,'' John,^ John,^ John,* Robert,^ 

James,^ Robert^), of Strafford, farmer, born at Strafford 

19 Aug. 1828, died 5 Feb. 1899. He married, 18 Nov. 1874, 
Mercy A. Yeaton, daughter of John and Susan (Haley), who 

; was born at Strafford 27 Aug. 1846 and died 2 Aug. 1912. 

Children, born at Strafford: 

i. LiLLA F.,' b. 10 Oct. 1876; hving unm. (1910). 
ii. Myra E., b. 14 Oct. 1878; living unm. (1910). 
iii. Alice M., b. 4 May 1882; living (1914); m. 1 Oct. 1913 John A. 

Paulson, s. of Samuel and Caroline (Wilson), of Farmington, 

farmer, b. near Stockholm, Sweden, 21 Dec. 1874, living (1914). 
iv. Fred E., of Strafford, town clerk, b. 17 Apr. 1884; living unm. 

V. Clarence D., of Strafford, fanner, b. 3 Jan. 1887; living unm. 

vi. Emma A., b. 25 June 1888; living (1913); m. at Centre Strafford, 

26 June 1912, Ivers L. Wetherbee, s. of Levi K. and Mary E. 
(Cram), of Arlington, Mass., jeweler, b. at South Reading, Vt., 
14 May 1875. 

142. Joseph^ Huckins (Joseph,'' John,^ John,^ John,* Robert,^ 
James,^ Robert^), of Ipswich, Mass., farmer, born at Strafford 
28 Dec. 1833, died 23 June 1880. He married, 23 Jan. 1859, 
Elizabeth B. Coombs, daughter of Samuel and Alice (Rob- 
erts), who was born at Atkinson, Me., 27 Dec. 1839 and died 
in Boston, Mass., 15 Mar. 1892. 

Children, born at Ipswich, Mass. : 
i. Alice L.,» b. 7 Dec. 1860; d. 7 Mar. 1869. 

VOL. T.YTX. 17 

260 Descendants of Robert Huckins [July 

ii. Ida E., b. 17 Mar. 1865; living (1910); m. 10 Dec. 1884 John 
Henry Pboctor, a. of Joseph, Jr., and Lucretia (Stanwood), of 
Brookline, Mass., building contractor, b. at Essex, Mass., 29 June 
1862, living (1910). Six children. 

iii. Joseph A., of Ipswich, Mass., superintendent of highways, b. 12 Oct. 
1866; living unm. (1910). 

143. Dea. Bakzillaj* Huckins (Naihaniel,'' James,^ John,^ John,* 
Robert,^ James,"^ Robert^), of Greene, Iowa, 1871, farmer, bom 
at Charleston, Me., 8 Mar. 1816, died 7 Feb. 1901. He 
married at Charleston, Me., 1 Nov. 1842, Jane A. Stimpson, 
daughter of David and Susanna, who was born at Union, Me., 
12 Mar. 1819 and died 6 June 1884. 
ChUdren, born at Charleston, Me.: 

i. Dr. Charles Clifton,* of Greene, Iowa, physician, b. 19 July 1843; 
d. 17 Aug. 1895; m. 24 Dec. 1876 Pauline S. Doore, dau. of Jael 
and Sarah (Cushing), b. at Atkinson, Me., 26 Oct. 1849, living 
(1910) at Greene, Iowa. One child. 

ii. William R., b. 24 July 1845; d. 29 Dec. 1861. 

iii. Julian Montgomery, b. 13 June 1849; d. 4 Jan. 1862. 

iv. George A., b. 20 July 1851; d. 28 Dec. 1861. 

V. Francis W., of Greene, Iowa, farmer, b. 29 Sept. 1854; d. 27 Mar. 
1900; m. (1) 3 Oct. 1878 Kate Leeman, dau. of Cyrus P. and 
Amelia A. (Whitmore), b. at Hannibal, Mo., 15 July 1860, d. 
18 Feb. 1882: m. (2) 6 Oct. 1883 Adeline A. Stevens, dau. of 
Edwin F. and Ellen (Peabody), b. at Corinth, Me., 27 Apr. 1863, 
living (1910) at Greene, Iowa. Two children by first wife and 
three children by second wife. 

vi. HenryA., of Greene, Iowa, farmer, b. 3 Jan. 1857; livingunm. (1910). 

vii. Helen M., b. 12 Jan. 1860; d. 4 Dec. 1861. 

144. Eliphalet Brown* Huckins {John,'' Samuel,^ John,^ John,* 
Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Burnside, 111., Carthage, 111., 1831, 
farmer, born at Bridgewater 17 Oct. 1823, died 18 Mar. 1897. 
He married, 15 Nov. 1849, Julia C. Howd, daughter of Isaac 
and Anna (Johnson), who was born at Onondaga, N. Y., 
6 Dec. 1829 and was living in 1910 at San Jose, Cal. 
I Children, the first three bom at Burnside, Pilot Grove 

■ Township, 111., the others at Carthage, 111. : 

j i. Edmund 0.,' b. 15 Mar. 1851; d. 18 Aug. 1852. 

; ii. Albertine, of Vallejo, Cal., Berryessa, Cal., and San Jose, Cal., 

teacher, b. 13 Apr. 1854; h\nng (1914); m. (1) 13 Apr. 1875 
Caroline Kinney, dau. of John and Emeline (Yetter), b. at 
Webster, 111., 15 Sept. 1859, d. 17 Dec. 1875; m. (2) 26 Dec. 1879 
Dr. Millicent Leudora Champlain, dau. of Uri and Josephine 
(Robinson), b. at Lewiston, 111., 13 Apr. 1863, li\'ing (1910) at Los 
Angeles, Cal.; m. (3) 2 June 1910 Josephine Martha (Cooley) 
Overstreet, dau. of WiUiam Harrison and Caren Abigail (Hen- 
dricks) and former wife of Edwin, b. at Des Moines, Iowa, 13 Mar. 
1877, living (1914). Two children by third wife. 
iii. Charles Brown, b. 22 June 1856; d. 11 May 1857. 
iv. Horace S., of Des Moines, Iowa, physician, M.D., b. 4 Jan. 1864; 
living (1910); m. (1) 11 May 1886 Catherine Sample, dau. of 
James and Elizabeth (Spangler), b. at Plymouth, 111., 31 Jan. 1868, 
living (1910) at Carthage, 111.; m. (2) at San Jose, Cal., 5 Dec. 
1903, Nona M. Driggs, dau. of William and Lovina (Bailey), b. 

;. at Broadwell, Ohio, 4 Oct. 1874, Uving (1910). Two children, by 

, first wife. 

I V. Laura, b. 17 Jan. 1867; d. 27 Mar. 1867. 

I vi. Lewis Decatur, b. 29 May 1871; d. 9 July 1875. 

1915] Descendants of Robert Huckins 261 

vii. FloraJulia, b. 24Jan. 1874; living (1910); m. 8 Nov. 1899 George 
V. Carter, s. of William and Jemima (Taylor), of San Jose, Cal., 
quartermaster sergeant, U.S.M.C., retired, b. at Salem, Mass., 
17 June 1871, living (1910). Four children. 

viii. WiLDA Jane, b. 9 Feb. 1876; li\-ing (1915); m. 22 June 1912 Joh:t 
LEiroEL Jones, s. of John Lemuel and Enmia Jane (Hamilton), of 
San Jose, Cal., garage owner, b. at Lebanon, Tenn., 29 June 1875, 
living (1915). One child. 

145. Edgar W.* Huckins (David Thompson,'^ Samud,^ John,^ John,* 
Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Watertown, Mass., EdgartowB, 

j Mass., 1910, dentist, bom at Watertovm, Mass., 1 July 1855, 

I was living in 1910. He married, 10 Oct. 1887, Jennie M. 

Patten, daughter of Thomas and Mary Low (Bradley), who 

was born at Watertown, Mass., 8 July 1864 and was living in 


Only child: 

i. Carl White,' of Watertown, Mass., clerk, b. at Watertown, Mass., 
9 Dec. 1893; living unm. (1915). 

146. John* Huckins {Jonathan Crawford,^ Ebenezer,^ John,^ John,* 

Robert,* Jatnes,^ Robert^), of Osceola, 111., 1856, Fitch Bay, 

.' P. Q., 1864, contractor and builder, bom at Stanstead, P. Q., 

1 3 Oct. 1825, died 29 Apr. 1891. He married at Lowell, Mass., 

I 30 Oct. 1845, Emily Gustin, daughter of Daniel (or Aaron) 

} and Marion (Flanders), who was born at Stanstead, P. Q., 

I 7 Feb. 1822 and died 29 Nov. 1900. 

I Children, the first four and the last one bom at Fitch Bay, 

• P. Q., the others at Osceola, 111.: 

I i. Rosalie Ltjella,' b. 11 Jan. 1848; d. 4 Mar. 1903; m. (1) 18 Nov. 

5 1869 Briggs Wheeler, s. of Jacob and Phoebe (Mandigo), of 

; Clarenceville, P. Q., farmer, b. at Clarenceville, P. Q., 29 Jan. 

( 1845, d. 29 Mar. 1885; m. (2) at Newport, Vt., 16 June 1889, as 

■ his second wife, Henry Redeker, s. of Andrew and JuHe (Man- 

digo), of Georgeville, P. Q., blacksmith, b. at Missisqua, N. Y., 
16 Feb. 1829, d. 15 Oct. 1892. Five children, by first husband. 
ii. John Henry, of Georgeville, P. Q., carpenter, b. 22 Jan. 1850; living 
(1910) ; m. 14 Oct. 1883 Mary Agnes Peasley, dau. of James and 
Agnes (Packard), b. at Georgeville, P. Q., 13 Feb. 1863, Uvina; 
(1910). One child. 
iii. Lindsay Abbott, of Fitch Bay, P. Q., carpenter, b. 29 Feb. 1852; 
living (1910); m. 9 Mar. 1877 Elzina Ezma Redeker, dau. of 
Henry and Louisa (Wilson), b. at Magoon's Point, P. Q., 11 Jan. 
1857; hving (1910). Six children. 
iv. Clara Etta, b. 18 Feb. 1855; d. 1 Oct. 1856. 
V. LiLLA Ann, b. 22 Sept. 1858; hving unm. (1910) at Fitch Bay, P. Q. 
vi. Almena Melissa, b. 12 Mar. 1860; living s.p. (1910); m. 25 Dec. 
1882 William Peasley, s. of James and Agnes (Packard), of 
Georgeville, P. Q., mechanic, b. at Rockville, Conn., 22 Apr. 1857, 
Uving (1910). 
vii. William Albert, of Georgeville, P. Q., carpenter, b. 25 Feb. 1863; 

living unm. (1910). 
viii. Charles Adelbert, of Georgeville, P. Q., farmer, b. 25 Feb. 1864; 
living (1910); m. 29 Nov. 1887 Mary Emily Peasley, dau. of 
Leonard C. and Mary Ann (Packard), b. at Georgeville, P. Q., 
30 Aug. 1861 [sic], livmg (1910). One child. 
; ix. Bmma Blanche, b. 11 Sept. 1867: hving (1910); m. 8 Oct. 1890 

Leonard Pbasle/, s. of Leonard C. and Mary Ann (Packard), of 
i Georgeville, P. Q., farmer, b. at Georgeville, P. Q., 2 Feb. 1862 

■: [sic], living (1910). Two children. 

262 Descendants of Robert Huckins [July 

147. George* Huckixs {Jonathan Crawford,'^ Ebenezer* John,* 

John* Robert,^ James,' Robert^}, of Xeponset, 111., farmer, bom 
at Stanstead, P. Q., 10 Apr. 1S27, died 11 June 1894. He 
married Valeria Merrill, who was bom at Fitch Bav, 
P. Q., and died 10 June 1S94. 

Children, bora at Fitch Bay, P. Q. : 

L Clarence L.,» of Chicago, HI., 1S74, merchant, b. 22 May 1851 ; d. 

14 Mav 1907; m. 17 Nov. 1S72 Flora E. Rian-s, dau. of Andrew 

J. and'Elizabeth M. (Smith), b. at Bu5alo, N. Y., 29 Nov. 1853, 

d. 31 Jan. 1904. Five children, 
ii. LzoiEBAH, b. 7 July ISoo; d. 2 Sept. 1856. 
iii. Aloxzo, of Chicago, 111., merchant, b. 4 Oct. 1858; d. s.p. 1887; 

m. . 

iv. HzRBERT, b. 22 June 1S60; d. S May 1862. 

148. Michael* Hcckixs {Jonathan Crawford,'' Ebenezer,^ John,* 

John,* Robert,* James,' Rx)bert^), of Xeponset, 111., 1S60, 
farmer, soldier in the Civil War, bom at Stanstead. P. Q., 
17 Mar. 1S29. died 21 Aug. 1S70. He married Pr.o:o Mer- 
rill, who wa5 born at Fitch Bav. P. Q., and died at Xeponset, 
ill., in Oct. 1876. 

L Crs-THiA,' b. at Stanstead. P. Q., S July 1S55; living (1910) at Buda, 
III.; m. 21 Sept. 1S69 John Ackek, s. of David and Charlotte, of 
Xeponset, Dl., carpenter, b. in Philadelphia, Pa., 21 Sept. 1851, d. 

26 Jan. 1910. Seven children. 

ii. LvA b. at Stanstead, P. Q.. 22 Aug. 1S57; living (1910); m. Samttel 
Browx cf Long Beach, Cal., living (1910). Four children. 

iii Dora. b. at Xeponset, EL, 11 Aug. ISoS: living (1910) in Chicago, 
m.: m. 2 Feb. 1SS2 Llewelltx Xash, s. of Hutchinson J. and 
Elizabeth (Feaner\ of Burlington, Iowa, and of Chicago, 111., 
telegrapher, b. at Forest, Ont, 24 June 1858, d. 14 Sept. 1891. 
Four children. 

149. .4xoxzo B.^ HrcKTN-s {Jonathan Crawford^'' Ebenezer,' John,* 

John* Robert,* James,' RoberV-), of Kewanee. Dl., 1855, horse 
breeder, born at Stanstead, P. Q.. 29 Sept. 1S38, died 27 Mav 
1913. He married, 26 Sept. 1S66, ^LuiT 0. Hewttt, daugh- 
t-er of Rev. Collins Anson and ^lartha v^Ioore}. who was 
bom at Wilkes-Barre, Pa., 10 Mav 1S45 and died 7 Feb. 

L Lzox C..» of Chicago, HI., travdOSng salesman, b. at Xeponset, III., 

27 Aug. 1S6$: Uving 1.1910); m. 6 Apr. 1S92 .Airr V. Pfjxstmas-, 
dau. of Dr. John and Martha (I-aw), b. at Xeponset. III.. 14 June 
1S&5. hvins i.l910'>. Two childrai. 

ii. RuBT G., b.^at Xeporset, EL, 18 Oct. 18S4; living unm. ^910) in 
Chicago, HI. 

150. James- Hrcsrss (Jonathan Crauafard^ EbeneBer,* Jokn,^ John* 

Robert* Jarrus.' Robert^), of Pateros, Wash., farmer, soldier 

in the Civil War, born at Stanstead. P. Q.. IS Oct. 1843, died 
IS July 1909. He married, IS June 1S71, Mast E. Mtddle- 
Tox, daughter of James and EUzabeth F. ('HisonX. who was 
bom at Elkhart, Ind., 13 Apr. 1856 and was living in 1910 at 
Pateros, Wash. 

1915] Descendants of Robert Huckins 263 


i. Burton B.,» of Pateros, Wash., mechanic, b. at Stewart, Iowa, 
10 Mar. 1872; living (1910); m. Phebe BtTR.\s, dau. of William 
and Margaret (Donelson), living (1910). Two children. 

ii. Fr.\nces a., b. at Neponset, 111., 22 Apr. 1875; living (1910); m. 
James McNichol of Oehich, S. Dak., farmer, Uving (1910). 
Two children. 

iii. George A., of Pateros, Wash., farmer, b. at Stewart, Iowa, 23 June 
1877; m. (1) 7 Nov. 1899 Ethel H.\rold; m. (2) 5 Sept. 1911 
Mart Burns, dau. of William and Margaret (Donelson), b. at 
Carbon, Ind., 27 Mar. 1872, li%-ing (1915). Two children, one by 
each wife. 

iv. Daisy D., b. at Gray, Iowa, 25 Sept. 1879; living (1910); m. Rob- 
ert W. Dougherty, s. of William and Anna, of Hill City, S. Dak., 
farmer, b. at Rossiter, N. Y., living (1910). One child. 

V. Cora B., b. at Gray, Iowa, 2 Oct. 1881; d. unm. 23 June 1898. 

vi. Alon70 B., of Pateros, Wash., machinist, b. at Hill City, S. Dak., 
28 July 1883; Uving unm. (1910). 

vii. Bertha M., b. at Gray, Iowa, 15 Jan. 1SS5; living (1910); m. 
5 July 1901 George Newcomb, s. of WiUiam and Emily, of 
Pateros, Wash., b. in co. York, Eng., li\dng (1910). One child. 

viii. Clarence W., of Pateros, Wash., machinist, b. at Oelrich, S. Dak., 
10 Mar. 1889; living unm. (1910). 

151. OzRo Christopher Columbus* Huckins {Jon-athan Crawford,'' 

Ebenezer,^- John,^ John,* Robert,^ Jajues,^ Robert^), of Neponset, 
111., farmer, born at Stanstead, P. Q-, 22 June 1847, died 
23 Oct. 1908. He married Kate INIcDonald, daughter of 
John and Kate, who was h\'ing in 1910 at Princeton, lU. 
Children, born at Neponset, HI. : 

Charles,^ d. in infancy. 

Louisa, d. unm. 

Charlotte, d. unm. 

Effie, d. unm. 

John, of Chicago, HI., b. 1880; m. ■. 

152. Aaron Sherman* Huckins {Ebenezer,'' Ebenezer,^ John,^ John,* 

Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Grafton, ^Mass., and of Hubbards- 
ton, Mass., 1866, farmer, born at Stanstead, P. Q., 5 Feb. 
1840, died 20 Nov. 1904. He married at IMillbury, Mass., 
28 Sept. 1861, Abigail A. Sweexet, daughter of John S. and 
EI\Tra (Barrus), who was born at Grafton, Mass., 4 Dec. 1840 
and was hving in 1910 at Gardner, Mass. 
Children : 

i. Fr-ances E.,' b. at Grafton, Mass., 6 Mar. 1863; d. 1 Aug. 1864. 

ii. Elizabeth L., b. at Grafton, Mass., 10 Sept. 1865; living (1910); 
m. (1) at Hubbardston, Mass., 27 Jan. 18S9, Frank W. Hobbs, s. 
of Moses and Mary E. (Flynn), of Hubbardston, Mass., mechanic, 
b. at Hubbardston, Mass., 7 Oct. 1863, d. 11 Mar. 1899; ra. (2) 
15 Sept. 1908 John Mallender, s. of Thomas and Mary (Taylor), 
of Gardner, Mass., carpenter, b. at Sheffield, Eng., 10 Feb. 18S0, 
living (1910). One child, by first husband. 

iii. Arthur Sherman, of North Brookfield, Mass., engineer, b. at Hub- 
bardston, Mass., 31 Oct. 1871; Uving (1915); m. 17 Sept. 1900 
Edna C. Cain, dau. of Henrj' H. and Belle L. (.-Ulen), b. at Shel- 
bume Falls, Mass., 19 Apr. 1873, h\Tng (1915). Eight children. 

iv, LoTHROP S.vmuel, of Gardner, Mass., cabinetmaker, b. at Hubbards- 
ton, Mass., 14 Mar. 1887; U\-ing (1915); m. 25 Sept. 1907 Mary 
Lucy Gallant, dau. of John and Svl\-ia (Perrv), b. at Gardner, 
Mass., 3 Aug. 18So, living (1915). three children. 







264 DescendarUs of Robert Huckins [July 

153. Francis E.^ Huckins {Ehenezer,'' Ebenezer,^ John,^ John* Rob- 

ert,^ James,^ Robert), of Grafton, Mass., fanner, soldier in the 
Civil War (15th Mass. Volunteers), born at Grafton, Mass., 
28 Nov. 1842, was living in 1910. He married, 5 July 1866, 
LucT M. Speare, daughter of Lemuel and Lucy M. (Green), 
who was born at Quincy, Mass., 17 May 1848 and was living 
in 1910. 

i. Susan Marie,' b. at Grafton, Mass., 31 May 1870; living (1910); 
m. at Grafton, Mass., 15 Dec. 1888, Henry G. Axlen, s. of Gideon 
and Margaret (Sims), of North Grafton, Mass., drayman, b. at 
Yarmouth, N. S., 26 July 1862, living (1910). Three children. 

ii. Lucy Frances, b. in Boston, Mass., 9 June 1872; living (1910); m. 
at Grafton, Mass., 20 Jan. 1898, George Buckun Stockwell^ e. 
of Seth and Sarah E. (Kendall), of North Grafton, Mass., flonst, 
b. at Grafton, Mass., 12 Oct. 1867, living (1910). Three children. 

154. George Henry* Huckins (Ebenezer,'' Ebenezer,^ John,^ John* 

Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Grafton, Mass., miller, born at 
Grafton, Mass., 7 Nov. 1855, died 15 July 1908. He married 
at Grafton, Mass., 2 Sept. 1875, Caroline Jane Thompson, 
daughter of Isaac M. and Caroline W. (Dudley), who was born 
at Hopkinton, Mass., 15 Jan. 1860 and was living in 1910 at 
Sprin^eld, Mass. 
Children, born at Grafton, Mass. : 

i. Chester Lathrop,' b. 7 Feb. 1884; d. 27 July 1885. 
ii. Marian Emma, b. 26 May 1887; living umn. (1915) at Springfield, 

J155. Moses* Huckins {Moses,'' Ebenezer,^ John,^ John,* Robert,^ 
James,^ Robert^), of Dunlap, lU., farmer, born at Morrill's 
Mills (Boynton), P. Q., 20 June 1851, was living in 1910. 
He married, 23 June 1895, Juliette Marie Soubrouillard, 
daughter of Victor and Apolline (Terminot), who was born at 
KapeUe in Saarburg, Lorraine, 15 Jan. 1868, and was li\'ing 
in 1910. 

i. Albert Louis,' b. at Dunlap, 111., 29 Jan. 1896; d. 23 Aug. 1896. 
ii. Robert Alonzo, b. at Princeville, 111., 19 Feb. 1897; living (1915). 
iii. Pauline Marqueette, b. at Princeville, 111., 15 June 1905; living 

156. John Rollins* Huckins {Moses,'' Ebenezer,^ John,^ John,* 
Robert,^ James,''- Robert^), of Kansas City, Kans., farmer, born 
at Morrill's Mills (Boj-nt-on), P. Q., 10 May 1854, died 19 Jan. 
1915. He married, 12 June 1880, Anna McFarland, daughter 
of William and Virginia (Donolson), who was born at Neponset, 
lU., 3 July 1859 and died 16 Feb. 1909. 

i. Raymond,' of Griswold, Iowa, farmer, b. at Neponset, 111., 25 Apr. 

1881; living (1915); m. Blanchh Roberts. Two children. 
ii. Earl, b. at Gray, Iowa, 6 Apr. 1884; d. 16 Mar. 1912; m. Alta 

Utter. One child. 
iii. Rollins, of Omaha, Nebr., salesman, b. at Griswold, Iowa, 21 Apr. 

1886; living unm. (1915). 
iv. Ruth, b. at (jriswold, Iowa, 3 Feb. 1889; living unm. (1915). 

] 1915] Descendants of Robert Huckins 265 

157. Charles White* Huckins (Moses,'' Ebenezer,^ John,^ John,* 

Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Fort Madison, Iowa, 1904, car- 
penter, born at Morrill's Mills, P. Q.,* 13 Aug. 1856, died at 
Clarinda, Iowa, 19 Nov. 1914. He married at Atlantic, Iowa, 
8 Apr. 1893, Katherine Besser, daughter of Adam and 
Kunigunde (Reichel), who was born at Holzhausen, Kreis 
Biederkopf, Prussia, 14 Apr. 1861, and was living in 1915 at 
Fort Madison, Iowa. 

Only child: 
i. Charles Henht,' of Des Moines, Iowa, b. at Griswold, Iowa, 
14 Feb. 1894; Uving unm. (1915). 

158. Eugene Addi* Huckins (Moses,'' Ebenezer,^ John,^ John,* 

Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Marcus, Iowa, 1891, Lancaster, 
Minn., 1904, farmer, born at Neponset, 111., 13 Apr. 1861, 
was living ia 1910. He married at Neponset, III., 21 July 
1883, Fannie Sunson, daughter of William and Mary (Stia- 
son), who was born at Buda, HI., 21 Mar. 1863 and was 
liviag in 1910. 

i. William,' of Lancaster, Minn., fanner, b. at Neponset, 111., 16 May 

1884; living imm. (1915). 
ii. Allison, of Lancaster, Minn., farmer, b. at Neponset III., 22 Jan. 

1888; living unm. (1915). 
iii. Ralph, of Lancaster, Minn., farmer, b. at Marcus, Iowa, 20 Sept. 
1891; li\Tbgvmm. (1915). 
Stella, b. at Marcus, Iowa, 20 Aug. 1893; living unm. (1915). 
Flossie, b. at Marcus, Iowa, 20 Oct. 1895; living (1915). 
LiDA, b. at Marcus, Iowa, 20 Feb. 1898; living (1915). 
Minnie, b. at Marcus, Iowa, 7 Mar. 1900. 
Marie, b. at Marcus, Iowa, 11 Sept. 1903. 
Laura, b. at Lancaster, Minn., 15 Apr. 1905. 
Ruth, b. at Lancaster, Minn., 4 Aug. 1907. 

159. Sherman Albert* Huckins (Moses,' Ebenezer,^ John,^ John,* 

Robert,^ James,"^ Robert^), of Caldwell, Kans., 1909, Oakwood, 
Okla., 1910, engineer, born at Neponset, 111., 8 Dec. 1865, was 
hviag in 1915. He married, 12 Sept. 1892, Phoebe Louisa 
Vansell, daughter of Samuel and Parthenia (Savage), who 
was born in Union Co., Tenn., 13 Nov. 1871 and was hving 
in 1915. 
Children : 

i. Esther Juanita,' b. at Horton, Kans., 1 Aug. 1893; living (1915); 

m. 22 Feb. 1912 Henry E. Rogers, s. of Sylvester and Sarah D. 

(Monzinger), of Oakwood, Okla., farmer, b. at Atchison, Mo., 

24 Sept. 1889, living (1915). Two children. 
ii. Willie Alberta, b. at Horton, Kans., 31 Aug. 1895; living imm. 

iii. Dessie Parthenia, b. at Fairbury, Nebr., 1 Sept. 1900; living 

iv. Harry Paul, b. at Muscotah, Kans., 8 Nov. 1902; living (1915). 
V. Cleon Gerald, b. at Griswold, Iowa, 16 June 1905; living (1915). 
vi. Jacqueline, b. at Herrington, Kans., 8 Sept. 1908; living (1915). 
vii. Orvel Earl, b. at Oakwood, Okla., 19 Dec. 1910; living (1915). 

* The birthplace of Charles White Huckins as given in Register, vol. 68, p. 331, 
is incorrect. 












266 Descendants of Robert Huckins [July 

160. William Wallace* Huckins {William,'' Ebenezer,^ John,^ 

John,* Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of North Troy, Vt., carpenter, 
bom at Libby's Mills, P. Q., 27 Mar. 1853, was living in 1910. 
He married first Mary Ann Batchelder, daughter of David 
and Amanda (Kellum), who was bom at Fitch Bay, P. Q., 
7 Oct. 1843 and died 4 Feb. 1884; and secondly, 20 Aug. 1887, 
Caroline Parmenter, daughter of Joseph and Harriet 
(Cleary), who was bom at Lowell, Vt., 28 June 1866 and was 
living in 1910. 

Children by first wife: 

i. Gertrude.s b. at Sherbrooke, P. Q., 12 July 1873; living (1915); m. 
23 Aug. 1893 Henbt Smith, s. of Henry W. and Sarah (McBride), 
of Orleans, Vt., mechanic, b. at Shefford, P. Q., 25 Jan. 1866, 
living (1915). Four children. 

ii, Eugene E., of North Duxbury, Vt., engineer, b. at Libby's Mills, 
P. Q., 17 Sept. 1875; Uving (1910); m. 7 July 1896 Cora Emma 
Warner, dau. of Albert and Laura (Davis), b. at East Enosburg, 
Vt., 12 Feb. 1873, d. 18 Mar. 1905. Two children. 

Children by second wife: 

iii. William, of Ninette, Manit., musician, farmer, b. at Stanstead 
Junction, P. Q., 31 Aug. 1888; hving (1915); m. 18 Nov. 1912 
Elizabeth Wier, dau. of Thoman and Mary (Wier), b. at Lurgan, 
Ire., 10 Jan. 1884; Uving (1915). One child. 

iv. Annie M., b. at Stanstead Junction, P. Q., 18 June 1891; living 
unm. (1915). 

V. Grace, b; at North Troy, Vt., 9 June 1894; hving unm. (1915). 

vi. Doris, b. at North Troy, Vt., 8 Sept. 1899; Uving (1915). 

161. Isaac S.' Huckins {Isaac,'' Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Robert,* Robert,' 

James,^ Robert^), of Bay City, Mich., 1868, jeweler, U. S. 
pension agent, born at Pl3Tnouth 22 May 1844, was Hving in 
1910. He married, 11 Oct. 1873, ISIargaret M. Preston, 
daughter of Isaac and Hannah (Preston), who was bom at 
Buffalo, N. Y., 30 May 1852 and was U\Tng in 1910. 
Children, born at Baj' City, Mich. : 

i. Blanche T.,' b. 15 July 1875; Uving unm. (1910) at Bay City, 

ii. Anna L., b. 8 Apr. 1877; Uving (1910) at Cleveland, Ohio; m. at 

Dover, Ohio, 24 Oct. 1900, Allie Sperrt, s. of Amos and Rachel 

(Noble), of North Dover, Ohio, farmer, b. at North Dover, Ohio, 

26 Dec. 1872, Uving (1910). Three children, 
iii. Lillian M., b. 5 Jan. 1882; living unm. (1915) at Bav City, Mich. 
iv. Martha E., b. 6 Nov. 1883; Uving (1910); m. in Chicago, lU., 

1 Aug. 1906, Albert Kuenster, s. of Herman and Christine 

(BerghofF), of Chicago. III., druggist, b. in Chicago, lU., 21 Apr. 

1867, Uving (1910). One cMld. 
V. Julia, b. 25 July 1885; Uving (1910) at Bay City, Mich.; m. 14 Feb. 

1905 Bert C. Searing, s. of Alfred and EUa (RusseU), of Portland, 

Oreg., upholsterer, b. at Brooklyn, N. Y., 7 Dec. 1882. Two 

vi. Frank O., of Saginaw, Mich., salesman, b. 21 Sept. 1891; Uving s.p. 

(1915); m. 26 Oct. 1913 Margaret M. Bernhard, dau. of Paul 

and Mary (Strickland), b. at Saginaw, Mich., 12 June 1895, 

Uving (1915). 
vii. Edward S., of Cincinnati, Ohio, b. 22 Nov. 1892; Uving unm. (1915). 

162. Joseph Prescott^ Huckins {Isaac,'' Joseph,^ Isaac,^ Robert,* 

Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Plymouth, manufacturer, mer- 

1915] Friends' Records ai Vassalbarough, Me. 267 

chant, sheriff, bom at Plymouth 16 June* 1849, was living in 
1910. He married, 31 Dec. 1872, Laura King, daughter of 
Benjamin Trussel and Deha (Gilbert), who was born at Dan- 

\ ville, Vt., 22 Oct. 1847 and was living in 1910. 

j Children: 

I i. Thehon H.,» of Tilton, physician, B.L. (Dartmouth, 1897), M.D. 

J (Dartmouth, 1902), b. at Plymouth 14 Nov. 1873; living s.p. 

] (1910); m. 10 Dec. 1902 Blanche Orrall, dau. of Charles E. 

'. and Jiiha (Briggs), b. at Wauseon, Ohio, 6 Nov. 1876, Uving 

;• _ (1910). 

; ii. George L., of Maiden, Mass., civil engineer, A.B. (Dartmouth, 

1899), b. at Plymouth 17 Aug. 1875; Uving (1910); m. 8 June 
i 1903 Alice Burleigh, dau. of Gordon and Mary J. (Sanborn), b. 

at Laconia 1 June 1873, hving (1910). Two children. 

[To be concluded] 


Communicated by Hon. Hbnby Sewall Websteb, A.M., of Gardiner, Me. 

[Continued from page 183] 

[Names of Members, Continued] 


Isaiah Frj'e, died 3, 3 mo., 1886. 

]Vlary Frj-e (his wife). 

Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Lusana Frye, b. 14, 12 mo., 1834. 

John A. Frye, " 20, 8 mo., 1836. 

Charles Henry G. Frye, " 21, 10 mo., 1846. 
Benjamin Worth, Jr. 
Abigail Worth (his wife). 
Phebe Coffin Worth, b. 1, 1 mo., 1812. 

Valentine Header Worth, " 3, 12 mo., 1815. 
Francis Worth, " 29, 7 mo., 1819. 

Isaiah Gardner Worth, " 29, 9 mo., 1822. 
Alfred Worth, " 20, 10 mo., 1825. Died 9 mo., 1838. 

Moses Jenkins. 
Sarah Jenkins (his wife). 
WUliam Henry Jenkins, b. 1, 5 mo., 1823. 
Mary Ann Jenkins, " 2, 1 mo., 1825. 

Sarah Maria Jenkins, " 2, 4 mo., 1827. 
Moses Cary Jenkms, " 17, 4 mo., 1829. 

Franklin Dow Jenkins, " 30, 12 mo., 1832. 

Thomas Estes, Cert, to Durham 20, 5 mo., 1868. 
Phebe Estes (his wife), died Vassalboro, 27, 9 mo., 1858. 

* The date of his birth as given in Reqisteb, vol. 68, p. 333, ia incorrect. 

268 Friends' Records at Vassalborough, Me. [July 

Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Eunice M. Estes, b. 3, 7 mo., 1826. Died Vassalboro, 7, 12 mo., 

Hannab D. Estes, " 25, 5 mo., 1828. " " 6, 6 mo., 

Charles E. Estes, " 29, 5 mo., 1830. Released by letter to M. E. 

Church, Waterville. 
Sarah P. Estes, " 25, 8 mo., 1832. 

Hannah D. Estes, " 25, 3 mo., 1835. Died Vassalboro, 8, 12 mo., 

Edmund Whitehouse, died Vassalboro, 10, 1 mo., 1866. 
Hannah Whitehouse (his wife). 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Benjamin Worth Whitehouse, b. 14, 12 mo., 1817. 
Phebe Worth Whitehouse, " 30, 11 mo., 1820. Married Josiah 

Prescott not a member. 
Martha Woodsom Whitehouse, " 4, 6 mo., 1826. Died Vassal- 
boro, 1877. 
Peter M. Stackpole, died Vassalboro, 12, 11 mo., 1848. 
Mary D. Stackpole (his wife). 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Thomas Stackpole, b. 2, 1 mo., 1830. 
Lydia M. Stackpole, " 24, 10 mo., 1831. 

Edward Stackpole, " 27, 10 mo., 1834. P. 0. Deer Lodge, Mon- 
Alton M. Stackpole, " 18, 6 mo., 1840. 
Sarah E. Stackpole, " 24, 7 mo., 1842. 


I Stephen Allen. 

I Sarah Allen (his wife), died 14, 11 mo., 1856. 

I Children. 

I Esther Allen, b. 28, 1 mo., 1832. Died 21, 5 mo., 1849. 

i Maria P. Allen, " 16, 10 mo., 1837. 

) Peter Allen, " 25, 5 mo., 1839. Died 13, 12 mo., 1856. 

I John R. Allen, " 4, 8 mo., 1841. " 1888. 

-I Anna W. Allen, " 25, 12 mo., 1843. Married John A. Frye. 

I Died Vassalboro, 11 

\ mo., 1890. 

I Charles A. Allen, " 29, 1 mo., 1846. 

i Phebe P. Allen, " 16, 12 mo., 1848. Died 5, 4 mo., 1853. 

Stephen Henry Allen, " 3, 8 mo., 1851. 

George Lindley Allen, " 1, 1 mo., 1855. Died 15, 12 mo., 1857. 
Robert T. Whitten. 
Dorcas Whitten (his wife). 
Henrj' Clark Whitten, b. 22, 7 mo., 1835. 
William Campbell, Jr. 
Nabby T. Campbell (his wife). 
Louisa Dudley Campbell, b. Vassalboro, 10, 11 mo., 1835. 
Abby Celia Campbell, " Sangerville, 11, 3 mo., 1840. 

i [57] 

I William Taber. 

Mary C. Taber (his wife), died 17, 6 mo., 1834. 


Friends' Records ai VassaUyorcmgh, Me. 



Charles Edwin Taber, b. Vassalboro, 12, 2 mo., 1830. 
Hannah R. Taber (2d wife of Wm Taber). 
Children of Wm. & Hannah R. Taber, 

James R. Taber, b. Vassalboro, 29, 5 mo., 1839 

Clement R. Taber, " 9, 11 mo., 1843. 
Daniel Chittenden, died 7, 2 mo., 1836. 
Rebecca Chittenden (his wife), died 15, 7 mo., 1846. 
George Hussey. 

Susan Hussey (his wife), died Vassalboro, 27, 1 mo., 1892. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

Henry Francis Hussey, b 

Gustavus Hussey, " 

Benj. Franklin Hussey, " 

George Howland Hussey, " 

Susan Anna Hussey, " 
Ebenezer Frye, died Vassalboro, 18, 2 mo., 1886. 
Lydia A. Frye (his wife), died 4, 7 mo., 1827. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

Edward C. Frye, b. 12; 2 mo., 1824. 

Almira A. Frye, " 24, 7 mo., 1825. 

Edward A. Frye, " 11, 3 mo., 1827. 

Nathan Pratt, bom 12, 2 mo., 1772. 
Mary Pratt (his wife), born 11, 5 mo., 1782. 

15, 12 mo., 1827. 

12, 2 mo., 1833. 

13, 10 mo., 1834. 
9, 5 mo., 1837. 

29, 5 mo., 1842. 

Died 18, 7 mo., 1826. 
19, 7 mo., 1826. 
17, 3 mo., 1865. 


Jane Moody Pratt, 



27, 10 mo., 1802. Married 

Thomas MiUer not a member. 

Daniel Taber Pratt, 



9, 4 mo., 1804. Married 
Mary Da\TS 

Mary Pratt, 



21, 4 mo., 1806. Married 
Nicholas Sa.nford. 

Nathan Pratt, 



12. 12 mo., 1807. 

John Taber Pratt, 


Vassalboro, 18', 1 mo.', 1810. 

Wm. Taber Pratt, 



13, 4 mo., 1812. Died 23, 
9 mo., 1828. 

Eliza Wing Pratt, 



15, 5 mo., 1814. Died 27, 
8 mo., 1831. 

Joseph Howland Pratt, 



14, 5 mo., 1816. Married 
Martha E. Hanson. 

Sarah Whiting Pratt, 



6, 6 mo., 1818. Married 
Thomas Partridge, Noah Farr. 

Edward Little Pratt, 



2, 12 mo., 1819. 

Phebe Ann Pratt, 



6, 5 mo., 1825. Died 22, 
10 mo., 1828. 

Elisha Clark. 

Eliza Ann Clark (his wife). 

Children [b. China]. 

Albert H. Clark, 



10 mo.. 


Henry Watson Clark, 



6 mo.. 

1822. Died 11, 8 mo., 1826. 

Mariet Clark, 



8 mo., 

1825. , 

Eveline Clark, 



2 mo.. 


Malvina E. Clark, 



6 mo., 



Moses Taber. 

Phebe P. Taber (his wife). 

270 Friends' Records at Vassalhorough, Me. [July 

Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Charles Rogers Taber, b. 18, 11 mo., 1827. 
Jacob Oscar Taber, " 6, 7 mo., 1829. 

Lucy Ann Taber, " 17, 6 mo., 1831. 

Sarah Pm-inton Taber, " 19, 6 mo., 1836. 
Hezekiah Pope, married Rebecca S. Wing. Died Vassalboro, 12, 2 mo., 1889. 
Rebecca S. Pope (his wife), died Vassalboro, 25, 9 mo., 1878. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Daniel S. Pope, b. 29, 8 mo., 1830. Died Vassalboro, 6, 5 

mo., 1830. [sic] 
Mary Elizabeth Pope, " 12, 8 mo., 1833. Married Stephen Taber. 
Charles Henry Pope, " 24, 8 mo., 1837. 
George H. Pope, " 17, 6 mo., 1843. 

Henry G. Wing, son Stephen & Rebecca Wing, b. Sidney, 22, 6 mo., 1828. 

Died 15, 3 mo., 1832. 
Elvin Worth, born 7, 6 mo., 1785. 

Lydia Worth (his wilo), born 13, 10 mo., 1785. Died 27, 1 mo., 1816. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Jethro Worth, b. 3, 11 mo., 1810. 
Mary Ann Worth, " 25, 5 mo., 1812. 
Lydia Worth, " 24, 2 mo., 1815. Died 23, 10 mo., 1815. 

Hannah Worth (2d wife of Elvin Worth), b. 7, 10 mo., 1785. Died 26, 6 mo., 

Child of Elvin & Hannah Worth. 
Samuel Worth, b. Vassalboro, 19, 8 mo., 1820, 
Benjamin Worth. 

Phebe Worth (his wife), died 23, 6 mo., 1824. 
Samuel Beal, born 30, 1 mo., 1773. 

Phebe Beal (his wife), b. 21, 9 mo., 1776. Died 27, 8 mo., 1838. 
David Dudley, born 15, 4 mo., 1794. 
Eunice B. Dudley (his wife), born 8, 7 mo., 1796. 
Anstrus Dudley, b. 5, 2 mo., 1818. 

Sarah B. Dudley, 
Chandler A. Dudley, 
Daniel Dudley, 
Edwin Dudley, 
Mary Dudley, 
Dorcass A. Dudley, 

18, 3 mo., 1822. 

24, 5 mo., 1824. 
14, 8 mo., 1826. 
12, 8 mo., 1828. 

25, 10 mo., 1830. 
27, 7 mo., 1833. 

Maria A. Dudley, b. St. Albans, 1, 10 mo., 1835. 
Josiah Magoon, born 8, 4 mo., 1792. 
Mary Magoon (his wife), born 14, 4 mo., 1789. 

Benjamin IMagoon, 
, Josiah Magoon, 

Alfred Magoon, 

Ehzabeth Slagoon, 
. Franklin Magoon, 

I Mary W. Magoon, 

\ George H. Magoon, 

1 Daniel Magoon, born 11, 1 mo., 

i Phebe Magoon (his wife), born 15, 1 mo., 1785. 


14, 7 mo. 


26, 7 mo. 



21, 1 mo. 


17, 6 mo. 


11, 4 mo. 


10, 6 mo. 


26, 8 mo. 


, 1783. 



12 mo., 1806. 



8 mo., 1810. 



1 mo., 1814. 



2 mo., 1816. 

1915] Friends^ Records at Vassalborough, Me. 271 

Woodman Magoon, 
Charles N. Magoon, 
Phebe H. Magoon, 
EUzabeth W. Magoon, 
Moses Hawkes. 
Sarah Hawkes (his wife). 
\ Children. 

I Cyrus Hawkes, b. Windham, 20, 8 mo., 1809. 

i Mary Ann Hawkes, " " 13, 3 mo., 1811. 

I Albert Hawkes, " Litchfield, 16, 5 mo., 1813. Died 16, 12 

mo., 1829. 
I Hamiah Hawkes, " " ■ 9, 4 mo., 1815. " 17, 11 

: mo., 1835. 

Nathaniel Hawkes, " " 29, 5 mo., 1817. 

Mercy Hawkes, " " 27, 9 mo., 1819. 


Joseph S. Hawkes, " " 26, 5 mo., 1822. 

; Anna Hawkes (2d wife of Moses). 

I Child of Moses & Anna Hawkes. 

i Sarah Maria Hawkes, b. Litchfield, 4, 2 mo., 1826. 

Thomas Taber. 
j Ann Taber (his wife). 

I Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

( Henry Allen Taber, b. 6, 7 mo., 1826. 

I Ellen Elizabeth Taber, " 4, 7 mo., 1828. 

5 George Derwin Taber, " 15, 6 mo., 1830. 

>■ Benjamin Phihps Taber, " 2, 5 mo., 1836. 

\ Benjamin W. Goddard (see page 40), son Israel & Lusanna Goddard, died 

\ E. Vassalboro, 27, 1 mo., 1888. 

; Bethiah Goddard (his wife) (see page 35), dau. Ebenezer & Sarah Pope. 

I" Children. 

■ Sarah Pope Goddard, b. Unity, 18, 11 mo., 1832. Married 

Henry Hanson, 
j Ebenezer Pope Goddard, " " 10, 1 mo., 1835. Married 

■■ Emma R. Runnels. 

Charles Goddard, " Va^alboro, 6, 2 mo., 1837. Died Vas- 

salboro, 3, 3 mo., 1839. 
Mary Wing Goddard, " " 3, 1 mo., 1839. Married 

Charles Doe, not a mem- 
James Pope Goddard, " " 1, 5 mo., 1842. Married 

Lavina Hanson, not a 
Lucy Wing Goddard, " " 10, 4 mo., 1844. Married 

Elmer Percival, not a 
Phebe Anna Goddard, " " 4, 7 mo., 1846. Married 

HowRrd T Wp gk s 
Charles Henry Goddard, " " 1, 3 mo., 1849. Died 21, 

12 mo., 1851. 
Almira Eunice Goddard, " " 29, 5 mo., 1851. Married 

James Conner, not a 
1 member. 

272 Friends' Records at Vassalboraugh, Me. [July 

David P. Howland. 
Anna Howland (his wife). 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Mary Homans Howland, b. 21, 12 mo., 1833. 
Joseph Wm. Howland, " 28, 4 mo., 1837. Died 8, 3 mo., 

Joseph Wm. Howland, " 11, 9 mo., 1839. 

Edward Everett Howland, " 20, 9 mo., 1841. Died 9, 1 mo., 

Anna Maria Howland, " 21, 10 mo., 1843. 

Isaac Buffum. 

Sarah Buffum (his wife), died 29, 12 mo., 1839. 
Moses Osborne, died 12, 3 mo., 1870. 
Phebe Osborne (his wife), died 6, 9 mo., 1843. 
James S. Osborne, b. Winslow, 17, 3 mo., 1840. Died 19, 3 mo., 1840. 
Eliza Osborne (2d wife of Moses), died 1886. 
[Quid of Moses and Eliza.] 
Mary B. Osborne, b. 3, 6 mo., 1841 [sic]. 

Alvin Worth, died 1, 2 mo., 1872, aged nearly 88 years. [Same as Elvin 

Worth, page 47 [sic].] 

Robert Cook. 
Susanna Cook (his wife). 
John W. Cook. 

Samuel Cook, b. 6, 2 mo., 1830. 
Elizabeth Cook. 
Zaccheus Goddard (see page 40), son Israel & Lusana, d. E. Vassalboro, 25, 

10 mo., 1897, aged 85 jts. 6 ms. A minister. 
Miriam Goddard (his wife), d. Vassalboro, 15, 8 mo., 1859. 
Elvira Goddard, b. China, 22, 2 mo., 1837. 

Lusana Goddard, " " 23, 2 mo., 1839. Married 

James White not a member. 
Died Augusta, 5 mo., 1888. 
Stephen H. Goddard, " 20, 3 mo., 1843. 

Olney T. Goddard, " 23, 5 mo., 1845. 

John Lang Goddard, " 10, 7 mo., 1847. Released by 

Harriet Ann Goddard, " 10, 7 mo., 1847. Died Vassal- 

boro, 30, 1 mo. 1870. 
Helen Ehnira Goddard, " 10, 7 mo., 1847. Died Vassal- 

boro, 2, 9 mo., 1867. 
Sarah B. Goddard (2nd -^ife of Zaccheus), Died Vassalboro, 4, 3 mo., 1895. 

Buried at E. Vassalboro. 
Child of Zaccheus & Sarah B. Goddard. 
Caro Eva Goddard, b. 9, 11 mo., 1865. 

William Weeks (see page 41), son Butler & EUza Weeks, married 25, 9 mo., 

1839. Died 9, 9 mo., 1S64. 
Mary G. Weeks (his wife), b. 7, 1 mo., 1814, died 26, 8 mo., 1841. 
A Daughter, b. 17, 8 mo., 1841. Died 29, 8 mo., 1841. 

1915] Friends' Records at Vassalborough, Me. 273 

Lavinia J. Weeks (2nd wife of Wm.), married 31, 10 mo., 1844. 
Children of Wm. & Lavinia J. Weeks [b. Vassalboro]. 

Howard Jenkins Weeks, b. 12, 6 mo., 1846. Married Anna P. 

George Mahew Weeks, " 10, 10 mo., 1851. 

Abbie M. Weeks, " 3, 9 mo., 1853. Married Alfred H. 



Emily S. Weeks. " 25, 11 mo.. 1855. 

Isaac Robinson. 

Ann Robinson (his wife), died 2 mo., 1880. 
ChUdren [b. China]. 
Ann Howland Robinson, b. 29, 12 mo., 1839. 
Sarah Purinton Robinson, " 16, 6 mo., 1841. Died Augusta, 3 

mo., 1907. 
Albert Coffin. 

Anstrus Coffin (his wife), dau. Pelatiah & Sarah Varney (see page 34). 
Abby May Coffin, b. "Vassalboro, 19, 2 mo., 1841. 

Remington H. Varney, son Pelatiah & Sarah (see page 34), died 24, 8 mo., 

1 Avis P. Varney (his wife), Cert. Fr. Sidney Mo. M., 16, 2 mo., 1843. Died 

16, 7 mo., 1856. 
Charles Remington Varney, b. 10, 9 mo., 1843. 
Edward Coffin Varney, " 8, 2 mo., 1846. 
I Geo. Franklin Varney, " 6, 12 mo., 1848. 

I George Taber, son Daniel & Rebecca (see page 51), died Chestnut Hill, Mass., 

* 28, 10 mo., 1900. 

i. Esther B. Taber (his wife), dau. Ebenezer & Sarah Pope (see page 35), died 

i Chestnut Hill, Mass., 29, 5 mo., 1894, aged 75 yr. 1 mo. 14 d. 

An Elder. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Sarah Ann Taber, 

EUen Frances Taber, 
Ehna Maria Taber, 

Phebe Rebecca Taber, 
George Lindly Taber, 
Arthur H. Taber, 

Henry Dudley, died in Colorado, 8, 5 mo., 1891. 

EmUy EUzabeth Dudley (his wife), dau. George & Deliverance Parker (see 

page 52), died in Caldwell, Idaho, 31, 8 mo., 1906. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
George Edwin Dudley, b. 29, 12 mo., 1846. 
Henry Wilson Dudley, " 28, 1 mo., 1849. 

Howard Channing Dudley, " 3, 1 mo., 1858. 
Elwood E. Dudley, " 30, 4 mo., 1859. 

Charles Osborne, died Vassalboro, 19, 4 mo., 1891. 
Louisa Osborne (his wife), dau. John D. & Ann E. Lang, Cert. fr. Berwick 

Mo. M., 27, 2 mo., 1846. Died 28, 2 mo., 1895, aged 75 ys. An 




6 mo. 


N. Y. 

Married Wm. Coffin, 
not a member. 



3 mo. 

, 1846. 

Died 7, 2 mo., 1866. 



9 mo. 

, 1848. 

Married Edward Jones 
of Chicago. 



4 mo. 


Died, 1883. 



10 mo. 




3 mo. 


Removed Cert, to Bos- 

274 Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions [July 

Sarah Lang Osborne, b. 3, 6 mo., 1847. Died 21, 4 mo., 

Eliza Allen Osborne, " 16, 7 mo., 1848. Died 5, 9 mo., 1849. 

Eliza Ebnira Osborne, " 25, 6 mo., 1851. 

John L. Osborne. 

Harriet Louisa Osborne, Disowned. 

Isaiah C. Worth. 
Abigail Worth (his wife"). 
Noah F. Worth, b. Vassalboro, 27, 2 mo., 1848. 
Elias Pinkham, Cert, from Litchfield, 16, 5 mo., 1845. Died 

21, 6 mo., 1845. 

Fannv Pinkham (his wife), 




16, 5 mo., 



John Warren Pinkham, 


Henry K. Pinkham, 


George S. Pinkham, 


Joseph G. Pinkham, 


AiiTia Maria Pinkham, 


Wm. S. Pinkham, 


Alden S. Pinkham, b. 


[To be concluded] 


Copied by Joei, N. Eno, A.M., of Hartford, Conn. 

Moose Meadow Cemetery 

[Continued from page 187] 
i Roxse, wife of Gardner Lewis died April 7, 1869. Aged 86 y'rs. 

Little Ahce, daughter of B. D. & M. E. Lillibridge died May 30, 1861. Aged 

4 y'rs & 10 mo. 
In memory of Benjamin Lillibridge who died May 11, 1828. Aet. 72. 
Benjamin Lilhbridge died Nov. 6, 1876. Aged 79 Y'rs. 10 Mos. 
CaroHne G. daughter of Horatio & Mary LiUibridge died April 30, 1845. 

AE. 16 Y's. 
Deborah, wife of Benjamin Lilhbridge died Sept. 13, 1853. Aged 50. 
Hampton Lilhbridge died Feb. 1, 1859. AE. 69. 
Hampton R. son of Benjamin & Deborah Lilhbridge died Dec. 16, 1838. 

AE. 13 Y'rs. 
Horatio LiUibridge Died Dec. 4, 1836. AE. 38 yrs. 
In memory of Lydia Lillibridge, wife of Benjamin LUlibridge, who died 

Dec. 18, 1838. . Aged 69. 
In memory of Ljonan Lilhbridge, son of Benjamin Lilhbridge, who died 

June 25, 1822. Aet. 30. 
Mary, daughter of Benjamin & Deborah Lilhbridge died March 29, 1831. 

Aged 9 y'rs & 10 months. 
Mary W. Lilhbridge died Oct. 9, 1844. AE. 14. 
Wallace M. Lilhbridge died Sept. 15, 1882. Aged 29. 

i 1915] Connediad Cemetery Inscriptions 275 


I Willie M. son of Lyman & Lucinda Lillibridge died April 1, 1854. Aged 

I ' 1 yr. & 3 mos. 

f Barah J. Mayo died Apr. 11, 1903. Aged 26. 

I Wm. MerriU died Nov. 10, 1864. AE. 44. 

1 Abigail, wife of Jonathan Morse Died March 21, 1881. AE. 88. 

I Amasa H. son of Amasa & Sarah A. Morse died Jan. 13, 1841. AE. 6 mo 

1 Clark R. Morse died Dec. 18, 1889. Aged 69. 

{ George Morse died Aug. 14, 1863. AE. 40. 

f Henry, son of Amasa & Sarah A. Morse died April 25, 1847. Aged 6 mos. 

I Hiram J. Morse Died April 23, 1863. AE. 29. 

\ Jonathan Morse died June 23, 1867. AE. 82. 

I Mary J. wife of Nathan Morse, Jr. Died Oct. 9, 1839. Aged 18. 

Mary Lewis wife of Nathan Morse 1810-1899. 

Mary Marcy, wife of Nathan Morse 1821-1839. 

Nathan Morse, 1816-1892. 

Nathan G. son of Nathan, Jr. & Mary Morse died Mar. 6, 1846. Aged 3 

Zilpha, wife of George Morse died June 16, 1859. AE. 31. 

Mary A. wife of Rev. James Parker died Sept. 8, 1879. Aged 77. 

In memory of Alice, relict of Capt. Samuel Perry who died Dec. 20, 1841. 
AE. 72. 

John Perry died April 12, 1867. Aged 79. 
j Mary, -vnle of John Perry died March 23, 1851. Aged 60. 

I In memory of Capt. Samuel Perry who died Aug. 11, 1831 aged 68. 

Sally, wife of Perry Pierce died Feb. 25, 1875. Aged 73 years. 

J Catherine, wife of Jonathan Poole died June 1, 1853. Aged 78. 

I Jonathan Poole died July 31, 1844. Aged 77. 

{ Abigail, wife of Phihp Potter Died May 18, 1824. AE. 78. 

f Capt. Bartholomew Potter died Nov. 24, 1864. AE. 86. 

I Bartholomew Potter, Jr. natus April 15, 1806 mortuus Mar. 11, 1878. 

f David Potter died May 13, 1871. Aged 87. 

Da\'id Potter died Apr. 2, 1881. Aged 68. 

Dorcas G. wife of Bartholomew Potter, Jr. Died March 28, 1863. AE. 58^. 
Kezia, ■Rife of Bartholomew Potter died Aug. 19, 1874. AE. 91. 
Children of David, Jr. & Rebecca Potter. 
Marie died Mar. 21, 1868, aged 19. 
Hellen A. died Mar. 7, 1843. Aged 4 y'rs 5 mo. 
Philena R. died Sept. 23, 1846. Aged 2 y'rs 10 mo, 
Hellen L. died May 4, 1846. Aged 9 mos. 
Mr. Philip Potter Died Oct. 14, 1824. AE. 71. 
Rebecca, wife of David Potter, Jr. died Sept. 8, 1868 aged 49. 
Ruth, wife of Da\'id Potter died June 4, 1868. Aged 80. 
Susan died Aug. 11, 1841. AE. 31. 

WilUam B. died Apr. 8, 1817. AE. 5. 
Children of Capt. B. & K. Potter. 
Willie H. Segee, born Apr. 21, 1856, died Jan. 22, 1873. 
In memory of Jonathan Sibley, Jr., Esq. who died Aug. 21, 1820. Aet. 40. 
In memory of Dea. Jonathan Sibley who died July 31, 1828, aged 78. 
In memory of Mrs. PoUy, wife of Dea. Jonathan Sibley, who died Jan. 7, 

1820. Aet. 65. 
Carohne S. wife of Stephen Slocum died Aug. 15, 1885. Age 84. 
Stephen Slocum died Mar. 2, 1887. Age 84. 
Isabella, ^ife of Asa Smith died July 20, 1816. AE. 52. 
John Smith died March 30, 1818. AE. 58 y'rs. 
John Smith died Apr. 15, 1864. Aged 68. 
John Smith died Nov. 27, 1906 AE. 87 y'rs. 
Marcia, wife of John Smith died Aug. 7, 1881. Aged 86. 

VOL. LXIX. 18 

276 Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions [July 

Mary, wife of John Smith died Nov. 1, 1842. AE. 86 y'rs. 

OrriU wife of John Smith died Nov. 25, 1889. AE. 72 y'rs. 

Mrs. Betsey, wife of Rufus Twiss died Feb. 23, 1874. AE. 72 y'rs. 

Mary Jane, wife of Edward N. Twiss died Sept. 10, 1863. Aet. 26 Y'rs. 

Daughter of Benjamin Lillibridge. 
Rufus Twiss died June 15, 1857. Aged 64 years. 
Mrs. Ruth, wife of Mr. Seth Vinton died Dec. 25, 1783. AE. 24. 
In memory of William, son of Mr. Da%ad & Mrs. Ruth Vinton who died Dec. 

ye 11, 1783 in the 17th year of his age. 
Wilham E. son of Mr. Daniel & Mrs. EUzabeth Whiting died April 5th, 1816. 

Aged 7 months. 

Erected in memory of Mrs. Abigail Whitmore, wile of Mr. John Whitmore 
I who died Dec. ye 18th, A.D. 1810 aged 30 years 7 months & 8 days. 

I Martha L. wife of Francis Whiton died May 10, 1853. Aged 25. 


Westford Hill Cemetery* 

Abigail Trufant, daughter of Rev. Charles S. & Mrs. Jane D. P. Adams Died 
Dec. 22, 1844. M. 7 >ts. 4 mos. & 20 days. 

Corneha W. wife of F. A. Adams died Mar. 23, 1875. iE. 40 jts. 
; Francis A. Adams Co. D. 21 Reg. Conn. Vols. Died Mar. 1, 1906. M. 

i 62 yrs. 

\ Jemiie B. wife of F. A. Adams died Mar. 28, 1887. JE. 31 yrs. 

i Mabel G. daughter of F. A. & Jennie B. Adams died July 29, 1887. .E. 

1 8 yrs. 

I Samuel Charles, son of Rev. Charles S. & ]\Irs. Jane D. P. Adams Died 

I Oct. 12, 1845. iE. 5 yrs. 6 mos. & 12 days. 

i Experiance J. Amidon, born Apr. 10, 1779, died Aug. 24, 1850. Aged 71. 

} EUzabeth Walker, his wife born Nov. 8, 1786 died Jan. 3, 1872. 

j Aged 85. 

i Experience J. Amidon born May 10, 1813 died Jan. 10, 1896. Aged 82. 

; Prudence W. his wife bom Oct. 14, 1811. Died Mar. 23, 1884. 

j Aged 72. 

! Hannah Amidon died June 25, 1904. Aged 89. 

j Horatio Amidon died May 12, 1863 aged 69. 

; Horatio L. son of Horatio & Marcia Amidon died March 1, 1845. Aged 10. 

• In memory of Jedadiah Sanford, son of Horatio & Marcia Amidon who died 

i Apr. 7, 1838. M. 3 yrs. 7 mo. 

In memory of Dr. Jedediah Amidon who died July 3, 1836. Aged 36. 

Children of E. J. & E. W. Amidon. 

Louisa, born Oct. 3, 1809, died April 18, 1812. 
Dan, born Feb. 14, 1824, died Aug. 10, 1864 

Marcia L. daughter of Horatio & Marcia Amidon died Aug. 12, 1850. Aged 

Marcia Strong, wife of Horatio Amidon Died July 15, 1S90, aged 89. 

In memory of Sophronia, daughter of Henry & Clarissa Amidon, who died 
March 26, 1838. M. 18. 

Sophia Ashley died Julv 6, 1870. .E. 80. 

Enoch E. Baker died Dec 2, 1876 aged 75. 

Mary E. his wife died Nov. 6, 1895 aged 90. 

John Baker died Sept. 9, 1867 aged 88. 

Lois his wife died March 31, 1857 aged 81. 
; John W. Baker died March 12, 1890. Aged 60. 

j Sarah H. his wife died March 3, 1863. Aged 31. 

j • In the old Second Parish, Ashford. 

1915] Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions 277 

Laura, daughter of John & Lois Baker died August 31, 1846 aged 33. 

Willard H. Baker died Dec. 14, 1897. M. 24 yrs. 25 days. 

George G. Barrett Co. E. 10 Regt. Conn. Vols. Died Dec. 10, 1902. M. 61. 

Mable J. Barrett July 17, 1873-Nov. 2, 1891. 

Marilla, wife of George G. Barrett June 22, 1853-Mar. 14, 1906. _ 

In memory of Mrs. Betsey Ann Bicknal, wife of Mr. Ebenezer Bicknal, Jr. 

who died October 22nd, A.D. 1815. M. 19. 
. . . Mr. WilUam Bicknel who died Feb. 14, 1813 in the 78 year of his age. 
C. H. Bicknell Aug. 4, 1834-Apr. 17, 1906. 

Sarah Jane his wife Sept. 10, 1840-Apr. 16, 1898. 
Harold M. Bicknell born Apr. 28, 1893. Age 2 y's 9 m's. 
Nancy B. wife of WiUiam Bicknell died Sept. 23, 1863. M. 82. 
In memory of WiUiam Bicknell, who died Oct. 7, 1841. jE. 64. 
William D. BickneU died June 12, 1890. M. 76. 
In memory of Clarissa Birchard, daughter of Mr. Phinehas & Mrs. Elizabeth 

Birchard who died August the 12th, 1799, aged 9 months & 19 days. 
In memory of Mrs. Ehzabeth Birchard, wife of Phinehas Birchard who died 

Jan'y ye 31st A.D. 1798 aged 47 years & 16 days. 
In memory of Mrs. Lydia Birchard, wife of Mr. Phinehas Birchard who died 

December the 5th A.D. 1785, aged 41 years 1 month & 12 days. 
In memory of Mr. Phinehas Birchard; he died June the 8th, A.D. 1811, aged 

75 5^ears 8 months & 7 days. 
. . . Emeline Saunders, widow of the late E. M. Blandiug of Providence, 

R. I. who died May 15, 1828. M. 26 y-s. 
Andrew J. Bosworth died Nov. 5, 1896. Aged 56. 

Marietta A. Whiton, his wife Died Mar. 20, 1902. Aged 58. 
. . . Mrs. Eunice Bosworth, consort of Mr. John Bosworth, who died July 

the 30th A.D. 1811 in ye 66th year of her age. 
Marcus, son of Mr. Leonard & Mrs. Polly Bosworth died August 8, 1816 

aged 6 years & 7 months. 
Arathusa White, wife of Joshua Bradley 1825-1868. 
Harriet T. wife of Charles W. Brett 1847-1900. 
William Brett Died Nov. 15, 1861. JE. 87 jts. 

Zurvdah his wife Buried in Amherst, Mass. Died Oct. 6, 1856. M. 
78 yrs. 
In memory of Polly, daughter of Mr. Abijah & Mrs. Lucy Brooks who died 

Nov. ye 9th 1779 in ye 10th month of her Age. 
Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Almira Broughton, daughter of Mr. John & 

Mrs. Hannah Broughton, who died Nov. ye 17th, 1815 iu the 25th year 

of her age. 
. . . Asa K. Bruce died July 26, 1895. Aged 78 years. 
, , . Clara A. Bruce died Nov. 13, 1882. M. 21 yrs. 
. . . Dimmis S. Bruce died Sept. 8, 1889. JE. 66 yrs. 
Lucy F. wife of James Buffington died Aug. 7, 1861. B,. 60. 
Anna, Relict of Caleb Carpenter died Oct. 19, 1857, aged 83. 
Caleb Carpenter died June 17, 1839. M. 65. 
Benjamin Chapman died Oct. 9, 1838. JE. 87. 

Fideha, his 2d wife died July 10, 1841. M. 79. 
In memory of Delia Chapman who died August ye 17th A.D. 1796 in ye 24fch 

year of her age. 
In memory of Deliverence & Lois Chapman, Daughters of Benjamin Chap- 
man & Lois his wife. Deliverence Chapman died August the 17th 

A.D. 1796 in the 24th year of her age. Lois Chapman died March ye 

28th A.D. 1806 m the 36th year of her age. 
Ezekiel Chapman died May 16, 1873. M. 87 yrs. & 7 mos. 
. . . Lois Chapman, consort of Benjamin Chapman who died June ye 2nd 

A.D. 1804 aged 56 years 5 months & 22 days. 

278 ConnediciU Cemetery Inscriptions [July 

In memory of Minerva, daughter of Mr. Ezekiel & Mrs. Sarah Chapman who 

died June 16th A.D. 1811 aged 2 years 6 months & 9 days. 
Sarah, wife of Ezekiel Chapman died Oct. 25, 1847. M. 61. 
In memory of Mr. Francis Green Chase who died July the 3d A.D. 1786. 

Aged 41 years. 
Sarah Whiton, wife of Marvin Chism Died Mar. 7, 1895. Aged 39 Y'rs. & 

6 mos. 
Henry Cleworth bom Mar. 7, 1820 died Apr. 6, 1897. 

Hannah his wife bom May 6, 1826 died Jan. 29, 1908. 
April ye 19th 1796 departed this Life Mrs. Anna Cole, wife of Mr. Isaac Cole 

in the 81st year of her age. 
Elizabeth Cole who died Feb. 16, 1833. Aged 82. 
In memory of Mr. Isaac Cole who died Jan. ye 7th A.D. 1792 in ye 78th year 

of his age. 
In memory of John Crane who died Dec. 18, 1835. Aet. 22 Y'rs. 
Thomas C. Curtis 1824-1909. 

Phebe J. his wife 1829-1908. 
Mrs. Betsy, wife of Mr. Demmon Cushman died July ye 1st, 1816. £,. 19 

years, 4 months & 22 da3-s. 
Elvira, wife of Franklin Dawley died March 21, 1855. Aged 25. 
In memory of Aurelia Daughter of Mr. Elias & Mrs. Lydia Dimick, who died 

July 12th, 1798 in ye 10th year of her age. 
In memory of Mr. Daniel Dimick who died Feb. 2, 1823. Aged 73 years. 
In memory of Mr. Ebenezer Dimick who died December ye 1st, A.D. 1802, 

aged 87 years & 8 days. 
April 27 A.D. 1802 departed this life Mrs. Marj"^ Dimick, wife of Mr. Ebenezer 

Dimick aged 80 years 2 months & 28 days. 
Timothy, son of Daniel & Zilpha Dimick Died Jan. 27, 1857. Aged 71 >ts. 

8 mo's. 
In memory of Mrs. Zilpah Dimick, wife of Mr. Daniel Dimick. She died 

]\Iay 15, 1791 in ye 39th year of her Age. 
In memory of Hannah Dimock, wife of Daniel Dimock who died Aug. 6, 

1828. Aet. 63. 
Charlott-e Dorsett, wife of Joseph Dorsett died Aug. 23, 1871. Aged 53 yrs. 
John Douglass born Oct. 28, 1789 died Jan. 20, 1857. 

Eunice, his wife, bom July 7, 1783 died July 20, 1879. 
Lucas Douglass born Oct. 28, 1823 died Dec. 5, 1895, aged 72 years. 
Abigail, relict of George Dimworth died July 27, 1855. Aged 66. 
In memory of George Dunworth who died March 13, 1842. M. 83. 
. . . Mrs. Abigail, Consort of Mr. Roswell Eastman, & their daughter 

Elmina. Mrs. Eastman died Nov. the 12th, 1814 in ye 31st year of her 

age. Elmina Eastman died Oct. j'e 13th, 1813, in ye 3d year of her age. 
IVIrs. Abigail, -wife of Capt. Peter Eastman died June 9th, 1816. JE. 78 years. 
In memory of Otis Eastman, son of Mr. Julius & Mrs. Sally Eastman who 

died April j^e 19th, 1803 aged 1 year & 9 months; and an infant Babe 

bom July 14th, 1800; aged 2 days. 
Capt. Peter Eastman died May 22nd, 1818. M. 81 years. 
Ptoswell Eastman Born Dec. 20, 1780 Died Aug. 25, 1861 aged 80 years & 

8 mos. 
Rudolphus A. Eddy Jan. 7, 1817-Aug. 23, 1902. 

Christina B. his wife July 22, 1826- Jan. 20, 1905. 
In memory of Mrs. Abiel, daughter of Mr. Hezekiah Eldredge & Mrs. Abigail 

his wife who died Novr. ye 1st 1790 in 3'e 24th year of her age. 
In memory of 'Mrs. Abigail, wife of Mr. Hezekiah Eldredge who died July 

20th A.D. 1786. Aetat. 42. 
In memory of Persis, daughter of Mr. Hezekiah Eldredge & Mrs. Abigail his 

wife, who died June 9th 1792 in ye 8th year of her age. 

j 1915] Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions 279 


] ... Mrs. Sally, consort of Mr. David Fairbank who died August the 19th 

I A.D. 1811 in the 26th year of her age. 

I ... Mr. Asa Famham, who died July the 11th, A.D. 1807 in ye 76th year 

I of his age. 

I Asa Famham died Aug. 2, 1861, aged 60 yrs. 

I EUzabeth, wife of Asa Farnham died May 6, 1838. Aged 37. 

I Jonathan Famham died Oct. 15, 1840, aged 73. 

( Eunicie, his wife died Aug. 30, 1841 aged 75. 

j Lovina, wife of Rufus Famham Died Nov. 17, 1868. M. 82 y'rs 

I In memor}'- of Mrs. Lydia Famham, relict of Mr. Asa Famham Deceas'd who 

died April the 16th, A.D. 1811. Aged 75 years. 
Rufus Famham, Jr. died Oct. 2, 1824. Aged 21 years & 11 months. 
1 Aaron Flint, Jr. died March 3, 1843. Aged 43 yrs. 

' Aaron Fhnt died Feb. 9, 1849. Aged 90. 

Abigail, wife of Aaron Flint died Feb. 15, 1835. JE. 60. 

. . . Mr. Asher Flint who died Jan. ye 18th A.D. 1803 in the 79 year of his age. 

Charles Flint died June 29, 1848. M. 52. 

Joanna, wife of Aaron Flint, Jr. died Sept. 9, 1844, aged 36 years. 

. . . Mrs. Lucy Flint, consort to Mr. Asher FHnt, who died October ye 22d, 

A.D. 1800 in j'e 68th year of her age. 
In memorj' of Luther Flint, son of Mr. Aaron & Mrs. Mary Flint. He died 

October ye 15th A.D. 1800 in the 10th year of his age. 
Mary, daughter of Aaron & Mary Flint died Feb. 9, 1809. JE. 20 years. 
. . . Mrs. Mary, wife of Mr. Aaron Flint who died March the 12th, A.D. 

1809. Aged 41 years. 
Rev. John R. Freeman bom Sept. 25, 1812, died Dec. 6, 1876. 
Joseph, son of Eli & Emeline Giddings Died April 3, 1840 JE. 10 mo's & 

20 days. 
. '. . Mrs. Deborah, wife of Mr. David Hall, who died Sept. ye 20th A.D. 

1813 in the 51st year of her age. 
Abigail Hanks departed this L. October 15, A.D. 1776. Aged 25. 
Diadamia, D. to John Hanks D'd Jana. 28th A.D. 1777. M. 7 months. 
In memory of John Hanks who Departed this Life January ye 25th in the 

31 year of his Age, 1789. 
In memory of Martha, wife of John Hanks who departed this life A.D. 1801, 

October ye 1st. M. 60. 
In memory of Tabitha Hanks D'd Sept. 25, A.D. 1778. Ae. 24 years. 
In memory of Tabitha, wife of John Hanks who Departed this L. September 

16th A.D. 1788 aged 54. 
In memorv of Thankful, D. to John Hanks, Jr. D'd Oct. 15th A.D. 1809. 

_ JE. 11 y. 
Eunice Preston, wife of Lucius Horton Died July 2d, 1886. JE. 85 yrs. 
Huldah, wife of Lucius Horton Died June 16, 1852, aged 64. 
Lucius Horton died Sept. 14, 1884. JE. 80 yrs. 
Andrew A. Hughes bom Mar. 13, 1845 died Feb. 17, 1911 aged 66. 
Sylvania A. Hughes died Sept. 9, 1891. JE. 71 yrs. 

Willie A. her son died Feb. 23, 1863. JE. 6 yrs. 
Miss Amelia Huntington died June 10, 1847. Aged 36 years. 
. . . Andrew, son to -Andrew & Zeruiah Huntington. He died the 18th day 

of August A.D. 1800. Aged 5 years & 18 days. 
In memory of Andrew, Jr. son of Andrew & Zeruiah Huntington who died 

Jan. 4, 1827. Aet. 13. 
Doct. Andrew Huntington died Feb. 1, 1837. JE. 70. 
. . . Anna, Daughter to Andrew & Zeruiah Huntington. She died the 11th 

day of January 1795 aged 2 years 7 months & 7 days. 
. . . Horatio, son to Andrew & Zeruiah Huntington. He died the 15th day 
of August A.D. 1800 aged 2 years, 8 months & 19 days. 

280 Proceedings of the N. E. Hist. Gen. Society [July 

. . . Lucy, daughter to Andrew & Zeniiah Huntington, who died the 12th 

day of January A.D. 1804 aged 3 years 4 months & 12 days. 
MUes, son to Thomas & Molly Huntington who died May 1st, A.D. 1790 

aged 1 year & 2 days. 
. . , Zeruiah, daughter to Andrew & Zeruiah Himtington. She died the 

23d of May A.D. 1804. Aged 1 year 1 month & 25 days. 
Zeruiah, relict of Doct. Andrew Huntington died May 13, 1837. M. 64. 
Edna L. E. Daughter of William R. & Lydia M. James died Jan. 27, 18S0. 

Aged 12 Y'rs & 6 Mo. 
Fred E. son of William R. & Lydia James died Sept. 20, 1871. Aged 15 Yrs. 

3 Mo. 5 D's. 
Lydia M. Knowlton, wife of Wm. R. James Died June 18, 1905. Aged 72 yrs. 
WilUam R. James died March 26, 1876. Aged 48. 
Harriet, wife of Benj. Johnson died Dec. 7, 1871. Aet. 44 y'rs. 
Deacon Amos Kendal v/as bom Oct. A.D. 1746 . . . changed this world . . . 

for a better world August 6th A.D. 1812 . . . 
. . . Mrs. Kendal the w 11 beloved consort of Dea'n Amos Kendal who de- 
parted this Ufe August 11, 180 [illegihU] in ihe 59th year of her age. 
Abigail, widow of Daniel Kendall Died June 13, 1836. Aged 62. 
. Elias KendaU died July 11, 1853. Aged 78. 
; Erasttis, son of Elias & Lois Kendall died Sept. 11, 1818 aged 2 j'ears 3 mo's 

& 11 days. 
i Lois, wife of EUas Kendall died July 8, 1852. _ Aged 68. 

I Emma Jane E. daughter of Albert D. & Marcia W. Knight died April 7, 1856. 

! Aet. 7 yrs. & 5 mos. 

i Marcia W. wife of Albert D. Knight died March 24, 1856. Aet. 34. 

I Calista, wife of Marvin Knowlton died May 25, 1845, aged 45. 

Lieut. Daniel Knowlton died May 31, 1825. Aged 86. A patriot of the 
I Revolution. 

j Elbridge H. son of Marvin & Calista Knowlton died March 11, 1831. Aged 

4 mo. 

In memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Knowlton, widow to Mr. Daniel Knowlton 
died June ye 1st A.D. 1787 in ye 94th j'ear of her age. 
i Rebekah, wife of Daniel Knowlton died at Ashford June 28, 1833. Aged 82. 

Col. Thomas Eiowlton, slain at the battle of Harlem Heights Sept. 16, 1776. 
Thomas, son of Thomas & Martha Kiowlton lSOS-1810. 
I Thomas Knowlton 1766-1858. 

Martha Marcy his wife 1768-1853. 

[To be continued] 


By John Albrxe, Recording Secretary 

Boston, Massachusetts, 7 April 1915. A stated meeting of the Society was held 
in Wilder Hall, 9 Ashburton Place, at 2.30 p.m., Vice-President Rust presiding. 

The minutes of the March meeting were approved, and the reports of the 
Council, Librarian, Corresponding Secretary, and Historian were accepted. 

Fom- resident members were elected by ballot. 

The paper of the afternoon was by George Parker Winship, A.M., Librarian 
of The John Carter Brown Library-, Providence, R. I., the subject being Some 
Colonial Travellers. Mr. Winship mentioned many of those who from the time 
of Sir Humphrey GObert onward to the Revolution had made joumej-ings in the 
New World and whose accounts were printed. He explained the impelling 

1915] Notes 281 

motives for their travels, as far as they can now be ascertained, quoted freely from 
their writings, and called attention to the straightforward character of the narra- 
tives as supplying strong evidence of their credibihty. 


It having come to the attention of this Society that certain 
genealogists and publishers have used the name of the Society 
in connection with their own enterprises, the Society again de- 
sires to state that it has NO genealogical representatives in this 
country or in England, nor is it in any w^ay connected with any 
publications other than those that it issues over its own name 
at 9 Ashburton Place, Boston. 

The C ommittee on English Research desires to state, however, 
that although the Society has no official representative in Eng- 
land the Committee is employing Miss French for a part of her 
time as a searcher of records there along special lines for the 
benefit of the Register. 

Some Vital Records of Lebanon, Me. — Capt. John Hayes removed from 
Dover, N. H., to Lebanon, Me., 20 Jan. 1778 (Hasey's MS. Diary, 1778). He 
purchased his farm of Samuel Corson, 7 Oct. 1777, and of James Door, 16 Oct. 
1777 (ib., 1777). Capt. Hayes and his son Elihu Hayes, better known as "Squire" 
Hayes, were prominent in the town of Lebanon, "Squire" Hayes dying there 
1 May 1857, aged 93 years, and his wife Sally dying there 8 Apr. 1857. Nearly 
twenty years ago I copied the following records from "Squire" Hayes's Bible; 
and many of these entries cannot be found elsewhere, the Lebanon town record 
of deaths being especially incomplete. 

Married my first wife March 16, 1789. 
Married my second wife Jany 1, 1807. 
Betty [Hayes] married Sept. 14, 1811. 
Joanna [Hayes] married Dec. 3d, 1813 [? 1812]. 
Esther [Hayes] married Sept. 17, 1826. 
Andrew [Hayes] married July 4, 1836 
Sally J. [Hayes] married June 3d, 1838. 

My father bom March 9, 1741. 
My mother bom Feb. 8, 1745. 
My brothers and sisters births: 
Betty, bom April 13, 1767. 
Pdchard, bom Sept. 6, 1770. 
Charles, bom March 31, 1773. 
Samuel, bom Nov. 11, 1775. 
Hannah, bom Dec. 12, 1777. 
Mary, bom May 11, 1780 [in Lebanon]. 
John, bom May 27, 1782. 
Tammy, born Sept. 18, 1784. 
James, born Jan. 31, 1787. 
Elisha, born Aug* 17, 1793. 
Elihu Hayes, bom Jan. 28, 1765 
Esther Hayes, bom May 25, 1769. 
Betty bom Jan. 20, 1791. 
Nabby bom March 25, 1792. 
Joanna bom Dec. 26, 1793. 
My second wife Sarah Clarke bom Nov. 24, 1779. 
Esther, bom Dec. 29, 1807. 
ElihUj bom May 3d, 1809. 


282 iVofes [July 

John, bom May 21, 1811. 

Andrew, bom June 27, 1813. 

Sally, bom Jany 11, 1816. 

John, bom Feb. 26, 1819. 

Cyms [W.] bom June 9, 1823. 
Nabby died Aug. 11, 1794. 
My first wife departed this Ufe Feb. 26, 1805. 
John departed this hfe June 24, 1815. 
Betty died Oct. 24, 1839. 
Orin Quimby died Oct. 26, 1839. 
John died Nov. 9, 1839. 
Joanna died Sept. 12, 1848. 
My brother Samuel died Feb. 18, 1815. 
My father died Jan. 7, 1821. 
My sister Tammy died Feb. 10, 1823. 
My brother Richard died April 25, 1834. 
My brother Elisha died Jan. 15, 1836. 
My sister Hannah died July 26, 1834. 
My sister Betty died Sept. 27, 1839. 
My Mother died Dec. 29, 1842. 
My brother Charles died Feb. 8, 1844. 

The following records of marriages were copied by me from "Squire" Hayes's 
original book of records; and I well remember the day when his biiildings were 
burned and the records were rescued from the flames. 

Persons joined in Marriage by Elihu Hayes, Justice of Peace. 

Dec 3, 1812, David Legro Jr. and Joanna Hayes. 

AprU 1, 1813. David Knox and Priscilla Cowell. 

Nov. 30, 1813. Daniel Goodwin and Mary Fall. 

Jan. 6, 1814. Ivory Fall and Lydia Lord. 

March 30, 1814. James Merrow and Abra Yea ton 

Sept. 24, 1814. Benjamin S. Blaisdell and Zubia Burrows. 

Dec. 8, 1814. Rufus Hamilton and Margrey Gerrish. 
„ Jan. 22, 1815. Ehsha Hayes and Fanny B. Lord. 

Feb. 23, 1815. Reuben Frost and Lydia Austin 

Feb. 25, 1815. Daniel Goodwin Jr. and Kezia Hodgdon. 

July 21, 1816. James Brown and Huldah Copp. 

Dec 1, 1816. George Cook and Sarah Cottle 

Nov. 23, 1817. James K. Lord and Lucy Wentworth. 
j Aug. 6, 1818. Thomas Young and Ann Furbish 

I Sept. 6, 1818 Hiram Goodwin and Draxey Gowell. 

i Dec. 3, 1818 Isaac Horsom and Sarah Horsom 

i Aug 1, 1819. Isaac Pray and Patience Horn 

• . March 26, 1820 Wentworth Goodwin and Sally Gowell. 

1 July 20, 1820. James Clark Jr. and Betsey Hayes. 

Oct. 28, 1821. Jotham Winn and Mary Wentworth. 

Jan. 10, 1822. Urban Goodwin and Peazy Horn. 

Jan. 30, 1822. Ehsha Corson and Betsy Lord. 

March 12, 1822. John Mills Jr. and Sophia Horsom. 

Aug. 4, 1822. Daniel Legro and Lydia Plumer. 

Dec. 6, 1822. Samuel Shapleigh Jr. and Amy Horn. 

Sept. 11, 1823. Jonathan Knox and Lydia Kenney. 

Dec. 29, 1823. John Gould and Lydia Critchet. 

Sept. 17, 1826. Nicholas Shapleigh Jr. and Esther Haj-es. 
i Dec. 3, 1826. John Davis and Lucy Ricker 

i Feb. 3, 1829. James Rankins and Ann Roberts 

March 29, 1829. Samuel Randall and Louisa Goodwin. 
■ Nov. 14, 1830, James Frye of Shapleigh and Elizabeth Burrows of Lebanon. 

L Dec. 30, 1830, John Main and Susan Corson. 

'■■ Feb. 16, 1832. Janvrin [Fisher] Pinkham and Lozette Knox. 

! The following records of Hayes marriages are taken from the records of the 

j First Church of Lebanon, where they are in the handwriting of Rev. Isaac Hasey, 

) for many years pastor of that church. 

1915] Notes 283 

1785. Jany 19. David Legro & Betty Hayes. 
1789 March 16 Elihuu Hays & Ester Jones. 

1796 Septem: 23 Richard Hayes & Mary Jones were maried Friday. 
1798 Octor 28 Thomas Jones & Hannah Hayes, Sabbath morn. 
1802 May 23. Charles Hayes & Joanna Yeaton, Sabbath. 
1804 Nov 18 Ichabod Hayes of Fanning;ton [N. H.] & Mrs. Mehitable Pray 

The following inscriptions are" from the burial ground on the Capt. John Hayes 
I farm: 

Here lies the body of Capt. John Hayes bom March 6 1741 died January 7 1821 

Richard Hayes died April 25, 1834 aged 63 years 

Sewell son of Michael and Lydia Yeaton died Jan. 11, 1846 aged 25 years and 

2 months 
S9 Hillside Avenue, Maiden, Mass. George Walter Chamberlain. 

Pembroke (Mass.) Records. — In an interleaved copy of "An Astronomical 
DIARY, OR, AN ALMANACK For the Year of our Lord CHRIST, 1742. 

By Nathanael Ames BOSTON in NEW-ENGLAND: Printed 

by John Draper, for the Booksellers, 1742," a little book (unbound) measuring 
about 65 inches in height by 4i inches in -width, are many brief entries written by 
a minister, probably Rev. Daniel Lewis, who was pastor of the First Church of 
Pembroke, Mass., from 1712 until his death on 29 June 1753, in his 68th year. 
The state of the weather and the various texts from which the writer preached 
his sermons are the chief subjects of record in this diary; but there are also some 
records of marriages and deaths, and these, together with a few other interesting 
entries, are given below. Several of these vital records do not appear in the 
printed Vital Records of Pembroke. 

Jamiary 1742. 

9 Baptized Jn" Lincoln Ju^'s Child being Sick. 

11 J no Lincoln's Child dyed. 

12 Jno Lincoln's Child Buried. 

17 Barnabas Ford's Chd dyed 

18 Joseph Jossely7i's Child Buried. 

19 .... At the funal of Barnabas Ford's CMId. 
20. . . . . at the fimal of Josiah Foster's Wife 

February 1742 
18 .... Ruth Star dyed 

20 Ruih Star buried, aged 57. 

22 .... Between 3 and 4 a Clock this morning looking out of my Window 
towards the East just before I was going to bed, I saw a blazing Star, which 
seemed to be almost directly in the East, somewhat more than two hours 
high, as it then appeared to Me. 
25 .... In ye night about 5 [?] o'C[l]ock saw the blazing Star. 

May 1742. 

31 Wm. Page Married 

June 1742. 
3 . . . . Joshua Briggs Married. 

July 1742 
22 .... [At Hingham.] Went to see Aimt Lasell, who is Sick. 

Mr Daniel Lewis died February 18tl> 1829 Marshfield [This entry written in pencil 
in later handivriting.] 

Dec. ye 31st [1742] This day, when concluding the Publick Worship of the Last 
day of the Year, I was taken, with an Apopleclik fit, which Laid the Founda- 
tion of a Sickness, that Lasted so long, that I preached no more, till the 
25th of March following. 

Death's This Year 1742. 

1. Thomas Lincoln, son of Jno Lincoln Ju' Dyed about noon Jan. llti> Aged about 
2 or 3 Weeks. 

284 Noks / [July 

2. A Child of Barnabas Fords, dyed just after it was bom, a son, Jan. ITti* 

3. Tryphena Foster, Wife of Josiah Foster, dyed between 12 & 1 a Clock at noon, 

about 77. Years old. 

4. Rulh Star, Widdow, Dyed at Pembroke, Feb. 18t*> Aged 57 Years this month. 

She was born at Hingham, Married and lived at Boston, where she lived till 
about 2 years ago. When she came to Pern, she was under decays as to her 
understanding and reason, which prevailed at last to such a degree, that for 
above a year before she dyed she kept her bed, and took no more notice of 
things, and seemed to be as help less, as a little Infant. 

5. Jenny, A Negro woman belonging to Capt. Nah. Gushing dyed of a Consump- 

tion, about 3 o'clock on a Sabbath day Morning April lltt» 

6. Sylva Clark, Daughter of Jno Clark, dyed suddenly, of a Cold accompanied 

with the Phthisich, May 26. Aged 5 Years 11 Month, and 18 days. 

7. John Chamberlain, Son of Freedom Chamberlain, dyed Sept. 3d 1742. The 

Means of his Death was a Scold he met with some time before; he was aged 
about 3 Years And 3 quarters. 

8. Beersheba GarneU, Wife of samuel Garnet, dyed after a short iU ness of about 

3 or 4 days, Dec. 18. Day. Aged 
Capt. Jno Magoun dyed of a Consum-plion, Aug. IQ^h 1743. Aged 40 Years, and 
One week. 

6 Park Street, Boston, Mass. Charles Eliot Goodspeed. 

Howes. — The Rawlinson MS. A 128, in the Bodleiaq Library, comprising 
records of the proceedings of the Coiut of High Commission (Ecclesiastical 

] Di'i'ision), 1632, gives an interesting account of the prosecution of Rev. John 

j Lothrop and his flock of Dissenters who met at a conventicle in the Blackfriars, 

I London. Among those arrested were Samuel Howes and his sister Fenninah 

; Howes, who was a sister-in-law of Mr. Lothrop (see Register, vol. 67, p. 261); 

! and thtir examination by the different members of the Court is recorded as 

I follows: 

{ "Samuel Howes!" saith the Kings Advocate, "you are required by youi oath 

I to answere to the articles." Ho'rn:. "I have served the King both by sea and 

'. by land, and I had been at sea if this restraint had not been made upon me. My 

» conversacon I thank God none can tax." Register. "WiU you take your 

• oath?" Howe. "I am a young man and doe not know what the oath is." 
1 Kings Advocate. "The King desires your service in obeying his lawes." 
\ Then P[enninah] Howes was called and required to take her oath, but she 

• refused. London. "Will you trust Mr. Latropp and believe him rather than 
; the Church of England?" Fennixa. "I referre myself to the Word of God, 
{ whether I male take this oath or noe." 

; Fenninah Howes became the wife (probably the second wife) of Robert Linnell, 

' the immigrant ancestor of that family of early residents of Barnstable on Cape 

; Cod. 

Milwaukee, Wis. Charles Edward Banks. 

Sherman-Falmer. — In all the printed references to Grace, the mother of 
Capt. John^ Sherman of Watertown, Mass., it is stated that she was married four 
times: first to John Sherman, who died at Great Horkesley, co. Essex, Eng., 
24 Jan. 1615/16; secondly to Thomas Ftogers, who died 12 Nov. 1638, bj" whom 
she had a daughter, Ehzabeth, who is named in her vn.]l; thirdly to William 
Falmer, whose daughter, Martha, married Capt. John' Sherman; and fourthly 
to Roger Forter, who died 3 Apr. 1654, and as whose widow she died at Water- 
town, Mass., 3 June 1662. 

I am quite certain that she was married only three times, and was the wife and 
widow successively of John Sherman, Thomas Rogers, and Roger Forter. That 
she was never the wife of William Falmer is evident from the fact that on 6 Oct. 
1647 an Ann Falmer, widow of WUliam Falmer of Hampton, was the wife of 
Francis Flumer, Christopher Falmer, in behalf of Ann Falmer, widow of William 
Falmer of Hampton, convejdng on that date a house and land in Newbury to 
WiUiam Sawyer of Newbury, and Francis Flumer of Newbm-y giving his consent 
"to the bargin My wife An Plomer haue made." (Records and Files of the Quar- 

j 1915] Notes 285 


i terly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts, vol. 2, p. 349.) This deed shows also 

■j that the widow Ann Palmer and Francis Plumer were already married a long time 

I before the date for their marriage given in the town copy of the Newbury records. 

I This William Palmer of Hampton was the father of Martha Palmer, who 

' married Capt. John' Sherman of Watertown; for in a deed, dated 10 Mar. 1645/6, 

{ William Palmer of Hampton, j^eoman, in consideration of a release of a parcel 

J of land in Great Ormsbye, in Old England, by his daughter Martha Palmer, now 

I the wife of John Sherman of Watertown, in which his said daughter had an 

I interest to the value of 105 U., sold to the said John Sherman and Martha, his wife, 

\ his dwelling and house lot and all other land at Newberry, about twenty acres, 

{ also all his houses and land in Hampton, about one hvmdred and ten acres of 

j upground, meadow and marsh, most of it already laid^jut, as mentioned in the 

i town book of Hampton, with all commonage, etc. This deed, witnessed by 

Timotliie Dalton and Willm. Howard, was acknowledged 12 Mar. 1645/6 before 

Samuel Symonds. (76.) 

Capt. John' Sherman of Watertown was a son-in-law of WiUiam Palmer of 

Hampton, but not his stepson. 
501 West 110th Street, New York, N. Y. Frank Dempster Sherman. 

Btles: Additions and Corrections. — The following additions and correc- 
tions should be made in the article entitled "The Byles Family," which appears 
in the present volume of the Register (pp. 101-117, April 1915). 

Page 113, line 19. The father of WiUiam James Almon (husband of Rebecca 
Byles, 6, i) was James Almon. 

Page 114, line 35. Judge John WiUiam Ritchie's estate at Halifax was caUed 
"Belmont," not "Winwick." The latter name was given to another Ritchie 
place at Halifax. 

Page 114, line 41. Andrew Belcher Almon married Mary Walcott of Salem, 

Page 114, line 44. For "John" read "Lewis John." He was a lawj'er, and 
married Mary Robertson (not Robinson), daughter of Hon. John Robertson, a 
senator of the Dominion of Canada. 

Page 115, hnes 24-48. The four children of Rev. Mather^ Byles, D.D. (6), by 
his second wife should undoubtly be arranged in the following order: 

X. Sarah Louisa, b. probably in 1778. 

xi. Belcher, b. 27 Sept. 1780. 

xii. Samuel, b. in 1782; d. 18 July 1782. 

xiii. Samuel, b. 30 Mar. 1784; d. not later than 10 Dec. 1784. 

Boston, Mass. Arthtjk Wentworth Hamilton Eaton. 

Historical Intelligence 

Heraldry. — The Committee on Heraldry of the New England Historic 
Genealogical Society desires to caU special attention to the recommendation in its 
report of 5 May 1914 (see Register, vol. 69, Supplement, pp. xvi-xxiii), "that 
every person interested, by reason of descent or otherwise, in making it a matter 
of record that any original settler in this country inherited a coat of arms or that 
any inhabitant of this country received a grant of arms be invited to offer the 
arms for record with this Society," etc. 

The Committee beUeves that the importance of the results possible to be 
attained by such registration wiU be of great iaterest; and they earnestly request 
all members of the Society and aU other persons who have coats of arms which they 
believe to be eligible to make apphcation for recording them. The cost of paint- 
ing the arms and making up the record wiU have to be defrayed by the applicants, 
and the Committee has determined that S3.00 for each coat will barely suflSce. 

This amount, by cheque payable to the order of the Society, must be forwarded 
with the apphcation. If the application is rejected, the money will be returned 
unless the applicant wishes to have the arms recorded with those respited for proof. 
The Committee, however, reserves the right to reject any apphcation altogether, 
and if this right is exercised, the money will, of course, be returned. 

It seems evident that, besides the growth in value of the coUection as it increases 
in size, there wiU be many other things of extreme interest contributed with the 

286 Recent Books [July- 

arms and directly related thereto, such as photographs of castles, armor, seals, 
manors, etc., and provision is contemplated for fiUng such contributions in supple- 
mentary volumes in connection with the registers of the arms. Applications in 
which the proofs do not sufficiently conform to the requirements indicated in the 
report of the Committee will be placed in a separate volume to await further 

Printed directions for the making of applications may be obtained from the 
Committee; and all communications on this subject should be addressed to the 
Committee on Heraldry, New England Historic Genealogical Society, 9 Ash- 
burton Place, Boston. 

Genealogies in Prepahation. — Persons of the several names are advised to 
furnish the compilers of these genealogies with records of their own families 
and other information which they think may be useful. We would suggest that 
all facts of interest illustrating family history or character be communicated, 
especially sendee under the U. S. Government, the holding of other offices, grad- 
uation from college or professional schools, occupation, with places and dates 
of birth, marriage, residence, and death. All names should be given in full if 
possible. No initials should be used when the full name is known. 

Mattoon. — Philip, bom probably at Glasgow, Scot., about 1620, died at Deer- 
field, Mass., 30 Dec. 1696, by Winford Lecky Mattoon, 104 West Lane Avenue, 
Columbus, Ohio. 

Tayler. — WiUiam, died at Concord, Mass., 6 Dec. 1696, by Fred E. Mclntyre, 
42 Franklin Street, Keene, N. H. 


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Y:3>i!^C<^ "^^^^i-t^ 



OCTOBER, 1915 

By JuLiirs Herbert Tuttle, Esq., of Dedham, Mass. 

William Endicott, the eldest child of William and Joanna Lovett 
(Rantoul) Endicott, was born at Beverly, Mass., 4 January 1826, and 
died in Boston 7 November 1914. He was seventh in descent from 
Governor John^ Endecott and his second wife, Elizabeth Gibson, 
through Zerubbabel,^ the younger son of the Governor, and his wife 
Mary, SamueP and Hannah (Felton), SamueP and Anna (Endecott), 
John* and Elizabeth M. (Jacobs), Robert^ and Mary (Holt), daughter 
of Rev. Nathan Holt of Danvers, and WilUam,^ his father. His 
mother was of Huguenot descent. ^Ir. Endicott inherited the sturdy 
traits of his ancestors, and lived to a good old age, eighty-eight years, 
which in the direct ancestral line was exceeded only by the age of his 
father, who died in February 1899, within two weeks of completing 
his hundredth j'^ear. 

Mr. Endicott's boyhood days were passed in his native town; and 
the strong ties of his youth and early manhood with that place were 
never broken, for he always supported loyally all matters of public 
interest and service there. He kept his summer home at Beverly; 
but from the late fifties he made his winter home in Boston, first at 
16 Pemberton Square in 1858 and 1859, then at 10 Mt. Vernon Street 
in 1860, and later at 32 Beacon Street. His life began at a time when 
the idea of an early apprenticeship was still dominant, and it was not 
unnatural that the boy of fourteen years should leave the schoolroom 
for the counter. It is said, too, that he was not rugged enough to 
undertake a college course. Therefore in January 1840, after gradu- 
ation at Beverly Academy, then under the principalship of Thomas 
Barnard West of Salem, young Endicott became a clerk with his 
father in Beverly in what was a typical general country store. His 
remarkable career in the dry-goods business and in the larger service 
to humanity began here with zealous interest and became his Ufe 
work, only to be dropped in August 1910, in his eighty-fifth year, 
when he retired from the firm of C. F. Hovey and Company. 

Mr. Hovey, on his way from his home in Gloucester to Boston and 

back, had occasion often to have business deahngs with the senior 

Endicott, and, being attracted to the alert and promising son of 

twenty years, took him in September 1846 as a clerk into his Boston 

TOL. uax. 19 

292 William Endicott [Oct. 

store at 15 Federal Street, the firm name being then Hovey, Williams 
& Company. Mr. Endicott's name first appeared in the Boston 
Directory of 1849 as at 13 Winter Street, then a residential section, 
whither the firm had moved when R. C. Greenleaf and John Chandler 
had become members. On 1 January 1851 Mr. Endicott was first 
advertised as a member, and later served with unusual skill and abihty 
as the treasurer of the firm and manager of its finances, guiding it 
safely through the panics of 1857 and 1873. In 1854 its abode was 
changed to 33 Summer Street, where it has since remained. From 
his early experience in this connection he became identified with large 
moneyed interests and developed a natural ability for financial con- 
trol. His honesty, abUity, remarkable foresight, and wise judgment, 
with his winning personahty, gained the confidence of capital and of 
charitable and philanthropic interests. 

The Suffolk Savings Bank for Seamen and Others, recognizing Mr. 
Endicott's financial abihty and his influence in the community, 
elected him a member of its corporation in 1859, a trustee in 1863, 
and one of the Board of Investment in 1875. He was raised to the 
office of vice-president in 1883, and promoted from that position to 
the presidency in 1885. From all these positions he resigned in 1900. 
He was also for many years a trustee of the Provident Institution for 
Sarongs. In the New England Trust Company he was a director for 
forty-one years, from 8 December 1870 imtU his resignation on 17 
January 1912, serving as chairman of the Board of Directors from 29 
June 1905 until he withdrew from the directorate. He was also 
president of the Company for twenty-six years, from 1 IVIarch 1879 
to 29 June 1905. 

He was sought for often as a candidate for public office, which he 

steadily dechned, and also for membership in many organizations. 

During his seventy years of business life, he saj^s in his "Reminis- 

f cences," more than haK the time was given to other concerns. In his 

■ early life he took a quiet j-et active part in pohtical campaigns; but 

; he had no liking for pubHc life. He gave generously of his time and 

! means to the great causes which enlisted his support. Through his 

i interest in the larger freedom of commerce he became in 1855 an 

] honorary member of the Cobden Club. In Jime 1856 he went as an 

\ alternate delegate to the first Republican convention in Philadelphia, 

! which nominated Fremont for the Presidency. He was one of the 

group of men who gave their ardent support to the cause of freedom . 

in Kansas. During the Ci'vil War he gave much time and strength 

to the support of the Union cause, and responded promptly to the 

call of all emergencies. It was through the urgent insistence of such 

men as he that the credit of the Nation was saved by holding to 

its agreement to redeem its paper and bonds in gold. Governor 

Andrew turned to him often as a valued adviser. He was a founder 

and the treasurer of the New England Loj^al Publication Society, the 

purpose of which was to influence pubUc opinion in all loyal efforts to 

• suppress the Rebellion, to strengthen the Government, and to abolish 

; slavery. Its work was mainly in the North and West; and its in- 

i fluence was exerted through the newspaper press by the publication 

I each week of a broadside which was sent to several hundred news- 

1915] William Endicott 293 

papers, with permission to use the matter freely without giving its 
source. Here he gave a gratuitous service, with John M. Forbes as 
president, James B. Thayer as secretary, and Charles EUot Norton 
as editor. In 1889 he departed from his former resolution not to hold 
public office, and accepted the appointment of the Governor to be a 
member of the Commission on State House Extension. The work, 
which lasted until 1906 before its completion, was highly creditable 
ahke to the Commonwealth and to Mr. Endicott. 

After the close of the War ]\Ir. Endicott foresaw the need of such 
an institution as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and was 
deeply interested in the inception of the movement to estabUsh it. 
He was one of the number named in the act of incorporation in 1866, 
served as its treasurer from 1866 to 1871, and stood firmly back of the 
Institute during its early struggle for existence. He not only gave 
' largely of his own means, but he used his influence in leading others 

to give the needed financial help. The Institute is indebted to him 
for the increase of its funds by more than half a million of dollars; 
and the last evidence of his interest in it was "a bequest of $25,000. 

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts counts Mr. Endicott among its 
greatest benefactors. His earnest support of its important work 
• began with the initial steps in its organization, and continued with 

I unabated interest until his resignation on 16 March 1907 from the 

■ Board of Trustees, on account of his advancing years. He was one 

1 of its incorporators on 4 February 1870, with Martin Brimmer and 

•■ ten others; its treasurer, pro tempore, in 1888, 1894, and 1895; a 

I member of its Finance Committee, 1889-1897; its president, 1896- 

1 1901; and chairman of the Coromittee on Land and Buildings, 1899- 

[ 1902. His untiring efforts were a great factor in securing from time 

; to time the needed financial support for the institution and in giving 

1 to the Musemn the conditions which have led to its high standing, 

influence, and usefulness in the community. 
I Mr. Endicott was warmly interested in the Perkins Institution and 

'■ Massachusetts School for the BUnd, of which he was a trustee from 

; October 1888 to October 1911. He was a member of its Committee 

. on Finance for nearly the same period, and was elected chairman of 

; the Board of Trustees on 20 December 1909. 

On 2 May 1888 Mr. Endicott's great services during the Civil War 
were recognized by his election as a member of the Military Order of 
the Loyal Legion, Massachusetts Commandery, in the Third Class 
(Ci%ilian). Of this honored number, who were elected before 15 
April 1890, he was the last sur\'ivor. In this election he is recorded 
as "a gentleman, who, in civil life, during the RebeUion, was espe- 
cially distinguished for conspicuous and consistent loyalty, an earnest 
supporter by influence and means of aU measures for the maintenance 
of the war and the preservation of the Union; a generous friend to 
the soldier; a most loyal citizen." 

The New England Historic Genealogical Society elected him a 
resident member on 1 June 1870, and he became a life member the same 
year. While he could not spare much time, he kept in touch with the 
Society's interests, and served as \'ice-president, 1887-1892, and as 
councillor, 1889-1892, He was one of the founders of The Massachu- 

294 Diary of James Parker [Oct. 

setts Society, now The Colonial Society of Massachusetts, incorpo- 
rated 29 December 1892, and he took an interested part in its work. 
On 8 March 1906 he became a resident member of the Massachu- 
setts Historical Society. The two valuable communications which 
he made to its Proceedings are his tribute to Charles Eliot Norton, in 
which he gives an account of the New England Loyal PubUcation 
Society and of Mr. Norton's service as editor, and his "Reminiscences 
of Seventy-Five Years," a paper which gives a \i\'id and most inter- 
esting story of the affairs and the times of which he was an intimate 
witness and a large part, carrying the reader back to the thirties and 
over the span of a lifetime which saw most remarkable changes. 

In 1888 Harvard University conferred on Mr. Endicott the honorary 
degree of Master of Arts, as Williams College had done many years 
before, in 1868. 

Mr. Endicott was a Unitarian, and from his early Boston days and 
for more than fifty years was a member of King's Chapel. He was 
for a long time also treasurer of the permanent funds of the Boston 
Young Men's Christian Union. 

Mr. Endicott married, 31 March 1857, Mrs. Annie Thomdike 
(Rand) Nourse, daughter of Rev. Asa and Clarissa (Thomdike) Rand 
and widow of John Frederick Nourse. Her father was a graduate of 
Dartmouth, in the Class of 1806, and her mother was a daughter of 
Capt. Nicholas Thomdike. Her first husband, John Frederick 
Nourse, who belonged to a Beverly family, was graduated at Yale in 
1843, and was principal of the Chapman School in Boston at the time 

I of his sudden death from overwork, 17 January 1854. I^Irs. Endicott 

died 29 February 1876. Mr. Endicott is survived by a son, William 

, Endicott, A. B. (Harvard, 1887), whose rare devotion to his father 

I made happy his decUning years. 

I Mr. Endicott's memory will be cherished by all who knew him, by 

f the institutions of which he was an inspiring member, and by the 

I commimity which has benefited so largely by his devoted ser\-ice to 

• high ideals. 


Transcribed by Mrs. Ethel Stanwood Bolton, A. B., of Shirley, Mass. 
[Continued from page 224] 

[1783, January'] 

2 in ye afternoon I went to Town meeting Town Voted to Raise 300£ in 
Cash to Defray Charges Esq' Ersing others &c. at evening I went to 
Egertons, he had a fine Set Down 10 Copies Stayed Until 12 at Night 

28 the widow or Matha Reed went away from my house some Women at my 
house this Day. 

30 my wife & Sally went to father WiUards to Heare Preaching I took away 
Martha Reed's Child to Mr Pratts She came & took it away in y^ after- 

31 Ned M«Lane came to git out my flax I Carried Ep™ Warrens wife some 
Necessaries of hfe. 

1915] Diary of James Parker 295 

' [February] 

2 Mr Chaplin Preached here. 

8 Burkmar sent me a summons by Abi> Prescott. 
20 Mr Whiteney & Mrs Whiteney at my House at Dinner in ye afternoon I 

went to John Da\-ises & Spoke for a Bed Ticker & sheet for Warren's wife 
at night to Lem Pattersons & Drink tee. 

23 M'' Livermore Preached here; News of Peace. 

26 in ye afternoon I went to Fletchers to Settle with him about the De- 
hougherty Farm 

27 the Price of things fell in Boston, salt & rum &c 

28 Ned and Ephraim Munjoy Came to Brake & S-ningle flax for me. 


19 I Run Some Spoons at Holdens. 

20 I sold a stack of Hay to Francis, J. Chaplin & Thos Wasson 

24 Peter Whealor at my House & his Brother. 

28 I Begun to Warn in my Town Rate which I ReC^ yesterday Corneilug 
Davis had my Horse Down to Boston this week I took him from there 
tliis morning went to Walkers. 

29 I took two Horses to keep of Ch Perrins. 

; [AprU] 

! 7 it was Training this Day Joshua Longley Called the Company together 

I Gave them some flip, a Vendue at SawteUs of some Oxen & cows for 

I Rates of Amos Atherton, the Dougherty farm Let. 

I 9 I sold Some Hay to James Campbell. 

i 14 I went to Joshua Longleys after his Rate from thence to Sawtells with 

I his Cow there Sd Longley Paid me he moved off out of Shirley. 

I 15 I moved & Burnt a old Logue fence. Jonathan Davis & Lemuel Patter- 

I son Moved off out of Shirley 

18 EUis Bartlett went off to the Easterd j'e 17 Day. 

19 Great movements this week in Shirley with Peoples moving out of Town 
& into Town. 

21 Lemuel Parker & Frost Came here & Got 500 of Hay for S^ Frost* & 

22 M^ Pratt Hung a New Gate on ye hill. 
26 in ye Afternoon I went to Wildes to a funeral of J. Frost. 


9 I layed some wall Killed some CattUpilars in my Orchard sot out some 
Hops &c. 

10 I sot up a Piece of rail fence at my old Dam. 
16 Jam and my Oxen Helped Morris Calleyf Plough. 
19 Jam & my Oxen helped the widow Jepp Plough. 
22 I went to Perrins after a Bull for Egerton, Perrin had a Cort with widow 

Davis this Day. 

29 I was Blooded in j'e foot by Doc*'"' HartweU I went to SawteUs in y« 
afternoon I had a Bad Headach. 

30 I took some PiUs I worked all ye hill mending waU with Randall. Bick- 
nall & his son Begun to Clear for me on ye hill Longley's Side 


3 I sent Hene§ & Rhoda to School to M'' Ivorys ye first of their going. 

* Scripture Frost. 

t Thomas ICillicut, from Dunstable, N. H. 

t Morris Kelly married Relief Haskell and lived in Shirley Village. 

§ Henrietta Parker. 

296 Diary of James Parker [Oct. 

17 Sam" Dickenson came with Peter Stickney & Sam" Patterson and 
Cleared 1 acre. ' 


11 Ephraim Warren's wife Dyed 

12 In ye afternoon I went to y^ funeral of M" Warren 

14 in ye afternoon I Reaped Joseph Frost Helped me and Abraham Moors. 

15 I Reaped with. 9 Hands \iz M'' Francis, Sam", J^ Campbell & his 2 Boys, 
Morris KaUey, Joseph Frost, & Abraham Moors; Abijah Frost i ye Day. 


7 in ye afternoon I fired my Longley hill & a fine Bum & a fine Day for it. 

8 I cut Some Grass for seed went to Co" Haskells I bought some things of 
a Pedlar. 

27 Sam" Richardson Brought me a Writ for Sprague. 


8 in y« afternoon Cap* Egerton Called his Company together M' Solomon 
James came to my House to bye a Lot of Land of me in Templeton 

20 I went to Mitchel Retchards after eight — I went to Killicut Carried 
j Some Shoes to be made <tc. 

{ 22 went to Training in ye afternoon Part of it we went to J Dickinson at 

I evening. 

( 27 I Bought a Lot of Land of Israel WiUard. 

29 at Night I helped Col° Haskell Raise a Piece of a Potash 

30 I wrote a Deed of a Piece of Land I Bought of Israel Willard in Town- 
send. I went Round after Rates, I went to Sa\rtells & Paid him Ten 

i Dollars which Capt Asa Holden sent for Isaac Williams; Col° Haskell 

I Capt Smith & Egerton & I took a Drink, Thos Killicut Made me a Pair of 

^ Shoes for my own foot I found Leather. 

\ [October] 

i . 7 1 went to Groton Muster, my wiie went; a Great Number of People; 

j Shirley Officers Dined at Lieut Lawrences I & others at Night we went to 

i S<i Lawrences then Egerton Jonas & I & my wife went to ^Mothers & 

I Stayed Until y* next Day 


I 16 Rebecah Little* was Published 

I 20 I Roled up Tobacco. 

■ 24 Jam went to School to Cap* M<^Leod at Night. 

' [December] 

16 in ye afternoon was Town meeting Voted to raise some money 3 months 
Schooling, Letting out !Mr "\Mutneys wood to Kallcy, I went to Sawtells 
at Night Vendue the Widow Williams. 

18 Rebecah Little was married tlais Night. 
23 I went to Luneninburgh to Bathi-icks 

29 I went & Carried my Children to y^ School to Cap' M<=Leods the Town 
School Begvm in ye afternoon 

[1784, January] 

3 went to Sawtells at Night I took a Warrant to warn ilr Chaplin & family 
out of To\\Ti 

8 I went to Francises at evening James MiUsf 

9 Capt Job Shattuck Came to my House and Stayed all night 
26 I warned IMr Chaplin & his family out of Town 

28 I hear John Bolden went off Doct Longley Mare saddle. 

* She married Ephraim Jackson of Newton, Mass. Vide infra. 
t He married Ruth, the widow of Silas Davis. 

1915] Diary of James Parker 297 

30 I went to Sawtells at Evening & stoped Walkers sending me an Execu- 
tion, David Wilson Came Whome with me stayed all Night 

1 I Carryed my wife to Jonas Parkers I went after M" Francis & M^^ White- 
ney Jonas had a son* Born about Eleven Clock this Morning I stayed ye 
Greater Part of y« Day. 

4 Tho^ Peabodys wife was Buried. 

5 M'' Chase lay Dead at this time 

6 I went to the Funeral of M'' George Chase. 

8 I went to Meeting M'' Why preached a funeral sermon 

12 I went to Town Meeting Chose John Kallcy to meet the Convention at 

14 I went to mill fetched 21 Bushels of Beans from John Pattersons John 

Solindine Left for me. 


14 It rained some, a thin Meeting. 

15 I went to Israel WUlards Shabeykin Bridge went off this Day. 
23 I cut & Drawed Ridors. 

31 A Frolic at Edgartons this night 


5 at evening I went to Dick^ % Vendue Dehorty Farm. 

27 I went to Widow Chases Vendue I Bought a Dung fork 

28 Elizabeth Messer Spinning at my House 


19 I went to Groton Cort my wife sent after me I came back at 4 OC^ my 
wife was DeUvered of a Son about half after Ten in y^ Evening all things 
went weU 

20 I went after Hitty Bathrick to Nm-se &c I sold a Cow to Phippses wife 

23 I Carried out my boy & Called his Name David, Jonas Parkers wife 

24 I ridored my waU Roimd my orchard. 

10 Emme Cummings & Sibil Parker Came to my house 

21 EUzabeth Messer Came to work at my house last night 

23 I got some spike Poles to Raise the Bridge at Shabbykin. 

24 I went to help S<i Bridge. 

28 Mitchel Richards Jr helped me mow rake &c 

29 Old IMitchel helped me. 


6 went to y« Bridge Raising. 

14 Egerton's -^vife was DeUvered this Night of a fine Girl § 

20 James Mills reaped for me. 

24 My wife went to See Mother WiUard sick. 


1 No Preaching M"' Whitney had the CoUick. I went to see him 

2 Mr Pratt mowed for me 


9 I went to Lecture & to Wallace Littles approbation Day. 

30 Sally was keeping School. 

* Phinehas Parker. 

t I.e., Concord. 

j James Dickinson's tavern. 

§ Abigail Egerton. 

298 Diary of James Parker [Oct. 

3 I went to Meeting J.[?] Fiske & Ezekiel Longley was published. 

12 I went to Rasing of Kallcey Bridge. 

13 I went to the Rasing of Kallcey Bridge I got John KaUcy a Gallon of 
Rum towards it 

14 Lemi Bicknell helped me Dige a Spring. 


8 Jam was Sick Doc*' HartweU gave him a Vomit Thos Killicut came to 
make shoes at my house 

18 I took a Releas of M"- Pratts farm & Paid him about £18:2:2 Down 
27 I Paid Pratt 20 Dollars in Cash. 


2 I carted Stone into ye Road Before Pratts Door 
! 4 I worked some at the Road by Pratt Door in ye afternoon I carried him a 

' Load of Corn & Potatoes to his New Hoos3 

7 I moved a load of goods for M"" Pratt Saifi' Parker Carried 2 loads they all 
moved off this Day from this House to his Shop. I am 40 years old this 

9 I worked roimd Pratts house fixing things. 
18 I Layed a Back in Pratt House. 

20 I Layed a Harth in Pratt House. 

25 I sleaded some wood at my Pratt House. 

• [1785, January] 

] 4 I worked in Pratt SeUar all day. 

i 6 at night Egerton & I & our wives went to Jonas Parkers to supper had a 

I Roste Goose. 

\ 11 I worked Pratt SeUar I moved some things into S<^ Pratt House. 

I 12 I moved into Pratts House with all my Family & the Greatest Part of 

I our things 

j 15 I put up some shelves in my Pratt house. 

] 24 Mary Walker married.* 

j 31 School Begun my Children to John Long kept at thee meeting house, 

5 Cap* M<=Leod at his own House. 

I [February] 

j 11 My Children went to School 

} 12 at night a Stranger, Wilder, Called at my house and Staj'-ed all night 

i Left his slead & Load a bad Storm. 

IG Jam went to School. 

18 I sleaded Wood for W™ Longley out of Tophet Swamp. 

24 I carried a Load of wood to the School. 

13 Old Charles Ames was Buried, a Quaker. 
23 I went to Pratts and Paid him all off 


9 no passing by my House with a Horse this monthf 

11 one Farr came to my house to hire. 

12 John Longley Moved to De<^° Ivorys. 
16 the Snow 2 feet Deep in some Places. 

20 I went to Vendue of Chase Farm at James Dickinsons it was bid off to 
: Doctf Hartwell. 

* She married Jonathan King of Alstead, N. H- 
t On account of snow. 

1915] Diary of James Parker 299 

25 W™ Longley Acknowledged a Deed to me Before Israel Hubart of Catte- 

27 A good Deal of snow on y« ground. 

28 Asa Longley was Married this Day, Sal* went. 


3 W'^ Farr came and planted some Beans. 

11 Farr and family Came to my house. 
23 I went to the Funeral of Sam" Gould People not half Dun Planting some 

not Begim to Plough 

17 we was in Boston Butter very Cheep, stayed aU Night in Boston I 

Bought a Gold Necklace for my mother, a Patch for my wife, & a great 

number of other articles 
27 my Children Begun there school to Mrs Nuttingf 


14 Ebenezer Pratt Jr came to work for me. 
22 Peter Stickney mowed on the hill 

1 Killicut & Ritter mowed for me. 
i 29 I went to Groton Carried my Mother a gold Necklace 

j . 31 Daniel Had the Cancar in y® Mouth 


15 [Boston.] I saw Johnson standing in y« Pillory House I saw 6 men 
whiped & 2 women whiped 3 sot on y« Gallos. 

I 20 Ant Hobbard & Ant Farwell at my House. 

I 24 the trees Blew Down in ye Road, Longleys Dam Brook. 

I [October] 

I 14 in ye afternoon I went to y^ funeral of Sam^ Dickinson Child 

j 16 John Livermore was Buried. 

f [November] 

( 5 I bought a shote of Thomas Smith. 

I 18 I put Some Glass into my Pratt House Lay^ Door Stone Farr vnie & 

[ family went to Littleton 

: [December] 

J 4 I lost my Kneebuckles. 

; 15 was thanksgiving Farr wife & Children at my House to Supper. 

; 16 a frolic at Doctr Hartwells of the young foll^. 

29 Doctr HartweU Brook a tooth for me at Evening Mr Whitney Doc'r 
Hartwell Dec° Brown Jonas Parker & I and our wives went Egertons at 

[1786, January] 
10 Egerton & I went Down to Boston with a slay I carried some Butter & 

Beans we layd at Roxy 
111 was in Boston aU Day 

12 I was in Boston untUl Night Came to Roxy 

13 we came whome. a Very Cold Day 

14 Henrietta went to Father Willard to see Lovy 

; 19 I & Egerton & our wives went to Dunstable to Joseph Spaldings, stayed 

all Night the Next Day we Came whome by Levi & Phitiehas & Mothers 
and so up through the Town whome. 

! • Sally Parker. 

. t "Dame Nutting," a Luge woman, who taught school many years. 


300 Diary of James Parker [Oct. 

21 Edmund Longley and wife at my house. 

24 in y« afternoon I went to James Dickinson for Select"^ 

25 At Night I went to James Dickinsons & Jonas Parkers to see about my 
keeping school 

26 I Began to keep school at the House by the Meeting House fine fair 
Pleasant Weather, Not well Docf HartweU & wife at my House at evening 
Samuel Dickinson at my House. 

27 I at School. 
2S I Kept school all this Sattarday. 

30 I was keeping school. 
311 was at School — Robbins at my House & Dn" Francis & Nehemiah 

; Esterbrook & Abel Phelps 

' [February] 

i 1 I at school Daniel Livermore Brook Flax for me. Fan Swingled. 

II I at school all this week every Day. 

13 I at school, I had a Great School 

15 I at school all this week 

22 Mr Whitney & Deacon Ivory, Egerton, John Longley at my house at 

23 I rode to school Carried Naby & Daniel on my horse to School. 

24 I Changed a i Johannes for John Conn. 

25 I at school all Day 
I 2S I at school; Prescott Brought me a sommons Jonathan Farwell on an 

indorsed note of Sil^ Smith a fine fair Daj'' and so the Month ended I at 
^M'' WTiiteneys & Egerton & our wives at evening had a rosted TURKEY 
for sup. 

1 I at school 

3 I at school Jane Carried the child"' in the Slead. 
8 I at school 
10 I at school 40 or 50 scholars. 

14 I went to school, after school I went to Groton & Got Francis Champney, 
to fin me a writ against Silvanus Smith. 

•; 15 I at school &c I gave Jonas Parker the writ to serve on sd Smith. 

; 17 I at school, a Great many 

; 22 I finished my school 

23 John Parker came to my house stayed aU night Pratt & bis wife at my 
, house this Night. 

: [April] 

1 Pratt at my house & J. Dickinson Bought a Tee Table. I spUt rails. 
13 I went to John Patterson Jr raising of a house in y^ afternoon. 
29 I mended fence Farr helped me in y^ afternoon I went to help Egertons 
raise their forge Beam. 


4 Jam ploughed west of my Old House. 
10 ^Mother WUlard at my House. 

III planted a piece of Corn west of my Old House. 

16 I went to Town Meeting I was Mod''. 

19 Jam & Farr Ploughed for Mr John Parker with my Team. 

24 Farr was Burning his Cole pit this Day. 

31 Jam went to Holdens & had his froHc; as fine a growing season as ever 
I saw in my life, all things well Blessed be God. 

8 I & Little Harris Blooded 17 of my Cattle I Drove them to Pasture to 
; Little Harrises I Paid him 2 B" of Rye to keep them 16 Days in >-« after- 

I noon I went to Sawtells Selectmens meeting 

1915] Diary of James Parker 301 

12 Lem" Bicknell came to work for me he howed Fairs Com 
15 this Day John Parker moved to Shirley 

22 I had four hands mowing for me Josh* Pierce Jam Cambell &c John 
Cambell & Farr I raked some 

1 I took a Deed of 8 acres of Land of Pratt & Settled an Ex°° I gave a B''*. 
Jonathan Hartwell Brought me a New Clock I let bim have a Cow & Calf. 

8 I went to Little Harrises after my young Cattle 
10 I had 5 hands mowing this foorenoon in y* afternoon they raked viz. 

Benja Priest Hez^i Patterson J'' Josh* Pierce & Peter Atherton 
12 I went to James Clerks and so round. 
22 Little Harris Blooded my Colt and 2 fat Cows 

' 3 I ploughed by y« Old po\md a New Piece &c 

9 Sally Begun her School. 

12 Lemuel Bicknells time was out with me this Day 

17 Ned & Ebenezer Pratt Came to Clear Brush. 

18 I Begun to sow west of my Old House. 

24 I Begxm to sow a Piece of wheat at y« Poimd 

28 Nicholas Patterson wife at my house I went to George Conn. 

\ [September] 

'. 2 I fetched my Cattle from A^ Frostsf whome. 

1 6 a sturj among the people in regards of Inferior Corts &c. 

{ 7 Mr Chaplin Begun to make wall for me on y« hill Between Patterson & I. 

k 11 I went to Sawtells Nathan Smith marched some men to Concord In order 

I to stop the Court Seting it rained hard this Night & 

; 12 Chief of ye Day I did but Little Work a number went to Concord. 

t 23 I put Joice & Layd a Chamber floor Pratts. 

I 26 I made a Bargain with Pratt for siths Town meeting this Day 

I [October] 

f 3 Sam'i Davis Came to Lay up the Chimney in the old west rum of Pratts 

i 4 S<1 Sam" at work on y« Chimney. 

I 7 Sam'f Davis finished the Chimney I tended & whitewashed the room 

,' 21 I mended my Dam. 

25 One Conant preached some. 

'^ [November] 

3 I went to Simon Holdins to see Pratts oxen in y« Afternoon I went to Ned 
; . Richardses 

6 I worked at the fraim of the New School House by Simpson & others. 

7 I worked at S<i School House & others 

8 we Raised S<^ Fraim & had a Dispute. 

9 a fine training in y« afternoon. 
Ill Dug some persnipes 

14 I helped Board the School house 

15 I carried 4 Bunches of shingle to the Schoolhouse Stimson put a fellow 
in my wheele 

16 I worked at the School house § Day. 

this 6 Day of Nov^ 1786 1 Sent 185 feet of slit work for the 

Use of the New School house £0:6:2 

I worked at fraiming 2| Day 0:6:3 

14 1 Boarded the Ruff of Sd Hoo? e 0:2:6 

* I.e., a bond. 

t Abijah Frost. 

X The beginning of Shays's Rebellion. 

302 Diary of James Parker [Oct. 

16 1 worked i Day Cuting in Joice, lath^ 0:6:3 

for 4 Bunches of Shingle. 0:6:3 

25 Lem* Choaped wood at the Door his time out So he went home he worked 
for me 2 months wanting 6 Days paid him a pair of Britches 

27 A Stur in this place about Going to Cambridge Cort Kallcy & others 

28 a Very Cold Day Still a movement &c 
30 a Great Movement among the people Capt Job Shattuck Benja Page 

& Oliver Parkerf took Last Night and Carried off to Boston Goal the 
people in arms & under arms Tremendous times in Deed. A Bloodey 
Day vrith Poor Job. 


I I went to old M'' Joseph Priest after a weather & a ram. 
3 I at meeting Cold & Icy Old A° WoodsJ Pub^ 

II Philemon Holden & Page Came along wee brook Down to ye Mills. 

20 About One o Clock in ye morning my wife sent out for the women and 
half an hour after six in the Morning she was Delivered of a Noble Daughter 
all things went on well Blessed be God for the same Jonas & Egerton 
assisted in Bringing the women. 
22 I worked at the school House Shirley. 

24 I carried out my Daughter I Called her Name Lydia Bowes &c. 
' 26 I worked 3| Days at the School hose. 

• 27 I worked j Day at the School house. 

I [1787, January] 

I 1 I at the town Meeting to hear the Adress Red by Mr Whiteney, 

j 2 I at work att the School House. 

) 3 I went to Groton to see my Mother. 

i 6 I went to M"" Pratts & got 60 siths Left a Note I had against him for j-« 

1 same I Let John Egerton have 15 lb of Steel to work I Bought a Tub of 

\ Alitchel Richards. 

I 14 I at Meeting ^ ye Day Orders Came to Capt Egerton to Draugh 1 Ser' 

I 1 Corpi and Nine privates to go to Worcester to Defend the Cort. 

i 16 was a Meeting to Draught men. Dra* Nine viz Corl Da^^s, John Walker, 

i W™ Williams, W™ Conant, Ed Longley, Jon° Davis, IMoses ChapHn, R° 

I Kindall, Ed Holdin &c 

j 22 I went to Nathan Willards & Carried Leather the Singing Master Came 

my Children went A Great Number of Men went to join Shays Army at 
j Worcester. 

'■ 23 a Cold Day but Little News this Day. 

24 Jam Egerton at my house stories flying every way back & forth 

25 the Cort Seting at Worcester the people in Confusion 

27 I here Bad news from Camp this Day. 

28 I at Meeting J Day James Dickinson from Shays army brought some 

30 I sent 9 Caggs Down by Egerton Newes Every way 

31 News flying every way these Days and the whole State in an Uproar 
Shays & Gen" Lincoln & their men on the Alove Back &_forth it seems aa 
if the people ware mad as they realy are Strange Times in Deed. 


1 I went to the funeral of Betsey Bowes. 
: 2 I Carried 59 syths to Nathan Willards for him to Carry Up Country 

5 I went to Town meeting in Order to send a Pertition to the General Cort. 
j 6 News from every Quarter but not to be Depend^ on. 

I • Lemuel Bicknell. 

1 t All were Groton men, and they were the leaders of Shays's Rebellion in this district. 

; j Aaron Woods and Elizabeth Gates of Lancaster were published. 

1915] Diary of James Parker 303 


,' 7 the men returning from Gen' Shays army & he gone into ye New State 

{ 8 I at the funeral of J. Pages Children. 

I 17 I Drawed a Great to the school. 

18 I at meeting | ye Day fine singing this 18 Day of Feby 9 men taken out 
of Shirley of Shays party to Fitchburg viz. Phinehas Page, Jer^^ Chaplin Jr, 
John & Jam Campbell, M'' Clerk, Ned Pratt, J° Longley, Asa Smith, & all 
sworn & Gave Up their arms. 

20 Mr "WTiiteney & M'' Redfield & I went to Egertons to Dine & to Deacon 
Ivorys & Back to Egertons & spent the evening &c. 

23 I went to Jonas Parkers Egerton & Phelps & our wives & to the singing 

26 the school Begun in the New School House my Children went Govern- 
ment men Coming home Co^i Woods & others Mr Whiteney & Wallis 
Little at my house in y^ evening. 

27 Jam at school this week Shirley men Going Dayly to take the Oath of 
Alegiance & resigning Up their arms Men Enlisting for four Months for 
the soport of Government. 


6 I went to Boston. Cold & good Sleading a great many Going to Swear 
to be true to Government from Shirley & other places. 

9 Jam at the singing school. 

13 I went to Francises & Paid the Messers Raits. 

14 I went to the funeral of Mrs Chase.* 

15 was a singing Lecture a great Number. 

21 it was the last Day of Shays party swearing. 
26 mended some fence Between John Longley & my Pratt farm. 

28 M^ Redfield at my house we went to John Pattersons several of us. 
30 I went to Groton to hear Joshua Longley tryd by Wallace Little & Hart- 

weU a Great Number of people & others &c the Doc"" Cleared, & Joshua 
not, the Justices suspended their Judgment for 3 weeks. 


2 Moses Chaplin Came to live with me this Day. the Master Dismissed 
his singing School at James Dickinsons at eving Frank Champney & others 
from Groton & took a Niunber with a warrant for abusing Mr Little &c. 
I had 4 frams of chairs from N°. Smith 

20 Jam went to Townsend with my team to move W™ Farr and Family 

23 I Let my house to Levi Farnsworth & garden. 
26 Levi Farnsworth & Family moved into my House. 

2 John Longley taken with a warrant. 

7 I sold some hay to Todd, Longley & Davis. 
11 at night John Longley Jr at Cort for making money. 

19 I washed my sheep I went to Mr Pratts Joshua Longley took Mr Little 
with a warrant. 

29 I sold a cow to J. Henry.f 


24 I at meeting a New Preacher. 

7 I layed flax in my Pratt Barn hay. 
15 I at meeting McLeod joined the Chur^ 

1 I finished mowing on the Pratt farm 

• Lucy (Wood) Chase, second wife of George Chase, 
t John Henry of Lunenburg, Mass. 

304 Diary of James Parker [Oct. 

8 Daniel Francis went whome. 

9 Farnsworth helped his Farther. 

29 Capt Holden at my house to Dinner & Pratt it was Lecture I went to 
John Pattersons thej- run Horses & Drunk Flip 

20 I went to George Henrys 

30 at evening I went to hear the Quakers and a nxmiber of others. 

4 I went and helped Jonas Parker raise a Back Kitchen to his house. 
18 Jonathan Messer sent me 2 Barrels of Sider. 
29 I went to Warners & to Abel Phelps. 


20 I went to Groton to Prize of some Cattle with Esq^ Ivory & Capt Brown. 

21 I went to Groton & to Prize off some fat Cattle Gen" Henry Woods, 
Nath' Day & I stayed all night at my Mothers. 

23 We Prized 3 oxen more Came whome in y« Rain, Thousands of wild 
: Geese flying these Days. 

■ 28 I went to Look of John Da%-ises farm. 

j [December] 

I 3 was Town meeting to see about the new Constitution & School House a 

I great Difficulty about s<^ School. 

> 10 this Day they Begun on John Parker took his Hogs & fouls &c. 

I [1789,* January] 

r 1 at Evening M'' Whitney & others Came to my House Benj™ Egerton was 

1 Married to Sally Parker Deacon Ivory John Egerton Jonas Parker John 

I Patterson John Walker & their wives at my house 

i 8 my wife poorly this evening I fetched Mrs Holden to my house 

I 9 my wife was deUvered of a son at the hour of ten o'clock in y^ Morning 

{ 111 Carried out my son I Called his Name L Moody f 

( 16 I went to Groton to my Mothers Bancrofts &c 

} 19 Francis Dickinson at my house 

I 29 was Town meeting .... also we had a Vote to have more schooling. 

] 30 I agreed to keep the school. 

'. [February] 

'; 2 I Begun to keep school at ye South End. 

; 7 all ye week at School. 

9 attending the School 

10 Jam Came home from the New Ipswich Academy 

12 My Daughter Egerton ]\Ioved away from my house Into a house Joseph 

Longley Built 
14 Keeping School aU this week. 
21 I at School all this week. 
23 I at School Heny & my Children poorly bad Colds 


3 I at School 

4 I went to Groton as an Evidence for John Parker or Syrus Marble against 
Wm Bancroft or Jephthah Richardson my wife went & Egerton and his 
wife & Henrietta & others. 

5 I at School. Wilson moved away to Mitchel House. 
9 I at School. 

* The almanac containing Parker's diary for 1788 has not been found, 
t Leonard Moody Parker. 














1915] Diary of James Parker 305 

10 I went to Cambridge Cort this Day to get a Bill of Cost against H. 

12 I got my action entered & came home in ye afternoon. 

16 1 at School. 

18 I went to Mr "WTiiteneys after School Egerton Patterson Doct"" Hartwell 

Deacon Brown Jonas Parker & Jennersons & our wives to eat rost Tur- 

kej' <fcc. 

20 ]\Ioody Emerson at my house. 

21 I at School aU this week. N. Keazer* Paid me some. 
24 Le-\-i Farnsworth & Family moved into my house 
28 I keeping School all this week. 

31 I finished my school I kept it Eight weeks I lost no more Time then 2 
Days in the Whole. 


3 I went to James Dickinsons & round my Wilson [farm] with Dickinson. 

8 John Falls Came to Hve at my house .... I went to Da\ad Bennetts 

12 Ko Preaching all Stayed at home, Elizabeth IMesser Came to my house. 
21 I sowed & harrowed in some grass seed on my Wilson Farm Wm Bicknell 

marreid. ' 


11 0^ SawteU Came to my 

27 I went to John Pattersons Daniel got his arm hurt 

M'' ^Marshall Came to work on my bam Shead I worked with him 
Samuel Marshall & Charles Nichols Came to work on my Barn & Shead we 
worked &c Jenerson helped me 2 Days this week. 

We worked on y^ fraim I got Some Slit work, from Longley mill Marshall 
went home. 

9 IMr Marchall & his boys went to raise Da^dd Ritters house I went Jest at 

we raised the end of my bam & my shead 
I went to John Pattersons raising 
IMills helped me. 

John Henry brought me some boards. 

in ye afternoon I went to Dea° Ivorys to hear a Lawsuit between John 
Patterson & John Holden, a Number to hear. 

24 I worked at the highways by y^ clay pits 

25 I worked at the highways by IMcLeod hiU, Hazen & others 

30 Marshall & I fraimed me a Little house & raised it 

3 IMarshaU and Charles Begun to Shingle 
6 Marshall Sam" & Charles went to John Patterson to Shingle his Barn. 

I went to Warners after a piece of Green Cloth. 
9 Marshall Sam" & Charles Nichols Came to work for me Boarding & 

Shingling my barn & Shead. I worked with them. 
11 Sam" made a Cheese room Charles worked on my Little house. 


3 I building a Stone bridge by my barn. 

4 I underpined my Shead 

13 the Children went to School to Molly Harkness 
24 I took my Stears from Bicknell or Hildreth 

28 John went to Lancaster with Forture wife. 

31 I let 12 sheep to Benj^ Bailey, 

* Nathaniel Kezar of North Shirley. 

306 Diary of James Parker [Oct. 

5 I had a new wheal of Nathan Smith. 
24 I worked turning the rod* by Pratts pound piece & others 


5 I worked at the rode between my house and the uper Gate & round my 

12 I layd some wall Boose Whitenej-f at my house 

13 Jam & Lovey Sot off for New Ipswich to the Exhibition 
23 Pratts Doge killed a sheep for me. 

30 At night my Daughter Egerton sent after the women &c 

31 She poorly I went their &c. Capt M<=Leodt Dyed this ]\Ioming. 


1 I was at Benjamin Egertons his wife Poorly all Day Delivered of a Son 
half past 8 o clock in y^ evening by Docf HaskeU all returned home. 

2 I went to the funeral of M=Leod then Town meeting. 
Ill shingled my Little house. 

( 12 I lay! the Sleepers in my Leantor Davis Cleaned my Clock. 

1 21 Deacon Ivory Dyed this Day. 

j 22 at Night I watched at Deacon Ivory^s John Egerton wdth me. 

j 24 I went to the funeral of S'^ Ivory the bearers Pierce, Patterson, Holdcn, 

i Hazen, I, & Brown, Longley, & Egerton. 

; 26 Was ThanksgiAing throgh the Union I at meeting Benj Egerton, Booze 

} Whiteney & Edmund Longley at Sup. 

i 29 I at meeting I was purpounded to Own the Covt & j° ye Ch''. John Falls 

j very poorly & Sick 

] 30 I went to John Campbells Carried a Web. Mr Whiteney & wife at my 

( house & Esq''§ & wife. John Falls went away. 

} [December] 

s 1 Little Harris Brought me a Hat. 

j 7 John Falls Came back. My Little Shote run away. 

i 10 Lydia & Betsy Whitney at my house. 

I 13 I at meeting I & my wife Joined j'e Church. 

i 14 Jjohn Falls sot off for Dublin I settled all off. 

I 15 I went to Pattersons to hear the Court bet wen M^ Little <fe Ritter 

i. 21 I went to Col° Haskells to y^ Potash meeting a number there. 

I 29 Mr John Parker Came to make shoes at my house. 

; 11790, Januar}'] 

; 13 I went to ye North End of Shirley 

18 I went to See Isaac SoUindoyne at J LAJ] 
21 Bows Whitney & others Scholars at my house 

23 I went to Look of C. Perrins Ministeral Land and then to S'' Perrins & 
Bathricks & round &c 

2 I at Longleys at an arbatration between Groton & Shirley Consirning 
James Hartwell. 

7 I at meeting Lydia Walker Publishedlf 

8 I went to see Jonas Parker sick with the measles. 

* The road. 

t Nicholas Bowes Whitney. 
', t David McLeod. 

; § "Esquire" Thomas Whitney, son of Rev. Phinehas. 

II Probably Joshua Longley. 
I \ She was married to Caleb Hunt of Stoddard, N. H. 




1915] Diary of James Parker 307 

9 I settled with Nathan Adams Jam & Lovey Hen' & others went to Cap* 

26 I went to Jonas Parkers sick Child. 

27 I went to Jonas Parkers his Child better. 


1 A young Company at my house this evening 

5 Rhoda sick with the Measles. 
9 Benj° Egerton sick with the Measles 
15 I was at Pattersons I wrote a Deed for Perrin & Patterson of Land 

At Evening I went to Bathricks and setteled an Execution for Docf Phine- 
> has Longley all off. 

! 19 I went to the fimeral of Israel WUlards Child. My Children five of them 

; sick with the measles 

' [April] 

2 Jam at School 

6 I Carried timber to Cowing for Cart & wheals. 

18 A Considerable snow this night. 

19 I worked about the loom, Mills Came to weave 

20 I went to the funeral of David Bicknell 

28 a great snow & Cold. Marble* at my house. 

29 I went to Lecture and to the funeral of Deacon Joseph Brown's wife. 

I 2 I at Meeting it was Sacrament Day I went to the funeral of Abijah Frost, 

j I attended as a Barreror 

I 15 I let a Cow to E' Gowing.f 

j 19 I let a Cow to Daniel Woodbury. 

I [June] 

! 1 I la3^ wall in y^ Lain. 

1 9 I went to the funeral of Edmund Longley 

\ 18 I Begun to plough my old Field Lovey at Hazens 

19 I Bought a Dozen of scythes of E"^ Pratt J' I sold them to Axon Woodbury 
& took his Note. 

• [July] 

29 I reaped with 4 hands at home, Jam & John Mills & John Parker. 


23 I fetched my oxen from Wilson Farm. I Begun to Cross plough my 
orchard David helped § Day. 


2 I at Trooping & Training at Pratts 

3 was Lecture in Order to Chuse a Deacon we made Choice of M' John Hale.J 
22 I went to the funeral of Old M-- Hazen.§ 


1 I went to Muster at Lancaster a great number of people there. 

2 I went round with Jonas to see his land 

4 it was our fall meeting I bought £2008 of Old Continental Money that 
belonged to y^ Town ]\I'' Whiteney & John Patterson Jr bought about £150 

18 I at meeting Mother Came to Shirley meeting & Releaf Parker with her, 
Benj° Carried out his Boy his Name Benj° 

* Cyrus Marble of Westford. 

t Ebenezer Gowing. 

t John Heald. 

§ Samuel Hazen, the first of the name in Shirley. He came from Rowley. 

VOL. LXES. 20 


Friends' Records at Vassalborough, Me. 


28 I went to the Funeral of old M' John Page 

29 SaUy Gaffell* at my house & others 


10 I went to mills I settled with Israel W^f I took a Deed of S^ Willard. 
19 I plastered my Sellar. 

1 I fetched 7 sheep from Jacob Swears 
7 I went to Fitchburgh with M^ Whiteney to Prize Cattle. 
10 Francis helped me kill my fat Cow I went to y« Mills. 
Ill went to Aaron Woodbrees. 
25 Benj° Egerton made my tongs 
29 I went to Woodbury, & so round by Westons & Adamses & Eb° Smiths. 

[To be continued] 


Communicated by Hon. Henbt Sewall Webster, A.M., of Gardiner, Me, 

[Concluded from page 274] 

[Names of Members, Concluded] 

Thomas B. Nichols. 

Rachel B. Nichols (his wife), Cert. fr. Bolton Mo. M. 29, 11 mo., 1S41 
Vassalboro, 11, 1 mo., 1901. A Minister aged 88 years. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Da\id H. Nichols, b. 21, 7 mo., 1842, 


Ruthanna H. Nichols, 

Died Vassalboro, 16, 
11 mo., 1865. 
31, 12 mo., 1848. Married Frank Wash- 
bum, not a member. 

Moses S. Varney, died 15, 8 mo., 1855. 
Mary W. Varney (his wife), died 5, 9 mo., 1849. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

John Henry Varney, 

David Gurney ^'a^ney, 

Charles Nichols Varney, 

25, 1 mo., 1841. 
1, 2 mo., 1843. 

Greenleaf Weld Varney, 

Moses Alden Varney, 
Mary Margaret Varney, 

8, 7 mo., 1844. 

31, 1 mo., 1846. 
2, 3 mo., 1849. 

Died Vassalboro, 3, 

5 mo., 1847. 
Died A'assalboro, 23, 

4 mo., 1847. 

Died Vassalboro, 8, 
8 mo., 1851. 

George R. Buffum, married Lydia Taber. 

Lydia Buffum (his wife), dau. Barnabas & Lydia Taber (see page 15). 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

Mary T. Buffum, b. 7, -7 mo., 1837. 

William T. Buffum, " 3, 11 mo., 1838. 

John Buffum, " 28, 12 mo., 1840. 

• Garfield. 

t Israel Willard. 

1915] Friends' Records at Vassalborough, Me. 309 

Daniel T. Pratt. 

Mary V. Pratt (his wife). Rec'd by request. Died Vassalboro, 17, 5 mo., 
Nathan Pratt, b. Fairfield, 7, 9 mo., 1837. Died 

8, 9 mo., 1839. 
Phebe Gary Pratt, " St. Albans, 24, 6 mo., 1840. 

Isaac Gary Pratt, " Vassalboro, 22, 10 mo., 1841. 

Anna Maria Bailey Pratt, " " 14, 10 mo., 1843. Died 

29, 12 mo., 1847. 
John Taber Pratt, " " 22, 12 mo., 1844. 

Alonzo Rufus Pratt, " " 14, 5 mo., 1847. 

Abby Anna Pratt, " " 11, 3 mo., 1851. 

Charles G. Pinkham, married Anstress Hobby. Died 23, 1 mo., 1872, aged 

52 yrs. 4 mos. 
Anstress G. Pinkham (his wife), dau. John & Phebe Hobby (see page 45), 
died 12, 10 mo., 1862. 
Children [b. Winslow]. 
Allen Gardner Pinkham, b. 28, 7 mo., 1848. Died 11, 10 mo., 

Edward Everett Pinkham 1 « qq g ^^ jocq 
Charles Sumner Pinkham J ' '' 

John Howard Pinkham, " 15, 2 mo., 1853. 
Alfred Tennyson Pinkham, " 11, 4 mo., 1855. 
Henry Wilson Pinkham, " 7, 8 mo., 1857. Died 8 mo., 1857. 

Franklin B. Dunham. 

Anna Dunham (his wife), Cert. fr. Dover Mo. M., 26, 9 mo., 1838. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

Charles H. Dunham, b. 17, 5 mo., 1839. 
Olive T. Dunham, " 18, 2 mo., 1841. 

Edgar M. Dunham, " 30, 4 mo., 1843. 

Aima E. Dimham, " 18, 4 mo.; 1845. Married Edmund 

Prescott not a member. 
George F. Dunham, " 3, 3 mo., 1847. Died 7 mo., 1872. 

Walter Scott Dunham, " 8, 11 mo., 1849. 
Mary R. Dunham, " 29, 1 mo., 1852. 

Ellen M. Dimham, 
Joseph Maxfield, Cert. fr. Windham Mo. M., 24, 1 mo., 1851. 
Mary A. Maxfield (his wife), do. 


Cyrus E. Maxfield, Cert. fr. Windham Mo. M., 24, 1 mo., 1851. Died 

3, 9 mo., 1855. 
Sybil D. Maxfield, b. Vassalboro, 3, 1 mo., 1853. 
Cyrus E. Maxfield, " " 4, 7 mo., 1855. 

Charles A. Maxfield, " " 11, 2 mo., 1858. 

Herbert N. Maxfield, " " 29, 7 mo., 1860. 

Two children received by Cert, from Windham with parents not recorded 
on opposite page, viz : — Jesse S. and Louisa R. 

Nathan C. Bailey, died Winslow, 5, 2 mo., 1898. Buried at E. Vassalboro. 
Lydia D. Bailey (his wife). 
Children [b. Winslow]. 
Ebenezer C. Bailey, b. 17, 3 mo., 1850. 

310 Friends' Records at Vassalhorough, Me. [Oct. 

Phebe Anna D. Bailey, " 13, 12 mo., 1852. 

Lydia Jane Bailey, " 8, 6 mo., 1855. 

John Herbert Bailey, " 30, 11 mo., 1857. 
Charles B. Gates, son Edmund & Anna (see page 47). 
Margaret B. Gates (his vvife). Cert. fr. R. I. Mo. M., 24, 6 mo., 1847. 
Ghildren [b. Vassalboro]. 

Charles E. Gates, b. 2, 4 mo., 1848. Married Anna Livennore. 

David B. Gates, " 30, 6 mo., 1850. 

Abraham B. Gates, " 12, 5 mo., 1854. Cert, to Minneapolis, 


Edward E. Gates, " 12, 9 mo., 1860. 

Horace G. Gates, " 22, 5 mo., 1863. 

Alton M. Gates. 

Levi Varney, Cert, from Sidney Mo. M., 18, 3 mo., 1847. 
Sarah Varney (his wife), dau. John & Tabitha Cartland (see page 34), died 
Winslow, 22, 12 mo., 1853. 
AUen Varney, son of Le\-i Varney & a former wife, d. Winslow, 22, 1 

mo., 1886. 
Charles Cartland Varney, son Levi & Sarah, Cert, to Limington, 20, 
1 mo., 1868. 
I Wm. Bowman Varney, " " " " Died in Winslow. 

I All of the above five were cert, from Sidney Monthly Meeting, 18, 3 mo., 

i 1847. 

I [72] 

) Jonathan Estes, Jr. 

I Eunice W. Estes (his wife), died 13, 7 mo., 1852. 

\ Child. 

I Eunice W. Estes, b. 4, 5 mo., 1852. 

f Julia A. W. Estes, 2nd wife of Jonathan. 

I Children of Jonathan & Julia Estes [b. VassalboTo]. 

[ Mahlon D. Estes, b. 10, 6 mo., 1858. 

I Melvin W. Estes, " 27, 11 mo., 1859. Died 13, 5 mo., 1860. 

Joseph Stanley Estes, " 13, 5 mo., 1861. 
I Frances H. Estes, " 9, 4 mo., 1864. 

i Wilbur A. Estes, " 22, 2 mo., 1869. Ret. by Cert. fr. Maple 

i Grove 19, 4 mo., 1898. Married Juha Bro-nn. Cert, to R. I. Mo. 

I M., 14, 11 mo., 1899. Returned to us from R. I. Mo. M. by cer- 

j ficate. 

[ Joseph Estes, Cert, from China, 14, 9 mo., 1847. Died Vassalboro, 9, 3 mo., 

; 1868. 

; Sybil D. Estes (his wife). Cert, from China, 14, 9 mo., 1847. Died Vassal- 

■ boro, 4, 4 mo., 1895. 

Henry Goddard, died E. Vassalboro, 2, 10 mo., 1875. 
Sarah W. Goddard (his wife). Cert, from China Mo. M., 16, 11 mo., 1847. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

Ann Maria Goddard, b. 3, 10 mo., 1848. Died 3, 6 mo., 1849. 

Lucy Maria Goddard, " 16, 11 mo., 1850. 

Mary Ellen Goddard, " 1, 11 mo., 1851. 

Phebe Etta Goddard, 21, 1 mo., 1858. Died 1, 5 mo., 1859. 
; Herbert Henry W. Goddard, b. 14, 8 mo., 1S66. Married Emma F. 

\ Rollias. Released by Cert, to Uxbridge, ]\Iass., 15, 2 mo., 1898, 

j with his wife (see page 82). 


James Pope. 

Phebe W. Pope (his wife), died 12, 9 mo., 1854. 

1915] Friends' Records at Vassalborough, Me. 311 

Content W. Pope (2nd wife), died & buried E. Vassalboro, 25, 3 mo., 1888. 

Edward W. Pope, b. Vassalboro, 11, 9 mo., 1858. 
Gilbert Aldrich, died Vassalboro, 13, 12 mo., 1889. 

Eliza T. Aldrich (his wife), dau. Paul & Elizabeth Taber (see page 49), died 
Vassalboro, 6, 4 mo., 1857. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Elizabeth T. Aldrich, b. 30, 7 mo., 1855. Died Vassalboro, 29, 9 

mo., 1856. 
Eliza J. Aldrich, " 15, 3 mo., 1857. Married Chas. Robbins, 

Gard[iner], not a member. 
SjTene B. Aldrich (2nd wife of Gilbert), died Vassalboro, 18, 6 mo., 1886. 

Charles Dudley. 
Adeline Dudley (his wife). 
Florence Maria Dudley, b. Vassalboro, 23, 6 mo., 1855. Died, 1873. 
Also Eldana died 24, 11 mo., 1878. 
Stephen Nichols, 2nd, Cert. fr. Berwick Mo. M., 27, 12 mo., 1838. Cert to 

Litchfield, 7 mo., 1870. 
Hannah Nichols (his wife), Cert. fr. Berwick Mo. M. 
Children [b. Berwick, except Harriet Maria]. 
Samuel Nichols, ' b. 23, 3 mo., 1826. Cert. fr. Berwick Mo. M. 

Died 13, 10 mo., 1829. 
Phebe Nichols, " 23, 8 mo., 1827. Cert. fr. Berwick Mo. M. 

Died 8, 1 mo., 1854. 
Joseph B. Nichols, " 9, 4 mo., 1829. Cert. fr. Berwick Mo. M. 
Mary C. Nichols, " 2, 2 mo., 1831. " " " " " 
Samuel B. Nichols, " 7, 12 mo., 1832. " " " " " 

Died Winslow, 11, 6 mo., 1856. 

Hannah Elizabeth Nichols, b. 11, 12 mo., 1835. Cert. fr. Berwick 

Mo. M., 27, 12 mo., 1838. 
Ann Elmira Nichols, " 4, 1 mo., 1838. Cert. fr. Berwick 

Mo. M., 27, 12 mo., 1838. Married 
Charles W. Goddard. 
Harriet Maria Nichols, " Winslow, 29, 3 mo., 1846. Died 

Winslow, 9, 8 mo., 1847. 
Stephen N. Taber, son Daniel & Rebecca (see page 51). 
^lary E. Taber (his -vvife), dau. Hezekiak & Rebecca Pope (see page 59). 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Alfred H. Taber, b. 29, 10 mo., 1856. Married Abbie M. Weeks, 

4, 8 mo., 1881. 
Ahce R. Taber, " 20, 2 mo., 1859. Married Lindsey S. Jones, 

China. Cert, to China Mo. Meet. 
]\Iaria W. Taber, " 14, 10 mo., 1861. Married Samuel Taber, 

N. Y. Cert, to 1888. 

Franklin D. Taber, " 19, 2 mo., 1865. Married Lizzie Hutton not 

a member. 
Charies W. Goddard. 

Elmira A. Goddard (his wife), dau. Stephen & Hannah Nichols (see same page). 
Calvin Alvano Goddard, b. Winslow, 23, 9 mo., 1863. 
Samuel Foster, died 28, 10 mo., 1866. 
Mary C. Foster (his wife). Cert, to Salem. 
Charles C. Winslow. 
Lusanna C. Winslow (his wife), dau. Isaiah and Mary Frye (see page 54), 

312 Friends' Records at Vassalborough, Me. [Oct. 

Edith Lenora Winslow, b. 7, 4 mo., 1862. 
Samuel S. Taber, Received by request, 1 mo., 1886. (See above in Stephen 
N.'s family). 2nd wife Maria W. Taber, Cert, to 1888. 

Leon Irving Taber, son Samuel & Maria W., Cert, to • 1888. 

Stephen Nichols. 
Louisa J. Nichols (his wife). 
Children [b. Winslow]. 
John Edward Nichols, b. 6, 7 mo., 1854. 
Sarah Louise Nichols, " 29, 2 mo., 1856. 
Annie May Nichols, ' " 29, 1 mo., 1871. 
Wm. H. Nichols, " 14, 8 mo., 1872. 

'. Henry Taber (see page 51), son Daniel and Rebecca Taber. Cert. fr. Unity 

Mo. M., 17, 1 mo., 1850. Married Eunice S. Wing, 22, 5 mo., 
1845; Lavinia J. Weeks, 14, 3 mo., 1871. Cert, to Unity Mo. 
M., 16, 12 mo., 1846. Returned again, see opposite page. Died 
Vassalboro, 24, 2 mo., 1907. 
I • Eunice S. Taber (his vnie), dau. Stephen & R.ebecca Wing. Cert. fr. Unity 

[ Mo. M., 17, 1 mo., 1850. Died Vassalboro, 17, 7 mo., 1869. 

i Children. 

j Horace M. Taber, b. Albion, 23, 7 mo., 1847. Married Emily 

I Atwood. Released to join another church. 

I Annie M. Taber, " INIanchester, 12, 8 mo., 1851. 

[ Chas. S. Taber, " Vassalboro, 8, 7 mo., 1854. 

'; Joseph H. Cole (see page 15). Died Vassalboro, 25, 5 mo., 1875, aged 71 jt. 

I 8 mo. 15 days. 

\ Fanny Cole (his wife), died Vassalboro, 10, 8 mo., 1873, aged 66 jt., 11 mos. 

I 26 days. 

I Charles H. Pope. Two eldest children not birthright members. 

.* AngeUa Pope (his wife), Rec'd by request. Died Vassalboro, 1, 1 mo., 1889. 

5 Children [b. Vassalboro]. 

I EUa Rebecca Pope, b. 12, 5 mo., 1872. 

• Samuel Marden Pope, " 12, 12 mo., 1874. Died Vassalboro, 1893. 

i Letitia Pope (2nd \vife of Chas. H.), Cert. fr. China Mo. M. 

■ George H. Pope, son Hezekiah and Rebecca Pope (see page 59). Married 

Lizzie Sibley, Clara Towle 2nd wife, 17, 3 mo., 1897. Eldest son not 
birthright member. 
Lizzie F. Pope (his wife), Rec'd by request. Died Vassalboro, 9, 8 mo., 1895. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
Walter Henry Pope, b. 11, 3 mo., 1873. Died Vassalboro, 11, 1 

mo., 1897. Buried at E. Vassalboro. 
Arthur Wilson Pope, " 12, 2 mo., 1875. 

Edward J. Weeks, son Wm. and Lavinia J. (see page 65). 
Anna P. Weeks (his wife), dau. Benjamin and Bethi.ih Goddard (see page 62). 
. Children. 

William B. Weeks, b. Vassalboro, 

Edward H. Weeks, 

Laura L. Weeks, " Providence, R. L 

RusseU H. Weeks, 
; Carl Goddard Weeks, " 

i Charles E. Estes, son Thomas and Phebe (see page 55). 

I (Asked for letter to M. E. Church, Waterville, with wife and eldest 

i daughter Ada Ella). 


1 mo., 1870. 


6 mo., 1871. 


6 mo., 1875. 


8 mo., 1SS2. 


11 mo., 1885. 


Released by request 

1915] Friends' Records at Vassalborough, Me. 313 

H. Melvina C. Estes (his wife), daul Henry and Melvina Gary. Released by 
Elwyn Albert Estes, b. Vassalboro, 21, 9 mo., 1860. Died 

Waterville, 17, 9 mo., 1877. 
Ada Ella Estes, " " 7, 7 mo., 1862. Released 

by request. 
Winnona Hannah Estes, " " 5, 5 mo., 1864. Died 

Waterville, 16, 2 mo., 1881. 
Iva Lillian Estes, " 28, 6 mo., 1866. 

Charles Edwin Estes, " 13, 1 mo., 1873. 


Daniel Smiley, Jr., son Daniel and Dorcas (see page 48). 
Effie F. SmUey (his wife), b. Rockland, 11, 7 mo., 1858. Cert, from Salem 
Mo. M., 5 mo., 1882. 
Albert K. Smiley, 2nd, b. 8, 8 mo., 1883. 
Hugh Smiley, " 3, 2 mo., 1886. 

Francis Gerow Smiley. 
! Daniel Smiley, Jr. Died 23, 3 mo., 1891. 

i Timothy Robinson, Cert. fr. Dover Mo. M., 26, 3 mo., 1845. Died Vassal- 

l boro, 11, 7 mo., 1859. 

I Elizabeth Robinson (his wife), dau. Bartholomew and Elizabeth Taber (see 

I page 1), Cert. fr. Dover Mo. M.. 26, 3 mo., 1845. Died Vassal- 

f _ boro, 2, 8 mo., 1870. 

« Children of Timothy and Elizabeth Robinson. 

I Mary Robinson, Cert. fr. Dover Mo. M., 23, 7 mo., 1845. Died 

f _ Vassalboro, 30, 1 mo., 1848. 

I Stephen Robinson, Died Vassalboro, 12, 10 mo., 1876. 

t Lydia T. Robinson, Cert. fr. Dover Mo. M., 15, 4 mo., 1846. 

: ^ [78] 

i John A. Frye, Released by his own request 14, 11 mo., 1899. 

i Anna Frye (his wife), died Vassalboro, 27, 11 mo., 1890. 

Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
:■ Gertrude E. Frye, b. 15, 4 mo., 1873. Cert, to Winthrop Mo. 

• M., 19, 11 mo., 1895. 

Mary Ehna Frye, " 24, 12 mo., 1870. 

Lizzie Alice Frye, " 6, 12 mo., 1880. 

Alfred H. Taber, son Stephen and Mary E. (see page 74). Cert, to Prov. 

Mo. Meet., 17, 11 mo., 1896. 
Abbie M. Taber (his wife), dau. Wm. & Lavinia J. Weeks (see page 65), Cert, 
to Prov. Mo. Meet., 17, 11 mo., 1896. 
Children [b. Providence, R. I.] 
Mabel Taber, b. 4, 8 mo., 1885. Died Prov., 10, 8 mo., 

Jessie Maud Taber, " 13, 10 mo., 1886. Cert, to Prov. Mo. M., 

17, 11 mo., 1896. 
Howard Alfred Taber, " 9, 6 mo., 1889. do. 
Norman Stephen Taber, " 3, 9 mo., 1891. do. 

James M. Estes, son John and Mary A. By Cert, to Newport Mo. M., 17, 
, 11 mo., 1896. 

\ Exalina Estes (his wife), Cert. fr. 1886. do. 

\ Children. 

i Louisa Estes, do. 

314 Friends' Records at VassaUborough, Me. [Oct. 

Ralph C. Estes, b. Vassalboro, 1, 8 mo., 1887. Died 5 mo., 

Cyrus Albert Estes, " Hallowell, 8, 9 mo., 1895. By Cert, to 

Newport Mo. M., 17, 11 mo., 1896. 
Edward W. Pope (see page 73), son James and Content. 
Edith J. Pope, Cert from China Mo. M. 

Children [b. East Vassalboro]. 
Fred Pope, b. 28, 5 mo., 1890. 

Marion Dora Pope, " 10, 4 mo., 1894, 

Jedediah Jepson, Cert. fr. Unity Mo. M., 13, 7 mo., 1840. Died North 
1 Vassalboro, 1883. 

i Rebecca Jepson (his wife), Cert. fr. Unity as above. Died North Vassalboro, 

; 1890. 

George Jepson, Cert. fr. Unity as above. Released by request be- 
cause of uniting with another church. 
Charles Henry Jepson, Cert. fr. Unity as above. Died Vassalboro, 

15, 1 mo., 1899. 
i Lydia Austin, dau. Ebenezer & Phebe Austin, died 

I Daniel Ayer, Rec'd by request, 1876. Died Vassalboro, 4, 7 mo., 1890. 

I Emily G. Ayer (his wife), dau. Wm. & Rachel Gifford. Died Vassalboro, 

! 31, 4 mo., 1885. 

I EhjahCook. 1 Rec'd by Cert, from St. Albans Mo. M., 23, 12 mo., 

i Judith Cook (his wife). J 1845, also their eight children named below. 

I Children. 

I Albert Cook. 

I Almira P. Cook, married Henry Jepson. Cert, to China Mo. M., 16, 

I 1 mo., 1850. 

I Sarah Jane Cook, " Silas F. Jepson. Cert, to China Mo. M., 

I 17, 10 mo., 1849. 

: Rachel Cook. 

■! John M. Cook. 

\ EUjah Cook, Jr. Cert, to Scipio Mo. M., N. Y., 29, 12 mo., 1899. 

• Returned and died in Vas., 29, 12 mo., 1899 [sic], see p. 89. 

j Ebenezer, changed to George D. Cook. 

•' Edward Hanson Cook. 

; Etta S. Gates, -wife of Wm. H., Rec'd by request. 

■ _ [81] 

J. Martin Kitchen, Requested & rec'd. Died E. Vassalboro, 1, 4 mo., 1892. 
Harriet Kitchen, " " " 

George H. Gates, Rec'd by request, 15, 3 mo., 1892. 

F. Louise Gates (his wife), " " " 

Charles E. Gates, died E. Vassalboro, 2 mo., 1905. 

Annie Gates, his wife, dau. of George Livermore, Rec'd bj'' request, 17, 5 mo., 
: 1892. 

Wm. D. Dole, Rec'd by request. Cert, to Falmouth, 4 mo., 1905. 

L. Maria Dole (his wife), Rec'd bj- request. 

John Estes, 3d, died 

IMary A. Estes (his wife), died Mass., 17, 5 mo., 1905. Interred in Vas. 
: Children. 

1 Cyrus Estes, died 

I Simeon A. Estes, 

Louisa J. Estes, married Califf not a member. 

1915] Friends' Records at Vassalborough, Me. 315 

i Emma R. Estes, Removed 

I James M. Estes, 

i [82] 

I Amy A. Foster, died Vassalboro, 1878. 

I Mary- 0. Foster, died 1889. 

I Samuel Foster, died 

I Mary Foster (his wife), died 

I Harris Foster, died 

I John Frj-e, died Vassalboro, 15, 4 mo., 1885. 

! Sarah Frj^e (his wife), died Vassalboro, 1875. 

] John F. Frye, son John and Sarah, Released 

j Sarah Frj'e (Waterville), Cert, to 

Levi Gardner, died N. Vassalboro, 16, 12 mo., 1880. 

Eliza P. Gardner (his wife), d. E. Vassalboro, 1, 3 mo., 1890. 

Hannah Goddard (2nd -wiie of Benj. W.) 

Jane Grant 

Ebenezer P. Goddard, received by request. 

Emma R. Goddard (his wife), dau. Daniel & Mary Runnells, 2nd husband 
Thompson, died Canton, Me., 1898. 
, EUa F. Goddard, Rec'd by request of parents. Married Arthur Blish, 

; Henry Marden, not 

f members. 

I Mary R. Goddard " " " " " Married Luke Spencer 

I not a member. 

[ Emma R. Goddard (wife of Herbert H.), Rec'd by request. By Cert, to 

S Uxbridge, Mass., with her husband, see p. 72. 

' Hepsibeth Homans, rec'd by request. Died Vass. 

J. Albert Jenkins, son Jabez and Sarah (see page 50). 
Abbie P. Jenkins (his wife). 
S. Lizzie Jenkins, b. Winslow, 7, 10 mo., 1871. Married Edward W. 

Towle, 17, 3 mo., 1893. 
Alma Campbell Jenkins, adopted, rec'd by request, 15, 5 mo., 1894. 

John D. Lang, Cert. fr. Berwick Mo. M., 25, 12 mo., 1846. Died Vass., 24, 

5 mo., 1879. 
Ann Elmira Lang (his wife). Cert. fr. Berwick as above. Died Vass., 17, 

3 mo., 1879. 
Thomas S. Lang, Cert. fr. Berwick as above. 
John A. Lang, " " " " " 

Theodate Lang, " " " " " Married Joshua L. Bailey. 

Abbie B. Lawson, Rec'd by request. 

Ida L. Lawson, " " " Released. 

Preston Lancaster, " " " 

Nellie Lancaster, " " " 

Eliza Osborne, died E. Vassalboro, 1886. 

James C. Pierce, rec'd by request. 

Eliza P. Pierce (his wife), dau. Edmund and Annie Gates. 
Annie M. Priest, dau. James and EUza Pierce, rec'd by request. 
Henry Priest, son AUen aad Priest, " " " 

'Ernest Priest, E. Vass., son Henry and Annie M. Priest, rec'd by request, 
19, 12 mo., 1905. 


316 Friends' Records at VassaThorough, Me. [Oct. 

Phebe W. Prescott, New York (State), died 17, 2 mo., 1891. 
Josiah A. Prescott, Request, 13, 9 mo., 1870; Cert, to Durham, 25, 6 mo., 
1872; Cert, from Durham, 13, 10 mo., 1896. Died, Vass., 5, 3 mo., 
Sylvena Prescott. Married Albert A. Bailey, Kan., 1906. 
Joseph H. Pratt, Cert, from Dover Mo. M, 
Martha E. Pratt, " " " " " 

Hamiah T. Pratt. " " " " " 

Allen W. Pinkham, Cert, from Winthrop. Cert, back to Winthrop again. 
Phebe A. Pinkham (his wife). Cert, from Winthrop. 
Edith Pinkham, Cert, from Winthrop. 
Charles Melvin Pinkham, b. Vassalboro. 

Wm. P. Roberts, Released. 
Deborah Rowe, Died E. Vassalboro. 
Sadie Robinson, Rec'd by request, 10 mo., 1892. 
Edwin F. Taber, " " " 15, 3 mo., 1892. 

Addie Taber (his wife), do. " " 

Clara H. Towle (wife of John Towle deceased), Cert, from St. Albans, 17, 

10 mo., 1893. Married Geo. H. Pope, 2nd husband, 17, 3 mo., 1897. 
Edward W. Towle, son John and Clara, Cert, from St. Albans, 17, 3 mo., 

1893; married S. Lizzie Jenkins, 17, 3 mo., 1893. 
Lizzie S. J. Towle (his wife), see page 83. 
Ralph E. Towle, adopted by Edward W. and L. S. J. Towle. Rec'd upon 

request of adopted parents. An Associate member. 
John A. Towle, b. Vassalboro, 20, 11 mo., 1881, son John and Clara Towle. 

Cert, from St. Albans, 17, 10 mo., 1893. 


Lucy G. Whitehouse, Rec'd by request. Married Wm. Whitehouse not a 
member. Released. 
Children of Wm. and Lucy G. Whitehouse. 
Lucy L. Whitehouse, Rec'd by request of mother. Died Vass., 29, 

12 mo., 1888. 
Louisa 0. Whitehouse, " " "_ " " Died Vass., 

12 mo., 1888. Married Frank Ward, not a member. 
George H. Whitehouse, Rec'd by request of mother. Disowned. 
Joseph S. Whitney, Rec'd by request. Cert, to 

Esther S. Whitney (his wife), " " 

Isaac E. Wentworth, " " 

Susan Wentworth (his wife), " " 

Orrin Webber, Rec'd by request, 1892. Died Vassalboro, 14, 5 mo., 1893. 
Robina W. Webber (his wife), Rec'd by request, 17, 5 mo., 1892. 
Children [b. Vassalboro]. 
George E. Webber, b. 18, 2 mo., 1876. Rec'd by request, 17, 

5 mo., 1892. 
Maud V. Webber, " 4, 10 mo., 1877. Rec'd by request, 17, 

" 5 mo., 1892. 
Benjamin W. Webber, " 7, 4 mo., 1879. Rec'd by request, 17, 

5 mo., 1892. 
Merton 0. Webber, " 13, 4 mo., 1881. Rec'd by request, 17, 

5 mo., 1892. 
Robert R. Webber, " 15, 1 mo., 1888. Rec'd by request, 17, 

5 mo., 1892. 
The last three were received by request of mother. 


I 1915] Friends' Records at Vassdborough, Me. 317 


I Nettie Gertrude Washbiim, dau. J. F. and Lillian H. Washburn, b. Worces- 

ter Mass., 21, 6 mo., 1884; rec'd by request of J. F. and Ruthanna 
Washburn, 2nd wife, 4 mo., 1893, Married Butler not a member. 

Edward H. Cook (see page 80), son Elijah and Judith Cook. 
Annie L. Cook (his wife), dau. Zenas Hamlin, rec'd by request and Letter 
from Cong. C, 16, 11 mo., 1897. d. Vass., 15, 12 mo., 1899. 
Edward Chase Cook, son Edward and Anna, by request of father, 2 mo., 

Hattie Cook, dau. Edward and Annie, by request, 9 mo., 1892. 
Edith M. Cook, by request and letter from Cong. C, Vass., 16, 11 mo., 1897. 
Annie E. Cook, b. Vass., 1886; rec'd by request 16, 11 mo., 1897. 
i George D. Cook, son Elijah and Judith Cook. 

Harold E. Cook, son George D. and Helen M., rec'd by request of father, 

6 mo., 1870. Released by request to join another church. 
Helen M. Cook (wife of John Cook), rec'd by request. 
Stephen Lawton, rec'd by request and letter from M. E. Church, Cross Hill, 

Vass., 17, 4 mo., 1894. Died Vass., 2, — mo., 1905. 
Althea W. Hedge, b. Vass., dau. Beriah and Eliza Weeks, by request 17, 7, 
i Eliza F. Butterfield. b. Vass., dau. Beriah and Eliza Weeks, by request, 17, 

i 7, 1894. 


I Minnie M. Purinton, Rec'd by request, 19, 3 mo., 1895. Released by req. 

i Jessie M. Purinton, b. 12, 3 mo., 1882. Adopted dau. Minnie M. 

< Purinton. Rec'd by req., 19, 3 mo., 1895. Married Edward 0. 

I Brown, 3, 5 mo., 1898. 

; David B. Gates, son Charle B. and Margaret (see page 71). 

j Annabel Gates (his wife), dau. Samuel Clark & wife of China, not members, 

'• By request, 19, 1 mo., 1897. 

'1 Children. 

{ Baker G, Gates, b. 26, 8 mo., 1890. By request of parents, 19, 1 

:- mo., 1897. Died E. Vass, 

; S. Clark Gates, " " " " By request of parents. 

•: Hannah P. Jepson. By Cert, from China. Released by Cert, to Whittier, 

Gal., 18, 8 mo., 1896. 

John W. Clark, By request, 18, 5 mo., 1897. Died E. Vass., 13, 12 

mo., 1900. 
•; Ida F. Clark (his wife), " " " " 

Annie E. Crawford, by request, 18, 1 mo., 1898. 
Walter E. Crawford, " " 19, 10 mo., 1897. 

Elijah Cook, Jr. (see page 80). 

Sarah F. Cook (his mie), rec'd by request and letter, 16, 11 mo., 1897. 
Cora L. Cook, rec'd by request and letter, 16, 11 mo., 1897. 
Robert B. Snow, By request, 15, 3 mo., 1898. Disowned 13, 5 mo., 1902. 
Edward 0. Brown, rec'd by request, 15, 3 mo., 1898. Married Jessie M. 

Purinton, 3, 5 mo., 1898. 
Jessie M. Brown (his wife), see page 88. 

Evellyn J. Prescott, sen of Josiah A. Rec'd by request, 18, 7 mo., 1899. 
Removed by Cert, to Glen Falls, N. Y., 15, 1 mo., 1907. Ac- 
knowledged his gift in the Ministrj', 15, 8 mo., 1899. 

318 Friends' Records at Vassalborough, Me. [Oct. 

Ella Grace Prescott (his wife), rec'd by request, 1905. Cert, to Glen Falls, 

N. Y., 15, 1 mo., 1907. 
Wilbur A. Bates, son Jonathan & Julia A., b. Vass., 22, 2 mo., 1869. Rec'd 

by Cert, from Maple Grove, 19, 4 mo., 1898. Cert, to R. I. Mo. 

M., 14, 11 mo., 1899. Returned to us from R. I. Mo. M. 
Julia Brown Estes (his wife), rec'd by request, 13, 9 mo., 1898. See page 72. 

Died in Oriental China, a Slissionary. 


Noah S. Paul, P^ec'd by request 16, 1 mo., 1900. 

Margaret C.Paul (his wife), " " " 

Hiram B. Robinson, rec'd by req., 16, 1 mo., 1900. Released at his request, 

13, 10 mo., 1903. 
Emily Robinson (his wife), rec'd and released same as husband. 
Timothy A. Leighton, rec'd by req., 16, 1 mo., 1900. Ptel. at his req., 15, 

1 mo., 1901. 
A. E. Leighton (his wife), rec'd and rel. same as husband. 
Eleanor Rowe, age 82 years, rec'd by request, 15, 1 mo., 1901. 
John Witham, Rec'd by request, 16, 1 mo., 1900. Rel. on request, 13, 10 mo. 

Marcia Witham (his wife), rec'd and rel. same as husband. 

Marcia A. Spaulding, orphan 16 years, rec'd by request, 16, 1 mo., 1900. 
Sophronia Brown, rec'd by request, 16, 1 mo., 1900. 

John A. Rollins, • do. 

Sarah E. Rollins (his wife), do. 

Amos Richards, do. 

Hannah Richards (his wife), do. 

Milford Weymouth, do. 

I. Josie Weymouth (his wife), do. 

Eugene S. Robinson, do. 

Released on own request, 13, 10, 1903. 
Flora E. Robinson (his wife), rec'd by request, 15, 1 mo., 1901. 
Ada Gilley, rec'd by request, 16, 1 mo., 1900. 

Anna Monlf, 


17, 4 mo., 1900. 

Leon A. Monk, 


16, 1 mo., 1900. 

Grace j\I. Mont, 



Abigail Richards, 



Phebe Richards, 



Flotte Richards, 


17, 4 mo., 1900. 

George F. Morrill, 



Emily Morrill, 



Harriet Bro-rni, 



Henry I. Kesmck, 



Apphia Preston, 



Charles RunneUs, 



Blanche Runnells, 



Marquis L. Thomas, rec'd by Cert, from Durham. 17, 3 mo., 1903. A 
Recorded Minister. 

1915] Descendants of Robert Huckins 319 

George L. Jones, son Charles H. & H. Elizabeth, rec'd by Cert. fr. Boston, 
13, 12 mo., 1904. Recorded a Minister, 11 mo., 1906. 

Lydia T. Jones, dau. Charles & Jennie Jenkins (his wife), rec'd by Cert, 
from Boston, 13, 12, 1904. 

Homer J. Coppuck, rec'd by Cert, from Winona, 0., 17, 1 mo., 1905. Re- 
leased by Cert, to Greenfield, 0., 1906. Recorded a Minister, 1906. 

Lizzie May Rollins, b. Benton. Rec'd by request, 17, 1 mo., 1905. 

Mary W. Preston, rec'd by request 6 mo., 1903. 

Mary W. Bragg, do, 

Chas. F. Bragg, 

Daniel W. Richards, " 

Mary L. Richards, " 

Susie L. Hurd, 
!Mary W. Richardson, 
John Green, 
Chas S. Richards, " 

Edith E. EUath, rec'd by request 13, 10 mo., 1903. 


/-,,. i T) 1 Rec'd by Cert, from 

Chnton Bragen, Falmouth Mo. Meet. 

Leora i . Bragen (his wife), dau. Hiram Coleman, I ,„ -.q rnn 1905 



By Henet Wintheop Hardon, A.M., LL.B., of New York City 
[Concluded from page 267] 

163. SiMON^ Huckins (Miles,'' Simon^, Thomas,^ Thomas,'^ Robert,^ 
James,^ Roberf-), of Freedom, mechanic, born at North 
EfBugham (Freedom) 8 Aug. 1824, died 8 Jan. 1892. He 
married, 19 Sept. 1848, Cordelia D. Noble, daughter of 
Nathan and Mary (Jordan), who was bom at Norway, Me., 
16 Mar. 1825 and died 26 Apr. 1890. 

Children, the first one bom at Norway, Me., the others at 
Freedom : 

i. MEHrPABLE A.,9 b. 18 Aug. 1849; d. 10 Nov. 1856. 

ii. Gilbert N., of Freedom, farmer, b. 23 Apr. 1851; living (1910); 

m. 16 Nov. 1876 Sar.\h Adelaide Blaisdell, dau. of Mark P. 

and Dorcas (Harmon), b. at Madison 2 Apr. 1855, living (1910). 

Four children, 
iii. Ada Evelyn, b. 23 Jan. 1853; living (1910); m. 9 Nov. 1873 

Ed-win Augustus Thukston, s. of Harvey and Jane (Towle), 

of Freedom, farmer, b. at Freedom 8 Sept. 1851, living (1910). 

Five children. 
iv. Simon Osgood, of Mountainview, lumber merchant, b. 16 Nov. 

1855; li^dng (1910); m. 6 Mar. 1881 Nellie J. Harmon, dau. of 

Charles P. and Annette (Moulton), b. at Freedom 14 June lo50, 

d. 17 June 1899. Two children. 
V. Charles Sumner, of Maiden, Mass., master drayman, b. 8 Feb. 

1861; Uving (1910); m. (1) in Boston, Mass., 2 Jan. 1886, his 

320 Descendants of Robert Huckins [Oct. 

fifth cousin, Emma F. Hurd, dau. of David T. and Nancy Hill 
(Jenness) (32, i, 11); m. (2) 28 Nov. 1910 Annie Sw'eatt, cku. of 
Horace and Laura (Putnam), b. at Peabody, Mass., 21 Aug. 1869, 
living (1910). One child, by second wife. 

vi. Edwin Lincoln, b. 12 July 1863; d. 1 July 186.5. 

vii. ED■s^^N Lincoln, of Freedom, farmer, b. 26 Nov. 1870; living (1910); 
m. 11 Mar. 1891 Mary L. Harmon, dau. of Ransom and Eliza- 
. beth (Durgin), b. at Freedom 2 Mar. 1871, living (1910). Two 

164. Miles Randall^ Huckins (Miles,'' Simon,^ Thomas,^ Thomas* 
Robert,^ James,'' Robert^), of Lawrence, Mass., carpenter, 
soldier in the Civil War (o9th Mass. Volunteers), born at 
j North Effingham (Freedom) 27 May 1827, died at Dracut, 

I Mass., 18 June 1894. He married at Lawrence, Mass., 

i 8 Apr. 1852, Nancy Jane Rowe, daughter of Jesse and 

Sarah, who was bom at Embden, Me., 6 June 1827 and died 
at Lawrence, Mass., 27 Jan. 1899. 
Only child: 

i. Sarah Elizabeth,' b. at Freedom 29 May 1853; living (1910); m. 

at Lawrence, Mass., 13 Oct. 1887, her second cousin, Edward B. 

; BussET, s. of Jaazaniah F. and Abigail H. (Mills) (29, i, 6), of 

; Medford, Mass., merchant, b. in Boston, Mass., 3 July 1858, 

< living (1910). One child. 

[ 165. Joseph* Huckins (Miles,'' Simon,^ Thomxis,^ Thomas,'^ Robert,^ 

J James, '^ Robert^), of Freedom, farmer, dra>Tnan, bom at North 

I Effingham (Freedom) 13 Apr. 1829, died 23 Oct. 1902. He 

j married in Boston, Mass., 17 Jan. 1855, Mary Pease Lord, 

I daughter of John N. and Nancy (Gushing), who was born at 

: North Effingham (Freedom) 27 Jan. 1830 and died 12 Nov. 

I 1879. 

j Only child: 

! i. George Fr.^^'k,' of Freedom, lumber merchant, b. at Freedom 

; 9 Jan. 1859; living (1910); m. 27 Dec. 1880 his second cousin, 

> Annie Etta Harmon (87, v, 3), q.v., dau. of Bion E. and Caroline 

1 G. (Huckins). One child. 

166. Israel Randall* Huckins (Daniel,'' Simon,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,* 
Robert,^ James, ^ Robert^), of Freedom, stonemason, bom at 
North Effingham (Freedom) in 1822, died 25 Nov. 1887. 
He married at Lawrence, INIass., 5 Nov. 1842, Elizabeth 
Ann Meder, who was born at Tamworth in 1823 and died 
10 Mar. 1873. 
Children, bom at Freedom : 

i. Daniel G.,' b. 1843; d. 18 Feb. 1845. 

ii. Cordelia A., b. 1845; d. 1845. 

iii. Sarah Ann, b. 30 July 1850; d. at Clarence, Mo., 24 Sept. 1912; 
m. 12 Jan. 1867 J.ames Davis, s. of Thomas and Ehzabeth (Buz- 
zeU), of Conway, N. H., and of Clarence, Mo., 1885, farmer, b. at 
Effingham 24 Jan. 1845, d. 27 Jan. 1908. Ten children. 

iv. John, of Freedom, railroad employee, d. unm. at Freedom 1890 (?). 

V. Theodore, of Charlestown, Mass., leather worker, d. abt. 1885; m. 
at Charlestown, Mass., 18 Mar. 1871, Ella A. Savage, dau. of Seth 
and Sarah A. (Frye), b. at Charlesto-mi, Mass., 1849. One child. 

vi. Millard Fillmore, of Conway, and of Chicago, lU., b. 21 Nov. 
1856; d. before 1910; m. 29 Mar. 1877 Ltdia A. Cole, dau. of 

1915] Descendants of Robert Huckins 321 

Alonzo and Mary A., b. at Fryeburg, Me., 1861, d. at Conway, 
1884 (?). One child, 
vii-xiii. Children, d. in infancy. 

167. Capt. Israel* Huckins {Thomas,'' Josiah,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,* 

Robert,^ James,^ Roberf), of Lexington, Mich., farmer, officer 
in the Civil War (10th Mich. Infantry), chairman of the 
Board of War Claims at Nashville, supervisor, county treas- 
urer, member of the Legislature, born at London, Ont., 
11 July 1822, died 24 Mar. 1895. He married, 12 Sept. 1843, 
Melinda Pierce, daughter of Ephraim and Louisa (Vinopp), 
who was born at London, Ont., 15 June 1824 and died 2 Apr. 
Children, bom at Lexington, Mich. : 

i. Melissa,' d. unm. 

ii. Marshall, d. unm. 

iii. Frances, b. 19 Sept. 1848; d. 20 Apr. 1901; m. 9 Sept. 1868 John 
W. Norman, s. of Robert and Elizabeth (Wells), of Lexington, 
Mich., treasurer of the Lexington MiUs, member of the Legisla- 
ture, b. at King, Ont., 31 July 1844, d. 3 Nov. 1909. Three 

168. Thomas^ Huckins (Abijah,'' Josiah,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,* Robert,^ 

James,'^ Robert^), of Eaton Rapids, Mich., carriage maker, 
born at London, Ont., in 1822, died 14 May 1900. He 
married, about 1845, Orilla Snider, daughter of John. 
Children, bom at Eaton Rapids, Mich. : 

i. Andrew,' b. 30 July 1846; d. 14 Jan. 1847. 

ii. Caroline, b. 28 Sept. 1849; d. 28 Apr. 1870; m. Mills- 

paugh of Charlotte, Mich. 
iii. Sarah, b. 30 Apr. 1854; d. 26 Jan. 1868. 
iv. Eva, b. 22 May 1863; d. 19 Jan. 1879. 

169. David* Huckins (Abijah,'' Josiah,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,* Robert,^ 

James,^ Robert^), of Eaton Rapids, Mich., farmer, soldier in 

the Civil War, born at London, Ont., 13 May 1829, died 

2 Aug. 1865. He married Lucy A. Ducette. 

ChUdren, born at Eaton Rapids, Mich. : 

i. Ella,' b. 7 Mar. 1854; living unm. (1910) at Eaton Rapids, Mich, 
ii. Elmer, b. 5 Dec. 1858; d. 2 Dec. 1860. 

170. Daniel* Huckins {Miles,'' Josiah,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,* Robert,^ 

James,"^ Robert^), of Lexington, Mich., 1841, Nebraska City, 
Nebr., 1869, shoemaker, born at London, Ont., 6 May 1822, 
died 6 Mar. 1897. He married in Canada, 17 Aug. 1841, 
Mary Banghart, who was bom 2 Apr. 1819 and died 5 June 
Children, born at Lexington, Mich. : 

i. Sarah,' b. 28 July 1842; d. in infancy. 

ii. Royal, b. 1 Jan. 1844; d. in infancy. 

iii. Atjdrew B., of Nebraska City, Nebr., salesman, b. 4 Jan. 1846; 

d. at Vemce, 111., 6 May 1912; m. at Lexington, Mich., 23 Aug. 

1864, Jane McIlreevt, dau. of James and Winifred (Hawley), 

b. at Kingston, Ont., 30 Nov. 1846, Hving (1915) at St. Catherine's, 

Ont. Four children, 
iv. Pembroke, b. 8 Oct. 1849; d. in infancy. 

322 Descendants of Robert Huckins [Oct. 

T. Milton S., of Seattle, Wash., horseman, b. 28 Mav 1852; living 
(1910); m. at Nebraska City, Nebr., 7 May 1872, Fu)ba Welch, 
dau. of Joseph F. and Rachel (Gettes), b. at Hillsdale, Mich., 
18 Oct. 1852, hving (1910). Three chndren. 

vi. Henry, of Lincoln, Nebr., publisher of the Lincoln Herald, b. 26 
Dec. 1858; living (1910); m. 1 Feb. 1877 Vlva Rutiterford, 
dau. of Benjamin Franklin and Mary Ann (Few), b. in Licking 
Co., Ohio, 29 Jan. 1858, d. at Brookljii, N. Y., 30 Apr. 1895. 
One child. 

171. JosiAH^ Huckins {Miles,'' Josiah,^ Thomas,^ Thomas* Robert,^ 

James,^ Roberf-), of Lexington, Mich., farmer, bom at Lon- 
don, Ont., 4 July 1834, died at Swartz Creek, ]\Iich., 24 Feb. 
1892. He married at Lexington, ]\Iich., 25 IMay 1856, Mary 
Ann Lawrence, daughter of Andrew and -Mary (Abbott), 
who was born at Whitby, Ont., 13 July 1835 and died 15 May 

Children, bom at Lexington, Mich. : 

i. Lawrence,' of Lennon, Mich., farmer, b. 4 Mar. 1859; d. 5 May 
1911; m. at Burt, Mich., 17 Mar. 1886, Eva Miller, dau. of 
Benjamin and Mary E. (Brown), b. at Oxford, Mich., 8 Aug. 
1858, Uviag (1912) at Lennon, Mich. Three children. 

ii. Osgood, of Lennon, Mich., farmer, b. 17 Mar. 1862; h%-ing (1910); 
m. at Lexington, Mich., 3 Oct. 1889, Mary Wier, dau. of William 
and Mary J. (Wallace), b. at Lexington, Mich., 11 Feb. 1870, 
hving (1910). Two children. 

iii. Oscar, of Sault Sainte Marie, Mich., poUceman, b. 26 Mar. 1864; 
living unm. (1910). 

iv. Armixa, b. 17 Jan. 1867; living (1910); m. at Croswell, Mich., 
4 Apr. 1885, Benjamin Hilliker, s. of Benjamin and Almira 
(Smith), of Swartz Creek, Mich., 1890, fanner, b. at Clyde, Mich., 
15 Aug. 1861, ]i\'ing (1910). Two children. 

172. Joseph* Huckins (Noah,'' Josiah,^ Thomas,' Thomas,* Robert,^ 

Jaraes,"^ Robert^), of Brooklin, Ont., Toronto, Ont., 1875, 
Victoria, B. C, 1902, merchant, bom at Oshawa, Whitby 
Township, Ont., 24 Sept. 1827, died 9 Apr. 1903. He married 
at Ashburn, Whitby Township, Ont., 30 Oct. 1849, Mary 
Jane Reid McLane, daughter of John and Marj' (Reid), 
who was born at Richmond PIiU, Ont., 30 Oct. 1831 and died 
at Stratford, Ont., 15 Feb. 1895. 

Children, born at Brooklin, Ont. : 
i. John McLane,' b. 1854; d. 1858. 
ii. Mary E., b. 1857; d. 1858. 

iii. Mary Helen, b. 4 Oct. 1859; hving (1910); m. 8 Apr. 1879 Rev. 
Joseph McCoy, s. of John and Elizabeth J. (Scott.), of Victoria, 
B. C, Presbj'terian clergj-man, B.A. (Univ. of Toronto, 1875), 
M.A. (Univ. of Toronto, 1876), b. at Hamilton, Ont., 23 Sept. 
1848, hving (1910). Five children. 

173. JAiiEs Marshall* Huckins (Noah,'' Josiah,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,* 

Robert,^ James,"^ Robert^), of Green Top, AIo., tanner, born at 
Oshawa, Whitby Township, Ont., 28 June 1834, died 16 Feb. 
1882. He married, 15 June 1859, Ele.'LNOR Briggs, daughter 
of Ira and Hannah (Dubois), who was born at MjTtle, Ont., 
2 Mar. 1839 and died at Queen City, ]\Io., 25 Jan. 1913. 

Children, the first two born at Brooklin, Ont., the others 
at Queen City, INIo.: 

1915] Descendants of Robert Huckins 323 

i. Josephine,' b. 29 Jan. 1850; d. s.p. 12 May 1885; m. 16 Apr. 1884 
Thornton Alexander, s. of Albert G. and Catherine (Way), of 
Edina, Mo., and Kirks^-ille, Mo., station agent, b. at Brooklin, 
Ont., 16 Apr. 1854, who m. (2) Emily Huckins, q.v., sister of his 
first wife, and was living in 1910. 

ii. Emily, b. 7 Mar. 1862; h^-ing (1910); m. 10 Oct. 1886, as his second 
wife, Thornton Alexaisder, surviving husband of her sister 
Josephine, q.v. Three children. 

iii. Mart E., b. 3 Aug. 1864; d. 8 Julvl865. 

iv. William T., b. 31 May 1867; d. 22 Aug. 1871. 

V. John, b. 29 June 1870; d. 24 Aug. 1871. 

vi. Edgar Marshall, of Queen City, Mo., farmer, b. 27 Aug. 1872; 
Uving (1910); m. 15 Dec. 1898 "Mary A. Sloop, dau. of John and 
Mary (Miller), b. at Queen City, Mo., 28 Sept. 1872, living 
(1910). Two children. 

vii. George Nelson, of Chicago, 111., merchant, b. 16 Jan. 1876; living 
(1910); m. 8 Aug. 1898 Maud Lillian Reynolds, dau. of 
WilUam and Ruth (Story), b. at WiEmathsville, Mo., 23 Nov, 
1874, Uving (1910). Two children. 

viii. Estella E., b. 26 Nov. 1877; Uving (1910); m. 20 May 1908 
George T. Smith, s. of Thomas and Enchel (Crapson), of Queen 
City, Mo., merchant, b. at Queen City, Mo., 15 Apr. 1876, Uving 
(1910). One chUd. 

ix. James Roy, of Laredo, Mo., merchant, b. 20 Nov. 1880; Uving 
(1910); m. 20 Nov. 1909 Gertrude Ogle, dau. of Henderson 
and Leah (Cox), b. at Mercer, Mo., 22 Apr. 1890, Uving (1910). 

174. John Milton' Huckins {Noah,'' Josiah,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,* 
Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Glen Major, Ont., 1867, Port 
Perry, Ont., 1870, Toronto, Ont., 1881, Canadian agent of the 
Great Northern Railway Co., bom at Oshawa, Whitby 
Township, Ont., 11 Jan. 1844, died at Muskegon, Mich., 
5 Nov. 1910. He married at Brooklin, Ont., 17 Jan. 1865, 
Matilda Harrison, daughter of Richard Truswell and 
Catherine (Way), who was bom at Myrtle, Ont., 23 Oct. 
1843, and was living in 1910 at Toronto, Ont. 

Children, the first two bom at Glen Sharrard, Uxbridge 
Township, Ont., the others at Port Perry, Ont.: 

i. Mary Luella,' b. 20 Jan. 1867; d. s.p. 9 Dec. 1906; m. 16 Aug. 
1894 Henry E. Davisox, s. of Dr. Peter and Sarah C. (Wilson), 
of Milwaukee, Wis., merchant, b. at Onawa, Ont., 21 Jan. 1863, 
Uving (1910). 

ii. Charles Marshall, of Kirkwood, Mo., civil engineer, b. 12 Sept. 
1868; Uving (1910); m. 14 Feb. 1894 Kvte Greenway, dau. of 
George and Ann J. (Robinson), b. at Saginaw, Mich., 6 Sept. 1872, 
Uving (1910). Five children. 

ui. John Milton, b. 10 Oct. 1870; d. 21 Jan. 1885. 

iv. Kate Lillian, b. 16 Aug. 1872; d. 19 Jan. 1886. 

V. Hallie R.iCHEL, b. 27 July 1874; Uving (1910) at Toronto, Ont.; 
m. 23 Sept. 1896 John A. Ferguson, s. of Thomas R. and Frances 
J. (Gowan), of Toronto, Ont., barrister, b. at Cookstown, Ont., 
14 Dec. 1865, d. 9 Dec. 1908. Four children. 

vi. Florence Harrison, b. 21 June 1877; Uving unm. (1915) at 
Toronto, Ont. 

vu. Stanley George, of Niagara Falls, N. Y., metal polisher, b. 7 Apr. 
1879; Uving (1915); m. 25 Sept. 1907 Maud Steer, dau. of 
Stephen and Hannah (More), b. at Toronto, Ont., 28 Oct. 1878, 
U\ing (1915). Two children. 

viii. M.^rion Mary b. 16 Apr. 1882; d. 25 Jan. 1886. 

ix. Leland Stanford, of Carlisle, Iowa, purchasing agent, b. 16 Nov. 
1885; Uving unm. (1910). 

VOL. LXIX. 21 

324 Descendants of Robert Huchins [Oct. 

175. Alonzo D.' Huckins [Isaac C.,'' Josiah,^ Thomas,^ Thomas* 
Robert,^ James,^ Robert^), of Mammoth Springs, Ark., builder, 
born at Brooklin, Whitby Township, Ont., 18 Feb. 1832, 
was Uving in 1910. He married, 29 Dec. 1854, Viletta 
McWain, daughter of Mark and Amy (Madden), who was 
born at Shannonville, Ont., 23 May 1835 and died 20 July 

Children, bom at Myrtle, Ont.: 

i. JosL^.H W.,' of Des Moines, Iowa, 1884, carpenter, b. 23 Oct. 1855; 
1 living (1910); m. 11 July 1881 Ettie McMartin, dau. of Peter 

and Anginette (Sibly), b. at Port Huron, Mich., 19 Mar. 1862, 

living- (1910). Seven children. 

\ ii. AiiT, b. 15 Sept. 1857; d. 25 Dec. 1908; m. 11 Nov. 1880 Edward 

i BassingthwXighte, 8. of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Webster), of 

I Sault Sainte Marie, Ont., merchant, b. at Greenbank, Ont., 

12 Feb. 1852, living (1910). Four children. 
iii. George, b. 16 Oct. 1863; d. unm. 16 Oct. 1890. 
iv. Mart E., b. 5 Mar. 1868; living (1910) at Jeddo, Mich.; m. 24 Dec. 
1887 Arthur Hollister, s. of Norton and Matilda (Birch), of 
Lexington, Mich., farmer, b. at Lexington, Mich., 5 Nov. 1865, 
d. 19 Dec. 1894. Two children. 
I V. Margaret, b. 23 July 1870; living unm. (1910). 

i vi. WiLLL^M, of Mammoth Springs, Ark., carpenter, b. 24 July 1872; 

i living (1910); m. 10 May 1899 Clara Cooper, dau. of Manley 

j and Esther (Lawrence), b. at Johet, 111., 15 Mar. 1881, hving 

I (1910). One child. 

] vii. Edward, of RepubUc, Mo., carpenter, b. 24 Oct. 1876; Uving 

7 (1910); m. 24 Sept. 1902 Nettie Barron, dau. of Willard and 

■: Sarah J. (Baldy), b. at Schoolcraft, Mich., 1 Dec. 1879, hving 

■ (1910). Two children. 

I viii. Maud, b. 14 Jan. 1878; Uving (1910); m. 12 Sept. 1900 Charles 

! Reed, s. of George and Sarah M. (Cloeve), of Springfield, Mo., 

\ creamery manager, b. at Washington Court House, Ohio, 15 Jan. 

j 1873, Uving (1910). Six children. 

176. David A.* Huckins {Isaac C.,'' Josiah,^ Thomas,^ Thomas,* 
Robert,^ James, ^ Robert^), of Port Perry, Ont., 1866, Seagrave, 
Ont., 1879, Novar, Ont., 1882, farmer, born at Brooklin, 
Whitby Township, Ont., 25 Sept. 1836, was living in 1910. 
He married first, at Myrtle, Ont., 20 Apr. 1861, Harriet L. 
Embury, daughter of Samuel and Jane (IMadden), who was 
bom at Shannonville, Ont., 3 Aug. 1846 and died at Seagrave, 
Ont., 28 Dec. 1879; and secondly, 5 Apr. 1880, Frances 
(Lowrt) Curtis, daug